Glass Painting: Transform Used Wine Bottles into Decorative Vases | Rekha Krishnamurthi | Skillshare

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Glass Painting: Transform Used Wine Bottles into Decorative Vases

teacher avatar Rekha Krishnamurthi, Mixed Media and Digital Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Review supply list


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      Prepare Workspace


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      Let's Paint!


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      Embellish with Design


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About This Class


In this class you'll learn basic techniques on how to work with high viscosity acrylic glass paints and relief outliners to transform used wine bottles into beautiful decorative vases!

Meet Your Teacher

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Rekha Krishnamurthi

Mixed Media and Digital Artist


I’m a mixed media/fiber artist, printmaker and digital designer who loves to teach, inspire & empower others to acquire new skills and gain knowledge.

I design and handcraft product that I sell on my website,, and Etsy .  My product line includes marbled ring dish sets, hand dyed kitchen & table linens, block print wall art, silk painting kits and DIY craft kits.  I'm involved in every aspect of my business - from product design, to product packaging, digital marketing, shipping strategy, writing SEO friendly product titles/descriptions/tags and much more.   There is a lot to do when running a small business and at times it can be overwhelming! But this is what has pushed me to develop streamlined business processes and a strong... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: everyone. Welcome to my class. My name is Rekha, and I'm the founder of Divine Why dot com That's my design studio where I specialized in textile and pretty designs. Anything D i y craft heavy were wondered what to do with those used wine bottles. After just fantastic party this class, I'm going to show you some techniques on how to use last pains and transformed use flying bottles into beautiful decorative vases. Class is perfect for anyone who's interested in glass. Let's get started. For a class project, you'll be decorating a used wine bottle with high viscosity, acrylic glass panes and relief out liners. I'll provide you with step by step instructions along the way. And if you don't have any old wine bottles, doctor worry, you can simply use any clear glass bottle or even a glass base. In our next lesson, we'll go into more detail on the supply list and where to purchase them. So what are you waiting for? Click on the enroll button below and let's begin transforming old wine bottles into works of art 2. Review supply list: all right, and we're ready to go through the supply list and figure out exactly what we need in order to create our project for this project will be working with the P b o brand of glass paints . This particular brand is called studio Acrylics. High viscosity, Thes paints air great on glass as they're very fluid and can be layered and easily mixed with other paints. You're available in art stories such as Blick Art, for this project will be using this color the iridescent blue as well as the iridescent gold. But you know what Feel free to be creative and really come up with your own color palette and add your own personal touch. Once we finished painting the bottle, we're going to embellish it with the's relief out liners there also my P B O and there in gold and black and will be using that to decorate the bottle. And, of course, you'll need a couple of craft paint brushes to flat ones would be ideal, and these air available in any craft store such as Michael's dot com, you'll need a few paper plates. Small pain replaces. Fine. We're gonna use these other paint trade just disposable. Once we put the paint and we no longer need it, you could just throw it out. You'll need a container of water. We're not really using the water to dilute the paint, but you might need this container of water after we're finished the project just to help clean out your brushes. We'll wanna have a roll of paper towels nearby just to clean up and wipe off excess paint. And we'll also need some rubbing alcohol. This is mainly going to be used to just clean the bottle and remove any of the label stickiness from the wine bottle. And that's really all will need for our supplies to paint our decorative vases to turn our wine bottles into decorative vases. Attached to this video is a detailed supply list that you can download, and I've included links to where you can purchase some of these supplies. So please download that list and purchased the relevant supplies that you need. In order to complete this project in the next segment will prepare the glass bottle and our workspace 3. Prepare Workspace: All right, so now we want to prepare a workspace and prepare the wine bottle, getting it ready to paint, so you wanna leave enough room for your yourself to work. You might want to cover your space with the white paper tablecloth or some kind of plastic cover just to protect your table, and you can spread out your supplies. And in order to prepare the wind ball, the first thing you do would definitely want to do is to remove any labels, so make sure you remove the wine label just with water and soap. It should come off. You may have to scrub it a little bit, but it should come off. And then, just to be making a little more cleaner, we might want to take some rubbing alcohol. Just simple rubbing alcohol. You get this in the local pharmacy and just clean your wine bottle and just remove any of that label residue or any kind of stickiness on the bottle. Let's just clean it so that it has a spoon surface. Okay, so once the bottle is completely residue free, we are ready to proceed. It's the neck lesson where we will start to paint 4. Let's Paint!: Now the fun begins. We're actually gonna start to paint and decorate our wine bottle. So for this project, we're going to start with the iridescent blue, and we're going to open it up and just squeeze out a little bit onto our paper plate just like this, and we're going to simply dab your take your flat brush and just get enough paint on there just like this and just start to paint. Now the glass will show through, and that's okay. But you can always go back and add more paint to make it more opaque and less transparent. But I personally like the look of transparency, So I don't mind if areas of my wine bottle show through, and we're also going to go back later with the gold so we can always cover some of those transparent areas with the gold pain. So what I want you to do is Pete, the whole circumference of this wine bottle all the way around just like this, and you could just use long strokes so you can see here. When I add more paint, it becomes more opaque, so it's up to you if you want it to be moral pig. Simply add more paint, but just make sure the layers that you add are even, You know, just you wanna have an even amount of paint on the brush and just evenly coat the whole body. So once we finished with, the blue will go back and add the gold. So now I want to start with the gold. I'm gonna take this blue paint and just put that aside along with the brush. I'm gonna take another paper plate just like this. And now I'm switching colors. I'm gonna use this gold. I'm gonna squeeze a little bit of the gold and I'm going to use a different brush, Not the same brush I was using with for the blue paint. This is just a brand you clean brush and I'm going to do the same thing. I'm gonna pick up some color onto my breast just a little bit, and I'm going to just very randomly. I'm going for a very abstract look. A very painterly abstract look. So I'm just going to just put like elements of the gold wherever I I think I want to add some color. And this is where if some of the bottle is showing through. You might want to add some of the gold there, so it just gives it a very abstract painterly type of look. Okay? And that's the look we're going for, okay? And when you're satisfied with your pattern that you've created, you could just let it be. All right, So this is what we have so far, and once again, the more colors and the more, uh, paint you add, it will become a little bit more opaque. But I do like the glass bottle to show through a little bit. I don't want mine to be totally opaque. All right, so now I want to paint the neck of the bottle. So I'm going to go back to the blue, which I'll just have some left over on my plates, and it's gonna move things around here. You're gonna go back to my blue and very carefully, you know, hold it with my finger at the at the neck of the bottle and just here. I do want this to be a little bit more opaque, so I am gonna layer and make this a much bolder color than I did for the rest of the bottle . Go. So there we have our bottle pretty much painted. All right, so I want to switch back to the gold again. So I'm gonna bring back my gold trey with the goal, Kate. And this is where you know, you may need a paper towel to wipe off some of that excess paid on the brush, And I actually wanted now paint the very tip at the very top. I'm gonna make that gold, So this is gonna be a little bit tricky cause it's still wet. But as you can see, I'm just slowly painting that gold. You might wanna wait till it dries. The rest of the bottle dries and then paint the gold just because it will be easier to hold . And I actually am probably going to do that. So now I recommend that you let this dry for several hours, probably 4 to 6 hours, maybe even 24 hours, because the next step, when we come back, once the bottle is completely dry, when we come back, we're going to start to add design and decorate it with the black and gold out liners. And we'll add a design onto the bottle. So I will see you back soon. And we will continue with our next lesson in this project. 5. Embellish with Design: Okay, now that we've finished painting your bottle, you should have already painted the wine bottle by now. Let it completely dry for several hours, maybe given overnight 24 hours. And you also should have painted the rim of the wine bottle in gold. So that was done in the last lesson. And now we're ready to embellish our wine bottle and give it a little bit more design. So we're gonna use these out liners. There is a black one, and there's also gold. I'm actually gonna use a mix of both and what you want to do is I would practice first on a paper tavel just squeezing very gently so that you can get a nice even line, and it doesn't just glow out. So I'm just going to start and just add, like, squiggly lines, as if I'm just drawing with a marker. So I'm going to start here, and I'm just very randomly going to add these embellished, squiggly lines. So that's one side done. I'm going to do all four sides and then I'll go back and probably do something in the middle area is just to fill it up. So let me do this sign just to give you a close up of what that looks like. Nothing fancy justice, quickly lying. And then I'm gonna come back here and do this time and then I've got I've got three sides here. And then I'll do this side over here to just get creative and have fun with this. And if you do have a steady hand, you know, you could even do sort of swirl designs. We now have switched to the goal, and I might want to do something like that, and I'll continue to do three of those here, and I'll probably add some in the neck area as well. So I'm going to continue to complete my embellishment. And I want you to do the same, and that's it. Then you've got a finished painted wine bottle that is now a decorative vase. So enjoy your creativity. Get creative, and I will see you in the next lesson. 6. Conclusion: Now that you've embellished your wine bottle with design elements using black and gold out liners, the project is now complete. And you could now proudly display your hand painted creation. I would love to see what you've created. Make sure you share it with me in the class projects more D I Y craft workshops will be coming soon. Please follow me here on skill share and I will see you again soon, okay?