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Complete Character Design Course: Draw Your Dream Character

teacher avatar Patricia Caldeira, Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Welcome To The Class!


    • 3.

      Get A Guaranteed Win Out Of This Class!


    • 4.

      Bringing Your Character To Life


    • 5.

      DEMO: Writing An Adventurer Character


    • 6.

      Finding Reference Images For Better Character Designs!


    • 7.

      DEMO: Finding References For Our Adventurer Character


    • 8.

      Drawing Dynamic Characters With Gesture Drawing


    • 9.

      DEMO: Warming Up With Gesture Drawing


    • 10.

      DEMO: Gesture Drawing Of Our Adventurer Character


    • 11.

      Making A Strong Silhouette For Your Character


    • 12.

      DEMO: Refining The Silhouette Of Our Adventurer


    • 13.

      Fixing The Proportions And Anatomy Of Your Character


    • 14.

      DEMO: Drawing The Proportions Of Our Adventurer Character


    • 15.

      Drawing The Outfit For Your Character!


    • 16.

      DEMO: Drawing Jonah's Outfit (Our Character)


    • 17.

      Choosing Colors And Painting Your Character


    • 18.

      DEMO: Coloring Our Character, Jonah


    • 19.

      Drawing A Turnaround Of Your Character!


    • 20.

      DEMO: Drawing The Front View Of Our Character, Jonah


    • 21.

      DEMO: Drawing The Easiest View, The Back!


    • 22.

      DEMO: Drawing The Side View Of Jonah


    • 23.

      DEMO: Drawing The 3/4 View, The Hardest One!


    • 24.

      Conclusion And Jonah Has A Message For You!


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About This Class

Design Your Dream Character!

Welcome to the Complete Character Design Course, where you'll be designing your dream character from nothing!

Do you want to know all the techniques and skills you need to create your own amazing characters?

Do you want to turn your character ideas into fully fleshed out characters with emotion and backstories?

Are you intimidated by everything there is to know about character design, like proportions, silhouette, and outfits?

Then this is the Class for you!

We'll be going through all the necessary steps to make your dream character come true.

We'll be:

  • writing and brainstorming your character traits and personality
  • using gesture drawing to create dynamic poses
  • creating a full 4 view turnaround for your character
  • and much more!

You'll understand the fundamentals of character design to create interesting characters that people will fall in love with. All of this done step by step, in an easy to follow process.

If you're tired of courses that tell you what to do but don't actually SHOW you the process, I'm here to tell you that this is NOT one of those courses!

In this course, we'll be going through both theory and practical activities.

In fact, if you follow this course from the beginning to the very end, you'll have your own amazing character completely drawn in several poses.

Not only that, but this course comes with several resources to help you on your character artist journey.

Including downloadable reference sheets to help you with anatomy and proportions, to amazing websites that help you find the perfect color palette and reference images for your character!

So, are you ready to start creating your own amazing characters?

Then I'll see you in the next video.

- Patricia

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Patricia Caldeira

Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer


Patricia Caldeira is a Freelancer Artist working in Illustration, Design and similar Artwork.

She graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia and soon after started working on her own independent company "Don Corgi", doing work for several Streamers, Game Developers, Youtubers, and even selling Cards and Social Media Icons at her Etsy Store.

You can find more about her, her work and Drawing Tutorials and Tips at Don Corgi.

In the recent past She has:

- Co-Founded the Don Corgi Art Group;
- Collaborated with Programmers, Game Designers, Musicians, Youtubers, Twitchers and more!
- Taught over 14.000 people on different platforms;

Join her Class on Character Design, Gesture Drawing!

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1. Intro: Hi. Do you want to know all the techniques and skills in you to create your own amazing characters? They want to turn your character ideas into full fleshed out characters with emotion and back stories. Are you intimidated by everything that is to know about character design like proportions, silhouettes and outfits? Then this is the course for you will be going through all the necessary steps to create your dream character come true, including writing and brainstorming your character traits and personality, using just trying to create dynamic poses and creating a full four view turnaround for your card. You'll understand the fundamentals off kilter designed to create interesting characters that people will fall in love with. All of these done step by step in an easy to follow process. My name is Patricia and I've been working as an illustrator and our teacher for many years now. I've worked as a feelings artist for dozens of clients, teach thousands off students about anatomy, collar, cheery and many other arts subjects, and have created different and fascinating care. Just throughout my entire life. All of the's has given me the skills that I needed to do. With illustration work that I've always loved to do. And I'm here to help you achieve your own articles. If retired off courses that tell you what to do but don't actually show you the process, I'm here to tell that this is not one of those courses in this course will be going through post theory and practical activities. In fact, if you follow this course from the beginning to the very end, you'll have your own amazing character completely drawn in several poses. Not only that, but this course comes with several resources to help you on your character artist journey, including downloadable reference sheets to help you wait. Anatomy and proportions do amazing websites that help you find the perfect color palette and reference images for your character. I'm sure that you will love the scores. So I ready to start creating your own amazing characters, then else you in the next video 2. Welcome To The Class!: hello and welcome to the course. I'm very glad to have you, and I hope you enjoy your time and learn a lot with me. My name is Patricia Color, and I've been teaching thousands of people to draw for a few years now. It's not Onley that, but I've worked at my own illustration company for over six years, and I've worked with musicians, bloggers, YouTubers and much more. I've accumulated a lot off experience over all this time, and I won't share everything. Everyone we do. This is why I've created is highly comprehensive course where I go through each section video one step at a time. I want you to have fun while learning and achieving your goals as an artist. Not only is this course fact with important period that will help you create your own characters, but it also includes several practical videos so you can get started right away. In fact, every video will guide you step by step on creating your own character. You'll be writing your own character, finding reference images, drawing anatomy and outfits right away in Hulu. Furthermore, I'll be creating my own character, Israel, so that you can pick my brain and understand how I go about creating a character 1st 10 Also, this question comes out a lot, so I would just like you to know that I currently use clips that you point to draw along with the Huayuan 10 60 plus drawing tablet. Now I only use these two tools to record everything more easily on my computer, but you can use whichever tools you want. You can use all the drawing software and tablets or a simple pencil and paper. Since coloring is also something we'll be talking about here, feel free to use coloring pencils, markers and others. Any tool will work, but I recommend you to use the tools that you are more used to. That will help with the learning process. So I hope you're as excited as I am to start discourse and create your own character. So I will see you in the next three. Do 3. Get A Guaranteed Win Out Of This Class!: hi and welcome back. Now, you might have already seen a few courses that just tell you to watch it to the end. And once you do, you feel like you don't have anything to show for it. Well, this is not one off. These courses I've created thescore is to help you get a guaranteed win on your goals. As I said before, this course includes practical activities that you will be following through in every single video. Thes means that after watching each video, you have something to market progress and you'll be closer to your goal off creating a character. So if you really want to get that goal, don't skip any video. I recommend you to go through each one in order and do the practical activities that I talk about in them. In this course, each partisan filed by two videos one will be mostly about teary and examples, while the other is more practical where I'll apply what we just learned. When it's time for practice, feel free to draw along with me or watch the video and andro at your own place your choice . Not only will you improve your general drawing and character design skills with this, but you'll also have finished original character at the end of discourse. And remember, I'm here to help. If you have any questions or need any help, you just need to leave a message in the course community and I'll answer. It's as soon as possible. I want you to succeed, and I'll do the best I can to help you achieve your goals. In fact, I recommended to post your current progress when ever feel like you need some feedback. I actually love to see the character creation process, so feel free to post it as often as you'd like. You can even go there right now and post one of your purest artworks and introduce yourself . I'm happy to meet you and welcome you to this drawing community. Finally, remember that this is not the race. No one is pressuring you to rush yourself and be a muscle right off the bat. Take your time to practice, pause and repeat videos to make sure you understand them fully or just to have a fresh new view of them And relax drying. It's fun, and if your lose your overall drawings will look much better trust me. And, as always, try to practice every day. Even. It's just what sand minutes. With each drawing session, you'll improve your art skill. Step by step. All right, that's about forgetting a guaranteed win with discourse. Let's get going with the course now. See you in the next video. 4. Bringing Your Character To Life: Hello and welcome back. Now the first thing you want to do before you start trying your character is to build from the inside out. So what do I mean by this? When creating a character, it's better to figure out exactly how they will behave and think in certain situations. So you have a good voice to draw them in. Thes takes some time, but once you get everything figured out, it will be much easier to draw your character. I promise you, I always take my time with the step because it to help you have a better visual of my character when I know the personality and what drives in. So let's start by thinking about the character that you want to create, and there's no better way to do this than toe. Ask yourself some questions to help you with this. I've created a great PdF that you can feel out and help you figure out your own characters . Think of this like a character reference ship that you can look it now and then to make sure you're consistent with your own character. So feel free to download it's and fill it with your answers to these questions. So now let's see some off the measure. Things you should ask yourself when creating a new character. Who is your character? What's the name, age, job brace? Are they good character, like a hero or a bad character, like a feeling or a sneaky thief? Why are day a hero or a feelings? Next is what do they like to do or what they don't like to do. What are their goals and dreams and what are their fears? Next question you want to ask is, where where is your character? Where do they want to be and where have they bean? And finally, when when is all of these are curing right here season or anything off note that helps you with your world building. Let me show an example. This is Jin Lilo from her clothing, especially your heads. You can tell that she's image. She wears some portions on her belt, so it's pretty clear that she doubles with potion making as well. Now she's a young known girl, and I tried to translate that through size tiny point years as well as how energetic she looks. I couldn't draw her this way without answering the questions above, You'll want to ask all these questions and anything else that comes to mind. Be a specific as you can. This will help you lots in the upcoming tedious. And as I said before, this part is really fun. So enjoy it. I'll do this as well in my next feat is so let's do this. 5. DEMO: Writing An Adventurer Character: Hello and welcome back. So we've talked a little bit about creating the back story or the story for your character , and I'll leave all of its characteristics. And now we're going to fill up the temple that I show you in the last video. You can either do this. I'm going to do this on the computer. But you can print it and write it by hand. Or if you want, you can do it just like I'm going to do. So I opened it in manga. Stewed you, the chippy, the chip IQ. Yeah, the chip. And I'm just going to grab my text tool and feel out this. So the first thing you want to ask yourself is, Who is your character? So, for example, what is their race? So, for example, if you're doing your character in a fantasy setting, there might be an elf. They might be a calling a gnome. Uh, what else? A differing. If we're going by Dungeons and Dragons, for example, you might also want to do something entrepreneur fix. So maybe it's a cat person. Just think of something and you can do whatever you want. Really? In my case, this is going to be very simple. Eso He's a human going to just, uh make this a little bit bigger with this. I hope you can see it well, are good. I think this is good. Let's just move this up a bit, guys. So he's a human. He said he in disguise. But this is something that you can also adds. You can put that he's human. I forgot to add the dish ender, but if he wants, you can add here are in the notes down below. Next up is what are their job for hobbies. So, for example, in my case, I've decided that discounter Ah, they're a child or a teenager so they don't have a job. But do they do have hobbies? So I'm going to go. I thought about him being a fisherman or Fisher by in this case, so they live nearby a lake, and fishing is the big thing in the village where he lives. So he this fishing hey also likes to play in the forests. He's a boy. He likes to go on adventures and to play. Of course, next year's I also thought that you would like to fight or learn fighting. So I'm going to put here fight, learning. Remember that you don't need to be very details here. I like to puts mostly by topics I don't need to write. Ah, whole text the whole paragraph about his hobbies. I just want to have an idea off what my character like, So what do they do? And I'll writes like, just keywords for those things. That's more than enough for me to visualize my character. But, I mean, if you want to write something big, paragraph since and be very detailed, feel free to do so off course. But I think it is easier to go with keywords that will help you visualize how your character looks or how they act. Now. Anything else for Harvey's? I'm going to put adventure as well, since that's a key thing off this character, we'll see more Aziz. We feel this. So next up we have our day hero, a villain or neither. So this can be very important, because if that they are a hero of fueling, for example, they'll probably main characters off your story or your world, and that will translate on how you draw your character if they are needed off this. So maybe that means they're more of a secondary character, and again that will translate into your drawings. So that's our next question again, since I'm thinking about making them a child. They are not a hero nor Evelyn right now, but they kind of wanted want to be a hero. Let's put neither here and under why I'm going to say just because to her, a child right now. So they're not average to be a hearing to be doing dangerous things, all right? And, of course, remember that this piece of paper is for you. So I really don't worry. If it's understandable for other people, it's not supposed to be. This is your character. This is just for you and as reference for your trying Zoff, your character, for example, I'm doing this in a very organized way here to show how how is my process? But usually I make a mess out of this, so I have my sketchbook as such, just drawing running things, and that random thing starts being the character and then just the idea start coming out, and I started just writing keywords around the drawings and the sketchbooks. It's a real mess, and I know that some, if someone looks at that, spreads, they won't understand anything. But I do. I know what's there. I know what I need from there, and that's more than enough. So don't worry about making this looking good for other people. This is just for you. No. The next thing we have year are the personality traits, so this one is very important. So it's the personality, and these rules will really help on how your character will look. So, for example, let's say you say that your character is a bit melancholic. An introvert, you'll draw them, probably imposes that are very closed. They will make me look a bit setter, with several expressions, mostly alone. Maybe their collars are also very dark and not very vibrant. On the other hand, maybe your character is really an extrovert. They like to to laugh. They like to run around meeting everyone, and in that case, you want to draw your character in very innergetic poses very happy expressions, and maybe his colors or their colors will be very violence. So this part is really important. So feel free to take your time and think about it. Of course, you can already have some ideas off how your character looks. So feel free to do some sketches while you you're thinking about the personality. This that can help as well. As I said, I usually am doing a bit off the both things at the same time. I'm sketching and I'm writing my character. So Phil, Frito, do some quick do those and sketches if you want to. Now, as for personality traits for my character, in this case, I'm going to say he is a bit mischievous, not really on purpose. But he tends to get into trouble now. The other thing is, he's an adventure again. Adventure is really up his holly. He doesn't want to be a fisherman forever. So he is a boy who wants to go on adventures and safe people. So, yeah, maybe a hero someday, or the Knights who knows. I don't know it yet, so I'm going to be honest, his always very courageous. I hope this is well, recent. Next is his bold and quite fearless hiss fun and playful. Okay, I think this is enough for now. You can have as many traits as you want or as little as you want. You don't need to write as much as I did, so we're done with our first square. So congrats to us. I think it was easy and very simple. I think that asking ourselves these questions really help. So next we're going toe the right side. As you can see this, that's empty square right there. So that's if you want to add an avatar of your character, so a T and off the course. If you want, you can just draw a tiny avatar of your character and adds to your character sheets. So you have a complete look for what, who your character is and how do they look now. Next is the name. Now the name is It can be hard. I think that a lot of times is one of the harder things to decides. And again, this is something that you can leave for later. For me, a lot of times getting the name for my character just come comes up to me as I'm writing about them, or as I'm drawing them, something that I tried to think and and then out of nowhere. The name comes up, and I really like how when it works like this because it helps me get attached to do the carrot is like we are knowing each other, even though it's something fictional and only on paper, but it gets me more attached to the character. But if you're having a lot of difficulty to come up with the name, you can also look on the Internet for name generators on name ideas. There's lots of websites for that, so feel free to use those as well, even if it's just to give you an idea. Maybe you find a name, but you don't want to use that exact name. But you can change him letters and how it or how it's re thing. And there you have it, a name for your character. So it's all up to you for this character. I came up with something quite simple. Is Apo opposed with some off the ones I come up with? So he his name is Jonah. I really liked his name. I don't know why. Very simple. Well, he should probably have a last name, but he doesn't so far. Maybe one day, I'll come up with it again. This is also something to your taste. May be your character is only one name. Maybe they do have a full name or the first and last name. It's all hope to you now. Next is his age. Now, as I said, he's like Charles almost, maybe a teenager. So I'm going to say maybe 12. I think that's that school again. I can change it later on if I want to. If you're in the fantasy setting, maybe they're in elfin there already 100 years old or something like that. We don't need to stick with our reality now. The next question we want to ask ourselves when doing a carrot. A new character is what So, for example, what do they like now? As I said up there, one us off his hobbies is fishing. So he likes to fish, even though it's something that he doesn't want to do professionally later on. It's something that he likes, says his hobby. He likes to do it for fun, who likes fishing. He'll explain with his friends. They have this group, and he's the leader off course, going to abbreviate here with friends. He likes campfires. He likes to light some campfire with his friends. They had they have dinners or snacks. They can grill some some off the fish day. Just cards. He likes hero stories not to read them, but he likes to hear about him. He liked to do here. He likes to hear about, um, heroes and nights and all those adventures. Stories. Okay. And what else gonna put here? Well, since he lives in Ah, a village, a lake village fishing is ah, big thing. So I'm going to say that he likes to swim as well. The thing that he likes to do special in summer days, when it's really hot. Maybe he just wants to annoy his friends a little bids and hand scared off the fishies so they can't fish anymore. And then they can go for some adventures or to play a bit now for this likes I don't know why, but I can imagine that Jonah doesn't like to eat tomatoes. Maybe all off veg is, but he's not a fan of veggies. But tomatoes are a big no, no for the for him. I don't know why it just came up to me, and I was like, You know, what's I'm going to keep this. So even if you think that you have some silly ideas for locators do keep them, they can be quite important. I mean, maybe I can draw Jonah being served tomatoes and have a very discusses expression because it doesn't want to eat them. If I want to create a comic or something, it's a good scenario for him. So all these things that you are writing here, they can be very helpful when drawing your characters later on. When creating scenarios for them. So do keep all of them, even if they are silly now. Another thing that he doesn't like to do is losing. As I said, he's the kind off the leader character. He's the strong one. He's the one who come ups with all the ideas still losing a game. It's not our fights. It's not really his thing. He's not really happy about losing. Rainy weather is also quite a big no no for him again. I mean, if it's raining, you can't come about sides your pants. One let you go out to play with your friends. So what's the fund's saying at home and, of course, goes to the rainy weather. He doesn't like to stay in size. Now we're being told what to do. So, as you can see from his dislikes, Um, Jonah, he likes to be the one who makes all the decisions. Now let's go for the right side are full Frito Philip Dis page at the same time as I'm as I'm doing or you can watch it and fill it up later. I think it will be fun if you doing this at the same time as I am, but it's totally up to you. Don't forget. You can also pose if you want some time to think about your character and continue watching sell up to you. And the next thing we have to feel is what are their dreams and goals again. This one is also very important because even if you're trying your character in the present day, maybe he's close. Things are the way they act or the way you draw them. Acting are closely related to the dreams, for example, or maybe you just want to one day you'll draw them in the future. For example, let's say so. Jonah is 12 year old, and, ah, one of his dreams is to leave the village and be a great hero or night. I'm going to write that up, be a hero, be here. So, for example, since I know this, that means that I control him in the future. So let's say he's 20 years old and I want to draw him in the big city, just like he wanted and dressed as a knight, for example. So again, this comes to the point where you can draw your character. Many scenarios and all these keywords will help you draw your characters in those scenarios . So he wants to be a big hero or the Knights and live in a big city, or even travel a lot. But I'm going to live. It's this way, for now. As for fears, well, Jonah is quite if you'll scare, it'd rights, just like I said up here in his paw, personality traits, his bold hiss fearless. But there's one thing he's really scared off is when he knows he's in trouble and his mom is calling to him. That's when he's scared, because he knows he will be punished he knows he'll, but we have to stay inside for quite some time. So his scares off his hiss. Mom, and he knows he's in trouble. And that's mostly I actually thought about giving him some, ah, silly fear, like being scared of spiders or something like that. But I don't know, you know. He's supposed to be fearless, right? So he will act like this. He isn't scared of anything except his mom when he was in trouble. So we're done with the what section off for character. And next is where again, this is also important because you want to choose an outfit that is, that goes according to the place where they leave. For example, let's say that your character lives in the mountain. That means that they will probably wear warmer clothes so they don't get cold. They will maybe were a lot of for. For example, our first question is, where have they been? So Sistol child haven't bean anywhere else but their village where they were born. So I'm going to say the fishing village, which really hasn't a name yet I should change it. At some point. I should come up with the name for the village. So if you have any ideas, feel free to to tell May. And where are they? Well, the fishing village as well, and you where he was formed. So yes, it sees from a fishing village. I imagine that the place So that's it's quite small. There's a lake nearby. This is not a village by the sea, but by the river and legs. There's quite some trees around, so it's quite a mild place. So I imagine that he will. We're probably like some kind off long shorts the whole year with sandals. Or maybe he'll even be barefoot most of the time. So, as I said, having an idea of where they are, it can help you choose an outfit, for example, or even how they wear their hair or Helton. The skin is things like that. These are things that will help you and make decisions later on. And finally, where do you do they want to go? So, as I said, right here on the trims and goals, they want to be a big hero on nights and live in a big city. So that's it. Live in a big city. They want to go to a big city. I should add here that they live in a fishing village in the fishing small village. It's it says, surrounded by river and with the big lake for some just going to put for us. And I said, I understand this. Eso you had tried to be a bit detailed about the place where they are. Ah, again, this will help you draw. If you want to draw some backgrounds when you drying your character, maybe this keywords will help you forget it. And now where do they want to go? So they want to go to a big city. Big city weight, lots of people, lots of people and places I've seen. So there we go. This is it for the way. And next we have the when. So the wind can also be very important. Because, for example, in these guys, I'm not really sure if this is ah, a medieval setting or fences is setting. I haven't decided if I want other types off creatures or races in this story. But the year, for example, I have here the first question is, in which year or time period do they leave because this will help a lots when deciding how the air styles, for example, or even their clothes because, for example, from drawing in a medieval setting or fantasy, they and I'm going to look for outfits from the period of time, right? Otherwise, if you're doing something from our days, then you want to get expression from our outfits or the close that we use today. And finally, maybe you want to go to the future for a scifi setting. And in that case, you want to get inspired by that look, let's say and so when looking for references and images for inspiration, you want to have the setting in mind. So in my case, I can't really say what year in, because it's kind of, um, a fiction time. But I'm going to say that it's maybe a fantasy or medieval world, but there's a lot off periods that you can choose. Even if you go through history, you can go for maybe Rin essence time. I don't know, I don't even know, but there's a loss to choose from, and that could be a great exercise, because that means that you have to go search and research. Ah, what people look like at the time, and I think that's fun. I like history, so I think that can be really fun. So if you're free to explore every time periods that you can find until you choose one for your character and next is in which season is all of this occurring? So this comes up again with the kind of outfit that you later on decide on your character. So I'm going Teoh. I already have a new idea, a new much how my cattle will probably look like eso. I'm going to say that it's autumn because off the type, of course thing I want him to wear. So I'm going to say maybe around beginning off autumn. I think it's also really fitting because out how they wolf Haltom, right? I think it's really fitting because that's where we are right now, so I'm going to have an expiration about it all over the place, so we are pretty much done. As you can see, I didn't write a lot. It's very simple. It's just Q words about my character, things that I need to have in minds when drawing my character did later on and finally have this extra square right here on the right that it's for small notes that you might want to ads about your character that aren't on all the other questions above. So I actually want to add something here, which is Jenna has a group of friends there like this, the gang from the village, they doing everything together. They they're going on adventures together and, well, pretty much there always brewing some trouble, and they actually even have a name for the group. So I'm going to write here that has a group of friends. He's the leader, of course. What do I want to say? That always were in trouble? Adventures, growing trouble, adventures. They like to call them adventures, and they call themselves the Fearless, Fearless Spears. So I wanted to go with something that will be that will be connected to the fact that a fish a lot so spears is something that you used to fish sometimes and feels because him not scared of anything. They will do any adventure they come up with. And this is it. We have our character sheet completed. I hope this was helpful for you again. Don't worry about having everything field right away. You can come back to this scared to shit let it on and air things that you come up as you trying your character. And off course, we have our empty square work right there. And maybe at the end of the course, when we have our counter done well, ads are avatar over character. So this is it for now. I hope you had fun. And I will see you in the next video. Why buy? 6. Finding Reference Images For Better Character Designs!: Hi and welcome back. Now that you've got your carrot to figure it out, let's grab some reference images. I know that you're probably eager to start drawing, and we'll do that soon, But for now, let's get our resource is in place so that our characters they're not just as we want them . One great care to this un resource that I want to give you his Pinterest. I talk about this in almost every course I make, but it really is wonderful for character design. Not only can you search a bunch of images about a defining trade off your character, for example, of Pirates or Mermaid, but you can also go to specific profiles that have so many boards about character design. The specific wonder recommend is character design references at Pinterest dot com slash character. Does I H. That's in H at the end of the character disease, by the way, not a type of from me. They have so many great reference images on different types of characters, from toddlers and teens toe old people and wizards. I highly recommend checking their boards and see if you can find a few images that you can use as general references. All the reference give credit to the artist along with a link to their portfolios. So it's also a great way to find new artists to follow. Another website that you can use our reference images is speaks abi dot com. This is quite helpful for both drawings and photos off people in different poses. For example, if you're such wizard in pixel by, you'll find several different styles off wizards in two D and treaty. Finally, one other resource that you can use. It's just magazines that you have around in your house. They usually have great poses, outfits enlightening that you can use for your own killed creation. If you don't have any use for them anymore, feel free to cut up your favorite ones and placed them in a sheet of paper. This way you can reference them whenever you're drawing and make a nice collage of things you like at the same time. All right. Now it's my time to find reference images for our character, and then we're going to suck Troy. See you soon 7. DEMO: Finding References For Our Adventurer Character: hello and welcome back. So we talked about references and how they can help you have a better idea of how your character looks or if you want some poses to draw, it's always important to look for references. You can look for them on the Internet, or you can take pictures off herself for your friends if you want to. But yes, references are very important, and you want to use them. So we're going to look for some references right now, So feel free to do this at the symptom, as I do are, you can watch the video and do it later on. Don't forget that you can post a video at any time. If you want toe, take your time and you can't do both things at the same time. So don't worry. There's no need to rush. The video will stay there for you to award show. Do, however, feels better for you, so the first place I want to go is to interest. I want to show a bit better. This border talked about so that about this page to care to this on references. It's really goods, and I really recommend you follow them on Instagram or Facebook because that always posting new things that are other artists posting their own character designs. And it's really great not only for you to know new artists but also for inspiration. So if you go to the boards, you'll see that they have a board for everything. If if there's something you need, you'll find it. There's anatomy boards there dividers into each part of the boy. Do you have the face? You have the hair, the eyes, noses, ears, everything. So if there's something you need to look up and learn a bit more, just go for inspiration. This is a good place to go. And not only that, they then have references for infants, toddlers, kids. In our case, we kind of want to look for kids. So kid boys is a good one. Are May see they also have teen boys. Maybe this will help us a swell. They also have all the characters old ladies, for example What? This is one. Just boys. Okay, we can check that one out. You have boys. You have faces off girls and boys. And then you actually have the closings. Israel you have for out foods as well. All kinds off outfits you have carried cater outfits, Greeks and Romans. You have killed her outfit. Egyptians. That's everything here, really, that this is a very good place for you to find inspiration. But of course, these are only for inspiration and never to GOP. Don't forget that. So let's see our boards here like the Flush one from The Incredibles. Aiken designed this from Incredibles two because Flash actually has Is that is, that cares very similar to Jonah, So he's energetic. He he always his fearless and he's always brewing trouble. So it's really a very similar care to. To John, I imagine Jonah taller than this, but for simple. I really like the hair I've imagined Jonah with hair going behind like this, but within under shave in the tiny ponytail. But I really like this movement, so this is something that will help me. So I'm probably using that as inspiration here. Let's see if we can find something else we have here. The boy from Howls Moving Castle. I really like, for example, dispose. It's really cute, really like him again. He's smaller than what I'm thinking, but I like the expressions, so maybe we'll keep that. We'll see. Think I'm going to stay with this for now. But as you can see, there's so many 1000 around and most off them or all of them. If I'm not mistaken, half the links for the artist, for the page off the artists. And if you really like the art, you can start following them. It's always good to find New artists will take the chance, however, like this. But, well, I'm a big fan off accusatory Emma's heart. So actually, Thies to work else also can have that energy that Jonah has. So those are goods references as well and notice here I really like this. They they drew the character, and then it has the caller's so you know what to use later on for each of the characters. If you see here, there's all the other characters as well, so this is really helpful. So maybe if you want to organize your character this way, so you always know the colors for them. So that's really nice. I'm going to go forward on export that we opened care to the 17 boys. Not sure if these these parents older than what I want, but we can take a look anyway. See if we can take some inspiration from them. Not really into any off. This so far, like disposes here. They're nice. I think I'm going for the next one because there's nothing here that picking my interests. Give me giving me an inspiration for Jonah. Yep. I think I've reached the end of all the board. So, yes, let's go for the next one. So this one is just boys. Maybe we can find something interesting here. Remember that we're always getting inspiration from other people and everything we see around this. So don't be afraid. Teoh to look up Did art around you and the places around you? Well, still not finding really anything. I want to use a since pressure off for my mood board, for example, this is a good time for you to create a mood boards. So it's, uh, the email images that inspire. So you don't need to look for characters only. And also look for places or even all foods, for example, in my case, So Jonah lives in the fishing, builds right that there's legs, there's rivers. So maybe I can find images off lakes, and that can help for my mood board so I can look at this board and inspired me to draw my character in certain places or doing certain activities. So this is a good thing. If you want, you can create a small mood board. You can just save some pictures or take some pictures and just open pains or something like that with those images, and you have a J peg off your mood wards for your character. That's a good exercise. So instead of having the reference image scattered around if you want, so you have a better feel of your character can be very helpful. So I think I will keep just those two for now, and I'm going to go for the next place, which is picks up a some pixel by is a stock website, a free stock website. So for this, you can use however you want, so they're excellent for finding references, photo photo references, for example, for the posters you want to troll, so this are very good for that. Don't forget that desire, mostly for inspiration, and these are for you to use this reference for when drawing the poses off your characters or even for outfits, for example. So I'm going to look for T nature Boy. Hey boy, that's a good search to go for. And let's see if we can find interesting Moses. Um, well, there's this'll one of very confident pose who we can use it practice drawing, seem more. The sun is good. This pictures here are really nice because they have the the black bike run. And so it contrasts with the rest of the post sick and see very clearly how the poses. So this is really helpful to draw, mostly looking for standing poses right now again. Like I said, I think, Jonah, my character is really the kind of coated it's always moving around. So going for a sitting bull's, I don't think it will make much sense for him. So I'm looking for standing poses mostly, and I wanted a pose where the characters in some activity like jumping or walking. I could actually look for that. Maybe, uh, but I'll keep on looking for these ones. I like this one still very static, but it's a very confident pose. I like this one's for example, but I'm not sure karate karate is how you say it in English. I hope it iss. If not, I'm very sorry. It's not something that exists on my characters world. So I'm going to maybe open up this one because it's that kind off confidence pose that I want to find the running those tries something else. Let's see. What can we fine free? Go for kids? Alexey kids playing? Maybe we'll find something interesting look. So I talked about the mood poor thing. So this is a very good one for a mood board off Jonah. So these are kids playing by the river. And while it's obviously something that's John and his friends will be would, too, running around in the fields is, will that sear another photo with the kid by the like. These are smaller kids, but the idea is there again. I know what age my character is, so, so creating our own characterise manifests is right, and I think this is the one I like the list. No, that's a good one here, mostly because it's very hard to find the things that you want unless you take some pictures. Of course, If you take your own pictures, that's much easier. If you already have an idea in mind off the poses you want to draw and you have someone that compose for you, that's awesome. That's it's really, really helpful. And I do it sometimes here at home. When I finally gave up and I'm like, OK, I'm going to take the picture off the polls I want. So pose for me, please and I'll take pictures were not fun. Oh oh, there's one here. I really like it. I really, really like it. Look at it. It's perfect. Can see everything very clearly. It's a really good pictures, so I think this is It's really we have a lot off poses here, not going to choose all of them. But these will be helpful for our next video, so feel free to go look for your own references again. Take your time. There's no need to rush. Like I said, the spot can be beads tiring, but you get you'll find something that you like. And if you don't you can always take pictures. So remember dead's and I'm going to save some off this again. Don't forget toe update your projects if you started it already. If you haven't, I really recommend you do so. We already filled our character shit So you can post that in the project section and then you can post maybe a mood board or a picture or two that you chose to users reference or exposing reference for your character. And I will see you in the next video, so bye bye. 8. Drawing Dynamic Characters With Gesture Drawing: Hello and welcome back. Not one of my favorite invest exercise that I've ever done in my whole drying career is just a drawing. I can't say this enough. It really helped me create better drawings overall and change my general. Drawing stiffness into a more fluid and dynamic process as just a drawing is basically a very loose type of sketching that is done quickly. You can get great expressions and emotions through focusing on something called the Line of Action. The land affection is an imaginary line. Imagine the line going down the characters. Fine. You look at your reference and you see that line that evokes the whole movement off the post. We might see different line of actions, but this only means that we perceive images and poses differently. It doesn't mean that are wrong line of actions. Just be sure that this line reflects the whole movement from there. Just draw simple shapes for the body, and that's mostly it's basically you just have to draw what you see, but try to simply fight into basic shapes. You're trying to capture live movement here and the emotion. These are not perfect and detailed drawings merely studies and sketches. This is basically a warm up exercise, and it will help you decide how you want to draw your character. But before we start, you need some references. I really like using this website line off action dot com. There's lots of options for you to choose from, and you can set a timer as you prefer. Alternatively, if you already have an idea of how you want to draw your character, look up for specific poses on stock websites like big survey dot com or and splash dot com . So that's what we're starting with for drying are Cantor. Don't worry if this exercise still feels a bit confusing on the next video, we'll be practicing just drawing together this way. You can understand it better by doing it, so let's go have some fun. 9. DEMO: Warming Up With Gesture Drawing: Hello and welcome. All right, so we've talked about just trying and you heard me talk a lot. So now it's time to put it into practice. Now you're still going to hear me talk a lot. But this time we're going to be drawing. So if you like to be listening and watching a beauty a while drying, this is a good time to do so. We can do just drawing together or if you prefer to, you watch the video and then you do your own practice. So we're going to do this in two parts. First, we're going to use in a faction that come like I mentioned before. Warm up. We're going to just start some random poses that appear on this website. Just so our hands start getting used toe using a pan and drawing lines because usually when you start drawing you my noticed this is that our hands feel very stiff and this is normal . And when this happens, we are very readily happy with the drawings we do when our hands are stiff. So warming up is a good thing to do before going for your actual drawings. And that's what we're going to do now maybe 10 15 minutes or warming up. It's totally up to you how long you want to be warming up, but you don't need to take a lot of time. So I'm going to choose here covered models only male models muscle, because I'm going to draw a male character. So I want to start practicing that, but you choose wherever it's better for you. If you want to draw on the female models, feel free to do so. If you want to drop both. Well, that's awesome. Israel. So just just choose wherever. Now, as for time, I'm going to put two minutes, two minutes ish, usually the best when doing just drawing, mostly because you don't want to get into detail. Our goal here with the chest drawing is too captured. The posts. We don't want to go into a NASA me and details and being perfect. We just want to capture, oppose so simple shapes, simple lines. It's all we need's two minutes. It's perfect for that, so I hope you'll join me and we're going to start drying All right, so where I have my pencil here good going to add some conspiracy muscle because that's just how I prefer. So we talked about finding our line of action, right? So that's what we're going to start first. So I'm going to to this here. So this is for me the line of action, which is this line right here. So now that we've found it, we're going to start drawing as you can see him being very, very sketchy with my lines just fine, I'm going to start trying simple shapes. A good way to figure out how to draw the torso is by drawing. Trying beans were pains but beans, as I've done right here. So we are doing this, and as you can see, my the ship's I'm using, they're not very well. They're not very realistic, right? But that's mostly because I'm trying to figure out new ways to draw my characters. So new shapes on you. Oh, this one's fairly weird. Well, it's fine Selling the 1st 1 will not warmed up yet, so it looks nothing like but yes, I'm trying to find new shapes to when drying my characters. So that's mostly why I'm going to be very not going to be very realistic. So That's another good way to use just a drawing. So I fitting feeling like you're stuck with your out style or your drawings. Do some Jesse trying because you'll see that will help a lot with its getting new ideas or trying out new things. Don't look at that one, but this life goes the beads this right? And remember, this is not supposed to be perfect. You're just trying to capture the poses. This one went a little bit better. I'm glad it's obviously not perfect, but I think you can understand the pose. So that's nice. The mask here Who are ninja. So also, if you're doing this for the first time, feel free. Teoh. Start with just the line of action. Don't worry about anything else. For now, just throw the line of action, and when you're ready, you can start drawing more than enough extra. But just do one line that line that you think captures to pose, and then then you can go or start going for simple shapes that represents the body. So if you want to just do that for now, feel free to do so. I would say like just do some um, just to some, I am the five six try ings off where it just showed the the line olfaction. And then maybe I mean this one too close to the pay to the enough the picture. I'm going to move it a bit, so just draw like 56 maybe even 10. Whatever. You feel more comfortable with drawings just showing the line of action and then you can start adding, when you feel like you, you feel better. Your your lines, you start liking your line spread to starts going forward, drawing shapes. This is a very even though you might feel like you're not doing actual drawings uh, doing trying Zoff, just a line of action can be very, very important to gain some confidence. Alright, believe me, I've been there, so I know I know. How much doing some. Just drawing can help you. So true. The Lexus pit too short never got. This is better in this way. So you see, we started like this, which is kind of terrible. Then we went for this one, which is, well, more or less. And this one I think it feels more fluids so as you can see as we warm up are drying. Start to get better. So if you feel that when you sit down and start trying, um, and when it's a drawing and you don't like how they're looking, well, then maybe the answer is to just two a bit off warm up. If you do some warm up, maybe you'll see the difference in your drawings because as you start doing things, your hands, your muscle memory even starts waking up and doing what you're used to. Sometimes we just forget to draw, even if it's just for a bit, and that's pretty normal. Believe me now for the legs, one ghost this way and the other what you write. I'm not. The other one goes through. See, I feel that with its drawing, it's going better than better than at the beginning. And I'm really said about the first trying. Let me let me tell you, it's fun, but just move on and continue. I went to do this, to go to see the way a little bit sucker. See, now this one, I should even better than the one before, so we're always, always improving. Now I think I'm just going to do this? This sort of what? It's going to be the last. Because otherwise this is going to get boring for you. And then after this one, we're going to go for we're going to go for our poses. Actual poses, the one the ones which shows. Here we go. No, Do you So see, we started already badly because you can't even tell What is this both supposed to bay? But now I think I've redeemed myself a little bit because now you can tell the poses that are drawn. So here we are. This is what we've done. I really like this last two. I think they are my favorites. So doing some just drawing can be very helpful for you to be more fluid with your drawings . And it's a very good warm up. So if this is the first time a drunk today do some just drawing, even if it's just for 10 minutes, says you can see this didn't take that long, but it help me Lots getting used to holding my pan and for my muscles muscles to remember how to draw because we use our muscles for everything, right? And we always needs toe to some warm up before exercising, and the same goes with drawing, not just for exercise or go to the gym. It's also important for drawing not only so your drinks with better, but also so your hands once suffer later on. So I hope you had fun with the spots and now I'm going to go grab the references that records on our other feed you, and we're going to draw those so hopefully hosts you there. So warm up. Take a so long as you want with this one and I'll see you next for our poses. 10. DEMO: Gesture Drawing Of Our Adventurer Character: All right. So here we are again. We've warmed up, as you can see, can be a bit challenging sometimes even I didn't start very well. It was the first time drying today. But even though I think I started pretty badly, we ended up with some could drawings at the end. So I feel like my drawings are going a good way. My like my lines right now. So I'm taking the chance to go for the poses that we looked for on a references video. So I have here to the sides the images that I chose. I put them all in one document, kind of like mood port like we talked about, and I'm going to draw them. So this is again some practice. This is also a good time for you. Doom starts figuring out how your character looks. Don't worry about close yet, but for example, the hair, the shape of the eyes, any other details off their face, for example, or even hands or legs. It's a good time to figure that out. Another thing I want to say. So we're going for specific poses now, right? So we are looking to draw bows is that we want you're our catcher in. So these are the ones that I chose. I already had kind of an idea in mind. You want to know if you want to draw your care to sitting if they are laying down if they are running, champing. But even if you know already what you want to draw, tried to get some references, especially if it's too first time you're drying your character in those poses. There's nothing to be ashamed off when doing references. It's not cheating. It is a tool for you to learn. So used them. Really? Don't be afraid to do that. So I have this one's here and let's start where to start with this one again. You can start with an affection if you want, or you can do some shapes right away. Also, as you can see him being a bid small, refined with my drawings this time mostly because even though this is quite a bit of just drawing, I now want to have a better look off my character and one off these. I'm going. We're going to choose one off this later on to do our final drawing over characters, so we kind of want We kind of want to do cleaner drawings this time. Also, two of my poses are very similar. I don't mind that because I have a specific look for my character and that's house. So there we have. It's we have not going to draw close, as I said, But first, I'm going to start adding maybe the hair. So I was thinking, Remember, that's image. So we have Here are image of flesh and I said, I kind envisioned him having the hair pulled back. So I want to do that with a ponytail and then a shave underneath. So let's truck start exploring that idea. Also, I wants abrade right here. That's our new grades. So you see, I'm already strike starting to explore how his face will look. Feel free to do that right now as well. There we go. Something like this. Let's go for the next one. Um oh, yes. Another thing. I want to mention you to you. So which is our references rights? And we're going to use this for our character disposes. And if you're having difficulty finding out the shapes or you just can't droid you seem that something is often drawing the Bose is you can go on top off the pictures that you took or that you found an draw The shapes. This will help you memorize how Just, um, the post work. So if you do this, you can do this few times, judges the shapes on top of it, even though you're not consciously between this, but as you do is repeated shapes. When you're going to draw in your empty canvas, you see that your muscles memorized those shapes and how to draw them. So it is a good exercise again if you're feeling that your drawings are not going as you want them. If you haven't seen difficulty with the poses, just try to draw the shapes on top of the images and then draw the shapes on your document or on your piece of paper. So if you're doing this traditionally, you can prints the pictures. So either the ones who took are the ones who found like we did here with some conspiracy. I'm sorry. Yeah, you can put them like I don't know, Let's see what we have here. So maybe 60% with whites. Background and their needs. And then you can take a pen or a pencil. Control just shapes on top, and when you feel ready, go to your sketchbook. It draw those same shapes, and you'll see that that will help you learn how to draw the poses. At some point, you won't need to do these shapes on top of the images because you already know how to draw the body, how to draw the poses. You can do this all right. It's totally fine. It is a way off you to learn, so if you need to take that time to do it. So as I said, we're going for our next pose and I really like this one, even though it's a bit similar to the first. But it's if I put the hands on the waists, it really shows how confidence Jonah is. So again, as you can see, I'm being a bit more refined with my shapes here with my drawings. So the arms got this way, tous all right, and the legs open up. Oh, I really like this one. I might go for this one for our final eso. When we go for the next stage. I might go with this one because I really like it. So again, let's try or hair again. Not under the hair, but also here. So we have the under shave and then the little braids and the hair is tied up. But we can't really see very confidence face. Ah, it's too small. It's a very simple I don't want to draw the but I want I want do it. But here's something like this every like, I also really like the long And this is something that I started to incorporate in my drawings. The long neck. I really like drying the the next too long. So I'm going to keep that. Do we have the hands? All right. So I'm really happy about this. Maybe to sting goes up tomorrow. All right. Very simple drawings, For example. If you don't know how your character looks yet, feel free to draw the pose many times and try out different hair shapes, different eyes, different expressions. I already have an idea of how my character will look, So I'm just incorporating that in the post. But if you really don't know how to go about it, just draw for example, that you dispose right, I could draw this pose again. Well, let's do It's actually again. You're going to do so at the same time as I do. So if I'm here longer, that means he'll be trying longer. So we have this shape right then this one, The legs CO. This way. Make these shapes would be Tamar. It's less contrast because otherwise it looks a bit too feminine. Okay, so we have here the characters, so I don't know. Let's say Hey has a bit of spiky hair. You know, try out different things. Try to start exploring that in this face. It's a very good time. So do many sketches with the idea for your character. Silly eyes. So see, just trying the face differently, the hair differently. I give completely different Look to my cart. It's not the same character anymore. Even so, do explore this. At this point, it's really helpful. So when you go to the next stage is you already know how your character looks like. Now I'm going for the final pose. This one, this one also looks very fun, so we'll see how it will go. So start with their heads. All right, so we have here the shoulder on the sky have beating the front going down on then. This way, this one goes here and then behind the bug. Now we have here our pain, right? I could talk about and now So one leg goes behind you. See how going to go about it. Also, exaggeration. This is something that you really want to taking accounts when drawing your character's when trying the post. So I mean, yes, this is a good image, but we're going to draw. We're not going not looking for realism rights. So why not exaggerate those shapes Go overboard with its He looks like he is going you even farther and faster than he's supposed to, right? So don't be afraid when drawing your characters your poses exaggerated. It's really important. So it keeps your drawings more interesting and more dynamic. Oh, I'm really happy with this one too. So now I gotta choose one off them. All right. So these are all the polls is I'm going to show you all the references here so you can see them. Have you put here to the side here? It's good. All right. So we have here the tree poses at which shows before we threw them. I definitely like this, too. I really like this one, but for the class, I'm not sure it's going to be the best one to go for. Especially having in accountants were going to be drying clothes and it's going to be hard . I'm really divided into which one will I choose? I might try this one, but because I feel it's really dynamic, it really shows who Jonah is, even though I might admit, just try it. I might do this because if I do it, him looking to the other side we can see is right. And I think he's ready is very important. So I'm going to do something like this. So, yeah, this is what we did. So do all the poses that she wants. And when you finish, choose the one that you like the most or the one you feel that is more relevant for the character you drawing. And then it's time for to go for the next phase. So I will see you there. I hope you had fun with this either. If you drew at the same time either. If you're going to do that afterwards, feel free to go and up that your project. So you can either. Just you can show me the drying statue. Jeez, using the references that you searched and saved before. So from your mood boards. And you can also tell me which one you're going to draw. Which one are you keeping and moving to the rest off the course. So I will sue there. I think I'm going to the with the running one. Well, let's go for the next video and keep working on our character. I hope you really have a fun with this because I think this is a really fun process, so I'll see you there. 11. Making A Strong Silhouette For Your Character: Hello and welcome back now. One very important aspect off kilter design is to get a good and strong silhouettes. The Sylhet is a very dark shape, an outline of a person or object visible against a very bright background. For example, those romantic photos taken against the setting sun. That's a signal it now. The important thing about showing the Sylhet is that your character is very easily recognizable. For example, see if you can recognize this. You do it. That one was easy, right? How about this one? While this one doesn't look like any character in particular, does it? That's because it's quite hard to recognize where each limb is and opposed. The character is in. On the other hand, if I show you an image like this thesis quite more easily recognizable, isn't it? That's because it has a more dynamic force and silhouettes Now. This doesn't mean that the previous image was wrong. It's hard to make a recognizable character just sending quiet. Or sometimes you don't want to Micah pose particular flash. You just want a simple post to work for the current mood. But for our character, we want to make a recognizable in well presented Sue. It's right now. So based on your favorite just trying that you did in the previous video, that's stunning thing to ASU. It simply block out the general shapes and see how it looks. Does it look to clump together? If you show this to a friend, will they understand that this is the carrot in the post you want? Ask yourself these questions or even show this to someone and asks him what I think it is. In fact, you can just post it in the community section off the course and ask for feedback as well. If you need toe, exaggerate the movement that you're going for so that it's more easily recognizable. Try to leave white space between shapes instead of having a singular big shape. I'm going to do the exact same process in the next video with your character. So if you'd like to see what I mean more clearly us you in the next few 12. DEMO: Refining The Silhouette Of Our Adventurer: all right. Hello and welcome back. So we did talk about silhouette a lot, right? As you can see, it can be very helpful when drawing dynamic poses off your characters. It's not always necessary, but for our process here, it's something that I want you to go true. So that's what we're going to do this time. This is going to be quite quick and well, I already have quite a dynamic pose, right? So I don't think I will have a lot of trouble with my balls being recognizable. But maybe there's some tweaks that we can do here, so we're going to take a look at it now. So I have to air going up. We have the face here. So, for example, here I can't can't kind already tell that this is going to be a bit of a problem here, but we'll see it later. And for me, I feel that this is also an exercise on just a drawing. Some people will do just draw the silhouette so they'll be doing that exercise that we did . But instead off going Tru poses with lines, they will go in shapes. They will go with it through silhouettes. Because if you do sue it off drawing, you make sure that the post makes sense. Now, off course, none off. This is refined right now. Who would draw on top of it? Did I? Yes, I did. Huh? I'm just going to read this very quickly. So we have here, I will see to it. So I feel that, Yes, our the post is still quite recognizable. This series of us to be the post is still recognisable, but I think we can do a bit better here. So first thing from one thing I'm saying is I think this leg is much bigger than this one. So I'm going to shorten that word. So you see, you noticed some mistakes when doing the silhouettes. But this here, I'm going to raise this side of it this way. Also here the leg is a bit too thick compared to this one. See? So let's change that. This is better. So this is part of refining. Your character even doesn't need to be perfect, But But it's going to help you. I understand the bulls better. I'm not sure how I'm going to do this hand yet. Went to be honest with you. So for now I'm going to live it and see other things that are as important. Sotus here is also very so strong. So I'm going to or to stake. So I'm going to make it picked in there. The break here might look a bit weird, but I'm going to leave it for now. All right, so also, this white space are very important. As we seen in the previous video. Having white spaces in the post is very important. Otherwise you're just going to be a black blob leg sports and you want to be able to figure out the post. So be sure to have some white spaces in your post. If that means to give another different to trick a little bit the perspective of your posts or exaggerated movements a bit more, you might want to change those things. You see, we had the hand. It was turned inside rights to the inside of the boys so you could barely see the hand. You could barely see what our fingers and what islands. And now that I decided to change the hand here in my silhouette, I feel that gives a complete different field. Toe my posts. I really like it. How it is right now. It's just shame that this one isn't showing, but we can actually try something. We can try it. So I don't know. Instead of going this way, we can hand going this way. No, it's too weird. I think I'll leave it. Otherwise, it's like all the arm that the arms and legs are going everywhere. It's just too weird. But I like it how it is right now. So and I think you can tell what's kind to just shorten this leg a little bit more. What does it care to doing? I can even maybe tilted a little bit this way. Yeah, I think I really like this. Just do some more tweaks off course you can do this forever, so it is important to know when to stop. But I'm going to do just one tiny bit of experimenting here. All right? Yes. I think this is good, and I'm going to live it this way. So this is what we had at the beginning. Off course. It gives a bit more dynamic to our drawing, right, because you can kind of tell you can tell where its shape of it is. And here, Well, you can't tell where everything is right, but you can tell that the character is running and you can tell where each limb is. It's very clear what the character is doing. And if the Carter has something that will easily identify him. So, for example, a crazy air style a heads anything that will help identify the character, You can even identify a character just by just by its Suitt like we've seen in the video before. It's something that it's really fun to see in Pokemon, for example, is that's every Pokemon that you see. You can recognize them with sewage. They even did, though, that many gay men in their show right when you came back from the ads, they will ask you, Who is that Pokemon? And you would see the Sidhu It's and you could tell which Bachmann Waas, because the drawings that the character design off them is made so well that's even just with seed. With you can recognize who the characters are or who the poking ones are, so that is something really important to have in mind in the into account. So don't skip this step. Do a very simple series of your character up that your projects if you want to. With the cigarettes. This way, you have everything in the post in the project section. You can actually see your process and you'll see the changes your cancer went through. So I think that's really fun. And I will see you in the next video where we're going to start refining our character, so I'll see you there. 13. Fixing The Proportions And Anatomy Of Your Character: Hello and welcome back. So we did some just a drawing. We drew the silhouettes off our character, and now it's time to fix and draw the limbs, torso and other net middles off our character. And that, to me and proportion are two very different things. But they do have a strong relation with each other. Proportional in the Oxford dictionaries. Saiz corresponding in size or amount to something else. This is fundamental when drawing your character. You want your character to have the proportions to desire and to keep them consistent. Same sized arms and legs is usually a staple in character design. But of course, if you want to draw character with a very thin arms and the super large one, that's fine as well. This is when anatomy comes in and not a media first, widely from art style, toe art style. But usually the basics are the same. Five fingers, hands nose in the center of the face and so on. Even if you're not working in any specific art, cell, body proportions can change quite easily. I'm sure you've met super tall people and others that are very tiny. For example, I'm sure you've also seen out style that will also play with these ideas. Popeye is a good example, is quite thin, but there's a lot of Muskal in his arms. After all, that's what his skirt is all about. Right is very strong, so he looks the part. Now let's look at Olive. She's a talk character, but very lean, how legs are very thin as well as their arms. In fact, these ideas reinforced with how big her feet and hands look, they make her look even thinner. All these to say, you must keep a close watch on how consistent your character is in terms of proportion, but don't stress too much about problems in the anatomy. In fact, this is something that you get better by drawing over and over any text time. There's no need to rush it. For now, let's focus on grating our character so it looks right. What matters is that it looks visually appealing. That's all. Experiment with different proportions. Try different styles. Just have fun with it and take your time. Make sure that all the limbs look good and everything is proportionate. Go through each shape of the body one by one Oh, don't worry about closing for now. That's something that will be covering. So now I'll be doing the same refining off the body in the next video. So follow me to see an example for sand. See you soon. 14. DEMO: Drawing The Proportions Of Our Adventurer Character: Hello and welcome back. So we talk about anatomy and proportions, and that's what we're going to do now. So we have all stew. It's it's done to refine our character, so we're going to draw all the limbs now. It's a time where we will make our final decisions about the hair, the eyes and how is our characters? Figure. So, do you want him to be lean? It's all shabby. So all of these decisions are made now. So we're going to start with a sketch figuring out how our character will look like physically. And then we're going to do our final lines for the body again, not doing close yet, just the body. So now it's time to start finding our character and knowing how we want them to look. So I'm going to pick here my pencil brush. The one I was like to use, this one going to add some conspiracy toe my silhouettes. If you're doing this traditionally, you probably want to be drawing side by side, so you have to see the weight and then on the other side next weeds. You probably want to be drawing your sketch, mostly because you can't really drawn top off the seal. It's unless you using a white man. So now I'm going to try and do start adding details. So we have here hair that I want to go destroy a and then this way, something like this. All right. They even had here a bit off loose hair on the front. I haven't decided yet. If I want to make if I want my lines to be more curvy and round like this or if I want them to be a bit spiky Got a bit of a mix for now, I think I'm going to live it this way. So we have here hand writes. So this first part is still sketch show. Feel free to add any lines at my help. You figure out everything? Yes. So here is the undersheriff part and we need to add the bright right. So the great discount coming from here around here ready is also going to be thrilled. Geometric. All right. She was going to start. Could probably Maybe the hair should be higher up like this. Let's see. So take your time And don't settle for the first option that you come up with Try to come out with different ideas because sometimes our first idea isn't the best one. So we gotta see and try different ideas because we might come up with something even better than what we have right now. I want him to have some freckles is running, so he's really happy. All right, so now it's time for now. We are done with the head here. No, it's time for the arms. I want them to be quite thin. His a boy is a young boy, so and he's quite clean. Okay, let's live it to say for now. Now for the rests, her torso resemble the door. So I'm going to make it smaller are a winner here. Maybe it's because should come from here, right? Something like this probably means that I want to make this arm leaner. So this is a lot of trail in their heart as you go, so it can be in a way, it can be easier when doing digitally, but if you're doing this traditionally, it also means that you're be experimenting much more, which is all also very good, because we're going to be doing many sketches different sketches, So it's a good practice. All right, so now for the legs. So I change here. The torso. Lots of I think I have to move here little bit just so I can follow better the scene wit. So as you can see, I'm keeping the BoE's mostly the same as we had. I'm just figuring out how the body off, how Jonas body looks and translating that into my drawings. Oh, into my drawing this case, just one really enjoying how he's looking. It's going to race here. This lines also don't be afraid to be messy. I just realized now the head is a little bit too big, so I'll either make the Poly a bit bigger. Let's try making the body bigger, or I'll have to rece ice the heads. I feel it will be easier to change the hair that it's, and then it again if you feel that everything is too small, just resized the whole body and make it be so maybe something like this and they see Okay, I'll think I'll continue for now. I think I continue for now, and when I'm done, I'll just hide my secrets and take a fresh. Look at it. I'm thinking about Rounder fits. I'm not. How'd it? How will that work? Not sure that's how I want to go. But yes, to some tries and see, we like around the fit. Just, like might be a bit Biggs. I'm going to move it here, missing the hands, so I'll have to do that. But before that, let me just take a look here. Something feels weird right now, so I'm trying Teoh. Understand what? It's disarm. They're still missing the hands, so it will be even longer. So maybe it's too long. Right now. Handouts. It feels a bit. There's something here that I do not like, but I can't put my finger on it. So well, guess I'll have to continue and figure it out as we go. So okay, we need to draw the hand Now my worst and the me Still this We have been trying t o draw or a to least the shapes off the hands a bit differently lately in I think it's working, although, and this guy's I want this to be separated, so I need to draw this shape differently. Let's see, how can we do this. It's not perfect yet. Birds. I don't hate it, so we'll keep it going to resize them because the fingers are a bit too long for a child. All rights, I think this might be it going to make some more experiences with reciting the body here. I think I'm going to keep this as it is, not sure about this foot yet, but we'll see. So yes, I'm going to do the line are now for the body. But since I'm going to do this digitally and we're going, Toe adds closing afterwards, I can t raise the lines that overlap with the clothing later on. So if you're doing this traditionally, I'd say to live it as sketch and try to not put too much force in no pencil. So your lines should be very soft so that when your brother closing on top, you can erase the lines off the body that overlap very easily. Otherwise, you can also just remake your sketch again with very soft lines. We can use some tracing paper, and you either draw the coating on top on the next video, or you can redraw your character again with softer line so you can draw the closing again. On top of its it has many ways to do this digitally. It's just so you don't have a mess of ones and then you don't know what will be closing and what is the body. If you didn't decision, really, then you can do as I'm going to do. So I'm going to do the whole line arts on top of this sketch, and then when we go for the closing, I can just to raise the lines I don't need. But for now, I'm going to do some final lines. Final and clean lines. We see if I like it this way or smaller. Maybe smaller. So now all we have to do is go over each line. But give it a clean and look. Remember that you can take as long as you want, either with the sketch or with your final lines. Your final Leinart were not going against the clock, not anything. So just take your time, all right, especially if you're not used to doing Leinart. It is important to be very patient with this. I think they're trying. The line out is actually my favorite parts over drawing because sometimes from this sketch to the final thing, I change a lot, so that's kind of fun. I like to see how much my drawing changes from sketch from first sketch, because I usually we all have our processes rights here. We basically did the tree faces that I usually do, so I usually start with very basic shapes and a weird sketches. Sometimes, then I'll go true. A more refined schedule like we did here. And finally, I'll do the final lines. My final line arts. So it does take some time. And if I'm not having a goods drying day, I might do quite a lot of sketches until I'm happy with what I have so part of the process . And it's very normal. So don't be afraid off repeating your drawings and your sketches because you always be improving with each drawing you're doing. You'll notice that from from sketch to sketch, your lines will be improving. So don't be afraid to repeat drawings. It's fine. I'm really happen, we tell the head turned out. Do I like it? Let's see how the rests will come along my grand to draw this arm shorter then I dude before, I think I will. All right. So, no, I gotta move these tens. We'll see if this will make any sense, but I might have to If I'm want to do this, I might want toe get you this parts thinner. All right, that makes sense. Let's go back a few steps. I'm not sure I want to shortened this arm. So for now, I'm going to go for the rest. Well, if I make this arm shorter, I might have to precise to hit again Decisions, Decisions being quite soft with my lines right now and trying to figure out how I want to fit to. Look, As I said before, I'm trying. Teoh, like my heart is going through some changes, and I'm trying to figure out what those changes are and trying out different things with its. There's something quite normal and it happens from time to time. So don't be scared if it happens to you goods. Time for it to experiments with new things. Maybe. Sometimes it's all a matter off changing the tools that you're using other times is changing the way you think about art and how you draw No. I gotta make this fits look similar, huh? That I would be able to. That's the question. Okay, let me go back a little bit. Yes, the head is still too big. Thankfully, doing these digitally. We always let me change that mistake. I have a problem with oversized heads. Maybe l should incorporate that with myself sometime. No, maybe to help. So this I'm going to grab my vessel here. Probably should be at the same size, right? The hands and, um, the foot. This should be on the Simla, and more or less. So let's redo this part here in traditional when you're going to do a line out with your friends to find minus Well, you only get one shin's. That's why it's so scary. But it can be really fun. So let me hide here. The sketch. Look at this. A little bits. Maybe I'll be moving this up a little, hits the legs. Collect torso is a little bit too long. So maybe like this Let me look at the heads. I think it's good. So now I'm just going to make the trying a little bit bigger in general, because as you can see my converse and there's a lot off white countries around, so maybe I should resize it so it's a little bigger. Something like this might be good for now. So this is its We are done with refining our character. I'm very happy with it. I really like how it's going. So now eat this time for the closing. So follow me to the next video where we're going to start drawing closing for our character , so I'll see you there. 15. Drawing The Outfit For Your Character!: Hello and welcome back. Now we've talked of beats about outfits, but very quickly while we mentioned references. But if you still haven't figured out the type of clothing that your character is wearing, now is the time. Think about what your character is wearing on a normal day, and if that fits with the characteristics and personality is it's comfortable and loose closing. Or maybe tights and cool looking outfits. Take your time to answer these questions and figure out what works best for your personal character. This is your original character, so you have the less say on every detail. Once you've got that figured out, it's timeto find some reference images. Yes, again, just like we did a one off the previous videos. Feel free to use websites like Pinterest and Picks. Abide to help if you want. You can even positive you to look for those now. Don't worry, I'll wait. Remember that you don't need to stick with one outfit right away. Feel free to explore different ideas until you find one that you like. Sometimes our first idea isn't the best one, so it's good to have alternatives if you already have an idea how you want your character to look. Search for those specific items. If you only have an idea off the style, look for that style and try out different outfits until they find one that is perfect for your character. All right, so now that you have your reference images, it's time to start trying. Remember, you don't have to copy the exact position off outfit. This is only here to help you, so try to figure out the main shapes and put them in perspective. These might take a few tries, but don't worry. It's all part of the process. So enjoy it. The next video. I'm going to be doing just that so you can just see firsthand my drying process, so I'll see you there. 16. DEMO: Drawing Jonah's Outfit (Our Character): Hello and welcome back. So here we are again for our drawing face. This time we're going to be drawing the clothing off our character. We first looked for references for poses rights. So now it was time to look for some references for clothing. So I spared you from looking at me looking for references, assists That takes quite some time. Especially, I feel that's finding references to our clothing, especially if you had something in mind or really can be quite hard because you want something very specific it and you can't find it. So I have here a few, and when I first thought about Jonah, my character, I think I saw a picture off upon true or a character using some kind off cape on shoe cape . And I know I really liked the idea off wearing a poncho. So I start drawing Jonah in that so I kind of want to incorporate that in my character. So we're going to do that. So I have here two images off a poncho that I have as the guides. Well, I want him to wear comfortable closing writes. I mean, he's always running around. He'll be fishing he'll be on the like a lot. So the poncho is mostly for when the days get a bit colder, so he'll probably have a tank top below that. But I like that The poncho is a thing off here, So I want him to be wearing that and then for the bottom, that out of some kind off loose, very loose and a bit longer shorts. So, like this ones here so that if he wants, he can roll them up if he wants to go into the river. If not, they are very loose in the fabric is quite thing as well. So if he if it gets wet, it's fine as well. So that's kind of the look I was looking for. So I have This image is I have this other puncher here. It has some some fringes. I'm not sure I want to incorporate that, but we'll try it so that so I have this picture here. So now I'm going to make this one's a bit smaller and keep it here so that I can go back to and look at it whenever I feel the need to, and now we're going to start drawing on top of our lines. So I'm going to add some conspiracy years so it doesn't get too confusing my pencil as always, and we're going to start with upon show. So the post that we have can be quite complicated, but we can do this. Going to start drawing I want want you to be quite big on him. I wanted to tow, have to go up to the neck. All right, something like this going this way. And here there's bits off sleeve as well. We can see a little bit, but the elbow comes to sticking out. So I think like this Protess Simple, very simple show. I like it. So when coming up for the closing of your character, it's important to know in which setting they are so that the coating makes sense. So, for example, if you decide to make a care to that is a night, they maybe you want to draw them in some armor and with a weapon or two, I don't know. Even if you don't want to wear toe, draw our you want to draw co thing that usually goes underneath armors or something very simple, and that is easy to wear and comfortable. I don't know. Let's see what else is doing a Praecis or someone from a noble family. Then maybe you want to go for a very exuberant dress, right? So with lots of details, the hairdo with some laces is well and bows things like that. So it's very important to think about the setting of occurred and also the personality right. It's it's good to think about this things. That's why we try to figure out who you are. Character is before coming up with all the rest. And don't worry. Drying the closing my sometimes be bits or coming up with the ideas for the co thing can be a bit heart, but it will. You get it, even if you don't have an idea off how you want your care to to dress. For example. I had the I wanted Jonah to be in the poncho right? I had that idea off the outfit right away, but if you don't that's fine. Don't worry. But imagine, Just think on Li about the setting off your care. Do so. Like I said, Do they live in ah, modern in modern times? Then go look for the faction right now. Go look for pictures off fashion that is used final. Go to the stores or look for catalogs, and you find something that you like. Does your character lives in the nineties or the eighties, and you want to look for outfits from the time? Does your character lives in the medieval or fantasy world and go look for references from those times or settings, and you'll see that you'll find something that you like Feel free to draw your character in different outfits. This is actually something I girl I like to. Sometimes I pick a character of mine. I find the not feeds on Pinterest, for example. And I think you know what? I want to draw my Garreton, that even if my character doesn't live in my settings, it's kind of let's imagine if my character lived in the nineties, for example, and I will find a not fit that I think fix them and I'll draw them in that it's really fun to do eso. Just look for outfits that you like and you'd like to see your character in, and you'll see that from then you find something There's so much, so much stuff around, you can even I don't know if there's not fit that you really like to use of yours. They pictures net outfits and try toe to use that in your character. You might find something that you really like and it much future character. Just be creative with it. And again, don't stick with the first shorts. Try many things, tried to draw your character in different outfits until you find one that it's perfect. That will be the defaults outfit for your capture pits. You'll also have many other options to draw your character in. So so win win, in my opinion, to draw your carrot in many outfits. So, as I said, I want very loose shorts and they are bits longer than usual. I also wanted them to look. They are They're not new. So I'm going to add a few seems here. So they've been They look like they've been rearrange more than Waas because he's always playing around right, So it's more than natural that the quotes are going to be in ruins. So okay, I think this is it's very simple. Like I said, I wanted to be very simple. So I'm going to stay dry the fringe like we talked about. But I feel like the fringes for a more winter setting. So it's kind off fabric that are texture that is very a thick. For example, this puncher here is by the rule rights, so I don't think I want the puncher toe look that they can win. Torri. Like I said, I think my character lives in a very tempered place. So I think the poncho is good. It's not very thick, but it's not very seen, either. So it's good for those days. That's starting to get a bit chilly, but not too much. So it's perfect time. I want to add another layer, maybe, like there's two layers off one shoe. Um, I like that. Yeah, I might do that some this way. I also kind of want some buttons on the front, but since we don't see it here, I'll have to leave that for later. So I'll try to not forget to add that kind of detail. But for now, I think we are mostly done with her outfits. So again, it's time to draw the final lines. And when we're done with the final lines. I'm going to erase all the lines inside the outfit because we don't see them right? So again, I'm going to pick up here my pen black. And now I'm just going to redraw my lines. So look cleaner. Also, don't be afraid to Hades. A lot of details to your characters. Outfits. I usually like to keep things simple, but if you've seen some of my characters resemble Gene, I decided to still as lots off decoration to her sleeves and to a coat. She has potions all around her, and the same goes for brain. Um, I also decided Teoh to go for a lot of jewelry that she's running. So I think this one, Jonah here is the simple courage. Arrive come ups toe in a while because I'm always thinking, OK, I'm going to keep things simple. I'm not going toe adds, Ah, lot off details. And then I go and I add a lot of details. So here this time, I think I managed to keep things simple, and it makes sense for the character, right? I mean, he's from a fishing village. I don't imagine that they have the families that live there. They don't have a lot of money, so they'll have to keep things simple. They are. They are working their fishing all the time so they cannot really afford to have fenced equals and rights. So I tried to incorporate that in the South Foods in his design in general. But if you're drawing a very exuberance character than it does make sense to have for them to have lots of details, right usually, for example, in the case off brain orbit, brain race, she she loved jewelry. She just love shiny things, right? So she'll be wearing lots of jewelry all the time. Everything will be golden and with pretty jewels and colorful jewels. So I had to do it, even though I like to keep things simple, and in a way, her design is still quite simple. But there's quite a lot of detail as well. So it's It's all a matter of knowing your character and knowing how exuberant D will be all . How simple. I think I'm going to repeat here this because I think this this side of shorts is a bit shorter, huh? Then the other side again when doing final lines. Don't be too frustrated. If you feel like you're repeating your lines a lot, it's normal. I do it all the time. As you can see, until I'm happy with the line I have I'm going to raise this lines here. Okay? I'm sorry. I had to concentrate a bit there, so I stopped speaking a little bit. So now I'm going to adhere. It's home. Tiny details. And I added, Here, this patch right here, let me hide sketch and see how it looks. Yeah, I like it. Shorts might be a little bit too long, Butts. I can fix that very quickly because he's running right. So the shorts are also going with the movement. So that means when he is standing still, the shorts will become longer because they're going with the movements, so them should look a bit shorter than they do. I think this is it for now. So now I'm going to erase these lines here under needs. Since I'm using, I'm using quips studio. Um So since I'm using a vector layer for my Leinart, the the razor has this victory razor option. That means that we'll erase big chunks off lines at the time, instead of me having to go and raising everything manually. This really helps, makes things a bit faster and also a good thing off. Using factory razors is that if you want to, if you want to resize your your drawings, your lines, it won't lose any quality by doing so. So if you're using Cliff Studio with recommends doing it. So here we are. I'm very happy with the results. I really like how the outfit looks right now. So I hope you had fun. I hope you you did try a lot off outfits. Feel free to post them so I can see them. And when you're done, choose one. If you did more than one outfits, choose one that you think that you like the most, or that you think fits the carrots, the better. And then we're going to talk about colors and we're going to call our character. So I'll see you there. Why 17. Choosing Colors And Painting Your Character: Hello and welcome back. Now thes might be one off the hard parts off creating a counter, at least for me. Sometimes it is the correct use. Off Colors is very important in character design. In fact, you might have already seen by the few unspoken rules on TV shows, cartoons and movies about color. Teary, for example, most of the times when the car's Aaron's using lights and warm colors, there's some sort of heroic or good align character. As an example, angels are quite usually depicted in white garments and very shiny or golden. On the other hand, evil align cantor stand to use darker colors like demons with their dark skin and closing. Not only that, but color. Second major part in showing the emotion off your characters, for example, right is very normally used for characters that tend to be angry as well. It's blue for booming and said characters one off the best way that I can show you. This is within the example of the characters from inside out. I always talk about this movie when talking about emotions and color, because each emotion as one mine color, as you can see by this image, So plan your colors accordingly to the type of care to your drawing. One other thing that you want to pay attention to is the mind colors that you're using for your character. For example, main characters tend to use one or several off the men colors like red, blue and yellow. For example, ANC from Avatar, The Last Airbender uses all tree as well. A Superman. These makes them stand out from the rest. This is easier to do. Want to know more about the world you're creating your characters in? But you can ask yourself if the character you're trying is a main character for more of a secondary character for a secondary character, the colors normally used are you've guessed it. The secondary collars thes means colors such as green, orange and purple. For example, Green Goblin from the Spiderman comics and movies. Not with all this said. It doesn't mean you can choose the colors as you wish, but I still applies you to take all this information into consideration so your character stays clear and consistent to their personality interests. Finally, let me just say that to excellent websites that you can use to help you find some good color combinations to use our Palatinate and coolers dot Co. There's a lot of things that you can do with this sides, but I'll just walk it through the very basics In coolers that go, you can chase here to start the generator button any to give you an interesting color palette that you can use. If you don't like it, just press the space bar and you'll get a new one. This is great if you have no idea what to use and are looking for some color inspiration. In Politan, you have some extra options and the more customized approach. You can choose a color and find monochromatic palettes. Justin Colors Try it and many more by just taking the settings. Be sure to export this one if you want more control on what you get. Usually I start with coolers that go and then I'll tweak the colors to something that I like more with Politan. So go right ahead and use those tools and the information I gave you in this video to pick the color palette off your character. Take your time. This doesn't even have to be the final palate. You can tweak it and try out different colors before setting on your final design. So don't stress too much about it. It's all about experimenting, all right, so let's go over our character and go through this exact process in the next video. 18. DEMO: Coloring Our Character, Jonah: Hello and welcome back. So we are almost done with this part off doing your character. So all we are missing right now is coloring. One thing I forgot to mention in the outfit video is might have noticed that I didn't draw anything for shoes. That's because I decided that Jonah walks barefoot almost all the time. He probably has some sandals, like one pair off sandals, but she never wears them. So yes, he's barefoot because I really liked the idea of him going in the middle of the forest and by the leg just running around hiss feet full off muds. I think that's Jonah. Now it is time for us to color character. This can be quite fun. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to find a color palette that we are happy weights. I I think that for me is usually a hit or miss. I either find that politics, I'd like right away or have the ideas for us right away, and other times I have to try a lot off wallets. And again, it is very important for you to try different colors, different palates because, as always, may be the first the first idea isn't the best, so it's important to experiment and try out different ideas until you you get one that you think it's perfect. I think it's very interesting to have, like, documents or a page off your character colored with different colors. So it's it gets a very you get a very cold for page, and you can go back to it from time to time, even though you chose one to go forward with. But I think it's a good thing to keep. So do try to do that. Maybe you don't need to have like, 10 off them, but maybe tree or four. It's more than enough. Even you can even have just 22 pallets and mix and match them. Try colors in different places off the outfits until you happy with it and foot it. I can't heads untidy in mind off colors, but I'm going to use coolers either way. I really liked to use schoolers because cuse me handem generated palettes, so you never know what you're coming upwards. So if you really have no idea what colors to use, this one is my favorite to go for. We talked about pallets on and usually used Politan. When I ready, know which colors I'm using. But I want to try other tones or first in public thoughts about one caller, and I want to see what will combine better with that color. So I'll go there when I already have an idea of what color to use. If I don't, I'll use colors because you just press your space button and bam another palace. You price it again. Another bullet and another interesting thing for So for example, I wanted to use oranges in my character and yellow as well. So a good thing that you can do here you have here some options. One off them, for example, is the lock option so you can lock the colors that you liked. For example, I like that orange elected yellow. Um, I like this one for skin tone. I don't think so, and now I'm going to press the space for again and boom the Onley colors that change were the ones that aren't that wouldn't looks so. I can keep some colors that I liked while looking for more random colors. In this palette, you can also, for example, let me go for this one because I really like the stones. You can changed the saturation and hue off the color that you find so you can adjust the color. You can find alternative shades as you see here, and choose one that you might prefer. So let's say you really want to use this bluish purple, but you want it darker or lighter. You can do that and finally can also drag them around because you might want to see how they were yet near other colors. I don't want this one looked OK, so I'm going to keep on trying to find colors for Jonah, I can think is his kind off a main character, right? He's the leader of his group, so I kind of want to go with vibrant colors and another thing to keep in mind, which was in the colors. Tried to keep it simple. Don't use a lot of different colors because that will make it a bit harder for you. What, like this? This one. So even if you find a Pollitz, maybe you don't need to use all the colors in it. Eso for simple. I know I'm going to use this tree ends. Maybe the rest is going to be lighter or darker tones from this tree, the way I will continue to look for some more colors. Even for example, maybe the skin tone. Well, you know what's okay. I like to stand skin tone. We can try it for a skin. Don't. They might not work. We'll see. And there's another laterally over here, so I think I'm going to go with this. Pollitz. I like it. I was thinking about going with green, but that's that's a greenish blue or bluish green eso I might go with that. I might change my mind. We'll see. But for now, I'm going to save this one. So for that, let me see if I remember yes, to go here to export the safe. If you see if you had a politan you haven't account here against save its and other people can see your palates if you want. Otherwise, if you want it to your computer, you can go here to exports. I'm going to say this PNG and now self image as and I'm going to save it here. So now I have to do is open it in our documents get you for doing these. Traditionally, this is a good time. Teoh Work with your markers. For example, if you like to use water colors, you can use your watercolors whatever to we feel more comfortable with. You can still kind of use schoolers for looking for the pallets. That way you can have an idea. Then just have to go look for your markers. Oreo your pains and try to match the colors with the politics, your phone or you can just try it out. Different colors with the colors. You have different palettes with a colors you have. It's totally up to you. So I open it here. So, as always, people have different processes in different ways. Off working. This is how I usually go, but you have another way. Are working then that's fine, too. Just going. Teoh. Make this a bit smaller. Bring it to this side because I just prefer toe. Have it's on my right side. I'm going to add a layer below my Leinart. I'm going to grab my paint buckets. Half this refer other layers option active so that when I use it, I'm going to show you right away, just so you It's going to be painting inside the lines on Lee. It's really nice option to have here. So it's easier and faster to add color. And I'm going t to start picking up this colors and add them to my character. So talk about the poncho being in this greenish tone, the shorts and dark orange. I actually thought about giving another color too this size for simple this way on my switched him and see how they look like No, these yellow for the hair. Let me see if I like. Yeah, I think so. Now, one thing I thought about I know in the way it might not make a lot of sense, but I kind off him having his hair dyed. So that means that the eyebrows and the under shave would have another color. So maybe a dark brown. So I'm trying to go and do that. The images change here this line a little bit, so I'm going to big cure t the blunt, the blonde and make it darker. Yes, I really like it. I don't know. People would die there hairs in material times, right? If I'm not mistaken Vikings would actually do that, so to keep the hair cleaner. So it's not that weird to do it. Okay, I really like how it looks. Now I have. Let's try this for skin tone. I think it's a bit too yellow. So let's try all the because he can't be. His skin can picture lights. Rights is if it's always outside playing, that means he is his under the sun. A lot. Let's try switching out the colors here and see if I prefer them. My thanks. So I still don't think I'm still not a fan off the oranges with the skin tone. So what if we do this and mm, See, I'm trying out different things. What if we add this brown to the shorts? No, I don't like kids. Not sure if I like this is skin tone, but it does look better with the orange here, so coloring for me. Sometimes it can be a bits off a hustle, but it's fun, even though it can take me some time to figure out how I wanted. I think it's really fun. And as you can see, um, the calling isn't perfect right now, which is perfectly find since I want to. I'm just experimenting with its for now. So when I decide for the the final palette for him the final color scheme, then I will colonnades properly. I don't like it, but I'm not sure about the shorts. Some gun tried it the other way around again. Think I like him better this way? What if we change this and make this the hair call? Hmm, Interesting. Very interesting. I think I actually prefer it's this way, and we can also try instead of having these instead of having the yellow we can try, maybe go for darker orange, for example. Yes, it's my work credits would actually it? No, maybe not. Let's go for my two tone. Let's maybe tried going to read so little Pitt's mm. I think this one was my favorite ones so far. Also one thing I might want to try ISS, so I'm going to Kobe my line out because I might want to try to switch out the collar's so we have this time we can try and make the poncho orange and the shorts and blue. Let's let's see if we like that, not worry about feeling everything properly because I just want to see what I prefer that may see. Mm. And I think I liked the 1st 1 better. Now with this second option, I think I really want to go with the 1st 1 So I think I'm going to Philip everything properly and then adding, my be a bit of shadows. Not a lot. Just very simple. As always. Feel free to to try me toe draw at the same time as I do this this way, we are kind of pushing each other into finishing our character. So now it's timeto ads the colors right properly. So I just want to go over everything. You raised the spaces where the color is going out. Feel out what's missing. This is usually a very fast process. It doesn't think a lot, especially that Leinart is very simple, like I did this time. If we had a lot of the details in the line are to toe take a bit longer. Otherwise it's quite first still need to feel out, um, feeling the mosque there and another thing that I wanted to talk about. ISS. If you're doing this for the first time. Well, not for the first time, Really. If when you're doing the character. So we choose on Lee one post here, right? But it can be very helpful to choose more than one post. Mostly because, as you can see, the both that shows doesn't show all the outfits. So if I draw my character in different poses, I can see the outfit working from those views. Right? So right here, I can see. And you can see how the outfit looks like from the front. As I said, I wanted to add some details that I'd like some buttons, and I do that eventually. But yes. Having different sketches in different poses off your character will help you, Wendling the first, the next face off. Our character already had a bit of an idea for Jonah, so I already drew him on my sketchbook in different poses. So I kind of know already what is outfit was. So as I said, I already know how I want him to look like, But you had tried to draw your character in different poses so that you can you know how the outfit looks in the It doesn't need to be perfect. Finished drawings. It can be very sketchy ones. As long as you understand. Uh, what's happening in them? Its own for the nails. There was something like this. I want this for the tongue Is Well, not sure, but I'm going to try either way. Well, yeah, I think we can use it for the I don't want to use more colors. And I need to, So Yeah, I think this is it. So now I'm going Teoh, add a bit of shadows. Not a lot. So I'm going to add another layer on top of this. I'm top of on top of my coloring layers. This one were intercepted as multiply what's wrong? One multiply and then add some conspiracy to it. So, no, all I have to do is speak the color that I have and start trying. See? So now I have here some shadows, but its simple ones I don't want to go overboard with it right now just to add some contrast. So nothingto perfect, actually, Very sketchy. I've been really liking, making the my shadows quite sketchy. I don't really know why, but I like the look likely. That's how I being doing it, so I think I'll keep exploring it. So I think we are done with the skin. So now here, going to add some shuttled to the hair again. Nothing much. This is It's a Is this the same yellow now? But we can actually use it for the shadows here. It's not the Preds. So yeah, I'm really liking how the sketch look is looking here now finally, the poncho. I think I'm going to live in this way. I'm not going, Toe adds. Shadows toe the rest of the brown here. I think it's going to look a bit to years, but I'm caught quite happy with what we have here. And congratulations. You drew your own character. You went through all the steps, and we are. Then we are finally done withdrawing our own character. I hope you had fun and we're not done yet. We're going to the next face, which is drawing a turnaround over characters. So when we know how are care to look, we want to have a reference reference sheets off our character, so we always can come back to it and see how it looks. So we're going to work on that. Talk a little bit about it, and then we're going to draw arson around. So I will see you there. Bye bye. 19. Drawing A Turnaround Of Your Character!: hi and welcome back. I hope you've been enjoying the videos so far and have been creating your killed or a step by step in. This video will be drawing a turnaround of our character or a character design shit. And since I want this process to be as easy as it can be, I'm giving you a PdF with four basis points of view off, a turnaround that I made myself off course. Depending on your character, you have to tweak the proportions and add details and pieces off course. But you have a solid start for your turnaround, so be sure to download that and use it at will. Doing a turnaround is super helpful, since it leads to draw your character in the future more easily in different poses. You have a base reference for each detail that you've added for your character, and you can check it out whenever you want. And this time, Iran especially helpful if you're planning on animating it in the future. I really can't stress enough about how helpful it is, and I always do this whenever I create a new character. So let's get going with it for a very simple. Turn around. You want tohave for different points of view off your character in the standing post. The 1st 1 is a front view with your character staring straight into the camera are fewer. You can draw your characters. You'd like, for example, with the arms open or next to the body if you prefer, but do try to keep it in the standing. Still pose without much movement. Don't forget to add as many details as you'd like. Earrings, rings, hats, small groups on the clothes, things. These are all part of your character turnaround. Once you're done with that, it's time for the side view. Keep the same proportions as the previous point of view and decide on things like the width off arms, torso and more as well as it tells that you couldn't quite see from the front like a backpack, how long the hair is and so on. Use horizontal guidelines to make sure that you keep your proportions and check. These are super helpful. Take your time and don't rush it. The next one of you is the back. This is usually quite easy to do system. Mine shapes are most of the same as a front view. It just needs to focus on the details, off hair and other pieces of coursing. There are different on the back for you. And finally, there's a tree quarters view this'll. One is a bit more tricky and many people don't do it. I totally included here. So the turnaround is repeat more complaints in this view, the character a scene from somewhere between the front and side view. This gives it a more dynamic view, so we have to think more about how the different elements off your character work in perspective. Now I'll be doing all of this in the next video, so feel free to join me there so you can see the drying process and more easily do your own turnaround. So let's get going. 20. DEMO: Drawing The Front View Of Our Character, Jonah: hello and welcome back. So we are almost finished with our character. So we decided their shapes or their proportions. We decided the clothes and finally the color. So everything is shaped up. We decided everything how we want our character to look. So now it's time to do a turnaround of our kids. Or so as we talked about. This is kind off reference sheet for you to have. So when you want to draw your character again, you have you have a drawing off them with all its details and colors, so that you be able to draw them again with the exact centre details. So I don't forget anything. It's fairly common for you to draw the character that you've drawn before, but you'll miss one thing or two, and if you don't want that to happen, you have to be scared of sheets. Of course, this isn't as important. For example, if you want to draw your curtains another outfit, but I don't know, let's say that you've been drawing a lot of things and you don't even remember properly the proportions of your character. So this is what we're going to do now. This part this face can take quite a bit. Usually for me, it's what takes the longest. I usually don't even dough all the poses in one seat because I'll just spend hours and hours in its and I need some rest. So yes, don't You don't need to do this in one seats. You can do one post one day, Then the other day another. Take your time. You there's there's no rush, OK? And if you did a very simple post for civil justice, 10 ist and normal standing post. This part can be easier for you because you already have the body parts or the shapes that you needs. If you went like me, where I did a very dynamic bows, you'll have to take a bids a bit more time to do the shapes. So I'm going to start with the front both and I have here my sketch and my final drawing. So I know the proportions of my character and let it on. I know the closing and the colors, so I'm going to pick up here in my pencil in reds, and I'm going to start drawing so you can draw along with me if you wants. So for now, I don't have. If you saw the templates for the other in the other video, for so the template for the the turnarounds, you'll notice that there's some guidelines in it. I don't have the guidelines yet because I don't have my character standing steel, so I don't know yet where my guidelines will be. So for now, I'm just going Teoh, Draw it, draw Jonah and then I'm going to. When I'm finished with the first pose, I'll draw the guidelines so they will service reference for the next poses. So the neck here I made the neck quite shorts usually like to go for longer necks, so I'm my make it a bit longer here in my final version. Also, you don't need to draw everything exactly as you did on this faces. I mean, you can still change your mind. We eat certain things. So if you do, now is the time for that. That's why it's really good to have a bunch of sketches until you're happy, what with what you have. And then you can be certain what you like about your character and what you don't like and just to your turn around trying to do here the legs. This part off the sketching is going to be a bit messy. That's just how I go about sketched sketching, usually so and again if you're doing these. Traditionally, I recommend you do a lot off sketches before doing the final version of your thing. There's something rich here in the legs, but we'll figure it out later. So if you're doing this traditionally, so let's say you're starting with the front. Oppose. You don't need to start with the front post. Of course, you can start with either pose you prefer. But let's say you start with the front pose like I'm doing here. And you didn't draw your character standing still yet to a lot off sketches because as a sketch out your character, your memorizing those shapes. So when you finally go toe the final one for your reference for character sheets, you be able to do it better. So as you sketches to practice, you'll have you'll be memorizing even you won't even noticed. But you'll be memorizing the shape. So when you go for the final one, you already know what shapes do you want your character to have. So don't be afraid off trying out many times until you're happy with your character. Just so you have a final turn around that you're happy with. So 90 arms with a simple shapes. My character is quite proportional to usual to the usual. I didn't go in a with a very bold roots. Ah, here. But I don't know if I want to see your results and see how bold you went with your characters. If they are if first of all, they have a thin arms and long arms, for example. Ah, some particulars to see what you guys can come up with. Oh, okay. I think I have the shapes. I my to make the legs here a little bit longer, It may see. Yeah, I think so. He has a very long torso to right. So maybe I should do that. Moved this a little bit? Not a lot. I think so. These are the ships that I'm going to be using. And now I'm going to draw a more refiner more detailed sketch on top of this. So I'm sure that everything is in its place. I'm not sure if I should make, for example, the head a little bit bigger. You know how he's not. He's a bit older, right? But for example, Children tend to have, uh oh, they look like they have the head bigger than the rest off the bodies. So I don't know if I shoot Go with that or if it don't make him look too childish. I mean, his almost 13 rights, according to my to the first page that we filled Hiss basically a scene. So I'm not sure if making the head too big make it weird. All right? So I do want his face to be a pitch rounder. This is quite young. So younger people have round the faces, right? He has His neck is a bit thick here, so I'll try to keep that. But I'm not entirely sure if that's something I like. So we'll see. No, Especially with the front view. Since I do this digitally, this will be off course a bit harder to do if you're doing traditionally. But I like to so that I'm sure that everything is proportional. I usually like to go with Sorry. Let me just focus here a little bit But I usually don't drawn sides than copy paste IDs. Flip it's and put it on the other side. Mostly because I want to be sure that everything is in its rights places and it looks proportional and not weird. But this hands is looking so weird his quite shorter fingers. Right? So Okay, something like this. All right, but then this around here now for so as you can see, even though my character is very proportional, the limbs are all in the right places, right? And more or less the right sizes. They're not very realistic. So that's something toe having. It's what we were talking about, right with the anathema. It works. I forgot to so GOP based. Well, yeah. Now, Kobe, no. Based now we do free transform. So control T and now we flip it horizontally and move it to the side. So this is how I usually go, as you can see. So now this way. I'm sure that everything is off the same size instead of being off spending here. Ah, whole day. Trying to figure out why it's his arm. So weird. Why is it so different from the other? This way? I'm sure that everything is in this right place. And I'm very happy with this body shape. I think I ended up drawing the legs a bit shorter than here, but I think I like it. I maybe I can't just move them a little bit, but I'm quite happy with what we have here. This and I'll try to No. Yeah, I like what we have. So I'm going to leave it like this. I'm really happy about it. So Okay, I have the shapes, right? This is going to be these two first sketches are going to be my references for the other poses. So I know the the sizes. And now I'm going to draw on top off this a sketch off the face, the hair and all the clothing. And since I drew my character, But from the side, you can see the whole details off the clothing so that that is something that I have to do right now. So I think I'm going to draw on top. I'm going to hide this one too. So it isn't too. It isn't too confusing. And now I'm going to start drawing, so I'm going to start with the hair. The hair goes upwards right? Could talked about here a bit and we have the pon it'll behind, but we don't see it from here and here we have the brain, right, all right. It's a bit sketchy, but hopefully I'll understand it when we dio dressed. I want a tiny uring. I remember my first sketches of Jonah. I added a nearing, but maybe not. I'm not sure I I want that now. So now for the closing. So we have our potential rights. Let's start with simple shapes. Shapes first. There we have it. No, I saw about the bunch of having, like, buttons thesis all the way down. But at the same time, I feel that the buttons that way are a bit too fancy, so I think I'm just going to keep it very simple. So one button here can you button and then the rest is just tiny lines. So it's been soon together, and that's it. So I think that's gives more off that handmade feel like his mother made it to him and not something that IHS France. You, you know. All right, so the bone show and then finally we have the shorts on church stuck here and go. It's kind of like this, right? And now we have this parts here that off a different color and we have the patch. So we drew it here. That means is somewhere here, and I think we are done with that. I think I kind of wanted the pawnshop it longer, but it's a bit too late for that Now. You find did that you wouldn't see the hands, which will I wouldn't have to draw hands, so that would be cool rights. But it would also be very weird and impractical to use, right, So I won't hide the hands. So, poncho the hair is then Now I'm just missing the face so great to put a bit of a a smirk here and the eyebrows going Very, very confident. Expression not the eyes really knows. And he has some freckles, right? Look, I like that Still not 100% sure about the shape for the heads, but at the same time a squared face. It makes it look like very manly, right? Usually when we see the cultures design off superheroes very strong man, they always have squared heads and Joe and everything. So maybe it makes sense for the kind of character I'm doing. So I think I'll keep it this way for now. So Okay, I think we have everything we need right here. So it's time to do my final lines. So we're going to do a final lines, then coloring, and then we're going to head. Ads are guidelines so I can do the other poses. So, as you can see, this will take a bit more some more time than everything with it so far. But don't worry. I think this is a very fun process. As long as you're just having fun, Just take your time. There's no one behind you telling you to. Come on. You need to finish this right now. This is just for you. So I really don't. Don't be afraid to take your time. So final lines. What are we going to start with? I think I'm going to start with the hair Will. I am not sure we'll see. I think so. But I need to. Okay, so this way both you and I can see better what we're doing. My hands aren't cooperating with me. today. I guess it happens. Sometimes you'll just pick up the facile and things won't go as you want them to. It happens. It's normal. So a metal off continuing. That's why it's so important to warm up like we talked about at the beginning, because as you warm up, your hands will get more used to the feeling off the pan seal and doing lines. So remember what I said about the I like to do one side and then go be placed it and put it on the other side. I think I'm going to do that with some of it. Not all because I really like to have things looking similarly especially for simple. The years usually use it is something that when I draw the look different from each other, and that's not exactly a bad thing. I mean, we're not totally symmetrical, writes we are. It's almost impossible to to be symmetrical. So but for this purpose, for my turn around, I like to have things symmetrical, so I don't know. You don't need to this mind me, just like me being a perfectionist. I wreck Iowa's recommends trying the whole thing, mostly because that way you'll be practicing and I'm sorry, the eyes and I need to focus a bit. But yes, I always recommend drawing the whole thing, because that way you'll practice your practicing ends as to practice. And as you repeat doing things, you learn and you'll start to memorizing those shapes to his eyes. Look like bad, like he's a bad character. I'm not sure I want to go for a confident look, and I'm a bit and sure if it's working. But, hey, I still have time to change things if I want to. So repeat here, Tous one. I think I like this. I'm just going well, no, I don't see raising in redoing. It's a lot of times is normal. I said this once and I say it again. It's normal to do it. It's why I I always prefer going for digital art for, um, my final drawings, because I can erase and repeats over and over until I am happy with what I have Otherwise. If we're doing this traditionally, I don't know, it will just be it a mess. I'm very massive, and I draw traditionally. I don't hate my drawing spreads. It's really messy island to embraced it. But sometimes I prefer to have cleaner drawings. So if it both this shiny here, it doesn't look as spent. Right. But I might have to change something so it doesn't look like a bit to get it. The freckles. Yeah, he looks a bit like a He's a bully, right? So I think I'm going to change the eyebrows. Maybe I'll keep them simple like this Astride. I sort of started drying the Kairos like this. Big circles for the lips. And I really like them. I really like how they look. So I I've been incorporating that a lot in my characters, guys, something like this. I think this looks a bit better. No one boot me nice. I think we're going to try that. You know, when people cut their arose sometimes on purpose, other times because they got wounded. And you know that when you cut yourself on the libro, Uh, the the hair doesn't grow again. So you have this tiny, stunning part of eyebrow that's just skin and no hair. I am trying to do that here. I mean, he's always playing around and inventing new games, so it's more than natural that he will get hurt. Right? So I think I like that. Like this. Yes. Oh, yeah. I think this gives a whole new look to Jonah. So I'm happy with it now. I'm missing the bright here, and I still don't knew how I'm going to to its Is it coming from here? Maybe. So I did. Tree. They're like how? Just changing the IRAs. It changed the feel of my character a lot. Like I want him. He He's the leader. He is very outgoing, but he is also a sweet boy. She's not, I mean or anything. So I wanted translates in his expression. Oh, I really like Hello. The face turned out really happy about it. So now we can move on two of the rest. So go and go with the one. True, I'll start wondering. Well, even with the sketches, I always start with the head and the face, sometimes with the sketches that spend way too much time with the face. But it's always the place where I start with. Do I want to add some detail here to the button. I like something like this. Yeah, I guess so. just a little bit more central. Very simple. I don't need to know. I don't think I want a lot of detail. Arms, The bone show. I wanted to be very simple. Not so I want to copy Paste Tous or Bill. I think I will. Just so everything looks good. So I'm going to do this very quickly. I want to raise this line, but it want to raise. Wouldn't know why. Oh, yeah, It makes sense because I have this thing in two layers now I much them and now I can do it . All right, so the poncho is almost done. Oh, I forgot that we have this two lines here, so I'm going to have to add that. But first, I'm just going to add this This team here, I think that's the world right now. Some I really like to add this kinds off details to the closing of the same way It's jean my gnome. So her head, he has thes wizard heads and its it looks like it's been overused and it's quite old. And so there's some It's mended in some places, and I really like that. I really like doing those kinds off details. I went to leave these lines like this. I like them. I don't like to have everything perfect. I would like to have some kind off imperfections to my lines. Let's say and I want to move the shorts of tiny beats aside enough. Probably going to copy, paste them something like this, maybe make them beat longer. Oh, good. So no need to select them again. Got to the best? Um, not so copy faced control T. And now we flip it and move it to the side. I think something like this. All right, So this part is phase off, care to design. It's all a matter off patients, I think, and having fun with that process. I think this can be very relaxing doing this parts because now I'm at the point sometimes, um, I admit that I don't spend as much time exploring as I should before doing the turnaround. So sometimes it can be a bit frustrating because I don't have everything figured out. I'm still trying out things. For example, the colors. I didn't choose the colors properly yet, so I'm just spending a lot of time with collars until I'm happy with something. But if you already have a new idea or you've done all that we've done so far, So all that exploring is already dance, and now it's time to just sit down and finish your care to do the final, the final version of your character. So I find that part quite relaxing now. The hands usually my worst nightmare, not the worst. The hands can be very fun to draw, but it's definitely not my favorites. I know. Feel free to tell me what's the thing that you like to draw the list. It's very important to know that, because that way you also know what you need to practice the most. Eso because it's important. Even though hands are not my favorite to draw. I know that they are very important in drying characters, so I need to know how to do them. And of course, there's always even though we may already be veteran artists, there's always place to grow and learn to do better. Not sure elected the leg this way. On my move it a little bit. I think something like this makes a bit more sense. I just need to rearrange things a little bit. Have this lines here booking outs. So I think we have mostly. Then I'm just going to closed his lines here. Otherwise, when I'm filling DM feeling with color, the color is going to go outside the lines and I don't want that also here the I'm not okay . I like this better now I'm going to cope it the hand here So they look the same and we'll head to the other side This way. I'm sure there are there in that. It's the hands are in the right place. I usually want to this when im drying my characters. You know, like, imagine I want to draw my character playing or fishing or something like that. I want to this, but I'll do it here just so it looks better for me. So it's more appealing. All right. I think we are done like me. Hide here are just merged these two layers here. Okay. And behind my good, my layers real like it's I just think I want to make the punch a bit wider. Let me see more like this, for example, I think that looks a bit better. Otherwise, I think we can go for the coloring. If you're driving at the same time as I am, and you feel it's you're done with your final lines, then feel free to start calling until I'm finished with this part. You know, I feel that we like to tweak things a lot, but it's also important to know when we're done. We Sometimes we end up thinking that it's a perfect it's not perfect, and we continue to change things until at some point we are over doing are trying and it's important to know when to stop. I'm just really changing this and that sits there is not going to change anything else. I like how it looks. I think it looks very cute. So now it's time to add color. So going to create Alaia Benites my lines. I'm going to write you my not so you know what's happening. I'm I can be Virgie organized with my layers eso a layup needs. It's a normal layer. I'm going to grab my paint buckets and I'm started. I'm going to start to pick up colors and start adding them to its places. We have orange here, then to yellow our skin tone and the IRAs are office color, home it to add it later on. Finally, rest off the hair that we talked about, this just died, and now it's used to the lighter green. I think it's the lighter green. Yeah, and I think I'm going toe Add, uh, yellow to the button. Here. I'll just use my paint bucket toe, feel everything, and I'm going to grab my brush again and feel in the places that are missing. Caller. Just small tweaks. This yellows are different right out there. I want this yellow artist one. I think I'm going to keep the the one that I used for the hair your rights. Here. Tiny periods brush again. I have to add color here. Not the green, too few here. This the things that are grabbing the hair. It's not really although field all the way. I need to feel this fire broke apart as well. Now whites here on the eyes give some contrast to the face. I don't think I'm going to do any shadows on my turnaround that I think I'm just going to adhere. Uh, the color, this color that we used here for the shelves because I think it looks very cute. Yet, See, I really like doing this shadow here on the nose, especially when I'm doing younger characters. So, yeah, I'm doing that now. I need to adhere. Caller to the rest. I might use the same color. The scholar for the males. His nails are always difference. Caller from the skin tone. Right. So all right. Almost done with our first pose. So about yourself in the big since I can't, Uh, because really, this is doing this is already a milestone. All right. I think we are done. Weeds our first pose for our turnaround. So I'm going to just grab all of this, move it here because it's first. It's the front one. And now it is time to do our guidelines rights. So I'm going to add, Let me see. I have this one. So I'm going to go over here. I want to have this one's this to Israel here, just so I know that the guidelines are in the right place. So I did a new layer. Yes, I did, um, going to use what they're going to use a storm of calls, maybe a brown a dark brown. So the first guy line is going to be here, right? Let me just make this a bit smaller. Otherwise, we want to feel the whole bite. Sheen's, uh uh OK, we did. We want to feel our lines to fill the hole pitch since we're going to do a lot of poses. So right here, I'm going to copy places and another one for our feet. So we know where the heads and the feet are Now I'm going to add one where the heads ends. Right now, I can all also make one for, for example, here where the eyes are. And this way I know you guys are here, and this line goes my sister the middle off two years. So I else another positioning after the years. I think these guidelines are a bit, um according to you and how you like toe organize things now, Another one for the bone show here. Yeah, and basically the beginning. Almost the beginning of two hands now and off for hands here. And I want 1 40 end off the poncho. Israel. So I know where the poncho ends, okay? And I think we're only missing one? Yes, here with shorts. And so I think this is It's for guidelines. If I remember. If I see that I need anything else, I'll add them as we go. So guidelines. There we go. OK, I'm going to hide this too, because I don't think we need them anymore. Going to adhere some conspiracy to this. All right, so here we have, it's We've made our first pose off the turn. Iran. I think they went very well. I hope you had fun. And next, we're going for the next post, which is? Well, I'm still not sure. Footing. I think I'm going to do first back one, and I'll explain it. Do you? Why? I'm going to do that. So, yes. Next. We're going to do the bank polls, so I'll see you there. 21. DEMO: Drawing The Easiest View, The Back!: hello and welcome Big. So as I said, even though usually we do also, if you see the template, we have front sides back and then tree quarters rights. But I'm going to do You don't need to do in that order specifically off course. So I'm going to do first the back sides and the reason why is because so we've true the front balls rights. You might have started with another one. And so then maybe remarkable. You can choose where everyone for the next pose. But if you're following me, we did the front balls Now for the back pose, it is that the shares we use are very similar to the front one, right? We just have less details. So I think it's better to do the back posts right away because we already used to that shapes we memorize the shape shapes from drying them just now. So I think it's can be very helpful to draw the back posts first. So, as you can see, we have this and all we have to do is well, drawed is exactly the same, but with less t takes. So I'm going to put here a new layer might hide this. Wandy, I'm going to have this one actually going to hide this. And I'm going to copy the Leinart. Bring it here because the Leinart has exactly this shapes that we want, right? So if a drone top of them, it will be very similar to the other one. So this way and this way, the years not Here goes this. And we have the pawn it so And here we have the here, the shaved part off the hair, the neck. And like I said, we have here tiny bit off the braids appearing Not a lot. But it's there. The HEPA Oh, yeah, the head goes all the way down. Otherwise it's quite weird. Right? So now here the bones shall we don't have It's closed this part here, but the rest is quite similar. So just draw this. You go. So you see it is doing the back poses really fast because we already used to it. Now here we don't see them. Ah, then I forgot. Yes, that the tongue. I'm sorry. Words ing I forget the words in English and times we actually see is little finger. Now here. It's also the shapes are mostly the same. The only thing used, for example, we don't see this patch, and we can change the this details bit because they are different, right? They're not the same as before, and not finally the legs. So they're ago. As you can see, it is very simple because, for example, don't have toe draw the face, so it makes things a bit easier. I'll have toe fix the hands when I'm doing the final. I'm going to raise this one when I'm doing the final version. But as you can see, this is, it's so since we already have the front view, we can just either by our hands already memorized the shape so you can just draw them again . Or you can just, like, copy the first this first trying you did drawn top off it and you have the back for you. I think it's just easier to do this one also, since since it's faster so it's kind of, Ah, doing like a pause off address isn't just something that it's simple and you're not focusing as much. So you're resting a little bit from that focus that we do when drawing But of course you don't need to follow the exact same exact same order that I'm doing. I recommend you do so just this time. Since you do sing the videos and doing at the same time or watching and doing afterwards, it can be a bit helpful, right? But for future drawings off your characters, you can choose which order you want. We have different ways off working and figuring out how we want things to look like. So cure. Tiny point. It'd monetary l need to re raise its too big. I need to go closer and race the race here some minds and not withdraw the rest off the heads. And, of course, I think it's always good to Dio quite a lot of sketches off each view a lot. Well, I don't need Teoh feel up a whole page with each view unless you want it. Of course, feel free to do so. But I think it's good Teoh like I don't know tree for five sketches off which view so that you get used to it. So you you have everything figured out because sometimes and also so you you get usedto look at them because I feel it. Sometimes when you draw present, I draw my carrot in front of you, right, and I'll do that a lot of times, and I'm used to looking at its that way. Then, at some points, I'll try to draw my character from the sides, and it's well look so weird because I'm not used to looking at them. So I feel that if we do some sketches, even is if it's just for us to get used at looking at a car at our character in different positions. Because sometimes I feel when I do the turnarounds off a character and I haven't run my character in many poses, I look at them, for example, from the side I'm like, This is the same character. I'm not sure this is the same character, so it is goods to practice a few times. I will have to go do some sketches, so I have added everything rights. And so it makes sense. And of course, it's us always good to go draw our characters multiple times, so we get used to them and we're drying the characters for that, right? We're making getters so we can use them in our stories, in our illustrations. And of course, even if you're doing this, this final turn around, it doesn't mean that some at some point your character won't change. It is normal toe happen. We Jor characters in different situations. We go with its story and well, either the story progresses and your structuring your character differently because their started changed, too. Or just because you felt that some things that don't make sense for Kirton anymore and you change how those things will look and that's normal. You don't need to stick with this design forever. Even when we're watching cartoons, characters change rights. We see a lot of times that characters end up having at some point in their story, they will change how they look because they've grown this well, the story. And yes, I'm going to leave the hands for later. Probably the last things I know this not, but I like to. So for a t end when I haven't figured things out yet. Well, okay, I am going to try. I need to set a good example, right. So I'm going to do the hands after this bit of shorts here. All right, so hands something very simple. So since you're seeing the hand from another view, we have toe draw them accordingly, right? So, as I said, we don't see the thumb this time We see, uh, the other side off the hands. Also, I feel like so we we talk about proportion and NASA. Me, I feel like these hands are not. They don't go with realistic proportions. And I like that This hands I think that that it's hence and next that I don't really follow realistic proportions. I like to draw them very differently. So, for example, for next, I like to go for very long necks and for hands, depending on the type of scared. So, for example, resemble Gene writes. So she said gnome. She's very tiny, and for that reason I draw her hands that the hands and the arms very, very small and thin if you noticing in the drawings that I have over her hands are always very tiny, and you like the way that drew her hands. On the other hand, for example, for bring this she has she's a dwarf, so her proportions are very different. Ah, then Jean So her hands, for example, are quite the opposite. Her hands are very big, very thick. And I really like them off Israel. Um, so yeah, I think that's even though hand hands are sometimes not my favorite part to draw off the Bali. I go very, I think, to go very well with them. Well, not Wildwoods. I can tell it was me who draw them. You know, it's part of my style. So feel free to explore those things. How you like to draw certain parts of the body and incorporate those in your characters. You already have your own style. Everyone has their own style, even though we don't really, really realize it. But if you like to draw something in a certain way, do incorporate that in the drawings. Don't be afraid to do that. And all right, I think we are mostly done. So it's time to add color. Now I have already, like, hundreds layers. Okay, we're done now. Now, I totally forgot about something, and I think I should mention that is so when you finish the turnarounds of our character, we're going to have thousands of layers, right? So Ellis like to organize them into folders, for example, with deeds the front one. So I'm going to add here a new folder puts these two layers on it, and there we go. Now I know where the front is, and then I do the same for the next one. So this one is the back. Do you? So I would add here, I'm going to add sketches, railing. It's and I'm going to name it sketch, because if I don't have a lot off players, I don't really bother with organizing them this way. But when I have a lot off them, well, then, at that point, we really need toe. Have to have some organization there. Otherwise, it's going to be very, very confusing. So now I have here the first shapes ideas, and I'm going to make a folder for them. So I know where they are. Shapes. So this way, if I need to check Jonas Shapes, they are here. I'm going to hide them from now and now. Finally, I'm going toe ads color, and I'm also going to mention something about color. But I'm just going to at everything and then we're going to talk a bit about that just feeling in that it loosely and then we'll add details. Okay, So what? I want to talk about color East we have here are colors, right? And I feel that we should have a layer just with the colors a little. So we have a place to to go and pick them whenever we need. Yell off the shorts, the orange off the shorts I'm going to at this. I'm going to put them kind off in order. But off course, you can have them organized differently. For example, you can just have, like, tiny arrows and adding the colors that switches off colors. But it's always good to have them are the nice or in the place. So you no. What colors are you using? So there we go. We have our colors here, Maria, leave them here. So now we always have our colors to peak. Whenever we need them, you can make something more organized for simply can do some squares. You can write the codes off the colors, for example, as I said, each artist as their ways off organizing themselves. So see what works better for you character sheets or character turnarounds. The artists will, for example, pick. So for the head, the head we have, they have, like a little skim with in the head. We have this town, this town and this one for here. We have this and this. You can do that as well. So you know, tiny squares pointing. So this Dan we have is with the with the green. So it's totally up to you how you want to organize the colors off your characters. I live it about a simple Judaism circles there. It's not the prettiest, but it works. But if you wanted to look prettier than hell fitted this so it is also helpful. Toe have the colors this way. Just so if you want to draw for simply tomorrow, I want to draw my character with markers. Aiken, go look here and see what I have similar to the scholars and the right to secede. So, IQ, As you can see, this was very simple. Now, just not the stats we drew here. This part off the pun sure beats too high. So I'm just going to move it. But we are mostly done, and, as you can see, drawing the back view off the character can be very simple. It also depends on the amount of detail we you put on the clothes. But that goes for any of you. Really? Okay, so this story and I'm going to calls here the line. All right, so there we have it. Now, I'm just going So the back few is supposed to be the surgery on, right? So I'm going to move it here a little bit to the side. So we have space for the side. Feel right here. So this is it for No, I hope you had fun. And next, we're going to draw the side view, so I'll see you there. 22. DEMO: Drawing The Side View Of Jonah: hello and welcome back. So we drew the front view than the back. And now we're gonna go for the side view, not the side view can be a little bit harder, especially coming from our front view and back for you, since the shapes are very similar. And then we jumped with sudden view. Where are shapes are going to be very, very different. So I usually recommend you to start with, just do some sketches on the side view, so get used to those shapes or you decide on the shapes. Because maybe you haven't run your cards in the side view yet, So you don't really know the shapes. So just go with basic shapes at first, like I'm going to start now, then a more detailed, scared sketch. And when you feel ready, when you think that you have, you have the shapes that you want. Then you can draw the final version. So just spend some time. It doesn't. It doesn't need to be a lot like 20 minutes just doing this basic shapes until you feel that you're happy with what you have. So I'm also starting with basic shapes. I moved here this layer off the the shapes that we did so I can get myself through it. And I also have here the first trying with did on my serve you because this is on a side position. I can see some of his shapes. So I needs this line here for the nose. All right, so we know where the nose is going to touch. It goes here, stand up and not here. Something like this. Yep. Oh, good. The eyes are going to be in this lying, right? This is the line that we did. So I'm just doing basic shapes now, So I'm not going to draw the hair and on the eyes just figuring out where everything is going to be. And the ships off the body on the side who So the year this line goes like, how foot through the years. So something like this, not the nick. Something like this is enough now for the body we have here kind of a bean shaped right. So let's to draw that bean. The waistline goes to this line. So this is why the guidelines are very important and useful, because now I know where everything should be in that control accordingly. All right, so we have two or so is I think it's more. I think the torso is a beads larger here. Right? Then what we have right now. So something more like this. Okay, again, Maybe raised here so you can understand better the size of the torso. So now we have here the spots of discos up here, something like this, and not we have the legs. So the legs we have the legs are based senior rights on doing them a bit too big. Something like this may be I'm very miss you in sketching, So don't befriend afraid of being messy with your sketch. Some people have very clean sketches, and that's us. Also fine. Maybe it's even easier are better because then you can see things more clearly. But it's also fine if you're very message as long as you understand what you're doing. And you can do your drawing rights attend and as long as it works for you. Of course, we all have different ways off working and figuring things out. So I think the head might be a bids bigger. Then the rest of the boy, like me is amounts. It probably is. So I might have to resize this part a little bit, But first, I'm going to draw here the arm. So the arm, the shoulder starts on this line. So it goes this way. Then we have our hands. So now we have to resize the head here. And also, I think the the neck a little bits. So I'm going toe. Okay. I like it like this monologist. The tiny bits. Let me just see the positioning. I think this is it. I'm might I want to move the arm a little bit. It's a bit. It's too much to the left. All right? Or fit. So we have our basic shapes. Just move it a little bit. I think I'm going to tilt to the lids a little bit. All right? Okay. I like it. So no, that we've done our basic shapes, Remember, Feel free to repeat your basic shapes as much as you need. We're going to draw or the our sketch. So we're going to draw the face, the hair and the closing and and other accessories or details that the character might have . I'm just going to come up over here and the legs section seems like it's falling a bit, So I'm just trying to Yep. So one good thing about trying the side view, he said, At least we're just going to have to troll when I one year, one arm and one leg. So that means you don't have to worry as much about the symmetry off the trying like we did on the front, Few in the back. Few What? I always Scobie base. So I was sure that everything was symmetric here. We don't have to worry so much about that. So going to start here, right? The face, not the ear Right here. Now, 40 I, when we draw, arise from the front. We have usually this shape, right. This is the ship that we usually have unless you're going for a more style, stylistic way like I'm doing here. But usually it's this way. Even if I'm doing this version, we have this shape right. However, when we draw the eyes from the side, we have another kind of shapes off resemble. For doing this style, we have a cone shaped like this, and the same goes when you're drawing in the more stylistic way you're going to help do it . The D I doing a bit more off a cone shape, Not as round the shape needs to be different. So it's not as weird. Unless, of course, your style is a bit more abstract. Maybe the same doesn't happen. Maybe you can draw the eye. Um, with the same shape. Of course. This all depends on the styles you're going for. I'm going to draw here the hair. Let me see where the monitor the monetarily is. Something like this, I think. Right. Going to try here. Bit of the smile. Now, as we talked about the I and our eye, bro, I'm gonna need to change your the head a little bits. Foods too weird right now. So let's try that again. I'm getting from this drawing the freckles and, of course, the braid. So the price goes up to here more or less so, and they have tree bids off separate. So, uh, something like this. All right? So far, so good again. This part of the sketch is still very message for me. I will only have a cleaner look. Once I started doing the final lines now for the phone shoe. So the I'm going to draw a line for the poncho as well, Just so I'm sure what it is. But if you notice I think the back off the palm trees that goes higher. So you see, So the back off the poncho goes up through here and the other goes down, they're perfect. Now, as for the arch here, so we have that the front is longer than the sides, right? So we have to have that into account when we drawing. So the sides go up through here rights. Don't forget the buttons. So let me shake where the button ease is right in this line. So button right there. And now we do the same here. We can't forget that bunch of has two layers. So something like this course I'll fix it when we do the funnel version. And finally we have our shorts rights. I think I'm doing them a bit to be something more like this. Like me raised this lines here. All right, now this line goes in this direction. So I have to be careful and do it in the same direction. We can also just make your online, okay? Just so we sure that it's in the right place, and here you can see a bit off the punch on the other side. Now, just to seems in here that bad, showing up a little bit. It's not a lot. Just a little. And I think, Well, we're just missing here withdrawing this leg, but the same that we had before. So I think this is it for our sketch and like, it's majestic. Look at it. Maybe just making the body a bit wider. Not a lot. But you're something like this. I think maybe I even want to make the point. You here open up a bit more so going over here because it's big rides and maybe I want toe . I think I want to show that how big and come fetus. Actually, I think, Yeah, I think this might be better. So it goes on the front, it goes very wide, but at the back, it doesn't. So yeah, I think doing this changed the local lots, and I think it looks much better. Yes, I love it. I think this did wonders to the drawing, so yes, I think this is it. I'm really happy about it. Let me just see if I move t I bits to the left. If I like. It's more on if it's just to be just so I have, I think so. I think we can just So we have a bit more space for the freckles here, but otherwise I really like it. So now I'm going to hide here the shapes that we did at first and I'm going Teoh, give some conspiracy to the sketch, and now I can start doing online work. So again, as always, this is this for me. I really enjoy drawing the line, especially when it's digitally, because traditionally I'm practicing. That's butts. It's snowing here what I can do digitally. But I think it's very relaxing to do, since you have the option to repeat the line. So okay, I did this line. I don't like it's go back. I'm going to draw it again. But I also think that it's important toe practice doing someone our digital, you know traditionally, because that way you're learning to do things right. It's the first line. So what I mean by do this is like I said. So when you're doing this digitally, you have the space for mistakes, right? However, when doing, it's traditionally you don't. Mistakes will happen off course, but you can't fix them as easily. So I think that practising both is very good. If you're just starting to learn how to draw and you don't really feel confidence about your skills, then maybe sigh first. Going with digital art, I think that you don't need to have both skills right away. I can tell her that my skills, my traditional skills, are not as good as my digital skills, and that's fine. You might not even like toe work traditionally, or you don't have the money to buy the tools. So not less of an artist. If you're using digital and not traditional, and it's all up to your what you like to work with, I like bulls. I think both can be fun, but I prefer the final results off my digital art out the spreads. I didn't like how the great came out and, of course again, if you are indeed working traditionally, don't forget to practice your shapes as much as again before going for the final version just so you're sure that you're drawing is going toe end up as you wanted toe. And remember that you can do this week, whatever to you, like I mustn't doing this digitally because it's also easier to recording to show you. But that doesn't mean that you have to do it digitally as well as I mentioned before. It's good to do this way. It's first. If you're just starting to draw your own characters first, do with the tools that you're more used to. Since you'll. It will be easier for you because if you're doing this with a tool that you're not used to , well, you might get a bit frustrated because you're also learning the tool at the same time. Rights. And that can always be a bit frustrating because things might not end up as you want them to. You're learning too much things at the same time. If you want to learn a new tool, then off course. I'm not saying that you can't draw some characters. Feel free to do so, But if you want to have like a final final version of final clean version off this, maybe it's better to start with the tool that you're used to. This is most really to avoid any kind of frustration. But if you're having fun while learning the till then doing in new character well, feel free to do so. All I want is for you to have fun when learning and trying, because that's the most in the most important step in drawing. Really, if we do this and we're frustrated, we get angry at her art. Jesse's are we're not going to have the results we want. And I think this goes for everything rights. And of course, don't be afraid to repeat your minds as much as you need. You see me doing this a lot. Just do the lines until you are happy with them. Well, now I can't do this because I already I drew that the layers showing up from the back view right so deadly it has to show up from the back here as well. I will see about this kind of details later on. Now we talked about it. We talk about it being seen from the other side. So I'm going to do that as well. All right now I have to raise this tiny line here, perfect going to be honest, even though I think that hands is something that I need to work a bit more, I like drawing them weirdly. Know what I mean? Just see, I feel that they repeat to bay. So short fingers, right? That's what with this sides decided with hands. Hence for me, I think like sometimes I would draw them very sketchy, and the others will draw them. I'll spend more time in them. I think it also depends a lot on the The characters that I'm drawing are even the poses. If the poses. If the polls. If the hands take a big part off the post, then I'm going to spend a lot more time and on them because they are a big part off the drawing. They are important for the drawing. If they're not, then I'm going to be very sketchy about them. So the line here almost done with our side view, at least the the Leinart part. When the finished we can collar, it's and the coloring is very simple. In this case, so and now the leg and then we are done keep the same kind of shape that we have so far. I think it's something like this. So now we can hide our sketch and see how it looks. I like it. I think it looks good. So now we can re like, especially the heads. Think it's my favorite part. So now we can draw, Don't know. We can call her everything up. So I'm going to hide here. My guidelines just because when I'm coloring it once interfere. So again I'm going to do like we did before. I'm going to pick the colors and start feeling in on the right places. Okay, I think that's all. The colors are missing the shadow in the face, but at that's afterwards, we can now show the good ones again and we can start filling in the blanks again. I think this this spot is also very relaxing. It just feeling in and finishing our care to. Don't forget to post your work. I'm really curious to see what you can come up with. I think that it's going to be very interesting up. Show me sketches and the whole process, really. So from drying the character or writing about the character so that the first part that we did, which was right in the back story and the personality. Show me those sketches just drawing that you deeds everything. I really want to see your process as well. Maybe you'll you'll do it differently. Me, you. Maybe you do it in an other order. You don't need to do the same order that ideas. I don't know. Maybe there's something that you prefer to do differently, and I'm curious. See, it's if you have any questions. As always, feel free to ask. I'm here to give you feedback and to help you in anything you needs when drawing. So don't be scared or or feel shy about it. Just ask me anything. I'll try to help me and give feedback on your work. And I'm really curious to see what characters can you come up with. Or even you already have a character, and you want to to make them better, to draw them better. And I want to see them. I want to meet your ghetto, so don't forget to post your work. I really want to see it for the eyes. As you can see, I always will do it very simply, I keep your eye, draw the eyes as in black. And then I just had then Dwight behind. It's just so it's not doesn't get confused with the skin for me. I think it looks weird. Some people like to have the white, the same color as the the skin. It's a matter of style off course. I'm not fun off my drawings. Netware So But if you like it, we all have different styles and different ways of working. So all right, let me go back. Tiny bits. Oh, I'm really happy about him. He looks really cute. I think he has a I go. He looks cuter and cuter, like John. I'm really happy about our character. Our mask. It's off. This cares a design class. I think he's doing very well. Okay, so I think this is it for the side view again. Take as much time as you want with this. If you're not used, for example, for me, I don't know why, but I didn't very rarely draw my Gethers from the soil. So for me, it is harder sometimes. And I always feel like they look a bit weird when I draw them from the side. I'm really happy how this one turned out. I forgot about here. A tiny thing about study thing here. Feel free to take some more time. Just take all the time. Indian until you you're happy with your drawing your character. And when you're done, we're going to go toe the tree quarter view, so I'll see you there. 23. DEMO: Drawing The 3/4 View, The Hardest One!: All right, welcome back. We are here again. We are almost done with our character. All we're missing now is drying the character in the tree quarter view. No, I understand that this you might be a beat more scary than all the others. But we can do this as always. By finding the basic shapes, we can figure everything out and the drawing will become much more easy. So I'm going toe. I think I'm going to hide here the back just so I can see the shapes better as I do the basic shape. So we're going to start like always. We're going to start with basic shapes first and the sketch and then line out again. If you don't know yet the shapes for your character in the 3/4 view, then try to do some some sketches off the basic shapes. And then when you're ready, you can go for the sketch. And finally the final version. As always, I start with head. We have the circle here, but this time it goes this way right, because we are trying the character from the site goingto have the eyes here could maybe go a bit more you had. So which is to raise any two days here? This and this and this. All right, so we have the neck here and now for ther. Soon we draw our usual pin. If it helps him when drawing the A character in the tree Court review, you can draw the shapes with them more of a treaty look. So, for example, like this, you know, like this can help a lot and understanding better where the character should be or where each shape should be. So if this helps you, are you afraid to do so? And if you're not, let's say that this is the first time a drawing your cared a character in the tree quarter view, or you're just not confident enough in your skills and drawing a person the tree quarter view, then try to take again. References are very important, so I recommend using references. As always. One thing that you could do, for example, is else, since sometimes you might not find the exact pose that she wants the pictures of yourself in the tree quarter view, or ask someone to take some pictures of yourself and print owes or open them in your software of choice and drawn top off the poses. Draw the the shapes that you see on top of the person. Go over the picture and draw first t the torso so rectangle for the floor. So the legs, everything, the circle in the head, the line of action. The line of action is very important so that that way you can understand better how to draw . And which shapes do you need to draw a character and a true quarter view? I think that's very helpful. It's not shooting your learning with it, so do not be afraid off doing it. If you're using the template that I gave you, for example, feel free to feel afraid to draw on top repeats those shapes to learn. I think it's also good exercise. You can use the the templates to practice, UM, 3/4 poses. Just the summary draws off the pose until you are used to it. I did the temper to help you, but you can also try and make your own or use it to make your own. So it's eloped to you. I did it so you can use it as you wish. I think this is it for? Did I put things in the right place? Yeah, I did know why. It feels like the next Really big right now. And the wastes, the torso look small, but I think that's just's the perspective or something, because everything is in the right places. So we have our basic shapes here. Just going to change here, this arm a little bit, I think. Just submit to tilt it. I wanted to bait. No. All right. Just fixing, I think to before we jump to the skitch. So now for a sketch. I'm going now. Toe hides here. Where are they? Shapes this shapes. I'm just going to go over here. I think this part is good. Just want toe. Okay, Now I'm going to bring We can stop hiding the bag here, but our will hide it. Either way, I'm just going to bring ah the front view here to the side so we can see it better so we we can see what everything is. So I'm going to get some conspiracy here, a new layer on top, and now we're going to draw our sketch. So, as always, I'm going to start with hair looses its in side who we have a different view of its. But I have a here and face the year again. This line goes like health for the year and the brave goes somewhere here and thence here. So braids tree bits off braves and then we have the end of its all right, something like this on like kids. Now the knows I'm going to do a line for the nose again. Just so I I'm sure what it is And here for the mouth as well. The eyes, we know they're here, so let's we can draw them already. So since it's a 3/4 view, the eyes goto one side off the face that may start with something else. Maybe middle is here. So I rose here and here. It's not perfect right now, but it gives me, ah, a good idea off the positioning and why? But I feel like the face or the heads is smaller, so I think I'm going to read to this side of it a bit better, and I'll fix it once we have. Once we do the final lines, I think he is going a bit too high as well. All right, so we have to snow the punch. You let me see where we had the line for a contract right here. Sounds goods again. You have to make its go bit. The button is around here, right? And now we control. So it goes up to here and then here, right here. It does curve. We see it. Go behind the arm. We have the other layer. Now here we have those, this thing's again. So you have cross two lines. Another cross and two lines tilt. It's all right. I'm still not 100% happy with the face there, but I think we'll fix it. When? During the final lines. So now we have here the shorts they go up to here, right? Usually bigger than the legs or wider. Then the legs. All right? No. Here we have the lines off the shorts, the much the birch once again. Here, here, the this foot looks isn't a different perspective. And this one ISS on the same as we've been doing so far. All right. So not all you're missing is the hands. Okay, I have the sketch. I don't think I'm going to do much more to the sketch right now. And now we can do our final lines US and conspiracy. Here I hit the shape layer and you vector layer on top. I've mentioned this before. I usually use better lives for my Leinart because I can scale up and down did the lines. I can change him. I can do whatever I want and I'll never lose the quality off the lines. So since sometimes has had draw, I change my mind on some things and I need to move them around. I don't want to lose the quality of my line, so I always use vector layers so we can start now. Now is the time that we just going to relax control calmly repeating on lines as much as we need. This is the same as before. I think this is if you like to do that. This is a great time for you to draw along with me because you look wlan, everything you had to learn, really? So now it's time to just relax and do your own thing. The hardest part is always making sure that the eyes match the Aurora at the same sighs. I'm going to do the shiny. And here, another one here. I think the eyes are looking much better than they did on the sketch. That school, it means I don't need. Teoh changed him and spend an hour just trying to draw the eyes as I like. It's looking like I'm going to spend maybe one hour trying to show the mountain as I want. So this is a problem off. I could have drowned the mouse if I've done the months normally, it will be just like this. But since I put it, I drew a smirk. I need to draw that's mark here as well. I mean, go back a bit. Just so I feel like the eyes are not on the same line. So I need to move this one little bit. Maybe even resize it. Civets. See, this is better. Maybe even a little bit, I think lets you know. I think this looks better. I'm drawing the 3/4 view and even the side view in this direction, because that's what we have in a template. So it's a way that way. I'm doing the same as you're going to do it for following the template or the class, but I feel that's that way. We're kind of missing some details for simple smart. It's not the same thing, and we don't have the cuts on the IRO showing up, either. But that's really my fault, since I decided to make all the details on that side off the face. So that's on me into ritual de eyes and the most so one I I'm not to come drying the Iaw bits too much toe the left, and I need to fix it. As you can see, this is another reason why it schools to practice trying your character in different positions so you don't have any problems when drawing them in other circumstances. Not happy about this I yet. So we're going to We have to do that again. So, yes, something like this again. Sadly, we don't see the the cut on the IRA. We'll set about it, but we do have the front view off our character with that detail, so that's nice. See if you feel like you have a lot of trouble drying the tree quarter face, it's normal. I have some trouble sometimes as well. So but I think I like how it's stunning out. I love the freckles. I love reading freckles to my characters. I know that Maybe I should starts or I shouldn't. Shouldn't adds freckles to all of my characters, The dis acute. I wish I still had freckles as well. Patil Gone? I don't know why Harris done. I'm happy with it. Now. I like. Let me just check where the Pony Tillis around there. Because a bit upwards, doesn't it? So maybe I need to. It was something like this. All right, so now we have the brakes. I think I make the bright, bigger and bigger as I go. And now the end of the bride is Go somewhere here. All right. I'm just going to erase any line that overlaps. I like him. His cute. I'm really happy with the character that we came up. Wait for the class, our mascots off the class. I think that's how Jonah will always be reminded. Actual forgot to add one thing to him, which is a fishing pole. He should have a fishing pole and bits too late for that right now. I want add it. But if I ever draw him again. I'll be sure to draw him with a fishing pole. The pawn show. I really like his school thing. Overall, I'm happy with the character that we can came up with also about to turn around. I kind of forgot to mention this, but you don't need to do the whole turnarounds in one day. Okay? Usually, when I draw the turnaround of a character, I spend a lot of time in it. So a draw, one or two views, and then I'll rest. I'll stop for the day, and I'll continue to turn Iran's the next day because it's just too tiring to draw the whole thing. Especially if you're drawing obits. Ephedra slower, for example. Like I said, I think I do spend a lot of time in the turnaround shoes, so I'm sure that everything is right. And of course, you should never spend long Or you shouldn't be trying for long periods of time. So be sure to be careful and not overdo it, just to start with the front view and maybe even to the back three assists. It's very similar, and then the other day do the side view. If you feel that tired from the turnaround. You can go draw something else even, and the next day you can finish your turnaround. And even with during that, even doing one or two poses in a day, be sure to pause between both views because you don't want to. Over use your hands and your wrists. We're going to start to get some pains and even injuries, so always be sure. Toe thick, some minutes in between drawings. So let's say that you're trying for an hour. It's time to stop for a bit and take a 10 minute polls on an hour ago. Have a class off water walk around the house. A little bits. It's, um, snakes, because sometimes when you're drawing, we forget toe. We forget to drink water. We forget to eats. We don't know what being hungry is because we're just to focus on the try ing's, and we don't want that that spent for us. So once you feel that your back is turning into a smile, that's a good time to to take a few minutes and rest. Your shoulders are close to your years. That's a good time to pause. Take a few minutes and then you can come back again. I think we're done with the poncho. So now it's time for the shorts Now, another thing that you might notice is when I raise here in clips studio I touched the the raising a line and it will deletes that line. That's because I have system using the vector layer for lines I select here Victory Razor. And that means that I have this option. Well, it what? It really raised the line up through the intersection. This just makes it easier toe erase. Speak shanks offline. You might have notice. It's other times I've used a normally razor without this option selected to re raise bits after trying. So it always depends if I'm trying to erase some kind off detail are if I'm if I just want to get rid off a line. So if you're saying quips study, this is a very handy option if you're interested in it. Oh, good. Now we are missing here the hands. So here the hand is turned, tow us. So I think, yeah, it's only the legs that were missing. Now and then we can color our character, and then we are done. Can you imagine all the steps that we went through and we ended up with the full character drawn in different poses? I think that's amazing. So you should be very happy about yourself. Once you've finished, the less lines or the less coloring, you can pat yourself in the back. Actually, I think you should put yourself in the back each time you finish one off the videos because it's amazing work that with we did here. All right, I think we are done at me. Look at him. I like it. I think the head is a bit too big. So I think I'm just going to very quickly resize that I should have noticed before. So now we can call her Jonah. So I'm going, as always to hide here. The guidelines and you'll a would be low my lines. And now with the paint back it, as always, I'm going to pick and feel I forgot the line here. So let me do that before Forget. So here we have the phone shoe and now we can continuing toe add color. So at this point, you already know the process off this part, fix everything that needs fixing afterwards with my brush. Um, I can feel everything that is missing color. All right. Perfect. We are missing something. This my favorite part off the drawing I really like. It's And this is it. We are done. We did a great job. Congratulations. You did your own character. This is it. We have all the poses here. I hope you had fun. Don't leave yet. I still want to talk with you. A tiny bits and I'll see you soon. 24. Conclusion And Jonah Has A Message For You!: Hello and congratulations. You finished the course. And if you've been following all the videos, you shall have your character created and even have a turnaround. Be proud. Don't worry. If this is not the case, just take your time. Watch to feed. Use as many times as you'd like. They're not going anyway. So did you learn a lot? I really hope so. And I'm glad you've taken the time to improve your drawing and care to design skills. Do consider living a review that will help me a lot. So it helps me keep going and provide new upgrades and courses for you. Also, if you need any help, want to give specific feedback or have any questions? Feel free to message me here. I'm always trying to improve and I love helping my students out. Now feel free to post your character drawings and process. I'm looking forward to seeing what you can come up with, so don't be shy. And remember, you've got this. Keep on drawing and I'll see you soon.