First Sumi Session

First Sumi Session - student project


after i ordered sumi ink i had to wait some days. All arround Hamburg (Germany) i didnt find sumi ink so i had to order it in the wwweb. It came Yesterday and i instantly started my first sumi Session.

My final thoughts (questions i ask myself) about the first try are:

  • How can i make it more saturated (Bigger contrast)?
  • How to keep the white in the paper more clean?
  • Some Prints have something like fractures in it, i think its because of a too much moved paper - how can i avoid "fractions"?
  • There are some white light dots in some prints, how to avoid these? (i think i like em!)

You can see the Results here. I Really like these abstract ones, trying to find out how i can make them more focused.

Next step: Trying different Paper.