18-minute tutorial to Windows Movie Maker: tell your story in less than 60 sec | Alina Smolyansky | Skillshare

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18-minute tutorial to Windows Movie Maker: tell your story in less than 60 sec

teacher avatar Alina Smolyansky, Artist & Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Windows Movie Maker: Introduction


    • 2.

      1. Adding videos and photos, creating a rough draft


    • 3.

      2. Editing video: trim and split


    • 4.

      3. Adding transitions between clips and images


    • 5.

      4. Adding the title page


    • 6.

      5. Adding and formatting captions


    • 7.

      6. Adding music


    • 8.

      7. Saving and sharing projects as video files


    • 9.

      8. Your project


    • 10.

      In conclusion


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About This Class

If you are anything like me - over-complicate simple tasks, invest hours of research before embarking on any project, and never edited any videos - this class is for you.

Whether you are a jewelry maker, a baker or artist, you follow a creative process that many would like to see and you would like to share on your website or social media networks. The goal of this courses is to use your photos and video clips to demonstrate your creative process from the beginning to end, or part of your creative process, in less than 60 seconds. Why 60 seconds? Video is the most captivating marketing tool, but how do you hold ever-shrinking human attention span? According to recent research data (2018), the ideal video length for Instagram is 30 seconds, between 15 and 30 seconds for Pinterest, under 45 seconds for Twitter, and 60 seconds for Facebook. 
I hope you already have some video clips or photos of your creative process to work on during this course. (This course does not cover how to shoot videos and take photos.)
What you will learn in this course: 

  • how to import videos and images into Windows Movie Maker,
  • how to arrange them in a desired sequence, editing each of them,
  • how to add the title and captions,
  • bonus: how to add music to your movie ( Please note: 85% of videos are viewed with the volume off),
  • how to export your project as movie.

However, this course is not for you if:

  • you use Apple's Mac (please check iMovie),
  • you don't have Windows Movie Maker installed on your PC because it is no longer available on Microsoft's website and is no longer supported,
  • you are a skilled user and looking for something more than a basic video-editing program. 

No previous experience is necessary. I look forward to seeing you in the class! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alina Smolyansky

Artist & Instructor


Hello! I am Alina, an egg tempera artist and art educator, based in Vancouver, Canada. Traditional egg tempera appeals to me for its simplicity, purity of colours and historic significance. My inspiration stems from various spiritual traditions, illuminated manuscripts and nature. I am also one of the few teachers of egg tempera painting and icon painting in North America.

I hold a BA in Professional Communication from Royal Roads University, as well as diplomas in Professional Writing and Architecture. My paintings are in private and public collections in Canada, United States, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Thailand and Israel. 

I have been teaching private classes and workshops for five years and am excited about the idea of offering classes online. M... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Windows Movie Maker: Introduction: do you know that video is the most effective marketing tactic? Indeed, videos more memorable in engaging than any other type of content by 2020 80% of the current traffic will be video. But if you own your business and have to be at the same time production department, marketing, sales department and financial department, then you wouldn't like to add more to your workload. If you just want to quickly create a video story from video and cliffs and images, you're in the right place. Hello, my name is Selena, and I'm a full time artist in art instructor. Until this year, I never created a single video, but since I discovered Windows Movie Maker, it allowed me to create what if you videos about my courses without investing so much time and effort, and I would like to share my knowledge with you. Welcome to my course Windows more creative if you would like to make short, simple videos and you used windows, joined this class and you will be able to create and upload your own movie and roll. Now suing the Claressa 2. 1. Adding videos and photos, creating a rough draft: welcome to Part One in Part one will create a rough draft. We create a folder with video clips and for those for the project will add videos and photos from the folder in the Windows Movie maker, Adjust the playing Speed Rory Range files and saved the project. Let's begin with creating a dedicated folder on which you will gather all the files that you need. I created mine in window videos and the file Skill Share project. Let's open Windows Movie Maker. Start with this movie maker. Click. There is nothing yet in this program into import the files when you to click and photos and videos navigate to the folder where you created what you're from your files. Select all of them and click open. If you open these video clips in the Windows movie maker the first time, it will take time to convert the file. In the four months in which you will be able to work in the program, it takes a couple of minutes. When this process complete, you could work with those files quickly. It takes a long time. Let's increase the speed that's double the speed you need to adjust speed a playback speed on every clip. Now, instead of a minute and 1/2 you have only 50 seconds. You can also remove unwanted file and rearrange the sequence. You just need to click on the file selected and moved to a different location. Now it's time to save. The project was filed safe. Project s I'm type the name. He can save you in the project In the file where you have this project. I named it after my course we Windows maker for creating Alexi. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video. 3. 2. Editing video: trim and split: hello and welcome toe. Part editing video speed in length in this part will send the project a widescreen split and stream video clips and said Duration for photos. Let's check whether the video said Toe right screen. Four months go to project right screen 16 by nine is the widely used aspect ratio today. Now let's start editing. But using the dream tool allows us to save a short a portion of the video. Go to edit trim, and then you could just the video clip by sliding the handles along the sliding door safe. No problem. We can always return and adjusted direction of that saved video clip, and now we can split. Split allows us to remove then worried portion of the video is like cutting split and then continue playing to the fortune to the end of the split split and now remove the middle portion by right, clicking the mouse button and remove that portion disappears. That's continue plane. We can also just a time of four images on the screen go to edit and clean direction. That shorten listened image to three seconds on the screen that's click port on this one. Wiccans play longer, like eight seconds Because I would like to include more information on the last flight and I was time to save the project. Go to filed safe project. Thank you for watching. And I will see you in the next video. 4. 3. Adding transitions between clips and images: welcome to Part Three in this part, will use the animation function to create transition between video clips, full a just transition time, reduced volume, adjust the duration of clip dreams as necessary and saved the project. Let's begin now. We're back to our working space. Transition could be found under animation, and you can select any option you would like and there are many to choose from, but my favorite one is dissolved. That's creates very nice sort cinematic effect. It could be adjusted by default. It's 1.5, but you can increase duration time. We're going to two seconds or decrease it the one second. Let's leave it as a standard default and apply to all of them to reduce the volume. You can also background noise. You can go to add it, volume control and reduce the sound on all the clips. And now let's start from the beginning to see what what? We have all the clips connected, but this one appears too long. We can adjust that dream and reduce the time it please we can they just by you moving the handles all we can create fairy breast size time by adjusting seconds and one hundreds of seconds. Back and forth. Save the cream and it's now it's time to save the project. Go to file Click Save Project. Thanks for watching and I will sue the next video. 5. 4. Adding the title page: welcome to part for bearing the title page in this part will create the title page. Change the font size, collar position in background as well as a tech start, time and duration. Let's begin. Make sure that you start at the beginning and then go to home page and click a title. The title will appear by default. The title is the name of the file, which you can change bi annual in anyways letters and words or completely changed the title . You can also change the form on the size of the fund you can reposition. You can reposition the text by dragging it on the screen. You can also change the color of the formed, for example, dark blue and at the same time, the background to like MM Dean work. That's Dragon. Go back to background, color and light blue. You can change the appearance of the text on the screen. My preference is doing awesome out. We can also change the transparency of the text. Let's play, and if you like what you see, we can continue to setting the time and duration of the text going to four months. Text duration. The slide. It's probably too long. So we go to add it and from default seven seconds will change it to four seconds. Let's play again. We can also change the time when his deck starts. Go to four months. Start time. We can start. Probably not from the very beginning, but if a second later, it's plea. If you like the title page, let's save the project filed. Safe project. Thank you for watching and I will see you in the next video. 6. 5. Adding and formatting captions: welcome to Part five, adding caption in this park will add text. Captions will change the phone size, color, position, transparency as well as text. And how long the text place. Let's third, that playing the movie, we have the title page post. The video very would like the caption toe appear, and you can find it on the whole menu. Caption and then the placeholder piers. You can change the text. You can also add it. It performed and the size, transparency and the color. You can reposition the text on the screen by dragging it in the desired location. No, let's check of the appearance. If you don't want a chair. Caption to appear just selected right click remove. You can also find this function on the home menu removed. I would like to have a longer text at the end of my video on the last slide. Post the video, click on caption and add a longer text. In this example, I had information of both my courses and made changes, so I would like to see formed sighs to make it look good more prominent. I also would like to increase the time the text states on the screen for example, six seconds and start early to have enough time for people to read. We can also add effect. They're planted to choose from. But I would probably leave it a fade. And if you like the appearance of your video, it's time to save the project. Hook to file Safe project Thank you for watching and I will see you in the next video. 7. 6. Adding music : Hello and welcome to Part six handing music. We'll add a music file, adjust music volume and effect and change start time. Let's start by playing over video. We have our title page. We have a captions, transitions and probably would like to add music. Right now. Stop video very would like music to begin navigate to home menu and add music. Select Add music from the file you navigate to the folder where you saved your music file. I saved my music and the skill share class where you do recording and make sure that it's a free music file. If you downloaded from the Internet that's playing the video, everything looks OK. But what we can do you can go toe options and adjust music. William, as well as effect fading and fade out. We can also adjust the starting time, for example, not from the better beginning but ah, half a second later, Let's play again, and if you like what you see, it's time to save the file. Go to file and say the project. Thank you for watching, and I will see you in the next video 8. 7. Saving and sharing projects as video files: welcome to Part seven. Saving the Warrior. Saving the movie is easy. It's one click. You can find this function on the home screen menu home, and at the end you can save same movie. You can also find it on the file. Same movie. I suggest saving it with a height resolution, possible click and the justice title. Since I saved it in those same name, I have to modify the name. Say it. It will take a few minutes to save them on the movie and make it ready for publishing. I speeded the process here. When it's ready, you can reveal your movie in the specified location You could play. No, now your movie is ready for publishing. Thank you for watching and I will see you in the next video. 9. 8. Your project: Hello and welcome Part eight, your project, which is concluding part in our course. We opened Video America, and now we need to populate it with at least one video clip and a few photographs. When I think of the ed video and photographs, it will take me to my hard drive. My next project will be about creating egg yolk emotion for active bear painting. My primary painting medium. I have a few clips and here's me painting and my artwork. And now it counsel, because this is your turn to create a short 32nd video about your creative process. Thank you for watching, and I will see you again. 10. In conclusion: Congratulations on completing this close. And this class we learned how toe Add video clips and photos to the project. Dream and split video clips create transitions, add text and music. Save and publish your morning. I hope this few basic skills will help you create short videos, please, Sherri of projects and feel free to ask me questions in the discussion section. I look forward to creating more classes on skill share and will appreciate if you review this course. Thank you for watching this class. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you in my future glasses.