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Ad Layout and Design - Let's Create an Ad Campaign

teacher avatar Lindsay Marsh, Over 500,000 Design Students & Counting!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Finding The Right Photo


    • 2.

      Working With Your Main Photo


    • 3.

      Getting that Headline Just Right


    • 4.

      Getting that Headline Just Right Cont.


    • 5.

      Tweaking the Layout


    • 6.

      Creating a Second Layout Option


    • 7.

      Resizing the Ad for Any Size (Instagram)


    • 8.

      Adapt The Design to a Facebook Ad


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About This Class

We will use Adobe Photoshop® to create an ad campaign for a wine subscription service. We will source the photos, edit the photo, create the perfect headline placement and call to action. We will then learn how to resize the campaign into different social media sizes and print poster sizes. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Lindsay Marsh

Over 500,000 Design Students & Counting!


I have had many self-made titles over the years: Brand Manager, Digital Architect, Interactive Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Social Media Expert, to name a few. My name is Lindsay Marsh and I have been creating brand experiences for my clients for over 12 years. I have worked on a wide variety of projects both digital and print. During those 12 years, I have been a full-time freelancer who made many mistakes along the way, but also realized that there is nothing in the world like being your own boss.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be able to take classes at some of the top design schools in the world, Parsons at The New School, The Pratt Institute and NYU. I am currently transitioning to coaching and teaching.

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Finding The Right Photo: to create a flyer poster advertisement, and we're gonna do that photo shop today, although you can absolutely do it. An illustrator. We're gonna focus on photo shop for today, so let's go ahead and open up the photo shop application already file new. What I like to do is go ahead and do it in a larger format, because it's a lot easier to design on larger format and scale down that it is to do the opposite and starting a small format and try to scale up because of quality issues. So let's go ahead and do inches. We can always say this is a J peg for online flyers in posters, so let's go ahead and switch two inches. I'm going to do 11 by 17 which is kind of a double size, um, flyer size because always better start higher. We're gonna always do Resolution 300. If we're gonna ever do anything for print, we're gonna make sure. Let's go ahead and do this in, um, see and wine que color, which is a print color. It's a lot easier to go from. See him like a and convert toe. Rgb. Let's go ahead, Do that background white. That's totally fine. Click. OK, Okay. So we have our kind of poster format, so OK, so it's double click this unlocked the layer. And if you're taking this class hopefully a little bit more familiar with photo shop, I'm gonna be I have a photo shop crash course, he could take his well before you start this, but let's get started. So the first thing we need is are elements we're going to need a logo, a headline sub line. We're gonna need a call to action, which is what we want our user, our viewer to do at the end of everything after viewing the ad. And we're also gonna need a photo if that's applicable. So let's start with getting a photo. I kind of made up a fictitious kind of company, and it's called wine venture dot com. It's a subscription wine service that delivers all across the world. This is totally made up. Just so we can develop is add, and the main headline will be your line Adventure awaits. The sub line will be the only wine subscription service you can have delivered anywhere and have called action, which will just be the website, so not a whole lot of copy your text work with. That's the most effective ads you could come up with. So let's go ahead and find a suitable image. There's a great website called Pixels epson's dot com. I have free photos for you to download use. Just make sure you have the copyrighting privileges. We're going to click on this one. And if you see this license that says free for personal and commercial use no attribution required. That means it could use this and anything you do but just double check. I'm not a lawyer. Just wanna put that in there. Go ahead, double check. But this is a great resource for images. If if you don't want approaches for my stock, one of those other stocks, that is, is going typing wine and see what comes up. So this is an adventure wine delivery service for people who are travelers and want to be able to have their wine subscription delivered wherever they travel. So that means we probably want to have adventures, show adventures at the beach or in the city, something that showing traveling like this image right here, going click on this, your nose, this hand print on the glass. When we don't want any of that, we want a nice, clean image, but that's no problem. We have Photoshopped. We can manipulate that. So let's go ahead and click on download. Let's go and start with this image. Let's see what else is out there, just in case we try it out. It doesn't work. It's moving for traveling. This might be pretty good right here. Let's see. There's a city image, something we could do. A second design. See, I think that one up there's gonna be one. Let's go ahead and click. And finding the right image is really the key to advertising. You should probably spend a good couple hours just sourcing right photos. It's going to click on this one. You're spending 10 minutes finding photo like I am something wrong, but I'm just keeping it short for the video. But, um, there's other stuff. Stock photo sites like I photo i stock dot com that you could try out shutter stock is another one. There's a whole list that I could I could give you guys if you if you ask the question. Okay, So let's go ahead and import our image. Right? Click. Latest modified, downloaded. I would load in both photos Both. I really feel like I have a concept of my head coming together when I look at this photo. So let's start with this one. So I get in. I know already we have to get rid of those fingerprints. So let's go ahead and zoom in and see if we can't get rid of that there. Okay, so what we're gonna do, I can select the clone tool. I hear this little die right here. You pull down, have other options, the clue stamp tool. And I have a very small brush. Let's go appear. Make that brush much larger. I feel like that's probably gonna be good. And I usually like to choose the brush that's feathered. And you could tell it's feathered by kind of the feathered look icon that, you see, this is a sharper plume tool which is not as effective if you're trying to do a nice blend or get rid of the image in an image. So let's go ahead and do so. Um, what I do is I hold down the option key, and I'm able to select where I want a copy. So let's go ahead and copy. Zoom in. Just a little more chicken. See? Hold down. Option. Kind of like this blast right here. Click that button Start. It's slowly select other areas to try to make it look more realistic. The less you sample the better because it's more. Continue this coloring may, depending on the complexity of the image of cloning, it could take a while to make it look realistic. This flask kind of has a little bit of a complicated shadow. So it would take me normally if I was gonna be publishing this in a magazine. You have wide viewership. I would stand a lot more time perfecting the reflection, maybe even using a blend too old kind of one today. So this is gonna be tough here. It's heading with that smaller brush. Let's take a sample right here. I just do this top fortune continually sampling. Try to find the right. You mess up. You can always do Kimanzi go back in time So just take a sample All the blue Once that was done a bit of that wine we're better yet even replace that with some glass holding down option, so that doesn't look incredibly smooth. So let's go ahead and make large rush size go to select this tool. This is this smudge tool on Defoe. It's the blur tools. It's gonna look like I dropped to. Did you get a hold down? You will be able to select smudge. It's like that super large, even bigger. Looks kinda Russia a little bit since going smooth. Always little items out. Okay, great. It's if I would have a little more time, I would take this little line seal right. It's possible to continue that. I kind of have some cop movie, some of shapes and elections. But just for this video do that. Here we go. It's room under there. So now we have our Adam place and we will continue the next video 2. Working With Your Main Photo: So here we're back. We have our photo sourced. We really like photos. So let's go ahead and make sure our photo is perfect before we continue on to the other elements of the advertisement design. So I really like the photo of the glass of the wine glass. It looks great. The red wine is nice and vibrant, the backgrounds wonderful. I don't think I need to add anything. Actually, I would like to add clouds. I really want to add a little bit more of a dynamic Christchurch. Let's find a picture of clouds that we can put in the background there. Let's go ahead. Let's go back to Texans when I find a cloud photosynthesis type clouds, we don't want anything too dramatic. This one's pretty nice and subtle. Going download it. Save image. It's going to bring that into phone shop. Can you put this in a different window? I want to drag the sin. I got a kind of go where the clouds need to go, so I'm gonna hold down, shift and drag, and that's gonna make sure that it's not going to be distorted when I drag it. See if I don't hold down shift. It gets distorted that the whole downshift and drag drags nice and in proportion. It's one thing to do is I want a feather. This. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the eraser tool. She's right here. I'm gonna make sure I'm on the feathering a portion strike 300 pixels and that even bigger , the bigger you have it, the larger scale feather it. Which kind of give it more of a natural look, let's go ahead and feather this out. You have a family tree line here. Course we wanna make sure wine glasses shown I'm actually build back. Got a little bit too much wine glass taken off like that so far. And this make it a little smaller. Really fine tunes. One glass. I feel good about the actual you back. Do this trace that part now what we're gonna do that's obviously too strong. It needs to be screen back a bit. That means just kind of reducing transparency. Opaqueness, Teoh, let it be more natural. We're gonna do goto a passage that couple way ways We can do this good old passivity and bring it down naturally blended in work. We can go to this transparency settings on their several different ones you can try out on . You could do this for any player in any individual layer. Have it's intense currency sevens. So let's, if you click on screen, could see kind of screens it back, which is nice war overlay that provides a really nice rich blue. I really like that hard light That's a little too dramatic color burns or just ones I use frequently. We're screaming back things. Let's do overlay are really like that. So we still need to delete some of the cloud image. It's kind of believe it off this umbrella. You don't need to have cloud showing through there that would speak whether that a little bit was still eating. My dear are right using the eraser tool. Okay, I like that. It's wait so dramatically, so if I go back, I'm on my eraser tool is to like a little bit more pick. There's only gonna delete 28%. Well, the image, instead of 100% blend it, make it look like glasses. Hiding the clouds a little bit better reflection. Cancer like that. Maybe it goes back 200% right? So, like that A lot Let me go to our name. It's clicking layer one. It's good to be our main photo and I'm gonna image and adjustments. This is where you can really do some photo editing here Got a human saturation you could play around since light settings make it look more evening a lot of times. So when I'm really happy with this, I have my clouds. I'm happy with it. What I like to do is I go ahead and select this top this layer right here the clouds and it's a lot. Select the layer below and I hold down shift and I have both players selected. And what I do, you can right click and combined the layers or my little shortcut is command E command e when highlight layers will merge them. Or you could just do the manual Marge Goto layer and they go to marriage. But I like to do that the short So I'm gonna do that again. I'm going to command Z and go back to where iwas I'm gonna select the plow cloud layer and in the main photo and I could do command e. It's gonna merging together another one solid image. And now that there's one solid image, any kind of adjustments that I make in this panel, it's gonna do both players at the same time. It's now one image. It's no longer to individual layers. So it's going to do the same adjustments on every. It's gonna make everything work like it belongs together, even though there's two different images. This little adjustments, brightness, contrast. I just always kind of mess with these to see confined, better setting metallic A little brighter contrast confesses Nice. A little less contrast. Maybe I'll keep it at where we've had it. So actually mess with two saturation. Um, let's see. Photo filters kind of neat. We can actually add a warm, warm tones to this. Oh, that looks great. Almost accepted. Even shot. We're gonna keep that so you can select different. Doesn't filter so purple. Okay, so, like that student, more adjustments we need to make. We don't need to be saturated. Really like color. Okay, so I'm pretty happy with the image. Just goto filter sharpen, So really like nice, sharp image. So all I did was go to filter and I did sharpen. I really like that school and savor file wine venture. I always say about every 10 minutes because Photoshopped has known randomly crash for no reason. Okay, I'm very happy with this. I believe we could put our headline in other items here, so we'll do that in the next video. 3. Getting that Headline Just Right: So now it's time to add our copy. You have our image and everything set in stone. We really like this. So what? We're gonna go ahead and do zoom out and I always zoom out to kind of see the overall composition of the design and make sure it's a proper balance of empty space, text and photo. So my photo I would love if it would come down a little more. But we also have a headline. Think I know what to do. So what we're gonna do is we're zoom in and I'm gonna create a box. It's in our selection tool. Actually, you know what I'm gonna do? First, I'm gonna go into illustrator. I have the logo for this fake a company called Wine Venture that I designed, and we're gonna drag it in two Photoshopped Course you can drag in any j peg of a logo. Usually like to keep it in vector format for quality purposes. Just what design All my logo's an illustrator. I think I'd like my logo since I'm an unknown company. Haven't done any advertising yet. I want to make sure my logo is prominent enough, and I really want to draw the colors out here of the logo branding purposes. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do a box, create a new layer and do the bucket tool actually want to get the the I drop tool and go and take a sample of the screen. Were the purple uh let me see what green looks like and we can always trial purple. If you think that's good, I think purple might show a little better. It's got a nice dark color to it. Let's see. Yes, I love that. It's well done. Select. We're gonna do our headlines. Have our headline. Everything is checked out during a spell Check. Let's go ahead. Copy and paste. Your wind adventure awaits this The main headline for this app. Do our text tool hold down shipped? We can look a larger without distortion that didn't hold down shift You have also It's problem. So let's hold down Ship Grad. See if this this headline pretty short so you might be able to get away with having it on one line. Remember to double click this and we're gonna make it. Let's not make it stark White. Let's make it a little gray. It's gonna be a nice contrast. Little more higher end a little light grey instead of white, your wine adventure awaits. So the main headline. Sometimes if it's large enough to get away with, then wait on your thought. But I really think we need to have your weight right now is a railway. It's a really strong good headline plot to use on ads with its simple. So right now it's a regular. Let me try Black is gonna be your heaviest weight. Bold. So I really like that. You know what? I really feel like we could bring in the green with Venture. That's kind of what we're highlighting. It's not just a wine thing. Somewhere where you're traveling, you get your wine delivered. You're on your ventures so good. I like that. Change that to this. Bring out this nice green like that. Oh, let's see what's great about this can play around. What if I put this on two lines and made headline bigger two lines? How high it going up? You do a center align. We always do a white A line of left along a center a lot. I'm gonna make this figure. Now that I table put headlong two lines, I could make it much bigger. And I hate having too much of a gap between the text. So I'm gonna go ahead, double click back when they go over here. And this This might be in a different area on your farm shop, but just right here, I have it in this panel. So you go to character if you cannot find any thinning options that saw my panel for the window only to find it. So this character so sorry, selected right here, we're gonna go to character, and we're gonna reduce the height between two lines. So right now it's on. We're gonna play around. See, It's obviously too much. See, what option is the best like that? So that this feels like one item that's together. There's not too much space between two makes it one unified object like that. We don't need this lightness. Y adventure awaits you. It's we put spaces between characters, call attorney semi double click this Go back to that character panel like you click this like on you. It's gonna be your turning. You can bring it really together. or you can get this facing. Why do fine, which has a nice high look. So I'm gonna keep with 200 points here So that house a little flavor to it move. I still feel like something's missing. I feel like it's just too much gold because four different words that are bold. So let's try making this thinner. Let's try light. Let's try this in light. So really gonna be focusing in adventure so Will won't come back to that. I feel like it needs a little more work, Just not sure, but I do like the with the composition of Zoom Out. I like the balance that the photos 2/3 the headline is another 1/3 dedicated to copy, and I feel like this is a nice breakdown sub line here website here. I like the overall composition and always mess around with a headline that later so we will do the sublime next 4. Getting that Headline Just Right Cont.: Okay, so where we were just messing around with Headline. I think we're ready to add the other elements into the design. Really? Figure out where Headline fits in all this and get the right sizing. So here's our sub line by line the rest of the sometimes they call it Body copy. Go ahead and pace the Seine and kind of see what signs that we need. Definitely don't want to compete with the headline. Want people to see the headline first, It's this kind of your other information. After you see the headline, I feel like that's a really good size. We don't need to make the weight bold. Let's make the weight semi bold. See how that I like that And let's also put some more spacing between the lines. This has too little spacing, so we go back to that character panel character panel and we're gonna reduce the size. Just tweak that a little bit or increase the size. I mean, I love it, and sometimes when it's not a headline, get away with this. A little more spacing I might need to make a custom size here was to 28 Okay, like that Yes, we have remained logo. We have one more element we need to put in here and call the action. Usually at the end of your ad. After you already spent the first half of the ads selling, it could be, You know, one thing we could do is make our logo. Since it's already big large. Go ahead and add dot com to it and make the logo and website the same thing. Let's go ahead and do that. That will save some spacing, making the add more clean. Let's do that. So now we made a logo and the website pretty much the same thing that really cleaned it up a bit. Stubble click. Mr Spacing, a little less dramatic here has its spacing in this part is not. It's why make it match a little more. That period needs to be stronger. It needs to be stronger. This whole thing's stronger. I love it. So has always said work once in a while. So not everything is centered since mixture of Senate properly for two Beside In Here. Cupid's headline. Actually, I'm still driving like everything on select photo. Let's make sure we everything with your line horizontal shipped. Everything back dot com seeking Noticed how that kind of centered itself. It was treated as a different element because we did not fruit dot com Go ahead, go back in time. Going in a history that to save point or reduce its look on dot com Click on wine adventure order. Right Click Another link Layers. And so now these link players are treated as one object. Well, this is one of a background white color. What I'm gonna do is lock that first layer. I started this document. I'm gonna go ahead and lock it. So now when I'm dragging things around, it doesn't get selected. You slept all this I'm actually gonna make since I like my photo placement lock photo to. So now that I can drag over the whole saying for select all not select the phone or this white background, I feel really happy about its position. Go ahead. Center align, huh? It's evidence, since always sometimes it helps to zoom and select items. Now that center line, everything is lined fairly well. We like the overall composition move that something's missing. Let's play around with some different options. Go ahead. Save this version to see what we could do. If we drag this up over the image, What's lock that we're happy with? Organ experiment? So he unlocked it. It's no kind of move it down, do you like? Well, I think I like its original position better. That's why you play around with stuff it always makes. This ribbon comes out. It's not as large. Nice proposition. Walk this downshift. I like that. Let's do you left the line on. That's now that it's no longer center, we're going to select. All do. There we go and start to come together. I feel like this 2nd 1 is way too long. It's double click on that. Put this on three lines. Made the spacing a little larger since we have multiple lines now, well, back 60 Now, we're gonna make this box over this a little bit Senate that play I like This is the hands not blocked. So now I gotta go back to right. Align in spaces. It's got a nice composition. If I were to do a little bit shadow or something like that box pop double. I'm gonna click that double quick layer as they come up with options Layer Style panel, then drop shadow. It's your biggest friend going click on Drop Shadow Play around, which could be alive distance and then I like to blend it excluding size Southern sighs. I really like my drop shadows to be realistic. Settle. It's going to double click this with a lighter color. Get much more so that's without its with its almost too. So yeah, Dr. Show up a little. I like that click. OK, we'll drop shadows dragged us off the edge, but I still don't like shape. So let's do different shape. Let's grab this polygon last to last too. It's created in that shape. I still have my I dropped the tool Select purple. So I take my fuckin Oops. You create a new layer to put the shape in, drag this behind, dragging well down and drag your layers around. There's square later. I don't need that anymore. Actually, I'm just gonna click on this. This could be your visibility. So I'm gonna click on this. I can always keep this later. If I decide that I don't like the shape I really like this angles come started to add some dimension to the ads say this is my new version and no longer like the other version. I think there's too much purple going on. So I'm gonna double click this and make this a nice, subtle gray right there. And remember, if you can put it even more spacing to come and have a nice higher end look. So do 400 set of 200 burning website down a little bit. Okay, we are getting there. This is good and save document and see what we can do next. 5. Tweaking the Layout: Okay, so now we have our flyer kind of where we want it. We have kind of some basic elements carved out. I'm just going to do some fine tweaking. I'm gonna go ahead so like this and make this a better Wait. We're looking at it, and I just feel like it needs to be maybe a medium weight, a little less a little more subtle. I don't like that I could go ahead, Zoom. And 50% it's It's such a large poster design. 50% will do when you you zoom in happy. I'm happy it's keep scrolling down. Your white adventure awaits. If I had a little more time, I probably make that hand a little less red. That would be kind of my a way to perfect it. So OK, so this is kind of a big block of headline background, but it's kind of it needs a little something. It needs a little touch of branding. So really let though this great design of the V So what I'm gonna do, I'm an illustrator right now, and I'm gonna go ahead and on group these elements. I don't need this. I need this. I really want this little element right here. So I'm gonna group this together. I'm gonna drag it into photo shop. Now, we have a nice little branded icon make that much bigger that we can put somewhere to kind of make this. See, It would be neat is if we had this angle match. Let's do that. We're gonna drag this icon instead of having this just be kind of a random angle were actually tow. Create a new layer. We'll do what we did when we did angle in the other box. We're just gonna take a polygon lasso tool. What I'm gonna do is and click up here in the same spot you can zoom in. We're gonna follow this angle. So you kind of incorporating a little bit of the branding in the absinthe. What? Perfectly illustrated? A little bit more powerful when it comes to making the perfect shape. So let's try again. Here. We'll make it good. Thank you. Follow the great. It's find all sorts of weight. Incorporate brand. We lost our drop tool. So let's go ahead and get that back. Phillips, watch. Witness the eyedropper tool. Sample the purple a bucket layer that. So it's going to get rid of the layer we have behind. I'm still not on the perceptual like Angus. I'm good to go around. Does that still have deleted layer? Just made visible anymore? Drag this layer behind the text. Do you think about this? This so that is all purple right now. So we're gonna do make sure this layers over above with the background texture, so it shows up, we're gonna double click it, and we're gonna do a color overlay. We're gonna make it right. Then we're gonna screen back with a capacity do 10%. That adds just a little bit of texture to that box. We have a nice angles lining up so geometrically proportion. It just adds a little bit of extra to it. And you know what? The longer I look at this, the more I don't like that. And you know what's great? Didn't leave that one. I want Sure. Let's go back to the layer that we have more than I liked. I liked that. So not everything fits. That's okay. Your experiment size. And do you like having a little bit of texture on that here? Let's do that it's actually double click this color overlay. Let's do, like bring the past back to person who did this. We drag this layer behind people, but long now we need to drag it behind the text with the screen back warm. It's the color a lot of great, either way work. Okay, Do you like that? I like having a little bit logo showing in there. Have a little bit consistent banning to say that about this. Did a drop shadow image exceptionally distance and at that time, a drop show. You know, image just didn't feel like it. But drop in a job with white box, it has a little more dimension to there is. So let's say that and next we'll learn how to export it also into different formats. 6. Creating a Second Layout Option: So we finished our ad design and you are never finished. Was all we did was one concept and a lot of times clients. Or if you're designing for your company, you want to see what another option looked like. So it's quickly spend this video designing a second layout option just before we finalize. Because once we finalize, we're going to start creating instagram Facebook sizes, flyer, smaller flyer sizes. Then we want to make sure really happy with the branding, because we're gonna be extending this to our entire marketing efforts. So we really want to make sure we're happy. So let's try different image. It's going and delete this, and we're going to save this version. We already saved original version. Make sure we save one adventure Option two, which we can always go back to. Option one. Who knows? This may be the final, but it never hurts to check and see what we can come up with. Next. Let's go and delete that. Let's use our other image we downloaded, which was of the vineyard. Let's go to the vineyard shot here. It ISS could bring that in dragon in, and sometimes when you have a sky, You can usually put the headline above the sky and you notice how it's has a sharp drop in here. We can easily feather that, so it looks like it's blended into one sky. Okay, so what we're gonna do is I'm happy with that. You can zoom in when you take our race or tool. Make it fairly large. Make sure it's the feather version. Just gonna look like that And not this stark, uh, contrast. One is going to be this one that's nice and feathered. Gonna give a nice, smoother look That's too big. Let's dio 500 fences. I asked you a little bit more. Let's do 1000 across Blend that's guy into the background just like that. Looks like one continuous image. Yeah, we're gonna put our headline up there, so we're gonna get not necessarily rid of this purple shape. Let's keep it moving. So I just I just did this to grab headlines. Course it's not so. Not very well. It's changed coloring. Start with black. Let's do a nice center. Your woman adventure awaits the headline on this one. So much more powerful. It's the person you see before you see the photo? So I actually really like this proposition. Better like how we have a bigger white space here. Show the entire watermark watermark protection, screen that back and more. Or you do it that way by reducing capacity. Where you going with color? Make it closer to the background. So little, little more light. More we could do. This is cinnabar. Let's go ahead, brain. Bring back one of our purple boxes. Dr. Cross Miss. Later behind the text. Headlong headlines Very top player. You cannot read it. Sounds good. Make a white so sick. There it is. Have a nice middle bar that really divides the 2/3 image. 1/3 of analysis. That nice cool ratio for feel too. It's got a nice balance So far, this problem is this locally, larger we'll be back since our images blended into the background. What dragon? This image. We have to save it. Weapon. So this is a lot of text, so need to differentiate. There were two make it a little easier. Not all of the same. So no wise subscription service you have so anymore. That's kind of the unique selling proposition of this. This one company that can deliver it to anywhere it's not. You could deliver it to one address unless I like that. Let's make the weight of that that's still had growing up green. With that, I need to make this bigger. I think we also need to zoom in on the vineyards. That's too much space dedicated to sharpen dropping. I think it really needs more clouds that needs this cloud really need to pop out. It's Ragin are clouds. It's in clouds going on skits and Pepsi's real quick. What's What's It's I really like this like it's it's down with. Well, I think the headline work this allowed to help a beautiful ships. Small make a little bit figures. It's so then I'm gonna do have it right down the very top of Slayer. I have a 1,000,000,000 tasking move. It takes so I find out what I need to go. So Good Racer, too. We have raised having on the feather. It's a better option. It's gonna blended nicer with seven smooth blend, 100% got drag this behind headlong. I like that. I do want to reduce the contrast that lose $2 just just passivity. War, image adjustments. It's in adjustments. Reduce the contest Did that same evening. Seven. But even setting on top combined the layers yet to spend selectivity well, a lot of the same shelter. Make sure, Always image together. Well adjusted. Yes, sweet, reduced capacity and sky. A little bit Headline pops in there like too much. It's all about for two. Sure say, That's a headline. More. Now that it's in this kind of big, open space, it needs to be bolder. So we're gonna double click. Double click. Sure, so right now you re away. Use this far. Try a lots. Let's make it for that. Let's see, it's it's spacing to be a little more dramatic. Go to space in space. It's doing custom size about. It's a little too much. It's sure spaces like right there. Does she have pressed into after spaces at you left over. That covers better area about to go. Let's let's make a little wider colonel. That's the current between the letters. Not between sentences like this. The lines reduce that 200. Yes, like coloring its shape. Let's see what happens. Well, let the headline people I still feel like headline gets bigger, so let's just keep experience. Let's make the overall size bigger. So right now it's 48 points. Let's go bigger. 16. It's more about setting war. Spacing between it's been, always hold down shift. Just It's so but green might blend into the clouds. Yes, it does Over that would look good digitally thinking. Plant it so you can choose a color very close. Staying in the same line going down would be the same color. Or we could take an element of that. So see, that doesn't jibe already existing since stick with that, let's go down. It's wonderful. Do drop, shadow experiment drop shadow that suit. However, sometimes I could help it. Hope it popped out. That's all kind of complicated. Well, that helps. That's a little bit of the globe there to help it stand out from the clouds he took with him. I said no body. Copy one. Okay, so we have this. It's going to compare. It's open up. Another ad. So what? We like that when I'm gonna leave this for entire market. Beside what news? We gotta think what's gonna look good? That plant. What's gonna look good social media. So which more? I wish there was kind of a live feed back. So you can tell me which one you think most effective. You look headlong is good and strong on this one. I feel like photos really strong in this one of the media. Let's angle here. This would almost seem a little bit predictable. I do like the logo being by itself and seven body copies not competing. So this is tough, but I think it's the most effective. That's probably this, and I think we could switch out Bono's so that you see Seven City. But it's gonna have that saying Really attractive shot of wine. I think that's gonna be more effective. Just kind of your generic job headline being over colored background. It really does help. Hope you read it and help it pop out at you. So we're gonna go with this one. So next we're gonna figure out how do we get this on Instagram Facebook? How do we export it? Save it for flyers that reflect. Figure that out next 7. Resizing the Ad for Any Size (Instagram): Okay, So now that we have our final design picked out, let's go ahead and get this. Ah, campaign started. So a campaign across Digital and US social media and Precht Let's go ahead and save this as 11 by 17 poster. Well, we started off the size as 11 by 17 inch document. It's already in print mode, which is see him like a color profile. We're ready to go. Ah, so I just wanted to make sure has some bleed. Um, so we're gonna go to image. We're gonna go to image and then canvas size. We're gonna add a little bit of lead. Right now, it's just 11 by 17. Let's go ahead and add lead. Standard Liege is usually 18 inch, so that's gonna be 1 to 5, and you'll memorize that after a while. It's 1/8 of an inch, so 17 1 to 5 and 1/4 of an inch is to 50. So so 1 25 is 1/8 of an inch. This is good. Add 1/8 of an inch on the entire around the top. Entire document click. OK, your selection some of our elements and make sure we drag it all the way to the edge center and illustrator. This is a little easier to do, and a lot of times I'll do stuff in Illustrator. But I just did this photo shop, since I know that's a more widely used program, uh, for people. Okay, so everything's bleed it off, have 1/8 of an inch blade up to the edge. Make sure no elements or even close to the edge. Always want to give a nice, solid margin. Printers love that. When you do that, you get a nice It's over here. They're gonna get nervous. And they're gonna say, Can you add more space spacing from the edge of the document with your text? And since I always just good practices add lots of spacing around everything. Plus it looks nicer. Okay, so now working a good saver document has bleed at it, and we're gonna explore gonna save as and J Peg are not J. Peg, but a pdf usually works out the best. So school head saves a pdf it saved to my desktop. My quality print one times will do press quality but high quality print work in this case for us quality. I always unchecked preserve editing capabilities so that people can't edit your file after you send it. So they have to go back to you to get added. That's a good thing. But also this makes the document Super Super Arjun size is gonna save all these individual layers and documents could be very big. I always unchecked when I'm when I'm the documents done being edited of sending it off to be printed always in check that I usually do default settings All right place, especially when you go ahead and select this press quality se Pdf one popped desktop so made here your speed. Yes, Double click it Sure like it is it Do you really close? Make sure Ofoto manipulations good. Like the quality I'm still not happy with that. Handing is ready to read as it iss, but that would be something I would probably back in fits. Zundel See your total proposition greatness as an extra 18 inch believe that's gonna be trend cut off in the final. Clinton, right. We have a pdf. Right, So we have a poster. So now let's do some social media graphics. It's good. Knew we were gonna do pixels now. Instagram is kind of your standard. It's just 505 100. A lot of times we do actually going into 10,000 just to make sure it's the highest resolution possible. But the damage is usually down the 500 but sometimes with you uploaded higher resolution, it'll you'll look better. So this is 2000 by 1000 resolution recommended to 72 homes do 300 even with digital images , because it does not hurt the only time it's filed size. But when you upload social media, it will downgrade it to whatever the highest recommended sizes so higher the better, in my case color mode to be. But dr this out drag some of these elements been. This is the fun part. You have to take this rectangle ad. We gotta adapt to a square. This is where we got a noodle around some of the elements to make sure the off it. The school had dragged his over one by one, and we have to resize. It is we're doing a big poster to the small Instagram. Everything's become large, so let's so think about that. See, be a tough one. That's why I love this. Why I chose this versions because when you have solid back down box like this, it's easier to overlay photos. Been tighter spaces. Do you really wanna make the headlines? It's too. It's your call action beings with making its floors isles. It's not gonna be able to be a Steve is at last to be which a lot of times logo's come in. Two different formats, a horizontal and a vertical and a vertical would probably sit that are here, which was probably create before we did this. Since drag this white, you have that white box. Let's just make a white box here soon. Like time to definitely wanna white area to make What's I pop? No, that's still are people that light? Let's drag this behind action website adventure. It's It's one of times when you go with smaller social media, you're not to be able to add the small text. What you're gonna do is allowed that small text of the description of a photo or post. Not really attitude image, less text, the better. So we're just gonna keep the headline called Action. It's actually like this. That's it smaller. I want to be too, too obvious. We'll see. Talk to one glass. I'm going. Did that top of this, The tricky part we have to do. So moving images around, she found the right. I didn't see a tough Let's not do the umbrella, but the way you want it. Let's do this line four lives As long as we could be overall overall colors a little more. He's back. What Lucky. So let's go back in time in history. Let's go back to the old shape. This two lines. It's too mines. Let's central. So you see a little bit. What do you think? It's a. It's driving across small course. It's a much smaller image. A big poster. Make sure the weight of a far bigger studio. I want to see little white space. Get the water? Yeah. What might be some After you in another size simply can't get water. Yes, that's right. Since the whole Apophis in from Photoshopped. So it makes it a vector image. Everybody I click accessorizing. They're no longer make it. After that, we're gonna be able to tuck shop. Since this is not printed, I don't have to worry about what is much. There it is a little drop. Shadows do some different things with digital. This is so much smaller. What? Suddenly now drop shadow like that. I can't say this is Instagram. We're gonna make sure it's finished. Yes, that's for posting. And we could export this reaction. Save this. So I stopped. I always max it out. His instagram will downgrade to whatever it needs to be downgraded to mission. Mature topic last with us. It's not working. Instagram will be other ads that will look better. Maybe the rectangle facebook bad is better, especially this So we'll do that minutes. 8. Adapt The Design to a Facebook Ad: Okay, so now that we have our Instagram ad ready, let's do a Facebook. And when he never look up Facebook ad size, we're gonna come across 1200 by 6 28 So let's go ahead and make her document 1200 by 6 28 file new 100 by 6 28 Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and do 300 resolution pixels. We're good to going to drag this into another window, and we could probably do a calm whatever works. We have two different kind of ads. They both have the same theme. We have this for instagram, and we have this for a poster. So as long as we do something with the same basic elements, it will have that unifying thread that goes through all the documents. Um, so let's go ahead. We obviously need or logo in the Facebook. You're gonna be able to put this tagline into actual post text so you don't need to have your image have any of that. So just like instagram, let's just have her headline or website and our photos, and they get really simple good drag sober what we could do. Go and make the smaller. Just like that. Let's not do the umbrella. Was this do this nice, crisp in image. Go ahead, bring it's a good and create a white box. Here, do a little bit different ad formats, something that will work better in the horizontal space. So right now it is created in layer. And I'm just creating a white box and I get a shift and select my photo and bring these all the way to the bottom layers. So let's do our headline that actually works out really well. Just happened to work out well, so let's keep that right there. This is when having a vertical logo would be very helpful and we could create that. Or would you create a wider box down here, which I don't like that idea because I really like how this is working. Actually, let's bring this down a little bit like this bigger. Here we go. We could blend this and a bit. Let's make this fighter and take the eraser tool Is that much smaller? Hasn't looked slightly blended. Yes, that could work. Kind of like the sharper it. I'm just gonna do that. Oops. Back to our history. Just like this more that energy, see the better. But this Titus we can edge. What about Clinton? It's quite bad. Let's go ahead and create. It's going to open up original local style just really quickly. We're gonna make a vertical version of its logo just like that. We're gonna do that. I think that's gonna work a lot Better. Person. Social media sizes. Always good to have two options for Logo's said Just one options. It's really dot com. It's that's still gonna make a wide It's always look dot com a lot smaller. So here we go. It's not so bad. You don't need a big works like that. Day is long. It's bringing our watermark battle. Good Autumn are all opponents to a Facebook ad, So let's go ahead and do like that action. Drag this out. It's bigger. It's the eraser tool. This could help. How do you like that? Everything will make sure that's alive. We'll see this little people line can help. See? Find the perfect right alignment. Since that decline Perfect. Now these two elements are lined up. Go ahead and say this this bad to see what would happen along. Help you add together a little box, a new layer. Do the eyedropper tool, but not some of the screen. Does that help kind of really add together? I think it does. I think we're gonna keep that. Keep that line. But if it's up top, I like that a lot. But it stands out. News feed. You see that nice? The spans the length of the ads kind of connects everything together. Could move ahead. Headline down a little bit. Okay, let's save what's export. Actually a food shop save. Ask to J. Peg say max it out. Facebook will always downgraded to what needs to be So can never be high resolution. There's your Facebook at Here's your poster for your flyer weaken downsizes to 1/2 mile imply, or any size and every instagram post boom. We have tire campaign going social imprint, and it uses that