How to Draw Cute Characters (Part 2) - Design Things and Sell It in Redbubble | Hanny Agustine | Skillshare

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How to Draw Cute Characters (Part 2) - Design Things and Sell It in Redbubble

teacher avatar Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Design Children Storybook Cover Wire Crossing - 1


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      Design Children Storybook Wire Crossing 2


    • 4.

      Design Greeting Card 1


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      Design Greeting Card 2


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      Giftware Design


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About This Class

After you learn 27 cute characters in How to Draw Cute Characters Part 1, so what ?

You can use your cute characters to design a Children Storybook Cover, Greeting Cards or Giftware like a mug that you can sell it in Redbubble.

If you join Part 1 class, I teach you how to draw cute characters only with color pen and micron pen and then later we name them as Uburo or Jabreek or Mousy

Then in this Part 2, what you need is only Photoshop. Here I use Photoshop CC 2014. It's a simple Photoshop class. Everybody can join this class, for sure. :)

Don't forget, you can also teach this class to your kids or your students if you are a teacher like me.

In this class you will learn :

  1. Step by step creating design of a simple children storybook cover using simple tools in Photoshop, we draw clouds, wire, flowers, insert our cute characters, give a title and so on
  2. Step by step designing simple greeting cards and learn how to use mockup file to present your greeting cards design visually nice
  3. Step by step designing mug and how to upload your design in Redbubble website and ready to sell

I guarantee that both classes will be so fun and release our amazing creativity that you never thought you have it !

I hope you enjoy my class and welcome to any feedback for better next class.

Follow my daily drawing in Instagram @hanny.agustine

Peak my website at

Shop my cute things at

Shop my pattern at

Enjoy the class!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hanny Agustine

Artist | Designer | Teacher


Hi there, my name is Hanny Agustine. I m an engineer who loves to draw.

I am living in a tropical heaven, Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesian, when you call my name Hanny, it sounds perfect as "Honey" in English. So everybody calls me "Hallo, Honey" :).

My background is Electrical Engineering and I have spent my career mostly in the Information Technology world before I established my passion on Education Technology Creativity for children 5-18 years old with in 2001.

Life sometimes gives you a surprise, my childhood drawing hobby suddenly was coming back. Then I find myself drawing every single day on my dining table and that's a very good meditation for me, which also helps shooting my busy mind.

Inspired by nature and the beauty of fl... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: this is the cost. How to draw cute characters back to This is Honey Al Kristin. I'm illustrator, designer and founder. Off two tickets Start I. D. It's a learning center for Children to learn about computer multimedia around 40 electron ICS and also our in this part. Two. You will find some cute characters to create Children's storybook cover or greeting card or give their designs. But first you can learn how to draw these cute characters in my trust. How to draw que characters Part one. In this class, I teach you how to draw many characters like Alchemy, Ubu, Ro, BB, Dickie and Saw and from this cute characters in part one, in this part to class, I will issue how to use this character to make Children's storybook her and also ever did. You have to use it to make greeting card, and in the last part, I would issue how to use like this ticket to may give where decide and you can send it in red bubble. So don't forget to join my part one class and in this part to what you need is only for the show. But now you have to move to the next session. Let's design our Children's storybook offer 2. Design Children Storybook Cover Wire Crossing - 1: Okay, now let's start with the very interesting session Children's storybook offer, and we will need to put a show to make it. We will use this as a reference, but in the journey you can engines with your old modification because I'm sure you're very creative. So in photo Sha, please make a new file. And here is the size. Let's make $1 on 500 times to 1000 picks out a 300 u P i and then we make the background reduce the blue color for the background. Now create newly year for the cloud and then to draw the crowds we will meet cross and then the size is very little. You just try and see if you like it. Then try to draw the crowds. I will make one proud words wherever ship off the cards you life. And then I made the 2nd 1 If you don't like it, you just dive commence e to undo. Okay? And now I have three clouds. Then I want to color it with why So I used pain. Back of tools, hoops for the 2nd 1 It's failed because you see, here I make one large. Why? But the line is not close. So make sure when you draw something your line is close. And now my three clouds are ready. And then we see again. We will make a wire. So please at newly year, and then rename it with wire again. We will use the press with black color. And then I tents the size to be one piece l. I try. One is too small sightings to be to be cell. And then now I try. Maybe you cannot draw once. Maybe you need to try several times. It's okay. Me too, until it's good and it looks nice then because the wire now Okay, what next next? We need for Q characters for our girl Children started copper in my course part one. I'm sure you already have to learn about how to separate its cute character into its layer in photo shop. Now open that file in the shop, and we will move four characters in do our Children's storybook offer. I need for cute characters to catch a P, the barrow, mossy and BP. So I moved for cute characters into my file. So after we have four Q characters. Now we arranged that is commenting to transform. You can change the size off. The characters also appreciation off their legs on the wire. You do it for Mossy and also for the other three characters. Okay, now I'm almost finished with my four characters. All of them are nice now and appreciation in the right place on the wire. Let's continue to Children's storybook offer Part two. 3. Design Children Storybook Wire Crossing 2: we can t new with Children started for cover Part two we will fix again the position off pp here you can use commenting to transform You can change the direction and also make it bigger or smaller. Okay, Now I'm happy with this three characters plus the BP. But now I'm not so selfish Wide with emits off most see So I would do divine I use polygonal also to to see like the area that I won't do to live the Squeak league. And then if you see the little circle and then you see there is the selected area then you can click to live on the area will be deleted I continue with Marcy at the bottom side. This is so anti so I don't like it looks ugly So I used Monica Gonzalez a Jew. Cilla, find a little circle selected area correctly. You can continue for the other area until you see that this Morsi look much better. And then Marcy fitness Then we continue way to Barrow. We refined a barrow Still the reason area that I want to delete. So I use a can polygonal also to see like the area and dealing and so on. And then no eastern for Cata p. I want to refine again. This is because when we scan and we deliver the paper background, then you find get appears No so smooth polygonal lasso to select area and then dealing No after business I want to give she had dope do this character so I could you layer layer style dropped here doh, you can arrange the size off the distance spread and size You can check a bajans with three I think is enough for my cat api. So I put 333 click OK and then rightly the lay here to copy layer style and then go to Morsi basically your style and then continue Go to layer to Barrow and then rightly face like a style And you have the street characters are using drops you toes and then once it can't go to B B layer and then really plague faced by your style, you know, bitter Same The shadow will attacks to BP. Okay, We finished with the class characters and wire. Now we moved to flowers This flowers while I give it to you in attachment so you can download the attachment you can see like all the flowers. And then you track it into your file that suddenly you have my flowers there. But if you want to draw the flower spares up, it's up to you. I just want to make a quick Chechen here. So I used the flower that I drove before, and then you can rearrange the size appreciation later on me. Continue a text. So now we will use tea or fax and I just play color and then you can die. Hoops costs for buzz, buzz, buzz And then now it's time to keep title. So go back to your file used t four packs and by that that there is wire crossing computation. But it's up to you again. Whatever the story book you make, you can just a title that you want and then juice the one and then just the font size your rinse again The pushy here is this too big? I want to make it smaller, so I just 18 point and that's it. Again. I want to kick drop shadow on the title so I just layer your style and then give the Santo and then your data will look months better that later on we give another text by the answer . So if the outer is your name type by then your name and here I die by honey, Honey, you can try to position your Tyto in this cover. Finally I kopek. I put it here just on the left side and I want the other inmates really mean like that. So the doctors will be on the Garrigan itself. And then again, I gave truck here to do the class. So I just 202 and fitness. Now, don't forget to save S S l t back file or you want to keep the SPS d. So this is the Children's storybook copper that we can create from the cute characters that you orderly drown in part one. So don't worry. If you want to learn how toe draw this cute characters, you can go back to my class Part one and next we will make greeting card 4. Design Greeting Card 1: next we will make greeting cards. So this is an example off migrating cuts. The 1st 1 I use Q character that I given name Robo. And then the second time I used to be that this is an example, but you can make it more beautiful and more variation with your own imagination. Be a new while I use the size off 800 times to 1000 big cells. And then the resolution 300 U. P I and I just see and wacky because later on I will bring this on paper for the character and use robo from my image file again. If you forget how to create this cute characters, you can go to my passport one. And then at the end of the part one class I did. You have to separate its character into its layer. Then in this session, you can use robo for your great Inca. And then I move robo into my greeting card file. And then I attacks Usti for tax and then just upon type and the font size And then at the new layer, this one I rename it s press because I want to draw with for us. I'll just press and play color on the color template. And then I choose the size. I just ate Excel. I'll try it. And then no, I draw a narrow And then I asked again the text, you cortex, I dive groups it loose Very easy and simple because I don't want to teach you so many things in this class. Just a simple car. And then again, type another sentence. Happy birthday. And this card, I only did you simple words and one character robo. But off course you can modify this car with your imagination with more process. If you life or gens a color on you more than one characters, it's up to you. I just tried to give a sample how to use this character to be pleading car. So if you finished and forget to save as to repair because the card will be in two per mile than you can print it, name it and save it. Then we will make the second reading card using different characters here. Example. From my greeting card, I used get a P and then the Texas only simple walk like me. Slowly but sure, the same thing. You make a new file 1000 times Sorry, 800 times one does and with 300 U p i N c. Envoy Kate and then more. Forget API from your emits file to this greeting card and then at new layer or press. Then you can draw the line. We look at the people if you don't like it, just commencing to undo. Now you move. Get the P and position is on the line. Make it to, and the 2nd 1 I make a smaller Probably this is the kids. Mom and kids are dirty and get and then you're still for facts and then you can I walk like me slowly, but you're miscued is in it and kids, And then you can type any court your life for any great things you want to keep to your friends And again, whether all new, say with a super that we used this image to make a mock up off this greeting card 5. Design Greeting Card 2: Okay, We continue with greeting card far too. Now, after we have to chip packs off greeting card design, you can make a more up to make your presentation much better like this. And don't worry, I will give you the Mo cap file that you can use it as I did. You hear? So when you open the mocha file you see here there is a group off layer. And then if you open car, you will see the layer with Plus sign that this smart object sign to stop a click. This smart object. And then you will have another file and that's cardinal up 1111 dot psb. So PSP is the fire four smart object that you can use to change your design any time you like. So here, if I want todo do a mock up for my greeting card Happy birthday with robo character, Then I open Chip it file in Photoshopped. Is this the fire? Okay, Now I have to chipper files one by one, we will insert into our mock up. First I use happy Robo Day, so I drag it in tow PSB file and then because the size is not the same Tomori the background is why. So it's easy. You just make another big grow Here I add a new layer. I rename it why and then on the color palette. I just wife And then I did feel for grown color. Okay, then you will have. Why player under your trading guards designed If that's okay then don't forget to save the file once you safe it because there's a smart object. It will affect your mocha file and then you see here your design is already in the book A pile If you want the Jin's again with get up, eat then doubled Lito Smart object file the blast sign and then you can gross I for rope Oh no, it's time. Forget be walk like me again tracked the this time and then resize it with committee for transform You're happy and then you forget to save the fire. This is the PSB file and after safeties it will automatically Jane's the I woke up in your local fire The smoke on file There is also envelopes circle background graphic up. You can open it this group player and then you can change for example, the Bagram you see here there is pepper top mood and so are so. If you want to change the color tests, double click and then life create. It will be look like this. So it's very suited Chance the background color just enjoyed. Depends on your creating. Got decide again after Penis. Don't forget to save s deeper and you're treating cap mocha will be presented very nicely. You can use it to present your client So that's what reading us. And now we will move to give where design 6. Giftware Design: Well, this is the session. That's very interesting, because we will design our give where I used the characters. Tiki here and after you design it into months. Actually, you can send in reputable or other print on demands website because I have a shop in red bulb. Also, this is the red purple template file for Ma. You can download it from Red Bubble website once you sign in, and then we create background first likely duplicate layer and then just wide as Trump I already created for Tiki. I make the big one, as the moms and see has trick. It's Big Wanda, Medium one in this small what? And then you can resize again. You can active with the ruler, direct the line to see half part off this template year, Ice commented to transform. I make it pinker, and then I position it in the mod complete file, then duplicate the chicken with committee. I just said it and then transform flip horizontal. And now the tickle is looking. It's Father. I did not design full on this template because later on you will see that in red marble for the market, you need to give space above, below ride and laugh. And then now I said with as Tupac file because this different file that you will upload in June a bubble website. So this is try Bubble. And after I signed in I have my profile here, honey, honey and it, once you are ready with your design just at new work and then upload your file and then you wait until it's uploaded 100%. But once you upload a limits in red bubble, it will active with all the products that really bubble offering to their customers. So at this time, if you want to sell this design and click disable Toby wrapped and then, for example, in this month I just acted and you see, there is a while space in our design and it will be the train one in this area. So I think this this match to the size all the month and transported a little bit the left and lose its center now and then on the life side, you can see there for a few. You can choose which one, so the bartender will be on the laugh or on the right, or you want to show it the design in the middle. So I continue with type. The title so far assembled is designed. It's called really the chicken. And then in the discretion you can down 12 or three sentences about your design. It's like I throw the cute chicken You saying coloring Ban and my group And I remember when I was a kid they were always taken in my childhood house, will and so on. And then after death for packs, you can insert some words that related to your design so it will make issue for customers to find your product. Red bubble and on the bottom, just make a defy you emits only and then no for that one, and then click Save It will process the emits into the broader now processing complete and you see rainy the chicken. You see home decor market, but oh, in cases and skins, there is sworn guest skin and some song Alosi. Actually, I do want to board it on the phone case. Later on, I will edit it. So now the mark clothes nice with Tiki, the Q characters that we already made before, and I click acted here so you can edit your product in red Papo. So for the phone cases, because it's still disabled? No, I the active it quickly unable. Then again, safe works way the moment. And now you're really Jekyll is only for So this is only one example how you decide, give where and then you can sell it in red purple, you can continue with BP. Year is my friend mobile pitch. There is a month for peopie Dickie and then steak with star. So this is all from cute characters that I teach you in part one and part two. You can continue with what party sign you like and you can get the money from the bubble. So enjoy. This is so nice. Okay, this also Now we come to assign 7. Assignment: good, Then you already know with me in this class how to draw your character's part. Two. You already learn about how to make Children's storybook cover and then greeting card and also give were designed with me. Now this is your turn. This is your assignment. I really, really waiting for your project in this cars, he said. Your product with your cute character, just federal storybook, copper or greeting guard or keep were assigned whatever you like. Then you take a picture or scan it submitted in your project here in this class and then don't forget to pose in your instagram and take me a honey Kristen again. If you want to learn how to drop your characters, go to class Part one. It is a very easy class and super super fun class. And thank you for joining this car's. Please don't forget to give me light and then write a review. Pause in your instagram And don't forget to attack me at Handley dot Christine and please go to my website and also follow my instagram. Honey does Kristin. Thank you. Bye.