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Cut Out Autumn Illustrations. Watercolor

teacher avatar Olga Bonitas, Watercolor girl

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Stuff needed


    • 3.

      The color scheme


    • 4.

      The very first abstract background


    • 5.

      Continue color experiments


    • 6.

      Decorating and creating textures


    • 7.

      Illustration 1. Birds.


    • 8.

      Bonus to 1 illustration: how to make birds easier


    • 9.

      Illustration 2. Squirrels in the forest


    • 10.

      Illustration 3. Rural landscape


    • 11.

      Final thoughts


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About This Class

Hi friends

Let's create something really cute and enjoy the creative process. Prepeare your watercolors, paper and scissors.

We will paint abstract autumn backgrounds and then use them to create cut out illustrations.

There are 3 step-by-step collage creation tutorials,choose which one you like best, which one inspires you. Perhaps you will come up with your own plots or use this technique in your other projects. We will have a lot of fun. After all, pleasure is the most important thing in creativity.

What you'll learn from this class:

  • Better feel watercolor
  • How create your own colored paper
  • Experiment on large format paper
  • Enjoy the fall
  • Make intuitive patterns
  • Technique cut out illustrations
  • Create animals and nature from simple forms
  • Masterfully wield a pair of scissors :)

This class for you if you are experienced watercolor lover or beginer painter.

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Useful resources:

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My social media:

Meet Your Teacher

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Olga Bonitas

Watercolor girl

Top Teacher

Hello, my name is Olga.
I'm a professional illustrator working both traditional and digital media. But my passion is watercolor.

I like to experiment and come up with something new (for example, mix watercolor, collage and embroidery ...), to make small animations and film my creative processes.

For the past few years, my passion has been sketching. This is an absolutely exciting and mind-changing topic for me. The world of a creative person changes once and for all when he begins to draw from life in a artbooks. I have created several classes that help you to start your very first sketchbook and keep draw regulary.

I share my creativity and workflow on my instagram @olga_bonitas.

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1. Intro: Hi friends. I'm so happy to talk to you again. Autumn is time for cozy evenings at home, always cup of tea, but also Autumn is time for your hobby, for your creativity. Let's create something really cute and enjoy the process. Prepare your food color, paper, and scissors. We will start with the vacillating and very beautiful color therapy. We will determine the colors of our Autumn because for each person they are different. Then we will create cut out illustrations, using the resulting colored paper. I'll show you three step-by-step collage creation tutorials. Choose which one you like best, and which one inspires you. Perhaps you will come up with your own plots, or use this technique in your other projects. We will have a lot of fun, after all, pleasure is the most important thing in creativity. So let's get started. 2. Stuff needed: Let's talk about the stuff we need. Firstly, there are large sheets of watercolor paper. Take a bulk of cheap paper but do feel free and not be afraid to spoil it. Of course, we need water color, two containers with clean water, brushes of various sizes, one large brush to moisten paper. Then for decorative purposes I have white, gold, black, and the pencil, scissors; regular size and small size for cutting really small details. Glue, any glue that is convenient for you to work with. A pallet, paper napkins, and also such clips may be useful but this is not necessary, you can do without them, and maybe a white gouache. That's all. 3. The color scheme: To begin with, I suggest look at your watercolor and think, imagine, what colors you associate with resort autumn? What colors are your fall? It is not necessary to use professional watercolor, any paints are suitable. I add water to the color that I plan to use to make them more saturated and easier to use. I just put colors next to each other. Watch how they interact, feel their beauty and mood. Blue for the sky, for example. Then blue plus ocher red. Indigo because for me autumn means cloud of weather and rain. Let's add some brown. So this is a color scheme of my autumn. You can use your colors, let them inspire you, do experiments. Enjoy. 4. The very first abstract background: Now, when we have determined the color scheme, I offer to create several sheets of abstract color combinations. I moisten the paper using a large brush. We need two containers of water for this, one to wash the brush, the second to moisten the sheet. There is always clean water in the second. I just take the paint, put it on the paper, and enjoy the process. Watch how beautifully it spreads. Now I'll take a large brush, and a rich solution of red ocher, I want to see how it flows into brown. This requires a lot of water. Do you see the droplets? If it's difficult for you to mix a really saturated tone, my course about how to make the perfect washes may be very useful for you because in this course, I show in details how to do saturated tone with a lot of water. If the paper begins to dry, we should add a little water. This is something like color therapy. Just create something abstract with your chosen colors, relax, there's just no way to make a mistake. Let it be simple, free, and fun. The only goal at the moment is feel the colors and have fun. I really like the way these colors look together. A few spots, something like this. Look here, there is a clear boundary. I will fix it using a brush with clean water. This is easy to do while the paper is wet. In general, any changes in watercolors are possible only while the paper is wet. Look, the border formed here, I squeeze the brush, and pick up the excess water. Very tender. Let's look at the whole picture, I like what we have got, leave it to dry. To do this, I take it carefully, and keeping a horizontal position, transfer it to where it will dry. Usually, I just put it on the floor near my workspace. 5. Continue color experiments: Yes, Take the next sheet and do it again. Remember that is better to moisten the paper before the start. This time I fixed the paper using a paper tape, I think it's more convenient. I want to make a spray for the this. I add water, mix well to get a bottle of paint of saturated tone. Thick mega spray. What we've got over to dry. At this point, the water has already become dirty. Let's refresh it. This sheet will be in black and blue colors, black and autumn sky. Keep creating while you enjoy the process and violet is fine. I think we will have at least five autumn color retreats as a result. 6. Decorating and creating textures: Let's see what we've got. Choose the one you like the most or two or three. This is the very first test of colors, it may be useful too. I take my favorite background. Now, I'm going to decorate it. I will use white wash, a white pen, a thin brush, golden pen. We create beautiful textures, would we will use later. This tip decoration is optional. You can skip it if it not enjoyable for you. For example, something like that, small polka dot pattern. There are all my buttons, I really like them. 7. Illustration 1. Birds.: I suggest to use all the colored sheets as integrative paper to create illustrations. The first illustration we'll create will be about birds. The first thing I need to do is looking for a suitable background for this illustration. For example, this area looks like the sky. Or in this way, it's like an autumn forest below and a dark rainy sky above. Let's look for more options. There are many options on this background, any place. Here, look it seems to rain, there are the raindrops, lighter area. [MUSIC] Now the sky also similar to the forest below or such. There are a lot of options but I like the very first one. Here we're interested in strokes and color combinations. I draw the frame, and cut it out. [MUSIC] The sky is ready. The next step is the birds. First, I will draw them on paper. This sketch is in the attached materials of this course, in the class project tab you can see it. Then of course, you can draw your own birds so that you like them. For example, the shape of birds may be simpler. You know, there is a bonus video after this tutorial, this is about an alternative, simple way to make birds. [MUSIC] Now I take my colored paper, here I draw the birds bodies. [MUSIC] Let's see how they look on the sky background. [MUSIC] Time for tails and wings, I think it'll be good if they are white but I would like to use not just white paper but a speckled pattern. [MUSIC] With the dots, I already look like birds, but I want to make the wings a bit more interesting.[MUSIC] Time to glue the parts together. I'll remove the pencil lines. [MUSIC] I don't glue the wings right now, I will do it later. It's important to find the right place for each bird. [MUSIC] Okay, glue it. [MUSIC] Now I'm adding finishing details to the birds. [MUSIC] I think everything is done. 8. Bonus to 1 illustration: how to make birds easier: As I promised, that there is another way to make that. This is simpler but it looks good as before. The sketch of these birds are also in the attached course materials in the class project depth. I think this looks pretty nice. 9. Illustration 2. Squirrels in the forest: The second illustration will be about three red squirrels in the forest. I start by drawing tree trunks. They often look black in the forest in the wet weather. Another tree, I will make it thicker with a white ball full trunk. One more tree, and now we need to find a suitable background for the forest. For example this, here is the forest and this guy. But this guy is too dark in my opinion, here I like the colors. Let's check how the trace will look on these background. I like it. I fix the trees with clamps. Now let's start the squirrels who will live in our forest, one squirrel will go down the tree, here. The second will reach out the air con here, and the third will seat and look at us. I drew squirrels again on a suitable background. I draw tails and heads elsewhere so they have a slightly different tone, three parts, body, head and tail. Such squirrels stand out. I place the squirrels in the illustration. Now I will fill the forest with leaves and grass. My painted gestures, come in handy for this, make leaves of various shades. Work leaves a corn. This is grass, it will be in the foreground, and another branch of grass. This is how it looks. It's time to take the glowing hands. Now, I need a black liner to draw a texture on the trace and now I need a brush to make a spray. I make an ink stone with a lot of water and spray, another column. Let the paint dry and decorate the leaves. Then everything is ready, I glue the leaves, and the a corn, and squirrel, and paint details. Cut the excess paper, and I think I can say that everything is done, let's take a look. 10. Illustration 3. Rural landscape: In the photo illustration, I want to place the house that we see through the branches of trees as if we are walking through the forest and see this house, such an full rural view. There will be tall grass, smoke from the chimney, windows, and the skyline, tree branches, growing berries, and drawing leaf, foreground grass. This is a preliminary sketch for better understanding so you should enjoy it. I will start from the sky and we need to find a suitable background. That's good I think. Now we need to find the right color of the house. I want it to be bright so it will look good, again the background of my sky. Maybe here or here. Yes, I like this space. Small idea, if it is difficult to choose, you can cut both options and see which one you like best, which one is more suitable. It seems too light, I want a little toned. A little bit, very gentle and leave it to dry. Now, we need to find a suitable background for the grass. I like this place and this and this. I don't want this yellow spot to be into the outline. I chose the right tone for the distant plane, the distant hill. I like it. Now, lets pay attention to the foreground. This is grass. I'm drawing carton angle creating the feeling that the weather the windy. Well, I fix it. The roof. Now I chose the dark tone and draw tree branches. This is row 1 berries and row 1 leaf. Now everything needs to be glued together. Everything is done and I cut off the excess paper. Perhaps I want to add a couple more leaflets. The illustration is finally done. Will you just a little it gives its own charm. If you have the time and wish you can make the picture lively, for example, like that. 11. Final thoughts: Well friends, I hope you enjoy the class. Create your own illustrations or be inspired to do it. Feel free to share your illustrations in the class project tip and in your social media. I wish you to find time for your creativity in your routine life. Be involved in the process and be happy about results. Bye-bye.