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A Easy Social Media Masterclass: Building an Audience, Marketing & Creating Your Personal Brand!

teacher avatar Dylan Reeves-Fellows ⭐️, YouTuber & Professional Editor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      A Social Media Masterclass - Welcome


    • 2.

      Finding How Social Media Can Benefit You!


    • 3.

      Instagram & its Insane Popularity...


    • 4.

      Growing on Instagram - Understanding How


    • 5.

      Case Study - Instagram Personal Branding (KEY!!)


    • 6.

      Facebook & The Networking Effect


    • 7.

      The Crazy World of Twitter...


    • 8.

      The Foundations of YouTube & Growth on YouTube


    • 9.

      The Audience Connection Case Study (KEY!!)


    • 10.

      The Class project


    • 11.

      Recap and Conclusion - Thank You


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About This Class

The aim of this class is to teach you about the 4 main social media platforms out there online at the moment: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. This class is all about social media marketing and social media advertising. It's a full social media strategy class. This class will teach you how to create your own personal brand on Social Media, how Instagram works, how YouTube works, how Facebook works, and how Twitter works. I talk about how you can use social media to your advantage as a person, brand, or business.

It will also give you an understanding of how high post engagement can lead to exposure and growth on these social media sites. I explain and give examples of why some personal Instagram feeds look the way they do and why you always see famous celebrities posting random videos on Facebook. 

Social media in today's generation is a key part of society. Personal brands are created through the likes on Instagram, influencers are made and social media controls what we see. Becoming a YouTuber is the most desired job for the younger generation and this class explores the framework of each of the social media sites.

This class is all about social media marketing and social media advertising. It's a full social media strategy class.

This class is ideal for everyone looking to take their professional online presence to the next level. Whether you're just starting out in your career, looking to become an influencer on YouTube or Influencer on Instagram or to jump-start a blog or side hustle, or simply looking to learn more about branding, this class is the perfect place to begin.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dylan Reeves-Fellows ⭐️

YouTuber & Professional Editor


Hello, I'm Dylan!

Im a successful YouTuber, Presenter, Entrepreneur, and Online Teacher. Below you will find the main selling points on why you should watch my classes! If you're looking to learn something new then you are in the right place - Especially if you want to learn about YouTube and Editing!

I run a Youtube channel with over 60,000 subscribers, have a podcast, and a dedicated student platform called Student Ear. I have 7 Years of Experience In Video Editing, YouTube, Adobe Products, and Business creation. BSc Economics & Finance Graduate of the University of York Professional Acting MA Graduate

Check out www.ReevesandFellows.com and you'll be able to explore my progress in these above projects. Please take a look at my Top classes and don't forget to follow ... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. A Social Media Masterclass - Welcome: Welcome to the Social Media master class for beginners. Hey guys, I'm Dylan army, YouTube or with 43 thousand subscribers plus some followers on some other platforms. And as they usually burn active online business owner, you do have to be very, very active in posting on social media and really using social media to help your business and personal brand and stuff like that. So over time, over the last few years, I've really developed an understanding on how to successfully use social media. Today I'm gonna be telling you all of the ins and out, sort of the secret tips I picked up over the years. How to really use social media for your advantage, whether it be your personal business, your personal brand, you're acting brand, you're trying to be a YouTube, borrow an influencer. I'm gonna be telling you so many useful things that is applicable to pretty much everybody. Because in today's age, social media is key. And of course, if you do go into enjoy this class, do live a lovely overview. I always like it and follow the channel. Any questions or comments, pop them in the discussion and without further ado, let's jump points class one. 2. Finding How Social Media Can Benefit You!: Welcome to class one. So to truly get the most out of social media and to understand why people are doing what they're doing, we have to establish what are aims are and what other people's aims are when they post on social media. So for example, I mean, there's a huge Cuba when I post on Instagram, I'm trying to let people know that I've posted a new video on YouTube. So I may put a post out saying, Hey guys, upload a new video, go check it out. Lincoln Bio. So my aim is to generate exposure from Instagram and Twitter for my youtube channel, some people might want to promote their business. They might be posting a lovely cake. They say, hey guys, like it escaped. We've now got in stock, Come to our, to our store and trial cake. And some people may just post for fun. I want to post all their memories online or others may be posting for a personal brand, like for me as well, I want to be an actor. So on my main Instagram account, I have 21 for YouTube, one for acting. But on my acting one, I only post stuff to do with acting because I want to symbolize the people that, hey, look, I'm a working actor here somewhere, projects and I'm using social media to say, hey, this is me, this is what I'm doing. If you need somebody who's looking like me for enacting role, coming, getting contact with me. So really establishing what you're wanting to use social media for. First thing you need to do before you even start to think about how you can use social media for your advantage. So once you know what the aim of your social media is, then you're already one step closer to becoming successful in social media. Because the first key to any social media account is for it to have purpose. Without a purpose, people would never really engaged with a social media account. So as I was saying, the majority of people do have social media for the purpose of letting their friends know what they're doing or that sort of thing for fun. But there are several other aims and uses of social media, as I gave my own examples a second ago. 3. Instagram & its Insane Popularity...: Welcome to the class to where we're going to be talking about probably the most popular social media app for my generation. I'm 21 and its Instagram. Instagram is honestly the one app. I think if you gave all of my friends and people around me, say you can have one social media wrap. What do you want? I think the majority of people, including myself, would say Instagram is similar to Facebook. Instagram has a sort of networking effects where once you connect with some of your friends, your other friends start popping up. And you kind of build this great network of followers on your Instagram page and you can follow what they're up to and see that posts see their videos. And Instagram is really a place where you can connect with influences like celebrities on a much more deep level because you can see that posts every day. You can see that videos every day. And you truly feel like you semi know these influences out there. So Instagram is one of the very few platforms where you can actually get attached to a person and influence from seeing that regular posts, which is very interesting. And now the first thing I want to touch on with Instagram is that people think Instagram is just an app where you post photos and videos. But realistically it's not, it's much more than that. Instagram is your personal brand. A brand as a person and ancestor or business, as soon as you meet somebody and they follow your Instagram, their second impression or their impression is going to be based on semi or your Instagram profile is going out every day posting loads of clubbing pictures. Are you a sports person? You are businessmen, even on a general level as a person, Instagram is so interconnected with our lives and what people think of us that is worth understanding how it works and bearing in mind whatever you post will affect what people think of you. And that is the first lesson to take away from this, the Instagram will affect what people think of you, for example, depending on what your Instagram feed is, if you message a random go boy or customer, then we'll look at your feet first, then reply. And more than likely what you'll feed is will influence how they respond to you. So rarely Instagram is much more than just posting random pictures. So before you post anything, you need to think, does this post fit with how I want people to react to my Instagram account. 4. Growing on Instagram - Understanding How: So how can you successfully use Instagram? First thing you wanna do is turn on your analytics on your Instagram account. Now to do this, open up Instagram and I've got a dummy profile up here. Then he wants to click edit profile. Then you can see here that below my bio it says switch to a professional account. Click that. Continue, continue, continue. Choose what you are. You noticed the band that business for now, select artist I don't wanna display on my profile, but you might want to press done now that you're a business account, what this means is our head onto my main account and show you the when you post a picture, let's say this one of me. So from Santorini, I can then see insights into how people have engaged with my content. Because before I'm able to see how many likes my picture had and how many comments, but nothing else now I can see how many people have saved it, how many people have dm did, and how many profile visits this post attracted, and how many people are reached. Now the reason why this is so good, this is more for businesses, I'd say, is that as a business, if I made a post and this post was making everybody go to my Instagram page where there's Will my products. I would want to start making more of the posts. Really make people click on my profile. Because as soon as they click on my profile, there's a chance they might buy a product. So by allowing the business and professional features or my Instagram account, I'm able to see what posts generate the most traffic to my Instagram page will give me the highest chance of being noticed or essentially making a sale. Having Post insights is really great for determining what pictures my followers like to see. Are they saving, et cetera, et cetera? And how then I can post similar pictures to the ones that have the highest saving ratio so that my followers really engaging with my content. Because the way to get noticed on Instagram is to really make your post have a high engagement rate. Now what a high engagement rate means, if I had a 100 followers and a 100 likes from all my followers, that means my engagement rates is a 100%. And as soon as my engagement raised a 100% or anything really about 10%. I think that's the challenge you'll end up on the Explore page on Instagram, which means that people are browsing Instagram, have a chance of coming across your account and then you will subsequently be discovered. So really posting pictures that have the highest engagement rates are saves DMZ likes comments, is really what's going to help you grow on Instagram and really help you kind of use it to your advantage. In Instagram, we've covered branding and how to grow, and they are the two main things that beginner needs to know about Instagram. So, yeah. 5. Case Study - Instagram Personal Branding (KEY!!): Welcome back to the social media class and welcome to class four. Well, we're gonna be taking a look at a few Instagram pages and we are going to be kind of using them as a case study to determine what their aims are and the type of posts they are posting in line with what they want to achieve from Instagram. First up, as I mentioned before, the aim of my Instagram page is to essentially show people that I'm an actor. And if we take a look at my page right here, you see you open it up. I've got in my bio that I'm represented by click, my Acting Agency, and I've got my location and I'm based in London for anyone who maybe looking for a London-based actor. And then we can see that one of my highlight reels is acting. And as soon as you click on that highlights reel, it's got all of the stuff I've ever posted about acting. So you can see it shows I'm working my scripts, scripts, more performance staff, more green screen. And I'm kind of really using Instagram here to show that I'm a working actor as I mentioned before. And my posts are all pretty much, you know, when I was doing a music video with a 100 or a few kind of modelling pigs or a few influence a sort of pictures just to show that, you know, I'm about, I'm walking. I like traveling, I like cool pictures. Here's me on set again. And it's kind of like a very sort of clean and professional someone say, Because a lot of the pictures are very unique looking Instagram, which kind of bodes well for keeping it clean image, keeping a sort of making up a brand. And secondly, I thought we could take a look at Mali may Molly males on Love Island. Obviously how posts and very much going to be influence a base, pretty sort of nice shots. And you can see and have bio, she's got her email address for anybody who might want to contact her. You can see that all of our posts a very kind of fashionable, always wearing nice clothes, waste kind of a bow. And she's kinda just, just uploaded a blog. What I got to this week, She's kind of using that to generate exposure for our YouTube channel. And honestly, THE she's posts so regularly that she's able to build up a connection with people. And people kind of feel like they know they aspire to be. And in all of our photo, she's looking very glam. And it's just another way to stay connected with, with fans and create a sort of base for any business you might have. And obviously, she has filtered by Molly ME what she kind of promotes on her main page. Now we're gonna take a look at the square to the square root or a clothing brand. And you can see that all of their posts, the very fashionable pieces that essentially people are wearing. They've obviously got models modeling that close and you can straight away tap on the screen going through the products that they're selling. And that kind of really making everything. Everything seemed really vintage, really cold, really fashionable to wear. And you can see that they kind of go very cool images because if, if people perceive their clothes is cool and that sort of thing, they're going to buy them. So really you can see how everybody is using social media very differently, dependent on what they're trying to achieve and our aims. So you can see how I want to be an actor, an influencer and clothing brand really kind of use social media in different ways to kind of promote dairy. The show that there are whacking actor to promote their goods and services or to just kind of continuously have a connection with their audience. 6. Facebook & The Networking Effect: Welcome to class five. Now in class five, we're moving on for Instagram and we're going to be taking a look at Facebook. Now I'm sure everybody knows Facebook. Facebook is much more of a kind of old school social media platform has been around for absolutely ages. And everybody pretty much has it, especially the kind of slightly older generation than myself. So about 26 upwards, it is there kind of main social media site. It is literally the king of the networking effects because as soon as you connect with somebody on Facebook, you're connected, you see that posts, you're able to add mutual friends. And once again, like Instagram, you do kind of build up a network, but it's a very strong network and that's why it's so hard for, for a new social media companies to break in and take over the kinda Facebook space because Facebook is already built this network of people that you're connected with and you have no incentive to leave a site where there's already have on your, you want to be with that. So unless you know Facebook, there's something majorly wrong. I never see them kind of falling off because of the network effect. Facebook also own Instagram. And if you've ever been on Facebook, you'll see that young people don't sense a post that much. They mainly post on Instagram and Facebook is for the kind of the older generation as I was saying. So the Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook kinda share have done a really good job of capturing both sides of the market subliminally because by the different apps, et cetera. But once again, Facebook works on the metric of likes, comments, engagement or social media to the more engagement with your posts, the more time it's going to pop up on the news feeds, and the more people are gonna see it, Facebook is great for generating exposure to a business of video or to yourself. And one of the best ways to do this is to get a video, post their funny clip, let's say, and get people to like it, share it. And as soon as somebody shares a funny video, your post instantly reaches another 1000 people because it goes to all their friends. And you'll probably have seen all of the other Floyd Mayweather, K ESI, all these famous people. They get companies to run their Facebook account and they kind of posts funny videos. And basically people share these funny videos. Then other people think, oh yeah, Floyd Mayweather or yeah, okay, side shot this video. And it kind of really helps to, for people to stay connected with them kind of icons. And obviously people make money from the adverts on the video sometimes. So as a YouTube, as a business owner, any sort of marketing or we're gonna do on Facebook, you're gonna wanna try and push out a video. So let's say if I was YouTube, I had a really funny video. I wanted people to watch the video. I may take the best and funniest moment from the video, put it on Facebook, on a Facebook page or my Facebook business page and get people to share this post. And before I know a polygon run thousands of people, thousands of people who have enjoyed their hopefully, and then they'd be willing to go and check out the full video. So that is one great strategy on Facebook to get exposure is definitely the best place for, let's say if using a fundraiser or baking cakes or local charity use opening, that is definitely the best place to spread awareness and to raise funds on a set of fundraiser or something like that. Because not only do people see pictures, but they also see what you're writing. I see videos. They see essentially, it's like Twitter and Instagram combined. Stacey, a law of your content. And really I think browsing through starting a fund raise and starting a business, people are willing to pay a lot more attention and give you a lot more time to a post on Facebook than any other social media platform, which is why scraped overall, Facebook is definitely great for informing people of what you're up to, what you want to do, what's going on in your local area or even the market. There's so many different things on Facebook. It's like a different world. It's just great for spreading a message. So as a business, you definitely want to post like your best sort of items, your best video stuff that's gonna make people want to share it as an actor or an influence driven. You want to post your most craziest clips. You must crazy as pigs and try and get people to share them. And it's just a way to generate exposure. You might post your most amazing cake and people be like, oh wow, well you might post a recipe and people share that cake recipe rounds like wow, I'm gonna make this whatever. Facebook once again, similar to Instagram because they're owned by the same sort of people, is based on engagement to what you see is such a great way to, to gain exposure if you're showing a funny video. Overall, it's just great for staying in contact with people around you. The ways it grows to get people to share your posts and have a page on Facebook that directs people once they come onto your page elsewhere. 7. The Crazy World of Twitter...: Classics. Welcome to this one. This one is all about Twitter now, honestly guys, I have no clue how to even start this class because Twitter is honestly is my friend Michelle said the other day is like a free for all where anything goes, is like full of memes is full of inappropriate jokes. It's just a great way to kind of escape reality. And it's like people quoting tweets, making fun of things is one of the things that you have to experience before you can kind of explain it or judge it like I couldn't explain to you what it is. It's just so y old once you're immersed in a world of Twitter, you know, I think as a brand or an influencer, It's very hard to kind of gain from Twitter other than letting followers now by your message. Because it's very political, was very kind of intense and more often than noise just for memes, the only person who I'd say does a great job as a business owner of using Twitter to kind of promote his stuff is Elon Musk because Elon Musk is down with the kids. You'll post funny memes, funny videos. But then at the same time hill also reply to stuff about, you know, promote his new space, Rocky Horror is new Tesla and say, oh, it's got this feature as well as this feature. And subliminally, when he posts a funny kind of mean, people think it's funny. Elon Musk is jokes and follow him. And then when he talks about his new product or its new car or the new features. People will then also see that at the same time, even though they follow them for the meme, they also see him for the new specks of his Tesla. And often on Twitter you'll see like stuff where slot, oh my god, the Burger King really post that bugging the barrier can help close that. And is much more of like a random place that was as a business going to use some sort of strategy to mark yourselves on Twitter. You would have to be funny. You'd have to be random because the majority of continent blows up on Twitter are ironic or wild jokes. And once again, Yeah, likes and retweets are a great way to kind of get exposure on Twitter, but you have to be funny to get them. And you can kind of include key words in, let's say your tweet, if people are searching for them, might come across your tweets. But it's much less of a search engine and discovery platform morphogens to scroll through the US jokes, scroll through us jokes. So whilst Twitter is definitely a highly use platform for a life, is more of a be funny observe, be funny observed rather than be influenced by your OB kinda drew into a product from Twitter. But if you guys have any suggestions on how Twitter works or how to use Twitter to your advantage? I would love to hear these ones in the discussion board down below, but I think my time would be better spent in my area of expertise, which is coming up next, which is YouTube. 8. The Foundations of YouTube & Growth on YouTube: Welcome to class seven, all of our YouTube now YouTube, as I was saying in the intro, is where most of my implements comes from. I've got 43 thousand subscribers, and I've been doing it for about five years now. Now I've made several classes on how to add it YouTube videos, how to make thumbnails, How to Write YouTube scripts, how to start your channel. I've already done so many other classes on YouTube that if you wanted to learn lots about it, I'd say go and watch some of them classes. But for a basic social media introduction, I'd say that I think that YouTube is the perfect place to truly build a connection with people via screen. You're able to give so much, so much information to people in a YouTube video, then because of the nature of YouTubers videos, people are willing to stay for a lot longer and much more of your video, which is, which is ideal. And I'd say that if you haven't been on TV or you have no sort of influences and actor or anything like that. Youtube is really the place where your, your social media presence starts from seed grow on YouTube. And then people would see OUT watching YouTube videos and then start to follow your other content and other social media channels. So YouTube is the foundation for starting from nothing and having nothing growing on YouTube and then building up your other social media channels. So you can see that it really is key. And obviously on YouTube, you can make videos ranging from a Q and a. You can make vlogs, you can make so many different videos. It is a search engine meaning that often people go on YouTube looking for tutorial sash on how to do something, discovered the video, maybe like subscribe. And essentially it works again like Facebook and Instagram, where the more engagement with the video, the more charge that you have that video blowing up and becoming popular and being seen. So let's say I had a video about of log, then my life. Let's take away more likes and comments. The my, my other videos, the video with more likes and views and comments would have a higher chance of being promoted to other people on the YouTube side, because it's engagement rate is much higher than my other videos. So really engagement rate, watch time, likes comments is key for gaining traction on YouTube and promoting and getting YouTube itself to promote your content. So because I don't wanna get too complex with YouTube, because I've literally done in much, much more detail in better ways or my other Scotia classes, we're just gonna jump into a case study of one of my videos. 9. The Audience Connection Case Study (KEY!!): Welcome to Class a, the connection. Now in this class, I'm going to be playing you a Q and a video that I made on my YouTube channel. And it's just the kind of show you that by the end of this video, even if you've never seen me before and never know anything about me before. By the end of the video, you feel like you know me a lot. You feel like you want to connect with me and you'll kind of be intrigued as no, what am I doing with my life now? And as soon as you make people feel like they know you and a part of what you're doing. Thus, when they suddenly start to follow you on YouTube, and then will suddenly start to follow you on Instagram, on Twitter, on all of these other social media platforms. Because if you've established a connection with them, SASA was saying YouTube is the best way to connect with people purely because you're able to give them so much information at once, as I was saying, and I want to play this Q and a. So you guys can see for yourself how you feel. Once I've said a few things to you and see if you feel like you connect with me because I can't really explain how to do it. But if you watch and observe, and he wanted to start a YouTube channel or you wanted to connect to people even on Instagram videos or Facebook videos. Watching this clip will help you understand how, how in a classic marketing technique per teacher or the staff at the start of the video so that, you know, people are intrigued to what was he talking about? Advice for studying abroad. Am I rich? Was unpopular in school. Don't bother with C o. It is a lossy pclass me. Am I straight? All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to a Q and a Sunday on my channel. Now last week I got you guys to ask me questions in the comments down below me to answer in this video. And boy, did we get some very interesting questions and I'm excited to answer them. Now if you don't know me, I'm a third year students studying at the University of York. I'm currently writing my dissertation doing all stuff like that. I've basically forgot in the last two years of everything that I've learned. Which leaves me in the slide predicament of not really understanding much that's going on. And instead of revising I making YouTube videos, MBA, the pros and cons of living in a house rather than university holes. Now the cons of living in a house is, you can't make it your lecture five minutes after you wake up, which I'm sure almost the first is do you don't get any food? I'm really struggling to Kirk I'm eating lots of out of the food. I kind of miss that sort of. Why why you got outside your house and they're just all of your friends about the pros of living in a house is that you've got that sort of freedom where you can host a house party and campus security won't come round and shut it down. Like living with your close friends is definitely more fun, is a nice freedom like the first step towards adulthood is equally sociable, equally messy, and equally as expensive though, are you guys car you have while Alex, I think that's a great question. I'm going to go into it now. To your house must do the same subjects. University, do economics, Hugo, and I'm such clip now, you're gonna come get a video alongside the Jose, although it is what is studied you go. And electronics with music technology system, what campus do you prefer? Probably west. Ricky burns asks, How did you get to know your housemates? They seem called, I think the first time I met Hugo was yeah. It wasn't my flow roll the clip marine Ahmed, how much effort that you put in first year. People say don't bother with first year as it doesn't count. Yeah, I'd agree with that. Don't bother with first year to the extent that you need to get like a really good grade, do well enough so that you not go down on all the foundation stuff and then don't worry about the niche kind of stuff. Basically my January exams, I go 48% in an easy maths class. And then it turns out that I had to get 60% overall. So go and study abroad in Australia. And I was like, like I was living by firstly doesn't count. And it almost came back to by me in the back side, I'm planning on doing econ and unity without Math and Economics a level. So what are your tips? Basically, I feel like just brush up on differentiation for mass. If you haven't done that, because we use that a lot, you should be fine. And having economic saleable helps so much. Lamport's man, you're planning on getting a job right after you graduate. If so, you're gonna continue blogging. Now, I'm always gonna continue blogging and making videos in regards to a job I recently went to the grad, fair. I mean, roll the clip. Today. We just wanted to have the university provides. But to be honest, I don't think I'll go straight into y once I finished university. Like pursue something creative or go travelling and then see what life takes me. I saw you a grass-fed today and so he cycling around yesterday. So you're the gym silicone, obviously like being in the campus UG that people kinda stand proudly recognized me but don't know where from, you know how that manly thing where you have a stare off with another guy and you don't have backed down. Gives an editing. What's going to happen to this channel of the leave uni? I'm gonna continue, of course, is it important to have good organization for your notes from day one? If so, how do I organize them? 10. The Class project: And finally guys, let me talk to you about the class project. So the class project is basically the island YouTube, taking in mind what we've learned about in this class, create an Instagram feed as if you are a brand or business or whether it's for fun and show me what the final product is. So I want you to look at the aesthetics of your pictures you are going to choose to post on the feed. We need to look at the captions of what you're posting. And I want you to take a look at the information in your bio. Is it going to be your email address? Is there gonna be you know, what you're up to? You enact your full-time sports person that you were coach. And really think about what you want your brand to be and how you want it to come across. Send a screenshot in the class project section. And I'll take a look and review and offer you a few pointers if you'd like about what you could do better. And I think it is a great way to learn about how you can truly use social media to your advantage if you do this class project. So, thank you, and let's jump into one more class. 11. Recap and Conclusion - Thank You: And finally guys, thank you so much for watching today's class. Now I like to keep my class is short and sweet. So if you would like to see a more in-depth version of this social media monster clause, then leave it in the comments lever of you let me know if you liked this class. And if you omit the cutter, let's say Tiktaalik already or Pinterest. Please also let me know in the comments. I would very much like to do that if you guys would like to see it, I would definitely recommend if you don't know anything about social media going on Netflix and watching the social dilemma. It really is eye opening to how scary and how dangerous social media can be and how depicting it can be, and how all of these companies really do know everything about you. But I hope you have enjoyed today's class and I hope you have learned that there's so many different things you can do on social media to benefit yourself and to kind of essentially start your own brand or, you know, take advantage of social media. And I hope you understand a bit more about how social media works in terms of engagement. And if you do that, I've done my job. Please do follow me and I'll catch you again very soon. I've got lots of great classes coming through them. I'm one of our podcasts.