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Creative way of drawing hands for illustrations

teacher avatar Milan Glozić, Painter, illustrator, Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      001 Introduction


    • 2.

      002 few important things before drawing


    • 3.

      003 construction of spread fingers hand


    • 4.

      004 brief look at the anatomy of the hand


    • 5.

      005 proportions of the hand


    • 6.

      006 hand drawing exercise


    • 7.

      007 female hands


    • 8.

      008 baby hands


    • 9.

      009 aged hands


    • 10.

      010 class overview


    • 11.

      011 Final words


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About This Class

Do you struggle drawing hands? Do you feel that something is missing in your drawings? Would you like to take a look at the core principles that can make your sketches more appealing to the eye?

Join me in this class where I’ll go over the main elements of drawing hands. Watch me draw and explain everything I know about this interesting topic.

Learn the basics of drawing hands and how to use different drawing materials to enhance the look of your work. This course aims to help you overcome the challenge of drawing male and female hands as well as baby and aged hands. So, prepare yourself for making wonderful works of art. And, if you have a basic understanding of drawing and want to push your boundaries to further heights this class is perfect for you. Don’t waste time...

Create a strong foundation for your drawing process and from there make art that your friends and family would love to see on their walls.

  • Gather up materials such as pencils, charcoal, erasers and ink. Set up your workplace and start practicing.
  • Make simple exercises to master your lines.
  • Learn new things about anatomical structure of your hand and how to draw it.
  • Experiment with different views.
  • See how the individual forms fit into a whole shape.
  • Use simple lines to describe these shapes.

Start making drawings with confidence of a professional draughtsman.

Learning the basics of drawing hands is a great way to improve artistic toolbox and a great continuation of learning from other classes on human anatomy. Works you crate can become a great part of your creative career or a passionate hobby. Understanding and practicing drawing can improve your art skill tremendously. Therefor you can create unique artworks that you will enjoy creating and sharing with others. Also, they can be sold as originals or as prints. They can be excellent choice for a present or a decoration for your home. Finally, you can use them as a reference for a painting done in some other medium. The choice is up to you.

Creating something out of nothing is a very satisfying and in time you’ll achieve more and more confidence in your artistic process. In this course we’ll cover much of drawing hands and split it up to easy to follow steps that can only benefit your work, whether it's in graphic design, illustration or painting.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Milan Glozić

Painter, illustrator, Designer


Milan was born in Pozarevac, Serbia in 1979. From a very early age, he got interested in drawing comics, painting nature, and inventing games that he could then play with his brother and sister. He graduated from the University of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2003.

He works predominantly in the medium of traditional painting, but his art includes digital illustrations and book covers. He has had solo and group shows in Belgrade at the Progress Gallery, the National Gallery in Pozarevac, "In the Face Labyrinth" exhibition in Amsterdam at Arps and Co Gallery, and many more. Also, he is a Top-level designer at the 99Design platform where he made various book covers and illustrations for publishers and clients across the world.

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1. 001 Introduction: Yeah, Hello and welcome to drawing exercise serious, and it's Millan and I will be a teacher. Today's glass about pants. Yes, hence, finally, we're here and we can talk about drug. Hence, when it comes to drawing hands, their first thing that we can see unexamined. And yet, for many people, this might be a difficult topic. Well, at least in first glance, So it's glass. We'll go over the things that I find useful info you How to go about hence, can be very fun thing draw. And by learning how to draw hands, you get knowledge that you can apply to any other subject that you make tackle in future. The need to trust me On this you can try it yourself and see how it goes. But first, ask yourself how much you like drawing and how much time in a day or a week Can you give yourself to this beautiful craft drink? Because in the end, this is a craft skill that you can master if you put enough time and energy. Now I understand that many of us don't have enough time or don't have all the time in the world. Just drop their obligations. Place to go, things to see and you have to manage time according having this in mind in this class, I'll provide to it exercise and insights that will help you concentrate on the most important things and factors. When it comes to like heads. I hope you this class will be helpful for you and it's fun in the same time and that by the end of the class you have something so without uncredited do, let's stacked. 2. 002 few important things before drawing: in the past. I hope you find your sold for your work and without any further delay. Let's start til use that you need to follow long electors exercises personally to meet is a sketchbook that's will keep all the over inside. I'm going in. I'm holding in my hands. It's an a four sketchbook, and it has about normal paperweight printing a little. Maybe since there will be a lot of trial and error, single and expensive baseball will do just fine. For now, all of this class is familiarize yourself with drawn hands and a lot of praxis is necessary . So this kind of paper Next we have charcoal and pencil, and here I have so and medium charcoal pencils on that I like to use the most creates dark declined looks perfect for this type of exercises, and you don't want details. Our aim is to make broad masses and forms of hand in this material. Combined size notebook would be perfect to test that. Still, if you're careful enough, even instills materials, you can make precise drawings like you see no less almost old drawings that are going to be in this strange. This will help you to get a better understanding. Help to see three dimensionality of hand and transformed two dimensional paper, also for construction lines. Do need a soft be pencil in this one here, and I needed erasure also. Now I don't encourage you toe the race the stage. But if you just feel you need to raised to get some clarity, then go for it. But use it sparingly, as family line make can lay to tell you how I came up with that trying and teach you ready to right and what mistakes to make. These mistakes are essential part of learning. Don't throw your drawings that you don't think that they're not good save ever drawing. Look how far process. Now that you see what materials we need in order to follow along class, let's talk about the main points study of hands. Aside from learning, atomic construction consists off. Breaking down the measurements off. Various parts of you can be able to compare them. For example. Fingers have a certainly, and spaces between the joints off fingers are definite proportions. Entire spring something we'll talk about it later Videos. Also, the bomb has a certain definite white in comparison, always like, and the distances between the knuckles on the back of the fingers are longer than those between the creases on the undersides. So I know this thing is very important. You can make these compressions but itself with your own hands. You don't need to wait for anyone. Totality make a drawing learning for yourself and this right knowledge will be rooted deep in your memory for the longest time fills. Even if no off Ruth, drawing hands can be difficult for many people and one of the reasons, because it can be made to fit or grasp around any shape, fate or object in reasonable size, weight and therefore assume countless different positions. Get over this obstacle. Think about your friends using the mechanical principles US simple. Find its movement. The pump hollow opens and closes and fingers move forward metal off the pump. The back of the hand is more flat in comparison. Toe the inside of the hand, and it follows the moment off the fingers. Use this method of thinking whenever you drop hands, so the next time you drop a hand, think about questions like, Is this right? Where did this finger go in this ankle. Is this finger too long? Is there enough places to fit all things? What's the placement off some relation to buy their fingers? Now look, it's your hand. And I think those like when it comes to drawing itself, let's mention four main points that you should be aware of all the time. First, back of the hand can be drawn in three planes, one time section and other to tapering around the wrist. Go on the other side. The bomb is your wholly constructed by three blocks surrounding the hollow bomb, and these are hell off the hand, face off and fattest portion off the bomb. Three. The knuckles or fingers and some, of course, must be a lying to work, though, is the hall of off the pomp and then that stretched to be right angles to the direction with finger itself. So it cannot like this this, and finally before Candice Hello from the Palm and convicts on the other side. That's enough for delivery for now. And let's start with the first exercise warming up for other drugs that will come late and you think you missed anything, really? Watch this video taken note and then come back to you next 3. 003 construction of spread fingers hand: our first excess will make spread fingers hand and, uh, you'll see here. So it is an imposed this drawing. And remember the placement of all the lines and old elements off hand see their symbolize that are telling us where each knuckle off the hand it's going and you see those fats with hand in reverse order whenever they look from this view with the hand, they see proportions back here. This part of the farm is a little bit saying is part with fingers on. You can see that in the picture, so we'll start create an old shape and I'll just holding this pencil you can. But this with three fingers or our organ hold like this. I preferred for this exercise like this and in most of my drawings. So after you finished, making this all of shape will make another point here. This is the standard exercise. When it comes drawing hands and you can see no, we can measure this part. So have the same up. Oh, you can even make another oh ship shape on top of the 1st 1 like this. So when you've done that pretty much won t other step that is to make five lines radiating from this bank point here that represent the fingers. You can see this line here that Drew first is a little bit shorter than the second oval. So these parts will represent fingers and this one off represent the palm of your hand. And finally, let's get to create fifth line. That will be for that's some. Okay, now that we have created this, we have to decide on the length off the fingers and the knuckle placement to be certain about this great this shape line and then create two more runs. Okay, with this divided this second old shape into three equal parts. And this part here 14 and no, thank you. Different when you can do it like this? No, Definitely have. This can start creating our fingers surely more precisely, these lines in red. So I see. So we have our knuckles here and okay, just no matter, connecting please with each other, he was more shaping. Will show you how I hold my sharp pencil was the same thing, but my thumb elected control the pressure and hold my vessel with the other remaining Corp fingers making your lines trying to be firm with Those make the size two lines. You know the words line. That's no where it's going. Look at this. I think that's it. Basically, for our first exercise. It's not, I hope. What a difficult exercise and try to understand their place after this one will move on to second exercise and see how what types of hands are being drawn. 4. 004 brief look at the anatomy of the hand: now that we made our first warm up exercise, it's time to go a little bit deeper, maybe even under the skin, and say the underlying structure off the hand. And here you see 23 drawings that made the brink with this list, the victim, the surface muscles and and there's that are owned both sides on the hand. And here we see muscle structure Dennison off, one with fingers just underneath the skin. That will be also one way to improve, and that is to understand what is going on under underneath the skin. So we have all these muscles, and it solves for me at least interesting to draw. And I recommend making yard anatomical drawings when news manage to learn basics. Goto this and try toe exercise and make drawings on the head. But that will be something that I recommend doing later 5. 005 proportions of the hand: now that we discussed the dental structure with hands using the images that you see here, let's see how we can make it. Maybe simplify that and see how to go about it in order. Like I said previously, in order to understand the hand and to draw it, go through anatomical drawing, but then see how you can simplify that and use it. In natural case of here. I have six drawings there. I used simple shapes in order to construct the hand your community shapes book Circular wants to create that look, so it's important when you're drawing hands toe kind of block these shapes and see and take them into something more simple. That way you can draw even complicated things on a much easier way. Also, what you can do is to place your knuckles joints and see how you can do it in a much clear and simple way way. Also, when you're drawing hands, remember debt at the base of the finger. There are pads, there are four pets, and they make this bigger shape bigger pad and then makes us take a firm grip grip on objects. And another thing that held in her hands. So that is very important toe. Distinguish all these parts that we see in hand and turned them into something more simple . That way you can draw and in any position that you can imagine bouncy. Basically, what this means is that when we're drawing hands on, we have to consider some main elements of the hand that this bomb, which has this area that is inside Lippett, pushed. You have four pads from which the finger start and they for one unique shape, we hear the thumb and then the fingers. So each part of this each of these parts is more when you're trying to think about growing hands and like, you see here they are unique in that way. So each part has a purpose. And like we see here, you can see that shape that this form Barthes four pads rummaged, fingers start and we have a small rally here that's being the big bad off the Did that be between big bet off the thumb for pads with fingers and this one that goes away across. And to draw hand good manner, you have to understand these things. And that is why I made this red lines just toe. Show you how you can draw head in different positions and see how the structure of the inside of the palm works. Also, here you can see some other drawings trying stepped represent negative boast of shapes and some construction lines to help you draw. For example, always, always when you're drawing, but it be handled. Anything else tried to recognize the boat negative shapes itself, Mr Poster shapes and try took draw them on your paper. When we talk about proportions, we have to see how are individual parts off hand placed and how they interact with each other. And for that they have this fueled drawings. What is important is the placement your end arrangement off fingertips. And if we think these drawings, for example, two fingers. Why on each side of the line that is drawn through the middle of the bomb and tender off the middle finger is just about the middle. Or, let's say, divides the back of the hand in half. So we see here, what's this? This important is also the fact that the thump is turned at the right angle off the other fingers. We see in our hands, for example, and that operates and it tougher. It's mostly in and out of the park, while other fingers upright like their clothes towards and away from the pump, knowing that the knuckles off fingers are slightly above the creases on the inside off the fingers and note that flat curve over the knuckles across the back. Consider here here with the curve, then going deeper as they crossed knuckles towards the fingertips. So the first line has that shape, and it goes. Burton, deeper asleep, move along doors, defending troops and one of the most important things drawing hand is the middle thing. It's the key finger from which we can determine length off the hand, the length of these finger to its knuckles. When you look back, he slightly over half of the length of the hand. Also divide. The poem is slightly more than of the half half of the hand on the inside also, then take a look at the index finger. The 1st 3 next finger is just just about reaches the fingernail off the and living. That's basic proportions, of course, their hands that may be different, but that may mean proportions. Next, the third finger off the discussed middle finger and index finger. The third finger is about equal to the England index finger. It can be shorter a bit, and the little finger just reaches the top. Knuckle off the third. Think some. That's basically main things that you should know about proportions, and we see other diagrams drawings here that show us Detroit was the length off the thumb and how it operates. Like we said earlier, it goes in and out of the hand and right and our other fingers just move towards and away from the pump when, like you see here, it can see dimensions off these heads. 6. 006 hand drawing exercise: Now that you've seen how we can simplify the look off the hand, we can start actual demo and see how in practicality you can create that drawing. Let's go to another. And this paper. We have our basic exercise here that were done just as a warm up exercise. And now we can continue toe make drying hand. - You can see here we're creating that selling their shapes, present fingers. Also, we're looking at the night of two shapes created. Think it's a message? I think so. Uh, make the lights. - I think that's it's drawing hand. So if you but racer okay, so things. But it's very may be thinking that way. Have the time to remind you how you came up with the result. And as you see also when you're drawing, trying to find that negative shapes as well. And remember those shapes and you're drawing to see them as well. His the first of shapes and that will help you great drawing that you can. I understand so and it will be true and you can exercise. That's so these things We were each fingers Burt's police Does that help you know you Finally, this part here 7. 007 female hands: Now let's talk about the drawing female hands. They differ. You look at Children, hands or male hands that they have smaller bones, delicate muscles and generally more rounded what shapes in planes and to make them feminine . You should also front them later. We have here, like I said, some examples. And like I mentioned in the previous exercises, you can use these lines, see both positive and negative shapes. And also I left here an example when I made a mistake made from a bit longer. So see, there's something wrong with this, so I didn't want to raise that just left. It was a reminder that everybody can make a mistake. So you have dropped something. Just draw another shape, blind and exercise some more. And also here you can see some other examples. I left the red line placements of locals and see which were chip. This hands here is drawn straight, looking at image creating without any other lines, and that will do in our next example. We don't draw hands just serving both postive and negative shapes, and in the other example, will draw hand using those Glines and making those shapes with construction lines. So let's get started. Start. I like using charcoal pencils because they create thick clients and they're good for exercises. So that speaking and you're drawing, make each line count. See how long attention both busting negative shapes about the placement of the entire hand have it in your mind this one here, other things to the other finger. I'm just going to be lower than the previous one. See where it goes, according to other shapes, and then just drop that you have that shape, you can go back and finish in the middle finger. So when I don't have much time, just my this kind of trying without using construction lies just finishing quickly. If you're just starting out, then I recommend creating drawing with construction, right, That will do next. Basically, that we had hand done very quick time. Just a few shapes, always looking Looks both negative. No. If you want to construct more carefully, you want exercise, start pencil drop another kind, trying to recognize all the shapes that Oh, dear. Start this. Don't be. And, you know, we have and move on. Create. Um Thank you. We haven't. That would be the placement off the base or are Yeah, fingers. Then we also have some. Yeah, something like here based on that can create index finger Its first part. Then Michael here and then Probably what? Sport next up way. Have my finger make these lines as well C h and just one. This one goes here from here, there. And finally, it's a lot of finger. Yeah. Here. Okay, Now did to have and then you can going run. Finish it the base month not close. - And of course you can. I don't have to. Okay, so just gets a little better. See? Like I said, I was coming up here and sing those lines How you constructed it. This will be my recommended wave off drawing hands beginning to see placement off each part . And of course, when you want to, I think you're drawing so it wouldn't wouldn't smear like this. I think hair spray this one here and straight on your drive. It goes into the paper depending on the thickness on your paper for a while, See through. But when you do it, it doesn't smear off in this case is And that what we'll talk about next and next subject this class will be drawing. Children are baby hands 8. 008 baby hands: next quick mentioned in the previous Yep, will be drawing baby hands. And here you can see some of the examples that I created before thanking actual demonstration so you can see here also used struggle pencils like previous ones and see Hear the differences. Take a look. Male Hands Persons is that hands of babies are in that that the palm and is relative thicker in relation to small fingers. They became larger as may be progressive and gross toe element. Another thing to consider is that the thumb bustle and he'll of the baby and are proportionally very powerful. Quite young babies have grass people for their own weight, the knuckles across the back of the hand, our very flesh and they're indicated by temples. The base of the hand may be entirely surround tweet, creases and healed hand. It's much thicker than the path across the top part. Here. Take one of those and make you another drawing exercise Number three. So we have basic quick warmup exercise may have hands action. Also try female tents and continue with their heads. It may be more difficult to draw, but also that you can do to try to determine and create Same for shapes. What you see inside, baby hat, Go lightly. But you're Bassel across the paper and see then how to drive. Draw basic shapes. Take your time. Don't hurry here. Just creating base port fingers. Yes, they will have to be there. We have, uh come six fingers finger. I remember like you see me draw here It is good to draw through objects. Don't just look at a knob checked and see how it goes. Drove through to see And I think about how each shape comes that place and understand where it's coming from That's that way You always go tell a good understanding of this things and be able to draw whatever you want in front No, that's so this Father pencils That's and giggles first trying handsome baby, - you see Here don't go just round it. Think about four shape where the old fit I mean and was Always think about shapes inside other That's it, This one. But this is press knuckles. Very cool. In a second, maybe and we can go on and known creating other drugs. The more drinks you create, the better. It is so filler withdrawing with hands on on the benefit course. So let's move on to drink in that can a little dirty 9. 009 aged hands: Finally, we're here that drawing hands off elderly person like you See here the message of the construction of hands. Old people hands are sort of delightful things to draw because they have all these soul. Thing is wrinkles and stuff that will make you work interesting off. Negative shapes are quite complex, and there are very interesting toe work on that. This are why they're easier. Is that that compared in comparing toe young people hands their anatomy in construction is more obvious and shows clearly on the surface. And while the basic structure of the same fingers get a little thicker, joints are larger and knuckles should on the skin. Skin also becomes wrinkled, but it need not be held the size too much before, uh, closer. So far less exercise. Well, it example I'm sure you have to go. But trying and aged and so pencil. That's the thickness. Thinking about post shapes, making good number lines and for start thinking straight clients and you're at aged factor later, that is done. Yeah, about here, So think about that. I don't think about where inch fingers will start. These are these before elements, and then think about something trippy. So where Here, Uh, rough shapes. Fingers about that. See how it goes longer. Nichols. Holiday line up operation is always the key. Looking at fingers would be helpful. Okay, that on here, That way Oh, shapes will align, observe, pleasurable. And then drop. Okay, this is rough, but that is enough. Help, You know, Thank a detailed drawing. So that's my like always go from big shapes and then draw details and that's it You can see basically difference between and how which ones to use when you drop and off medaled every person and hence off no and field in the next video. 10. 010 class overview: now is the every time, and I would like to thank you for completing the course. There are at least watching the class, so we'll go over things that we've discussed. First make a short, quick drawing, just the warmer with hands, and then go on through looking. All the other hands discuss. Go through a lot of growing. There is a great the hands that are being drawn here getting after making that drawing little be your warm up exercise. Do some studies off the anatomy of the hand. Maybe go much more details and use my recommended tool for this class. That is, this have along a big sort have this big notebook in which you can draw started. I met him. Go to hand, and when you think about that, think about the constructing the hand into some simpler shapes and see which one works better for you. So make it two squares like he's here. Or use bull or circular shape. Thank you. I feel better. Understand how the draw hand and after you've managed toe affect hands into smaller shapes . It will be a lot easier for you to draw in any position. Think about the proportions for the hand. Once you have here, think about each shape and where it is in comparison to other fingers, balm and how it's connected to the rest of the hand. Also very important. Think about postive and negative shapes. Those negative strips are very, very important in in order for you to get the proportion and to get accurate and in any kind situations, even when it comes to for shortening, think about the shape off the palm. How curves inside. Take a lot of examples, I think. Look at least in your hand and see how it looks and then think about male and female hand again. Always looking for positive negative shapes. Negative shapes inside. Hand outside hand using lines, construction lines that will help you or go straight to drawing and working with charcoal. Remember told us, Have this colors hair spray so you can fix it? Your drinks paper. You can use fixed eaves, but this cheaper make mistakes that will happen, like in this case, and keep those mistakes with you because they will also help you get better and learn along the way. If you feel the need to use some kind of France falls. This this that remind you where these shapes are, Even those ships that cannot be seen drop through shape. So it doesn't always be like this. And when you're drawing like this and should always think about, where are the shapes mirrored parts with hand that cannot be seen here? Well, that is important to get station. We want a baby hands and, like you see also here drove through about baby hands how they are different in proportion in person, toe adults hands and draw them in various position and even dissect IMSI. In my course, I think about the main country system the baby's hands after that most interesting part, at least for me, and that this hands off elderly person and the characteristics off their head, maybe even first dissected until simple shapes. So, like, you see here and then make another drawing next to it that has all the characteristics of that head. And that's it for this class. And you're staying here, Dennis, you've seen me this place, so I hope you learned something in this class, something it will help you along in your personal projects or your hobbies. You create. So that will also help you draw whatever you want. Once you master off drawing symbol of shapes, it will be easier for you to drop anything else that you see. See you in the last video. 11. 011 Final words: thank you for watching the class. I'm really glad you finished election old video materials like there for you. But remember, this is just the beginning. Now it's time for you and your crotch because you get lesser results. If you're only watching the redo materials, the best way is to take things described class and try them for yourself. Do the exercises start with form of exercise and then draw as many hands as you can draw male and female hands. The baby hence hands together like people. Examine your hand. Android used for aggress. Just do whatever it takes this much and make his much can in time that you have use this class material starting point something that will help you understand drawing a human hand faster and then continue to draw on your skills of drug. And that can be besides who create something out of nothing, something that you feel passionate about something that might inspire other people or you enjoy and doesn't forget. Not along this journey. After finishing a positive particulary gross steep common compare and go together community people, those can be works in progress and your species. The film for my camera and it doesn't matter is long as it seems clearly. I must say, I had a great time working on this class and if you have the time place review, so I know what you think about it so that in future I can make a better class. Finally, if you would like to see other classes in the dry next serious head out to my profile and through the topic that interested most, then click got full. But that would be many, many classes in the future. So have a great day. See you around. Good, right?