You’ve heard the sayings about the importance of making a good first impression. It goes a long way in job interviews, first dates, networking events—and even YouTube videos. It’s true! When your YouTube content opens with a strong intro, it’s more likely to draw viewers into what you’ve created. It also gives your videos a more professional, consistent look. On the hunt for the best YouTube intro makers out there? Look no further! Read on for a few great YouTube intro makers—free of charge! 

What Are the Best Free Online YouTube Intro Makers?

1. Canva 

Source: Canva
Among Canva’s many templates—YouTube intros! 

You may have heard of—or even used—Canva as a tool for creating social media posts, logos, presentations, and more. But did you know that you can also use it as an intro maker for YouTube? The Canva library offers all kinds of templates, each of which can be customized to your needs and aesthetic. Plus, Canva makes it super easy to create a YouTube intro

2. Adobe Spark 

Source: Adobe
Adobe is a great go-to source for all things content creation. 

No design or editing experience? No problem! Adobe Spark is a YouTube intro maker—free, online, and fun to use. In Adobe Spark, you can use a combination of images, video clips, music icons, and text to make the perfect intro for your YouTube channel

3. Introbrand 

introbrand youtube intro
Source: Introbrand
Your YouTube intros will get that professional look with Introbrand. 

Introbrand is perfect for YouTubers who envision a more simple, minimalist vibe for their intro. Within a matter of minutes, you can use the platform’s templates to nail the first impression for your audience. 

4. Invideo

Source: Invideo
Does this look easy? That’s because it is. 

Invideo bills itself as the most versatile online YouTube intro maker. You can experiment with all of these platforms and be the judge of that, but Invideo is certainly a great option for anyone who wants to use a pre-made template as the base for a one-of-a-kind intro. You can add logos, audio tracks, typography, effects, stickers and more.  

5. Panzoid

3d text intros
Source: Panziod
Use Panzoid to create YouTube intros in a wide range of styles. 

No two YouTubers are the same, which means that no two YouTube intros should be the same. Panzoid makes it simple to set yourself apart with your intro. Panzoid’s Clipmaker, Backgrounder, and Video Editor tools allow you to create intros that will perfectly match your YouTube vibe. 

6. Renderforest 

Source: Renderforest
Create animated intros using Renderforest! 

Spend a few minutes on Renderforest and you’ll realize just how much fun you can have creating a YouTube intro. This platform offers tons of animated templates that you can personalize to your tastes and preferences. No one has to know that you’re a design newbie. 

7. Clipchamp

clipchamp video editor
With Clipchamp, you can use a combination of your own media and stock images to build your intro. 

Clipchamp prides itself on offering professional-style intro videos for your YouTube without a professional price tag. With Clipchamp, you can access hundreds of royalty-free stock videos, along with many artistic filters and special effects for your intro. 

8. Placeit 

place it
Source: Placeit
Capture your audience’s attention with a bold intro from Placeit. 

Last but not least, there’s Placeit, a free YouTube intro maker that sets you up for video-editing success no matter how much—or how little—experience you have. Play around with the platform’s ample video templates, music, and more. It won’t be long before you have an intro that’s ready to impress. 

Now, Make Your Intro!

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Written by:

Alli Hoff Kosik