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Beyond Beautiful 2. 0 : Suminagashi Technique

teacher avatar Hazirah Kadir, Left Handed Crafter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Suminagashi basic


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      Variation #1


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      Variation #2


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      BONUS : Change color in Photoshop


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      Technique #1


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      Technique #2


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      Final thoughts


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About This Class


Join me in this fun class as I will teach you about the Suminagashi technique. It is an ancient Japenese marbling technique which produce magnificent marbled effect onto paper. this class is perfect for someone who's looking to make quick and easy art but one that looks detailed and delicate at the same time. You don't need to be an artist or have any artistic talent in order to produce a beautiful result from this technique.

At the end of this class, you will know exactly how to create a Suminagashi marbled paper with different variations and how to put your own spin on it. This class is perfect for beginners. You will discover and marvel at how easy it is to do this technique at home which requires some basic supplies. 

Hope to see you in class! xx

Meet Your Teacher

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Hazirah Kadir

Left Handed Crafter


I believe that there's a creative side inside each and every one of us. I believe that you don't need to have an artistic talent in order to create something beautiful. My mission is to help you realize that you too can produce amazing artwork. All my classes are fun, bite-sized and easy to follow. Check them out and I'm sure you'll be walking away with a masterpiece of your own in no time.


You'll get new art prompt each day for 5 days. You don't need any creative skills in order to join. By joining this challenge you'll stand a chance to win some cool prizes too!


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1. Hello!: Hi, guys. Welcome Teoh Young, Beautiful 2.7. Agasshi, check me. So in this class, I'm going to show you how you can create similar gosh effect on to paper. By the end of this class, you are doing to learn how to create something like this. Isn't it pretty? It may look really hard and complicated to do. But once you enrolled in this class, you're going to be amazed how easy it is to create something like this. And I'm going to show you step by step on how you can achieve this. Look, um, you're going to walk away with a really good grafts off how you can create sooner. God, she effect onto paper. It is very easy. And it requires just some basic supplies so you can get started right away. You don't need to be an artist doing to be artistic ordered something that looks like this . So I cannot wait for us to get started. So click Anvil. Now else, you guys in class 2. Supplies: so I'm going to be showing you things that you need for a decent Mina Gashi technique. First you need to Chinese brushes. And I got mine from day. So but I think it's pretty easy to find from the shop. And then you need to people cups. Any would do you need Sumi dropping in on this one? I also got mine from Dice El. So if you have die so I I believe that there's die so everywhere. But if you don't, then just look, look up on Amazon. I'm sure you can find one. Allow you need dishwashing liquid. Um, any brand would do, and you only need a little So you don't need a big dishwashing secrets to start with and the next you need some paper and you have to find a ticker paper printer. Paper won't do on this one amusing 160 GSM carts stock. So it's fake because we're going to get the people into the water. So that's very important. And then you need water just regular plain tap, border. And last but not least, you need aluminium for tree 3. Suminagashi basic: So the first thing that you want to do issue want to pour the water into the tree so you need to have two different tree trees of water because one is for your, um, ink. And one is for when you finish. And you want Teoh, um, kind of remove the access ink from the paper, so you need to. So before you begin on the seminar gashi process, I strongly encouraged that you prepare everything before hand to east the process even more so. Basically, every time you want to do some Minova, she all you have to do is just take the paper cup and pour the Sumi drawing ink into the cup. And what I love about the dice Ohsumi Drawing Inc is easy pour water bottles. So I really love it. So I really highly recommend that you find it if you can find it. If you have days, so in your in your around your house and just take another one, another cop, and this time you are going to fill it with dishwashing liquid. So just so three drops off the liquid is enough. A little goes a long way, and you want to mix it with the regular tap water and just pour it in and take your brush. Take your Chinese brush and mix them all together. So that's it. I know that you have everything ready. You can now begin the seminar Gashi process, and I'm going to show you how easy it is for you to achieve similar gashi effect. So first things first, you need to dip your brushes into the semi ing and the dishwashing liquid solution, and you want to hold the brush one in each hand and start to dip the brushes into the surface off the water. You only need to belly touch the surface. You don't want to dip it to deep. Um, otherwise the ink will just sink to the bottom. We don't want that to happen, so yeah, and you just do this in an alternate demain. Oh, you just do it simultaneously and just starts doing this until you until you are happy with the result that you've got. Continue doing this. Um, really, just you can do this slowly. You don't have to worry about having to do really fast. Um, just take your time because this is just going to float and stay so it won't go anywhere. And this is actually the basic soon agasshi effect. This is what you need to do. Um, so as you can see, it's really easy on when you feel like you're Inc, um doesn't really flow anymore. You can simply load the brush with the ink again and start doing the process again. So just go with your gut. If you think that you're happy with the fact, then you can just talk or you can just go as long as you want. And as it can see, the more you do this motion this smaller, the ring off the pattern will be so it will be more detailed. So that's why I really love There you go. There you have it. It's so, so simple. And then once you are happy with the result, just take a piece of paper and I'll make sure that your people is like, you know, to be dipped into the water, and I highly recommend that you use something like cut stop and then slowly dip the paper into the water and the print would here to the paper wala You got yourself a really nice pattern, assuming Agasshi pattern. And then the next thing you want to do is dip another paper because there will be another's more subtle version off the pattern there. Like so. So have fun. Guys, this is super simple. I promise. Make sure you try it. 4. Variation #1: So now that you know how the basic Samina Gashi technique works, we're going Teoh die if writing into how you can actually do some variations on the technique. So in this lesson, I'm going to show you how you can create um, even more different variation that you can explore with this technique. So basically, right now, I am just, um, starting with the basic technique where you just step the brush into the center and this is what you always have to do first before you actually do anything else. So, um, continue doing this until you are satisfied and you're happy with the patterns that emerge on the surface of the waters. So continue doing this, um, until you love what you see, and you can do this very slowly. If you want to, just take your time. You don't have to rush into anything because basically, the ink will just float onto disip. Ease up the water. So if you can see here, the more you do this kind of movement, the smaller the ring will get. So you can leave it like this, or you can add even more ring. So I decided to add even more, and this is what I get. And then this is where the magic happens. Just using your hand slowly make your hand like this motion. And what it does is it creates the the water will move and so does the ink. So it will give you this really jagged edge off the rings. So this is really interesting. So this is smarter, the many variations that you can do like that when the water moves, the ink moves with it and create this really amazing fact. And once you're done, do the same thing. Just put the paper onto this offensive order and slowly press it down to get the print to stick onto the paper and slowly lift it up. And that's the result. It creates this really beautiful and amazing. If I, I am it. There's another one right there, a more subtle effect off the print and you just do the same thing and it will produce something like this. So this is really fun 5. Variation #2: So this is basically another we that you can experiment with the variation techniques. Um, So what I'm doing now is I just start with the basic one. So in every lesson, I always start with the basic before a movement move on into, like, do anything else with it because this is just the basis for your similar gashi effect. So you may not really see it first, but then, as you built the ring, it's going to look more and more, um, vibrant and another thing to notice. Always grab your brush and use it at the 90 degree angle. That would give you the were really helps, um, in the ink to drop just on the surface of the water instead of like thinking down to the tree So it's it can see. As I built the ring as I dropped the ink, the ring becomes smaller and smaller, and this really geese a really detailed a fact off. Similar Gashi. So this is what I really love about it. Just by using this motion, you can really create something amazing that looks like this. So continue doing this until you are satisfied with the result. You can do as much or as little as you want. If you want bigger rings than just stop at, you know, like do it really quickly. But if you want, like, smaller, more detail bring ladies, you have to do this lots of times and then basically using your hand, just wave at the surface of the water. And it is practically this theme us the one that we did. But what I did different here is I basically instead of waving it just to one direction, I we've in a lot of different directions, so the water just basically moved a different direction. And you can also we've in at string parts that you wanted to move, so that really helps. And really, just look at that. It really changed the whole look all together now. And what you want to do now is basically jizz do the same thing, you know, just to put the print onto the paper. What I'm doing. Oh, yes, it just slowly drop the paper, submerge it into the water and slowly take it. And well, a Now you can see it's really interesting And always always do another one. This is going to give you a more subtle effect, Um, off the technique. So I always do this because I just need to like, the 2nd 1 is, Well, so this is what you're going to get every time you did that paper the second time, So, yeah, that's it. 6. BONUS : Change color in Photoshop: Okay, so, no, I'm going. Teoh show you how you can, um, change this mean added this, um Samina Gashi texture. Um and you know, you can change the color, so I'm going to show you how you can do exactly that. So first thing that you want to do is you want to Can these, um um Sumit Joshi paper that you have done? Um, there are two ways you can do it. You can generate with, like, a tradition ist scanner. So if you have a scanner in your home, then you start. But if you don't, you can just take a picture and upload it. So next you want to open a shop and no in photo shop. So this is where we will add it. This picture and changed the color. You can actually change it any color that you want. So first thing that you want to do this is actually very simple for you to do. It's not going to take you long, and you can play around with all of the different, um, settings here, which I'm going to show you in just a bit 7. Technique #1: so know that we are in for the shop and, um, going to show you the first step, but you need to do so, um, here, you have, um, all of the settings like it down here. And you want to click on this, um, feel adjustment, layer. So this is the one which have, like, this, um, button here. So you click on that. And so, like, started color. Okay, um, this is what's going to happen when you so, like, solid color. You actually still have the, um, the seminar gashi effect down here, but, you know, because you have another layer on top, then you know, this is the color that is going to this is going to be the color that you want to change. Um, the similar gashi from So, um, you could pretty much, um, so like any colors. So we're going to choose this pink allergic, just play around with their so many colors that you can choose from, but for his purpose and gracious to spink. So this is what's going to happen next. And with this layer selected with your color, feeling is selected. You want to go a bit The top, uh, and click on this button, and it will just, um, this will appear and you want to select Scream, so screamed. If you still like this cream, this is what's going to happen. So it's going to blend with your Sumana Gashi five. So, um, you could actually play with a lot of different types. So this is what days off will do. This is screen. Um, I also love the linear Dodge. So it's kind of like making it look a bit like this. So it it just, um you need to play around with it because, um, this is just going to because my, um my similar gosh effect is not going to be the same with you. So maybe, um, my my screen here is not going to be like when you click on screen is not going to show you exactly like this. So you could play around with, you know, maybe multiply or it It just, um it depends On what kind of what sort of, um what sort of effect that you want to, um, go for? So another thing that I want you to t show you is you could actually okay, Like, let's say you have this right and you want to change the color. Say Okay, I don't want think I want blue. So click twice year and this will pop up And then you could just, you know, play around with the color and see it as it changed. Well, that blew. It's really nice. So that's it. That's pretty much what you need to do if you want to change the color off your synagogues , she facts. So it's really just something simple. But it's like you could literally change it to any color that you want. And, um, you know, you could save so much money is they're buying the, um, traditional where you have those color, which is actually very fun because you have, like, a lot of different colors to explore. But this is actually a quick way for you to change the colors. Say you don't want black. You want something else like something that have color in it. So this is actually the way to go, Um, so yeah, and I'm going to share you another one in just a bit 8. Technique #2: Okay, So here's another one that I was going to show you. So this is another off my similar Gashi five that I have done onto paper, and I've scanned it. And now that this is, um, a bit different from the 1st 1 that we did, So it's a bit more delicate infection. Er so this is, um, just going to have, um, a more interesting effect into it. So what you want to do now is select this brightness and contrast and you don't have it in here. It could always go to a window and then go to adjustment here, and this is going to pop up. So now click on the brightness and contrast and you play around with this lighter, and you could just make it, you know, a bit brighter. Or, you know, you could see that. Ah, lot of different. Um, a lot of thesis texture had disappeared, so, you know, you just want to play around with it. Um, just okay, I think this looks good. So this is before and this is Dr. So I want to increased the brightness a little bit. If you want to do that, you can so just go here. Appear in Click on this on the next. Um, we're going to click on this new adjustment layer and click on solid color. So, um, again, you could just plate with any color you like when you choose this turquoise color and then click on this, um, this blending mode and then I'm going Teoh, choose screen. So this is what what happened when you choose the screen? So if you want to play around me that you can just go to this brightness and contrast there and you, um height this layer. So if you hide it, then everything is going to be blue. It's going to look like this. So it depends on ah kind off effect that you, ah, one to achieve. Um, so this is with the brightness and contrast layer, and this is without it. So I'm kind of love the one with the brightness and contrast layer. So that's what we're going to use. And in order for you to save this, um, I recommend that you just click on any of this area arm click on this background layer, and then right click and then choose a glutton image and then go to file, save us and you want to see this. So just se soon Akashi and then, um, click on deformities trip back and you can see it just like a lot. And that's pretty much everything any todo to know if you want to manipulate and change the color off Usiminas Gashi. 9. Final thoughts: Now that you knew all of the steps on how you can create, you're beautiful swimming ago, she effect onto paper and you learn you have learned all the tips and tricks. I just want you, Teoh. Just try it out. It's going to be hard if us you probably went into some learning curve. But I think it's really fun activities that you can do to wind up. It's actually right for a beauty. Like to see the ink floats under the surface of the water and see movement of it. So it's just something that you can't create. Well, you just want to relax, Um, and what I love about these ISS. It's one of a kind, truly one of a kind peace. You cannot recreate something that look exactly like this. Um, another thing is, it's very, very pretty to look at, and you're going to impress a lot of people because of you don't know how to do that. This is really hard to do. But as you can see there pretty easy, and it's really just something simple that you can do just at home. Eric waste new fancy supplies and another thing that God she is. You can never go wrong with it. As you can see in my last video, I actually made some mistakes. It's actually the mistake, but once I get the people on to the, um, tree induction, it turns up great. So you don't have to worry about whether or not you're doing it right. You just do it. And if it what's great than it's amazing. But if it doesn't, they could just go ahead and try again. It's a really kind of like stress free thing you can do. You have to worry about the outcome because it's going to be truly unique and something that you can cherish for ever. And there's a lot of these they can utilize, uh, the mustard beast that you have created. You can turn it into a car. You can embellish it. You can create a notebook cover out of this, and what I love is actually you can create like, three different but quite similar um, sooner God. She, in fact, probably just do one technique and just frame it onto your wall. It's going to be really great. Reach your walls and your homework is I want you guys to keep up with three different soup in a gun. She on paper. I wanted to see how you guys, you know, I want you to experiment. You can actually full of oldest stats. But if you have all the great ideas that you want play with, please, please do. So I really want to see what you guys came up with. Cannot wait, Teoh, See all of the beautiful things they're going to be making using based. So please pose all your progress on your onto the Arctic Galati. And if you have any question at all, I'll be happy to help. Thank you guys so much for joining me in my class. I really appreciate it. And I hope I could see you guys in my next class, so yeah, I