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Learn Kinetic typography and freelancing with Adobe After Effects

teacher avatar Shubham Ganer, Motion Graphics Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Tutorial 01 Getting Familiar With Workspace


    • 3.

      Tutorial 02 Creating your first text


    • 4.

      Tutorial 03 Basic Animation with Keyframes


    • 5.

      Tutorial 04 Keyframes Interpolation


    • 6.

      Tutorial 05 Anchor Point


    • 7.

      Tutorial 06 Rotation


    • 8.

      Tutorial 07 Opacity


    • 9.

      Tutorial 08 Null Object


    • 10.

      Tutorial 09 Installing Preset


    • 11.

      Tutorial 10 Color Schemes


    • 12.

      Tutorial 11 Placing colors in composition


    • 13.

      Tutorial 12 Installing Scripts


    • 14.

      Tutorial 13 Overshoot with keyframes


    • 15.

      Tutorial 14 Overshoot with expressions and parenting with null object


    • 16.

      Tutorial 15 Creating damped text characters


    • 17.

      Tutorial 16 Moving with Null objects


    • 18.

      Tutorial 17 Random Text Colors and Popping characters


    • 19.

      Tutorial 18 Duplicating text for animation


    • 20.

      Tutorial 19 Changing Background and Flipping text


    • 21.

      Tutorial 20 Drop down text


    • 22.

      Tutorial 21 Flipping text


    • 23.

      Tutorial 22 Transition


    • 24.

      Tutorial 23 Dropping Word Text Animation


    • 25.

      Tutorial 24 Offset Texts Animation


    • 26.

      Tutorial 25 Transition Circles


    • 27.

      Tutorial 26 Alpha Matte Reveal


    • 28.

      Tutorial 27 Using Z Position


    • 29.

      Tutorial 28 Rotation Text


    • 30.

      Tutorial 29 Animating Fractal Noise


    • 31.

      Tutorial 30 Adding Placeholders


    • 32.

      Tutorial 31 Freelancing


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About This Class

Hello ,
In this course we will learn about how to create amazing kinetic typography from scratch and get started with freelancing with it.  
We will start by learning the basics of Adobe After Effects by nearly 12 starting videos and then we will create a practical project together where we create the full kinetic typography video step by step. 

We will explore a lot of techniques and how to use this software to it's core so as to get the maximum results. Topics we will be covering are of a wide variety 
1) Understanding the basics 
2) Keyframe animation with expressions
3) Creating damped animating texts
4) Adding different colors to layout
5) Working with shape layers to create transition
6) Adding video footage and creating a small slideshow
7) How to get started with freelancing 

If you have never use Adobe After Effects or you just know the basics , come join in the course and learn how simple it is to create amazing eye catching kinetic typography

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shubham Ganer

Motion Graphics Designer


Hello, I'm Shubham

I am a Motion Graphics Designer with nearly five years of experience. I love creating unique projects with optimum aesthetic quality. I am a self-taught designer, and I understand how and what it takes to be self-taught and successful.


Through my courses I am willing to share my knowledge, which I have acquired over the thousands of hours of time I have invested each day in learning the skills of motion graphics. I am fortunate enough to work for a video project for Domino's Pizza and I have worked for clients from all over the world.


My main goal of being an instructor includes supporting others who are getting started with motion graphics so they can also reach a professional level.

Email : shubham.ganer@y... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. How are you doing? My name is Shoe bomb grenade, and I am a self taught freelance motion graphics designer doing it professionally for around four years now, or these years I have had many exciting products to work on, including a kinetic typography project for Domino's into Scores. I will be teaching you how to create kinetic topography from scratch in a doobie after effects and how to get into freelancing having clients from all over the world. Don't worry. If you are a complete beginner for do be after effects or you might have used it once or twice. This course will walk you in a beginner friendly way to access and unleashed a powerful potential of the software to create outstanding kinetic typography. Since I'm a self taught, I know how to to learn by watching video tutorials online, and I have an idea on how to create the course, which is informative and student friendly. At the same time, I am really looking forward to see you guys making an eye catching genetic typography and start freelancing with this course today. Thanks for watching 2. Tutorial 01 Getting Familiar With Workspace: Hey, guys. Hello and welcome in this first tutorial. So after opening the adobe after effects, you will see the set up just like this. So this is a project. This is composition and this is so It's quite confusing. So let's start. So in case if you ever missed are just dragged here and you just to mess up the workspace, you can always reset this workspace by just going into work. Space here is the standard, and you can just reset standard. So you get to your workspace. Okay, So the first thing we have to work here in adobe after effects is by making compulsions so so as to make a compulsion. Just click this button. Great. A new composition are just go to the composition and create a new composition and then select this recent These are so many precepts. It just depends on what video you have to make. So I usually choose the HDTV, which is 19 to 0 pixels by 10 age or pixels. And this is like 29.97 frames for a second, and the resolution is full. And here's the duration duration. This is like so This is seconds, and this is milliseconds. This is ours. So let's juice choose it for, like, 10 seconds. And it's the name of the compulsion. Let's go and write that first composition. Oh, innit? Enter. So what this happens is like the composition has been opened here, and you can see this screen here just a little bit down. Okay, So whatever work we have to do is that we have to do all the works in this composition. So this is the first lecture. Let's more onto the 2nd 1 Thanks for watching. 3. Tutorial 02 Creating your first text: soaking. And now we have to create something so as to create something. Let's we have to Some create a solid in this compulsion layer so as to create a solid right click and new solid. And you can just name the solid anything. Let's name it background. And here's the color off the solid. You can just click here and choose it Black, white or any color from here. You can just just just any other. Let's keep it black for this course, okay? And it's okay, So this is a new layer which has been created right now in juvie after fights. So what we have to do with next we have we could add effects on this so as to and the effect we can just select the layer from here and then just go here effects and there are so many effects and we don't have to use a lot. We can just go to generate and then select Phil. And this will add Oh, Phil, do it earlier. So so as to unsee this thes effect, you can just click it here effects so you can't and you can also click here and guess if you just miss it just to make sure you have effects here so that the FX is just visible. Okay, Now we can just select it and make it off any other. Whatever we wish to. Let's use it black for this lecture and let's create oh, our next so as to create text. Just find this this istea horizontal type two. Just click it here ones. And as soon as you click, you can just notice that the character panel has bean updated. Okay, so just click it here on the screen and then type I live videos, okay? And you can see that this is not in the center. So what you can do is disconnect this, Just select this. I love videos, and you can also see that there's a new layer off. I love videos here and just click it here and then to select this adult and the top of this addle, you can move it anywhere in the script so as to make this exactly in the middle. What we can do is just click here and juice title actions seem, and then just click it here and hit control and shift for Mac users command and shift at the same time and you can see it gets locked in the center and then release the mouse and the kids. So okay, this is the first text world we have created. So there are some options in the next video, just like the 1st 1 After selecting text, you can see this is a good times, which is the name of phone. You can always change to form but clicking and dis choosing any kind of front which you would like And don't I like the good times, so I will just keep it as it is. And then here is the batter graph, which is right now in the middle. So anything which we would type should be in the middle and, uh, videos. Let's tie Videos are great. So this is starting from middle. In case if we don't have this photograph in the middle, if we have left a line text, so then it will just have been like anything. What? Whatever we type will go from the left. Just let's play videos. It goes are nice. So this is just happening from the left side. And in case if you want toe, Use it from the right side. You can just select it and click it here, which will make the typing from the right turn site is the same in so many suffers like this. Okay, let's type it correctly Videos. Okay, To select it again and select the better graph in the middle. And just to go here again. And you stride aleck Cincy. And just by selecting this tool, just click here and hit control and shift and make it into center. This ends the chapter. 4. Tutorial 03 Basic Animation with Keyframes: so OK, here we have so many options. Let's click on the videos. Which is the 1st 1 is the foreign size. You can increase it and you can decree, is it? And next you have. This is, uh, tracking. Let's select zero. So what tracking this is it just increases the space between characters 44 distinct. And, uh, yeah, I accidentally move this layer. So in case if you move the layer, it won't be visible until you're This is a time indicator until your time indicator ghost under there. Okay, So let's Richard back. I'm just clicking it and holding it so as to make it go a different. And here's the text. Now we can do so many things for the text, which is we can rotate it, move it or scale it. So just agreed to select this thing and we learn key friends. No, just click it here and then go click it here on the transform. So this is a position we can just clicked the stopwatch wants. And let's go to the one second march smooth with this time indicator toe. One second. I mean, what you can do is just move it. And in case if you hit, shift and move it, it will move 10 times faster. I mean, the text will go 10 times faster, but the time is just one second. So what is happening now? The video, which is the text which isn't in the middle of the screen, is going on the left side at the time. Off ones. We can just make it happen so that the video comes from like comes from the left side and goes in the middle so as to do that just to click it here. And this will just to make sure like we can 9 60 by 5 40 is like which will make it into exact center, so we can always do the same thing. It actually this is the anchor point. It actually sent us. Danka Point. We'll learn about it in the next sector. That's click and hit control and shift and make sure it's in the middle and then just click this position and then just drag so that the text is outside of the composition and then just go to the one second mark. And just to make sure, we just, well, step text in the middle and just this thing will happen. It's west to preview. Does what you can do is hit zero key on the keyboard. So this week So here we have our first next. So what we have learned is the position he and key framing in this chapter. Let's see you in the next chapter. 5. Tutorial 04 Keyframes Interpolation: So Okay, we have these two key frames. We can make it a little bit faster so as to make it a little bit faster. This is one second. Let's go do like a hot second mark. You also can just use just to use listing so as to be ready, precise and so as to you can just go to the half second work here, and then select this dog, which is a key frame, and just move it here and get zero on the keeper and see and just look like just go to the one second mark in it. And so this will just review from zero seconds to the one second zero. Okay, you can increase it to two seconds. Let's see. Okay. Then again, the free will start just a zero key on the number. So as toe make thes key friends a little bit interesting. What we can do? Just click those Keefe to select those king frames. Right? Click. Keep them assistance. Easy east. And it. So you don't know. You can always see the difference easing in and using out. So select brother key frames and then just click this, which is a graph and to script this position, you can see this is our editor. This this shows the speed that it's come slow, it gets faster and it slows down. In case you don't see this, just click here and, uh, just click. Just click here to use graphite. Just select edit. Speak up. Look, look it again and just select boat off them just by dragging the mouse. And here you can see there are two handles. This and this. This affair just is the speed off the textual controlled Just click it and dragged. So now the text will come faster and as time goes, it will get a little bit slower just like this. Well, you also can increase the time just just by looking at here, Click to select this thing to school with one second you want Oh, make it for one second and had to looks nice. Another thing. What we can add to make it a little bit more interesting. It's Adam Ocean. So this is the motion blur switch. And guess if you don't see it, just click f four or click the struggles, which more so you can see this motion blur visible here on the layer. This Click it now the motion blur velvet there and hit zero and let it preview. Okay, Nice. It looks nice with motion. It gives the realistic feel of motion. Okay, on to the next chapter. 6. Tutorial 05 Anchor Point: Okay, So now we have known how to use the position Key frames and how toe Just change it with the graph to give it a realistic motion. Just chicken. We can do this thing other way around also just like this thing. In case if you don't really like this to you can just select both off them. Both of the key frames just fire just by clicking it here, selecting the position, clicking it and selecting boat and then clicking here, which is easy east. So you get the easing just like it was in the beginning. You can also just pick it here and move any off one handle like this. So what will happen? The speed will be slow, but as soon as it reaches here, the speed will be faster. Head Zito, preview like this. We can also mess up the put off them just by clicking this in drag and get you managing zero. Well, okay. Nice. You can always change the time. Let's make it like 1.5 seconds. Nice. In case, if you don't see this time like this, just hit control and click it here. You will be able to see it. This is in all the frames, like we have made it, like 29.97 frames, which means 30 frames will be there in one second. So here, till here it's one second. But for the sake off understanding and making it easy, it's good to set it to a second. So just click it here and we can just go here. This is once again, and this is Oh, this is like two seconds. And this is how for one second, which is near deal Okay, No, let's understand how this works. This motion has been carried from this point, which is the anchor point. Now, what you can do is you can just, uh, moved anchor point just so as to move the anchor point. Just click here the pen behind, too, And most anchor point to the middle, you can see another key frame has been created, so this is not the best way to just do it. So as we really need to make sure that the anchor point has been selected and moved into the middle at the first in the beginning, before we apply the position or any key frames so as to understand it better. Let's click here. Let's go to the one second mark. And just like the scale 100 let's go from 0 to 100. So this text, it's scaling from 0 200 again, all of us, that it was easy. Just click boater with the keys, right click. Give them assistance. Easy East and let's see, to select this thing just and just drag it here. Let's see. Okay, it's nice. No, what we can do is weekend just, uh, see how in complainant works. So in case if the anchor point is not in the middle of the anchor point is in the let's say it's here in the bottom to select this and move the anchor point in the bottom even noticed that I moved it away too far from her just so that this is Anger point, which means if it's here, this text will come from here. If the anchor point is here, it will come from the text will come from here in guess it's here in the bottom. It will come from the bottom. Oh, Simon, step again. Just make sure you selected and release the mouse lets you know. Okay, that's nice. Let's move on to the next step 7. Tutorial 06 Rotation: Okay, let's get started. In my previous listen, my ankle point waas was way out of the screen. So what I did was I just went here and used the mouth scroll so as to get it. And then I can just move it anywhere. And just using the scroll of the mouse again, just moved the screen in the middle, and I usually like to keep it toe 50 because I'm using my laptop. But you can just to see whatever works best for you. And this is what is the preview? Let's choose it into auto because it looks nice. Okay, now let's understand. While gradation works, so so I still irritated. It's in the same transformation properties. It's quicker on the rotation and then you can to succeed. So the rotation also happens from this anchor point in Guess if it is here, you can see a little bit different because what is happening is the anchor point, which is known it's moving. Imagine this is a book, and this is the anchor. So this anchor is moving the text. So this is a good thing. This is an anchor, so it will revolve around these. Okay, Let's get back. Now let's select it and let's select the anchor in the middle off the text and we can always just don't off the key framed I just going at the end of the key frame and two sitting the stopwatch. Now let's create this layer into Trudy. Select this layer in Clickety So now this will become a true there. Let's go to the one second mark and no, let's select exploitation. Let's go to the one second and then just Jews object this so you can see the text comes slips from the middle. Okay, you can all sister look. The white rotation. A white gradation is just like this. Don't go from the left to right or right to left. Let's see Good. And the sea is a circular motion in case if the anchor point is down here or let's move it up here and let's go back and then just here. So in case Thank a point is down. Text will come from down and just go here. I guess it is. It will come from the Mr Missing. Sorry, just if it is here, just make sure you go here and then leave the mouse. It will stick there. And then if you see it comes from here, positive value will make it come from, like here and a negative value. Let's put 90 negative. We'll make sure it comes from yeah so as to understand it better leads create. Why, for negative flips this way for positive. It flips this week for negative. It flips this way. Same goes for dizzy. Just click it Teoh this school year and you can see it for the positive. It's flips in this way and from the negative. It moves in this way. So that's all about the rotation. I mean, it's you in the next chapter. 8. Tutorial 07 Opacity: Okay, so in this chapter, we look at the opacity. So here's the text there. Just click this out of here. The transformation to click it. Just let's go to the game and the one second mark just like a key thing, which is the 100. And let's get back. Let's alert CEO. So this is the capacity. The text will fade up, and it can also walk the other way round. Let's create cannot keep so as to create another key. We can just move the time indicator exported here Striga tear. And then just for from here, let's put it to zero. Here. You can just click here and enter the numbers, or you can use the most of drag matters and it's previewed this. So what happens? The fixed rates in and then it's out. So this is and here also you can dismiss it with the key frames was to give it a different kind of motion, and it's so simple to operate. That's for this lecture 9. Tutorial 08 Null Object: Okay, In this lecture, we learn about null object, so so as to create an object in Just go to layer new. No object. All right. Clicking on the blank area. New and no project. So another object. Discreet. So another object is nothing, but it has the transformation properties which can be linked to any earlier. So I still understand a little bit better. We can just see this. Okay. In case if you don't see this pattern called, just click on dogs, which more or right? Click here on this area and just hover your mouse over columns and select parent. Okay, so now let's make the videos a child of the null object just by clicking here and dragging and dropping in here on the no. Okay. No, we can change the transformation properties often a logic. What instance? We just changed the properties. Let's go here at a key frame. Let's actually just turn off the frames here, so I stone disbanding better. Okay, this So let's go here. And then it's moving so you can see I am not moving any properties off the steaks. Rare. Instead, I'm moving this null object And what it is doing is the property. The text layer is linked to the no logic. So in case if I changed any after properties, these will get affected. But there was an exception, which is the property off transformation. And this property is capacity. So if you even link a layer toe, Noel object in change the opacity of the null object it wouldn't effect so so as to affected. We need some special expressions and we learn that later. So this lecture introduces us to the opacity and then a lot. 10. Tutorial 09 Installing Preset: Hey, guys in this tutorial will learn about installing preset. So So we have to install a preset called a more type and so as to install it to strike a more type on Google. And this will open. So let's open the first website that's going here, okay? And then just scroll a little bit down and click here down. So what will happen? This field download this precept, and, uh, you can just browse the preset, then whatever you have saved it, I have saved it into this folder just for Mac users. Just this one you have to use and for Windows you have to use this one. So just copy this thing and go to see a Dr Program Funds Do be and select the version off after affects your using for this I'm using CC 15 on. Then just go to the support fights. And here is a folder called Preset This Clip and just based it. I've already pasted it, so I need not based it again and then restart after effects and you'll get the president stop 11. Tutorial 10 Color Schemes: in the studio. We were learning about adobe cooler and how to choose the right color so as to just get access to the colors. Came is just type a doobie cooler and then selected first website and then just click on this explored so many teams feel open up. You can choose any team which you find interesting. I've it just throws a few. Let's say I like this one. I'll just click here. I'll just click on edit. Just hold my mouse year and just click on edit copy. So I just go a little bit down here. I'll get the heck scored. Which is this? This this off each and every color, and I just can copy the hex code from here and based into my after effects and just fill. This will allow me to choose these colors and without using any extra effort so we'll just learn about it in the next chapters. 12. Tutorial 11 Placing colors in composition: I would like to do is just make ah screenshot of this so I'll just bring the screen. There is a button on the keyboard to print the screen and then I'll open paint and then control re to taste it. Suit again, bring screen based it and then just save it. I would like to save it by the name her skin, okay, and then close it and then open after effects. Just click on this blank area, double click and just select our file, which is a color scale and important. And then just to make a just drop it on your composition. And then you can disc lick this rectangle to just mosque of this area so you only get the colors. Okay, so now we can work with colors using this technique. What I like to do is just select us when sector selection to and more with don't so I can easily change the colors. No, right, you sell it. That's scholar BG for background and put the PG than below and the scholars came above selectivity Lego effect. Generate 10 fill and then click on this and select any color off your own choice and we're good to start 13. Tutorial 12 Installing Scripts: tutorial. We will learn about how toe install script an after effect so as to install script. I'll be using this move Anchor point script, which is just for $2. And, uh, you can decide to move anchor point Tree and you will just learn on the speech. So here is my download. Okay, this is more anchor Point extracted the files into when you so that these they are extracted toe a new folder. So just about click here and then copied each two files. Right click copy and then Goto see Dr Program files a doobie. What do we aftereffects? Which every version. You want to install the stubble Victor and then support files and then scripts and then scripts you y panel and then just based it. I already did it, but I will do it again. Police defiance. Okay, so once you do this and you open after effects, you will find the scripts which you have installed will be available to use in after effects 14. Tutorial 13 Overshoot with keyframes: so Okay, let's get started. So after installing the scripts, just make sure you go to edit references, general, and check a lot of scripts to write an access network made. Okay, just check this books. Okay? So let's create our first composition. That's name it. First company position. And this is like 19 to 0 by 100 and 10 seconds just for pre you purpose. Okay. And here I will drop this video preview because we have to create the same. Okay, so this is first letter, which is Hello. So let's create it. Let's greet the back down first. Nike Letna New solid. Name it. Anything BG for Background it. Okay. And drop it. Be neat. And you can just go and add effects, generate. And Phil and you, you cannot see the back down just because this layer is above it. So I will turn off the eyeball, so okay, in, get if you need to juice exact same colors that we choose Exact same colors for this one. So I did what I did. I was just inserted it a little bit down. I'll just go to the beach. Just click on this I drop and displayed here. I said, this is a background color, okay? And the first letter is Hello. So let's type just go to this horizontal type next to displayed here. Yeah, type. Hello. Okay. And then click here and just go to the character panel. Character panel is not visible in the Skoda windows character, and you can easily adopt this character panel anywhere you want. I'll talk to you. And, uh, the four time using is babies new. Irregular. And this is the fixer on the phone. Pixel is basically the side of the foreign. We can adjust it. Sometimes it happens that the adobe aftereffects stopped responding, but then after a while, it just becomes Okay, so this is the size of the text. This is the gap between the letters. I will keep it to 40. And this and this is like all caps, so I just click here. Okay, so now let's stand a redoubt. Just click here and you start election safe and then click here and work ship and control. It will just go in the middle, and then I will use the script to move the anchor point in the middle which is windows and go to move anchor point. And just by clicking here, this will just go. They're just doctor to you. Easier to use. And now what will I do? Is I just I just go to, like, go this mark and it s the Civic 100 and hit Akif stop was from here I will select zero. And basically I will just increase it to, like 110 and then move a little bit forward. You can do it by pace. Donkeys are using the scroll of the mouse. Select like 95 and then, uh, hundreds life and again Miss Jews 95 again and here will go to the 100. So what will happen? It will scale from zero 200 100 to 9500 series 110 110 to 95. Then I gained 205 and this will look like this. Okay, We can add some easing to select all of them and hit f nine. And I would like to bring these a little bit together and I want Oh, just to make sure the distance is not so much so So I will select all these flames from Except this gave him and hit old and just do this. So this will short under distance between all these key friends which were selected. So that's you know? Okay, sound looks good. And this is our first sticks. We can also use expressions too to do this or shoot. And we learn about that in the next video. 15. Tutorial 14 Overshoot with expressions and parenting with null object: Okay, So in this, we will just do you some expressions to do that or short animation. So this drive or should expression after effects in Google, and you will see this realistic grounds and our shoot motion strip dot com displayed here. Okay. And then this scroll down. And this is key claim over shooting. So basically what? We need to do it. Just select this well, right. Click copy and just come back to after effects. So we don't need all these g friends, so I will just click here and remove all this key frames. All this kowtow here. Just click here once, just go back and just click here to see you and then click on the stop. Watch here and control we toe pace that expression. You can see it by. Let me make some room here. Okay? So you can see the expression is being basted here. I just hold the old click and the key, and I just clicked here once, so this will make it. And you can play with these two settings so as to make the fix as desired. I'll just keep it for and just keep this Just seven and this will make so OK, this will make the animation reflectors we just done. I'll just closed it so as to make preview faster. What? You You can always play with these settings to get your desired output. If I increase the DK, no, uh, amount will decrease. And this is like how many times this the text is being over shooter. If I just make it do, it will just over a short two times. You can also move this keep from and whole animation will follow. I would like to keep it us for Okay, look script and let's more wired. Let's see what next. And you can also add a filler. Right Click gender it and fill. But whichever effect you use will just appear here. So just click the layer right click and Advil and I can use that same technique to use the same color. This click here and selected I don't know if viable again. Okay, that is good. Okay, so the next would is Do you all right? Do you have a product? So what we will do is create a null object. So right, click new. No object. Let me turn off this thing. Okay, We turn on the hello. So no, this is any meeting. I will just baron this. No, this. Hello. Do this now. Okay, So I will just wait for the next to appear and then set Cilic Donald hit and shift B. So this will bring both the properties off position and rotation, and then I will just go here a list, move it 90 degrees and then move the position here so that I can insert a word. Do you so dis click here again and click here. Right? Do you Okay. And here I will choose another phone. I will use intro front and make sure this is on 200 and then to select this tool 98 up here and holding suit and dragging it This from this point are just dragging it and then holding shift. Okay, next group. And then I will just to make it go here, and I will degrees this basing zero. Okay. And, uh, I would make some of room again, but before doing that, this will just dis null object. Just moves the hello work and doesn't move, do you? So what? I will do I will just go here when the animation off, the position and rotation is completed and I will parent this do you to this thing. Okay, so now these both the words will move. I will also need to scale them, skill them a little bit down and who chipped in us so that they match okay. And using the tight election safe. Do just line them up perfectly. And I will just move it a little bit because we have another word which is have a product. So what I do is select us duplicate control de for duplicate and bring this down. And then you have a product and I'll just scared down by this vixen when it to be just go here. Just scared it down. Holding the shift. Okay, Nice. And let's go and move to the next chapter. 16. Tutorial 15 Creating damped text characters: Okay, now let's center it out. Discarded, And I'll objected to you. It will display all the key frames and the key values. I just wanted to move this a little bit up so that it looks in the middle. Okay? And so as to get the colors, I was just click here. Right Click Phil. And just using the eyedropper. I will use this color for this and have a product. And I'll excuse the Scudder and then turn off the video preview. So it looked like this. Do you have a product so as to scale? The best thing is to just, uh, distract this from anywhere, but it distorts is it distorts our text. So hit shift after dragging and I'm holding the shift on the click at the same time. So and then I will release the click and shift. So there's basically skills up the next in a good way. Okay, either turn back. So now let's real the preview. Actually, all solo it. This is a solar switch, which basically solos. Okay, this is like, hello And after Hello. This moves to do you and then this moves to have a product. OK, so Let's go here. That's turn off the eyeball of have a broader. So do you. Hello. And then we do You Okay, So what I do is just select this it be and just add a key thing. And just to go back here and then holding down shift and dragging, I'll just make it out of the thing. So this will just go like this. Just move a little bit forward. They move, saluted faster, not make sure your key frames are accurate. Let's go. Okay, let's see. Ok, do you? It looks good. And what I would do is is this Give him right looking from assistant Eazy e's and do the same for all of this to select an object hitting you and select all of them. Right? Click. Easy. These are it, eh? Frankie? From here, we will preview it. Okay? Very nice. And after this, there is have a product which comes like them an emission de MP damp animation, so so as to make it to select this and, uh, just go to the effects and preset and type a more type. I recorded a lecture on how to install this precinct in previous lessons and then drag and drop pit here on this and make sure sometime this things happened Make sure you have active camera selected. So don't worry. Everything will resist as it was. Let's actually solo this there and just drag thes from here so that so it is basically what the more type does it's get. It just starts from the beginning off the layer. So if the beginning of the layer is from here, it will start the animation off the each characters from here. So Okay, what we need to do now is just select this and then no, just, uh, go here in effects. Sorry. Just go in the text. And this is any mission. One, I'll just turn off to entry and emission one is the in true. Okay, so the position is coming from down, the scaling is happening, and the rotation is there. So let's first preview. How was our video? Okay, so if you can notice you see, the XT is coming, not from very down. It's coming from the same line and it gets popped up so we'll do the same to school. Cilic have a product is click here. Let's click on animation one and just consider out the position. Okay, We actually need to see, so that's turn off liable. Okay. No, it be from here on. Let's go. You now let the text come down, and after a while, we just make it. So I just moved the text layer here, okay, And had zero to believe you. Okay? And here begin control each and every single thing. It's it's basically school here in true position skill. The rotation, which is the inclination off the text is 45. Let's use it to be 30. Okay? And then, uh, let's school just your intro and Jews characters. It's everything is okay. Slater on this is basically the duration, the frequency. We can just choose that. Let's choose the decay to be 10 and let's see how it goes. Okay, this looks really nice and we will escape it. You can always play with the settings, but make sure you're doing played with tumors that you forget, though. What's the basic basic open and same We can on take a random colors. And this is basically this animation 213 Which trees are out? True streets differ the colors and to its toe out. True. So we don't have to use it for now. Just focus on this. So do you have a product? Okay, looks nice. And we'll see it in the next tutorial. 17. Tutorial 16 Moving with Null objects: Okay, so let's get started with the tutorial. So after this have a product there is visible on the screen. Let's move a little bit further here, and that's good. O Donnell object could be so as to had a key frame. Just Iraqi claim. This will maintain the same value. So it's not moving. I mean, the null object is not moving. Let's go a little bit further and looks, well, it to live it down. Okay, And then let's go again. And then Mistral without off the screen, hold ship and will. The values will change 10 times faster. And then let's see days in the graph editor to select these in his crappy little bottom can select this this toe get the accurate representation. Okay, so you can see this is not smooth, because here you can seen the moment. It's not smooth, so just click Here are Let's go back here it control and click your so make Don't make this l easy east. Give him Just make it well in your key frame. And from here you can add GIs key frames. So just make it a smooth and then small rich clothes notice like that. Let's see. Okay, much better. You can see there is a little was kind of like a jacked motion. We can solve it up. It's just because of Yemen. We might have Mr for the key frames. So just to make it smoot okay can always enable emotionally from here and flung from here. You can see it. It makes a lot of difference while using the motion blur. And it is taking a little bit because I am recording at the same time and using after effect at the same time. Okay, lets go. You can also used some expression. So let's actually delete thes key frames which we have created. And let's create another No, up to you. No, not object. Something I agree to do. Shit blue nu metal object. And then parent is no tree to this now for and be Okay, so this will move older than a logic, so old objects will be moved by itself. Okay, let's move it out of the space and then select Quote off them goto windows. He's envious. Select back and select in select Apply. So this will just her. This will just save us so much times. Then we don't have to create those Keep rooms and the motion is much smoother. You can always Atis the key frame, and the expression will stay. Stay the same and hit e to see the expression. And then just you can go here and then let's go here. And you can always change this value A list like Cedo because the or short as it is ah is very too much for me. But you can just adjust it by your own taste. And, uh, this will give us the result. Indignados edges thes two key friends and the everything will fall up. Okay, so after that, this this lesson completes and let's move onto the next one. 18. Tutorial 17 Random Text Colors and Popping characters: So after this, we have, Ah, another text. But is order service. Okay? And let's create this thing. Let's go to this tea and type or sort of us. And this point is like babies new, irregular. And what? What I will do is move the anchor point in the middle. Just click your okay and then just go here and click Pat Election safe. And then I will descript this arrow and then, Oh, just scale it and hold shift As soon as I worshipped it skills perfectly. Okay. And then move it in the middle of control and ship, and then just don't off the it tight election. See? Okay. And then let's drop this M or type reset here, okay? And what we can do here is we need some random colors, so let's give this a different color, and it will just to just do the other an impetus for us. You can always change. There are a number from here, text animation three. And you know this Change it, so Okay, you can always seen this value also so Okay, every time you will get a different value that, uh, let this be right and then just change the hue. Okay, in certain for any color which you like the most. So our text was coming. Okay, It's way too down. Let's go to the animation one. Let's go here. Like then Scaling is way too much, but it's okay. Lets go in, changed the decayed then and Jane store said to 1.5. Okay, so All right, I can just go here in the timeline after it finishes and then move it here. Okay, Are out of service this win just to make it up. And then after that, what we have is, uh and, uh and you need Okay, so here I used this is a big noodle titling front, But here I will just use the same point and you need So I was just duplicated and will it down and then double click and and you need Okay, let's see here. Okay. This and you need you can just to make sure matches this cart. And here the words are popping the characters. I mean, the the words are popping, not the characters. So you can just go here, do more options. And here just core diaper words. So you will see that. Uh, okay, Mr Minute. Let's go here. Okay. And, uh, that's, uh Let's type the position to be Zito dissertation to be on. So zero, it's John off or a service for a moment. Okay, That same year. And you need so yeah, we have to change your intro based on reports. So it will. But the word by word. Okay. Just like this, And do you need You can always add, uh, a property year, which is let's add anchor point, and then I will move it here. And, uh, once I move it, the words will prop from here. Randi says it alone. You and always you can play with it. So whatever value you find, best stews time, and you can also changed decay. That's to be the frequency is one. Let's add Boeing five. Uh, you can always seems situation to find also cream. This looks better. And we can always seen the color sold. That's going to the animations. Three crullers. You can change it. You consider the minus value to make it lighter and selective plus value to make it on the taco. Okay, let's go here. Let's start on the eyeball off. Put off these our service, Let it appear, and then disappear. More service. And you need This is here. Okay, Maar service do you need Let's see how it does here, Sternberg. Off them off. Auto service. Okay. And then this is getting up. And this is so we need to create on a logic for this That's great. And, you know, logic. That's parent boat Off them. Do the null object. So let's this appear, okay. Water service, and then it be bring the position, control, Let's go until it is revealed. And then just make sure it gets in the middle and, uh, then just go here and just bring the ski from you So it would look like what a service and do you need. And we can always change the anchor point toe a few animation One, I think a point, which is when one you can make it like, uh minus. And that will come from here. And if we just set it to the road with this fear coming from the middle also, you can change this change said by two. Okay. And, uh, then we have, Then we have This is happening. And then we have for more video. No more with you, Okay? You know, actually, we don't you just let's enemy to Skilling. That's what we did and you need in the part off more options. That's a character. So the characters will look instead off the whole three letters at once, and you can just bring it closer and have a easy the skin creams. Right click on those frames. Electro ski friends, right click from Assistance and Neely's So let's see. Okay, and we'll continue in the next tutorial. Thanks for watching. 19. Tutorial 18 Duplicating text for animation: Okay, so let's get started after this. We have a text coming from the here so as to do it. Let's type adopt. Hey, friend, you need, uh, room more video. Okay, let's make it off this color. Uh, score here, skillet. I'm doing the same thing. Okay, way. We need this to scale up. So just after you finish that and you need just click on this and hit us. And by the way, all the project files will be available for download so you can download the project and see my exact values. So let's move forward a little bit from here. Alonzito. Okay, like this appear. So let's more both off these steaks down at the same time. Silicon, Dr. B, and had a key frame moved here. And then, uh, move this. Don't and move this one. Let's turn off. Okay. And you can always easy east of key frames. Keeping assistance, disease. Okay. No. Okay. Nice. And then and then we have an animation, which is like, after let school here. That's what did a P that d ski frames one key thing here and let's small here. And then that's actually place. Let's move or a service that's move it here. Let's move. And you need also here. I mean, the let's smalls a promo video here. Okay. And, uh, let's these I used the key thing, right. Keep in assistance Cheesy east. And, uh, you can also go toe use embers. Um, okay, what we can do here is just to separate the layers because we have to apply some expressions. So by that I mean, whatever do is, uh, just click here, select history on then control de to duplicate it and hit old an opening bracket and selectees down. Select the first initial XTs and, uh, it old and closing Brecher. So this is disappearing because we have animation outdoor also. So let's go to the text. Let's go to no promo video here. We don't have here we have Let's go to this one and this this one and you need it and service. Let's go to the text. Let's turn off animation to here. And let's tone our animation to hear also and a mission to is basically the outer, and we actually don't need it, so no, we have the east next. Let's organize them. So that's true we're good. Simpler. And, uh, you can see this is happening. That piece text are revealing. So we also need to done off the Indra of these texts. Let's select all of them except this promo video, because it doesn't slick bought off them. Let's go to next. Any mission? One don't off. And here also animation one, Turn it off. Okay. And no, you can just to go in the room. Let's delete these first keep friends because we don't need them. And then, uh, like, select them for the windows using me than this and roll back and apply, and you can see Okay, and let's all set it. So the first is Mona for the service, and then this will go and then this will go. So let's preview it now. Okay? So make sure you extend it till here till this point. This one also. Okay, so that's it for this tutorial. Let's have a preview. Okay? You can see the colors are a little bit different, but it's OK. It works quite well. 20. Tutorial 19 Changing Background and Flipping text: okay. And then we have this this word popping up and that circle is supporting. So let's make it a mortar. Let's make it Takes two. And what? And, uh, center adopt. You can choose any color just right. Kick your generate merritsville. No. Use this color and make sure that anchor point is in the middle. It does from senior. You can no selector least you. And you can use key frames class, sir. That this and then let's go back. You know, like, uh, okay. And I just selected this keeping control C and control you and then right, clicking from assistance. Who's you, man? Let's see. Okay, that's more than you to get out. Okay. We also have the circle coming up so as to make a circle. You can just go list, go here. So, like that ellipse and click here, select any color and then just go in the middle and let's draw circle and hit shift in control. Okay, let's make it like this Large, okay? And then the effective rate with whatever effect you have used previous level papa. So that's used to seem cooler. And then, uh, just, uh I don't know make this shape layer beneath the grouper, Mordor and, uh, let's scale it up as soon as it gets done. So let's have a value of CDO from here. Let's make it reach out of the screen. Holding shipped easy, easy East, The scheme friends. And you can always add emotional meeting every little. I'm not adding here because I need to preview it and I'm recording at the same time. So it's falling here for it's scaling up scaling down here. So let's make it from you. Okay, that's still show something. Direction. Wow. Okay, okay. And, uh, let's see what is next. And the text is flipping and it's going to so as to reach. Okay, so let's duplicate the Slayer control team and make both off them three layers. And, uh, let's make a null object or we can. They can do it without making a null object. Also soon that's parent number two over. So as let's type it up so as to reach. Okay, let's Donald viable. And let's ban in this thing to hear. And here could our man who do my rotation for let's use the exhortation that screwed you and have it like one. So this week what keeping its distance? Eazy E's So it's flipping. Make sure you go in the middle of the key frames where the textures and visited and then this. Click on the first, which so as to reach and hit old and open bracket. And now you can see the word slipping and make sure you select us to promote it and hit old and closing bracket. You can see the difference. Okay, so that's it for this tutorial. Let's move onto the next one. 21. Tutorial 20 Drop down text: Okay, so now way have this so as to reach Texas gets down. So it being on the keyboard at a position Keep frame. Let's go here and bring it down. Okay, Good. And then just taking a play. He's in this windows. He's one of us and just go apply back in, okay? And okay, you can also add a slight rotation here. All right? See your rotation. That school here, let's make it like this on the well, it goes down. Let's make it in Seattle. And let's review it now. It's a way to fast, so we can just spared the key frames. Okay, It looks really natural. Now let's move on. What is next? So as to reach Gross Stone. And this a star graded and then it flips into audience. Okay, so let's type interrogated. Let me check once again. Okay, so this is in drove. Want four? Name is Andrew. You can install the foreigners is a free phone. Let's add a fill seeing color, and then let's set in the middle. Danka point in the middle also, and let's scale it up. Okay. Okay. And, uh, what s here from Sea Angel and you can also add Make it like or should with key frames are again just you would like one does use on words elastic. Oh, I play it needs a lot of space, actually, Double click and select e and then click here. This will show us the elastic unless to go key frames. And we can actually just to is had this. Ah, the simple way is to add that were should give him which we used for this Hello with you can easily copy and paste expressions Just click your right click copy and then just go here click and basted control and then see this has been done. Let's wander next year, Dorian. 22. Tutorial 21 Flipping text: Okay, so this is star gated, and it flips into audience work. So let's duplicate it. Let's stand a reliable off of this one and estate, okay? And then, uh, that's turn off Duyvil off, targeted, and then just drop cc twister here and make sure the backside is audience, and then we can do is just click on the completion, make sure you have some space and, uh, make it 100% so it will flip into the audience for and you can change the angle. It is. Let's do it from here are very good. It's more regenerative with targeted and then audience. Actually, it should be like this. You can always play with these values. So star graded audience and I have some shape players flying, so I just created No, just select the pendulum. Make sure you have a stroke with, Said to like then and, uh, destroy these ships and then no, from here at dream bats and just go here. And, uh, I made it to be, like, from zero to Andre and, uh, from 100 to cedar and just offset word of thes so that too it Well, it looks like this and make it happen from here. What's the right click your key from assistance until it is in using these. It's a way to trust, Let's add add in some space in the key frames. And actually, let's duplicate it several times, too. Boy, and just Teoh move them. I was in the paint. You can move them anywhere. Also, you can. I just, uh, the keys. All right. And that's it for this tutor. Let's move on to the next room. 23. Tutorial 22 Transition: okay. And after this, that is tradition. Let's create a new solar for that. And that's name is one. And it's OK and we can just go and at filler back generate food. Let's add a white one for this one and let's duplicate. So basically, this becomes white. Let's duplicate it. Let's type here, too. I am just to think the enter key and let's make this one a different color. Okay, let's make this one. This is control D make another this one. Let's do one more. Let's make it this one. Let's see, actually, how is it in the video? Okay, so it's endearing than orange color, so we can pick the colors from you. This is the first color. The second color ship with this and the third color should be orange. And we don't need this photo, Okay? So just select all of them. And that's General Targo. Don't on all of them and hit us here and skill. Then go here and just make sure you hit this. This is and make make this 10 All of these, we're busy, you know? And then Okay, let's select from here and just hit old and opening bracket. And then the select All of them gave him assistance. He's he's and that score and myself with the girl. Ferriter. Select this and select this. Let's let's make it like this. Okay, let's go back. You can just use this one toe, get the timing right, and let's offset all of this. So Okay, let's make good here. That's cool. Created my name's and so here. That audience. Okay, good file and save it. So that's it for this tutorial. 24. Tutorial 23 Dropping Word Text Animation: Okay, then there is this text, which is We are your you're off first, and let's make it worked, okay? And let's scale it can also reduce the size. Oh, actually, let it be 100. It's accurate. And, uh, let's called an opening bracket and this school and type more tape. Okay, check random colors. So the quarters will be the same or just go here and done off the animation through. You can just start a layer here. After we apply a more type, all the effects are disappeared. So make sure your effects are after the m R type effect. And, uh okay, so let's start off on emission rules. Let's go here and into based on awards. Okay, So just flying from down, we wanted to come from up minus. Do you or that school to 50 and, uh, here, in the more options select words hopes it is not what we're really looking for. Okay, It happens sometimes. Let's make it minus 100. Okay? And let's make this Siegel okay. Actually, this is because it's scaling. That's I had the scaling upon. Okay. And let's type the opposite to be to okay, and, uh, let's let's make it from here or side of the screen. Okay? And we also to change the de que let's add it killed one. Okay. And you can always change. Stop, settles. Offset is like after one letter, another letter will come. One word. Another word. Welcome. Okay, you go. And then they have. Then this after it gets revealed. You can also change the duration to do you. Yes, sir. Let's keep it to toe. It's all about experimenting with the values and settling for the violence which you like the most. Okay, I'll settle for this value. And then after this, let's go here and be and then moves Teoh here. And, uh, that school windows reason actually conductors any very warm. Dr Tear. Let's go back and in and apply. Okay, that's nice. Let's more into the next year. 25. Tutorial 24 Offset Texts Animation: Okay, so after this, we have the circles. So just click here and hold click and then select Let's. And in case the stroke is active, I'll click it like price and make it an actor. And then here just drag and hit control and ship so it will make a perfect circle. Okay. And then just move this here and just go and give it up through window. You can give it any color. I just use the same as this one. And also, I can reduce the size biting us and scaling them. Okay? And then we have to type it out. The text. Let's go. Here. Let's type this corruption off. So this one, okay, I'm using a phone call. Morning. Said it, and it's a free form again. Let's turn on the tight election said, And let's move it here. Okay. And, uh, select brought off them, and Okay, make sure it goes here, then just here and hit b. Select both of them. Actually, we have to move a little bit forward. Okay? And now that school and dragged out of the box. Okay? It's good. And then select bought off them, rightly from assistance and was it use? And you can always change the directional compression by just going into compulsion, composite incidence and just by changing its here. So it's 20 and we can just do it 30 40. Okay, so net, Stewart. And then I have a list Select boat off duplicate controlled and put it above it and hit a and I will just change the anchor point position and then duplicated again, then hit a change it I can also just to make this one like here, using the same values and the start this anchor point in this Singapore so that it matches both of you. And also, I could do it for the second, which is here named, uh, okay, and just go here to the D. And I could just change the number and here iss straight through, Okay. And, uh, what we can do is just go here where there are key frames from the last Let's go to the up and heat cold and working bracket. And so you can just move these texts. And, uh, let's opposite these. I'm meeting control and selecting. Okay, let's move it here. Selectees to let small right here Let's preview okay and make sure you select all the less select one landed control A and just click here. If this is not visible, dis click here on toggle switch and more or hit four key. So this will add this motion blur, and it gives a natural feeling. So let's let's move on to the next territory. 26. Tutorial 25 Transition Circles: Okay, So now we have to create the transition so as to create the transition. Just select the Ellipse. If it's not visible, just click it and hold it. And then just like the lips, too. And then just done on the tight election. See, And from year let's done off the food and let's turn on the stroke would be like 300. Okay, so let's go and make an ellipse and let's make it like those and increased this trip to be , like, 600. Or maybe you've been re larger. 800. The thing is, we have to cover this Selves. Not so rushed. We have to cover this whole all scream. So let's take How about two? Okay, one considers it. That's bad. I do trim pats and just to make it like and 100 it's going here, mamacita. So basically what this will do is let me show this will add the round Oh, like transition. Oh, I messed up with the keeping skip friendship here to go back. I'm using a through Z. Okay, it's you. So this is doing this round and let's any made this troop. Let's go to the Ellipse. If you consider. Let's go here. That's gotta their lips that's quoted a stroke and just click it on the stroke with and just lets get back here. Let's make it like Hendrix. Okay, 200 is also large. Let's make it like okay. And always you can change the duration. This increase it. Okay, seems skirt. And, uh, this is not around. So we have to make it as around corner. So this click it here like it a year again, and then and then just search for the stroke. And here is but Gap, let's make a trunk. So that's for later. Very nice. Let's, uh, selector to to you and it f nine. Okay, let's go over your head. Old and opening bracket. And, uh, that's cool. Perfection record will and excuse these colors The florist together it is you. Let's go for the view. Second, is this one? So what? It is green. Okay, external. And now let's offset all of the's. Okay, it's way too out of the box. So let's make these closer. Let's preview now. Okay, this looks far ago. We can also adjust the key friends here if it's going to first in this. Select all of them. Um, make them like this and go. Yeah, this should work. Yeah, Here is the transition. Let's move on to the next tutorial. 27. Tutorial 26 Alpha Matte Reveal: Okay, So next here, is this fixed to this? Why? It's the best service. So let's type don't what is best. And then I will just select this, make it board and the state of feel layer at this cover and can change the phone medium. Okay, Ando. Okay. Minutes from here. Next. Who here? Select opacity. Okay. I removed the key from here and from 0 200 So would you like 10? The practice to make it visited to make just dreamless layer so that the workflow is easier . And then I just wish it. Yeah, okay. And from here it will appear, and I should do Let's create a mosque. So just clear this spending. Let's school. Just click here and then just go in the middle like here, and then just go hear anything here and then wrote a text by adoption. Select a mask one. Okay. And, uh, that's more to live it down. I'm using the anchor point to move it. Because if I already have the animation are here in the position. It's one assistance in the east, then Okay, let's go to the mosque am selectors And 10. Let's click on the mosque. But that's more work here. And, uh, let's more here. Let's make it down. And let's hope here, let's copy these Keeping control C and basted it to you to align it. The's key things. Who's I'm actually recording at the same time there for my computer is working like this. Let's go from here. Actually. Really? Dio this to go down, okay, it's far better. And then we have the world best, so just okay, So what you can do is line it up, Curtis, to speak here and, uh, distant grease it. Holding shift. Who then release it. Okay, let's create a new install it. Let it be any color. We will just name it and just want a dumb and working shift. The shift will make it move in the street line and just make it here and then just good. Yeah. Okay. And, uh, don't use this service and hit the double source, which is all hit at four. And just make it far inward. It So Mr Lee worked us. So that's more were at a position. Keep friend, and basically this thesis, the text will be revealed from here, and it will. It will ignore. Ignore this space and it will just come where this is not there. So the skin. If this is a formality, it will just be visible here and not anywhere else apart from the solid. So that's done. Eyeball off. Let's see. Outers. So So this is like click. Keep him assistance. Easy's Let's make it you. I do. I see. Oops. Actually, I reversed the keeper. So there is also we can reverse select court. Give him assistance. Family roasty brings. So as soon as this spoken from here, we should make it. Okay, So with the motion blur on better can, Let's make it start from here where the text is pumping. Okay, this is far better. You can always move though this solid, and let's make it from here, man. Make sure it's it is. Yeah, like the textures inside this stern office from that scene. Okay, Escape. So very nice room. Really, man, also can we can adjust it anything. So that's it for this tutorial. Let's more into the next room. 28. Tutorial 27 Using Z Position: Okay, now let's create and no logic. Right click, new null object. And then But I didn't Uh huh, Those silvers and this do the null object and then, well, a shift and which are and then just actually make everything through the sit control and select all and take treaty switch and enable disabled motion. So then just click here, man. Cilic are. And actually let's, uh, let's create a key frame and, uh, why right Click do the same practically from Assistance and Eazy e's. And then you can shift and hit be to reveal the position. Go here and then just more without off the screen. And that's increased dizzy and let's go back. Actually, I just went here and used the scroll of the mouth so that this looks like it's going here and I would just go back and he being famous. Systems are Let's go and and reasons back in and apply. Select took them and apply. Let's go here It seems a little bit too fast. So just more peacekeeping land. Let's see, it's very important to save the project. Always make a habit of saving your projects. Okay. Still, it looks first for me. So I just agrees the time, Okay, And then let's see how it does. And then here is like more Els or does it our first. So this is very simple. Let's go here. Like or sometimes type is that you might select the text which is here and even though it is not visible, so make sure as soon as you type on new earlier appears because here it's not. Hearing we can do is to select, please select the first time selected here and it all tender close brackets so that we don't use any of these. But we actually have to keep the shape players on because these were the transition which we made so okay on this in Greece. But okay, just take what us does offer. Let's go. This newly has been created. Then just going the middle, escape it and let's stop in front. Also, you can increase that except in control and just typing more Hyperion the effects and precept more just trying to you. And here this click and hit olden open bracket. Okay, so we don't have to do a lot here, just just a DK to be like well, so it doesnt overshoots a lot to okay, that's just basically the same. And it's it's disappearing because we have the Outro. So just go here, turn off these two. So doing our disappear would have filed and save it up and let's move on to the next tutorial. 29. Tutorial 28 Rotation Text: Let's get started again. So we have east here. Still, I will not see that you have. Okay, this has been good use. Let's go here. Okay, so afterward and offers just Teoh dancing to show the portfolio. So let's do it. Let's make the combustion size duration under a large. Let's make it toe 30 seconds and it's OK, Let's go here and that's increased. The sight of this can increase size off these. Also, Cruz. Okay, and now let's orders. Don't first, let's make it well. It's already three that smoked on a point in the middle that's click here, and it's more a little bit further on the stream. The idea selected one. Let's get back. Let's who on find back the East? Well, actually, we have two more within the white position. Split your release. An old click here to release the expression Mr Click here that's created one Okay and school here. I'm using the page Stone. Let's so that's duplicated. And, uh, it's old and opening bracket and click here of it old and closing bracket. And then let's go here that's going to text and don't off the animation one. So here we have should a portfolio, right? Sure. The portfolio. So let's preview. Okay, it's nice. And maybe you can just You can just do it this way. Oh, are you can also do it like like this stunt off looking frames here and then pattern to do they sneer, and then let's see. I want to decrease the time we've been decreased the time as well. And, uh, let's go and okay, that's going at museum Risky frames here. So, you know, save it. Actually, let's add Easy's. Just go over here and select easy, easily and apply. And here just don't out this photo, right? Let's go. And based on the beach and from here, let's hit old and opening bracket. And here let's close old, then closing bracket so and turned rival off on off this one. Okay, that's nice. You can always jeans, though, eaten and are just for two. The are and here you can just great just click here and removing the expression are it's best to just use that. Meet me and this is the expression. Just click here to real expression. Just make some room and then you can just This is the or shoot tomorrow. You can always select Cedar Point, and it will just earn one. Should I won't do that that much off world shooting. Okay, If we apply motion blur, it won't be visible to change between the texts. And, uh, okay. One important thing is you can always go to edit preferences and media and discussion and just choose a folder here and and our maximum this size can be depending on the displays you have. I have lorded it done 100 and choose empty discussion and clean data Vis always. So this this helps in working not after affects a little bit faster. Okay, so that's it for this tutorial. Let's move onto the next one. 30. Tutorial 29 Animating Fractal Noise: Okay, so here it is, like the text juster skills down and reveals contributes the footage like this so we can do it. Selected it that's on the keyboard and some 100 to Zito. And again, you can just select back in and apply. Let's preview it. No, que, which is nice. Change the timing. And then you can just go for this video preview, which is this one, and so as to create it. Next, create a new solid directly. We can discreet a newborn coalition. Older girls just want the project. Click here. She was right. The name on fine hit. Okay, it's it's it's created 10 seconds. Tok right click and solid. And OK, what effects? Nice angry director. Nice. And then just to go to the block, that's true complexity to one. And, uh, what we can do is increase the size off these boxes. Okay? Changed the opposite. Delivered, correct. And then what we can do is just go to these click on the the brightness. Just make CTO okay and hit shift you. And just to make this visible from 100 to heart second from like CEO, you can also increase this one second Okay, then let's add some of evolution. That's click it. It's good to the one second that's added like turkey. Okay, very nice. Now let's go back in the composite. Yes, we can. Here we can use another composition for this. So let's create it. Let's create another composition for the placeholder. Dis created right place composite. Okay, now we can import the videos and place it here, and we'll see that in the next lecture. 31. Tutorial 30 Adding Placeholders: Okay, So I will use some images as Fort. It's 11. Click on this area and just go to the next up and just go to the images. You can just go and choose videos if you want to. Important review, select and import. Okay. And just to make this compulsion to be one one to a gym compression settings, selectees, this precept and I would drop this and, uh, have been I will write the name just here. Let's right. They swore that they swatted away. I mean, uh, you can place it anywhere, and sometimes it happens like this. So it's just because you have done on the capsule and let's copy. That's okay. Click here and strike City. Okay. And let's recompose the placeholder one on US control ship Cilic bought off them and control Cincy. Why? Then drop the next one. I'm using this one. And don't on done on my beloved places a gypsy. Let's do the same for this man controlling secrecy. Nice for Anderson to okay. And now we can do is just to move them in time. Okay, let's what instance. We have to show each one for, like, three seconds. That's more right here. Okay. And make sure you leave one second for the reveal off the 1st 1 That's more work from here , then. Okay, so let's go to the our first composition. And here that So drop the far. Yeah, dab. Okay, let's bring it here. Okay? Sure. The people, you're rather descending and they're dropped off. Placeholder, come not placing Holcomb position here, men, let's also make it at the same place. So let's line it up with the Dublin Smith's. If it's not visible to stay, just select all formality. And, uh, you can choose Loomer Matty also. So this will reveal in the box type. Yeah. Can always animate the boxes by destroying into the alpha and hitting you when changing the evolution will enemy the boxes even more. Let's type 1 80 and you see the boxes. Let's go here. That state said we really, really like that. So you can do is, uh and he made this brightness to be a little after this, so don't stops once, so let's go here. Okay, this is what we were looking for. So let's go into this compulsion, which is a placeholder composition, and then begin do is greed and you nal object from here it be. And, uh, let's actually it be here also be here on sir. So this is 6 40 by 2060. So let's add plus one a CD and copy this value here and based it and hit the writer and my plus one one to a CDO. Okay, so that's banged all of the's Who the No lobster. So from here it be and selected. I was here and just two plus one toe zero. Actually, we have to move it into the negative direction. So that's under it. Just to the right Adam and hit minus one toe tuxedo. Okay, let's have a key frame. First, let's add a key from year school here, Select this. Click it here and add minus one toe. Cedo. So basically, this is moving each here and, uh, let's go here at a key theme and let's cook you just do it again. Selected and right minus one toe. Get Sadio. So this when just to like this. Okay, make sure this is just lined up with the key. Prem's more Keep books like this answer. Well, not really too much. And uh, okay. And you can always done on the motion for everything. And it looks way too much next room. I mean, I catching. Okay. So Mark to finishing this. It's actually select here. We'll see how the animation is. Okay, so I have used the footedness here, which is like the videos, and in this I just use the images. But it doesn't matter because you can use anything. Whatever you wish to. That's line it up. Let's see, this is working really snow because I'm recording and while recording the that uses a lot of power of the computer and make aftereffects clothes. But mission with the ad slow as it's looking here. So don't worry for that. And, uh, okay, so it's just disappears here, so really the same. We'll just go where my other three rotations have been shown. And then just Teoh goto this alpha and then this clip here for all the ski frames and, uh, this to make it see you. And let's make the brightness. Now, this copy these anything wasted here and the's key thing. But you will see a control V paste here. So So basically, this will be like I'm eating control Z to go back. It's like basically was to make it the same. But just in the reverse order And, uh, like this and let's go in this. So you will see it just creates a like the original example. And after that we have This is the end. So this wraps of the the creation off the kinetic type of rock with videos and from your head. And so we have to end from here the compulsion and let school and make it here. And let's go here and then right click and to stream. Want to work area so you can render this region Thanks for watching. 32. Tutorial 31 Freelancing: Okay, So in this section we will learn about freelancing. So so as to pronouncing I choose fiber. So just Google fiber and just making a contact. And here you have all your dashboards. You're standing What? You're buying everything. So you can just great on selling, create click on pics And this will display all your bricks, which you have been selling. For instance, I'm selling these many weeks, but at balls don't all of them for now. And, uh, soon this is So this is my And you can always create gigs. Just go city. I didn't know you can just I could hear I'm just going weeks just and then just click Could get new and just have a title. I will do kind of check I program. Okay, select a category, which is video animation search, Tex Jake and it comma kinetic type of do you many? Okay. And saving. Continue, subcategory. Okay. You have juice of credit rating to enjoy this promotional videos and save it a title container for for you. Okay, let's go save and continue. And this will land us on a new beach. So school been pricing year began just as a basic back standard and premium back you can have three packs are gonna just to one time. So just name your kinetic typography and be as descriptive as here off on what you're offering. So I just make it. I am creating grand I work for you for 30 words and sure is you are explored here. Okay, well, every time is when you can just deliver the product so you can choose depending on on your skill and on how much you know it. Basically, I just used during revisions is how many revisions the buyer will be able to have this truth toe. And if you're rewarding for less deep, just click here. If you're providing background music, Eliza is click here and you can just speak on time in seconds. That's juice. 40 price. You can set to be like any price which you want to sell. But at first always remember to set the price to be very low. And then you can just in Greeley Okay, my extra kicks. You can just click here and add one day and you can add some extra money and seven continue and then briefly describe you hear and this, um, offering Grand Dick Seiple, Raffi And do we send and, uh, anything just straight and really remember And just describe your points one through three for any ones and just click Save and Quentin description should be 1 20 characters. Okay, that will go. Just stay full HD video. Okay. Reading a scholar's because to my savings and just write anything. It's just like, plus and I catching just be very descriptive. Am just demonstrating it Hence I'm just cutting. It didn't do very short. So music to use impress your clients Look sexual. Let's hope it's more than 1 20 OK, Do you just see saving? Continue requirement what you require you require your script script is necessary and foot age if you one this in the video. Okay. And, uh, all right, saving Continue. You must add one, Rick. Okay, let's added your answer. It's okay. This saving. So when continue Jews of video. So he's upload a video This click here and shoes this video choose So any video of her You know I have over you. Yeah, justice size cannot be larger than 50. And so make sure you choose a trial which is not larger than 14 BCE, and, uh, we've been to use me on this, choose another, and then you can just drag go dragging majors here in trying any images. So let's be just a dragon. Imagine I'm just to using it my images, which I have down in order. Okay, open. Okay. You can just strike more than measures. Very fine. Now just click on very kind and your your gig will be completed and you will just you have to save every publish and people will come and offer you jobs for your kinetic type of me. And that's it. Just to make sure you what instance, I assure you want for my book? Oh, here lets for selling licks and, uh, just like this. It's clear. Done. Let's see. So this one I have could reviews here, but let me show you. So I have named it like that, saving you the special mike. So let's wait. So this is my which is basically I'm offering three facts on the video is basically the same, which we created. Okay. And here I have written, they go, Please contact me post and have a conversation before or during the game because sometimes it happens that people have a different requirement and they also choose your gig. And sometimes it can be lending. So actually I will. I don't create everything from scratch. I just used this as a template and I have just I just changed the world and render it out. I also have created other other radio on. So I'm sure you just like this and you will also be able to create direct hardwood is a bench just by experience and used the same techniques to create various videos and impress your audience. And you can always find good plants. I'm using the same. I'm using a non object here Indo. Basically, this is the same and this is the brochure animations which we have known. I used this as an icon from the web, so this is also the same. Just make sure you be creative and don't call me anything you can also see there are a lot of examples with this is the same. So be creative. Skinny question if you have and I wish you good luck. I hope you make some good fanatic typography and one died your magic time by doing freelancing. Thanks. Have a good day 33. Congratulations: Congratulations for finishing this course. In this course, we learned about how to create an animated kinetic topography from scratch and get started with freelancing of it. I hope this course was really helpful for you and you have gained some knowledge. So some of the things which we learned about was the understanding of the basics of Adobe After Effects and keyframe animation and expressions and creating damp animated text. Adding different colors to the after effects are to just the layout. And then working on the Shape layers and creating transitions, adding video for damages, and creating a small slide show. And the next thing was how to get started with kinetic topography freelancing. So I hope you'll be now able to create beautiful kinetic topography animations. And I want to see what you create. And if you have any questions, please feel free to message me anytime. Thank you.