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Beyond Beautiful : Paper Marbling Techniques

teacher avatar Hazirah Kadir, Left Handed Crafter

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class intro


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      Technique #1


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      Technique #2


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      Technique #3


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      Final thoughts


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About This Class

Follow along as I will teach you different ways to achieve the marble effects that you can in turn use to create different kinds of stationery products. You will also learn my tips and tricks on how to create a beautiful and fail proof marble effects every time. The students will then share their own creations using the different techniques and color combination. The process of paper marbling will be messy but a fun one nonetheless! You'll be amazed at all the wonderful patterns and colors that emerge beautifully on a piece of plain white paper.

Meet Your Teacher

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Hazirah Kadir

Left Handed Crafter


I believe that there's a creative side inside each and every one of us. I believe that you don't need to have an artistic talent in order to create something beautiful. My mission is to help you realize that you too can produce amazing artwork. All my classes are fun, bite-sized and easy to follow. Check them out and I'm sure you'll be walking away with a masterpiece of your own in no time.


You'll get new art prompt each day for 5 days. You don't need any creative skills in order to join. By joining this challenge you'll stand a chance to win some cool prizes too!


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1. Class intro: 2. Technique #1: welcome to the first lesson off beyond beautiful people. Modelling techniques and thinks that will need is a bulls sneer polish in a variety of different colors. Water in some scrap, deepest cut to size to fit your continued Opal's without food. And without further ado, let's get started. So the first thing that you need to do is prepare your people. Cut them to size, and I am using a cart. Stop and take a bowl. Fill it with water in. In this lesson, I am using a regular tap for still the bull this quarter and then take your name polish and I am using Begin D and Perlis in color. And make sure that it's contrasting color in order to create e beautiful effects off mobile . And what I'm doing now is just slowly drop the nail polish onto the base of the water, so the rule of thumb here is you want the nail polish to float onto disip ease of the water . You do not want it to sink to the bottom. This is important because if you if the near polish sinks to the bottom, it will not adhere to your paper, and it will not. You cannot actually create any pattern if the new polish sings it about them. And another thing to note issue not only wanted to float onto, disappears the water. You also wanted to spread across the water. And, as you can see here, mine a polish just float and stays afloat so that it's not what we want. If you find your near polish, float onto the seventies of the water and does not spread like this, you want it to spread exactly like this, so you need to find other kind of new polish. So that's why I strongly I suggest that you find the cheapest nail polish because normally will save you money. But it will also just actually works better than the more expensive range. So what I'm doing here is I'm just dropping the nail polish on top of each other in the alternating manner suggest. Continue doing so until you are satisfied with the pattern. So basically, you can just stop at this point if you think that this is the kind of you are going. But I am just going to continue alternating the colors until I find and satisfied with the pattern compete. This is also just so very therapeutic because it's just, you know, seeing the colors and the water. Just it feels so great and you can do this for fine and with kids. So it's a very great thing to do and just continue dropping the colors on top of each other . And this is what I meant when I said. But you need to have a contrasting colors so you can see that the effect just It's very strong and very pleasing to the eyes. So if you're using like a similar color, it's actually really hard for you to see the the pattern. So if it stopped spreading, then you just talked at that point and just take your paper and slowly put it on top and push it down. Walla, congratulations. You have your very own marbled effect on paper. 3. Technique #2: Okay, so this is the second part off the modeling with nail polish, and I am going to show you how to making elaborate pattern polish. What I'm doing now is I am feeling the bull with tap water again and then take. You're in a a polish, and I am using burgundy and mend colors. As you can see, it is a contrasting color, so take the lighter color and dump it into the water, like so you can swirl it around and try to make some pattern with it and then take the DACA color and over late them like so. So you have something that looked like this and then take your to speak in. Swirl the colors around and you can see the parents starts to form and continue to swirl until you get the desired pattern. So I'm just swelling them around until I am satisfied with the pattern. And no, just take your piece a piece off scrapped keeper. Cut to size and make sure that it fits to your bowl and gently push it down and slowly lift him up. And there you have it, your very own modeling with near polish and In this case, you kids have two different patterns using just this one method. So this one, you can still have the pattern. So just take another piece of paper and push it down and gently lift them up. And there you have it. Another one. And I kind of love this one batter because of the I think it's more subtle than the 1st 1 so there you have it. 4. Technique #3: Okay, in this lesson, we are going to learn how to marble with food coloring. Things that will need is aluminium pen, shaving cream, food coloring. You can use any clothes that you like, boy, A card and paper. So the first thing that you need to do is take your aluminum pen. You can use any continually that you have, actually, and then grab your shaving cream and start spring the cream. How did your people But make sure that you people theme park off pen and once I'm happy with it, um uh, you take the foot coloring and I am using the yellow color. So what you do is just drop it, um, anywhere you like. Mm, Just one drop at a time, Okay. And then take your fort and what you need to do now ISS swirl the colors around and try to plea with, um you know pattering and you will start to see the pattern emerge. When you are swelling with four, you can leave it us iss and start taking the paper. But I am going Teoh at another color, which just blue. So if you guys know a bit about color view then it's going to be helpful because in this lesson, you know, if I at yellow and blue, it will be what greenish sort of like through Coy's colors. So it's really pretty. So again, I am swirling. Um, the colors, this trying to come up with the pattern and you can stop once your side, despite with the pattern that you got. Okay, so next being that I'm going to do is just take a piece of paper and I am using a cut stock . Put it on top off the parents that you may and slowly Depp it and smooth it out so that the pattern id here to the paper. And once you're done, you can lift the paper off carefully leave them up and you'll have something that looked like this. Okay, so don't get this courage. This is exactly what you will end up with. And then the next thing you're going to do in order to reveal a beautiful pattern underneath IHS by taking a card, maybe you have a bank, a bank card, or, like Starbucks card, whatever it iss, um, that you have on hand and start scraping off all of the shaving cream and there you have it . It's like magic. The pattern is underneath it, and when you scrape it off, it will reveal the beautiful results that you get from from this food coloring and shaving cream technique. So continues stripping until all the shaving cream is being scraped off. And this is the result. This is what you get. Good luck. 5. Final thoughts: Hi, guys. Okay, so I hope you guys enjoy my tutorials, and I hope that you find it helpful, and I just have a little bit more to say. Hence this find about Speedy's. So I just wanted to say to you guys do not ever, ever give up on your first attempt. You will feel. I mean, I feel too. So if you want to see the evidence of it, well, you can't here it ISS. I cannot. So what happened here? ISS My knee polish this not spread it just flute and stays afloat. So you don't want that to happen. You want It's just threat out. So what you guys need to do, It's just keep going. Hey, I mean, look at this, Okay? And then wants to keep going, Wants to get the hang of it. This happened. You wanted to look, This is the new college that is polluting. And that's why I asked you to use contrasting color because you can really see. But the fact just really pops and it gives you the beautiful results. Okay, So you want you want it straight up. OK, So very body mind. And this is the second that I showed you. Okay. And this is the mumbling, the good coloring. So and it's sort of like a field proof technique, because you can't really go wrong with it. I This is my first. Yeah, okay. And so for your homework, What I want you best. You iss choose between any of the three techniques that I showed you. Let's say you go techniques to, and whatever you guys do, this came out three different variations of that particular. So let's see, you want to experiment with three different types of paper, so you go for it. You can You can use what kind of paper cuts start regular screens of people, and you can sort of compared the results. Okay. And also, you can experiment with different color combinations, or you can just, you know, try different patterns. And the end result is you guys have to turn them into stationary part. So, like what I have here. So this is, um, the result that I thought from the modeling food coloring, and I just at in some FM eris and I have my own cloner dashboard. So if you have a planner, if you're planning and you guys want to spruce up your dashboard, then this is the way to go. Or you can also turn it into wrapping papers. Gift, You know, just right. Name on a place card. New card. Just something simple. You know, it doesn't have to be complicated, but that's the results that I wanted to see. And don't forget to oppose all of your findings, all of the process and all the results that you get into the project gallery so that we could be back and cheer you on. So I think that's about it. For this class and off you in the project. Calories, my guys.