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101 of the Best Fingerpicking Patterns Ever

teacher avatar Chris Murrin, Fingerpicking Guitar Lessons

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      101 Lesson 1


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      101 Lesson 2


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      101 Lesson 6


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      101 Lesson 9


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      101 Lesson 15


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      101 Lesson 16


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      101 Lesson 17


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      101 Lesson 18


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      101 Lesson 19


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      101 Lesson 20


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      101 Lesson 21


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      101 Lesson 22


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      101 Lesson 23


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      101 Lesson 24


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      101 Lesson 25


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      101 Lesson 26


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      101 Lesson 27


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      101 Lesson 28


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      101 Lesson 29


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      101 Lesson 30


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      101 Lesson 31 final


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      101 Lesson 32


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      101 Lesson 33


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      101 Lesson 34


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      101 Lesson 35


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      101 Lesson 39


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      101 Lesson 40


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      101 Lesson 42


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      101 Lesson 43


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      101 Lesson 46


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      101 Lesson 47


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      101 Lesson 50


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      101 Lesson 51


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      101 Lesson 52


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      101 Lesson 53


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      101 Lesson 54


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      101 Lesson 55


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      101 Lesson 56


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      101 Lesson 57


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      101 Lesson 58


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      101 Lesson 59


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      101 Lesson 60


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      101 Lesson 61


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      101 Lesson 62


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      101 Lesson 63


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      101 Lesson 64


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      101 Lesson 65


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      101 Lesson 66


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      101 Lesson 67


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      101 Lesson 68


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      101 Lesson 69


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      101 Lesson 70


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      101 Lesson 71


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      101 Lesson 72


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      101 Lesson 73


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      101 Lesson 74


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      101 Lesson 75


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      101 Lesson 76


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      101 Lesson 77


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      101 Lesson 78


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      101 Lesson 79


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      101 Lesson 80


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      101 Lesson 81


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      101 Lesson 82


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      101 Lesson 83


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      101 Lesson 84


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      101 Lesson 85


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      101 Lesson 86


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      101 Lesson 87


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      101 Lesson 88


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      101 Lesson 90


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      101 Lesson 101


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About This Class

Never get stuck for fingerstyle exercises again with these 101 fingerpicking patterns. This course covers all you'll ever need to really get ahead with your playing and is perfect for guitarists of all levels. Guitar tabs can be found in the Class Project section.

To get a whole lot of extra lessons please click here.

These fingerpicking patterns took months to write and I'm positive they'll keep you busy practising for many hours, weeks, months and even years to come. This course has the potential to transform your right-hand fingerpicking skills and turn you into a pro fingerpicker. 

What you'll get from this course:

  • 101 of the best fingerpicking patterns ever (a seemingly endless list of great sounding and fun to play fingerpicking patterns.
  • Beginner - advanced
  • Patterns influenced by guitarists such as Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, Lyndsey Buckingham, John Mayer, Jerry Reed and so many more!
  • You'll learn 8th note patterns, 16th note patterns, triplet patterns, shuffle patterns, fast patterns, slow patterns, quick finger rolls across all six strings and a whole load more.
  • Percussive slaps/taps, muted bass strings, tremolo technique, odd time signatures and more.
  • Some of the most famous fingerpicking patterns ever recorded

I really hope you enjoy all the lessons and I'm really happy to help you with your journey to better playing. please just contact me if you have any questions at all.

Thanks a lot.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chris Murrin

Fingerpicking Guitar Lessons


Hello, I'm Chris.

I'm an acoustic guitarist/professional music teacher and incredibly happy to be here on Skillshare. The first course I've uploaded is for people that are brand new to fingerpicking and it teaches you how to develop great techniques that will ultimately allow you to play any fingerpicking song with the correct fingering.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome: Hey, I hope you're doing good. Are welcome to my 101 of the best finger picking patterns ever. Guitar calls. This course is huge. There is so much to learn on it. 101 finger picking patterns, and it's from beginner to advanced. So, really, whatever level your at finger picking, if you're just starting out, you're absolutely fine. You could take this if you've been playing for a few years again. This could be so much for you to learn that recover many, many different styles. Many, many different techniques. We take inspiration from players such as Tommy Emmanuel, Jerry Reed, John Mayer. There's just so many all the best great finger style players, and I tried to cover as much as I possibly can. And when there's 101 different finger picking patterns on a state, you can cover so much, and I really, really did it to be so long to think of all these patterns, it will turn you into a great player. This will keep you busy for many, many, many years. So much for you to hear every single one of these 101 finger picking patterns. You're going to get a short, precise guitar lesson from me showing you how to play each and every pattern, which fingers you should be using really breaking it down. And, of course, there's guitar Tab to go along every single pattern. Once you purchased, of course, you could get a lifetime access to it, and I'm here to help you. So if you have any troubles or any questions, problems, whatever, any stage when you work in a way through it, I'm here to help you out. So please just get in touch and I will do so. So if you really want to take your fingers, don't plan to the next level. Never be stopping finger picking patterns and exercises again. This truly is the course for you. So why not purchase today, really start becoming a guitar player. You've always wanted to be 2. 101 Lesson 1 : Okay, here we go with pattern one. I just want to say before we get going. Thank you so much for signing up to this 101 finger picking patterns. There's a huge amount for you to learn on here, and I'm really happy to have you on board, and I hope that you get a lot from it. I really, really do. But anyway, let's get on, start done in these patterns. So pattern one is the straightforward one at all. 101 and it goes like this. And OK, so first up, let's have a look at the court. We're just playing a G court like this. So if you don't know, that's the third fret on. The strength is a second fret on the A string, and then the third fret. The highest drink. I was wide open. So and then it goes on a minor on again. If you don't know in the B stream, as the first fret is, the second fret on the G and its second fret on the D on there goes to see, which is exactly the same is that but movie third finger. Take that one off from second Fred on the G and put on the third fret goes back to G now for every single finger picking pattern that's a left hand does. Okay, this is 100% to strengthen up your right hand. Okay, so they calls. Don't get very familiar with them anyway. So this finger picking pastor with my thumb, I play the basement and then I'm playing the G. It's always going to the G, so I'm using my thumb on in first Finger farm thirst finger, first finger on that continues to goes round. So holding down G. I'm playing it like this is my 3rd 2nd and first it doesn't matter humans even this what? This? But we get the gene down with the farm up with one Teoh free for okay. They changed the a minor and the lowest note in a minor. Is this a string here? So you play the a string, and then Jake twice find ways to use with third finger. Exactly the same with the right hand, Teoh free for the next G on 234 Okay, so that's the first passage. It's really good for laying the foundations. If you're if you're very new to finger picking. One other thing to bury might is that for most of the patterns, certainly not all of them that the farm is gonna play the e string A string in the D String first thing is very often gonna play the G the B strings very often gonna play. The B second thing is very, very well to play the bass string. And the third finger is very often gonna pay the high e string. At least I think for the first you know, the first good handful. We're gonna use that. So So you can practice that allocating a finger to strength anyway, I'll see you in person too. 3. 101 Lesson 2 : So the first pattern we use what we would call quarter notes and we can't those One, 234 in pattern to we're gonna be playing eighth notes and a throw. It's basically 28 Those equal 1 1/4 note. So do you count eight knows one and two and three and four men to their twice the speed and eight of them in a bar. That doesn't make sense. Don't worry. It probably will do is you work your way through all of these finger picking patterns. But it is good to know, you know, the pattern goes like this. Okay, so again, I'm using thumb, first finger thumb, first finger and, of course, the same causes last time. But you do twice as many in each bar, and it's twice the speed. The first time you have one Teoh 34 on the G. This time you got one and two free and four and e g strings. They didn't want that court. Same of that. A core C chord booth and 23 and regards to where the position in positioning on my right hand is. I've kind of got resting on the bridge here a little bit anchored there, and that helps support my head. Some people have their hand out completely off the guitar. That's fine. Some people rest their fingers on the body down here and again. That's absolutely fine. You want to play around with it on C. Where's most comfortable for you? Recommend, I think, say, there's a line down the middle of the sound hole to the back half of that around here is a great place to finger pick the notes kind of get lost a bit and it will in each other up here on down here, well down. His absolutely fires were just I don't like it too far personally, but experiment and find out what works for you. 4. 101 Lesson 3 : okay, that's in free. Goes like this. Weigh first weigh courses. Which one? 23 for the 2nd 1 minute eighth knows one and two and three and four and and in this one person free, we're doing what we called triplets. And that's free per pizza, Ugo. I count it, but you can go one triplet, triplet, free triplet for Tripoli or just rip it. You can see there's free per beat. Okay, so with the right hand would play the E string, the G string and at the B string weighed four times. Want to free for a trip to a minor on a G B 123 for three, with figure to see exactly the right way quicker? Is that a bit nicer? 5. 101 Lesson 4 : in patent for we're using what we call 60 of those. Traditionally, they're called semi Cuevas. Andi can't these one? He ended two. We end of three e and a four year ender. Sounds a bit daft if you've not heard before, but that is how we count them and it's basically four Purple attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, attack! So here the weather pattern goes out days something thumb. 123 and that just repeats around. Around around you play the bass note with the court lotus notes on the G A stream and they g b A. Never speaks one on two and free And for the a minor. Anything that changes is the thumb to the A string way and playing through this consistency of the notes, you want each note to be roughly the same volume nice and smooth. You don't want one no louder than the leather than the other Really integrated. You don't want anything like replaying the G too loud to get through. This stage is really about building superb technique 6. 101 Lesson 5 : I can't better fire. We're gonna be sticking with 16 knows, but it's kind of gonna be reversed a little bit. So we're gonna go thumb 3 to 1 on the same strings is before, so hey, be so e b G four times three d on a minor e g. Sorry. On the same on the C A B G A B A B g e g gradually stopped going out ways thinking about consistency. Nice move. 7. 101 Lesson 6 : Okay, so that's in six. Goes like this. Okay, wait both ways. First I'll show you the second way that I played it. Which is where we've been sticking to the traditional way of doing it. Where we play from second thing of first finger, third finger. So you've e may be and then g and then high from 2nd 1st you repeat that across absolutely find you want. Todo may actually find it a bit more comfortable with practice to do like this. So they're playing thumb on the string first finger on the B string that every month on, right, way down to the G. Play that and then I use my second finger. Visit one thumb to fund want from, too. And that's very comfortable as well. With a minor. Certainly basin has changed. You can probably get that one up to speed a little bit quicker. Was your third fingers considerably weaker? But try both ways and see how you get on 8. 101 Lesson 7 : Patteson seven is very similar to the last one. We just changed the order that a bit. This time we're playing the e string and then the high e string. And then the G string and then the B string. You could do it the traditional way. Okay, their first. Where you play from? Finger. First finger, second thumb. 312 Fine. If you don't do that. Second way of my thumb on the Lowy string. Second finger on the high history Some on the G that first wave, So again try it both ways. 9. 101 Lesson 8 : in patent eight. We're going back to eighth notes so that it goes like this way G E g e g, someone to one, then thumb on the and then being D. B. And I played 231 That's right. 232 e b A g b g a b b b. So you may find that a bit hard bringing in this you could also go from 1 to 1121 Just moving it to be in the way. I don't mind if you do it over those ways, but if you're still new to think of picking, it's good to strengthen up this one because it's gonna be your weakest one, so I don't know it too much. Get it, get it in there. 10. 101 Lesson 9 : that's a night goes like this. Okay, so, like the previous one, But we kind of inverted it a little bit. So I'm playing. And again, I don't mind if you want to bring your second finger down to this Hii's drink, but I think me being jean being fun to 12 and then e high finger Try it. Be seen. Jesus play. All of these are playing them very slowly because I want you to hear them crystal clear. Very smooth. So, as I said a few times already, go for consistency. Don't try and play fast too fast too soon. 11. 101 Lesson 10 : passing 10 goes like this. Okay, so, students and a thanks here. But your thumb has ventured out a little bit. And at the end, on beat four of each bar, you're jumping in your playing the D string. So that's gonna start developing a little bit of independence from this. So extreme was a e g B from one to he g b 123 one Teoh three. Remember when I said the fun place eight a date? That's almost always the case. And that's okay. Sit with a few changes last night, seven c. 12. 101 Lesson 11 : okay. In pattern 11 We're gonna be playing two strings at exactly the same time. Which could be a bit with if you're not before it sounds like this. Okay. Okay. So I played the e string, the gene string, and then being a together with my second my first finger. So what? And back to the G, That's the pattern. Twice our age called. Once you put it down on the team, the chemicals you have to do is change. Try getting even trying to get 13. 101 Lesson 12 : going back to 60 flows here, and it sounds like this. OK, so 123 But we're not playing the G being e now where all the changes would move these to the D A and B. Lois? No, the court bond. Then Dean G B 123123 Exactly. It's a request for the of course. The dean G B four times free. Just was there three c way and you're gonna notice it. It's gonna feel a little bit different. Just cause of the thickness and attention of the strings, just from moving them up to here is gonna feel a little bit different. And your right hand needs to get comfortable on every string. 14. 101 Lesson 13 : pattern. 13 is the same, but we're reversing it. So instead of someone to three with a thumb free to want some free to one. Okay. So nice and slow. Yeah. Okay, so there's there's that one assist. They take it nice and slow, nice and consistent over it. The B g being very slowly trying not to make any other strings, like idea that I was playing through that. You avoid doing that? 15. 101 Lesson 14 : that's a 14 to play. This is a very common pattern on, by the way, feel free to do this on any chords that you like. I've just done it on these free chords g a minor and see to make it simple as possible. But I want you to expand on that, really try on any chord that you're comfortable playing and try writing with them and all sorts. But anyway, Passage Farm one thumb, two strings on the G chord e g d. Be okay, so one B and 23 and four and minus could be the inside four strings way that the best gradually start building up speed on on notice that the funds hopping around again. It's just starting to get a little bit of independence and not always playing the same story with great fun. Want to play 16. 101 Lesson 15 : that's and 15 more or less the same, But we just rearranged the order of the strings. Here, we're going thumb to one start thumb to thumb one on the G We're gonna be playing the e b d g Okay, he be 61 to be free for me and my mind just stream It's changed the e string Seeing exactly saying back G and if you get comfortable, you could really stop booting out. Speak great reading. 17. 101 Lesson 16 : Okay, that's in 16 goes like this. It's quite cool, because now you're skipping out the base drinking. You gotta bring in your third finger on the high e string. So with right hand, you got some one thumb three. So you don't use your second finger in it, which is quite cool. So on the G Corp e my one and to be free. Okay, seven, it's good for this one. Okay, so Juan Thumb three. 18. 101 Lesson 17 : 17 goes like this. Quite fun playing. It's probably the hardest one that have done so far. You're playing the E on the G chord at least the E and the B string together. So your thumb and your second finger together at exactly the same time on the E and the B string. Just trying. Get that again. You don't want to get exactly Okay, then the fun comes down place the day So a thanks here one and they play the thumb and the first thing together on the Eastern and the G. Then after that day, the day again Okay? And you do that twice on each court from second Dean Street. First finger 1234 and want to come with the G a minor. Now the farm is just going a 80 80 farm with second fund First back. Exactly the same city called G. I was working now really fun to play 19. 101 Lesson 18 : Okay, Pattern 18 now, which is using our just out time. And I call this one the Rock because it's absolutely crucial that you get this one as solid as a rock. This is kind of the leader of the pack really is when the outlining the court. So here. This may seem really easy to you, but you must get this so incredibly accurate. So I only court. I'm just playing a day he d 123 and four men on the G Corp on the a minor. Just playing a day a day 1234 c one, 23 OK, but if that's no accurate and solid as a rock, that everything else will fall apart around it later on. So we don't go anywhere until you can get that right every time. Just unconscious, that you don't have to think about it. Started as a rock 20. 101 Lesson 19 : Okay, Now that you can do that with your thumb, we're gonna add in a string of it on again. This is really important. Must be super, super super type and really accurate every time. So holding down the G now we're going e the a being a deck twice a cold a cool Minako Bigger a d e d a t e d. Okay, then go to a C slash d cold now from see if you don't know Take a ct third finger, Put it on the third fret of the e string on their pretty little thing that now you can struggle with streaks on the right hands Going to do the same as it did a e being anything , Dean. Okay, this is really let a said laying the foundations. So when these come in, this will not let you down. So don't look at this has been so that's something that tribute is really not 21. 101 Lesson 20 : okay, so now you should be pretty, pretty solid and pretty comfortable there. We're going to start doing what's called Travis picking, and that's really where your thumb is, kind of alternating between the bass bass notes, and then you also bringing in these words as well. And it creates a really, really great sounding finger picking patterns. So number 20 goes on. Sounds great. Great fun to play. Let me talk you through the battered. You play the e and the B string together from the farmers going E E d. So you play these two to give up that day. String on then e Jean being so. That's really a pattern. That round rhythm is one and 234 way smooth e and be together first, start farming second finger someplace the day on. Then Thump likes the first week of 15 2nd thumb. Sorry place 22. 101 Lesson 21 : that's in 21 goes like this. Okay, so the stream with phone and then day string with some beast. Drink with second step one on. Then you've got the same as before. E jean being twice drink. The rest is the same. Same See, gradually going out speed. It doesn't have to be fast to sound pretty good. 23. 101 Lesson 22 : passing Twitter to goes like this. Okay, that's really fun to play River you going? He would count that one on the to be and three and 40. So so holding down the court in the Beijing to give us something. This is before from second and then a day That's really twice on each cool taste. A minor C 60 gradually building up speed, great from one to play. 24. 101 Lesson 23 : Okay, 23. This is the exact finger picking pattern from the really famous finger picking some dust in the wind. Hence the name dust in the string. Clever stuff. If you haven't heard that song, make sure you go and check it out. It's really it's a real classic song must loud finger pickers and this is the passing for it. It's very the same as the previous one, but just snacking. One more note that makes it quite a bit harder. But it sounds so e and the B string D G farm second finger thumb. First on, then we played E B de Jesus from Teoh. One match capacity. Really slowly. Yeah, Okay, twice in h cold one and two and three and 40 and I finally see that way. Way you can get that down. You're really starting to get the hang of finger picking. This is probably one of the most common finger picking battles that you hear. So it zen essential one to truly crack 25. 101 Lesson 24 : that's 24 goes like this. Okay, again. Very nice. Wanna play? Same kind of idea, but we're bringing in 1/3 finger so that we break that down to e strings finger, Dean jeans. Someone thank e Bay the second day with from one end to end. So one and two and three and change called c back just by bringing in that third finger does make it considerably harder. So there's a way to take it very slow, but be sure to really crack it. 26. 101 Lesson 25 : okay, said Patterson, 25. Were pretty much 1/4 of the way through. Hope things are going one on your rent. If you have any problems, please don't be afraid to get in. Touch on let me know will help you out So this pattern goes again. Great fun to play. It's quite bouncy, the rivers bit hard. You got one and two and three and four. We'll start down e d de high Teoh J one and to be and then together again three four E d n i G G T o Scored Just exchanged bit fiddly Take your time with it. 27. 101 Lesson 26 : That's a 26 goes like this. Okay, now the count is one TN to be that thing E g d and then a B e g Dean B gene, You might want to go someone, some mom to one. Now that feels a bit unnatural to me because you lose the rhythm of fun So here would actually bring my thumb down, Play the G this thumb found some says a bit way experiment to see what works for you personally, I really like to keep the farm emotion assumes it stopped it. It feels unnatural. 28. 101 Lesson 27 : Okay, It comes back in 27. Okay. So, again, Slightly unusual, but pretty fun. Um, the count. 200 feet. That roof going on there. E g b. Dean Jean and I'm always going thumb one to some, 12 to soothe. Quite a nice when you hear something like that. 29. 101 Lesson 28 : Okay, so hopefully with these patterns, you've been doing them. Once you get them comfortable, you feel you can do them in time to bring out the mention of hopefully been trying that, like I've written in the text, to be trying them all with a target tempo. It's well worth it. It will really make you bang on time. It may be frustrating if you're not used to playing with with a quick but don't avoid it, really, especially if you ever do any recording or anything like that, because you really need to record to a click most of the time. So do try that. I strongly encourage you if you look on this one. Pathan, 28 this triplet role. We pretty up the tempo from the previous trip. So let's, um, let's see if you could do it, but a little bit quicker. So wait. Click about that 12 continuously the previous trip that we did the one and two on the being , that being the G string through this farmer on the D and G. So that's what it is e. D. G. For the she called a G. The same for the seeing about two g you with so long as it's in time, as long as it's not bringing the click if you haven't tried it yet. 30. 101 Lesson 29 : Okay, here we go. With Pats in 29. Still doing triplets here. But this time going thumb to three. I think he be playing. Okay. You, by all means. If you want to, you can play farm 12 I may well do that playing way. You just don't want you to leave this one out, so try it this way first. So being a e B grassy space using three fingers 31. 101 Lesson 30 : That's a 30 we're gonna be combining the previous two. So this one goes way 12 on the G and then on the A minor thumb 23 and then back to the G. That's what you see. You'll be from one to G will be thumb to free case It mixes it up a bit. Once you get it down, you can always play farm 12 Because I say don't leave out your third finger so on the cheek or we're gonna play E dan Gene a B from two free t o See you think someone to a G G some to free the E b J wait dexterity. 32. 101 Lesson 31 final: All right, so now, impasse. In 31 we got a shuffle beat going on. So that means if you take a bar of straight eighth and get 12 and three, and four and one and two and so it's very straight If you shuffle that, it was like this. 12341234 up on. That's kind of what we're doing. Here we go on the way. It sounds great. So E Okay, E g b that round. Get that river one free That what? You get around way talking to it at that time. But the most important thing is that you get that down and, yeah, start using it in your own plane. 33. 101 Lesson 32 : That's a 32 goes like this going on. But we're bringing in the hiney string as well. So we play e high and then de g b thumb 12 Okay, get comfortable. No way that that that that that it's all about back Triplet field shuffle feel. 34. 101 Lesson 33 : tha 30 free goes like that trip. It's the whole way through. So it just took me through the strings on the G t B Dean genes genes that e b D G d being must get. Okay, Booth, that's a really, really nice one. It's full, it's rich and it's just as it straight trip. It's still really nice River. Good luck with that one. 35. 101 Lesson 34 : Okay, so this is pattern 34 again triplets. But it's kind of using all your fingers, and it's all over the place. So strings on the G chord e b. Dean being thumb to thumb. Quite a streak finger, and then you play the G d again. Then be second finger that d from the first finger on J. Get slow that down. That trip called a minor way. Really nice one. A really lovely role. 36. 101 Lesson 35 : think. OK, so this is pattern 35. All trip. It's again. Thumb one to thumb 2312 to 3 on the g e g b d e o Get a little bit working you week aside as well, but a great one. 37. 101 Lesson 36 : okay is passing 36. Okay, so here in Berlin to so on the second trip, the second grouping of triplets were actually missing out the first ones. You get trip. If that makes any sense, may find easier just to pick up the right way. E g be back Teoh way. 38. 101 Lesson 37 : Okay, so pattern 37 nice and slow goes like this. Okay, a bit fiddly about that trip. It roll there. So let's break down that road. Really like this pattern? So we'll think. Thumb 2nd 1st fun from second thirst found. 2nd 1st that's the pattern aways. Weight down the strengths. E be sorry. Some B e b B B Phone to one, then g B J with ST Batson from 21 defeat to one DJ day. Okay, D a. Hey minor. You may want to stop on the phone booth. 23412341234 for you actually sound better like that. But that's not how it's written anyway, so B e b Jean b D D g Deen a way. A way. Really nice try. Get it most inaccurate. All the strings ring out. There's no buzzing going on or anything like that. I think it's better like that. Thank you. Play around with and find what you like. 39. 101 Lesson 38 : Okay, that's a 38 goes like this way very similar to the last one, but we're kind of going the opposite direction. 40. 101 Lesson 39 : That's an 39 still working with triplets and it goes like this. Okay, so 2nd 1st thumb de court B B B G d a. C working your way down the street. Seven. A minor. But this worship is something we did. We go e b g and then be Jeanne D g d. Do that twice. We run out of ST G p A c e o Great fun to play. 41. 101 Lesson 40 : that's a 40 is quite a handful goes like this. Okay, there's a lot going on there. So it's a combination pretty much everything that we've been doing over the past few patterns on this gene. We go to one thumb a a g e d g b g b DJ being see Play B j B j b g g g e g Eazy e a k a d g D g B A. Did you say that is a lot? I take that very, very, very slowly. 42. 101 Lesson 40 : that's a 40 is quite a handful goes like this. Okay, there's a lot going on there. So it's a combination pretty much everything that we've been doing over the past few patterns on this gene. We go to one thumb a a g e d g b g b DJ being see Play B j B j b g g g e g Eazy e a k a d g D g B A. Did you say that is a lot? I take that very, very, very slowly. 43. 101 Lesson 41 : Okay. Cows passing 41. Okay, so quite a nice one here on, but starting to really get independent with that thumb. That's what the next few patterns are all about. Because, as we know, the farm is unbelievably important. So let's look at this. The pattern With what? With the farm on the G chord You're playing e d a d me, dean, Any on a minor chord going a e d a t e d Same on the sea But this time I'm gonna be cease slash genes You're playing a C, which is third finger up to the third Fret they should pinky directly underneath that. That's just CSSD and then a d e d again and back to the geo. So that's going consistently. Get that so late. And then here we're going one, and that's just open. Be open G. And then being in, that would be on the count of one. You play the open G on the end of two on, then on the can before you play the B again, and that continues throughout each court. If you put the two together, you'll get said, Let's do one time anybody together then de a d g together e d Being a together on digging way causal patterns. Si costo definitely a little bit fiddly, but it's absolutely crucial that you get everything lined up really, really in his perfect place. 44. 101 Lesson 42: Okay, that's a 42. Let's go similar to the last one. But we've just We've put the kind of men more melodic notes at the high pitched notes in different places on the G. Well, you still exactly the same base was doing exactly the same thing. And then on the higher British notes, you're playing way two instruments playing exactly the same time. So you on the gene and you play one and four sets e b g b. So two issues together on the day and be together A and B and G together e d. Then I am be together on then the day so wait a exactly the same. But the base that's different, eh? And high together being together he DMG together a d and B to give up on then D and then it's been the same for the C 60 is that they don t. J. Simmons. Before, let's take it nice and slow. Gradually, as always, so picking up speed only when everything is perfectly in line 45. 101 Lesson 43: okay. Said passing 40 free. Exactly the same base going on previous two. And then this time a continuous flow of e and then be with the high register. Knows so in the G. You playing a minor? Same on the scene defense. Gene, I'm using my first and second fingers there. So you're always playing two notes in use. Okay. Base with just on the G by the bay together. So two weeks drinks on Dean. The big thing that I am a day in the being on then that dis repeats three and four on same thing on the A minus. Just the baseness. See quite a busy one, but it's nice and four pretty rich. 46. 101 Lesson 44: passing 44 is actually a little bit easier previous one. It's very similar. It's a little bit easier. So it goes like this way. Haven't called the base going across three strength. It's now just a base on the G is going e d E d n A money thing a dean a d saying on the c D 18 better g But these two thinkers, you could do it. A second certificate, if you want. I recommend trying it for just practice reasons is exactly the same as the previous example . He's going one to every em for one to every fall together. So to ease, be DNA being that's it with minor. Any be Danny being and that's it. See, Second, same is a minor gene should be a little bit easier than the previous one. 47. 101 Lesson 45: okay, cause passing 45. OK, quite a nice one. Very useful. You can use this in lots of places. Said the farm is just alternative alternating between on the G, the the D and on the A minus eight and soothe Gene, of course. So let's go through each string. So you play the in the beach together, g with the way that around really comfortable with that in a minor, Be together g day and be together j smooth not too tricky now is really 48. 101 Lesson 46: Okay, here comes pattern up of 46. Okay, Quite so you're playing the beast giver G g and and in the D in high on emerging in So that's it on the geodetic Twice I am bto gene in the beans are Deanna I G has changed There is the extremes going to the a string the same for the a c E o g Not too tricky, but it's about bringing in the third finger way you bringing you give the order run through with a click going at the same time it helps so much. 49. 101 Lesson 47 : Okay, that's a 47 is the same as the previous one. But instead of just doing this with the base now, legally free booth. Okay, so watch out for that e and be together. G. Dini together g being a together. G did eat together jeans, always going back to the G and then a minor. I can't be together. G Dini together and be together dont together Jake Same soothe gene So it is much harder with that. The alternating base between three strings there is between two. But over time it becomes automatic and your thumb will be completely taken. Care off. You need to reach that stage where you don't have to think about it all. 50. 101 Lesson 48: Okay, So their pattern party and next few patterns were going to be looking at 68 time patent since except on then it's really nothing to worry about it all. All 68 means is that you're playing 68 beats per bar. 44 means that you're playing 4/4 beats per bar. Okay, so it is different. Recounted. 123456123456 With the stronger Bates being on the council one of 4123456 Okay, So anyway, it's really nothing to worry about. This'll finger picking pattern goes like this. It s certainly not a difficult one. This is a very, very, very beginner indeed. But you put it in here because you need to understand 68 times wanted for as many things as possible at you throughout these 101 finger picking patterns on the perhaps haven't seen before. Just so you really covered in pretty much every area of finger picking. So anyway, the finger picking pattern you play G e g B A B J 12 free, too. It is important that you get 123456 that you get that that driven down really important. One you play must got one Teoh onto the a minor. Of course, it's just a base that's changed the a string count. 123456166 Okay, so that's 68 time. So next you're gonna be like this when you listen to music. Listen at this exact time because it's next to 44 is the second most common. What is? Yes, the second one's corn time signature around here every day. 51. 101 Lesson 49 : Okay, that's a 49 goes like this still in 68 time. But instead of going 123456 this one goes 12 Every 456123456 123456 And this is actually the same pattern that's used in House of Insanity way. It's exactly the same. So want to every that's the first step in the strength. And then Dean Jean B roll them to your thumb. You first and 2nd 1 Teoh 123 on, then 456 e b gene, Just booth. 52. 101 Lesson 50 : Patteson. 50 12345612345666 rows in there, E dgb 123456 b! So the same road just in a different place in the ball, too. On 266 Okay. 53. 101 Lesson 51 : 51 goes like this way. I want to report my 6166 thumb and in on the G, the B and E 123 you play to all together twice. So just on the G from in these free gbgt twice you give your 6123456 First time with the family pay the D and a minor A d. Same on the way. I'm not too tricky that. 54. 101 Lesson 52: Okay, so now moving into another section, we're going to start doing some because he taps to the guitar. And this is a great way to to really improve your groove on your you know, your your overall sound. Really? So you're starting to think a little bit like a job if you think of Ah, a snare drum very often plays on account of two and 4123 and four And we're kind of replicating that here with with because it tapped. So the way you get that is you kind of curl your fingers around on your right hand and then you slap them into the strings, pushed them to the strings, and then the strings hit against the frets. And that gives you that great tap snare drum sound. So the past first path goes on this, so this is incredibly useful. It's imperative that you get this into your plane holding down the geek or do you play the bass with farm and D G B. 1st 2nd 3rd eyes out one. And that's heads in the perfect position. Last cold fingers for a I just don't have to hit them hard. Just push into the strings and get that nice taps out 1 to 1. Just practice that once you've got that you think is land on the to them or less in position to pull back up. Okay, You play exactly the same strings after that. So you get one and just on the jail for painting. That does take a bit of work, but you'll definitely get it. And then, of course, you do it twice in one and three minor. Just the base that has changed. Same with a nice, clear tap. 55. 101 Lesson 53 : 53. Okay, so a little bit harder than the last one Just because we didn't with 60 knows. But the tap is still exactly the same It's don't tune for It's still exactly the same technique. So holding down the G, we're gonna play one thing and that's B gene being yeah, way that we do the gene be big in one way twice on the way you looked round todo way minor From there on as you, I'm sure you're aware you just have to change the banks a minor the way it sounds good to speed this. 56. 101 Lesson 54 : Okay, that's in 54. Okay, so it goes like that. And of course, this one Don't tell John, because I've stolen it from his song Stop. This train is the exact same pattern there. But just all these chords. Now, the tap is actually a bit different this time. We just slapping the bass note with the thumb, you know, get into that and then just a bass note. It's into the strings That gives you a nice, subtle tap. So farms kind of doing that, You play the bass, then you tap the base, play the bass bass, bass, bass. Okay, with drinks, you don't have to be super aggressive with it. By any means. Keep it nice and okay, So anyway, let's Well, one of the tricky thing is at the same time that you do that tap, this really is the hard part. You come down with your first finger, you're gonna play downwards. Were you gonna play first to give the man if you think you're gonna play G o k c? You know, you tap handle playing the G at the same time, get that kind of emotion going on your fingers kind of like a claw here. Okay, that's the hard part. Tap pig At the same time, it doesn't matter too much if maybe you get to be in there as well. And you kind of know two strings you play around with it will start to sound good. Um, on the other thing. Is he also playing the be with your first finger? John Mays got a quite unusual. I've never recent anybody play like this before. He did. Come on, you conclude my mind. It took me forever to get down. So he's just using these two fingers the whole time. The hallway fruit. So you get the b and B together that way. Okay, so either be tapping the pig, and then you play only beast with your first finger. Okay? You play the on, then you play the D with your first finger going up, and then you got one last type where you play the snap on in the pic with the first finger , and that's the pattern. Okay. So nasty. Wait for the cause. A minor. Exactly the same. But just based on changed factual. Okay, so that's a really, really hard one. Go and listen to some John Mayer, but it's so worth it. Once you get it down, that slapping with farm is really is. 57. 101 Lesson 55 : okay, 55 another Because it tap easier than the last one goes this way. Maybe going back to tapping on the turn for with the code up fingers based on DJ and be together So one on and tap He and, uh, g d b just based on. Okay, that's what you could go way could bring the fun down to the day and play e with violent thumb And then DDB with the phone on first thing this 1st 2nd 123 Okay, so there's that passenger 55. 58. 101 Lesson 56 : 56 I've caught more than court this. Okay, So putting down to G play the bass note and then the gene to be with your first and second finger one on tap based on changes that we play the a string of that court on then Jin big . You can use three fingers dgb if you want to find. So then G begin in tap. One came in on the end of four. We change chords to a safer the open a string uh, Jean b of a minor and then the string Give me a chance to see based on the scene and then GMB tap on the d string JB tap and then get back to the G. Okay, so you always changing on that and so on and and great one. 59. 101 Lesson 57 : okay, 57. Slapping the bass, doing it with your thumb. So again, it's kind of adopting the John Mayer style where you're playing just really first in your second finger. You come down and you slap. So when you step, you kind of, you know, and then you put your farm straight. We think of a bass player. Slappy slaps eyes, so you just want a nice bit of fret. Sounded a bit of noting there at the same time, Casey's map with this part of your thumb right here, down on the string and then you playing day. But first finger gene way get what good is very story down slapping that base there just into the string. You to get that nice slap sound that Freddie get down on the G slow and then stop moving it from court. Feels really great when she stopped getting moving. But do take it very, very, very, very slow 60. 101 Lesson 58 : okay, 58 Continue slapping the bass way. Okay, so 16 knows. But we just mixed up a pattern a bit here. So about the slap game, which issues in these two fingers we play e d g being the same as before. And then d That's right. He digs. Then he g b and Safeco E g b said the whole thing once more e d g e d e d g e d e d g. That's just on the 20 end to end a free end for you. Waiting in the farm with slapped is coming down a bit harder and then bringing out bring out slaps. It's not like this. Gradually stopped way OK, but quite nasty, but does sound really, really good. And this is what our mayor does mainly. And is his song the on What is really slapping the bass awful law. 61. 101 Lesson 59 : Okay. Go. 59 Waited. It was 16. Those here we o g uh, A B G A B E back in a b Dean G back out a B E back in one A b. They say exactly the same way on the C 60. This time is exactly the same on every single cold. The G A B e b a B d g a B e a b 62. 101 Lesson 60 : Patteson, 60 goes like this. Okay, so kind of the reverse of the previous one. This is difficult. So? So Because of course, let's play 16,000 e a de gene And then again e a being deep and then we go e a a t b g on again a d b a g I mean, ready to be exactly the same. See such g back to be quite a haul finger independence already letting where the strings are. 63. 101 Lesson 61 : 61 is very similar to the last one that we're doing it triplets now, which actually probably makes it harder. Okay, so let's talk through it, so e a b de Jean do that twice on the truck that weighs A D B B G A B A e b e g Someone to soothe. Okay, so take that one. Nice and slow, I'm sure. 64. 101 Lesson 62 : Okay, He comes in pretty quick. Okay. Base G E. Today. 12 Every four and a minor A today to have free. Careful and saying on the scene back to jail. So we always playing in unison here the high register going ways going E b g p Always continuously for the cause. Free to 12 so and be together. Do you need me to give a G together? Did they be together? Fancy g Just do it twice. Minor pain. The together in Tokyo and Jesus never deigned bto twice with exactly the same way. So that's that. 65. 101 Lesson 63 : he can't spend 63 free for now. So that's constantly driving in 8123123 And 12312 Embry. And on the bass notes, I know these knows we're going way. So even the be together e Then the 16th here, we're gonna play the G one and for three and one and b E 12 and three and wait. 66. 101 Lesson 64 : Okay, that's in 64. Okay. Constipated. 64. So in 34 again, and we're still driving the base knows just without thumb as 1/3. So one and and be together E d A jeans 100 to 1 and two. And I'm playing my first week on the D string on. Then you play A and B and G Andy to get that way. It gives a really nice effect, all right? 67. 101 Lesson 65 : okay here. Can't spend in 65 now. License though it goes like this. Really? Just a page eight in the court. Base notes got 123 of all. 123 more, right way through the courts E and then deal. First finger A with Jean, First finger E and first finger, if you like. On the B on a on, then high lotteries my second way. A g A b a sail on the sea. That's the G so well together. 68. 101 Lesson 66 : 66 is the same a 65. But it reversed something e me, me A a way. So exactly same as the previous one just in reverse. 69. 101 Lesson 67 : 67. Similar idea. We're going up and then back down, but this is 16 inches. Could be a lot faster. Okay, so you get up the way we did in the past 65 on, then back down like between 66 and just to make the bomb by Stephen in four. Forward e g. Yet right, way back down to the stream and the G And I'm not too bothered about fingering. Play around if you want to. Just farming first finger. That's fine. Really Quickly run off the strings. E d E g e b e b g e d E g. Okay, then wait and see is the way to see if you can get that really fast if you want to say no need to. 70. 101 Lesson 68 : Okay, So for 68 we got a bit of a role going on here. The pattern is simple. Thumb 1 to 1 and that's it. Repeated. So fun. E g b for. Of course, it's changed. See? Wait, That's it. It's kind of designed. It's a strapping up these two fingers with great speed. 71. 101 Lesson 69 : 69 is very similar to the previous one. But instead of playing the beast room, we're going to skip over that we're gonna use our third finger on. We're going to play the E string. So with the right, we're gonna play E Geo three. That's it. Money. And 23 72. 101 Lesson 70 : Okay, so the number 17 which is the same thing, but we're gonna start alternating way safe. E g g g a g p A g e g e g. Same for this scene. Snatched. See? So accept it that way. That's the passage. Tricky to get right. 73. 101 Lesson 71 : Okay, 71. We're gonna be working on your weak aside. So using my third is working. That one. You could go. We'll show you how I played there. That I went e the gene That's passing. She's my third finger. So it's got some free one free, but equally you could go from two from two from one from one. That's fine as well. Probably be more comfortable, but maybe you want to try using your third finger. So So you can really build up the strength in it. So, of course, is you working like all the others. Anything that changes is the base. 74. 101 Lesson 72 : certitudes. Same thing. But we got the way to go that probably it is using your farm and your second finger. It will be significantly easier, but perhaps it's good to put up this finger e g g a t e g a d g g strings his hard work saving on the aim or less. But the basis changed. He said. Hey, G G E. The second with energy is of course, the same as the previous G. 75. 101 Lesson 73 : okay for the next few patterns, we're gonna be looking old groupings. And this really isn't something that you see that much in traditional kind of acoustic finger style stuff. This is more stuff that you see in the fusion world in the jazz world and, you know, in constant times in the rock world. But there's absolutely no reason why we can't take advantage of it and use it in our plane . And it's only gonna make you a better musician gonna make you understand rhythm divisions much, much, much better. And even if you just use it as an exercise, I guarantee it's gonna really help improve your techniques and skills. So, groups of five I'll play the pattern. It sounds like this slowly. 1234 503 45 So, quintuplets, he's accord. We could just call it quits. Five. But you're playing five nose in space. It would be 25 25 25 23 45 OK, 12345 23 45 23 for 5 23 for five. So that is what makes it hard. But we're playing e g d. G being and Actually, that's 1234512 free, fine for the court just based. So if you put on the mention of you may find it incredibly difficult to get the ones toe. That's what everyone should use. Try and I started 10 23 for a ticket. That 12345 76. 101 Lesson 74 : Okay, so seven is another old grouping, so we can use that on this one's gonna dio. Okay. 12345671 to bring for my 67 Just counting it. Seven. That's what makes it hard. That's a number of people. Do it, Try it. And, you know, it could be your thing. A zit sounds good anyway, so with Head E G de g being before with everybody d G 1234567 twice C. 77. 101 Lesson 75 : okay, 75 is titled eight. Hippopotamus Is Hippopotamus, because is quite common for people to count groups of five as hippopotamus here, Potter most instead of 12345 Usually I don't agree with this kind of thing, Atal, But for groups of five, when I first learnt, it's how I actually started doing any don't seem to work quite nicely, but usually I don't like it one bit. But here, if you want to do it, it's absolutely fine. Instead of counting 1234 piping can hippopotamus, hippopotamus, hippopotamus, hippopotamus just trips off the tongue a little bit easier. This goes, you got him. But anyway, the strengths. E b Jeanne D d and that's it. Way trying accounting. 78. 101 Lesson 76 : okay in 76. But combining groups of 16th notes with groups of five. So goes on this 11252 for me and so guarantee trying with click will be hard anyway. Strength the Gene A being groups of full six teams and then e g d b even five. 79. 101 Lesson 77 : Okay, E b g i bi g 1234567 Twice as you just change the base way fiddly because it's in sevens. 80. 101 Lesson 78: 78 way. I got a lot of 16. That was all just 16 triplets. So let's have a look at the pattern E Jean Dean and then B g d thing B d Some one thumb 212111 Okay, that's the way everything falls into place really neatly. If you use that finger into, I do recommend it. Once you've got that, of course, take it through a lot. The courts. The only thing that's different is the basement. 81. 101 Lesson 79 : Okay, so this is tremolo technique, the very, very, very start of tremolo technique. And it's a wonderful technique that's used in classical music and awful lot, and it's well worth giving it a lot of time. It's something that I have not given it a huge amount of time to in the past, but something I've been working on this year every year like to get myself a technique to really work on. This is it. I've only started recently, so my technique is nowhere near as good as some great classical players. But I'm not a good player. It doesn't really appear that much outside of classical music, but nonetheless, I can show you how to do this technique. And if you put in the time you can get it is equally as good as any of the guys that goes in the classical world. Are superb is a beautiful technique, and by the end of the confident I'm gonna have this sounded really good. So anyway, he is the first pattern. Nice and smooth. Okay, there it is. This is triplets. Travel technique is when you play, you play the bass note and then you play one strength more than once on them up to speed it kind of good deal gives the illusions of most poor guitars playing at the same time to hotels and at the same time. So it was going to be Oh, wait live We play thumb on the middle finger and you wanted to sound like the 2nd 1 of the first finger Played exactly the same second saying for you like and everything from two things where you want to start really slowly. Oh, okay, so that is a pattern. Essentially, if you want to get up to speed, you just have to do that for hours and hours and hours and hours on end and then eventually will start to come. So this on G you play the and then be with the second finger at them to be with first, do that four times you go the bar with a just a base that has changed the same of the sea but gradually start building our speeches the very beginning of Tollo technique 82. 101 Lesson 80 : That's an 80. So you could do it. The tremolo technique as 16th does Aziz. Well, of course. So instead of the then you go this time farm and then third finger. Second finger first finger. OK, fancy. Probably best. Just practice it on completely open strings. Some then based ring finger, second finger First finger will repeat them round around around, going for, as always, accuracy over speed. It needs to be nice and you may even want to start it on to the street. Stop moving it from around the way I just did that to you can get it. Really, really. Just even even this is what you want on. Then let's just for the sake of the core progressions, let's put it on our cause. But this is definitely something you wanna practice over many, many ever chord changes. And there's to say, Listen to some great classical guitar players, John Williams, and you will hear this technique. You can't really avoid it anyway. So on the jeep, but a string and then b B B 321 e e c. Just round around, around, around around, gradually 83. 101 Lesson 81 : Okay, so here we're taking inspiration from Quito. Still Amra, which I think is absolutely awful pronunciation of the sun. But it's a wonderful song nonetheless. Probably the most famous Casco Vitol song ever written big Possibly that you definitely that uses tremolo picking. But in this one we're doing it was triplets. Okay, so it's exactly the same. Been working with taking a little bit in the farm. You always going from one to the one that started some 2121 is always playing the bass drink but the farm is going E d G d g d One, 23456123456 That's right. Hands day Just smooth. 123456123456123456 Trying to get it even even as possible It is really great for what you do. Start getting it what? Your fingers have warmed up. You'll find it much, much easier. But give it a good guy 84. 101 Lesson 82 : Okay, so now in Pattern 82 is the same as the previous one, but we're doing a 32nd. I was just like the original off. Quite a stellar Ambrose. So 123456 But within three Teoh Okay, so it wasn't fast, but it was even. It was consistent. That's what he must work on here. E and B B B D b B B g b b B b. So take it very slow, gradually creep up. And I really recommend going onto YouTube watching Cem covers of request of I am Broke because it is a wonderful song. And there some incredible, absolutely incredible classical guitar players out there that just true masters of this technique. And they spent the whole life pretty much dedicated to classical guitar and tremolo tremolo picking. So you gotta go and check that out. It's wonderful, and I'm gonna continue working on it. I can't wait to get out to speed 85. 101 Lesson 83 : Okay, so moving on a change in direction here and start speaking about muted bass strings. And please don't look at this is if it's trivial because it's far from it. This is absolutely crucial. If you want a nice, needy, needy, tidy sound. This is all the greats doing. It's just second nature to them. So you to the basement very often. Your mood that either in the d string the palm of your hand here whilst the G B in the East Dream ring open. So you know, if you've ever seen get that sound with that kind of going without is fine. But it could really compress your sound and tidy it up. So you got to get it down and just make it natural. You'll find yourself doing a long time. So, of course, on the same few chords to start off, which is gonna go bass note and then e g e g. C. Solid as a rock room with first time, I would wait for Mr Opinions getting really nice too strong. Now start using those streets. Okay, so that's your palm muting on your base. That's absolutely crucial 86. 101 Lesson 84 : Okay, Pattern 84. Let's do a nice finger picking person call finger picking pattern that uses muted base. Okay, so you can hear the base. They're going like that. Underneath is like a nice blanket. The base. So with the way that supposed to be, oh, way still sounds really good. As I say, it's compressing the sound that anyway, get the finger picking get amusing in. And this is the pattern C E B. And then B King Dean, a man in B and D G e b d Jean look that round for the courts, just changing the way. Oh, wait, It's getting proper strings as well. We'll release them. Get a bit more of us to cardinal in there. Carter notes are written on the guitar tap there, so do pay attention to those their small dots underneath. Some of those sharp 87. 101 Lesson 85 : 85 continue with the muted base. But now we're doing it across full three strings 234 And so that simple It just means is based on the g g i e d a d Just like before a d e d a d E d Same on the c a d e d and back to the G Practice it, though. Don't look at it is it is not important. 88. 101 Lesson 86 : Okay, That's an 86 same finger picking pattern as before, but we got the alternating basically free strings. Exactly the same before skipping the free strength. I'll wrestle off the strings plea for the G chord. Okay, DJ I g D B g a b g one Teoh free and you can get the way. It's great fun. 89. 101 Lesson 87 : 87 another pattern that uses muted base You contributed based on every single pattern that we've done so far. Maybe not the travelers stuff, but most of the other stuff is gonna work. Just explore with it. But anyway, this one will use Muted based on the pattern goes way e g d b d g d. So there was 16 times way got e and B D A. G. Dean. Just bear in mind that the either and the deer or muted right through just for the strings way, way very mind that base on A and C court is a day, a day. 90. 101 Lesson 88 : That's an 88 goes out to play bass again e and B d i n g Days on end Real 16 e b a a big d G days on end. Then 65 goes down a d b a g d. Same of C. 91. 101 Lesson 89 : 89 to base those okay said one on Julian Free and a four e and had to be a free e d b e g g g b g o a minor. Same famous based has changed Andi bet to the G. So pretty similar to the last one that 92. 101 Lesson 90 : Okay, pattern 90. So we're getting towards the end of all of these finger picking patterns. There has been an absolute ton eso. Now we're going to start stealing from one of my favorite finger pickers, and that's Lindsey Buckingham. He's a wonderful finger finger style player. So good. I've always thought that he's been a bit underrated in his plan, and he said he knows how to write great songs. Now. This finger picking pattern is quite challenging, but it sounds fantastic nonetheless. So slowly. Way based on going on the G chord. The D a. Dean Decent 1234 do 34 And then here were continually going e b g e g. A. Being that it goes 1234 Proud that you have to put the two together so very slowly on. If you're doing it right on the count of four in the second bar, you should end on playing D and G together. So watch for the so it's easier to explain it like that. Just if you think we got 1234 that goes around twice over 1234 it's much easier to explain it, saying to ease together being the genes again. D So think of it like that. So that is it. E probably take a bit of work to get it moving. But after speed does sound great on if you've never heard the song never going back by Fleetwood Mac from Rumors Moscow. And listen to that because this is the finger picking pattern from it, then moving on to a minor. Same thing you studio based out is going a e d the d he They have a solid from it. But to together get and on the day energy, see such genes is the same, many better That way you don't have to meet the basic can. It's up, Teoh play around with that I really want to get. 93. 101 Lesson 91 : Now that's a 91. You see the previous pattern quite a lot among players, but for this one, I've simply reversed the 1st 2nd 3rd finger's going 12 going e b g. We're going g b d, Which makes it, you know, just and it's no harder. It's just different, and you really don't see it that much. So anyway, if you can, if you can think one and 12341234 that's the same. But now, just with the G being continually going wanted. 234123 and four. Let's put them together. See such way Samos previous form. But these three fingers never direction. 94. 101 Lesson 92 : Okay, Pattern 92. Here. We're combining 16th. Those with 16 please pattern itself. I'm always going from one to free and it's across the e string. Then d g b with the right hands ago one. I want to live in four d d c e d g e d g b e d g e d Wade base way That contrast between triplets in 16 way 95. 101 Lesson 93 : okay. 93 uses a lot of triplets, and it sounds like this. Okay, great. So you play the basement being and then dgb thumb won t for thumb. And it don't want to free one Teoh people TB and twice and wait for the gold Weigh Anything that has changed is the base want to to 96. 101 Lesson 94 : That's a 94. Okay, so e always, I think I've always going thumb one to someone to e d e a d a Dean Jean they deal with then a g e d a dean g d so that it is. That's for lead by a Dean G. Just look that round. I don't know. It's a second a d g d g b g d g b a g DJ b d b Exactly same soothe Schaffel's. 97. 101 Lesson 95 : Okay. That's a 95 Johnny Mouse with quite someone to play. What was in here? We've got a 98. 101 Lesson 96 : Okay, that was 96. Got this constant shuffle going with the base with OK? And then up on the high register strength. You always playing well, We're always playing. But you said most of this thing. So play the G, bearing in mind, always playing the bass note. On top of that, we've got G g B b. So that part smooth tricky part is when you get the next bitch got triple, triple it. The room is one and two. Triple it, triple it with shuffle going So you get See that, see to ease together on then be that G and H together twice the way. That doesn't stop that way. We've changed on a minor, but the same thing. You see that same GTO? It's hard that one, but I really like it is great fun. 99. 101 Lesson 97 : Okay. Pattern 97 is called Keep it simple. So now we're doing the shuffle with first and second thing. And it's not that common is using the shuffle like Before was with Farm. So who forget about the basement for a second? Always think. Just wanted to Under G and the B stream way Just practices. Shuffle there. 1234 to wait for the courts. G C J way constant With that constant based on 1234123123 Can actually feel really weird if you're not done before 40 0! 100. 101 Lesson 98 : Okay, 98. So this one goes. Okay, so we got that solid shuffle with the fun way for the court. So we start by playing the G and the B with the base twice. But that one on then we got this triplet, which is in the baby together. Just a g on, then the base. That's it. That doesn't disturb that shuffle to get one Luke that round, you've got it. And then just like virtually all the others would smooth. And it's got really nice, strong feel to it. That so good. Like a little bit tricky, but I'm sure you're gonna do it. 101. 101 Lesson 99 : Okay, here we are. Pattern 99. We're nearly at the end. We've covered so many finger picking batters. Now, I think it should be enough for you to work on for a little while. Hopefully, this is something that you keep coming back to in the future. I mean, I wrote this, and I know that I'll be coming back in the future. Many, many, many times. You can take you to these ideas, and you can build on them as much as you want to, but yeah, I just want to say thank you. I really do appreciate it. And I hope you call a lot from it. Anyway, this pattern goes like this. Okay, So pretty cool. One solid farm playing shuffle. Actually, that's not true. There's a little, um, mixes up a little bit more. That is different. So you play the G on the B together with a they big on to base knows. So that's one on radio one that that really rocks way. Okay, that's that. Watches to left 102. 101 Lesson 100 : Okay. Comes Patteson 100. Okay. Really know I stripped it one. Um So you go. You got that going on on top of the base, which is which is going with E string Be booth. Thanks. Way changes is the base. So restudy wants more. That's one. Just one finger picking left. 103. 101 Lesson 101 : number 101 very final finger picking way. And this is called Realities Cannon. Yes, because I stolen it from Fleetwood Mac's really great song Lind, Lindsey, Buckingham, Rehana. The Song Reality with Lindsey, Buckingham Place Something like E that I've stolen it from there. Just put it on these cords. So let's get straight on with it. So again I'm playing the gene. The view of the first and second finger I played Eastern with the B String and Jean Be Against You Get one on and two with Farm and then three assorted end of to with the farm, all fingers e g be funded bythe one and two free. That's really hard to get the base to go with these in place. Okay, so again, one and two free on a minor, we play a G and B together on then the Benny Theun I did. The be full by saying, is that that's one 34 together on then it's the same for just across the new court. The next two courts of si se GI eyes just based on this change on, then we play and again it's just the base that has changed with a minor so once with really smooth way. And that is a 100 things I just want to say Thank you so much. It has been an absolute pleasure. It really has. And I hope that you call a huge amount to work on. And I can't thank you enough. Really? Can. And do you have any problems? Any questions? What's a Please do not hesitate to contact me either. Just on the contact form. We could leave a comment below. I promise I will get back to you on. Yeah, it's been an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much. See you next time.