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Create logo animation with Adobe After Effects : A beginners guide to logo animation

teacher avatar Shubham Ganer, Motion Graphics Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Creating Shapes


    • 3.

      Animating with keyframes


    • 4.

      Staggering the layers


    • 5.

      Understanding Track Matte


    • 6.

      Adding Precomps


    • 7.

      Adding the logo and text


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About This Class

Hey there , in this course we are going to learn how to create logo animation with Adobe After Effects. 
During this course you'll not only get familiar with After Effects but you'll have a good understanding of the concepts that go into detail on creating a beautiful logo animation 

This course is aimed for beginners as well as intermediate users of Adobe After Effects. In this course we make a logo animation right from scratch so it's easy to understand and follow along. 

We will start by learning how to create New project and then Solid layers , Shape layers and then we will be jumping a little deeper as our concepts get clear.

After taking this course you'll have a solid understanding of creating an animated logo reveal

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shubham Ganer

Motion Graphics Designer


Hello, I'm Shubham

I am a Motion Graphics Designer with nearly five years of experience. I love creating unique projects with optimum aesthetic quality. I am a self-taught designer, and I understand how and what it takes to be self-taught and successful.


Through my courses I am willing to share my knowledge, which I have acquired over the thousands of hours of time I have invested each day in learning the skills of motion graphics. I am fortunate enough to work for a video project for Domino's Pizza and I have worked for clients from all over the world.


My main goal of being an instructor includes supporting others who are getting started with motion graphics so they can also reach a professional level.

Email : shubham.ganer@y... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hey guys. Hello and welcome in this course. My name is shrunken and I'm self toward free lands motion graphics designer doing it professionally for around five years now. In this course, I'll be teaching your heart to create this local reveal right from scratch inside off a doobie after effects. This is a very beginner, friendly course, so you don't need to worry about being an intermediate or advanced. Users often do the after. I'll be teaching you how to create compositions, different layers, adding feel effects to them and understanding track matte, making the layers move in a particular order and changing the animation speed and at the end of the day with creating a beautiful local review inside of after effects with very simple adobe after effects usage. So that's it for now, let's get started. 2. Creating Shapes: Hey, guys. Hello and welcome in this tutorial. So I'm using Adobe Aftereffects Year six. But you can use it in any version and you can create the same and all these project files will also be available for down. It's okay, let's get started. Let's go. Let's go and create a composition so as to create a composition. You can just go click here and select a preset which is edging 1020 29.97 frames a second. I mean, just rename it and just make sure you make it 10 seconds. So this is a This would be 000 and 10 and hit OK school. Now what we have to do is create a background. So writing here, new, solid, and just name it Bijie and from here, expect any color because we will be using a Filofax to call on this and hit OK, so we actually created a solidly which is all background. No, What we have to do is is create those rectangles so so as to create those squares or rectangles. This click here. This will make the stroke Tzeitel and just click on the film and Just make sure you select Phil toe any color and then just click here and select out election safe. Go in the middle and from here, who will shift in control and drag or square. Okay, So what happens when you hit shift and control while Wagoner drags perfected? If I were not do it in control, I would just be dragging from here, but holding shift and control at the same time, it tracks from the middle. So OK, from here, this is our first square. Now let's duplicate it. Control de on the keyboard and to select this move selection and holding sheriff just more . We can also colorize them by just going to shape layer one goto effect generate. And, Phil, if you don't see this hit F three on your keyboard and you will be able to select Okay, make it off any color off your choice. But I would recommend using the colors which we have used in the original example because thes are based on a color skin color scream are combination off different colors that work together very well and give a good look. So OK, discreet. Another just could control the too complicated and holding shift. Just track dragger, tear small tear shift and then select all of them good or windows. Select a line and select the vertical central distribution and then the horizontal center distribution. So these letters will be aligned perfectly and this distance will be the same. Let's go toe direct elections and then move which shift in control on moving So it moves in the center and move it above. Make sure you move this. Just just wear this plus signings and had controlled Dean and move all of them just where this ends. Now you can just look okay, So let's more wanted than accept. Thanks for watching this video. 3. Animating with keyframes: Okay. So as to be exact as our preview logo, we just need to import fire. Good file, Import Selective. Fine. And basically, you don't really have to do it. I'm just doing for the sake off maintaining the proper colors. Years you can use any of the colors or select any color templates. Some of it. Okay, so here is colors. I will select them. The color cord for this is FF to be 53 For this, I'll select the yellow one, which is f b 700 And what this? Select this. 2685 years for this one of a select this which is to be 985 for this are selecting this color which is Wendy it a t e f 36 to 1 of its using this which is lose excited. 50 Here It's OK. That's John The arrival off. Yeah. You can see the colors have bean maintain as we can see year in original example. The spacing is little bit more so we can just fix it. We can select this one it shift and left out of 123 four times. Select this it the shift and right out of 1234 Times Selector. So, like this, this one and hit sift and right out of 12345 four times, actually, one do 34 Okay. And no, that doesn't spacing from this, So just sit like this. Shift. Click here. Shift. Click here and go one and just click here. Shift looking ship here. What do Okay, cool. No, what we have to do is animate them or time so that they come as random shoes. Okay? Still has to do it. This is very simple, which we will just go toe this This mark, which is, like, below, which is they for one second. If you don't see this just to control control, Control. So this is like one second two seconds. 345 So just before the one second to select this and this and hit be on the keyboard and you see this position, so just click clear ones. Just let's get back. No, to select this thing would shift and just drag it outside the frame. And, uh, since same here dragger. Don't say a thing. You can just move it the way you really want to move. And in my original example doctors. I just moved. He's these vertically and he's for it. So you can just go select this. Just move it outside the frame. Selectors. Morbid outside the frame. So this move up. Putting shifty, please make sure you have the shift and so us to If you don't see the screen here, what you can do is in the scroll with the school of the most. You can just go back and foot and hit these things. Just move it and didn't go back to the selection to and then shift and drag it down. And then what do you have to do? Is hit select all these layers shift clicked on the first and then on the last and had to be on the keyboard to reveal the key frames and then select all of them and hit f nine. Do you smoke them and then just go and click it here they are ready to and you will see these drafts factors. If you don't see like this, just click here and just go and select Edit If it shows like added value, just go and select here and choose edit speaker selectees and then just select this okay? And then drag these handles in a straight line just like this. So this adds this guy enough animation. We actually forgot to ease the ski frames. Therefore, you can just see this is not coming as we want, so let's just do it again. Select all of them, right? Click. Keep them assistance Eazy e's. And then just to go here on the graph, select these selectors again and then straggled here. I need zero to preview this so you can see. Okay, let's move on to the next year. 4. Staggering the layers: Okay, let's get started in this tutorial. So what we have to do next is bringing these boxes and we can see all of these boxes move at the same time. So what we need to do is stagger the layers so as to do it. Just click here and, uh, to stagger layers as however you want. Just go here in this month. You can just use this, be very precise and had end and had Zito to review it. Okay, you can see it like this. You can also change any off them. If you want this to calm a little bit later and this to come a little bit faster, you can just do the same. It all just depends on your choice. In the original example, you can just see it's like this box is coming first. So this one let's move over to you. After that, the next walks is the red one. So this is the right. Select this and moves. You can just move down from here and then Okay, Let it come after this. Let's just move the layer above it working. And then and then comes this books. So there's books Let's move the layer here. Okay, Cool. And then the incomes. This book's yellow box. Let's click it. Let's go down from here and bring it like this comes next. This is very simple, actually. And this is all random, so you can use your own creativity for this. Then comes this books. I mean, let me look Which boxes come green boxes coming at last. Okay, you know, what about this books? This should come from here. Okay, let's die. So let's rearrange these, So just having a round the moment. Cool. This is actually a little bit late, so let's more with further, okay? Cool. And then what happens is these box come together, so just click here. Don't under tight election. See? Actually, these boxes will wait for a while, so just go here on the last key frame and just move like, Ah, a few frames. Just depends totally on it. What you're trying to achieve, I will just go here and stop, and even we can just change it later. And then what I will do is just having these position risible like you didn't pee on the cable. Just I just Just what key frames here just by clicking these. So what will happen? These values will be the same. So there will be no movement off the boxes from here to here. And then let's move to be like this much. And don't on that bad election safe. That's like this box this books, books and move it. Putting the safety is very important here more here. You can see this box is not moving properly because these there there should be a problem in the key frame. So it controls E. Let's see if you can figure the problem out here. No, there is no problem. Let's go for though. So which controls e accidentally moved it select all because what this is? Why do man three three layers? So the problem was, we actually missed creating same by the key frame here. So just click clear once. So now you can see this value 6 37 by 6 84 this same and 6 80 zone by 6 30 So there will be no moment when the values of the key frame are same. Let's go further Selectees shift. Click this shift. Click this and then move it up. Select this shift. Click shift. Click here. And, uh okay. And, uh, let's see. Okay, Seems perfect selector all of these key frames again. Goto this thing. And so this one again, you're going to let this also be very precise and just move the handles like this and so as to preview it. Yes. Move it here so you can just see a lot. And this is the preview. From this time to this, this yellow lying to the seller line will be the preview. So let's move it here and hit zero key on the keyboard. And that's your animation. Okay, not bad. I guess this space is a little bit more. I mean, time ranging from this to this is more so Let's select all of these key frames by just dragging the most and then just move them for for the okay, but no. From here, let's move to a little bit further, more and dis click here for all the key frames. If all the position values are selected and you just get once all the dreams will be created if it's not selected to select it by individually. Okay, then just move here and selectees shift click here. Let's be very precise. So let's human So as to zooms us. Put the cursor here and just scroll and scroll the mouse and just move it. Dilip. Duchess, You okay? Cool. This one. Shift click here and moving Shift click. Let's see. Ok, this looks perfect. And, uh, just like these key frames shift and selected. Like this sheriff can selected, like, selected letters. We actually moved these four boxes, so we actually created, like, 14 frames, not more than and then just same procedure. Click here. Move the handles, select them, move the hands and just go. Here it Beaky. So the review will start from here and just move it here. Let's see. Okay, look, school any control as to save it. Please make sure you always save your projects. Because if you accidentally delete or this file, get corrupted, even lose a lot of data. Okay, this looks cool. So that's it for this video. And let's move on to the next video tutorial. 5. Understanding Track Matte: Okay, good. So now what we have to do is just make sure that these boxes get disappeared, just like this example like this, OK? And don't worry about this. So these 22 layers, two boxes, like whichever the boxes is falling, the first books will just create it in a few seconds. Okay, so now we have to create something like this and so as to create it. It's not very hard. It's very simple. Saving. Yeah. So basically, we have to use an Alpha medical. What an ultimate is. Let's so making exact. I'll just show you in an example. Okay, let's create the composition. Okay, so I still understand. Met this. Let's draw school. But any shape Now, let's duplicate this shape. So that is the same same ship here. And just the trouble switch if you don't see it. I had effort, okay? And select whole farm. So now this is disabled. This eyeball is too stable. And this is anybody. So what? You can understand, but this is this will use this box as a layer. It will be visible. Okay, That's understands. Let's go in one second mile could be. And if I just moved. This gets out of. So basically these box will only be visible in the area where this is here. Like Okay. In this area, only the box will be visible. And outside of this it will be disappeared. You can just move it anywhere. Doesn't really matter, but just be visible when it comes in this video, so 6. Adding Precomps: Okay, so now what we have to do is just make the The box has disappeared. So has to do it. Select the ski frame and started this layer like the last layer, and it controlled the on the keyboard so it will duplicate all the layers and then click here and select any off the color this juice orders for no. So these layers or in theirs, are about our bowlers selected and select label group so and use it as automatic. Since all these layers are moving, even the match layer is also moving. We can see that nothing has changed, okay? And then, actually, let's create key frames here also and just move a little bit further, like a little, and then click it here so there will be a cause. When it goes here, they move a little bit further and then just to randomly make them disappear from here and select this books and that's him Over here. Begin to see the Stoller's haven't Bean moved correctly, so just click on. Just make sure you select all orange or kind of like blue bluish color layer. Let's Jake, Which one is this? This one and Let's That's a and select this layer and what we don't Okay, This took school and again select. All these years, it's go here and go edit speed and just change it. According Let's move back. From here on, let's be Mutis. Okay? Yeah. In the main global goes live these layers as staggered. So which means all of them don't disappear. Well, let once. So this is the first that stagger, stagger these key frame select Let's do one by one. Select days used to and stagger them the's stagger them selectees and start about them again. He's okay. This man, I guess we shouldn't over to a little bit here. Okay, as you can see both off the just going at the same time. So let's let's move the right one. Let's picked out, uh, you can also this delete because it is going down. It looks the same. So let's delete this. That's more on this site, and it's nowhere to Okay , this looks cool. And you can always change the timings by this morning. The key frames control us. Let's preview what we have created, you know? Okay, this looks beautiful. Okay, now, let's pre compose these layers, What is basically decomposing is moving the layers in a different composition in our different layer. So just select the 1st 1 which is shaped well on the last and control ship. See, Oh, go to layer three compost and move a lot of your stool and this name ships. And now let's duplicate Does Shipley control D And, uh, then you d on the keyboard and Dunder transparency down so you can just see it moves like this. What I can notices the gap from here here is a little bit more so we can fix it just about here. Just select the first and the last, which if do you so the gap. So this gap is a little bit more so just from here, drag it down. And here also the gap this a little bit more. I think so. I can just move. It just depends If you want to, like, have it a little bit more time to you can just move them here. I'll just keep it like that. Let's go. That's preview. Okay, Cool. Well, nice. So okay, it control us to save the project, make it a habit. And now we have to show the logo so we'll just do it in the next tutorial. 7. Adding the logo and text: so in this. So we will add the logo. So I just made her dummy logo off mine. Mr. Will play to see They soon opened. And I will just drag the local here and control ship sea or let's go to layer recomposed Move all attributes and just call it local placeholder. Good. Okay. And now I place the logo underneath the shape players. So the logo is visible is invisible and then I will just move this. It will be visible. OK, but the problem is the logo is also visited here, and we can fix it using either we can just drop the local here. Just moved the layer here. So where there is nothing. Okay, if your local is bigger, just make sure you make it smaller by just clicking the logo place or it s and make it smaller will make it bigger. Just don't make it bigger than these boxes because it won't look good. So here we go. Let's sit back 200. And, uh, here we go. This looks good. And, uh, now we just add the text. So I'm using the foreign. More born Sarah, this is Ah, Sand Saref or and very popular phone. And basically it's free. So you can also just use it. Click here, make sure it is a boy. Just depends. If you want to make it board, just click here all caps. So it's oil caps. Okay. And just click here in type website dot com. Click here and it's good and selected election safe. Go and select the move to been Move it here in the middle. And, uh, from here it control. I mean, chief and control, and it will just snap. I never deal if you just make sure you bring it in the middle, okay? And then will it down here building the shift and then just make sure this is visible after here De click here, Get back. And this is basically the opacity, which is the transparency of player. So I'll do it again. Select this hit D What a key theme. No. Well, whatever. You wanna reveal your next move back and had zero from CEO 200 this will get animated. Okay. Also, we want to make it a little bit better and add some life to it. So we can do is just to click this Adam flights and go to animate and select tracking. And then click here on the tracking lone Cedar and moved to the last and just increase it so you can see this gets increased like this. So we have this local animation done. Thanks for watching this tutorial and taking this course. Thank you. 8. Congratulations: Congratulations for finishing. This goes. And this goes, we'll learn about creating a beautiful logo we will inside of Adobe After Effects. We'll learn about creating shapes in After Effects and then putting them together. After that, we just colorize the shape into different colors of our own wish. And after that, we learned how to animate them so that we can just finish this in a very beautiful manner. And largely we just kind of like a rebuild our logo and the subtitle. So this was a very interesting thing to begin with and to end. So I hope you have gained some insights about discourse and it helps you to increase your knowledge. And now you can also create your own logo animations with this. Also, you can always message me if you are stuck and if you are just skipping any section and you want to understand it better, maybe try watching again and just do it yourself as well. Practice, practice, practice. That's my main advice after you finish this course. So keep practicing and keep creating the best library wheels possible. Thanks.