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Better Freelancer Profiles: Attract Freelancing Clients on Fiverr, Upwork to Market Your Profile

teacher avatar Cal Hyslop MBA, University Instructor, Be Free to Do the Work You Want

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome to Class


    • 2.

      Why a Compelling Profile is Vital


    • 3.

      Appear as an Expert in Your Title


    • 4.

      A Quick Win


    • 5.

      Complete Your Profile to the Fullest


    • 6.

      Craft a Client-Driven Bio


    • 7.

      Present an Impactful Portfolio


    • 8.

      Persuade with Social Proof


    • 9.

      Capitalization, Punctuation, & Grammar


    • 10.

      Spot the Writing Mistakes


    • 11.

      Get Inspired with Profile Examples


    • 12.

      Class Project


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About This Class

As someone who hires freelancers regularly, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed on freelancers simply because of a weak title, a writing mistake, or a clear lack of effort put into a profile. After all, this is where first impressions are made, and second chances are nearly non-existent.

But first off, congratulations!

You are one of the few persons who has actually taken the time to read a course description. Most people just jump right into the first video. And since you’re here reading this now, you are probably serious about building your freelancing career and increasing the probability of getting more clients. That’s what this course is here to do: get you positioned properly with a professional-looking profile that builds trust and confidence with clients.

My name is Cal, I have been a freelancer and a client, and I want to help you have a better chance of earning a living online because I believe we should all be able to do the work we want, from wherever we want.

Did you know that 84% of freelancers say work lets them live the lifestyle they want?

And those freelancers who are crushing it online, those in the top 31%, are making over $75,000 USD per year. There’s a huge amount of potential out there, but there’s also the potential to lose opportunities if a freelancer hasn’t properly attended to his/her profile.

This course will cover 10 areas to help you level up your profile.

These include:

  • Why a Compelling Profile is Vital
  • Appearing as an Expert in Your Title
  • Using Better Words than “Good”
  • Completing Your Profile to the Fullest
  • Crafting a Client-Driven Bio
  • Presenting an Impactful Portfolio
  • Persuading with Social Proof
  • Capitalization, Punctuation, & Grammar
  • Spotting Writing Mistakes
  • Getting Inspired with Profile Examples

So, check out the first video for more of an introduction to this class, or skip to the second video to get right into your lessons. See you there!

Meet Your Teacher

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Cal Hyslop MBA, University Instructor

Be Free to Do the Work You Want

Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome to Class: Hi, welcome to irresistible freelancer profiles. My name is Kyle and the classes I produce here are all based on the belief that we should develop practical skills, invest in ourselves, and create things that solve other people's problems. Simply put, I believe that more skills equals more freedom, the freedom to do the work you want. Wherever you want, the world is more accessible because of the Internet. And it's been reported that 58% of non freelancers are considering freelancing for their future careers. So why have you decided to watch this intro video, whether you're already freelancing or you're considering it. This course will help you take a closer look at the foundation of your online presence, your freelancer profile. In this course, I'll guide you through ten quick lessons that will help make anyone's profiles standout. These lessons include why a compelling profile is vital. Appearing as an expert in your title. Using better words than good, completing your profile to the fullest. Crafting a client driven by presenting an impactful portfolio. Persuading with social proof, using capitalization, punctuation and grammar correctly, spotting writing mistakes, and getting inspired with profile examples. I personally have been on both sides of freelancing. I've offered services as a freelancer and now I hire freelancers regularly to help me complete projects, just like the video you're watching now. The truth is, no one succeeds alone. So if you leave a comment during this class, I'll reply. If you share your class project here, all leave you feedback. And if you want my help, I'll do what I can to give it. So stick around for the next video or skip to a section that you find more interesting. And don't forget about downloading the resource files that come with this course. They're meant to help. Alright, see you in the next video. 2. Why a Compelling Profile is Vital: Hello and welcome to irresistible freelance or profiled. My name is Kyle and I will be your instructor throughout this course. Did you know by the year 2027, freelancers are projected to make up the majority of the workforce in the United States with 50.9% of the working population. Not only that, Also, did you know that 65% of freelancers make more money than at their previous job. Those are some interesting statistics. Sticking out in a crowd of freelancers can be a tough job, especially if you're new to freelancing and haven't yet built up a portfolio and reviews to support you. But no matter how new or season to freelance or is, they still want to have a polished profile in the mindset to continue updating that profile if they wanted to have the best odds of success. But I'd like you to do is think about this from the client's point of view. That client is going to have to sit through dozens, potentially dozens of profiles before they make a decision. You can compare it to when you're scrolling through YouTube, you scroll through video thumbnails quickly until something catches your eye, right? That's essentially what the client will do. And if there's even the slightest mistake on your profile, that can cause the client to move to another profile to go to someone else. So putting the right amount of time and effort into your profile will really make an effort and you don't want to settle for just completing your profile and completing each field. You want to make your profile irresistible. You want that client to stop scrolling and pause when they see you on Upwork, Fiverr, guru, or any other freelance platform that you might choose. By the end of this course, you should have the knowledge and skills to craft a powerful profile there you can shine and have an edge over the competition. 3. Appear as an Expert in Your Title: Let's look at one more statistic. 31% of freelancers are earning more than $75 thousand a year. That's a pretty significant number. If you want to be in the upper 31%, you'll need to appear as an expert in your field. I've personally spent a lot of time and money on several platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, And the first thing that I would do is I would go to the search engine that they have, the search field and type in what specific thing I'm looking for. It's a natural thing any client would do. To begin with, you want to make sure that you've included one or more relevant keywords in your profile is titled, your services can be matched to clients. I'm going to use YouTube for a few examples throughout this course because we're all familiar with YouTube. So let's say you're a freelancer specializing in YouTube. Naturally, you're going to want to have the keyword YouTube, at least somewhere in your title. That's pretty basic. However, we want to go a bit further with your title. You want to write a title that also helps you stand out, sound professional, and become memorable with potential clients. In order to do this effectively, you need to do three things. The number one, use popular and specific keywords from research to clearly state with services you offer to have a title that is 70 characters or less, 50s probably better. And three include a unique selling point that makes you stand out. Let's talk about number one keyword in order to optimize your title so that you have better chances of showing up on searches. You'll want to use targeted keywords. This is something that you'll need to research, but it isn't difficult to do. So here are two options that can help you with that research search for similar services that you provide on the same platform that you're using now, whether that be Upwork Fiverr guru or something else, review several of the resulting profiles or gigs that populate and make a list of recurring words and phrases that are used within those results. Perhaps if you're a logo designer, a UC, or you search for logo, logo designer, the words like logo design, logo animation in 3D, logos might pop up. These are used actually quite often on Fiverr for example, if any of those keywords match services you offer, consider using one or more of them. Remember to get on five or whether you're using that platform are not fibers. Search engine or search bar really comes in handy because it auto populates keywords. So you can use their search bar to better identify keywords that clients may be using. Simply type in a keyword and see what populates in the search bar before you press Search, for example, on fiber, you could type in the word thumbnail. See what populates are. The popular ones are thumbnails, YouTube examples, amazing. Youtube thumbnail, YouTube thumbnail design. These are some great examples of keywords and keyword phrases that are popular here on Fiverr, inner, most likely popular on other platforms as well. So try this technique yourself. So use these two techniques and make a list of possible keywords and keyword phrases that will come in handy for you in the future. And as I said, that list will come in handy not only when crafting your titles, but it will also help when writing your bio because you'll want to add relevant keywords throughout your profile to better optimize for Search. Second, you want to use 70 characters or less. 50. Probably better. Remember that clients are skimming profiles. So a title that can quickly be understood is optimal. Bend a little extra time trying to cut out any words that are not absolutely necessary. As I said, getting closer to 50 characters is even better. And thirdly, if you want to stand out, the better you know your potential client, the better you understand what problems they're trying to solve. Pinpointing this can become a potential selling point. Okay, Let's use YouTube as another example. Let's look at three examples titles for three different YouTube specialists. Number one, YouTube channel growth specialist. I know what subscribers want. One of the things that a lot of YouTubers really want is to increase their subscriber count. So we've identified that desire or that problem they're trying to solve, which is increasing the number of subscribers. Second title, YouTube thumbnail design master, all about CTR. If you didn't know CTR is click-through rate, YouTubers want to have a higher click-through eight. That means more people are clicking on their thumbnails are titles, and that's better for them in general. So this is another desire that the freelancer has identified about the client. And number three, epic video editing, keep your YouTube viewers coming back for more. Another thing that most YouTubers want. They want people to not just watch one particular video. They want people to come back and stay longer watching their other videos. So these are three good examples of where the freelancer better understand the client's desires, needs, wants, problems and frustrations. 4. A Quick Win: In this short lesson, I've got what I call a quick win for you. And it includes one of the downloadable PDFs that's available for you for this course. The word good is often overuse. So what I want you to do is consider using one or two alternatives for the word good or just use one or two of the words included also, as I just said, Get out the downloadable PDF titled better words and then Good. You understand this as we go throughout this lesson, take a look. Can you find a stronger or more attractive word in this list that you can add to your own title. Take a few minutes, download the PDF, and make in any small change to your own title, either by switching a word in your title for one in the PDF, or simply by adding one of the words from the PDF. So go ahead and push pause, take a look at the document and see if you can identify any word, words you might like to use. Okay, go for okay, by doing this, you've already made a real improvement on your own profile. Let's take a moment now and go one step further. Spend a few minutes on writing a captivating title for yourself before going on to the next lesson, get out a piece of paper and something to write with. If you already have a title, pick your current title and rewrite it. If you don't have a title yet, right? One makes sure that your title includes these things. Number one, it has 70 or fewer characters and remember that spaces count as characters to it includes one or more keywords that identify with service or services you offer. It includes a solution to a common client problem, really important, Andy uses one or more of the power words you've found in your downloadable PDF to help you stand out. Don't worry, you can always change things later, but do this simple activity now because it will help you focus as we progress throughout the next few lessons in this course. Besides, you're going to need something when you create or update your profile anyway. So see you in the next lesson. 5. Complete Your Profile to the Fullest: In this lesson, we're going to talk about profile completion depending on what platform you're using, whether it be Upwork, Fiverr, guru, something else. There are going to be fields that are either required that you fill out and other fields that are optional to begin with and what should already be obvious. Try to fill out as many fields as possible that relate to you and the services that you plan to provide. This is when you'll use your compelling title that we've just worked on in the previous lesson. But here are a few extra pointers to keep in mind when you're filling out your profile. Number one, add your real name. Honesty is the best policy. Next, use a clear profile photo of yourself. I suggest that you smile in the photo and that we can see the whites of your eyes. Why this does help generate trust with clients. I also suggest using a free application called Snapseed. It's available on Android and iOS. And it really comes in handy with making things look a little bit more crisp, clear, professional, and better looking. Here's an example. Okay, once you've chosen a photo, it's really easy. Just make a few adjustments here. I'm gonna click on this little pencil icon on the right. And I'm going to go immediately down to portrait right here. You're gonna have three options. I'm gonna take my finger and scroll. You can't see it but I'm scrolling right now. You'd have face spotlight, skin smoothing and I clarity. Face spot is already you can see at the top there's a blue line going across. If we go to the, all the way to the left. This feature is at the lowest setting and as we scroll to the right, it increases. Now if I increase it here, if I just tap on the screen, you can see before and after I'm tapping now, before, after, look at the difference there. Now I'm going to scroll to skin smoothing. Let's go a little bit of skin smoothing, not too much to where it looks unnatural. I would do a little I clarity. Sometimes it makes it look unnatural, but it's up to you. Once you've finished, I'm going to just click down here at the bottom right though. Check. And there we go. I'll do one more thing. Let's click this pencil icon one more time. At the top, we have a tune image. If we click on that, you have several options. If you scroll, you can play with this if you want. But what I tend to do is come down to saturation. Scroll a little bit to the right, little more color, and that's really about it. I'll click the check mark. And then there you go. Let's take an embarrassing look at my before and after picture, before and after, before. And after you give it a try on your profile picture, it makes a difference. Next, connect your social media accounts if they're professional accounts, not just personal accounts, for example, LinkedIn. If you don't have LinkedIn yet, maybe set one up, use relevant work experience, skills and qualifications. Add as many skill tags is possible as long as they're true and relevant to your services. These specific instead of generic clients who are looking to see the details of what you really accomplish, especially if it's related to that particular job the clients looking for. This will help make clients who are confident in your ability to complete project. Next, avoid using the word WE, unless you're really working as a team. Using the word we when talking about your achievements. Number one is grammatically inaccurate and may generate some degree of distrust with clients. Also, clients who are looking to work with an individual not accompany usually also include access to a portfolio of your previous work. This is something we'll talk about in greater detail soon. Next. Don't forget to proofread everything. It's easy to make simple spelling and grammar mistakes. Even if you're a native speaker. If a client notices a mistake, did that small error can potentially costs you a gig if you are a native English speaker and are uncertain of potential writing mistakes, don't worry, that's okay. It's normal. Just do a little extra work to make sure that your writing is as good as possible. Here are a few options, whether you're a native speaker or a non native English speaker, that will help with your spelling, your grammar, your overall writing, and they're free. Number one is Google Docs, and number two is grammarly, will talk about these two options in more depth pretty soon, but they are included in one of your PDFs titled helpful links. Go ahead and check it out. Next, revisit your profile and make regular edits. As you complete projects, add relevant work experience, and continue building your profile. Next, take any relevant proficiency or certification tests available on your platforms. All platforms offer these, some do, some don't. So we'll just have to do a little bit of homework. However, in that helpful links PDF, I have included a few links for you. Several platforms offer skills-based tests that can be one more addition to help your profile shine, remember that different clients will look for different items on your profile. Displaying these tests and certifications will add more credibility to your profile. However, fiber, for example, offers several skills-based tests that you can take as a newbie to the platform. But Upwork, on the other hand, only offer certifications by invitation. And you'll have to wait to receive that invite once you've established yourself on that platform. And finally, if you have the option to include a profile video, then take advantage of it, go for it. Videos have been proven to significantly increase the chances for getting work video and images subconsciously create a greater sense of trust in what a person the client is reading and build more of a connection with you. The cell definitely take the time to produce a quality video that has 60 to 90 seconds long, anything longer, it may lose a client's attention. So remember that the more you fill out on your profile, the more potential you'll have on closing deals because you never know exactly what the client is looking for. And in the next lesson, we're going to go into more depth regarding your bio. This is an important section, so you'll want to take full advantage of it. See you in the next lesson. 6. Craft a Client-Driven Bio: So let's talk about your bio in your profile. I've got good news. It does not need to be a lengthy profile. Why? Because clients are going to have to scan a lot of potential freelancers before they come to a conclusion. That means that they are unlikely to read an entire bio until they come across the select few that stand out to them. You'll want your first lines to just as I said, stand out from there, we want the rest of your bio to be complete and written well enough to seal the deal. You want to look irresistible to your clients in order to catch and keep the eyes of a client, make your bio client-focused. They'll be reading and looking for answers to their problems. They may be reading with a specific problem in mind, and they may also be reading with a host of other needs that are in the back of their minds. If you can understand the most common frustrations and problems a client has regarding the services you're providing. Be sure to make your bio look like it's the answer. So let's start with the first few lines, since they're the most important, let's say that I'm a client looking for help designing, you guessed it, YouTube thumbnails. The obvious problem that I would have here is that I need a thumbnail that looks professional. But the real issues that a YouTuber want solved is that they want more views on their videos, a higher click-through rate on YouTube, and they want it done quickly. So how can we play to those desires in the first few lines of your bio, Here's an example. I will rapidly deliver premium YouTube video thumbnails that can get you more views and boost your click-through rates so your videos have the best chance of taking off on YouTube. I'm regularly available and hyper responsive for all my clients or any YouTube are looking for help with thumbnails that should catch their eyes or the rest of your bio, I suggest skipping a line and then writing a paragraph describing your experience, what you've accomplished, and what to expect from your services. Anything more, maybe a waste of time because it's unlikely to be read. However, if you feel the need to add more, by all means, go for it. And if you do be sure to break up your bio into smaller sections and use bullet point. This will make it easier and more engaging for a client to skim through and get what information they feel is relevant for themselves. Later in another lesson, we'll look at a few examples so you have a better idea on how to better craft your own bio. In the next lesson, let's take a look at portfolios. 7. Present an Impactful Portfolio: Showcasing some of the best examples of your work can go a long way in sealing a deal with a client and increasing the amount of freelance business that comes your way. At this point in time, you probably fall into one of two categories. You either have several completed projects that you can use for your portfolio, or you're fairly new to freelancing and haven't done enough work to build a portfolio. Yeah, whichever person you are at the moment, this lesson applies to you because both types of people can get an awesome portfolio put together. Here are a few more statistics for you. Did you know that online posts that includes something visual as opposed to only texts have 650% higher engagement. And did you know that simply placing an image next to a piece of writing dramatically increases the reader's perception that the content is trustworthy and studies show it didn't really matter what the image was. So take advantage of the power of portfolio. But before we talk about how to put a portfolio together, Let's talk about what a portfolio is and what you want in a portfolio. Firstly, a portfolio is a place where clients can look at some of the projects you've completed. These projects can be of multiple pieces in different categories. If you provide a wide range of services or you can have one or more portfolios that are specific to one category or worse, your portfolio gives you more credibility and trustworthiness with clients. And if they like what they see, they're more likely to choose you as their freelancer depending on what platform you use as a freelancer, your portfolio can be housed on your freelancer platform, presented on your website, or sit on a portfolio website. Here are five sites you can How's your portfolio online for free, at least at the time of this recording,,, adobe portfolio core, a portfolio A few tips to include with each portfolio item are you do not need to include every piece of work you've done. Only include the ones you feel are your best work. To give a brief explanation of that word. Three mentioned a little general information about the client and what they were looking for for describe how and why your work was a success. Makes sure you have permission for each item if they were previously created for a client. And finally, double-check your writing for typos and spelling mistake. If you already have plenty of projects you can choose from to build a professional looking portfolio, then aerate, put one together if you haven't already. What should you do if you only have a handful of items for your portfolio or none at all. Well, here are a few tips. Number one, create your own pieces. Let's use my YouTube example again for thumbnail. If a freelancer is just starting out, he or she could design several thumbnails in popular categories with varied styles and add them to a portfolio. Yes, it may take more time and more effort to do so, but it's great practice for honing your skills and it will pay off later when completed number to do free work for friends and colleagues doing actual work, although for free, will help you better understand the process of working with a client. What specific frustrations and problems they had with their businesses when it comes to the work that they want done, often doing work for free is the first step freelancers take on their journey to the top. And number three, do work for a significant discount. Don't be afraid to market some of your services on freelancer platforms for a huge discount and be upfront about why you're offering such a deal. Clients will be attracted to the price and impress with your honesty. So whether you are a new or seasoned freelancer, if you don't have a portfolio that you're proud of, put one together today. 8. Persuade with Social Proof: Let's talk a little bit about a term called social proof. If you've never heard the term social proof, it's pretty much the way it sounds. It's some type of evidence from other people that your services are valuable. Online reviews on a freelancer platform are probably the most common type of social proof for freelancers, where a client reviews your work once it's been completed, perhaps it's a five-star rating. A few comments about the client's experience working with you or both. Essentially, the more reviews and the higher the ratings you have, the better. If you've been on the platform for awhile, then you probably already have a good deal of social proof on your profile. But what can you do if you're fairly new and habit much social proof yet, Let's look at three things. Number one, to begin with, you may have also received testimonials on other pieces of work you've done for clients while working elsewhere. Of course, freelancing platforms like Upwork or fiber won't have options to prominently post these testimonials. But that's no reason you can't add a few of your top ones somewhere in your bias. Keep that in mind if you're new to a platform. Number two, the next thing to do is make getting social proof on a platform a priority for all the work that you get there. Make sure not only to meet clients expectations, but also exceed them. Focus on the details of projects and do the best work you can in number three, definitely do this. Always asked for a review. There is no reason why you shouldn't kindly ask the client for review because they may not have considered it in the beginning or may not even be aware that our review was possible. So be certain to make asking for reviews a habit. I suggest having a few pre-written sentences to include in your communication with clients. Once you've delivered a project, feel free to use the following example for your own review requests. Let's take a look at that example. I'd like to take this time to say thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to working with you again, should you require similar services once you've marked his order complete, I would appreciate it if you would leave feedback for these services. Better feedback helps me provide better services and helped me secure more work. Your review will be a great help to me. Thank you once again. So keep up the good work and make social proof or reviews ratings a priority and make it a priority for as long as you stay on any particular platform coming up next, let's take a look at a common mistake, especially for non-English speakers writing capitalization, punctuation, grammar. See you there. 9. Capitalization, Punctuation, & Grammar: Capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. You'll be putting a lot of time and effort into making the best of your profile. But English writing mistakes can potentially turn off some clients. It's completely understandable if you're not a native English speaker. And many clients seek freelancers from non-English speaking nations. However, if you haven't taken the time to review and proofread your profile, clients may wonder why that extra step wasn't taken. This could reflect poorly upon you. So here are a few tips and tricks that will help you identify potential writing mistakes and correct them quickly. Let's talk about capitalization first, this is a tricky concepts sometimes for non native speakers. So here are a few rules to keep in mind when it comes to your title. Let's follow these rules unless you're being intentional with changes. Number 1, first and last words should always be capitalize the first letters in each of those words at least. So that's rule number one. Next, we want to capitalize important words, and those words are usually nouns, verbs, adjectives in anything else that may be of specific importance with their title. On the other side, there are some things that you don't need to capitalize, and they're typically two things. Number one, prepositions. Prepositions are words like in, on an add, those types of words. In addition, there are words called articles. These three specific words that you usually do not need to capitalize these entitled unless of course, they are a first or last word. Finally, typically as well. Rule of thumb, no punctuation, which means there's no period exclamation, mark or question in the title. Now these are rules of thumb. Again, let's go back up here. It's okay. If you're going to be really intentional. If you have a specific reason for breaking these rules, it's okay because quite often writing is art. So here's an example of an incorrect title. Take a look at it, thinking of the rules that we just went over. Can you identify the mistakes? And there are eight of them. Go for it. I'll give you eight seconds. How many did you locate? Here are the corrections incorrect at the top? Correct at the bottom. And here are the specifics. We definitely want to capitalize the T here, the M here. This is already capitalized, but this T here with the is not necessary. The word that is not necessary here, the V, YW, not F because four is also a preposition. Y is good. This is a possessive word. V is good to be capitalized, should be capitalized here. And we should not have an exclamation mark. You can, but it's a little overboard. What you wanna do here is at the bottom, have these capitalized or not. Youtube is a special word, the T and YouTube, this is a name they've chosen to capitalize the teeth. So make sure you follow what they do for their name. And again, the T here and the F here are not capitalized. So take a look at your title if you have one and check for capitalization mistakes next, we have capitalization rules for sentences. Sentences entitled are not the same. When it comes to sentences. Of course, the first word in a sentence should be capitalized. Names should always be capitalize the letter i when you're referring to yourself, always capitalized one-hundred percent of the time. And when you finish a sentence, do it with a period. It just sounds better unless you have a good reason for an exclamation mark. Or if it's a question. If you're going to use an exclamation mark, Let's usually save these for calls to action, like contact me today, as we'll see in a moment. So here is an example of a short paragraph that is incorrect. In here there are five specific mistakes. Can you pause the video and see if you can find out which five mistakes are included. Okay, Go ahead and push pause now. All right, let's take a look at the answers. Here we go. Did you find these? John Smith is a man's name. The J and S should be capitalized. This I always is capitalized, refers to herself. The rest in the center is okay. But when we come down to the bottom here we have an exclamation mark. It doesn't make sense to say I'm regularly available and hyper responsive for all my clients a little over the top. Instead I suggest putting a period here. Now, this sentence, DC is the first, the first word, so it should be capitalized. But look here, this exclamation mark, I'd say, why not leave it there? Because it's a call to action. You want to get a little excited about this. So contact me today. No problem. What about your content? Do you have any similar mistakes? Next, let's talk about all caps. All caps is like we see right here. In a title or in your content, in your bio, your profile, should you or should you not use all caps? Well, I suggest only using all caps when making a specific point and use them sparingly, which means rarely, not often. Here's a quick example for you. Here's a title. I'll make the best thumbnails for you. If it's in all caps, it's again over the top and it just doesn't look good and it can turn a potential client off. Instead, this is more appropriate with a checkmark. I'll make the best thumbnails for you. We've all kept just these two words because it draws our attention to the most important part of this sentence. It's really a sentence as opposed to a title. So top, don't do it the bottom. Sure, why not go for it if you want. Now, when it comes to grammar, grammar is difficult. This is not a grammar class, so instead, I have two pieces of software that can really help you. Google Docs and Grammarly. Lets look at grammarly first. Here I am in fiber and I've already installed Grammarly, and I've put it as a browser extension. You can upload it there, download here, It's right here. It's working for me. All set up and going. And notice here I'm in fiber and I might write a certain service as a client that I'm looking for. Now for you as a freelancer, you'll have something similar. Here is grammarly waiting to work. Now let's type something in. Let's say Look for thumb now, period. Now I've got a couple of issues here. Grammarly is doing a little thinking right here, and it's identified for us three mistakes and all we need to do is hover over them. I'm look, this doesn't make, it doesn't make sense. It's better to say I'm looking. So if we just come down here and click this, it automatically changes for us. Now if two more mistakes I'm looking for best with the word best, we need the word the. There we go. And thumbnail is not spelled correctly. Click on it and look at that. Things are correct. This really comes in handy. Now, so does Google Docs. Let's go over here. I'm in Google Docs right now. Not only do we have the power of Google Docs, we also have Grammarly working side-by-side. Let's type in something similar to what we just saw. Now sometimes it will automatically correct for you. I'm gonna misspelt them now. I'm gonna say it's Thumb know b and AIML and I press Space, it automatically corrects for you. Let's put a period here. Here we have, we've already seen this. This is where grammarly is working for us. But if you don't have Grammarly, you can just highlight the text. Come up to Tools. Click spelling, click spelling and grammar. This spellcheck. And then it will help you find, identify mistakes and then correct them. So these two pieces of free software are really valuable when it comes to writing if you don't have them, I really suggest check them out. And finally, don't be afraid to ask someone who is a native English speaker or is good with English for feedback. Actually, if you want a little help, ask me, leave me a comment somewhere here in this class, okay, onto our next lesson. 10. Spot the Writing Mistakes: Now that you know how to better craft your profile by avoiding certain writing mistakes, let's put some of that knowledge to the test. Here's an example of a freelancer profile. It has a few mistakes that you should be able to identify based on our capitalization, punctuation, and grammar lesson. Let's take a look at this profile and see how many mistakes you can find before I reveal them to you. This profile is of a virtual assistant. If you aren't familiar with that service, it includes providing administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client's office. A virtual assistant typically operates from a home office, but it can access a client's necessary planning documents remotely. I've included this file in your resources tab titled quiz profile. Feel free to copy and paste this into Google Docs or any other editor where you can use Grammarly. Take a moment, pause, do that now, download that file so you can take it and edit it yourself, as I said, put it into Grammarly or into Google Docs, and identify the mistakes yourself. In a moment, I'll give you the answers and I'll go over why these corrections are what they are. So here are their corrections. Here are the top. We have our title. Now we want to capitalize all of these words here. They're all important. And at the end, we probably should get rid of this exclamation mark. Now, here's something a little tricky. And these are really important in English. And there are difficult for non-native speakers if you happen to be one. So here, if you need efficient pers, personal virtual assistant, assistant is gonna be our noun in its singular. So right here, all of these others are adjectives essentially. So if you need an, an, an efficient personal virtual, virtual assistant, Google dogs are Grammarly should have identified this for you. Then look no further. I'm here for you around the clock. This turn around the clock is singular, no S here. Now, all of this we have, these are capitalized because in essence through titles for themselves. Now, when it comes to social media, their media is already plural. It's in the, it's not singular. So you never are really going to have an S here. Social media, no S, This is not capitalized, it should be, so make sure it's consistent with everything. So capitalists here and down here, these are all names of software packages. The C and the acid should be capitalized and it's okay, just leave PTC as it is down here. Hire me and I will provide you with with service. You can have services in the plural or use it singularly as a general statement. Service is here not going to be counted. So we'll just say I will provide you with excellent service. Or you could say with excellent services. So just take this out right here as usual, the I is always capitalized. Make sure that's capitalized. And another common mistake that we saw earlier, I looking forward, you can't do that. You can either say, I look forward or I am looking forward. So take a look in your content, make sure you're not making these mistaken, as I said, make sure you run through Google Docs or grammarly to identify potential errors. Also, as I just mentioned, always review your content. What errors might you have in any current online content such as your title, your bio, or your portfolio, check them out and make those corrections. Let's take a look at the next lesson, coming up. 11. Get Inspired with Profile Examples: In this short section, I'd like to talk to you about a little inspiration with a few examples of profile with a few profile example. In order to get you some inspiration, I have two specific profile examples for you that you can download right now. Go ahead and check out the PDF titled freelancer profile examples, and you'll see these two examples here. One is more designed toward Upwork and the other is a little more toward fiber once you've downloaded them, this is basically what you'll see. Let's look at the Upwork example. For the moment we have our title. The title is more or less an engineer, SQL Developer, Data Engineer. Notice we have our title, then we have our compelling content, the first few lines, and then we've skipped a line. I've bolded this area here I've worked with. And we have maybe some impressive content that should catch the eye of a potential client right in here. Then this is a good question that clients are usually asking themselves. Well, what's special about this particular freelancer? And let's just address it right here. Why choose me over other freelancers? We have some information here. Notice that it is in bullet format. This makes it easier for the client to scroll through and read. Down below, I've included some examples of testimonials. Remember, if you're new to freelancing, if you're new to a particular platform and you don't have reviews yet, go ahead and insert testimonials like these to help with your credibility and trustworthiness. And at the end, I have a call to action, contact me today exclamation mark, and it's bolded. So if you want to look closer at this, go ahead and download and read it for yourself in detail. Now with Fiverr AB, a shorter example, if you've ever used fiber when you're creating gigs, you'll have to start with I will. And then you'll need some sort of verb, makes sure the verb is something compelling, something that's non-standard, something that hopefully catches the, someone's eye. The word create is a good verb to use. So in this title, I've used, I will create pro level YouTube videos that will captivate and inspire. Notice I followed the same format. I've skipped a line. I have the compelling content here, skipped a line. And then we go into a few bullet points that will hopefully grab the attention of the viewer. There's a little bit more information down here to give more credibility. And then toward the bottom is another call to action that is in bold. So hopefully these two examples will give you a little inspiration when you're adjusting or creating your own profile. 12. Class Project: You've made it to our class project. Fantastic. Now, perhaps the most important element of your profile is your title. Why? If your title isn't catchy enough to get a client to click, then the rest of your profile content is useless because it won't be seen. So our class project is to come up with the best title possible for your own area of expertise. Demonstrate how you appear as an expert by crafting and Pi catching title that meets the criteria we've covered. And that criteria includes, number one, you use keywords you've researched to clearly state the services you offer you. The title should be 70 characters or less, including spaces. Remember, 50 characters is even better than third, stand out by targeting one or more unique selling point. Then post your title on Skillshare in the project and resources section by clicking on the green Create Project button, I really look forward to seeing what you come up with. Also, I'd like to say, thank you for being a student of mine in this course, and congratulations on making it all this way. And I hope to see you soon in more classes in mind. Because remember, for every skill you learn, you double your chances for success. And I have a question for you. What was your biggest aha moment in this course? That means throughout this course, one thing stood out that got your attention and made you think, wow, that was really interesting. I'd really love to know, leave me a comment and I will respond. Thanks again. Get to work on your project and see you soon. Bye bye.