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How to make a super easy YouTube intro with Canva

teacher avatar Nuria Corbi Carrasco, Blogger, coach and educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. How to make a youtube intro in canva

    • 2. Things to consider

    • 3. YT intro with canva pro

    • 4. Food channel intro

    • 5. Financial channel intro

    • 6. Minimalist intro

    • 7. Final lesson1

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About This Class

In this class, we are going to learn how to make a YouTube intro very easily with Canva. A YouTube intro is an important part of your channel branding and is a great way to make a good first impression.

Please note that you will need Canva Pro which is the paid version, not the free version as mentioned in one of the videos.

No matter what your niche or topic, you will discover how to make an intro for any subject, whether you vlog about recipes, fashion, technology or finance.

I love it when I find easy ways to do something that could otherwise take hours. This way of making an intro is especially good if you're a beginner and you're not too confident with video creation.

You will be able to download your intro as an animation ready to use, or you can edit it further by adding music or sound effects.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nuria Corbi Carrasco

Blogger, coach and educator


Hello, I'm Nuria.

I'm a blogger, coach and educator and run and

I graduated in business studies in Germany and also have graphic design and teaching qualifications. I have run various businesses, one included a language teaching academy and have also run profitable e-commerce businesses. I am the owner of The Home Boss where I blog and educate people who want to start their own business from home. And Sweet Life and Lemons, a lifestyle blog about gardening and mindfulness. 

I hope you enjoy my courses and wish you every success!

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1. How to make a youtube intro in canva: how to make a super easy you trip intro with convert in this class, we're going to learn how to make a YouTube intro very easily with Convert. A YouTube intro is an important part off your channel branding and is a great way to make a good first impression. So here are a few examples off short YouTube intro videos. As you can see, they are short into the point and are designed to grab the viewers attention and let them know what your channel or video is about. I'm going to show you an easy peasy way to create an intra using canvas. You'll be surprised how easy it really is and how quickly it can be done. No matter what your niche or topic, we will discover how to make an intro for any subject. Whether you've lock about recipes, fashion technology or finance. At the end of the class, we're going to save your intro as an animation, and I encourage you to upload your intro to the course projects. I can't wait to see what you have created 2. Things to consider: things to consider before making your YouTube entry number one. Make sure you include your channel name. This'll lets people know who you are on. Familiarize is the viewer with your channels. Look and feel. Number two. Let your viewers know what your content is about. Your intro provides you with a chance to quickly let you of. You are know what to expect from this video, either by telling them what they are about to see. Or if you have a strong brand, it will help them with brand recall. Viewers will recognize your brand and reassure them that they are watching the right channel. Number three include distinctive music or even a jingle. If you use the same music consistently, viewers will associate this sound with your channel. Jingles are a form of sound branding and many podcasts. Radio stations and advertisements use jingles because they're so effective it will help make your channel stick in people's minds for years for longer number four. How long should your entry be? Your interest should only be 10 seconds or even less. In fact, the shorter the better. Studies have shown that attention spans are falling when it comes to online video content. If your intro is longer than 10 seconds, most people fast wind forward will stop watching pull together. Keep it short to keep your viewers watching Number five. Where should you place your video interest? Your interest should play within the first minute off your video. The best placement is right after a short introduction in which you tell your viewers what to expect in this video. Then play your short intro. So start by telling your viewers how you are going to help yourself a problem or the purpose off the video. Before you show your interest, this'll will increase your audience retention. So now you know what you should bear in mind. Let's jump straight into our YouTube intro video creation. 3. YT intro with canva pro: So let's start your YouTube intro creation on For that I want you to head over to can. Va dot com canvas dot com has two versions. One is the free version. On one is the pro paid version. But the free version should be absolutely fine to do your YouTube intro. So once you were alone, can va you will see this page. Andi, I want you to find the YouTube thumbnail templates. You can see it's here on the front page, but you could also just type it into the search box. So I'm sure you this so you can see that you can choose absolutely anything. You can look for anything and type it in here and find it that way. So that's quite easy. And now you can see you have your size already predetermined for you. So you don't need to worry about what size you're going to have to use. And on the left hand side, you have got all your templates. So depending on what niche you are in, if you are ah, beauty vlogger than you can use one off the beauty templates. If you log about traveling, you've got traveling templates music templates, um, tutorial templates. But really, you could use any off those templates because you can customize thumb completely. So if you like the look off any of these templates, just choose the one that you like and then play about with it on. You can customize it to fit your brand and your niche. Now let's imagine that we are making a YouTube video about traveling Onda. We can choose this travel templates are we click on it on it. It's already made for us here, So all we need to do is just customize it to fit our needs. So the title off this one is Thrifty Travels by Karen Bates. You would choose to change that to your particular brand on your particular lesion. I remember we said that it's good to include your channel name in your intro or at at least include what your video is going to be about so that you're viewers get on idea off the video that is following this. So just to show you how to change this, I am going to call this something else. So you click on the text books. Andi, we're going to change thes It's not a big change, but I'm just doing this so you can see how to do it. So I'm just going to call it The Thrifty Traveler on You can see this is far too big now, so we can change that. We can change the size off the fund, appear on at the moment. It's 116 so I'm going to go all the way down to 96. That looks much better already. I can center this books smoke, Let's see for could do this. So now looks a little bit better on we're also going to change the name here. You could put your own name or you could write a tagline. Whatever you think, you can absolutely use this space for anything you think is good for your channel. So I'm just going to change this to Susan Paris just so you can see how to do that. I know it's not a big change, but I just want you to familiarize yourself with Canada, just in case you haven't used it before. If you have used it before, you probably know how to do all this. But just for those of you who are not familiar with is it's very easy. You just click on any element that you want to choose to customize. So now we've changed the wording and the text. You could also forgot to tell you you could also change the fund up here, and you've got lots of funds to to choose from on. You can even choose the color off the text up here so you could choose a darker violet for the name, or you could just keep it wide. I'll show you something else that I would like to do later. And I want to change the color off this background. As you can see, this particular template has been divided into two parts on that has been done by using a photograph. If I move this to one side, you can see that's a photo, and it has simply bean overlapped with a shape. I show you how to do that later, but because this template is already done for us, I'm just going to use what we have here on. Just changed the colors on also going to change this photo. So I'm going to start by deleting this. So I click on the photo on I click the little garbage or been appear Andi delete image. So now I have to choose an image on for that. I head over to photos on. I can type in whatever I'm looking for thumb for. Want them to show me traveling photos. I would type in travel and I get a selection of photos. I already did that before, and I fused this particular photo before. So I'm going to select that, and all I have to do now is to fit it in the space where the other photo waas and doing this. Now it's in the space where the photo waas, but obviously now it's covering our text. So to change that, I'm going to position appear on the right hand side. Andi. I click on backward and I click on backwards again and again until all off the other elements have come on top on Do nothing is covered boots. I didn't mean to do that. So all I have to do is to click on backwards until all the other elements have come forward . Andi, this picture has now replaced the picture that we had before. The other thing I want to do from a design point of view. I want to bring these two images together. So as you can see, there is a big purple um, element here. But there's no purple reflected in the photograph, and it's always a good idea to pick a complementary color or colors that is already present in the photo on reflected in your text or in your in other areas off your design. So we've got a nice red here, Um, I've got a blue. We've got different greys. I think I'm going to choose this kind of red because I think I quite like the brightness off it. So let's try and see what that would look like. So, first of all, I'm clicking on the space with the purple color, and you can see there's a little square that comes up on the top, and if we click on that, that allows us to change the color from purple into another color. So I've already got some brand colors here, which you can choose, but you could also click on this section here and choose your own color. I've already got some colisee, and I think this color here is pretty similar to the color off the tee shirt. Thea. Other way you could do that is there's a little tool called Google Color Pick, which I've got installed up here. It's something that you can put into Google Chrome as an extension on. That is a really handy little to for any design project. Because you click on that, Andi. Then you click on any area where you want to know what color that is. For example, if I wanted to know what this blue color is exactly, I can click on that. But I want to find out this red site. Click on the red and it's given me the hex color for this particular shade. So now I can copy this. I can go. I can head over here to my I think up. What I will do is I will click these off first. I was can get very confusing, you see, And then I can head over here on as you know, I've copied the hex color. I can paste it there on that is now the exact color off thes stripes in this T shirt that has been packed away in the suitcase. You can see it's now much better design because it ties in the colors. You could also do that. For example, if you wanted to change the color off the text here on change Susan Paris into into this blue. You could do that. I show you again just so you know how to do it, you click on color picker, click on the blue. You can copy paste the hex color click this off on. Then you click on the color that you want to change, which would be the text that's here. And then we we go on. If you remember, this is the first box you click that to do your own to find your own color. Andi, I paced the color in there, so that would be the blue that is reflected here in the genes. So I don't think it looks as good as the white, but it's just to show you how you can do that. I will change it back to the white. I think Prefer that. So not a lot clearer. So this is how easy it is to make your YouTube intro. You're going to say Hang on a minute This isn't an intro. There's no moving image, no moving parts. How come this is an intro? It's only an image. This is where the easy part comes in. We're going to download these as an animation, and how we do that is we go over here onto the top right hand side and click on download on . There is another drop down feature, which allows us to choose how we want to download the image Weaken, downloaded as a pink file as a Jay Pek file as a PdF as a video even. But we want to choose animation, so that means we will downloaded as an MP four or a gift. So we click on that on Now it's given giving us different animation styles that we can choose. So if you click on Fade, it will give us this animation. If we click on Pan, it's this kind of animation block is not really very animated at all, but I guess it just sort of brings up the image quickly. Rice has this effect breathe again, not too much of an animation, but it still has a some movement on. This is my very favorite slide, which has a lot of movement and it's perfect for interests. Show you that again. There you go on. That's your intro already to be uploaded to YouTube. Now, the way you would do that is you. When you do your YouTube video on dure, you are editing it in your video editor. You can add the's intro, ideally in the first minute off your video, and ideally, the way you want to do that is to have some sort of introduction in your video where you tell people what your video is going to be about or you tell them who you are. You introduce your video on what your viewers are about to see, and then you slide in your intro so that it's still within the first minute off your whole YouTube video. But just after a quick introduction to what your viewers are going to see, so see how easy this is. It really couldn't be any easier to make a quick introductory. Ah, quick intro for your YouTube video on. I'm going to show you a few other ways to do that. But this is really the most simple and easiest way on. If you're familiar with can ver. It would be very, very easy for you to do. But even if you're not familiar with can VA, you can quickly figure this out on Bond. Be super quick about making your interest for YouTube, but I'll show you a few other ways to do it. 4. Food channel intro: So let's make another YouTube intro. On this time. We will use a different template, so we go back to our YouTube. Some nail templates. Andi. Once it's loaded, we head over to the left on peak. A nice tempered that we like the look off on. Let's imagine this time that we are a food vlogger. Let's have a look at this template here. There are three available that we can choose. Andi. I think this one looks quite nice. Let's try this one. So if we have making videos about food, that should be reflected in our template. So let's have a look at some photographs that are suitable for a food video. So what type in food? Let's see what comes up. Got some lovely dishes here. I think we will replace this picture with this picture here. So what I'm trying to do some fitting it into where the picture waas, That's that. Okay, um, the picture off this flower doesn't really suit our intro, so we'll get rid of that and we'll replace it with something else. Let's go on to elements on elements. As you can see, there's different things included in elements you have stickers, you have little logo's. You can work with grades and charts. Let's take a look at the stickers. I like them because some of thumb move, and that's quite interesting. When you're making an intro, the more moving elements you have, the more interesting it makes the interest. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to get rid off this flower on. Instead, I'm going to choose a little sticker that has something to do with food. So what have we got? We've got a hot dog there that's type in food and see what comes up. Okay, so there are lots off stickers here, but they're not moving on. Ideally, we wanted something that moves. So look up back on. I think what I will do. Yes, I will try this little ice cream. Um, well, make it a little bit smaller on will place it here. Roughly where the flower waas. I'm not actually too happy with this because the colors really don't go. Um, so let's see if we can find something a little bit more suitable. Although I really like that. I like the little ice cream. Um, OK, so we'll get rid of this fund will try a chicken leg instead. So let's try this. Okay, may not be perfect, but really, this video is all about showing you how you can do these things on. You could find the time to look through this on find something far more suitable. Oh, actually, I just found something. Let's get rid off this. Let's try this little chili pepper. That's more like it. That fits in with our theme. That looks quite quite nice there. Andi, let's write something different in this text books. So let's pretend we are you tubing about food and we could call it the spicy fiction. Um, I'm not quite sure I like the fund so we can change that. Andi, we'll try this one. Satisfy, See what that looks like. That looks quite nice. I think I will make that bigger. You know how to do that? Now, by changing the fund size on, we can place the writing where we like to see it. And I like the writing to be centered so I could do that by clicking here on this was center. You're writing. You can either align it to the right hand side to the left hand side or to the center, so we'll keep it in the center. I think on we're going to add the text box so we'll go here and we just want to add our name or Houthis Channel belongs to the spicy kitchen is probably the channel name Onda. We can add the name off the YouTube, uh, Tom with Tom Walker and we can change the fund again. She's something that matches the other fund. You can actually look up fund combinations on Google, where you can find ideas for different funds that go very well together. So I'm going to keep it like this. I'm going to increase the fund a little bit. It's important to keep your name quite clear and prominent. Andi, I do want to change this picture here on day. I think I will add another photo. Let's see if we can find something suitable for that. We can include in that corner. I think I will take this on. We will just put it right to the end. Like this Aunt Thea. Other thing we can do is change the background so we can either change it to a color. All we can download another photograph with a background that's quite easily done. A show you how you can click photos on you condone click background, for example. Paper. Um, so now you've got your paper backgrounds. We could choose this type of background, I think would be quite nice on. We make it fit the whole screen on. Then we have to send it back so that the other elements come forward. So we'll click back until everything appears and that's it. I think there we are. So now we've got another YouTube interest that we can use. Let's see what this would look like once we animate it. So we're going to download on. We choose animation on Let's Try the Block animation style, which is not to, um, it's quite simple on my favorite, the sliding one. I still really like that one most out of all of them. So I think we will download this one. Once we've done that, I will show you another way to create an intro 5. Financial channel intro: So now I quickly want to show you how you can change any off these templates. Too much, any niche? So we've just created this intro for the spicy Kitchen on. We're going to use this exact template to create an intro for a finance youtuber. So it's a completely different niche. We're going from cooking to dealing with finances and the stock market. Andi, it's a completely different look. But just to show you that this can be done with any template, we're going to use this one to demonstrate that. So the first thing I will do is I'll go to photos. Andi. I search for images that are finance related. So I've typed in finance up here on I've got all the images that relate to finance. So already I can see a few that I'm interested in. I want to use this image as a background eso. I think I will try this dark blue one that looks quite attractive on. I'm going to use that as a background. So I want to put that right over everything. Um, sigh. I extend this to feel the whole space on as usual. Now we need to bring back Theo elements that we had under that that are now underneath this image. So we click backward, backward, backward as many times as we need to click it until we've got all the elements. So now we've got all these elements here. We off course want to get rid off this chili because that has nothing to do with finance. So we delete that we need to change this picture, and I think I will get rid off this sticky tape that's holding the image in place because again, that doesn't really say finance to me. So we'll get rid of that. The image is fine, but we'll get rid off this frame on. We'll just keep the image. But what we'll do is we'll replace this image with something that's finance related, and I quite like this one. Um, so we'll try on make this fit. There you go. So we've got a new image off a man who's thinking off lots off money. We need to change our text as well. On I think what we will call this channel. Let's think of something financial. Maybe we'll call it the stock market. Goumri, I know you probably think that's a terrible idea, but it's just to demonstrate what you can actually do now. I need to change the color. Let's make that white. And we definitely need to change the fund. We need something that looks, ah, lot more technical and a lot more finance E if that's a word, so let's have a look. Does that look a little bit better? I'm making this bigger. I don't really want this to be lopsided, so we're straightening it. I think I may put this under here. We definitely don't want this picture, so I'll delete that. But I think it needs something as I'm going to move this picture. Teoh the top a little bit on. We need to add something. So I'm going to go to the elements Sexual. Actually, before I do that are just quickly, um, change the color off this. I think we can probably leave that name there. Tom Walker. Not only does he do a cooking channel, but he also does ah, financial channel. So this, as I said, this is just to demonstrate to you what you can do. But obviously you can choose whatever images, whatever funds, whatever sizes you can place it anywhere you like. You are in charge and you can create your own YouTube intro. I'm just showing you where you can find things, Aunt. How to do it on the rest is up to you on. I must say that it's actually quite a lot of fun. So I hope you enjoy this process on you. Try all sorts of different things. So, yes, we need to add something on this side. It's looking a little bit empty, so I'm going to go to elements. Andi, I'm going to have a look at my stickers. But this time I'm going to type in finance. And hopefully they may not be anything suitable that we will try and see what we can find. Um, so there is quite a lot here. We can use a dollar sign, but I think we've already got a lot of dollars appear as far as I can see. There's no moving sticker. Um, and as you know, I quite like the moving stickers because they help to animate your intro. So I'm not quite sure I like any of thes. I think I will go back to elements on May be true. Something else. There are Childs here. They're quite interesting. Let's have a look how this would look. I think that is definitely getting a bit lost in the designs so quickly. Delete that there's a pie chart. We've already got one up here. Let's see what what weaken Make with this. This might be quite interested because don't forget that any off these things that we're adding now they will become animated when you download this as an animation. So this will be another feature that will be or another element off this whole design that will be animated. So the more animation you want, the more images off, the more elements you can add to this design so we could keep it like this on. It's actually telling us we can fill this out. I'm not quite sure. I think I'll go back on this, so let's see what else we've got here that we could use. We've got Grady INTs. Grady ins are quite interesting when you want to underline something all make some things stand out. So let's click on all so we can have a look at all the great Deion's. There's nothing that immediately shouts finance at me because finances usually something that is very technical looking straight lines I wouldn't exactly use squiggly lines or things that aren't clearly defined. So I think maybe something like this, um and we could make this larger, Andi, I'd bring this photo forward so that it's over this Grady int on I would actually like this to be bigger and cover the whole, um, the whole name. Maybe if I put it in this position, I need to make it a bit bigger. Maybe I take it right up to the top. It just gives this a little bit more. And I think I would bring the lettering. Forwards are take this bag so that the let us come forward. Andi, I think we need something over here. I'm actually looking at this picture and I don't like it s so please feel free to just change your design as you go along. I'm going to erase that Andi delete image. Andi, I'm actually going to delete the whole thing, so I prefer this kind of Look on. Now I'm going back, Teoh. Why elements and let's see what else we can find. We could add some icons. Um, we could add some social media. That's always a good thing. Um, actually, as a financial youtuber, that would be a really good idea. Um, so let's click on all. So let's pick some nice social media icons that we can use will use. Maybe Facebook on bond, Twitter if possible, or YouTube all. Anything we can see. That's interesting. Let's have a look. Um, here we are. So there's a Facebook one. I'll use this one. Hopes already there will make that a bit smaller on. I think I'll put this in this corner over here. Andi then will also use a Twitter icon if I can find it. Um, ex. Slightly different of the one of Cho's No. Was like to choose the same design. Um, we'll use this little bird for Twitter that I could go here. I would like them to be the same, actually, so that doesn't look too great at the moment. I'll get rid of this Facebook one. Maybe this round one looks a little bit more in line with the Twitter icon. Let's do this on. I'll put this one underneath and then I'll add textbooks. Um, which means that I can add my Facebook name Deuce and said, Look, we'll do this and we'll just add Facebook. Don't calm, stuck, locate good with and will change the fund to something a little bit more. We want something a little bit that's less less curvy. Something like that. Okay, so that's our Facebook address here, and we need the same for Twitter. Um, so the way we copy that is we duplicated on We put it here. But then obviously, we were change our twitter handle. Send This is time. Don't comb. Stop Market guru. So we pretend this is a real Facebook address on Twitter address K, Let's put the stock market guru title over there on will change this. This over here. Now, this design could be a lot better. I just wanted to show you quickly how you can use the same template for completely different niches. So I'm just going to check and see what this would look like. Animated. So I go and download Andi, click on animation. Let's have a look. And this is the slide. Okay. I think what we need to change is if you can see we've still got the background from our last animation, so we need to get rid off that. So let's see if I can pushes to one side. And then I click on the paper background we had there. I click on the lead, so that's now deleted. I can push this back to weigh it. Waas Andi, Let's try the animation again and thats much better now. So this is another animation that you can use or you could actually use. Maybe the rise animation style that might be a little bit better for this kind of niche. Um, pulls a pan all the block, which is very quick, quite like that, actually, like this one for the finance video. So there's your ready made YouTube intro for a financial video with a completely different look, but using exactly the same template that we've used before. How easy was that 6. Minimalist intro: in this class. I want to show you how you can create a YouTube intro with convert. But in this case, we're not going to use a template, and we're just going to use other elements that are available in Canada. So the first thing to do is to head over to our YouTube thumbnail. And the reason we're doing that is because we need the dimensions the size to be that off a YouTube thumbnail so that it converts into ah YouTube intro. So now we've got our blank page here, So we're going to head over to elements. Andi, we're going to choose some shapes. So we've got circles, we've got squares, any shapes that we want and I'm going to choose a square to start with. So now we can make it into a rectangle on. I want this YouTube intro to be very minimalistic on. Very simple. Just to have something different Eso I'm going to create erect a long rectangle there, but I'm going to copy it and place another one underneath. Maybe I can even off set it a little bit. Okay, Andi, Now we want to add a text books Onda, we want to add a heading on the heading will be name off our YouTube channel. So let's pretend that we have, ah, YouTube channel about lifestyle, maybe minimalism, maybe organizing your home. So we want a nice, feminine looking but very minimalistic YouTube interest. So let's call it my simple life. I'm going to customize this a little bit by maybe increasing the fund. Uh, I think it s biggest possible. That's a big better on. I want to change the color off the background. Let's just move this to one side to find that easier on. I'm going to pick this lovely coral color, but what about it is I'm going to give it some transparency so that it's not too harsh on now. I'm going to center my text and then I'm going to do the same, but use a different color with the bottom rectangle on and a nice color that might go with the justice tope color. And again, I'm going to give it a slight transparency. Maybe a bit more. That's fine Onda. Again, I'm adding text, adding a subheading, so that would be our tagline. You could use a tagline. You could use anything to describe what your channel is about or what the video is about that you're introducing. So in this case, I think I will call. I will just at the YouTubers name. So this could be please on a ray. Andi, I can make this a little bit bigger. That's well, I quite like the black coloring. So I think I will keep it like this. You could leave it as it is and let's see what that would look like as an animation. Let's have a look quickly con download on and animation and then try different effects to see what you like on. And they're all quite nice again. Ice. I really like this slide or the block animation on. I think in this instance, the block animation is probably the best one, so we could leave it here and just have this at the intro. But obviously you can add things to make it more interesting. Anything you add will then be animated, so it could look quite quite busy. If you want something minimalistic, then I would stick to what you have right here, but then we can have a look and see what else we can add elements is always a good ah, good place to go to when you want to add certain things. Now, if this is a lifestyle blawg, maybe we could add something to do with lifestyle. Let's see if we type that in if anything comes up. So yes, there could be it could be sports. It could be if you into decorating. If you're channel is about home d call and decorating, you could choose something that would tie in with that. So I'm not quite sure we've got anything here. But, for example, you could use something like this. If you're a health you to bunk. Um, if you're into exercise, this would be quite nice. Let's try and see what this looks like. Let's see what this would look like animated. So I think this looks quite nice as well, so I think we're going to leave it here. You know what to do next. You can create absolutely anything with shapes or with the's elements that you can use. You've got so many things to choose from. You could create an intro using charts. You can create an interest just with stickers alone. You've got your text that you need to add Andi. There is absolutely no limit to your imagination. You could do anything with Can Va Aunt create an absolutely stunning YouTube intro? So I hope this has helped you. Andi, if you watch my next lesson, we will just recap what we've learned. Ondas Always Please don't hesitate Toe ask anything and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 7. Final lesson1: Now you know how to make a really easy YouTube entrant in Can va. Using templates on elements and you know how to access images to use in your designs. Remember the points we learned in one off our previous lessons, which were to include your channel name on DTA. Brand your intro. Consistently. You can choose free music from YouTube's own audio library toe. Add to your intro. Keep your color is consistent with your brand on. Remember to place your intro within the first minute off your video, so we have created an intro for a traveling channel, Onda. We have created an intro for a food channel on. Then we also used the same template that we used for the Food Channel on Created, a Financial Channel intro and The Last one Waas, a minimalistic intro, which is idea for a lifestyle blogger or anyone that requires a very simple intro for their YouTube video. So I hope you have enjoyed the lessons on I really enjoyed teaching. You'll Onda hope that you will now make your own intro. I'm really looking forward to seeing your designs, so I encourage you to upload them to the project area so that we can all have a look on and compare. Andi. It'll be amazing to see how many different designs people can come up with. So I really hope this has helped Andi. There's nothing left for me to say other than thank you very much for attending the class. Andi, I hope to see you very soon. Thank you.