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Explore Green in a Step-by-step Watercolor Painting Class

teacher avatar Olga Bonitas, Watercolor girl

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Supplies Needed


    • 3.

      Paint a Flower


    • 4.

      Paint Limes


    • 5.

      Paint a Bird


    • 6.



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About This Class

Once, while staying at home, I missed the forest, greenery, fresh air and the wind. I made the whole window sill with flowers, imagining that it was my little garden.

I took out a watercolor and started painting in green. I painted for a week, breathed deeply, felt fresh and couldn't stop. It was such an enjoyable activity that I took the camera and filmed the process on video. So this class was born.

This is a beginner-friendly class containing three step-by-step processes for creating beautiful illustrations.

In this class, you'll learn how to:

  • Use wet-on wet technique to create a background
  • Use layering painting technique to paint flowers, fruits, leaves and bird
  • Mix watercolors and writing tool
  • Better feel the paint and brush

There are not many words in this class. I did my best to make the process understandable without words. Too many words surround us in this stressful time. I want to give you the opportunity to focus on yourself, enjoy the colors and music.

All my rare comments are subtitled.  So you can completely turn off the sound of the video (without fear of missing important information) and draw while listening to your favorite music.

Supplies Needed:

  • Watercolor. Actually only 3 colors are needed: lemon, light green and dark green
  • Watercolor paper 100% cotton. Cotton is important to keep paper moist for a long time
  • Your favorite brushes. It’s convenient to have a large brush to wet the paper.
  • Any writing tool for drawing a dark outline. Fountain pen, calligraphy pen, liner, gel pen or even a soft pencil
  • White gouache or acrylic. Only for the third illustration
  • Paper napkins

Let's draw something fresh together!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Olga Bonitas

Watercolor girl

Top Teacher

Hello, my name is Olga.
I'm a professional illustrator working both traditional and digital media. But my passion is watercolor.

I like to experiment and come up with something new (for example, mix watercolor, collage and embroidery ...), to make small animations and film my creative processes.

For the past few years, my passion has been sketching. This is an absolutely exciting and mind-changing topic for me. The world of a creative person changes once and for all when he begins to draw from life in a artbooks. I have created several classes that help you to start your very first sketchbook and keep draw regulary.

I share my creativity and workflow on my instagram @olga_bonitas.

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1. Welcome: [MUSIC] Greens inspire as does watercolor. Hey. [MUSIC] How about drawing something green and fresh? Simple and clear instructions, step-by-step processes, and inspiration of course, to create three beautiful illustrations.[MUSIC] Well, get started. 2. Supplies Needed: We need watercolor paper made from 100 percent cotton. It's important. Your favorite brushes of different sizes. We will use only three colors. Light green, lemon, and dark green. The're the names of colors I use but you can choose from the colors you have. Mix colors if you don't have suitable ones in your watercolor set. 3. Paint a Flower: First, wet the paper well. Add some color. It will be the background. Leave it to dry. Take a transparent green tone and draw the first layer of petals. Add some lemon color. Again, wait until the paper completely dry. Take dark green and draw more petals. I add water to make the edge softer. Now we need a fountain pen or a liner. A gel pen or even a soft pencil. Use what you have to draw a dark outline. Now let's add some charming details. Everything is done. 4. Paint Limes: The beginning is the same as the previous illustration. Moisten the paper well. Create an abstract background. The second layer is a transparent green tone. 5. Paint a Bird: Now let's draw these beautiful bird. Link to this photo is in the description of the video. I prepared a template to make it easier for you to draw this bird. Check the Project and Resources tab to download and print it. Wet the paper over the pencil sketch. Wait until the background is completely dry. Then thoroughly wet the bird inside the outline. Don't touch the beak. That magic moment of adding paint. White gouache. White acrylic is okay too. 6. Conclusion: Well, let's see what we've got. Of course, you can make up your own plots. For example, I like to take a large sheet of paper and fill it with different objects. I also like to draw something in an unusual color like this rabbit. Give it a try. The template for drawing this rabbit is in the tab "Projects and Resources" I hope you enjoyed the process. Can't wait to see your illustrations. Bye.