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Design Amazing Product Mockups in Paper and Photoshop - iPad Drawing Series

teacher avatar Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      What You Learn


    • 2.

      My Art Journey


    • 3.

      Introduction to Paper


    • 4.

      Draw Basic Shape


    • 5.

      Draw Organic Shape


    • 6.

      Draw Free Style Line


    • 7.

      Draw Matisse Style


    • 8.

      Delete Background


    • 9.

      Create Storage Box Mockup


    • 10.

      Create Phone Case Mockup


    • 11.

      Create Children Dress Mockup


    • 12.

      Your Project


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About This Class

Hi Creative Human,

In this global coronavirus situation, I understand how you feel with #WorkFromHome and our children doing their Home Learning, stay 24 hours with you every day.

You are not alone. I am not alone.

We are together and we pray day and night that our life can be returned to normal again very soon.

That's why I pushed myself to create a new Skillshare class and I do hope you will spend your time watching my class shortly, take your iPad, and create the project that makes you smile and happy !. 

Product Mockup is very important to show how our hand drawing will look like as a product.

If you are a beginner or you are an artist like me for a couple of years, this class will teach you easily :

  1. Understand how Paper (amazing drawing app and it's free) works
  2. Using only one amazing drawing tool (paint roll) to create a simple and fun shape
  3. Drawing Basic, Organic, FreeStyle Line and Matisse Inspired Shapes
  4. Export drawing from iPad to Email or Airdrop
  5. Using Photoshop at a very beginning level
  6. Delete drawing background and be ready for mockup
  7. Create Storage Box Mockup
  8. Create Phone Case Mockup
  9. Create Children Dress Mockup

And you are ready to compile them as your Portfolio

What you need is only your iPad, Apple Pencil or Stylus or your fingers and Paper.

Paper is a simple but powerful drawing app. It's free. 

In this class, you won't believe that we will use only one drawing tool namely Paint Roll Tool all through the class.

I also provide you with 3 Mockup Files : Storage Box, Phone Case, and Children Dress that you can download from my class.

Don't wait ! Just take your iPad and start drawing.

I can't wait for looking forward to your project submission, share it with other students and we will learn together.

PS : Paper previously is from Paper53. Last year Paper53 has been bought by WeTransfer, that's why it's now become paper by WeTransfer. The new company improved the features slightly. If you see my other iPad class, you will notice this improvement. It's not a major one, so I am sure you can still follow my class.

StaySafe and Keep Drawing,


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hanny Agustine

Artist | Designer | Teacher


Hi there, my name is Hanny Agustine. I m an engineer who loves to draw.

I am living in a tropical heaven, Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesian, when you call my name Hanny, it sounds perfect as "Honey" in English. So everybody calls me "Hallo, Honey" :).

My background is Electrical Engineering and I have spent my career mostly in the Information Technology world before I established my passion on Education Technology Creativity for children 5-18 years old with in 2001.

Life sometimes gives you a surprise, my childhood drawing hobby suddenly was coming back. Then I find myself drawing every single day on my dining table and that's a very good meditation for me, which also helps shooting my busy mind.

Inspired by nature and the beauty of fl... See full profile

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1. What You Learn: Hi there. Thank you for joining my class. This is designed amazing front of mockups from a simple and fun Troy using your iPad in pepper drawing F and photos show if you an artist like me who loves to drop and then you want to sell your applies into your client or you want to sell your drawing in brain on demand such as society six or red bubble. So you need to transform your drawing into a project book up. You will be surprised in this class because I will ask you to draw out the simple basic shit and then later on, you can create one case more cat like this. And then I will also teach you how to draw organics ship. And by using this one, or do I can off your drawing, you can create Children, dress mockup like days and later on I will teach you also how to draw freestyle lines and create a storage box more and from the basics ships like her. This is very simple, But when you mix with three or four colors and then you create a started spokesman up like this, it looks so amazing. Isn't it again. This is a mix off basic shapes and freestyle drawing. And this is the storage bulbs Children dress smoke up. Well, this class will be surprising you because this is very simple and fun, Troy. But the results in product mock up will be so beautiful. And the last one inspired by Henry Mattis. I also did you how to draw met the style ships. And we will create a phone case product like this. And if you are an artist like me who license your drawing and up and it will be very helpful for your client to see how it looks like in a product woke up in your part for new I will introduce you to throwing APS paper by. We transfer this endless, very simple but very powerful. I will teach you step by step, including mixing the colors or mixing the ships in the session. You will learn how to draw basics, and this is our connects years. And then this is a freestyle lines. And the last one did you amethyst inspired cheers. And then, after you're finished with your drawing in iPad, we moved to photo shop and I will did you have to deal in the background off your Troy So it will be the anti file without background. You're drawing will be ready in photo shop and we will create products here in the shop. I also teach you one by one step by step, how to create a phone case brought up up Children dress and started box. Don't worry. In Photoshopped, this is only a beginner level. I'm sure you can do it. Just watching my video. I'm sure you can follow me and create your product. Baca. What you need is only I bet or every throw and then apple pencil or stylus or just use your fingers and then paper by redrants were that you can don't know from store and this is free . 2. My Art Journey: Hi, I'm hernia. Christie. Actually, I'm on engineer, but I love art so much. I bought my drawing toes in dodos and 14 but only in 2016. I started to draw every day everywhere I can mostly on my drawing our flower, because when you draw cover full Florida like tissue can feel happy. You can release your stress and you can soothing your mind and meditate like me. So I draw a lot on papers, but also on my bet. This is another freedom for me because no water, no message. Terrible. And I love it so much. And then finally I realized that I have so many drawing a line table one day I can't did about 800. But another day I bought more than 1000 and because each off my drawing has a story. Then I started to create the story card off each off my drawing so I can remember what iss my feeling. What is in my mind when I drove it off it and then I did to the license, and I transform it into vibrates and papers and leather to be what we call it a wearable art. It's like scarf or to really for your bear. Also not do approach repping pepper and also detail and off course, the packaging parts that also originally s my watercolor hand throwing. 3. Introduction to Paper: This is the introduction to paper pie. We transfer indecision. I will issue to see what is your no fades and then work with bed like duplicate, delayed and so on. Also, we will see what this color palette and how to use the drawing doors. And the last one, I will show you how to accept for our pits, to email or by air drop. When you're I bet you will see this. I could. This is I can for paper application. And if you open it, you can see giorno here. And this is more Sieroty let and at new journal ankles. And then if I open my Joe no, you can see this is my drawings. So it's like flipping a book. You can see your pits one by one. And this is the samples that we're going to learn in this class that is a best six ships and the dry ago, Oregon next year's and so on. So this is what you see in your paper application in your iPad. After you draw some drawings and again at the bottom, you can see more quick camera attacks and at new bids, if you open the new place at the but from USC. This is what we call a color palette. You can see here you have a color wheel. You can adjust RTB, and you can find your color and then drag and drop into the color palette. Here again for the RTP, you can choose the color that you lie. I juiced a live purple and then play and then track and drop in to color palette. And then, if you track it and dropped into the hates, it will be your background color. Now we take a look at our pain. To hear is the sister the ruler watercolor breast span and then marker, pencil haunting pen and eraser. So, for example, I just bend raw tools and I just already is Just move your hand and you can see that the they brought to only drought the outline off the ships that we want to try to stake the pain role to and practice it. Because in this first we were you spend wrote to a lot, and this is funding peptic blue and then practice and then changed to be read and then practice secure. So we were you respondent Penn and Ben drawing tools only in this class. Just make it yourself be familiar with these two tools, and that's enough for our class letter on. And here I also introduce you to how Patch Mill World so Texas to duplicate and change the pitch orientation from portrait to landscape. This is to be let Bates, and this is for sharing your pits. You can export your Troy, and this is we share it through email, so just go to your email and then you can send your images from your iPad to your computer . Mika's Later on, we will work on our computer with photo shopped to create our mock up the other way. We also can export your drawing by a drop, so just choose your pits and then you can just trow and then find your personal computer, and then it will be sent and done. 4. Draw Basic Shape: decision is a draw. Basic ships. You will like it so months because it's very easy and fun. And what I mean with basics lived here. It's very basic. You can see here this is rectangle, triangle circle or and lives or hardship and letter all. You will be surprised when you see it as a phone case book up, and it is the way to change your big grown color. Just picked the color for Assemble this black and then drag and drop to your bids and your big round will be black. And now we're going to draw our four ships we used this pain do. This is a very amazing and powerful tool, and you see here, if I draw a rectangle, I just move my pencil to the outline off rectangle. That's the way the pain do works again for the dry anger you only need. Track your pencil to lights going up and down, and it will create your triangle. And then you can use a different color in your color palette and then draw a circle or leaves. You don't need to be perfect. Change your color again from your color fella. And now I draw hearts, you this practice and you will see you can throw so many basic shapes with different angles . And, for example, you don't like the last one. If you want to change your troy, just click the arrow. It's a undo entry do and then change your color can and control rectangle, particularly or or is entirely so. This is our best six years that we draw in this idea, and they're armed with only her chip. You can make a very beautiful pattern for Children. Dress up, that's and then you can draw half circle rectangle with different colors, and then you can also change the background from black to white, and later on, you will also learn how to create this one case mark up. 5. Draw Organic Shape: Let's continue with argon. Excuse. This is my favorite part, because when we say about organ accepts, actually, there is no rules. This is beyond your imagination that just by moving your pencil on your I bet you can create a very organic and very extra ordinary ship and then change the color to be blue because red and blue will create a very nice combination. And then in a white space, you can add some more or candy ship with blue. There is no rules again here than I see here that it's a white space. And again I added here. So don't stop from the beginning until the end when you draw this article next ships were Vendrell too. And dip Look a tous only with the simple organic ship you can create a Children dress smoke up like this She looks so cute. Cry, This is another example. I use only three colors red, blue and yellow and let their own After we agree in the fourth case smoke up. It will be like this. This is very strong, Rizzoli. And you see that with very simple organ accepts, you can leave very beautiful product. Look, uh, 6. Draw Free Style Line: Let's continue withdraw freestyle line. There is no rules to draw a line because you can move your hand and your upper open so as far as you want. And you will surprise with the lines that you will create it from paper by we transfer. And just from simple lines like this you can also choose the back row and why life The mo cap is so beautiful for the phone case. Now I'm worn a dark blue so I create a new color. I changed this RTV So this is the polluted I like And then you put it on your color peller and then drag and drop to your page to create a new background color Again, we were you spend brought to also click your Pedro tool and now draw the lines with the letters. Except you will enjoy this so much because I like to create many kind off lines. There easily can be created. They're just by moving around your Silas. After a little six more months, I changed the color to be wide and now I just moved my hand from top to bottom and every single movement will create line like that gents again with orients. No, I move from bottom to top, but I just stopped. I try continuously, but you see here I didn't move or I didn't live up my pencil. And the result will be very unique like this at this time and still used orients. And then after a line, I combine it with move my hand to create a triangle like this. And then still I didn't lift up my pencil. I draw again in the blank blue space. Wow, there's so you need. This is our freestyle lines that we can use leather on our mocha. And this is another example. You can create horizontal lines with pastel color or you create vertical and smaller lines like this. And then, after we created a mock up, it will be like the storage box and also this phone case. That's very beautiful. And this is only from a simple drawing on your pet with pepper by. We transfer 7. Draw Matisse Style: the session is drama, this style. I call it my dears because I like Henry Marty's off friends, artists who is very famous with hiss cutting paper. And he is also very famous with Hiss Pruitt drawing and decision is inspired by destroy. And now we will practice it soon. And later on we created a product woke up. Now we create a new pits by click plus sign and then we prepare our color Peller. I just operable as the big round. Just drag and drop your color to the bitch. And then I do slide purple and now I draw Mutti style. You can move your apple pencil Like what I did here. Now I change the color with why this is beyond your imagination. Just follow your hand. Don't live up your pencil. Really? Now I draw a continue city, but I closed up the nights so it will be like half circle like kiss. Just practice, Don't say and follow your imagination. Now I just again two year low instead off create a kind all and lips Now I dro exact. So I create a triangle. I guess again, I changed my color to my blue I move it from bottom to top. I enjoyed this process so months because it's like a meditation. You can draw it without thinking. Just follow your hand, move up and down to the right or left, close it or open aid. I love this so much because, you see we can create unique shapes that nobody can draw except you. This is another example off monthly style joy, and later on we can create a very interesting product. 8. Delete Background: in decision. We will deal in the background off our drawing from I bet and make it ready for the product . Mocha, this is the file from your I bet that you already sent to your computer. And now in photo shop or once from your paper in I felt no become BNG file I animation one got BND And here is ah, white background that I want to delete it even this is PNG. But if you open it in for the shop it will be like this with white background and d Let this background forces the mitts adjustment and then left or comment out. And then you will have this toolbar there is left and right I can. If you move it, see the background will be like that. Become more Why? So I think this is enough And the left I can If I move it to the right, you can see the color. It becomes darker or brighter. So I need this thing is enough and then I really okay. And then now we use semantic one door. This is magic One toe duty. Let all the wide big around here. But don't forget the tolerance can make it 32. This is the devolved and standard war deleting the background. And then if I click here, all the white will be captured with this deadline. So make it bigger now to see that Harry Still why area that will be cut all to fix this, goto the sea life and then modify and then just expand. And then you can see here If I board something like expand by war Look at this. Ah, just draw. And then if I click OK, and we'll go four excels in Do this red. So if we cut off their white area will not be included, K. And then once again see lack money by either to deal it all the jack line. And then if you venous just click. Let now Judy let why background? No, I have my drawings. Rome, I bet without any background. And then you do commend DOTC life and your file s ready. Don't forget to make your mitts immense size here. The reservation is 300 because we will use it to design into our file and make sure your resolution s 300 db I and then you can say with s BNG file and then you can have ship one, for example, and did there and doc PNG into your file and okay. And then now you're ready with your TNT drawing from your I bet that you can use or any mock up that we will learn after this. 9. Create Storage Box Mockup : cool now may create our first mock up starts. Phelps. What you need Sony Photo Shop. And we will learn something very easy. Like working with layer chains the color with color off lay or transform your emits. Now we're going to create our storage box. Woke up a photo shop. You have do files. This is storage box, more cap tree dot bst this hour PST file and then you prepare your drawing from I bet that you already delete the background and I knew made love and it that don't be anti. So now this is the pattern that will be used to create our storage box more up here in this PSD file on the right side, if you see you have a job side, front, right side and inside color. This is to feel the color inside the boss. And then what? Couple here If I opened it, you have a contrast Highlight box and bt see ideo and background highlight. And then boxes like kiss. And here a stop side from side right side. This is the same. If you feel the pattern or the drawing on these layers and you can close it This layer. And this is the background color to change the background. So if I close the eyes, it is without the background. And if you just like this and double click this one, you can jeans. The color s u is cancel it. Okay, so now we go to the topside. First there is this a smart object I can't travel. Flick this And then this is the old emits. You can close the eye here and then go to your drawing file So we drag and drop on the topside. Doc, psb file. This is you're mocha prior for the topside off course, because we put it 300 b I This one is too big. So with command D you can resize it so it will be perfect for your topside layers, For example, I put it like these one bigger I want to cover on the left on the side. Okay. And then off course, I need a background color here. So because this is being jeda is no layer for bigger. Then we have a I come for create new layer like this If you cricket and then layer to is our big ground you name it. They grew up and I want background is under your one yet I just Why so? Here in background layer, we click and did to feel we're in first wait for grown color because I just want as foreground color So this background will be Why? But if you like to change with different colors then at the playground for years you can go to layer and then layer style color offer late because you want to overlay with the other color. For example this color I won't need slightly lighter So if I click OK, so now we have to pay ground layer And don't forget all the PSB file should be safe with commendable you a quick safe and it will goes to our storage book Mocha on the topside. Good. Now we've been mis with upside. We continue in the front side, this one and this one And at this time I want to change my love drawings into the other different iPad drawing. So I just want to show you how to make the move up fire for the storage box. So now we continue with our on site double click the smart. I could and before If you see the eye, then you can close it. And again we put this trolley in tow The front side door, PSP and again I want to make it smaller because our fire before it's prepared with 300 to be I now we arranged again How this will looks like on the front side for a sample I want to two days and then you can remember to create new layer here and then layer two is our big ground And then I want to put it Yes, foreground gallery. So I did well for Grand Gala. OK, And it will be what? And then if I want to change with the same color as the topside. So layer layer style. I want to awfully color up early with this one click OK, and then click commendable you to save And this will be the front side off the books No, we can be new again The same thing right side and we close this I I move and drag and drop with the right side and they make it smaller commenting to transform and then be a cure. All the drawings? Yeah, Like this Yeah, you can see concurrence again so it will look nice and create new layer pieces. The background they uh So I move it up and then I gave background color with a due bill or grand. Okay. And then do Jin's the year your style color offer Nay. And then click ok for the same background color and then commend up you to say and yes, now we already after top for all and fight sign And then now we have to change the blue color inside the box. So now we double click days and then here you have inside color layer and there is an icon here also you double Klay And then what is sambal give why Okay, commendable you to safe And now you will see inside box will be why, But if you want to have one off the color off this throwing you may use the color picker toe pick the color for example This five being now I have like being here and then again for the inside color layer Double click and then go to your color picker and it will be in the same click. Ok, commendable You safe and yes your storage box. Now the inside color tends to be being s we waste. So this is the way to create your storage box Mocha. Now for the big run color here. If we close the eye, it will come. And now I want to change the color to be slightly lighter than that. And then I want being a little bit like this. Okay, I'm happy. Then Now you can save as a sit back this one as a tip back. You can name it or you can close the eye for the background. It will be BND without background and again safe s here. You can use your BND and you need me. This is the way you create your storage box. So this is our stories box macaca with different background color. I bought dark gray here and then for your other eye patrolling. You can also make the same mow cop. This is for the mixed years. And this is for the line one. And here is also I mix between triangle circle, half circle rectangle and so on. It's so nice, isn't it? 10. Create Phone Case Mockup: the next session. ISS we create four k smoke up. Whoa! This is so interesting. Right? Off course you can. Don't know all book affairs from my class Input the shop. I have to files one case dot PST and then this is the drawing from my better. I already delayed the background, the white background or the black background. Now we have emits with you midsize. Make sure you have 300 u p i for better. He's up and this is a vnt file. So informed, kissed or PST On the right side you have two layers object and background in object. You have layer beside here so you can put your drawing into this layer and then this one for color and so all we will try later on again. Here is a smart object. I can double click it and then you will go to layer one dot bsb This is a sample design test Close the eye and because you want to use this troy drag and drop into this layer wonder psb and 300 b, I will give you a make You miss here So you re size it with transform the full case ship is portrait and our throwing is a landscape. I want to protest with a did transform and just throw dead 90 degree clockwise. So it will be like this and again I want to make sure all off the throwing will be in this one gaze base. So if I put it there, this is still bigger. I want to see all the drawings and make it smaller. Yes, this is nice. But here, Mr have a space for the phone. Guess so. We can copy with commend J, and then you can drag it down like this. And because I don't want this threat meet again with the right here. So I want to flip, hurry, centrally so go to edit and then transform and then play horizontal. And then I rinse again. We like this. I'm happy with this one, but I want to do fix this, but, um, I need to click both off this layer. So I hold shift and then click later. What? So I can have those two and then if I arrange it, it will be like this. And what? Assemble you are happy with this one. Okay, now we continue Because this is the anti father. It's no background Get here. There is a create new layer I got I need made with the ground And then you put it under earlier one. And then I tried Teoh quit white in my color picker here. And then you go to a did real the background with foreground color with this wife And it looks like this I said, with the SP fire safe and it will transform into our for guests not up. It looks nice and happy. But if you like to have a bigger I can off your joy then you can and did this in BSB while and then you can have bigger drawings, but I'm happy with this one Now we continue with phone color here we have a few options. This is what if I close that loop? Captain, this This is the color off your fourth. So if I click yellow and become yellow if I agree coral and then blue and then dressed and then black So Okay, I'll drive with ref because there is a red I like red. That is a good finality. So this is the final one again. You can play around on looking pieces with a case. And if you close the door, it will not give you. See, I do here, but I prefer to have this and then for the big ground. This is for PNG file. But if you want to change the color here, the color double click and then you can choose any color you like, for example. Okay, Looks nice. The light gray. And then I can say with a step back or without big ground. I can say that as a PNG file. So this is the way you create your phone case. More cup? How about if you want to change the background color so your changed your mind and again you go to the decide and then click the smart object. You have this big run here. If the 1st 1 is white and everyone do Jin stays with the other color, then you have to add with color off lay, so go to layer, layer style and color up early, and then you can choose a different color. For example, it's one Okay, like this again, you have to save your PSB file toe commend over you and then save. And now you're had born will be different And I want to change the color off the phone, not read one. But I wanted black. OK, I like it. So now you can say with s PNG or you put the background here and then if you want to change the color in for example, you want to have a slightly blue looks nice. You can sit with us back or SP NT. So this is the way you change the background color off your troy In one case, Marca. Then you can continue with creating your mockups file with the other drawings that you already have in, I bet. And this is an example. This is the line one and this is the love one. It's cute, isn't it? 11. Create Children Dress Mockup: Now we continue to clear Children dressed smoke up So you will have a Children dress more Capital PST. You can download it from my gas and I have prepared he's throwing from I bet I name it. Mathis wondered TNT. I already delayed the white background or whatever color off your big round in iPad and is ready to be used in Children. Dress mocha. Now go to your local file. On the right side, you have three layers only the background girl copy and then the light and your design will be put it here. So this is the smart object. I can never make it. You close the eye from the reveres design and then go to your but this one but the anti track to your PSP while and committee to transform it. You make it smaller. Yes, we will see like this and again because the market fell is portrait and our iPad throwing is landscape. I want to wrote it so a difference. Warm wrote the 90 degree clockwise and gin come nt to transform. I tried to build in here we see consumed in think of one. Okay, now I need the background all the drawing, so please create new layer. Okay, I know you name. It s Spectra. And then I boarded under the joy and again here I have What? It's OK. I feel in with a did fill in the color with for Mangala. Okay, it becomes why, but I want to change it So layer layer style color offer lay So I imagine if it becomes Children dressed the goal dressed It will be nice to at with being background maybe And then now I can dance to be It's like being Now we go back to our drawings We have to arrange it as we want to resemble like this. But I need something more here so I want to make it bigger. Okay, There's only assuming that I don't prepare a seamless pattern. So this is only what we have from I bet and again we have to save our BSB fire made commendable you it to come up with could not up dude level obliges. Ignore it to just click OK? Because if you see in our mock up file your drawing is here. So if you think that this is too big, I could you have to make it small. And you continued here. And then Now I can commend you means copy if you want Teoh juice Sports layer. So I hold shift. And then I clicked seven and then come in here. I have a copy again. And then I put it here. This is not perfect. So this is only the easiest way I show you. You create the Children dress mocha December. You're happy with this? Well, again you say recommend over you safe and then you ignore this massive and no, it looks better that emits a smaller and it's suitable with distress. Now you can could be new with your other eye Patrol e Just practice a lot to create more Children. Drink, smoke up like this. This is so easy and fun, isn't it? 12. Your Project: Now it's time for you to show your project. We already have fun together. So with I bad paper and apple pencil you see that from very simple basic ships like triangle rectangle. Oh, hard and the organic ships. And then lines and Mathis inspired shares. You can create three mocha phone case Children dress and storage box. Now what are you waiting for to hear, I bet. Draw your UNIX year and then create your mocha. You can create more than one and then submitted in Project up in my class. And don't forget to always pose your project in your instagram and took me at honey. Got a Cristian with his stock. Honey Honey skills here. Thank you for joining my class. Don't forget to keep me like and your review so I can teach you much better in the future. Thank you. Bye.