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Affinity Designer : Vector Graphic for Absolute Beginners

teacher avatar Jay Mayu, Illustrator & Software Developer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Course Promotion


    • 2.

      Welcome to the Course


    • 3.

      Install Affinity Designer


    • 4.

      Workspace and Creating New Canvas


    • 5.

      Drawing shapes


    • 6.

      Stroke and fill


    • 7.

      Operations on Shapes (Pathfinder)


    • 8.



    • 9.

      Vector Vs Raster


    • 10.

      Draw a Tree


    • 11.

      Draw a tree Snapping


    • 12.

      Group layers & Beautification


    • 13.

      Background for the art


    • 14.

      Learn to mask layers


    • 15.

      Draw a Christmas tree


    • 16.

      Dog : 1 Create Dog


    • 17.

      Dog 2 : Adding shadow


    • 18.

      Dog 3 : Bone for the dog


    • 19.

      Dog 4 : Dog cage


    • 20.

      Create your first logo


    • 21.

      Pen Tool Introduction


    • 22.

      Flat mountains with pen tool


    • 23.

      Pencil Sketch to Vector Art


    • 24.

      Pixel Persona and Texures


    • 25.

      Grids Swatches - Draw a Popsicle


    • 26.

      Transform Panel Introduction


    • 27.

      Draw a flower


    • 28.

      Draw a flat simple character


    • 29.

      Greeting Card : Valentine's Day


    • 30.

      Thank You!


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About This Class

This course is designed keeping absolute beginners in mind. If you have no previous knowledge in drawing / vector graphic drawing, then fear not. We will learn everything about vector graphic drawing and Affinity Designer in this course with hands on training. 

As part of this course we will first learn some basic tools of Affinity Designer. Later we will move into drawing professional vector arts. I'm a fan of learn as you go approach. So, we will learn about new techniques, workflow as we do our artwork throughout this course. 

Affinity Designer is a vector drawing program that is catching loads of attention lately. Many people are now moving away from Creative Suit and using Affinity Designer because it is more cost effective and very powerful. 

By end of this course, you will have sound knowledge on Affinity Designer's core tools and how to use them in your creative work.

Good luck and looking forward to meet you in the lessons. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jay Mayu

Illustrator & Software Developer


Hello, I'm Jay. I'm an Illustrator and a Software Engineer. I started drawing as a hobby and it started to grow inside me. I'm here to share my passion for art and drawing in my cartoony style with SkillShare community. 

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Level: Beginner

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1. Course Promotion: Hello and welcome to the world off affinity. Designer after knitted designer is a powerful vector drawing program that is counting lots of attention lately in the industry. Affinity design past only $49 you don't have to come into a recurring subscription model like you do with adopt created suit. For an example, let's traitor will cost you $29 just for one month or $240 annually. My name is Jay. I'm an illustrator on the software engineer I love drawing as much as live developing software. I'm going to tell you some nifty tips on how to effectively make use of affinity. Designer with are overloading you with tons of unnecessary technical stuff. Even if you are an absolute beginner, Fear not. We're going to get you started with affinity designer. No matter what your skill level is after the completion off this cause you'll be able to draw some professional looking vector rods. Also, you will know how to use the rest a graphic toe. Add some beautiful shading to your vector roids. I'm a fan of learn as you go approach so everything will be told to you what actually drawing some art. There is no point in learning everything unless you know how to make use. If it you will begin by drawing some simple shapes on gradually move towards learning to make use of the powerful pinto and draw some complex joints. Also, you will learn how to convert the dude. Are this case that you did on a piece of paper into a wonderful electoral out I designed This calls for absolute beginners who has little or no knowledge me the vector drawing or affinity designer. This course will function as a stepping stone for you to reach the intermediate level from big in a level within minimal possible timeframe. So why are you still waiting? Joined the cause and explode world off Affinity Designer Remember leaper by 30 days no questions asked Money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose. See you inside the lesson that care 2. Welcome to the Course: congratulations on Welcome to the world off affinity design after the designer is relatively a new program. If you compare it to it, I dont be illustrated, but it's very possible program. It is catching up lords of fact tension in the industry, especially in the design industry. Andi, that is the good adaptation so soon. I strongly believe afternoon tea designer is going to become a strong computer to the I will be illustrator. So by learning these, you are ahead of the game. And I should not noted here that the affinity designer on the Apple Design Award in 2000 and 15 our lessons are going to start simple. The gun is tarred by drawing simple shapes. Andi. Then we'll build on top Off it on will make of lessons late in complex one after another. So don't keep lessons because with each lesson, I'm bringing in a new tool. A new concept of something off sort is there. So John skip lessons. If you're skipping lessons, you can lose something out there. After finishing this cause, you will be comfortable with afternoon tea. Designer and I strongly believe you can call yourself a intermediate level affinity design a user right after finishing this course. So let's begin. Ladies and gentlemen, seal in the next Listen, I for now. 3. Install Affinity Designer : Hello, ladies and gentlemen, she's welcome. Jeez, Coast. In this lesson, we're gonna look at how to download and install affinity design in order to download Definite Designer. First go to serif dot com. Www dot is e r i f dot com and you will get this page from here on the top. Select after need to range Onda Select Affinity designed for desktop. It's going to open a new tab, and it's going to load the page that is specifically dedicated for the opportunity designed a program. Here you have the option to download for Mac or Windows. Since I'm on a Mac computer leader, it automatically shows by for Mac option artists you can go and click on and by the option for the windows. That's that's one of the other foundation with afternoon tea designer. Now, we initially it was available only for the Mac. Now it's available for both Windows and Mac, so you can work across platforms without having to depend on one operating system. So there are two options. Ah, first you can download directly from the surface after Nitties Eric website Orioles. That is another option. You can goto App store in the Mac and you can nominate from there. I actually have downloaded from the opportunity. I have downloaded the afternoon tea designing from the ah app store. That's why I have these option toe open. Otherwise you would get Ah, the price decade are currently the prizes 49.99 That's around $50. But usually around festive times, they would give a discover on 20%. I actually bought it during 2017 December. At the time they give a discount of 20%. Um so I bought it. I grabbed it. Why not? Why would I miss it? I just crapped opportunity and body on. So these are the options if you if you really want to try this software before committing and, uh, I you can have the option to download the try a lasso. So just google it. Download child for afternoon tea designer and you will be again taken to the we absolutely that there you need to fill out some details and sign up and the triumph. So that's it. Download the E x e or the M G or water with extra doodles and install it Dona pt on my computer. And ah, once you have sited up on its ready, we will move on to the next. Listen. Bye. For now, take care. 4. Workspace and Creating New Canvas: Hello one. Welcome back in this lesson, we're gonna look at the workspace and how to create a new document. Exeter. So once you load up on fire up the afternoon to design and this is to screen, you gonna get so it welcomes you with the pop up like this on, you can read through it. They're saying they know there is already a some guide and there are some you like it available on DA promotion. About some off there, the other products that just affinity photo and some of the news about their products that reaching ah, as a high level of recognition at Apple Lobster. So those those things, they're coming up in the power problem. You can simply close it way. We don't want to do anything fancy there. Now we're going to create our tempers in order to create your new canvas. Take on the file menu on take new. Alternatively, you can press come out in our control and on your PC. So here we have the option type so we can go for something print. That is, if you're going to design something and get it print. Oh, if you're going toe something digital photo quality type of thing. Then you can go for photo. Oh, you can, ah, go for something to use in vibe or devices. So as you change these things, you see the options are changing. So usually what I would like to do is I would like Teoh go with the the the abduction because most of my stuff posted on was like weapon, and I usually don't print it, but this this is my preference. You can play around with other settings and get it on DA units. The I prefer pixels, but if you want, you can go for inches off. Easy are so either universally accepted millimeters centimeter meetings. A lot of other options on the color scheme will stick with the default RGB if you want. If it is for the printing and all, you can go for CME by K stuff. But since it's the best thing we'll stick without you be and color profile again, we're going to stick with the default on. There's nothing much to worry about at this moment on the the width and height of the canvas that we can agree it. So I'm gonna go with something. 2000 48. 2048. I'm going to create a scare canvas on the DP I usually for digital we can leave it around 70. But for printer, we can go for up to 300. So let's let's move it to 300. We don't want to zoom or anything. No changes at this moment. Margins. No, we don't. We don't really need a more than imagine that these moments, So exclude that option. Take Okay, Boom. This is your can with. So if you are having something different from what I'm having in this screen, which means probably you have movie or tools here and there and messed up things a bit. So if you want to reset your workspace, go to view, then studio Andi, click on recent studio. Everything going to be reset on. You gonna have something similar to what I have in my screen right now. Great. So let's go through some off the stuff here. So this is the the top we have Ah, toolbar. And there are many options. We'll cover some of them. Ah, viol duty by doing some vector are drawing on in the left side we have a tool panel. This is the most important tool panel. We can really make use of all these tools Time to time. And on the right side, we have color in the right top. And we have Ah, Greece. It stretches all the color palettes and you can see there are Ocala ballots and ah, that a stroke. Something cause talk and brushes. We'll cover those things later. In the lesson on below, we have layers. So again we're going to cover layers. Don't worry about that. Affects styles and text ants. So we're gonna make use of these layers very heavily. So we'll come back to that. And in the bottom, we have transfer transform history on Navigator. So we gonna use this transform if possible, in the future. So that's pretty much it. And also nothing I want to show is so let's let's for the sake of drawing. Let's Joel Richter. So how do we do that? On the left side tool panel, I'm going select rectangle to or you can press the keyboard shortcut key M and you can get the rectangle. I'm going to draw it. So right after I draw that you see the toolbar here changes. So that's why it's called a context tuba. Because, ah, according to the operation, you're doing the tools that you're going to get in this area is going to change. So that's it for now. So I hope you got a novel idea about what is in the U after after need to design Onda, we gonna simply step by step, start using these tools one by one, we're not gonna start using everything together. So that's going to mess up. Get your head and the Valinda planning nothing but simply step by step. We gonna brush these chose. So that's it for this lesson. Thanks for joining with me by phone app. 5. Drawing shapes: Hello. Welcome back in this lesson. We're gonna look at how to draw shapes, basic shapes in affinity design. So, you know, did you draw some basic shapes, Go back to have a toolbar that is in the left side. On there, you see these full functions. That is, this care that is the L IBS. There's a grounded ship rounded corner, The scatter again and they're trying. And next to the track, newsy that it's a small mark in the bar bottom, right on it. So that means that is more option. Just taken hold and they go. Now you will see another heaps off whole hips off options that is available. So these are the basic ships that is available at the affinity designer Onda. We gonna make use of these shapes to create complex shapes. So that's that's the whole world. Objects in the real world is made up, right? The basic shapes are put together, and it creates a complex ship. So we actually gonna try and do that in the upcoming lessons. But I'm going to give you an inaugural idea. What is it about the drawing ships? So let's begin by creating a small circle, so I'll create a circle. Now the circle has a border as a lesser feel color. Now, if you want to change the field color, go to the context to about everything the top and there's Option two feel so take on that and change the color side would do. Give it some dark red color. Now this object has a board asked. So what do you like it if you want to give it a black border? So that is right. We have this stroke for. So take on that stroke. That's a line question and click that line on DA Increase the week. Now you see that it's a border, and if you don't want this door border, go back and click. No line start and now the body is gone and there are Martians. You can click sits dotted line, and it's similar to the pain. Stroke will come back to that in a future future. Listen, it's a pictured line stone. Don't worry about it. A two this moment, so I'll go back to solid first time and leave it as it is now. We have ah ah, a solid wrecked his car with the black border. Now, if you want to create an ellipse, just click on Ellipse in the tuba On Joe. There you go. Now we have a ellipse. What? If you want to just draw trying that you go, That's a trying. So this is the basics on this is how you Joe ships. So we're gonna move into next? Listen, I think this is enough for this moment on as the Joe. Really, uh, Victor rocks in upcoming lessons. You're gonna learn more about the shapes. Bye for now. 6. Stroke and fill: hello and welcome back before moving into the next. Listen, I want to talk a little bit more about ships around again. So let's create the new shape again. It's create evicting on. As you can see, we can increase the size of the stroke so it will be more visible here on we can change the color off the stroke here. Cool. And also we can change the filter so we can go for something like this. But again, if you go to the colors, tap layers in the panel that is a lock it in the right hand side. That is the same option you can see. There you see a border it color line and ah Phil yellow color. So if you want to switch the color between border onda fill, you can simply click this arrow that you go Now the color for the Bourdais on the stroke is filled and the Filppula is given to the straw and switch back. So what If you want to remove the physical it bring the field to the front and cake on this cross. I can't. Now the film is removed. Now that's at some feeling. If you want to remove the border color. Thank you, and the border comes to the top and take on this this little icon now the board a single. So it's actually similar to what you have done here. Single Giorgio. How you do it here. Let me hear. You can disable that, but similar to that, but it's more easier when you're changing colors and doing all these operations here. It will be more handy if you can learn to do it here it's up. So that's an extra tip. And you can either use this or that. There is no question or restriction on the train you should use and which one you should not use. You can use boots and make the maximum outfit. Take care Bye for now. 7. Operations on Shapes (Pathfinder) : Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen in this Listen, we're gonna look at something called part. Find it. So these are actually sort of basic operations that you can do on ships. So these operations are going to merge. De merge, CART paceman Gonna do all sort of for crazy things on the shapes. So let's see how to do that. If you want to move an object, you gonna have to press on the move. Talk. You can cross the short cable short with Kiwi all you can press the move toe. That is the black arrow on the toolbar panel. The 1st 1 on the tube up and take on that. No, I'm going to click on this circle. Andi, I'm going to move it over this rectangle. All this cap, it's more like correcting regular school a rectangle. Okay, Now I want to push these two objects. How did I do that? So they selling these two objects by picking on the first object and then press shift and take on the second option. No, both objects and selected. I'm going to go to here. I'm the right top. That's 12345 buttons kick on the 1st 1 on. And now you see, those two objects are must together. Now that is a single object. If you check it this layer panel Now we guys only oneto. Let's remove this triangle. Now we have only one object. So let's under the operation now We have two objects, two objects. So I'm going to select both these objects and I'm going to take at now. You see, we have seen objects, so this is a way too much to objects into a single object. Let's undo it. Okay, Now we have two objects. The second dean, uh that we're gonna try in sub strict, so select objects and take on sub strict. No, What happened? So what happens is basically the objects on the top is gonna cut off the area that is covering under objects that is in the bottom. So let's see it again. Shift and selected and substance. You see it estate in the hopsital type of area from the directing. So what if I want to cut off the part that is covered by the rectangle from the circle? So for that you need to move the rectangle about the actives ellipse in the layer panel Now the rectangle east on top of the ellipse. And let's select these two objects and click on sub Strict. Now, there you go. Now you have 1/2 sick. So that is the picnic. Let's bring it back. Okay, cool. So that is the way you can, uh, andan substrate from the objects and create fancy looking adult checks? No, the third thing is intersect. So if you have studied math in high school, you know what in the sectors, if you have started sit theories than you know what in the sectors. So when you take it, the area intersecting in both objects is going to be deducted and presented. Let's go back and see. This is the intersecting area. This is the rectangle. This is the circle and this is the intersecting area. So when you take on Intersect, that area is sub struck did on. Given to you the 3rd 1 is divide. So this is something. Ah, well, extraordinary. To pick that. Now you have three objects. All other things are creating a single objection. Now this is creating a three object. So what happens is it's going to go through the border lines. Andi, it's going to divide the objects on the create three objects. So let's go back to the last option that is combined. So this is right opposite off into, say, the Intersect. The intersecting part is only presented and justice Sub Strack did and deleted from the canvas here the intersecting parties, abstracted and deleted from the campus on the rest is presented to us. So this is the no object we have created. So this is actually, if you feel coming from Alexis Traitor Bagram Adobe illustrator background These operations are called Pathfinder death. So this is one of the, ah, cool part off Victor. So they are going heavily going to use this ad and sub strict and intersect on the all these things when we're doing vector arts, especially if you're not making use of pen tool. And if you're going to draw using only the basic chips, then we're gonna have to use this. So if you don't know about rentals, don't worry. We're going to cover it in a huge elicit. So that's it. Also this lesson. I hope you studied something interesting. So now it's time for you to practice draw different type of objects and play around with the ad. It's abstracted, intersected, divided and do everything you want to do and see how it behaves. Then you will graphs how it works and how it behaves. So that will help you to understand more about this spot finding too. So that's it for now. Bye. Take care. 8. Layers: Hello. One work about to the next part of tutorial, This part of tutorial we're gonna look at, uh, bit about layers. Layers are usually the integral part of any digital drawing software. So on your right side, you see that it's ah, tap cold layers. Click on that and you see every shape you drove. That is a new layer created for that. So let's see some of the actions you can do with the lays. Say, for example, if you want to hide everything inside this layer, you can unticketed and it will be gone. It will not be visible, and if you don't bring it back it detect box. It will be shown again. There is also something called a locking a layer. So in order to lock earlier, select the layer first and click on this lock icon on the right corner. So if you take on that lock button, you can no longer moved up checked even though the move totally selected, you can move this subject, but you can move other stuff or not the layers then living, but this one is stuck. Also, you can't added with the other object it. Another object and all the part time the techniques that we looked at in the previous lesson. You can do it on. Basically, this layer is locked and you can't do anything to it. So that's one of the advantages off having objects in different layers so you can take on that look. I can disappear and you can lock and unlock. And also like another thing is that every time you draw an option, it it'll come into coming as a new layer. And if you want all the options that you Joe come under, a new layer I only have to do is create ah, new layer. So in order to do that, click on the add layer button in the layers panel in the bottom, so don't click on at pixel layer. We're not going to create a pixel layer. You're going to create Les. So take on that now, the latest created Now go ahead and Joe, any ships you want, Onda. You see everything is John under this layer, so if you hide that layer, everything under that lays gone. If you show that it's shown again again, you can lock it and unlock it. You can do all sort of operations here. And also if you once the layers selected, you can apply it styles and ah, you can apply it effects and Exeter. So we even come back to these styles and stuff. But before that, we'll check a bit about this effects. So this is go shin blow Onda opposition on all these times are basically similar to what we have in ah 40 shop. So So I'll show you for an example of a few devotion blood selected And if the radius is increased, you see the object please being ah, blood. So that's the Goshen on. Do you can add out the shadow? You see, that's the shadow and you see the shadow is growing and you can see the anger and you can do all those all these times off fancy stuff and at its two above factor to your art. So that is their onda. We actually gonna use some off these effects in ah, coming lessons. So stay tuned. So basically, that's it for the latest. Listen on, this is actually in a surf to start drawing on De, so I'll stop it here on day when we are actually drawing. We gonna more learn more techniques related to the layers on. We have one more lesson. And after that, we gonna directly jump and draw off first digital art using the rectory technique. So that's it for this lesson. Bye for now. Take care. Bye. 9. Vector Vs Raster : hello and welcome back before. Actually you start drawing any actual victory rot. That is something you should know. You should understand difference between a vector art Andrzej. Rest of art. The record is basically a built on top of mathematical calculations, so they will be always precise no matter how far you zoom it. But when it comes to the restaurant, it is similar to the traditional lot. You draw it on a traditional canvas on you take a photo of it and if you zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom and then at a point it started fix it. So that is the rest of art. So if you take a sip PNG image or J. P. G made so all these things are going to be arrested, so they lose to the quality and it will start to show the pixels of usable in afternoon designer, you have the option to do. But now that is something you can do that in Illustrator and most of the other victor at progress. So in order to do that, that is something you need to understand. The game in the afternoon. Designer you I that is three options. Three person us the 1st 1 is drop persona. So this is what be mostly gonna use in this class? Joe Bozena is actually to Joe our victor Arts on this six and persona is to draw arrester based arts That's similar to what you would do in any other traditional art software. Like if you take procreative for the shop in those kind of things and the 3rd 1 is export. Lassana expert was a nice actually nothing. It has nothing to do with joins, but it's more to do with how to export the asset or the drawings out from the canvas in tow into it for the purpose off other, uh, formats such as How have you exported Game? I said, How do you expert exported? I can that matches the different sizes for the iPhones, iPads and those kind of things that we can handle in export persona. So in this cause, we are not going to talk much about expert person export person, but we are mostly going to work in a job persona on. Then we gonna trash a little bit of pixel person. So if I do prove to you that everything that we drove on drop wasn't joke. Persona is going to be a precise, normal half as Visa Me. Let's press the zoom button and zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom means I mean, you see, it's not blurring at all that zoo much. Andi, go back to pics and persona on. I'm going to say like this paintbrush toe. Andi, come here! And there are many brushes on day I'm going to go for the one of a large just like one of the basic brushes, Onda. I'm going to draw something like this. Now let's zoom in. You go now. We envy Zoom and we see the edges pixelated Exeter, Exeter. Now this is not the case, and they looked at the options. Were the Drew in Drop Person So I hope you understand the difference between drop persona and pixel person. Um, we are mostly going to do all the stuff using the drop persona as this causes more focused on drawing victory. But we'll touch a bit little bit of a pixel personal assets. So that's it for these lesson Onda. Enough off these basic lessons in the next section, we are going to start drawing off first Electoral aren't too excited. Let's begin by for now, 10. Draw a Tree: Hello, Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to another part of the afternoon tea designer tutorial in this part of the tutorial, we're gonna draw a tree. A simple rector trick. You see, it's gonna be ready. Simple. Follow me carefully. You should be able to do it without any issues. So let's start by creating a new project by going to file new on. Then I'm going to select. Let's say I'm going to go for a custom size so custom and I'm going to tie two doesn't 48 into 2048 mixer. So this is going to create a A scare canvas. Sometimes I like to work with this crack and was because when I posted to Instagram, it will be much easier because the Instagram photos are usually scare shipped. So let's stop in 2048 pixels into 2048 pigs. So So click on. Ok, there you go. Now we have our canvas. The next thing what I'm going to do is I'm going to select a shape you need dio select a ship by long pressing on the triangle to are the tool that is on top off the X tool. That is the A on top of it. Just click and halt. Kicked in hol. Okay, Now go and select this dear to Okay, we have the original Select. Now come and drag and create a tree shaped like object. Just feel free to drag your mouse around, left to the down to the up and see how the ship changes. So also, I'll bring into something like this Now, David. Now I want to give it a green background. So how do I do that? So I'll kick on. Feel on the left top, I click on that on. There we go. We have a color picker. The column B has a ring under triangle. First, we need to select the color we want in the ring. And then, second, we need to select the the final color inside the triangle. See, first we select color in the ring, and then we refine our color. Inside this triangle, there's a small circle. You can just click it and jacket. Just click anywhere you want. It will just move. Since the trees green color, you went to selected green color. If you want, you can under border cook on this on. Now you see that it's a border. If you don't see it, you can increase the size you needed for Cilic doctors that take on the object to select it and come here. So like this, if you click this no struck. If you treat these, that is going to be a stroke on increasing. Now you see, that's a border. That's how you do it. But I don't want to board at this moment, so I'm going to Yes, miss it by taking this red flash. Now he's gone. What only to do next is I'm going to Joe the Junk. How do we do that? Take on the scare on the left side panels. Tool panel. It's take the rectangle on. I'm going to Joe. Something like this on. What I'm going to do is I'm going to change the color. Just started. Let like it did last time. Let's give it some cool. Now you see the problem, right? The tree should come on top off the truck. So how do we change the order? On the right side, We have these layers panel. So there you see. First we have the rectangle and then we have to, dear. So I want to do is I'm going to take on the rectangle. I'm going to track it below the tear. You see that the junk has gone behind the trees For me the trunk looks big Lies I'm going to reduce the wit so you can reduce the wit by selected. And you have all these knots and you can change the same shape by hovering your mouse on top of it. Even you can change the uncle say you can change it. And if you want todo you see if you want to have dental. Lovric just shift and changed the anchor. Then you see, every time it snaps to 15 degrees you see 30 45 60 75 90 Someone just give you Don't see euro. I only did reduce the with like this like this. Then I would selected. Now I want to move it. How do we move it? In order to move it, you can trust the Kiev We Oh, you can comment. Select the black arrow, the move tour on the top on your left left and to honor the first tour moved or just click it on now you can freely move it anywhere you want, so I'm lead to more it in the murder. There you go. So this is our tree. Isn't it awesome? Are tree looks awesome. I totally love it. So congratulations. You have just created your first Recto art. I said maybe it's very simple, but these are the basic things. You need to learn these things very carefully. And you need to understand how these things work and how need to put things together. So that will help you in the future. When we move into more Afghans complex, better arts. So that's it for now, that is that is all for this. Ah, listen, I'll see you soon. Another lesson, right for now. 11. Draw a tree Snapping: Hello and welcome back. The last part. We drew a tree, But I have a problem. If you look at this this stump, I don't know whether it's properly aligned with the tree. I wanted to be like in mental eggs. Accent. I'm just eyeballing. I don't know whether it's exactly a light. So how do I figure it out there a couple of ways you can do it? Let's look at the ah, the traditional way. Um, So what I'm going to do is I'm going to select the tree first, and I'm going to called shift Andan. I'm click on the stump and I have both objects selected. Now on we got to the top and there is this a Lyman. But click on that and you see 1234 therefore, options. I'm going to go with the second option align center. And now you see, the trunk is a line to the center. So what this button does is it's all the elements that we have selected. It will align it to the metal. So in the future, we will, uh, use more off this ah line to, and we learn more about it. But there is an easier way to do it. So let's more decide. There is another easy way to do it and we don't have to click on these buttons and stuff. That is something called snapping. So if you see on the top, there is a magnet I can call snapping. Just click on that. And now come back. Andi Objector. It's junk. Now, you see, there are guidelines. Apiary. So once when you come to the middle, you see the green line, which is the guideline is going through the middle of the stump as a last middle off the tree. Then we know, Okay, that is the middle. So this is one of the easiest ways to align your objects and you're doing victory if you switch on snapping. And if you move objects, it will automatically snap to a certain positions. You see, Now it's exactly aligned in the medic. That's one of the easiest way. And if you're moving objects hearing there, um, so next thing what I'm going to do is I'm going to at group of trees and we see how easy it can be 12. Group layers & Beautification : Okay, We have to dream right now. Uh, let's added some fix FX joy. So let's let's make it a more realistic by adding a little bit off. I just here in bit. So what I need to do is I'm going to sell it. Uh, and lives too. You can selected by pressing the letter m short cookie or just selector around here. I'm still here on the left side panel and come back here. Onda Joe US ago doesn't have to be Ofek circles. There is another thing if you want to Joe Victor directing perfecter circle can obvious press shift on drag and that silk will always be perfect. Uh, suddenly if you won't have some different shapes you again, just leave this ship can do Asmus issues want. So I'm going to press the shift key and I'm going to draw what small said like this Oil lips like this Leave it. I'm going to give it us. Ah, big light. Two color on I'm going to do plus the select jewel by pressing We are selecting the moved on here on. I'm going to move it here. Andi selector Hey, Libs layer Here, press control J a couple of times Onda moved the lives here and there. So it food. Give it more. That tree, like feeling just duplicated a couple of times. The thing is, it shouldn't be uniforms. If you put one after another and in a specific order, then it's something to look natural because bigotry gross. And that is known order in which it gross rose randomly. So you need to do the same thing here. Just just arrange it randomly. Okay, that would do. Speaking from the first layer, let's name it. Leave really a leaf leaf, this leaf, then leaf. I'm going to group all these layers together by selecting the first layer and pressing shift in taking lastly and press. Come on, she on and it leaves. That name is tree on. This is going to be I don't Let's group them together slamed this body on. I'm going to group them together by selecting the first layer President shift translating the last layer and come on G and we have a group now its name it trick. So I want to zoom out. How do I zoom up that zoom button? Here you can President zoom out or the easy to A is similar to 40 ship. You can thruster let jersey and the result will be selected. And then you can press alter, option, key and pick. Then you just click little zoom in and when you breath the all turkey Thanks a lot. There you go. We have the canvas. Let's zoom it out. Now we have a beautiful tree. What I'm going to do is I'm going to duplicate it three times. Something when you do is Come on, Jay. Come on, Jay. Come on. Okay, we have three trees now. So it's like all these three trees by select the 1st 1 and then clicking shift and taking three all three trees. Selector. Now you see all the all the three trees are be no one. Another s if I am saying is okay. Sorry. Press shift. It's on 10. Thank you. You can move toe and I feel like and move. You see there three trees. So what I'm gonna do is on way to move on. You move on here. But the problem is the space between them is not equal. So what if I want them to be equal? What you have to do is I'm understanding this shift. Click on this. Take on this for three elements and selected on the next thing. What I'm going to do is I'm going to go toe layer and alignment and yeah, linemen on going to select space. What is on you Now you see the trees ah, aligned on the spaces between them, not equal. But still, there's a problem. You see, the bottom are not the line. So how do I fix that for that? Take on this alignment tool on the top on a line vertical option. The 3rd 1 align bottom. You click on that and you see all trees are aligned equally. So in the next section, we're gonna add a small background, do it and, uh and we're going to make it look more natural or a presentable Victor Art that's worried for this lesson. See zone in the next lesson. Life now 13. Background for the art: on, guys. In this lesson, we can finish off this electorate. So what we're going to do first is ah, we're going at this kind. First singers do that. I'm going to zoom out a bit. I'm going to see it s c and then prison all the option and press. Okay, So if you want to move the canister on, press the space bar and click and moreover, or you can kick here on, do the same. But I would like that. I like to do this press the space bar because you can simply sweet treat me chills. So the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to big this rectangle toe on. I'm going to Joe something like this off the trees. We'll even doesn't matter. Just feel the whole canvas like this. If you have the snapping on the guidelines in guide, you where to stop and wait to start. Now take on Phil on. I'm going to go for Ah, flat blue color. Is it due? Okay. The problem is you know you don't see and if the tree so you know what to do next, Just drag the rectangles to the bottle. that you go. So let's name it sky But our trees on floating in the sky We need to add the land. So how did you do that again? Now they do, Joe, Uh, in the lower it. So again selected and just Joe or it on going to select some a jock brown. Yeah. This color would do somewhat a job, bro. Thank you killed. So now you see, we have Ah, so, like the move Do we have ah, land And then we have the trees. You have this Chi was he looks perfect. Sge scholar. I don't like it. I think you would do, uh, looks OK, so I think we'll wrap it up here on DA. We'll finish the lesson here. So for us for the assignment, please. Ah, save this and applauded as a chip pick. So let's see how to say within ah, applauded as a gym pick, exploded. Ask depict. So first thing, if else do you need to save us, save it so it can save on. I'm going to go to my desktop and I'm going to create a fall there At T so this name it trees The next thing wanted me to do is I'm going to explode it. So go to file and then export here, go to you have different options. You can export it as GIF be. Yes, The bdf SVG GPS exodus, dear. That is going to explode. That's Ah, Gee, pick the size is ok. I want quality. Be to be the best quality and take on export on. It's going to be trees. Okay, now we should be seeing it, you know, uh, home screen. So let's see that we can see it in the place where we saved it. So we have it here. Q. So let's applauded to the, uh, assignment on DA. I'll see you back in the next lesson. Bye for now. 14. Learn to mask layers: Hello and welcome to another part of the tutorial in this part. I'm gonna talk a little bit about shadow and light. So when you're drawing ah, the vector arts, usually usually we give it a shadow on light, so these things will give more realism to the other. So in the most of the Jodi Arias we have been doing so farther to the art. So in this truly yet, we're gonna go through a simple, easy process to add some shadow. And like so, let's begin by creating a new canvas, uh, with size 2042 dozen 48 DP. I treat 300. Okay. Onda the usual. I'm going to create a tree and changed the color to green. Can't that do? And then I'm going to Joe, uh, stump. And then you change the college Jews. What ground? Okay. And just, uh all right, so no. Here we have a flat image, but if they want to add some shadow, do it all the way to that. Okay, Let's let's see how to do that. That's not really create a scare on top off it. I want to feel half off off the surgery. So if you trust three and if you move over it Yeah, hiding only the half area. Now the color. Actually, I'm going to pick the column from the tree first for that. Here in the top. Right up. Go to the top. Holler tab Onda. Uh, there is a small city next to the color picker toe. Someone to kick that on. I'm going to track it all the way to the tree on Didn't release it now. Played the Karlovic adore. Now, you see, the color has been selected. I'm going to, uh, be dark color to it. Okay? No. Wanted me to do is I'm going to drag this layer rectangle. This name is Shadow Shadow. I'm going to tracking below this tear on. I'm going to go to the right and leave it There, you see? You see what I have done? Salinger jacket below and go to the right side. And you see, we have a nice shadow and into the tree. Gives more treaty. Look to the tria. Now I wait to do the same to this. Ah, stop hassle. So let's create another rectangle. Okay, Let's speak the color of the Jones and make it a beat dog on. I'm going to jacket below the come to the right, and I see we have Ah, nice shadow oddity. So this is how you add shadow and ah, you see, Actually, if you if you really look at it, I'll undo it so I can show you that you see this This shadow is actually bigger than the US this dump. But when we drag and drop it inside this time, Tom, the shadow is only going to show up on the area which the stamp is showing. So it's going It's not going to go after the stop. So that's the beauty off it. So that's the good thing about it. So it's very easy to do this way to add shadows. So in this video, you have learned how to at shadows. Um, thanks to now. See you another video. Bye bye. 15. Draw a Christmas tree: Okay. Live what? Come back, kind. Ladies and gentlemen, in this part of the two journal we gonna created Cruz Mystery. So let's see how to do that. So, as usual, angling to create a new document. Um, so I need to take on fine. Neil, Andi doesn't matter. Let's keep it to our usual size to the some 40 18 to 2048. Okay. Okay. So now we have our blank and was So in order to do create our Christmas tree, What I'm going to do is I'm going to make use of this triangle to so the Senate trying go, come here. It can hold. And so trying that. So the Phil I wanted to be green by this soulless to this. Okay on. I'm going to create another once for us. We said the move toe. We're gonna be yeah, on going to draw a bigger one. I expect we on align it to the middle and last one in trying the and this I'm going to be much bigger one we on decide for which Okay, now it's looks just right. So we have the tree here, Onda, we gonna three adoara. It's jump with the usual this one and changed the Gotta do something like a brown. What the doc brown you for three on mortgage Just a minute. And I want to stump to be in the bottom. Okay? Striking down and increase the witch bitch que que so in the group All these things to get there. Come on, G. It's your body. I see. So we have the basic for our Christmas tree. What they want mixed. He's as job So become here the triangle to and look for star That's a star to so created stone That's press the shift in greatest down And I want to give it yellow color of a chick for us We as we not So now we have a salvia Ah, next thing I would probably want to and some ornaments So why not at some balls picked on their lives? That shift It's a ball Jinya to rent So doc grade on da You can actually fake a Ziff. It's shining by adding a small so small writ said the inside That's a small white circles that I see what I'm seeing here. It's a moving inside and changed the father too white. Now you get the impression that there is a light source and light is hitting the ball, and it's kind of getting a three dimensional look. So it's rude. This took it together. And let's call it, I don't think. And just a wee to move tool and increase the size. Okay, is the size. So why don't need to do is I'm going to please multiple balls in this Christmas tree. So how do I do that? Is cynic that trust all the option key Decanted inject. So the affinity is going to create duplicates off it. This optional halt today. Awesome. Select. Keep on doing that. - Then move these goals. Yeah, Sylvia. So that's pretty much it. Congratulations. You have just created a wonderful Christmas tree using the weather on techniques. So in order to make is ah the layers more clean. We can group all these boards together on let's call it bus. I said it Awesome. Just save it because most tree on da exported as ah, she picked I'm uploaded to the assignment. Thank you very much. See you in the next lesson. Bye. For now 16. Dog : 1 Create Dog: Hello and welcome back. So we've been doing some basic stuff so far. And this in this lesson, we're going to step up all gay on. We gonna go for somewhat a complexion. Yes. We're gonna draw flat dog right now, So let's begin by creating a new campus file new and leave it as it is. 2042 dozen 48 the DP I is 300 take okay. No, we have Ah, Now we have the envious ready for us now. Wanted me to do is I'm going to use some basic shapes to create a joke. So let's see how to do that. So first, I'm going to create sickle. I'm pressing the ship, so I will get a off a ship. Ofek Circle are perfect Ellipse. Okay. And the Conner I want to go for somewhat of brown color. It's a bound joke. That foot, do you? We like uh ok, all right. Now they do not their lips this time. Bit smaller. Que plus we and get the move to on moving behind. Duck here. I'm going to track it. We know that. Okay, Justice center position. All right. Now we have the shape for the face and the body. And what I'm going to do next is I'm going to act licks. That's only two for this rectangle to I need to draw something like this. And that's the next thing I'm going to kick on this cornetto. So this is something new in this radio. So you see, in the let's hand side a tool panel, it's something called conical. I'm gonna cook on that on. I'm going to select all this one's together if I can select altogether bypassing shift all four points a selected. And I'm going to come here and I'm going to give the radius 15. No, you see, we have ah rounded ship for our rectangle. We don't. We no longer have that a Kuwaiti edgy rectangle, edgy cornice, something to bring it here and press week note the move toe on, going to bring it here more below the that is on Lake and make it a bit smaller that he's wanted me, I think, complicated by pressing control, command or control, she on drinking article. Now we have the dog with two legs. The next thing is, I'm going to work on the off phase on before that, I actually want to give this body a big, dark, brown color. So it was easy to distinguish. Now we can distinguish very easily. No, we want to. If the same colorful Gleick So that the rectangle and now click here on get the color and then a faster I hope it'll Marquis. Cool. Now we have the car again. The next thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to Drew. I select Still that using eclipsed aides to Onda Joey Beak, We can, uh, scale it down later. And the color should be white upset that See that it's OK as we and control G. And this time I'm going to give it a blue color. Okay, so I'm going to reduce it. Um, okay, Okay. That has the blue eye. Just that. Okay, I see this. And, uh, now, let's group these two together by pressing for months. G on the first shift, introduced a sense trust. Andre abuses. This on movie did, and I wanted to be in the metal. Okay. And let's duplicate bypassing Comanche. Come on, G. On the second, I make sure the apparel. Okay, Dokey. The next thing I need two years. So let's build the years. So I'm going to come here on a way to select here too. Okay. As for the color, I'm going to go for the same color that I used for the face. So color. Okay. And for the inside of the year, or doing something to ah, for us, we intellect move to and before. Come on, Jake. And first shift and reduce the size and moving to the bottom, I don't way to reduce the color to somewhat. Okay, let's do that's you see? Uh, okay, so looks like these two layers on first control t and proved it name a year and controls before. Before that. Let's move it here, Onda. We can actually changed the angle a bit. So to look more natural, they got and way to Rustom on Jake and duplicate the year. And I'm going to flip that so it will be easier to water that inside. You don't reflect that. I'm going to come here. Layers alignment are not alignment Chance. Full and choose. Flip horizontal. Okay. Now said like that and moved to the other side. They go. Great. Now we have our ease. The next thing is, I'm going to work on their the mild peas for that first inning to have a gender. Let's make it black and press on, uh, corner to on the whole planet. And let's select all the corners, press shift ends in a tall tree, hopes and change it to 25. Okay, No, we because we intend to move to. And now he's You can see that we have Ah, um a nose like any going on here. So they do change the direction. You know how to change it. We position the mouth there and flush shift and change it until it reaches 180. Let's make it delayed more smaller and select it and move it here and the Okay. Now we have the nose and we need to build some sort of mouse. Not not sorry. No. Some have said some out. So let's see how to do that. Something to come here and select the Alex, too. On day, I'm going to draw ellipse. This time I'm going to do it without the trust in the shift key. Yes, and the like. It's Onda. Uh, I'm going to go for a color, which is how much light that would be something that I have used in the year. But he met you. Thank you. Let's move it a bit. 15 degrees was due, and then I'm going to duplicate it. Actually, have you duplicated and again I'm going to flip it. Guns for flip. What is happening for us? We and moved to Onda Lined, um aligned them to get like this and then we're going to do some operations on the top right hand toolbar panel. You see something going at the, um option substrate act intersect, divide and combined there so many things. But this time we're going to use the at going forward. We'll use other Trump Sasser for to begin with. I'm going to start with that. So now you see what happens is those two shapes are combined together, and then now it's presented as a single shape. So that's the usage off at. So you can probably give two objects and asked me to combine it as a single object. So we can do that here as a inflicts on this body and to let's and take at. And now you see, it's the one object. Now, if you drag it, it more as one option kill. So let's bring our mouth here on. Reduce it in size, please. Uh, now we need to bring it behind the nose. So we need to reduce the size of knows, bait and cool. We have Ah, but looking. Ah, adult. Right now. Eso Everything is fine, but something is amazing. Uh, chair how How can How can it be a dog if there is no death? Let's see, How do you create a tale? So on a need to ease and ready to be the lips like this I'm going to create not elipse like this. And I want the color to be a street. The body color. I can't read that to him, Jack, and drop it here and get on there Speaking. Now we have it. Presley, on going to place it, place this rectangle over this absurdity. Place these ellipse over this Alex. Now you see, we have to ellipsis one here, one here, one over another in the layers panel you can see for the heat. Why don't they do is they were selecting boat and I'm going to take on sub sticked and then click this abstract. You see, the overlapping part is cut off and we'll be given between Lee the remaining part. So what I do is and made to reduce the size of big on being changed the angle for three and more appear and we can move it into the very bottom. There you go. Congratulations. Uh, is if you look at it for the first time? You might think. OK, I can do it. But if you see if you really look at it, it's really simple. You can You can easily do it with simple shapes. So in the next list, next lesson we'll add some shadows to it. And so it will give a more of a treaty. Look to these What I hope. And you you have enjoyed less and suffer. Have fun. See you in nest. Listen, I feel now 17. Dog 2 : Adding shadow: No one. Welcome back in this section we actually gonna give this on a big of a shadow on the make it look more and we're gonna try and give it there more of a tree. Look, so let's see how to do that. Um, so I'm begin by adding some shadow to the face while I'm going to do Is you all did not have to do that. We did. In our previous lessons, I'm going to go over it like this. Okay, on. I want this color to be beat, Doc. How can I do on I'm going to track it. Did the left side like this a lute? Okay, something to come back to the torso. Uh, we can actually join so much in this, uh, those on the tail Seems both I in the same color if the objects of different colors. And if you try and merge it, it will, uh, become a one object. But it will convert toe convert toe a single color. So that's a problem. So if the object sign multiple colors, you shouldn't be bashing there. So I have Sela quickly is to lay us on. I'm going to kick on at now. This is a single object. I'm going to select a wreck tender, and I'm going to draw over it and I'm going to get the come off the body, okay? And I'm going to go somewhat darker. Okay, Now jacket and leave it here. Well, you can track it and come and live it here, or you can Yeah, Jack and Louis Leakey. That's the easiest re. So now you see, we have a three D look to the ah joke. But this year seems a bit on natural. So I'm going to add a shadow to the yet as well. Especially the one on there. Right sector, So lesson it, uh, and drove over the year. And I want to pick the color that we used for the shadow in the face. Okay, now jacket. Let's see why it confused with on the right. The LFC began show and hide or give you on the wrong year. So we will come here that this thing in a year El Cuco. Now, you see, this is why you need to name your layers that it's going to be confusing because I didn't say not here. This is going to be Nos This is Mount. This is left ear. This is right here. Uh, this is it's produced the canvas size for a sea and blessed old on Get Take it completely. Click. Okay, so I'm going to see Okay, this is I write means thesis. I left. So this is actually face. This is buddy off the cool. Don't get We have our dog here. Often someone gets killed a move tool and select everything together On what we does that. Okay. Great. We have a dog right now, but, uh, he needs something to eat. So in the next lesson, we'll create something similar. Door a born. See you in the next lesson. Bye for now, but by 18. Dog 3 : Bone for the dog: Okay, people, we just created our dog on. Now it's time to create some food for the day, so let's see how to do that. So let's imagine the shape of a board, especially something that you see in the cartoons. It has two ends with the full board's kind of things. Let's let's try and replicate that ship, somebody to begin by creating a said like this. Okay, I'm going to change the politics somewhat. Does something What, uh, cash so magical. That would do geeks for now. And I think to repeat this or duplicate this a sweet Onda. Just keep it like that. Before going any further. I want to group all the layers that belonged to dog by selecting on layers first and then pressing. Come on, G. And she ain't the group to Israeli will not be confusing the layers in our vault area. So we have something similar to have born. Then really needs to be like the middle area. Thank you. Bring it below. Oops. Thank you. We can make it big Sergeant. I think it now when I need to do is I'm going to much these two players. Okay? Now that sell single object. OK, do replicated by pressing Callimachi on drag and bring it to this side. Now what every thing to do is I'm going to select all three objects on select on that. Cool. Now we have something similar to abort. If you want, you can add some shadow to it. That's that's, um shadow. Um, this time, let's some Let's try something new. So want me to do is I'm actually going Teoh, you beat often advanced technique. So I'm going to Joe. Are Denzel nobody on going to make B? Yeah. Okay. Now, as usual, bring it below. Jacket to the right. Okay, we have the nice look, but I'm going to do and going to go ahead and do something more special, so I'm way to sell it. The wrecked ember that is the shadow that be trapped inside the bones layer on going to take on the FX that the text layer is a layer next to the lays layer. AB, if you don't see this effects you may have s a p a work area. So you can reset your work period by going to view and then studio and selecting a visit studio after you can visit your whole week work area. Now let's come back to this tutorial. Let's go back to effects and select on Goshen. Andi increased the They guess. Now you see, we have a very soft effect and it's not flat. Actually, if you compare this dog, it's flat. But if you look at it here, it's more of a really shape. Right? So this is one of the techniques that you can use to enhance the look off your heart. So great. Now we have the dog. We have the born. I can bring it closer to him. He would be happy. The next thing I'm going to do is what he what? If he is sick, we should be able to bring him to the Web, right? So in order to bring him to the wet, we need to build a small carrying cage. Shall we do that? Let's do that in the next lesson. Life now 19. Dog 4 : Dog cage: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back Toe is after needy. Cause in this lesson we're going to create a small case that that he used to carry our pets to the wet so we can put the dark inside this small occasion weaken, uh, lifted up, using the handle on. We can bring it into the weapon or recession so the vet can examine our dog and say he's OK or not. So I'm going to create something similar to that again A flat. Uh, Joey. Ah, so let's see. Let's begin on. Duh. Let's do that. So we know do that 1st 1 of the to do is I'm going to create ah rectangle by selecting directing. Okay, Will be it smaller you got to do. Then I'm going to come for these corner too, and I'm going to select the corners at presage shift and only the top two corners I selected this time on don't need to go for something around 40. Yeah, what you would do? Yes. And after that, I'm going to click on this north tour. That is the tool about this contour. Or you can press the chocolatey eight and sell It is too. And afterwards come here and click on these Nord on Drac, Come decide. Big on it. Untracked. Okay, don't. Now. I'm going to give you the a nice car. Let's give it somewhat a blue color. It's This is Turkey. Okay, Come to the move tour, and I'm going to duplicate it. Andi, I'm going to flip it. Work colleagues. How do we do that? For two layers, transform 3 40 Onda. We bring it here. So I hope you get the idea that I'm going right now. Then we come here on select this rounded rectangle, or you can either go for this rectangle tool and you can round it up. You know how to do that now? Uh, so they do No, anything like this. Thus we and more rich unless changes the molecules. Big girls being flat. Can you do? Okay, so we have the basic shape off the cage. Next thing I want, what I want is, uh, small holds small holes so that the dog can breathe. So let's come. Yes, like this. And, um I want the qualities, Dr uh so Okay, lets do I think sense like this. Ah sounded tricked. England on. I'm going to select this, and I'm going to duplicate it. Uh, and not maybe four times Now I'm going to select all these. Well, no, no. Before that comfortable, select auto and move on to these bottom next edge. And I'm going to select all these, uh, rectangle Slayer's Camp Yulia arrangement. Not sort of alignment space. What is haunting? You see, all these rectangles were aligned properly, so they just send it all these things and grouped in for once introduced the size king. Now, let's duplicate it always. I looked up first. We on drag it all the way to the but kill the next thing. What I want to do is I want to create 100 for it. So how did he do that? Most Well, uh, get around the direct anger. Okay on. I want the color to be similar to this one. Okay, that's replicated. Ah, that shift and shrink shrink it on. The next thing wanted me to do is I'm going to bring it inside here. Onda. As you know, consider these two layers and cut it. You already know how to do that? The order to check that. How they do Bring it here. On top. Off it, Bill. Always. Great. Now we have a handle. Has looks big. Larger. You can thank smaller. Well done. Okay, that's the bulk. Anything. Okay, we have the handle. So I think Ah, we can stop it. Here on the assignment is you need Teoh at some shadows to this, um cage Onda applauded in the forums. Onda, let us review it. So that is all for this section off lessons and I'll see you back in another lesson. Bye for now. I hope you enjoyed it. 20. Create your first logo: Hello and welcome back in this. Listen, we're gonna touch a little bit about local design. Recently, one of my friends who is working for NGO approached me and asked me for Ah, a little bit of help in designing a logo for the full one of the projects they're implementing the project is about a woman empowerment and what they want it is something like a flower using a color red to yellow. Something like that. So I stood by, not propose to do ah, logo and propose it to him. So let's do it together. And this is going to be a good learning lesson for you as her Andi, in this lesson, we gonna learn something new. Esa that is called the transparent to So from the left side. True panel we gonna make use off the transparent to So let's begin by creating ah, new document. And then I'm going to draw a simple ship. This time I'm going to go for the tier two and I'm going to draw something like this. So this is great. Looked like Bud Onda. Let's select this on. I'm going to add some Grady into it so you'll see what I mean right now. So select the Grady into which is the the colorful like and in the left stand aside tool panel. Um, I think that it's called Filter the shortcut in G. Take on that and come here point on the middle just like I do If you don't just get this. Ah, Assistant assistant guides. Probably. You don't have the snapping tool enables. So pick on that to enable snapping toe come back yet Now click here on drag about Cool. So now you see the Grady. It goes from a gray to write it ships great gradually and it gives the nice shadow. So actually what I want is I wanted absolute down So let's do it Other era were going to come from up to watch. Now I want to change the colors I don't like these colors. It's are very boring color. Still, I'm going to go here as usual. The context Oba has changed right after you select the transfer This grading too Onda we have several options. You see, we have elliptical radio and conical so these are all kind of different things. So this one would be going to stick with the linear di from grade it. So yeah, I'm going to change the car. So let's click here. So you see that too. And so this is the starting. All this is stained color so that you give this color It should start and give the Columbia issued. And the affinity designer will gradually shift from one color to another color In order to meddle with the colors, you need to sell it one of these colors. So you see, it starts from Ah, a little This great to this. White is color to the great color. So if you want to change the color click on this disconcerting here on select on this color option There we have our color. We Yeah, I'm going to go for a somewhat The liar. Somewhat to read. Coming. What does that do on DA? I don't like gray color. Maybe change it on going to go for something like this. This is bulky. Awesome. Now we have our Grady and we also have something similar to a But now I'm wanting me to do with I'm ready to play. Get this, Onda. I'm going to turn it and you know how to turned the anger, uh, press shift and turn it that bigness and come in and lying Hit Okay. And I'm going to bring it back. Well, before that, I'm going to change the direction off the credit. So how did that come back here? Take the radiant color on leak on Drexel like this. Now you see, the radiant goes from left to right. So that is how you change the direction of the radiant. Now put it behind this Now select to move to Just duplicated. I click. Or you can right click here in the lay A panel on Duplicated Now we have duplicate on I'm going to shifted. I'm like Teoh, Flip it. How do we do that churns full slip horizontal. So alternatively, you can actually flip. Ah, by coming here Lius John's phone Sleep What is out? So that's a align it Now we hover Nice local the easiest and, ah, 30 way to create a simple logo. So I'm going to present it to him tomorrow and sometimes he might ask for some changes here and there, but it's OK, but looking at here, I have a feeling that I should shift the colors of Iran. So I'm going to come here on going to from here. Don't Here. Okay, now the now the local looks much better than the direction off colors was wrong previously . Now the light is coming from the top so that your party is yellow and the bottom is it's not did it to hit by the night. So that is a bit dark, rich color. So this is a simple way of designing a logo. You can simply group them together on the increase the size and you can presently Teoh any of the clients are waiting of your friends that you that you have requested a logo from you . So that's it for this lesson. So you soon another lesson. Bye for now. 21. Pen Tool Introduction: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back. Now, this section is one of the exciting section and this is what we're going to learn One of the most powerful tool that is available in that unity designer. So let's create Ah, new document. So new dark humor. Andi will use this usual size. And when I'm going to do is I'm going to show you what we can do with the pinto. So the pain tool is one of the most powerful tool in affinity. Designer. Not only just infinity designer in most of the vector drawing programs, mental is the most part for two. So let's select the paint tool on. I'm going to show you some of the ways that you can use to pencil the first thing. Uh, let's give it a stroke off one point and give it the feel color off. Lovely read. That would do so Let's see how the painter works. So if you want to create a scare, I can take here. Click. Here, click here. Sorry. That's off. Click here. Click here. I'm good, kid. So this is not exactly a scare. I, like drifted a bit here and there. So this is the powerful use off Pinto. You don't have to use the simple shapes of the ships drawing tools. You can simply dro anything using the pento. So if you don't like the ship and if you want to manipulate it, you can come to the north, take a A the short would be a or kick on the Noto and you can adjust these notes. No. Now you see, it's sticking up of proper shape. Cool. If you look at it, it's a proper scare. Okay, Drawing this guy is easy. I know Shall be drawing something, something that doesn't have aged like lips. Okay, that's right there. So this is how you draw the calif. So you click here and you take on the second point without releasing the mouse. Just drac on and you'll get something similar to us Corner and go to other side on the same . Now the problem is no. I'll show you what would happen if I come here and take on Drac. I can't cool on going to finish this by clicking on the first. Not that we created. Okay, so we have something soon to do. An egg? Exactly. A perfect ship. But again, you can take on the north tool and manipulated Movie. He added, There you can take in shape you want and these handles, that will be even more awful. You can use them to manipulate drag, making smaller, move it up, down both hundreds you can use here. You can use this A D. C anyway. Yeah. Here. So this is the powerful, the so called Pento Onda. We gonna a practice a little bit, so you will get a hang off. This pinto, in truth, can be very intimidating. I know. I totally understand on, but it's not that easy, toe, You know, start booking with pen control for the bigness. But trust me, the more you practice it more you comfortable, the more you will become comfortable with control. So I suggest you keep on practicing it. Depend too. And soon you will master. So let's create new earlier. We're gonna create the Atlee a button, not at pixel layer. We're gonna create at layer. Andi, I'm going to put some ships here and give it a strong a black color. Okay. And, uh, let's make it one point. Okay? Lets Jody's you don't meet feel color, so say none. OK, we have a scale. Aan den. We created a circle. Andi, I'm going to used this tier toe. So now we have three ships. What? Anything to do with only to come here on selling this layer. So everything is under this layer on reduce the opacity. This some mural 20. Cool. Now let's create another earlier on. Bring it down below this, Leslie. No, you can see the first layer. Still, that's cool. Now what I need to do is I'm going to use the pin to on going to trace over this ships. So let's see how to do that. Select the pain too. Come here. Pick on the edge. This age in this case this days and complete the shape by taking on the north that you started with. Awesome. Now we have the ship. Now you can give it color and you can change the border color border with a strong color. Anything. Okay, let's come back. And ah again. I'm going to draw this circle. Okay, Take care. Onda, come in the middle. Take you on draft to the bottom on, Not just make sure it fits properly, okay? Now you see a problem when I try to adjust it. It doesn't, You know, let it stay on the, uh, the earlier on the line. So what we can do? The problem is caused by this handler. This handle here. So how do I remove that? If you click on this note that will remove that. Handle it. That's what. Since it's going now, And, you know you can create the shape without any problem. Cool. So let's remove it again. Take on this. Don't come here making demands on Drac about Cool. Remove this click here on drug. Now, we have successfully create this circle. You see, It's easy. It takes practice. But you can do it. Definitely. Now let's come back and try to draw this tier issue. So come you and I would remove this. Come here. Killed. You know this coming? Okay, the more this come here, um, she call now the teardrop parts completed, so it's very simple. Uh, all it takes is more practice. So we're gonna do some crazy stuff with the pencil in the upcoming lessons. State Ute. Um, let's draw some awesome stuff in the next lesson. Bye. For now, 22. Flat mountains with pen tool: Hello and welcome back in this. Listen, I'm going to teach you how to make use off the pain tool and create a flat basket. So this is going to be very simple, but it's gonna look very nice. So let's begin by creating a new canvas. What do you document Neil on the page with an hide as usual. I'm going to give me that 2048. He won't you continue ties. It's no problem. So the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to created background so that I'm going to use the rectangle to on I'm going to draw over it cool, have the snapping tool enable So I can simply an Eastleigh aligned to the edge off the canvas and for the field feel I'm ready to go for somewhat dark gray color. So much a dog. Great. Okay, I would do on next thing a leg. Select pinto on da Going to make it a late What's we have got a plea selected. The can was still so let's undo it. Well, back to the color. No Celik been too. And let's draw it and then change the color. So come to the bottom. Somewhere around here on, I'm going to draw something like mulled giants on just closing. I know. Comment. Feel our color. So let's pick up this color. Onda go for stuck A little bit lighter. Sorry. Okay, on I don't want any stroke so richly More the stroke. I like the move to select the background. I wanted to be of even doctor. Okay, now we have something like a multi nous shapes. Now I'm going to add be differ light eso It's going to look as if the smooth light is heating one side of the mountain And it's reflected. So to come to the been to once again and this stuff from the beginning and go to the top and this on Come here, that is and the top like this Good stuff like this. Good, uh, like this just I just finished it off. We'll close it. So I'm going to give you the like, kind of much like color. So let's select the color that is used in the mountain on leader before something like about that cured with the colors, something right. And I don't want any strokes. I'm going to remove the stroke hips and used the move toe on. I'm going to put it below the moat. Now, you see, we have kind of a shadow here or the reflection of the shadow of the reflection on. So let's make it a little bit more lighter. So come here on the okay. That could do Coop. No, we have something like a mountains and lightness eating on one side of the mountain and it's reflecting. Coop. The next thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to create a little. So how do I do that? I'm going to draw a circle on. I'm going to duplicate it. Plus, we select a move toe on move. The second set of on top of this was sick like this. It's going to give a crescent. Look. Now select both optics on. Take on some straight. We have already tried and did these examples. Now we have a moon Awesome change. The color of the moon Gay. Anyone who goes all my should develop. Cool. Now we have a more. The next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to create starts. So how do we create stars? We can all either go for the startled and create stars. But here I don't want to complicate its inside for a simple, um, simple drawing. I don't want to completely buying actual stars. So everything we do is I'm going to put some circle C here in the Bay Area sizes. So why do you put it in various sizes? Because they put it in the same size. It's going to look all uniforms. So if you look at up in the sky, the stars don't your beautiful right. They're different sizes, different brightness Exeter. So that so I I'm creating different sizes also, like if you look at objects that the object that is closer to you going to look big and object that is far away from you is like, look smaller. So that's a good practice. And you can add a nice composition. Do you join? So no one way to do next is I'm going to select all these objects. Onda. Let's see with the weekend. So I'm going to actually increase the brightness of these stars. Okay, that's in now. You don't necessarily have to give the same color to the stars. You can give different star colors because, as I said, some stars are going to be bride. Some stuffs and not going to be that bright exit Brexit. So now we have I was toss Now click and replicate some of these stars. Oops. Okay, this okay. Plus old and drag and drop ups intimately in the background. Press control G um, more it. Yeah, I know it. I'm using the arrow keys now. And if you hit something like this, it's the background is moving, and you don't want that to happen. You can always come here and look the background that uglier the back on a and taken this. Look, I can't now. You can't move that later. Who looks like we have to back on layers. And so so we don't actually need to Bagram layers. So I waited. It is one of the layers. Cool. The next thing is now we have ah, some other reason looking. Ah, flat night scene. But I'm going to give it a little bit off Pope. So how do we do that? So I'm going to sell it all these objects. God bless commodity and gold. It and I'm going to duplicate it, come to the selective on that is below and select that group on da Goto if ICS and switch on. Gosh, you know, on increase. Now, you see, we have a little bit of breath, the glowing effect coming behind these tires and more So that's pretty much it. We have learned a small and small like Nifty keeps here. In there on We have successfully, uh, built another flat joint. I hope you enjoyed it. See you once again in the next lesson. Bye for now, daycare. 23. Pencil Sketch to Vector Art: and gentlemen, please welcome to another exciting lessons. This is going to be one of the most ambition, ambitious lessons for this Siri's. So what we have actually going to do is we're gonna take up one of the sketches that has been drawn on a piece of paper on. We're gonna convert it into a vector, Art. Let's we have to do that. So let's begin by creating a new work document or, ah, canvas on new. I'm going to leave the page. Width and height, as usually 2048. Dixon, let's save it because we don't want to lose any work, right? The next thing is, we gonna import this kitsch file into our workspace, so we're gonna trace it using the pain, too. So for that, you can file silicon, please. Now select this kitsch. All these files are available in your resources, so please download it before beginning this lesson. So click on Drac until it fills the whole campus. Okay, now Senate, this kitchen earlier on what we do is I'm going to get rid of all these paper pictures how they do that by meddling with the course. So let's go to adjustments. Andi Select curse. The bottom line is going to increase the dark. What black hole? The top line is going to increase the light colored. It's increasing. Okay, cool the people cool. Let's close it. Whatever you do is next. I'm going to decrease the capacity. We know how to decrease the opacity of the layer. Select earlier. Take on this on jacket. Old away to 20 would do. Yes. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to lock this layer because I'm not going to do anything on this later. So let's create a new layer by coming here at leave on Drac and bring that layer below the schedule E because if you put it on the top, you'll see what the problem is. You put it on the top. If you start drawing Andi, could you give us some color? Now you can see what's inside, right? You can see that eyes and Exeter, but if you bring it below now, you can see what's inside so you can work in those spots. Says this. I said, Bring it below. So let's delete this. Delete this layer on begin. So let's begin by adding a new layer on. Bring it below the sketch in area Onda before moving to the next step Already import the palate. So how do we do that senate such as in the top? Take on this little like in here on import palette has document Violet on. I'm going to sell it. Please. Cool. Now we have set of colors that begun to use for this jury. So let's begin by tracing this image. So I'm going to take on the pinto. Come here on carefully Should I on joy. So if you are not getting these curved lines, make sure to check on this. Ah, context. Tuba on the more is selected as pain mode. Not on smart Mordo, Polygon, Mort Orlimar. The next thing are probably right after finishing this lesson, go back and try it. Try and play around with all those smarts and you'll understand what those things wasn't rocket science, Carrie. So I'm not explaining what I'm doing here because we have already I learned about being too . So I'm going to assume you. Have you have some experience with it already? As I said, the more you practice with the pinto, the more family or you're gonna be with the mental, so just keep on practicing with mental. And also, this is a sketch, so you don't have to 100% full of the lines. You can follow the lines as long as it makes sense. - Let's finish the circle. Do you think you have made a mistake? All this feel free to kick on control Z or clemency and go back now? What I'm going to do is I'm going to get rid of this stroke. I don't need the stroke, but I'm going to give you the field color. So, like, this feel color from this, the color better that you just imported. Okay, The next thing is, I'm going to draw this thing. Probably start from here. That's the mouse mount. Okay, on. I'm going to give you the like kind of color. It's fight and border states numbered. Next, I'm going to draw this Finn here. Okay, so I had a stroke here when I disabled it. Killed. Next thing coming to come here on draw this thing you want a just these lines, you can always comfortable Noto. And this just in well, this disabled there's nothing to cool on. Let's applied parlor. Okay, now we have to find the next thing is I'm going to draw these heart and these Walter jobs. It's been too. We can give me this Connor cool show the next hunt. Select the field color coop. The next thing is, I'm going to draw the water drops. Okay, on the color, too. Groups color. The next thing. What I want to do is I am going to draw the eyes and these under baby all the mouth. I don't know. It's a little bit Found one. Great to select. Been to take your pick you. And this time I don't want to feel color, but I won't. Let's talk. It's increased the size. There's explain Plying. Well, if I would do okay, com hopes for this. Actually, I'm going to use the being too. But come to the moored on and select this lying walk on. Let's do this. This is going to draw a straight line. It's OK. Well, marriage it later and come back to the north tool. Click here and adjust to here in the middle. The next thing only to do is I'm ready. Draw these lines for that made some of the angel again. I'm going to take here. Yeah, yeah. Here. Yeah. Yeah. And you. You I don't need to go back to the no tool an image going to just two on. I want I want the cup to be this can't caps that You think that you see the caps changing to his cock it. Let's trade that and see how it looks. Okay on script. You see, the lines becomes and she here. Let's move this on three. That's just did. Let's hi this sketch layer and see how it goes. Okay, we are missing this board. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go to this curves and I need to give you the border . So let's go here, give you the border hopes. That is something going. Yawn. So the big toe when they did do not do Try and Majesty. Yes. I don't want you to redraw it. There's no point in I think this thing. Something to come here on. I'm going to rejoice. Okay. Take your pick. You hope certainly to change the Mord back to been lord. Okay, Finish it. Finish line. Oh, but this a municipal The fill color as watch. Probably I could reduce this size bed on a movie, you know? Yeah. No, it's next. Taken not to. We'll try and lined them here. - It's actually wondering I want to release this size. Probably just one point. It's honestly look me can nicely along there One point, um aligned it. IHS making one point. So this is with the digital drawings. You don't have to worry. You can always suggest there is nothing to lose that has in traditional art. Once you, Joe, you're pretty much stuck there. Cool. Quirky. Awesome. Now we have Ah, I will. On we have the hearts and to water drops. Next thing what I'm going to do is I'm going to add a little bit of shading. You already know how to add these shading and all, but it's okay. We're gonna do it again. So what I need to do is I'm going to come pento on. I'm going to Joe Layer on top off it. Is it? No, I don't need any border. And I want this color. Okay, Now I want to ask it. That goes behind. This were no wanted me to do isn't me dio create ah question. Now we have a nice shipping. I'm going to repeat the same here the same thing. So if the lines are connecting again, select apparent earlier and start again. So one might ask me How do you know where to add the shadows and all. So those things you need to actually practice in, you need to look at other art and figure out if the light comes from one direction, we are going to be the shadow, and we're going to be the light ex cetera. So that is one of the home books. Probably for you. I'm going to set in this color on a later mosque. It Khaled affect collision blow. Um, it give the bush about like this. Cool. Now I'm leader on a little bit off shadow in the things would be the same thing. Okay. You know, for the next finance one of any begin and, uh, shadow. Next thing, it's separate. Object. So we're gonna go over it. - You go. So we have added a little bit of Grady into the well. We're pretty much done with real now. We are going to acting to the water bubbles. Actually, I drew it inside the seen here Sunday. It's under And convict, you're on now. Joint You? Yes. It's called me Shadow. Cool affects Gorshin. No, um blood. Repeat the same for this next jump as well. So, like the duck. Oops, I thing I have doing Bring it. You okay? Fix Oceana. Cool. No, we're going to act in the hearts, hearts, hearts. So I'm recording in the February. It's Valentine's Day, I citing Probably a good time to record this. Uh, less I would say It's a mistake for a kid. No, it's heart. You start okay with Now if the exclusion is it, you haven't shaking it? Um I'll come back to layers and I want to do the same mistake again. Take on this hard on pick on this like there is Condi's dark shading below. Granted the right now if excursion glove cool. Now we have pretty much done with the drawing now only to give you the background. So come here on for this. Just look this layer So we don't want anything chapter. They happen to this thing. So what I need to do is something to create a new layer below this. Probably. Yes, Andre, To click on directing with two before that just decreased the cannabis ice. No become rectangle toe and directing. Okay, on. One way to do is I'm going to select this color. It's a nice car, but it doesn't end there. I want to give you toe radiant. So take the Phil to that from the doctor. Dr. Bottom. Now, I wanted to be under the around because you see the light source in the bottom. So I want the light a part of me. But on bring this year on drag this handy. Yeah, yeah, Let's do it again. All right. So typical this on going to go from here to there. And I'm going to do Jack this handle because I wanted, like, toe be. I don't want some good ideas, So I want something. Babies. I'm going directly to the top like this. They're gonna move Teoh. Nothing. The on looking pretty much do it before that. I think this sport it looks a bit prominent, so way to come and decrease the size. Okay, let's do so. Ladies and gentlemen, you have successfully converted a paper sketch into a vector art. So if you switch off these to put this you know, you we have come longer from this cage to this one off. Rector art. So, as you see, this is not hard. If you know the tricks, you can simply do it within, you know, like 2030 minutes. So this is a simple join. Now your exercises draw something on a paper, take a photograph off. It'll scan it and place it inside your affinity design of workspace on Try and trace it like I just did Onda posted in the for us. Also. As for the exercise, I hope you have ah followed with me and did this waiting. So if you haven't just go back and redo this because this is very important And this lesson is one off the most ambitious relations lessons that we have done so far. So that's his ladies. And so that's eat. Ladies and gentlemen, Bye bye and see you in an adolescent. Bye for now. Take care 24. Pixel Persona and Texures: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to affinity designer clothes. In this part of the lesson, we're gonna look at picks of personal on how to add picture toe convicted illustration in the pixel person. So we gonna use ah, mouth and keyboard in this coast. But then we are drawing textures. If you have some drawing tablet that would come in handy, it's not necessary. But it would come in handy, that's all. I'm going to do the whole thing and using the mouse. Because otherwise it would be unfair for the students to those who haven't got drawing tablet. So let's begin by creating a new come this new document 2048 2 dozen, 48 pixels as usual. Creative scare Congress on one they do is I'm like to use all right, I would use this rounded rectangle. You can press the key him on. I'm going to throw something like this. So basically violently do do today is I'm going to try and do Ah ah cactus. So what I'm going to draw today is the captors. So before that, let's throw apart for that, I'm going to click the rectangle to on next row Alaska more to the middle and ah, going to manipulate this rectangle accordingly. To do is I'm going to take on convert to curves on back, come back and take a no tool that is Charki a or the white color arrow on the tour bus. Now you can manipulate this books on make it look more Laker Onda way to use a rectangle tool again and give it overlay on top off it. Okay, so we have a decent looking part. Now what we want is a capped a street. So I come back here on going to sell a T a toe. So let's Joe something like this, uh, ship the ship like this. Oops. Plus me and move it somewhere here but larger. And I'm going to click on convert to curves because I don't want ah, very uniform a Matic Eso Typical vector Looking at I'm going to go for some What? Ah, digital illustration looking for you. So I selected and common pecan No to Onda duplicate anywhere there will be a node at it. And as you know, all these vector arts are basically created based on the manipulation off these notes so if you can move these notes and you could create different shapes so he is getting or for organic Look. Okay, that's drastic. We don't want that appear on that. Okay? This year would go pick on me and selected 100 Shater. Gala, do some. So, like this, I think this guy would do jacket Andi below the part. Okay, Now I'm going to duplicated by president. Come on. She, you know, changed the direction. It's a corner chase the size, if necessary. Let's manipulate a bit more so it doesn't look like that. Here it every kid that would do press move to turn it a bit. Okay, that's moving below the parent body. So this is the parent body, and this is the second line Way to forget this again. Move this side. Ah, like this on become the two. It's like this click we on the you know that and this duplicate this. Let's make even smaller, seemingly little 40. So, yeah, here. Okay, that would do. Now we have a very flat looking came over to the bottom. Very flat looking characters in a pot. Let's at some, uh, actually do it. So in order to draw the textures when I'm going to do is I'm going to move to the picks. A persona. So how do we move to that? Come to the top. And we're currently the job persona. The 2nd 1 they speak supports on that. Click on that. Now you see, in the left side the whole tool changes. This is because what we're going to do right now is the last. A graphic. If you don't know what is the different region? Rast? A graphic and vector graphic. Please go back. We have already discussed about I know I'm going to come on brushes, Andi, I have some premium brushes and some brushes that I got from Internet Exeter. But I think the design it comes preloaded with some off the brushes like this is sort of painting. No drawing and all sort of things. Onda, uh, this you be black box. This ihsaa wonderful. Uh, a pain to brush. Sit. This is actually given free of charge and affinities website, so I'll put it Put puddling in the A description so you can go and down ready to yourself and install it. Um, so that sit. So if you don't have it. It's time you go downloaded and install it on. Come back to this lesson for this. I'm looking for more of Ah, section. I think this one would do Select Onda come back toe color town and I'm going to select the color of the captors. Think on that. Okay, Now I want to go for somewhere darker because we're going to add shadow. So what, Doc? Now I'm going to come back here and select brush or pick on the shorter key. Be come back to the brush panel. Okay? The right brushes selected on. I'm going to draw on top of it. Okay, This is to the black column You need blacker only to select the scanner. Okay? And I'm going to go foot somewhat darker. Okay, Now I'm going to come here, Andhra on top a fee. So don't worry about the things are going out of the ship. Leave it at 30. And what are we to do right now is I'm gonna Jacque Tous on Move to this below this. Ah, the the object. So basically, this is similar to what they have done in the vector. So this is how we do them asking with the clip masking. So this is an easier way. But the texture is so prominent, so on we do reduce the opacity. How do we do that? Select Leah. Andi, pick on this capacity on. Bring it down. So let's bring it down to 50%. Is that I'm going to go back on going toe. Add shadow toe the another one. So this one basically did. 2nd 1 So we have to start from here on going to like this on Lester. I can go on reduce the opacity of your show. Let's bring down toe 50 62. Cool. Again. I'm going to repeat the same here. Yeah. Okay. So is this becomes to this one. Okay, be a self Cassity. I can't go. No. Last month, not least we're going to add shadow to this one. The light is coming from here. Like is basically coming from this end. The last list, the lightest light sources here light is coming from this end, so it's going to reflect here like this. Okay, so it's drag on and drop it here. Hill on Wanted me to do Is that Meteo? Bring down the opacity. 2 50 Okay, that So now we have Ah, uh a different. Ah, traditional painting. Look to the characters. Now we are not done yet. I'm going to add some texture to the part as a so come back in and click on the first layer on DA. They speak of this color and click on speaker. Know the color selector? I don't need to go for some. What? A doctor. Okay, from back here on, let's start to Joe. You okay? So what I'm going to do is I'm going to drop it below this, like this, and I'm going to duplicate it on, and I'm going to drop it below the at the section of the port. Now, this one, I'm going to bring down the opacity to say around 60 present age. And for this will bring down the diversity to see you around 30. So that so? So what? By doing that, you see, that's the different from ah, the top one and the bottom one. So that is what I want actual here. So if you want to change the brush size, basically you can use this camp briquettes to increase and decrease orders. You can come here in the context over, and you can drag and drop it. So next thing what I want to do is I'm going to add a later bitch shadow here. So let's do that on Jack. That Onda pretty yeah, on reduce the capacity to I don't know, maybe 30. Okay, now, which is looks as if the shadow is falling from here to here. That's going to new this. Okay, now it's the shadow is properly reflected. So that's it for this lesson. Ah, you know, now you know how to add picture toe a vector art using the pick. Suppose on a, um before finishing up. Let's at some or work to this art. So I'm going to come here on going to select. Ah, joing. I'm specific. Basic on. I'm going to select this round brush and come back here on day. Select a color like this one, onda on this and make it even more darker. And, uh, on the doctor earlier. And let's draw some spikes. So if you have ah, tablet, this is going to be much easier. And you can draw of bit despite and you can draw it very nicely and meat spice. But it's OK. We don't have one, so I don't have to worry. We will use the mouse on . Let's bring down the opacity. Abate Oh, okay. Around 80%. That would do so. We have a finished ah, Victor Art with Texas added using the picture persona. So basically, this is how you make use off pixel persona. And this is how you add shadows and colors and pictures using the pixel persona. So this isn't it. Not the end. Now, try and draw more stuff. You can always look for references from the Pinterest, arguably message and start drawing things and try to add some pictures to it and experiment with it. And in no time you're going to master it. So wanting with digital illustration is that the more you practice, the more better you're going to get at it. So I would suggest that use start practicing from day one on day. Keep on doing that. Within a couple of months, you're going to be a master of your skills. So that's it for this lesson. I hope you enjoyed it. Bye for now. See also in next lesson. Take it 25. Grids Swatches - Draw a Popsicle : Hello and welcome back in this lesson, we gonna joe a Popsicle before drawing the Popsicles. Ah, we gonna touch two basic things off Affinity Designer. The 1st 1 is swatches, which is equal into the color palettes off the traditional art arena. Oh, the second thing is great. So let's begin by creating a new document. Onda, leave it as it is the default setting. And we have ah, document. So now that is a such tab on your right hand topside. Needs to the colors. Pecan sections on on the same line. That's a small button. Here. Speak on that. Andi, we're going to create a document pilot. So there are three type of pallets you can create. Application palette, document planet existent palette application palate will be available throughout the application. So doesn't matter. Mr Kim and you have opened right the moment it will be available everywhere. The document palate will be available on Lee in this cabin document. So I'm going to create a new document ballot and I'm going to add some colors. So how do we add some colors? Let's say go to this. Go back to our color to select a color and come back here. And here we have. He's about at current collective in the palace on my way to change the college. It's making it look like Come here on. This is how you create the palettes. So I don't want this palette. I'm going to delete it. Let's deliver this panel. Yes, but I have created a pilot for you. So you gonna imported? The palate is available in the resources section. Downloaded. Andi imported into your books. This just exactly as I do right now. So take on the small buses. Take on import palette as a document because we gonna use it only in this document. We don't want this palette throughout the application, so click on document palette. Now we have this Popsicle not here. Collect. You select that. Open they go. Now we have 1234 colors selected in this. Such So let's begin, uh, jury before beginning. Actually, I want to touch the next thing. That is great. So to view the greats, you need to go for you on select on read many greed and access managers. So currently the greed is not showing up so they can take a pic show great by a check box on the great me show. And ah, the second option is used automated. Great. So that's why it does old or automatically has drawn a great for you Someone that so I'm going to get rid of that. I'm way to create my own greed. Ondas Now the spacing in 64 pixel. So that means every small box that you see on the screen is 64 picks up and the divisions I'm going to make it to. So what does it mean? The two means that each little box is divided into, uh, two more boxes from left to right, Two boxes from top to bottom two boxes if you zoom it, you can see that. So I'll take on clothes if you still love it, you see 12 books, 12 books in each. Vokes has do books insight. Want to toe altogether four boxes. So that's it. So that's how you create the great. So what is the use of great? The grid is actually going to his beauty snapping, so let's click on the pain, too. Onda, make sure this snapping tool is enabled, and when you move your bento. You see, the mental is snapping. I see. So now you can easily create Boxee. With help off these guidelines, you can easily create smoke a nice clean up. So let's begin our work. Uh, some Let's begin our Drori. So first thing first, I'm going to draw the, um, the Popsicle. So let's zoom out to be Let's make sure it fits this week, okay? Now I'm going to kick on the pain too. Andi, we're going to begin by creating the Popsicle. So take your go up. And 123 boxes. Okay, get the Koby's ship and I'm going to get rid of this section. 123 Thank you. And shy and much shaved that you have on the left side. Soaking. Okay, Come to the bottom. Okay, now we have the Popsicle Onda small stick that is in the bottom. You need to draw that now. So, Joe, something like this. Ah, no, that is wrong. So waited from back in the middle. I'm going to draws in the light. It's okay now. It's electoral move to pressingly or something instead of being here and changed the color here. So I'm going to give it the color off this orange cool and for the stick only to give this color. So this is that print is right. So somebody gives you the color palette. You can make use of this color. You don't have to go around the color wheel and select your own palace. It's already there. You can just users Look you the more this we know the Popsicle. Okay. I wanted to be a big too long. Onda, I don't want this strokes. I'm going to get rid of it so you can see Please select a stroke here. I'm take on this later Like our country Ministro Not so the for this Popsicle stand which will get you different Ok, we don't have this drugs And for these I'm going to have ah Kui ages. I don't want this your shop pages So how did he do that? Come here Onda said like this too and post shift and select these two tools Onda uh changed the radius to probably sanity Plus we k plus select the tool Now we have a cobia trickle So basically we have ah object that ihsaa decent looking object that 3% that resembles a Popsicle. So what are you doing next? Piece of the basilica built objects and celebrating freeze the size like the better. It will be easier to work on it. Bqool. Now, since I don't going, I'm not going to use any more joints. Ah, I can remove the great. So how do I really that interview and select show? Great. So the grits will be really cool. Now we just have this. Ah, joy. Very clean. And also, I want to have Ah Cobh here. So I'm going to do the same. Uh, pick the corner toe comments It is too. And radius. Let's make it 45. Okay, cool. The move to also now we have the Popsicle. The next thing what I want to want to do is I'm going to add some texture to it, using the pics of person. Um, So what I need to do is I want to move into the mixer, persona que on going to create Ah, new pixel layer on. And I want to duck it on a live site right side. Now I'm going to draw it, draw on top if it So come here. Selected brush so again I'm going to use this dear You be black marks that you can download for free from the affinity website. I'm looking for a brush with some sort of addiction. Did this under on common? Select the paintbrush door or turkey is be. And do you use the brush size on the width? By using the scam bracket keys, you can increase it, decrease it the same thing. You can do it here in this context, Oba see, And you can do sit say it's up to you. So what are we to do now is I'm going to draw on top off it for the color I'm going to select from the structures that breakfast. Okay. You see this? Very simple, right? You don't have to middle around finding the right color because you can. You are already using a condom palette. So the brushes selected Come here. Onda. The Big Celia is selected on draw on top of it's Joe. Okay, but they just I'm going to give them off chunks, some images. Okay, It's No, it's a very prominent so we can reduce the opacity. Okay, cool. Now we have Ah, nice. Look here. Kill now we gonna create our second someone. No weekend, Abdullah Shadow to the this Popsicle stick. So how do they do that, then? A couple of ways we can do that. Let's go back to Ah, drop Arizona. Take on the job was and on the left and upside on. Come here on DA. Want me to do is I'm going to use the paint will again on I'm going to add a shadow So I come here and complete please. Now I have a ship on. I'm going to sell it These colors What? Sorry. That is for the border or the stroke. So I don't want any color for this talk, but I want a color for the feel. So how do I do that? Get this. I can To the top dick. You know, I have a color for the city. So you know how to do these? Some asking, sewing leather jacket on and below. This on gifts. Thank you. No, we have a shadow their gossip on I think that we have Ah, decent looking. Ah, Popsicle Here. What I want to do next is I'm going to give it a little bit off a three d Look. So how did I do that? Um, let's duplicate this layer by pressing Comanche. Lay in the bottom. I'm going to change its color. How do I do that? Come to the bottom and there is something old adjustments. So there are multiple options. I'm going to go and select brightness and contrast. It's only do regularly. It'll be darker. Onda, uh, it's more outside. We're gonna take a two. Move it out. You okay? So let's make it a little bit more dark and bright doesn't contrast. We're going to reduce the rightness. Okay, Now we have a three d look like that bottom. And also for the popsicles taken way to do the same and select the one in the bottom on dit exchange. The rightness, in contrast, would reduce the brightness. There you go, Onda, um, selected. And so here the problems are currently I have the snapping enable. So even if I want to move a little bit, the snapping tool comes in into play and it snaps. So this time it's better get rid of these napping too. Three doesn't. And now you can freely move around the only you can use the arrow keys to move it left and right. Okay. No, I think we have a decent looking a Popsicle there. So that's it for this lesson. I hope you learned a little bit about color swatches of color palettes and, uh, the Greeks And how to modify the Greeks that matches your recovery. So that's it for now. Take care. Bye. Bye. See you in the next lesson. Keep going, folks. 26. Transform Panel Introduction: Hello and welcome to another lesson in this lesson. We're gonna look at the transformed to and have to use and how to use the transcend tool and manipulate the shapes. So you think the chance transform tool, we can actually change the exposition or the white position off the object. So I hope you know what is X and y x axis and y axis. You must have already landed back in your school. I also can be used to change your with and hide off the objects beside these can also be used to rotate your ships. Andi skew your ships, so let's see how these things can be done. So let's begin. By creating in your canvas, I'll go with the usual 2048 pics of kind of size on what I think do isn't great creative victims. Okay, now what I'm going to do is I'm going to come to the trance transform panel here that isn't the right side bottom. So if you don't see here, can Song Street. If you don't see the transform panel here, go to view studio Andre said Studio. We have talked about it a couple of times already, but I'm repeating since if you can't remember it, Okay, So now if I want to change the width off the chip here, what I'm going to do is I wish I can simply change the with the ship here before doing that . It's the the chain I can is has kind of link between width and height. Pick on that that I think will be gone. Afterwards. You can change the wit, so let's currently is 205 140.7 pixel. Let's make it 500 50 and you see that with changes on if I want, I can change the high too. 550 cool on. Also, I can change the exposition. Let's say that wasn't pixel, so X axis is horizontal. Y axis is vertical, so let's change it to house in the game. Ugo Institute. Let's do 2000 itself. It's also it's 40 precisely 1000 pizza. Just type and 1000 enter the pixels. PX will be automatically offended. So there you go. So this is how you manipulate this X Y position off your object. Also, this is how you manipulate the width and height off your objects. The next thing is the rotation. We already know how to write it in object. You can come here and we can rotate the object. Also, if you press the shift key, it will snap it every 15 degrees. We can actually do it using this transfer planet. So let's get on here and you can see you say, change toe values here using this slider, I can change. So let's put it back at zero cook. Now this Q is going to change the ship like this. You're not going to play much with skill in this lesson on the next thing I want to talk about is this small change, like I can be in bed right hand side if you click that it's simply going to make a link between height and width. So what does it mean? So if I go and change the with do let's say 600 PX, you see the height also automatically changes to 600 peaks. So what does it mean? So what? What this link is doing is it is always keeping the appropriate proportion, so it's the it is increasing by two times the height will also be increased by two times. Let's practical See how it does kind of 600. Let's make it house into order. You see the high doctor changed 2200. So if you increase multiplied by two times, the height will also be multiplied by two times automatically. System will. Ultimately, we can create an increase it Onda. Let's reduce it back toe say, 100 peaks. Can we have a small one? And the next thing is you can actually do mathematical calculation here. So currently my wit off my rectangle is 100 PX. But I wanted to be increased by 10 peaks. How they do that? I simply press on a plus. And there Now you see, it's automatically during the mathematical operation Mathematical operation and increases it to 110 Pete's. So what I'm going to do now is ah, I'm going to show you one of the most interesting technique that you can do with definitely designed lists. Change the color of this rectangle and ah, what I'm going to do is I'm going to complicated Onda. Currently the week off my rectangle IHSAA 101 110 picks up. So if I to blow my rectangle on the right side. I would probably increased the exposition by 100 sort of it. So let's do this that you go now I have the second the duplicated rectangle move to the right side like this. Now all have to do is simply press command J or controlled Jane. Windows on the afternoon designer is going to automatically at 140 pixels to the exposition every time. Be duplicate the rectangle I can go on like this. So this is also especially when you're doing drawings. Think of a situation where you're drawing the, uh, some panels are Ah, Vin does your used you're putting out glass panels with those kind of things easily can be done with this technique. So that's also these. Listen, in the next lesson, we gonna draw beautiful, Slava like thing using this same technique. That's it for this lesson. Bye bye. And take care 27. Draw a flower: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to not listen. And this. Listen, we're gonna draw an actual slumber using the pictographic while utilizing the transform panel off course. So in order to draw the flavor, I'm going to select a tier two. So let the tear tool andro a teacher you can change. Put a full color as right if you want. Let's make it a little bit small, Onda plus the we and moved to the bottom. The next thing wanted me to do is I'm going to rocket it if you rotated, actually drop. It's from the middle of access in the middle. So how do we change that? If you come to the context toolbar? There is something like a cross bar that shows short rotations and click on that. Now you see the rotation point yet in Doctor, Let's move it all the way to the top. Okay, now we have an object. Next thing what you do is way too. So before we get the next step, if you try to rotate, did you actually see it? Dropped its from the top? So that is what we want. I can't now. I'm going to duplicate it. by. Come on. A J country J in Venus. And those shift on rotted it by 15 degrees, 50 degrees. Now see inside this transfer panel the our shows minus 15. That's right. The opposite direction reaching to 15 degrees on What we do next is I'm going to press for my J every time I press. Come on, Jay. A new petal is created in 15 degrees away from the previous pattern. I can go on like this until I completely feel and getting off object like this. The next thing wanted me to do is I'm going to select everything here by dragging and selecting everything. Not everything selected in the finals latest section. You can see everything is selected and what we do is I'm going to change the opacity. We already know how to change the opacity by tracking the slider here. That is another way. Actually, selectivity on you can cross the Sharkey's that as if you press one. It will give you 10%. It is cheaper to it will give you 20% of your past. If you depressed three, give you 30% of your abuse. Press forward would be 40% of us two plus five. It will give you 50% of capacity. So we have. Ah, if you love it here and you can see the petals overlapping each another by So you have achieved it by selecting all the layers and then decreasing the capacity to 50%. So the next thing what I'm going to do is I'm going to give it a radiant. So I'm going to select everything and I'm going to group them by first in common. The next thing is only to give you the radiant over it. So I'm going to come here the middle on my way to drag to the side. Her. I don't want lenient. I'm going to go for radio. You on. I'm ready to shake the colors. Postal change the color to red. And I changed the stutter too, you know. Well, we have a So what isn't looking after over here. But ah, it's not that the colors are not coping. So how hard can it do? So I'm going to do next? Is I'm going to duplicate this later? Andi, I'm going to use the the blending toe are the layers blending months. So next to the opacity. That's a drop down. Go there and I'm going to select light. Okay, Now we have a decent looking flub, so you can be on Move the flavor to the middle, and it looks nice. Actually, I think if you will give it a black background, it look even better. So let's on a black Bekoe, and she needs to feel too luck. I don't need a border. The border, Andi distractedly into the book. Go now we have Ah, beautiful flower that's popping up. The colors are really popping decrees the size. Nice if you want. Actually, you can draw us small circle. Woe to the middle. Give you direct color. On what effects? Caution. Love on it. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we have Ah, nice looking stomach it. So this is how you can make use of for the transform panel on duh duplicate up chicks on create a beautiful objects like this. So that is it all for these lessons? See you back again In other Listen, I can now take care 28. Draw a flat simple character: Hello and welcome back in this. Listen, we're gonna create how to create a simple, correct drawing something that was simple. Israel World person is going to be very difficult. And that will take years and years of practice. But that doesn't mean we need to stop now. Onda, stop doing everything and we should never try. So in this lesson, I'm gonna teach you how to create simple, flat characters using simple shapes. So let's begin by creating our new canvas and I'll give it with the usual size off 2048 picks in the 2048 pixels. When we have the tempter smell. The first thing first I'm going to create the lips. You may have already guessed that is going to be our face. Let's make it a little bit bigger and I'll go toe. I don't need any strokes. I lived with a stroke. Go back to the color and our selector. Well ah, now goes a nice king sounded like he's looked. It's OK. The next thing is on way to draw here. Something to create a circle again. Onda Uh, let's say he's a ginger. We'll go for so much Norwich. Okay on. I'm going to place it behind that. It's sure snapping is enabled. Okay. What did? So that is the hair, but, um, you talking about It's not fully done, so I need to create another circle on going to what song were here. I don't need to draw another circle. Okay, cool. Let's nice these two ships together. Now let's replicated this on. Bring it about. That's selectable on. Let's go for the Intersect. There you go. Now we have Ah, good looking here. Next thing I'm going to dro ice. So that is going to be just a black that shift. Little small, I guess. Control J. Some in. Move it to make sure the line apparently. Okay, cool. Let's throw some eyebrows. That's a small regular thing. You can drug it and bring you toe chip like this. All you elves, you know how to change the corner radius by clicking the on a tool and changing the value. In that context, Oba snaking down a bit smaller can duplicate it. You know, we have eyes and the next thing I'm going to drop off knows put it in the middle, make it lead wide look a bit on the most online it in the middle. The next thing they dio said it, it's coming in the scheme. I don't need to go for something darker. Looking at that color would do. No, we have, Ah nos here we have a nose. Let's alone cool. The next thing we need is the moat. Let's draw a circle like this like these, plus shift Android so you'll get a symmetric ship. Let's Joe, uh, tangle over it on top are asleep. Yes. Now select both rectangle and ellipse. Come here on DSA. Strict Onda. Let's change the color, too. Not for the moment, keeping do with this color. Next thing I want to do is I want to duplicate it twice. Let's bring your and that's what they did. When you don't you let's click on Infect. No, we have a small thing for the tongue, So change the color to red. Well, unless I'm here now we have a mouth. Let's elected. Let's group it on more tears and changed the background color off the mount into what can go for something on Dr. Okay. Okay, we have the mouse. Now the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to draw the neck. So let's throw that. Let's bring this neck below the face Moments streams the color to the color that we use for the nose. Cool. The next thing is, I'm going to bring in a circle on. I'm going to draw something like a T shirt on. I wanted to be below the neck. Well, yes, on. I'll give it a different color. - Okay . We'll bring the T shirt a little bit closer. No, like everything on group it like the old two on regularly. Ana, make it be bigger. Drac it below the T shirt. One locate any funny? Cool. Now we have a decent looking corrected that we can using number ah, next project. You can if you want. We can actually make this next little shoulder that would look more not true. There you go. So that's pretty much it if you're going toe a lead and small background as well. So that will prop up the image. Uh, let's small below. And she's a college Does something like Jell O cool. So, ladies and gentlemen, that is it for these lessons. Now you have learned how to make simple characters that you can use for your avatar's using . Ah, often. Do you design it? So that's it on for this lesson. Take care. Bye bye. Have a good day. 29. Greeting Card : Valentine's Day: Hello and welcome back to another tutorial in this. Listen, we're going to learn how to create a greeting card for the Valentine's Day, so let's begin by creating a new canvas. So we go toe fine. New on this time, I'm going to select print on the page preset. I'm going to select a for, But if you want to print your card another size of paper, feel free to select another size on document units. I live it in millimeters. Or, if you want, you can change the pixels. That's up to you on the restaurant thing. I'm not going to change the DP a Olivet at 300 and, um, yeah, that's pretty much it. If you want, you can go for C and by Cave, since it's a pretty document. But unbelievably did that to be eight at the moment, and we're going to bother much about that. So that's it for now on the looks. Next thing I want to take off the stick portrait because I don't want it to be poetry going . Do it in the landscape. Pick. OK, now we have the hand was ready. The next thing will go do is I'm going to make sure the snapping turtle is enabled on da I'm going to come here, these rulers and ah, next thing we're going to do is I'm going to take their And I wanted a groups. You kick the 100 as they drag, they're going to be a small line like this thing. So these are called right, So I'm way to place the guy idea. So this ride is going to snap as we reach the middle part Onda I leave it there, it will turn green and snap it. And we believed there. So now we have successfully divided the page in the two equal spaces. So next thing what I'm gonna do is I'm going to draw a rectangle on insight This store rectangle here on DA actually, before going the rectangle I'm going toe put everything under early So let's come here and create it. Take another layer on. Now let's create play A sorry, the rectangle. So let's create that snap school Suddenly there Onda again and we'll throw the 2nd 1 Before that, that game I was going to come and create another layer on going to pick on directing with two I'm going to draw on a direct anger over here, so it's not sleeping there. So this Lato excellent going to be the backside off the current on the layer one is going to be the fun side of the car. So let's smart those layers accordingly. Now I'm going to shape the color of this layer. I don't need any borders. I'll select the border thing in the back, come to the front and take on this course cycle. It will remove any boat this. Come back here now choose appeal by kind of on Let's lock this layer because I don't want this layer to be moved here and there. Cool. The next thing I went to use the Arctic six x two. Let's get that, Andi, make some here in the bottom and let's dive years signed by chick. Okay, Now we gonna grated on the taking side and we select everything differently. True, that's the aerial phone. But you could see the front is not catches. So I'm going to go there and look for something. Okay, See? And I'm going to go with that chancery. It's exciting. It's ah system for that comes with the upper. So Phil Figures Elector form that you feel right was probably something that looks that has a script, script Philip sign and so like that and lead the colors as it did. Click on the move tool on Let's Move it to the middle. So so in the backside, it's women say, designed by So that's your I don't know your trademark or whatever. Now we are done with the back layers or let's lock the back layer because we don't want to . We don't want to do anything crazy track player that plays locked Nothing is going to be changed their even decide jacket off. I think it happened. So let's come to the front layer on. I have this ah rectangle again. Change to collapse, the rectangle to appear white on dribble with the border on Let's locked earlier. Let's not really now I'm going to duplicate this layer by pressing. Come on J or controlled G. Onda. Uh, What I need to do next is, uh, they're select a rectangle on Went did come to the transfer onto on I'm going to for the middle here, the small little scare box in the middle. So what's going to happen is when I should box using the transform to What are you going to do is it's going to shrink to the middle, so it's not going to go to the left or right on top or bottom. It's going to shrink to the meeting. You see how it's Ah, being a done tactically. So the next thing said the Week 20 lady noise, I'm going to give it a on 90%. So say like that in the 90 percent A sign and painted. Okay, cool on da. Next thing the height for that. Let's come here. Andi probably say Brianti. Okay, that would do. And next thing I'm going to create Ah color such. I'm going to come here on DA take care and create new document Pilot on DA. I'm going to sell a couple of colors from one of the locking the house. Okay, on the next thing is Ah, yeah, let's put that white color Also on. Next thing is actually a little bit that also influences what we have. Three colors. Little countries are named are going to rename it. It's renamed the Panic. They do anything. Call it its name is Valentine. Okay, so these books need to select eight on my way to give it this being color. So next thing, actually, I'm going to draw something over here like this. So I made selected Pinto Onda. Uh, I'm going to send it. The third option Dashed lines. Andi, let's draw that and see how it looks going toe a little bottom ongoing. You, Andi, do the slope. It's not like this. This is due on now. Need degrees the It's nice of the strong like this on going to Shane is the color of the stroke toe. What? So we're going to remove the fill on? We're gonna change the border collie stroke to my cool. So let's move to be half the road going there on the next thing is I'm going to draw a little hard. So come to here. Consider lips come here and civic What? Andro Hot. Something to remove the fear border for the color as the color and reported This looks so I don't want a border as a little feel on the selector. This dunk metal color What's really so let's, um it's not these. Ah, the back room. So they will not accidentally move it. And so, like the also, we can lock the robe. Should I got nothing to do? Anything yet. I need to select the heart here on going to with a bit she despise. So it looks as if it's pasted on that drove Onda. Uh, let's zoom in on going to at some shadow. So we have already learned how to have these shadows and things something more than other than this. Like, let's that the chance. Well, no leader drag. I'm troubled. I'm going to give it the effect collection. Well, no, it coop on the other side, all the outside and their death because we does light. So we need to do is for select the base color come to color, and I'm going to go for something. Like I this and, uh, given. Okay. Also, next thing is, I'm wondering, I'll give a small shadow here as well, because in light bounces, this area is 90 Mr Light, So there would be a small shadow coming on here. This chocolate come to the layers. Could you know that hard to this on if excursion blow on our like, Is it cool? No, we have somewhat, Uh, that's really looking. Looking hard there. The next thing what I need to do is I'm going to give it a this heart shadow. So let's see how to do that. So I'm going to go to the first time going to select the heart in this layer. I'm gonna go to the if x on. The next thing I'm going to do is, uh oh to shadow. So get this little trying to Here is a little open open. More options take on this chick books. Onda, uh, said like the angry, very people in the shadow to be costed. So I think this is the right angle. Increase the radius and increase the Alzate. We have a feeling that the light is coming from the left side and it's heating the heart and the shadow is costed. You know that? Cool. Now we achieved a nice confused that. So what I'm gonna do next is anything to Did you get the heart no more? Yeah. No joint again. How do you see? Ah, actually, the automatically predicts every I want to move the heart and inordinate animals. That's cool. Looking cool. We have full huts. Next thing is I'm actually come to these curves removed the lock. People have to look still. You won't be apologetic anything, and I'm going to give it a, uh, fit it so again, out to shadow and increase the radius increases the Lawson and it looks as if the shadow is being casted from them. Real vessel school. Let's see, please, the decreased capacity. So it's not that prominent. Now let's zoom back. Now we have something we do add a little bit off next year in the bottom. So click on the text tool again on me to type here. Happy Valentine's Day. Let's increase the von size a little bit around de. I think you do and give you the right kind of whoops to made the bottom. No need to create two hearts here that shoot on this time I need a feel, but I need a border of white. But Andi I wanted to be smaller. Stroke something. Yeah, that would do. It's decreased this size. Use it like a bit. I think I see the point signed. Point is OK. Oh, let's make it 0.6. Okay, that would do on only two. Only two. If site Andre depreciated. Do more, Dear Chris. Meaty photo. No, it. Yeah, And please that site of the heart. Okay, let's select the sport hearts and group them together. That's just it Somewhere. Here, let's duplicate them on going to fit them. So how do we flee players? Chance on flip. What? Isn't it now a Check them Andre, kid. Now we have always done without conned. And, uh, again, if you want, you can give it a shadow to this. Thanks. Care. So that would give a more natural looking into the digital card. So let's come here exceeded. This one has a board this election with that border, and, uh, I'm going to go to the FX out to shadow earned, uh, little bit radiance and all sick. What's that? A little bit. Okay, so now you can give a look as if the think is actually a bit small. Paper plays on top off the white area. So congratulations. You have successfully created your first greeting cut, just freed it in your printer and see how it turns up. And these air not 100% and design oriented. Ah, mark up or design, but this will definitely serve your purpose. You can simply do this on by bringing your printer and you can print it and give it your sweetheart. So all the little best and Happy Valentine's Day. Bye bye. Take care. 30. Thank You!: Hello. We're Brevan you have made this far means you are simply just awesome. So you put all the effort and time to completely scores. So now you can confidently call yourself as an intermediate absented Design the user so you are no longer a beginner level using. Now you can call yourself as intermediate definitely designer user So what is next? Unique In practice more. You need to look for other artwork done by other artists and try and replicate it. Call it it Don't call it, it's yours. But keep practicing. Practice makes perfect. So keep practicing. The more you practice, the more the more better you you gonna become. So the next thing you need to do is keep on practicing more. The next thing please do rate the cause. Give me a five star rating. Andi, if you have any feedback or negative feedback, please message me or usedto forum. So I will be always available in the forums or in Facebook group. So please message me and I'll promptly correct the mystics on. But if you have followed me in in my other courses, you know I usually operate my calls in the new version of the software releases. So if affinity releases a new version, I'm going to update this cause for you from the beginning. So that's it all for this? Andi, I hope we had a wonderful time together on dive issue. All the best in all your future. End of us. Bye for now. Take care.