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Building Structures in French - Structure 1

teacher avatar Kieran Ball, Learn a language in 3-minute chunks

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      French Structure 1 Introduction


    • 2.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 1


    • 3.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 2a


    • 4.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 2b


    • 5.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 3a


    • 6.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 3b


    • 7.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 4a


    • 8.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 4b


    • 9.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 4c


    • 10.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 5a


    • 11.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 5b


    • 12.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 5c


    • 13.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 5d


    • 14.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 5e


    • 15.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 5f


    • 16.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 6a


    • 17.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 6b


    • 18.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 7a


    • 19.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 7b


    • 20.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 7c


    • 21.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 7d


    • 22.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 7e


    • 23.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 7f


    • 24.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 8a


    • 25.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 8b


    • 26.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 8c


    • 27.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 9a


    • 28.

      French Structure 1 Chapter 9b


    • 29.

      The Happy Linguist


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About This Class

The whole of the French language can be broken down into several different structures. If you take any sentence from any French book or any utterance, you will see that it fits into one of these structures.

I remember one weekend, I was writing some lessons for the week ahead, when I suddenly realised this. I noticed that there are a certain number of structures in French, and that every sentence follows one of these structures. I spent the rest of the weekend working out all the structures, and I wrote them all down.

Every structure you learn gives you the ability to say a huge amount. Some structures are used more than others, but all the structures together make up the whole French language. Once you’ve learnt how a structure works, all you have to do is insert different words into the slots and you have a sentence.

This course introduces you to structure 1. I’ve limited each course to one structure so as not to overburden you. By looking at just one structure at a time, you can really get to grips with it and understand its usage. It will help to clarify the French language and make it more like a reflex rather than something you have to think about as is it were a maths equation.

Each structure can also help to propel you to fluency; if you can manipulate the structures at high speed, you can start to say anything you want without having to thing about how to say it.

This course contains plenty of practice opportunities for you to revise what you’ve learnt and it also contains some hints and tips on how best to learn and memorise the structures and the vocabulary that goes with them. You’ll learn how to make questions out of structure 1, how to make statements and how to turn positive statements negative.

The Building Structures in French series is set out using the same learning techniques as the 3 Minute French courses. You can work through the course in three minute chunks, enabling anybody to learn French, no matter how little time you have.

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Finally, if you want to explore the French language even further, I have some French grammar courses available. I’ve used the same method in these courses as I have in the other courses, so hopefully you’ll find them fun and interesting

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kieran Ball

Learn a language in 3-minute chunks


Hello, I’m Kieran and I’m a language tutor based in the UK. I have created a series of online courses that you can use to learn to speak French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. (I also have some English and math courses)

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1. French Structure 1 Introduction: Boesel a V Avenue. Hello and welcome to building structures in French structure one. I'm Karen Andi. I'm a language to two based in the UK, And I wrote this course to help you, to learn to speak French. The whole of the French language is made up off a number of structures. I remember one weekend I was writing some lessons for the week ahead. When I suddenly realized this, I noticed that there are a certain number of structures in French on that every sentence follows one of these structures. I spent the rest of the weekend working out all the structures on. I wrote them all down. Once you know what all the structures are, you can begin to learn them. Every structure you learn gives you the ability to say a huge amount. Some structures are used more than others. Andi. All the structures together make up the whole French language. Once you've learned all the structures or you have to do is insert different words into the slops on. Do you have a sentence? These structures also helped to propel you to fluency. If you can manipulate the structures at high speed, you can start to say anything you want without having to think about how to say it. You can use this building structures. Siri's as courses in themselves, but you can also use them as references to go over what you've learned. As I said, each structure enabled you to say a huge amount. So I've limited each course to one structure, so as not too overbearing you by looking at just one instructor at a time, you can really get to grips with it and understand its usage. It will help to clarify the French language. Andi, make it more like a reflex rather than something you have to think everything through like it's a math equation. Before you start this course, let me share with you an extremely handy learning tip that helped me to progress quickly and effectively in language learning. When most people start studying for anything, they didn't. They tend to spend the first day or two string for hours and hours on, get through loads of work. However, very quickly this begins to dwindle. You might feel like spending hours studying French, which is great, but you want that feeling of motivation to continue. But it won't continue. If you actually spend out with studying, limit your stood a time to just chunks off three minutes no more. If you limit your studying to just three minute chunks, there are three things that will happen. Firstly, your maintain enthusiasm. If you want to learn anything, you have to maintain enthusiasm or else you won't continue. If you limit your three time to just three minutes, you'll keep French fresh and exciting and you'll be eager to learn. If you spend hours studying very quickly, you'll get bored with French Andi. It'll turn into a chore. Secondly, your achieve more consistent studying. It's much better to study for three minutes once a day. Then it is only for three hours. Once a week. A spare three minutes is relatively easy to find, even in the most hectic of schedules. If you make sure you complete at least 13 minutes to decision every day, is will quickly become a habit that you'll do that thinking it's much easier to fit in a day three minute habit than a weekly one hour have it. By doing this, you'll become a much more consistent loner. Andi Consistency is the key to success. Thirdly, you'll find you memorize things much more effectively. This is my favorite reason as to why you should limit your study should just three minutes chunks. If you study something for three minutes every day, you'll trick your brain into memorizing the information more quickly than if it were to see the information for hours each day. It will think I see this information every day, so it must be important. But I don't see it for very long, so I better hold on to it and make it into a memory fast. You'll be amazed at how much more easily things tend to stay in your brain if you limit yourself to just three minutes a day, so three minutes is the key. Once you reach three minutes, stop then give yourself at least half an hour before you do another three minutes. You should aim to do at least 13 minute chunk every day, any more than that is a bonus. But one is fine. Just listen to the course on completely exercises, that's all, and you'll be amazed at how much you learn 2. French Structure 1 Chapter 1: stroked your one. The whole of the French language is made up of different structures of words. If you know the words and you know which order to put them in, you can speak the language. In the whole of the French language, there are a certain number of different structures, so let's get on and learn the 1st 1 structure One consists of just three parts, and here is an example of it in use. Liviu Muji Could Liviu Muji? It means, What do you want to eat? Let's break this structure down into its three components on Give each component a name could valuable Mongie. So Could is a question word, meaning what could? That's the first component, then, Liviu, I believe you means do you want? And I call this component an infinitive carrier. It's not really called An infinitive carrier was called a modal verb, but you'll see why in a minute why I call it an infinitive carrier. Mogi. Margie is the third component, and this is an infinitive. I'll explain what all these things mean in a minute on Moon Jae means to eat. So cook Valero Mongie means what do you want to eat. So those are the three components? A question would an infinitive carrier andan infinitive You may be wondering What on earth is an infinitive and an infinitive carrier? Well, an infinitive is just a verb. A verb is a word you comport to in front of for example to eat, to drink, to speak, to smoke, to go, to be, to hear, to arrive, to leave on infinitive. Carrier is any word You comport an infinitive on the end off so they carry the infinitive in English. We have things like I would like or do you want or I'm going because you comport infinitives on the end of these, for example, I would like to eat. I would like to drink. I would like to go. Or do you want to leave? Do you want to call? Do you want to eat? Or I'm going to arrive. I'm going to go. I'm going to dance. We can change any of the three parts in this structure. For example, instead of saying Coco at the start, which means what we could change it to whom meaning where so Cookeville evil margene means what do you want to eat? But we can change it to you. I believe you, Margie. Meaning, where do you want to eat? Or we could change it to come. Which means when Com believe you. Margie, when do you want to eat? Did you notice how the rest of the structure stayed the same? The voting room, Andrzej Part didn't OTA at all. Just because you changed the question where that start. So that's three question Where's we could use at the start of structure one Meaning where Could meaning what? And calm meaning when. Let's add a few more infinitives. Andi infinitive carriers. So we can really start to manipulate this structure. 3. French Structure 1 Chapter 2a: using structure one. Here's a list off a few question words. A few infinitive carriers on quite a few infinitives. What we're going to do is use this list of words to get used to structure one by making up some questions. You can write these lists down and then use them throughout the course. So here are five question words. Oh oh, means where you could could we've already had this one means what could a Kayla Akello means at what time I get at one time? Corn come means when comb and common common means how common. Next we have three infinitive carriers. We've already had believe you Valley view. Which means Do you want, well, evil? When here. Two more squeezer, please. Asia means Can I please Asia and Olive? Ooh, Olivo means Are you going? I live so there's a three infinitive carries we're going to be using. And now let's do a slightly longer list off infinitives. Remember these just verbs on in English, all verbs and stop. So with the work to like to eat and to drink in French, you'll notice all these verbs either end in that is e R R E or I R Let's have a look at some infinitives. Margie Muji means to eat Mogi Wow, Why means to drink Waas Common day Common day means to older commonly s au stu means to try s in you Hey you! Hey you means to pay Ben you fair Fair means to do or to make fair has two meanings. No way Louis means to hire. If you have done the three minute French course, then you might already be aware of some of these verbs. Ali Ali means to go Ali Ponder Ponder means to take ponder have wives have while means tohave have love and Sean G. Shunji means to change Sharji. The reason I've put the two in brackets on all of these words in the infinitive list is because sometimes in English we say the to. But other times we miss it off. For example, what do you want to do? So we say that you in that sentence, what do you want to do? But then, if we change the infinitive carrier, what can I do in English that were too disappears? What can I do? That's because certain infinitive carriers require the word to with the infinitive and other invented quite carriers and don't 4. French Structure 1 Chapter 2b: So what we can do with this first structure is start to build up questions using the three parts. The question Would an infinitive carrier Andi an infinitive? How do you say in French? Where can I pay pre Jha Peggy who participate? What can I eat? Could you please Amon G. Cook Persia Mongie. Where do you want to eat? Overly Margie, who would? Even more. What do you want to drink? Could relieve a wife I couldn't even watch. What are you going toe order? Caliber commonly caliber. Come Monday. Just note that the word cho shortens to a Q U apostrophe when you put it in front of a word that starts with a vowel or a hate each. So the word ali starts with a vowel, and so you shorten, occur to qu apostrophe. This just makes it easier to say it's easier to say Callie vocal Wendy. Then cook and evil common the so caribou Gommendy by building questions using structure one . You'll not only get yourself more familiarized with the vocabulary and structure, but you'll also without even trying, reduce the time it takes for you to string a sentence together in French for example, if I say How do you say, What are you going to do? Well, you might firstly think it through it slowly. What could are you going? A level to do fair. And then you'll realize that could in front of a becomes qu apostrophe. So you've got Callie. Rule fair, but you'll be thinking it through. Step by step. Callie. Full fare. This is normal at first, but the more you save the structures out loud, the more quickly you'll be able to think them on. And it'll sound what's more natural and you'll reach fluency much more quickly. So Ghalib Affair, What are you going to do? How would you say in French? How do you want to pay common view? Peggy Common Believe will pay you. What? Can I try? Kurt Pre Jha s a Capris? Yes, a year now. So far, I've said that the first structure is made up of three parts. However, there is 1/4 part, which I'll call extra information. We can learn more about this in the next section. 5. French Structure 1 Chapter 3a: extra information. The fourth part off structure one is simply extra information such as noun adjectives, adverbs, time word, etcetera. We can add the extra information onto the end off the question toe ad. Well, extra information, for example. Cookeville, leave Oman. J meant, what do you want to eat? But we could say cook would evil Margie Mr. Swell, this means what do you want to eat tonight? So so soir means tonight could believe Oman Jesus for or who believe emerge edema. So overall evil more j means Where do you want to eat? On we add the word Daman, which means tomorrow on the end Where do you want to eat tomorrow? Would even more Or Kurt would leave affair Mental? What do you want to do now? The word mantle means now cover legal, fair mental We've already had a few question was a few infinitive carriers and quite a few infinitives. So here are some extra information words that you can use on the end of your questions. Do mom Demon means tomorrow Demon Oh, Chaudhry. Oh, your d means today. Oh, sure, this is why Says what means tonight says wa Mental mental means now mental pretty Dow's please means later put out at Beth E. A belly. This can mean to Paris or in Paris, up Bali on farms on first. Similarly, this come in two fronts or inference on forms. Just a little note. The word means to or in in front, off towns and cities. For example, a path E to Paris or in Paris or or at Niece Teunisse or in this on the word own means to or in in front of countries. So on force is two fronts or inference on only there to England or in England, on Espana on Italy. So, uh is to or in in front of towns and cities, whereas own means to or in in front off countries. Oh, Avesta home. Oh, esta home means at the restaurant or to the restaurant. Oh, Avesta home the poorly look poorly means the chicken look poorly. Lamont Oahu's Lamont Oh, those means the red coat. Lamont the walls literally in French. You say the coat, which is red Lamento on B and be a means a ticket on B A. Bo Pierre Pope here means for Pierre Pop. Yeah, And you see, you see means here. You see 6. French Structure 1 Chapter 3b: So now you're armed with some extra information words. You can make your questions a little more adventurous. So how will you say in French what you going to do now? Caliber. Fair mental. I can't even feel mental. Or what are you going to do for Pierre can develop appear caliber affair. Propia. Even if you don't get these questions very quickly, it doesn't matter. You can think through them. Step by step, and eventually you will start to speed up. At first it will be slow, and it will seem like it's a math equation where you're going through step by step. What could are you going? Al Evil to do fair for Pierre Pop here, but eventually it'll start to get quicker, and the more you say the same structures over and over again, the more fluent you'll start to become. Have your say in French. What time do you want to eat later? A killer believe Umar's Chipata Makayla believe Rita 7. French Structure 1 Chapter 4a: manipulating structure. One. You can manipulate structure one in many different ways. For example, you can take certain bits out to make different types of questions. You don't always have to stick all three parts together. Let's see what happens when you don't put the question word on, for example, So these next sentences don't have question words. How do you say in French? Do you want to eat Valley View? Muji. We'll even Mongie Do you want to eat? Do you want to eat here of relieve woman JST relieving J. C. Are you going to pay? And if you pay you, I'll even pay you. Do you want to pay the bill now? Really Hope a lot. Issue Montana. I believe you pay a Montana. Now let's see what happens if you don't put an infinitive in the end. So just using the question word on the infinitive carrier. How do you say in French? What do you want? Quibble, Evil quibble. Evil? What actually is an infinitive? I said You're on in the course that the word infinitive just means verb. However, it's specifically the whole Web, which in English usually has the word to in front of it, but not always, as we've seen in French infinitives will always end in either the letters e r I, uh o r E So far in French, we've had more J to eat y to drink common day toe order. They say you to try hey, hey to pay fair, which means to do all to make away, to hire pond to take of well to have and sure G meaning to change. Also, let me just add here a good way to learn all this new vocabulary for this building structures course is to use cue cards. If you get some little cue cards, you can. You define them in stationary shops, but you can also just get pieces of paper and cut them up into small squares if you use cue cards and write a list off the French words. So Margie, while Calmund etcetera down the center, turn the cue card over and then write the English on the other side, so to eat, to drink to order etcetera. What you can do is use those cue cards to learn the words when you go through your cue cards. Only look at the English words and so you'll see to eat and then try and think about what is that in French? More G to drink. Wow! And this will start to help to build your active vocabulary. If you do this and put the words down on cue cards, which is a very useful tip, then try and look at the cue cards once a day only for a few seconds, and it'll really help me to memorize the words. 8. French Structure 1 Chapter 4b: seven infinitive is the verb in its whole form, which in English usually has the word to in front of it. Andi in French ends in the letters E r i r or R e singing notice all the words that returns for all the in finishes. We don't so far end in those letters. But what actually is an infinitive carrier? An infinitive carrier is basically a word or an expression that can be followed by an infinitive. I've given you a few French invented to carry. So far we've had pleasure. Meaning? Can I? I leave you? Meaning are you going? And beautiful? I mean, do you want Andi? You can put any infinitive on the end of these infinitive carriers to make your question for structure one. So if you look at just Are you going? Are you going to eat? Are you going to drink? Are you going to pay? Are you going to go? Are you going to try? There are a few more infinitive carriers that your meat in later lessons and they made life much easier. And finally what actually is a question word? What a question! Where doesn't really need much exclamation it's easier just to say what they are. So far, we've only looked at five question words. There's only a small number of question was altogether. So what we'll do is learn the more now. So if you get a cue card, you could write these question words down. You haven't got to, but it's a good way of learning them. So we've got mm oh, meaning where who could meaning. What could a killer Akello meaning? At what time Akello Cool comb, meaning when fun? Come on, come on. Which means how common can can meaning which or which one Okwara Pacquiao meaning Why Pacquiao Cumbia come young, Which means how much or how many commune come beyond the tone. Commander Time means how long literary community means how much time, combi, undertone and key key, which means who or human. There's no difference in French key 9. French Structure 1 Chapter 4c: So those are the question words in French. So using those How would you say in French? What do you want to do? Could believe affair Covering evil Fair How would you want to pay the bill? Common. We leave common believe. Obey Well which one do you want killed? Believe you killed? Believe you? Why do you want to hire a call? So quite believe we wait in Watcher Pork wa believe away even about you How much do you want to eat? Come beyond belief. Come beyond Where can I hire a car who push away in Watcher Muybridge away and Watcher When you want to eat convoy, call a vote even Mongie. What time can I go? A killer. Usually I kill up. Usually the word act gala in English. Sometimes we say at what time, But more often than not re just say what time. So Akeelah means what time or at what time? Literally 10. French Structure 1 Chapter 5a: Okay. Which one the question would kill can change in French, depending on what it is referring to. There were four versions. Kill, kill, kill and kill. They all sound the same. So in speaking, you haven't got to worry. But in writing you'll know this slight differences. And so kill means which or which one when it's referring to masculine noun. So it's masculine singular. Noun is Gil kill with an s on the end means which or which ones. And this one refers to masculine plural gnomes kill with an L E only and is the feminine singular version which means which or which one in front of family feminine, singular knowns and kill with the l es and end is the feminine plural version. So it means which or which ones in front of feminine plural gnomes. So you use, kill or kill when you're referring to single announce. That means when there's only one of something and you use kale or kill with the S is on the end. When you're referring to floor announce, that means when there's more than one off something. So, for example, let's look at four different sentences. Quel momento, Beliveau quel momento believe this means Which coat do you want? Kill mont over. Leave you in the plural. The word Montel means coat. But when you put an X on the end, that's the plural meaning coats. So kill Montel, believe women's Which coats do you want? Give what you believe. Kill that you believe what girl means Car And it's a feminine word So kill what you believe you means which cardy won't kill What you believe and kill what you believe you with an s on the end off kill and watcher makes it plausible Kill what you believe amines which cause do you want kill what you believe That's kid. 11. French Structure 1 Chapter 5b: Colombia How much the word communion means how much or how many when it's by itself. However, when you put a noun on the end of it, it changes to Colombia. Do socom beyond means how much or how many combi Ando plus a noun means how much or how many men you put the now in the end, for example, come beyond believe you come beyond Believe what this could mean. How much do you want or how many deal won't come beyond believe But people are now on the end. Cumbia, Devon, believe you Colombian Deva vu Well, this means how much wine do you want? So you have to put a little would do after Colombia before you put the noun calm beyond er van Ulivo literally. It means how much off wine do you want because they're means off or come beyond the fromage believe commute for my believe means How much cheese do you want? The little dirt when you're speaking almost sounds if it is appears calm beyond for miles relieve. But is there they just touch upon its I come beyond for miles com Beyond do for marriage, you can say come beyond do for marriage. But when you hear French people speak, you're very often hear. It just touched upon slightly Colombian former jewel evil or this one community hot believe you. Com Beyond took out live means. How many carats do you want? Commune broke out. Would even or Commander Pi over TV Commander Preud'homme means how many leaks do you want come beyond a pothole? Valuable. Now, seeing as you've had all the question words, let's practice them a little. How would you say in French? What do you want to eat? Curveball. Evil Mongie. Couple evil Margene. What you want to drink? Could would even blast. Could would even. Why? What you want to order? Could we leave a common day? Kovalev. Common day. What do you want to try? Kovalev, USA A. Kovalev, USA A. What do you want to do? Covered evil. Fair, good, weird Evil. Fast. What? You want to make Covell evil Fair again? Because fair Come in. Do or make cook valuable fail 12. French Structure 1 Chapter 5c: what you want to take covered Evil pond Could you leave a pond? What you want to have Who believe love last You believe you have left what you want to change? Curve with devotion Energy W Bush Orangey. Where do you want to eat? Who believe? Um O j Huvelle? Even more. Where do you want to drink? Who would even blast? Who would? Even when you want to eat prom? Beliveau Muji, When do you want to drink? Convoy? Leave a black. Don't leave a boy when you want to order. Com Believe a common day call would evoke a Monday. How did you want to pay? Common? Believe you, Peggy Common would even pay you. Why do you want to eat here? Pacquiao believes. Why do you want to take the car? Pacquiao believe appoint all about you. Poor quality viewpoint all about you. What time you want to eat? Makayla believe Jumanji. Which one you want to try? Can you believe USA killed? Believe USA. Which one do you want to have? Caleb believe you have one killed? Relieved Which ones do you want to try? Carefully? USA killed. Believe U s a 13. French Structure 1 Chapter 5d: Which ones do you want to have? Gated will leave Web Cave leave you ever. How much do you want to eat from young Hollywood? Margie Combi onboard. Even Margie. How much do you want to drink? Come be unbelievable. Can be unbelievable. How many do you want to eat? Come beyond belief. Com Beyond belief. How much pizza do you want to eat? Come beyond the pizza delivery. Com Beyond the pizza How much wine do you want to drink? Come beyond Yvonne Riva, Bois, Colombia and of Unbelievable. What are you going to eat? Caliber Muji Caliber, McGee. What you going to drink? I can't even watch caliber. What you going to older? Can you come Monday? Que lleva common day? What you're going to try can live with you. Caliban s a what you're going to do? Ghalib affair Ghalib affair What you're going to make can leave affair again Calif affair Because fair means do or make What you going to take? Can you ponder? Can't even pontell what you're going to have. Can you have work caliber 14. French Structure 1 Chapter 5e: What you going to change, Caribou? Sharji caliber. Where you going to eat? Well, if you Margie Well, even McGee. Where you going to drink. Well, even watch what evil watch when you're going to eat, Call an evil Muji. And even more G. When you going to drink? I can't even watch. Call Alibaba when you're going toe order. I leave a comma, Andy, call an evil common day. How are we going to pay common people? Begging common level. Peggy, why are you Andy here? J C polka. Why are you going to take the call? But quietly viewpoint all about you, Fuqua. Any viewpoint all about you? What time you're going to eat? Akello Akello, Oliver McGee Which we're going to try. Kill Olive. Oh, I see. Get a live view, they say. Which one are you going? Tohave que believe? Whoever Can I leave Waas? Which ones? Against Try kids, Leave us a G. Can you leave us? A You? Which ones are you going to have? Kill a live web? Kill whoever 15. French Structure 1 Chapter 5f: how much you're going to eat? Cumbia community food. Energy! How much you're going to drink? Cumbia. Leave a bar. Cumbia Uneven. How many are going to eat? Cumbia? Cumbia? How much pizza are you going to eat? Comey and pizza. Leveaux Muji come beyond the pizza. How much wine? A game to drink. Commander Von Alibaba Commando Va Believable. What can I eat? Cook region. Margie Cuprija. Margie, what can I drink? Cook reason why Cuprija? Bois What? Can I try? Cooper's yesterday. Corporal Jesse, what can I order? Cook political Monday Cook political Monday. What can I do? Cuprija fair. Cuprija fair. What can I make couples you fail cooked with your family? What can I take cooked with Zapanta? Cuprija pond. What can I have? Please? You have laugh. Couples have laugh. What can I change? Cuprija, Sean G Cuprija. Shunji, Where can I eat? You presume? Andrzej? Oh, please. You're Mongie. Where can I drink? Appreciably Hope Reservoir. When can I eat composure? Mongie, Call your Mongie. When can I order completely? Come Monday. Calm political Monday. What time can I eat? Akita. Jumanji. I get up. Which one can I try? Can progestin you? Carrie Prejean s au. Which one can I have? Kdp Jableh Cape Reservoir How much can I eat? Colombian Pojamarn come beyond democracy. How much can I drink? Combi employees Dubois Colombian, Puebla. How many can I eat? Comey. Amperage Emoji. How much chicken kite come beyond pool? Community? How much wine can I drink? Commander Vamp Come beyond the vamp reservoir. 16. French Structure 1 Chapter 6a: more words. Seeing as we've now learned all the question words, we may as well learn a few more inventive carriers and infinitives. And then we can start making Got questions for structure. Want to our heart's content. So all the question words were meaning. Where good? Meaning what Akello meeting at what time comb meaning when come on, meaning how again? Which means which or which one book, Wow, Meaning why cumbia? Which means how much or how many, commander tone, meaning, how long or literary? How much time and key, which could mean both, Who and whom? Let's look at some infinitive carriers now, then. So we've already had pre Jha meaning Can I? But if we change it to pull a view poor baby boom, that means can you prove able? Can you? Liviu was, Do you want? And a level was, Are you going? Guaje? Guaje means do I have to? Or most I Dwight, Sure, Driedger, and you can change this slightly, too. Do V. Vou do be able, which means do you have to almost you, DeVivo said. Wager and do evil. So if you want to write, there's infinitive carriers down on a cue card and pause. The video. Put the French words down the center of the cue card on one side on the English word down the center of the cue card on the other side, and then to practice only ever. Look at the English words and try and remember what the French words were. Now let's add some more infinitives, so we've already had more G meaning to eat. Bois, Meaning to drink common day meaning toe order s a meaning to try. Pay you meaning to pay fair which means to do or to make Liu Wei meaning to hire Ali, which means to go ponder meaning to take have one, which means tohave sharji, meaning to change. 17. French Structure 1 Chapter 6b: Now let's add some more infinitives. Ash day ash day means to buy ash day. Kommen sie comerci means to start it sort of. It was like commence common. See it ETA means to be it back here. Back here means to leave. It looks similar to depart Battier sort here sort here means to go out Saudia up off day A pack a day means to bring about a day de ponsi de poncey means to spend as in to spend money dependency. Because then Passy Busey means to spend as into spend times And where Busey, like the past time Busey why means to see why happily means to cool happily este I stay means to stay Vesti two way to obey means to find to pay Dear Dia means to tell or to say dear. So there's some new infinitives for you on. Did you want to write those onto a cue card? Put the English down the middle. You might need two or three coupons for these infinitives, but put the English down the middle and then the French on the other side. That's practiced those new words. How do you say in French when you want to leave. Call Reveal. Battier Convoy. Evil Battier. Whom are you going to see? Key and evil. Vile key and evil. What can I bring? Cook porridge. Apathy Cook, please. Apathy. Where you going to stay tonight. Who? And evil That stays this laugh. Well, even rest states this well. Whom can I call key? Pre Jap early. Keep re Jap early. 18. French Structure 1 Chapter 7a: as a non question. So far, we've only looked at Structure one in a question format. However, you can also use it in a non question. Let's have a quick recap off the structure as a question. So structure one in the question format consists off just three parts. Could Valley View Moon Jae? What do you want to eat? So you've got a question. Would an infinitive carrier and an infinitive and remember that we said we can add the optional fourth part, the extra information so you'll get something like really Room O. J says, Well, what do you want to eat tonight? But you've still got the question. Would infinitive carrier an infinitive with the extra information on the end? To use this structure when you're not asking a question is quite simple. You just take the question we're off and flip the infinitive carrier around. You have probably noticed that the infinitive carriers are made up of two parts. You simply flip them around to make them into a non question. Let me show you what I mean. Let's compare a question on a non question in the structure. One format could prove a view. Mongie means what can you eat? Cooked? Prove able, Mongie. But if you take off the question word the could and you flip the infinitive carrier around so poorly Rule, Flip it round to vou Movie group movie in a question format movie who has a hyphen. But when you flip it around and you put the rule first the hyphen disappear. So who pulled a means? You can say you can say vou prove a Mongie You can eat where you could put something on the end. A group of a moon Jae pluta You can eat later. So a couple of evil Margie, what can you eat? A group of a moon Moon jae You can eat later So the infinitive carrier prove evil means can you? And if you flip it around, you get group movie, which means you can, for example, a group of a moon Jae, you can eat vu proving rap. Yeah, you can see Pierre Vu prove a Laderman. You can go tomorrow. You can do this with any of the infinitive carriers, except for one. When you flip around the infinitive carry up Lesia. It changes slightly and you get gyp. Is your paper, please. Asia means can I? And Jumper means I can. So, for example, Jumper Mongie, I can eat Japan voie I can see Pierre Super edema. I can go tomorrow. 19. French Structure 1 Chapter 7b: Let's look at two lists. One with infinitive carriers as questions and then with the inventive carriers as non questions. So we've got Lesia Meaning can I of evil? Meaning? Can you Valley view? Meaning? Do you want? I live? Are you going? Driedger? Do I have to? Or most I on Dr Evil. Do you have to? Almost you. Well, let's now flick them all around. So remember, please you When you flip it round changes slightly. None of the rest of them do. But this 1st 1 becomes gyp Gyp I can If we change prove even you get vou pool. Rupo means you can I believe you would become Vallee ruefully. Meaning you want I leave you means Are you going on def? You flip that round, you get rule Ali. Meaning you are going. Do I, Jer? Do I have to? Almost I becomes meaning. I have to. Why most And who do they means? You have to or you must. You must vote divvy. Let me give you two more infinitive carries that you can use in the non question. Juve means I want Juve and juvie. Juvie means I'm going juvie. So how would you say in French? You can buy something here for Pierre, a group of a ash taken shows a CPA appear a group of a hashtag Yakusho disappear. You can buy it later. A group of a last a pluta, a group of a life stay picked off. I can see it is your put. A live wire is your point of Wow, if you've done the three minute French course and you'll know what this look here means. But if not, let me just explain If you put the word look in front of any infinitive, then it means it so I can see it. Super glue or the last one was you Kenbrell, Iet later, vou prove a lash day. Pluta, How would you say in French I can buy something here? Jumper Ashton Kelle co shows Easy is your plastic English or the sea 20. French Structure 1 Chapter 7c: You can buy something at the supermarket. A group of a ashtray, Keiko shows or Superman Rupo Vastic ago shows or supermodel? She I can buy some cheese. Gia Pash, they do for Mars. Is your flash state do for Mars? I can buy something for my mom. Here is your passion Take ago Shows your passion. Take Yakusho support my mayor. You're going to be tired. Tomorrow was a fatty game. Demand do a fatty enema. The s at the end of vu can link with the A at the start of Ali and will make a set sound. So you'll have Rosalie rather than Ali. You can save O L. A. And that's fine. But it sounds nicer and French to save. Usually with a ETRA. Fatima, You were going to be tired tomorrow. I have to be there soon. Salome Anto it really be into you can bring it for Pierre Vu prevail about a puppy. A rupe away. Laporta Propia! You can buy it later. Va Povilas, stay! Pluta Group away last April I must say something. Your idea Kako shows! Should we idea? Kako shows I can bring it for John. You pull apart people apart a portion I have to start. Student Jack Common, say bientot. Common. Say bientot. You can eat something at the restaurant group away. Monica shows or restaurant. A group of a moon Jae Keiko shows O esta home. 21. French Structure 1 Chapter 7d: I have to leave tomorrow. You should watch party at the moment. You can buy something in Paris. Take a buffet at stake ago. Shows a Paki. You're going to be there soon. Usually a Taliban too was a layatril. Amy in tow. You must go now. Voodoo. Very highly. Montana. Very mental. You have to leave tomorrow. Would've a party of the man Voodoo cinema. You can buy it tomorrow. A group of a last edema. You must say something. Voodoo. Vedek ago shows video shows. You can bring it with you. Group of eight Apathetic. A group of a lapa tactic. I want to eat something. Mungiki, Jovian, Moon Jae Keiko shows you're going to spend too much money was laid upon. Statehood was laid upon statehood. I must find the hotel you've got. Who? Hotel? Jude Watt Huvelle Hotel. I'm going to change it now. Juve, Shunji Montana. Juventus. Shawn, Jay Montana. You're going to buy too much? Was slash NATO Rosalia Stato. I want to buy something Here. Take a sec. Jerash. Taken 22. French Structure 1 Chapter 7e: you can buy it in Marseille. A group of a last day. You must drink something. I would have a black ago shows, would have a black echo, shows I can bring it. Tomorrow you pull up off cinema, you can buy something from Marie. A group of ash taken Kershaw's formality buffet at stake. I can buy it. Today is your last day was ready. I can buy it later. Cipolla Staple. I can buy it. Tomorrow is your mom. I want to be lower Shelton tomorrow. Voila! What? You have to call Michelle. Votive ate up. Really? Michelle, would they happily Michelle, I'm going to call Michelle tomorrow. Juve! Napoli! Michelle Obama Juve! Napoli! Michelle Demon. I won't spend three weeks there. Juve Past Twist Mendola Juve Past twist Minella I'm going to order the chicken for Pierre Jovica Mandela Pull a propia Jamaica Mandela Pull a propia I must change the reservation is your rash Sanjay 23. French Structure 1 Chapter 7f: I must go now. John Wiley meant no Jaguar. Elemental. You must eat something. Would have a magical Kershaw's. I would give a moon Jae Keiko shows you can buy something here. A group of a ash take ago shows a group of ash. Take a cash OTC. I'm going to do it later. Javelin Pluta is your Vada Phablet Thou You have to be an Exxon Provence Tomorrow would veto example most. Um um would have a better example Monster. Mom, you have to start soon. Rudy of a coma Say bientot for the Tecumseh Bientot. You can buy something at the Hotel Rupo. Vastic shows a group of a ash. Take a cash Ozal hotel. You can bring it for Daveed. A group of a pate POH Davina available. You must change it now would develop Sanjay Montana. Well developed Sanjay Montana. I have to call Marie Happily Mafi. You are happily mafi. I have to be in Calais tomorrow. You should write a Canada Mama. You want a leader? Mom, you have to be this soon. Rudy Vet Salome into voodoo Viet Rely bientot. I'm going to buy it today is your radar stairs with me is your veil a stay order So they have it. The first French structure in a non question form. Voepel Game on J. C. You can eat here. Vouvray is the infinitive carrier. More G is the infinitive and then e c is some extra information. 24. French Structure 1 Chapter 8a: Let's do a quick recap off all the question words. All the infinitive carriers, all the infinitives and all the extra information that we've learned in this course. How do you say in French where walked Could At what time? A killer when? Cool. How? Come on which or which one. Ken. Why Pacquiao? How much or how many? Kumeyaay, How long? Literally. How much time come, Yonatan? And who or whom key can I? Pleasure. Can you believable? Do you want level? Are you going a level? Do I have to? Almost I and wise you do. You have to Almost You do Babel. I can zipper. You can Cooper v. You want? Really? You're going was a I have to Or I most Ezinwa you have to or you most voodoo they I want is your I'm going. You've a to eat more j to drink. Why? To order come Monday To try s a A to pay. Hey, you to do or to make fair, to hire Louis to go Ali to take ponder tohave I have watched to change Sharji to buy Ash Day to start common. See, to be it to leave back to you to go out sort here to bring a party to spend money de Ponsi to spend time Bessie to see why to call up early, to stay, arrestee, to find, to be, to say or to tell Dia. 25. French Structure 1 Chapter 8b: tomorrow. Duma. Today. Oh, Chaudhry Tonight. Just watch now. Mental Later. Pull it out to Paris or in Paris. A body, Two friends or in France, 14 months at the restaurant or to the restaurant. Okay. Still harm the chicken in the pool. The red coat. Lamont. Oahu's a ticket on B for Pierre. For Pierre on Dhere. You see Malastare? A few recap. Translations. How do you say in French? What are you going to bring caliber? Weapon? Day caliber weapon. What can you eat? Capoue. Jumanji. Couple people. Margie, you're going to spend too much money. Rosalie DePante told our John. It was a different state. Told our John. What can you see? Couple of evil laugh could prove Evolve last. When can I go out? Completeness after year accomplishes off to you. I can bring some wine for Pierre tomorrow. Jeep Apathy New vamp Opie and Emma Cooper. A party. Do vamp Opie and Emma. Can I eat at the hotel tonight? Freezer Monge a out of Tennessee preacher Monge a hotel. Is this Well? Can you call Marie at court past four? Prove evil. Happily marry category of a car. Proving who? Happily Marie a cattle air a car? Can I pay the bill? Put up a lot. Pretty pH medicine. Where can I find it? Hoop Original movie Cooper Usually to obey what time you want Stopped a killer, believe a common say a killer. Which one is you want to try? Killed? Believe Western. Kill us A. What you going to do tomorrow? Calif. Alabama. Calif Algoma. 26. French Structure 1 Chapter 8c: you can buy it later. Rubleva Last April Buffet last April Can I go out later? Preaches off the epitaph Prejudicial! Salty a Preta I want to go out later Juve Software Preta Divers off Rita, do you want to see? It really would have laughed We live Love laugh Do you want to try it? Believable s au believe less A which one you want to hire I can't believe all the way Kill valuable away Whom do you want to see in Marseille? Keep believe Wafa Massey Key Bolivar Who do you have to see in Paris? Key debate Beauvoir Happily key debate Beauvoir Apathy Who we going to see in Calais? Kia leave are actually que lleva broccoli. Now let's do a structure one outline. It's on the screen now but you condone downloaded as a PdF after this lesson on the left, you've got all the question words Then on the next calling You've got some of the infinitive carriers. Then you've got a few infinitives on some extra information just so you can have a go at building some sentences and questions yourself. The more practice you do, the more quickly you will be able to use this structure on, the more confident you'll get at speaking French. One thing that I have done when using these structures or trying to memorize these structures is to pick one phrase. For example, where can I eat tomorrow? Who please your Monge a demon and say it myself over and over again. Oh, please you, Monge edema, Who put your money? Edema? And then, as I'm saying it, try and change one thing. And so instead of saying, Where can I eat tomorrow? I could change it and say, What can I eat tomorrow? So you put your Monge edema, opens your Monge Edema Corporation one gentleman on by changing one little bit of time and then I say, cope with moderate amount a few times and try and change another thing. What can I eat today? Corporation? Monge Edema could put your Monday the mind cook with Montreal Jodi. Then it just gets the words to flow off your tongue a bit more easily, and it happens your brain to start to register the pattern. Now this course dealt with structure one off the language, and the next course will deal with structure to 27. French Structure 1 Chapter 9a: turning it all negative. There's one more useful thing that you can do to this structure quite easily. Make it negative. You can change the infinitive carriers from positives neck negative quite easily. In English, for example, you can say, Why are you going to Paris? In the positive and the negative, you can say Why aren't you going to Paris? Or can I go with you? Goes Why can't I go with you? When can you do it? When can you do it in English? It simply a matter of putting a little NT after the verb. Well, it's almost a simple in French too. We have to do to turn the infinitive carriers negative is port unearth in front of it and apart after it, for example, I leave you means Are you going? No. Ive oupa means aren't you going? You can do this with any of the infinitive carriers in the question form. Have a look at these. No appreciable means cont. I know. Pooja Pop Nepal, Gupta means can't you know pooper? Novalee Bouba means Don't you want it? Novalee Bouba No ive oupa means aren't you going when you put the word? No in front of where that starts with a vowel or a hate It shortens to Justin and apostrophes An alley oop No Dwight spa means Don't I have to need wash in the Devi Bouba means Don't you have to? No do evil path So let's have a quick practice with these How do you say in French? Why can't I go with you? Pork Wanna push Pyleva Pokhara Nepal Japan 11 What can't you bring Could prove even possible Could new poll Weevil Plaza party the s on the end of power have liaised with the A at the start of a party? So you get past Zack Barth e and it sounds like a zed in the middle. Are you going to buy something for Marie? Not evil. Potash taken. Kershaw's primary not evil. Potash take ago shows primary. Whom can't I call kina? Pleasure. Pass happily, Kina Pushpa separately. Why can't you do it later? Pequena beautiful pal affair puta for quite a believable if appetite 28. French Structure 1 Chapter 9b: You can also turn the non question infinitive carriers negative. You do it a little different. Either. You're noticed that in the non question format, the infinitive carriers all start with either azure or you should put the nerve after this , but before the verb and then you should put the path on the end. For example, juvie means I'm going, whereas Jonah Vapor means I'm not going. You can do this with any of the infinitive carriers in the non question form. So we have Jenna. Pepe means I can't juniper in speaking. When you have your a new, you'll hear them sound very close together. Jin Jin, Vancouver Vona Prove EPA means you can't, but you'll hear the vote, and then they sound very close together. One. Pu vapor Boonville EPA, Boonville. EPA means you don't want von arepa one arepa. It means you're not going. Junid Weapon means I must not wanted the vapor. Vornado vapor means you must not. June Genevieve means I don't want June June vapor Junior vapor means I'm not going June vapor. So let's have a quick practice with these. How do you say in French? I can't do it today, Jim but Gin Palace should be. You can't eat the chocolate. I must not spend too much money. June u oppa DePante toda You must not call Pierre Wounded Papadopulo Pia wounded a possibility. I don't want to eat here. I'm not going to hire it. I'm going to buy it. June Vape Alleyway June Vape alleyway Juve Last e So that's how you can make the infinitive carriers negative. If it's in a question format, put a note at the start on a pat afterwards. In a non question format, the goes after the azure or after the 29. The Happy Linguist: If you would like some hints and tips on how to make the most out of these courses on how to accelerate your language learning, you can read through my articles on my blawg called The Happy Linguist. I have written almost 400 articles on their full of ideas to keep learning a language fresh and exciting, and I'm constantly updating it with new articles. For example, you can listen to some foreign language songs that I have translated into English. For you, this is always a great way of learning new vocabulary. You can find lots of foreign language films and books that I recommend, or you can find extra language and grammar points that reinforce the content you've been learning in my three minute languages courses. So if you want to read all my articles for free, just head to my blawg at www 0.3 minute dot club forward slash bloke. As well as being able to read hundreds of articles on my block, you can sign up to my mailing list. Andi. You'll get a message sent straight to your inbox to let you know whenever I publish new articles or publish new courses so w w w 0.3 minute dot club forward slash blawg is where you can find the happy linguist. I hope you enjoy unhappy learning.