Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to display photos and preserve your favorite memories. Not to mention, it’s incredibly therapeutic. There are countless fun ways to use different kinds of materials, create elaborate themes, and even make interactive scrapbook pages. To help you get inspired, we’ve put together 40 scrapbooking ideas. You’ll find examples of scrapbooks with different formats, cover page designs, layout options, and tons of other scrapbook decoration ideas. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned crafter, there’s something for everyone. 

Let’s dive in! 

DIY Scrapbook Ideas

There’s really no right way to scrapbook—you may prefer to purchase a ready-made journal with blank pages to fill with your memories, or you may want to take a more DIY approach and make everything from scratch. If the latter sounds like fun, try some of the DIY photo scrapbook ideas below. 

1. Mini Scrapbook

tiny folding scrapbook
Mini scrapbook via Tranae Harris 

This adorable mini scrapbook is made from just one piece of cardstock and can hold up to 10 photos. It’s small enough to carry in your wallet and flip through whenever you need a pick-me-up. Learn how to make it here

2. Magic Photo Star

star folding scrapbook
Magic photo star via Monja Wessel 

This creative mini-photo album opens up into a star and can be turned inside out to reveal up to 24 photos. Learn how to make it here

3. Paper Bag Scrapbook

pull out folding scrapbook
Source: instagram
Paper bag scrapbook via @scrapndownmemorylane

Who knew brown paper bags make such cute scrapbooks? You can even create little inserts to place inside the bags—tie a ribbon for easy retrieval and use them to display more photos or store small mementos.

4. Binder Ring Scrapbook

ring binder scrapbook
Source: instagram
Binder ring scrapbook via @laylekoncar

One of the easiest ways to create a DIY scrapbook is to simply collect your pages, hole punch them, and use binder rings to hold them together. Your scrapbook can be as thin or as thick as you’d like, and you can always go back and remove or add more pages later. 

5. Tag Album

little tag scrapbook
Source: instagram
Tag album via @claire_scrap

Like the binder ring idea but only have one ring? No problem! Use it to hold these adorable little tags. Just like the mini scrapbook, you can carry this tag album with you everywhere you go! 

Scrapbook Cover Ideas

Whether you’re buying a ready-made journal or making your own, every scrapbook needs a stunning cover page that reflects its theme or occasion. Here are some fun ideas. 

6. Geometric Shapes

hexagon scrapbook page
Source: instagram
Geometric shapes on a scrapbook cover via @kiddy__krafts

Show off your scrapbooking paper collection by cutting out little shapes and displaying them on the front cover of your scrapbook. Hexagons work really well, but you can also try circles, triangles, or squares.

7. 3D Flowers

3d flowers
Source: instagram
3D flowers on a scrapbook cover via @kraft___hub

These gorgeous paper flowers add so much depth and dimension. Try making flowers, or any other 3D elements, really, to take your cover page to the next level. 

8. Painted Cover

scrapbook on an easel
Source: instagram
Painted scrapbook cover via

If you happen to also love drawing or painting, why not show off your skills on the cover of your scrapbook? If you’re making a scrapbook as a gift, this will add an extra meaningful touch. 

9. Pressed Flowers

pressed flower on scarpbook
Source: instagram
Pressed flowers on a scrapbook cover via @_nufais

Bring back memories of summer by displaying delicate pressed flowers on the cover page. This scrapbooker even added a gorgeous doily to complement them. 

10. Sequin Pocket

sequins on scrapbook
Source: instagram
Sequin pocket on a scrapbook cover via @soulify_creationz

Add a bit of dimension to your cover page with a layer of sequins. The sequins are trapped in a pocket behind a clear sheet of plastic, so they move around freely as you shake and turn the scrapbook. 

11. Embroidery Hoop

pink scrapbook
Source: instagram
Embroidery hoop on a scrapbook cover via @twisted_cartoons

Elevate your scrapbook’s cover page by stitching letters or a design with yarn. Then, affix an embroidery hoop on top to give the illusion that the needlework is still in the hoop.

Scrapbook Layout Ideas

If you’ve always thought that scrapbooking is just gluing photos to a page and sticking on some decorations, you’re in for a treat. Scrapbooks can actually be quite interactive! You can use paper to make pockets, envelopes, pop-ups, hidden messages, and lots more. Here are just a few fun layout ideas to try. 

12. Pockets

scrapbook with pocket in it
Source: instagram
Scrapbook layout with pockets via @craftyroshni

Make little pockets throughout your scrapbook by leaving the top edge of the paper unglued. You can use them to hold more photos, descriptions to accompany photos, or even cute little messages. 

13. Waterfall Photos

christmas scrapbook page
Source: instagram
Scrapbook layout with waterfall photos via @karolinaskrafts

Have lots of photos that go together but not enough space on the page? One option is to make a waterfall photo display. The photos will be hidden when laid flat, but when you pull on the tab at the bottom, they’ll flip up one by one like a waterfall. 

14. Mini Accordion Book

accordion booklet inside scrapbook
Source: instagram
Scrapbook layout with a mini accordion book via @susan_ell5

Another option is to make a mini accordion book. Add as many photos as you’d like, then fold them up and keep the little book closed with some ribbon, yarn, or even a magnet. 

15. Pop-up Photos

valentines day spread
Source: instagram
Scrapbook layout with pop-up photos via @karolinaskrafts

Did you love pop-up books as a child? You can use a similar principle to make your photos pop off the page. They’ll lay flat when the scrapbook is folded and pop up when you open it. 

16. Hidden Photos

scrapbook with hidden photos
Source: instagram
Scrapbook layout with hidden photos via @go_handcraft

Some photos are meant to be experienced in order. Save the best for last by hiding them behind a gate fold with a ribbon or a napkin fold. You can even write a little surprise message on the inside of the folds.  

17. Envelopes

scrapbook with envelopes
Source: instagram
Scrapbook layout with envelopes via @thepaperglory

If you’d like to include certain mementos in your scrapbook but don’t like the idea of gluing them permanently to the page, envelopes will be your best friend. Use them to store photos, notes, coins, tickets, or other things of that nature. 

18. Sliding Overlays

scrapbook with slides
Source: instagram
Scrapbook layout with a sliding overlay via @denine2

Maximize the space on your photo scrapbook page by creating a sliding overlay. The number 1 in this example sits on a transparent sheet that’s wrapped around the page and can slide from left to right. When you’re done looking at the photo, you can slide the overlay to the right and read the accompanying text. 

Simple Scrapbook Ideas

If you’re after a more minimalist look and feel, or you just need a few simple spreads to break up the interactive ones, check out the quick and easy layout ideas below. 

19. Photo Grid

photogrid page
Source: instagram
Scrapbook page with a photo grid via @denine2

Photo grids are the perfect way to display multiple photos that follow the same theme. In this example, they are all birthday photos from different years. You can draw the grid, use paper strips, or use twine like this scrapbooker.

20. Pocket Pages

poclet pages
Source: instagram
Scrapbook with pocket pages via @leilani_scraps

Using pocket pages is one of the easiest ways to create a scrapbook. Simply cut rectangles of scrapbooking paper that will fit into each pocket and decorate them with photos, messages, quotes, and stickers. It’s a foolproof way to put together a neat and cohesive scrapbook. 

21. One a Day

fold out page
Source: instagram
Scrapbook page with one-a-day photos via @mamarubioxo

Taking photos regularly is a great way to track how things change over time. If you are putting together a baby scrapbook, for example, sharing one photo a day for a month will illustrate the baby’s growth—something that’s so easy to miss in the chaos of everyday life. 

22. One a Month

lots of photos
Source: instagram
Scrapbook page with once-a-month photos via @mrsscrapandplan

Unlike babies, you probably don’t change much over the course of one month, but taking one photo a month for a year can be much more telling. The photos don’t have to necessarily show physical changes—simply looking back at what mood you were in, who you were with, and where the photo was taken will help you get a snapshot of your entire year. 

23. Polaroid Photos

polaroid photos
Scrapbook page with polaroid photos via Mei-Ying Chow 

Polaroid photos are perfect for scrapbooking because they have a built-in space for captions. If you’re hoping to achieve a minimalist aesthetic, just using polaroids alone is a great option. Don’t have a Polaroid or Instax camera? No problem! Making your own Polaroid pictures is fun, easy, and a lot cheaper. Watch this class to learn how. 

24. Recipe Scrapbook

recipe book
Source: instagram
A recipe scrapbook page via @cocoa_daisy

Our favorite memories don’t just exist in the form of photos, mementos, and stories. Sometimes, memories are associated with a certain dessert or a special meal. Preserve this memory by including a recipe page in your scrapbook. You can sprinkle in recipes that match the time period or theme of your scrapbook or even make an entire scrapbook dedicated to recipes alone. 

Vintage Scrapbook Page Ideas

Scrapbooking is meant to preserve memories and invoke feelings of nostalgia. What better way to do this than with a vintage theme? Use it for a few spreads in your scrapbook or go ahead and make the whole thing vintage-inspired! 

25. Warm Neutral Colors

vintage style
Source: instagram
Vintage scrapbook with warm neutral colors via @_kraft_plaza_

Use yellowed paper, old newspaper clippings, and desaturated colors to give your scrapbook an old, worn-out look and feel. You can even use a filter before you print your photos to give them a vintage vibe. 

26. Cursive Writing

vintage style
Source: instagram
Vintage scrapbook with cursive writing via @emilys_ephemeral_journal

Pretend you don’t have access to a computer and printer—hand write everything in cursive. If you do want to include some print, use stamps or clippings from old newspapers, tickets, and labels. 

27. Wax Seal Stamps

vintage style collage
Source: instagram
Vintage scrapbook with wax seal stamps via @emilys_ephemeral_journal

Using a wax seal stamp is a wonderful way to attach papers, twine, lace, or feathers to your scrapbook photo page. It will reliably hold things in place and look perfectly vintage. 

28. Florals

vintage style
Source: instagram
Vintage scrapbook with florals via @smiles4miles_lk

Use floral decorations, drawings, cutouts, and pressed flowers to give your scrapbook a dreamy vintage aesthetic. 

Couple Scrapbook Ideas

Few anniversary gifts are more meaningful than a scrapbook that documents your adventures together. Here are some cute scrapbook ideas for couples. 

29. Photo Booth Strip

photobooth photos
Source: instagram
Couple scrapbook with a photo booth strip via @craftsbysaap

At one point or another, you may have dragged your partner into a carnival photo booth for that perfectly timed kissing shot. If so, that photo strip would look perfect in your couple scrapbook. And if not, you can just as easily make a pseudo photo strip for the same effect. 

30. Quotes About Love

couples scrapbook
Source: instagram
Couple scrapbook with quotes about love via @handmades_by_tanya

They may be corny, but they’ll bring a smile to your partner’s face. Besides, no one else needs to see your couple scrapbook, so go ahead and overload it with cuteness. 

31. Personal Messages

couple scrapbook
Source: instagram
Couple scrapbook with a personal message via @its_craftilicious

Sometimes, generic quotes aren’t enough to express how much you appreciate your partner. In those cases, be sure to include a personal message (or a few) that’s meant just for them.  

32. Comic Strip

couple scrapbook
Source: instagram
Couple scrapbook with a comic strip via @shannonthibault

Have you ever come across a cute comic strip and thought, “That sounds just like us!”? Go ahead and add it into your scrapbook. And if you’re not one to browse newspapers and tear-off calendars for comic strips, why not make your own?

33. Date Night

page with reciepts
Source: instagram
Couple scrapbook with date night mementos via @katbuns_art

Have a special date night you want to cherish forever? Be sure to save any tickets or receipts from it so you can add them to your scrapbook later. 

Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

You didn’t take all those beautiful wedding photos for nothing! Display them in a scrapbook, along with other mementos from the big day, in a way that reflects your love and commitment to each other. 

34. 3D Wedding Dress

wedding page
Source: instagram
Wedding scrapbook cover with 3D wedding dress via @heavenlyhandmades4u

This gorgeous cover features a simple illustration of a bride and groom, but take a closer look at the bride—her dress and veil are made with real tulle, her hair is made with yarn, and her flowers are made with sequins and beads. 

35. Invitations and Other Mementos

wedding page
Source: instagram
An invitation in a wedding scrapbook via @messydeskdontcare

Of course, wedding photos are a must for your scrapbook, but what about other mementos? Feel free to include a copy of your invitations, menu, table cards, and other stationery. You can even include a pressed flower from the bride’s bouquet and fold your vows into little pockets in the scrapbook. 

36. First Dance Song Lyrics

wedding page
Source: instagram
Lyrics to the first dance song in a wedding scrapbook via @colourinne

Your first dance as a married couple is a special moment you’ll always remember. Relive that moment every time you flip through your wedding scrapbook by writing out some of the lyrics of the song you danced to. 

Travel Scrapbook Ideas

We don’t always get the chance to visit the same destination twice. Luckily, you can document the experience in a travel scrapbook and flip through it whenever you’re feeling nostalgic. It’s much cheaper than booking a plane ticket!

37. Travel Map

map of india
Source: instagram
A travel scrapbook page with a map via @craftastique

Show off all the destinations you visited in a single trip by featuring them on a map. These can be cities in a country or even just attractions in a single city. Include a picture of what each destination looked like and connect it to the corresponding place on the map. 

38. Travel Route

page about driving
Source: instagram
A travel scrapbook page showing the travel route via @inezzieshandmade

The journey is often just as much fun as the destination. Highlight the journey on a map by marking your starting place, the end destination, and the route you took. These travelers used a piece of twine to mark the route and even included a few road trip photos. 

39. Restaurant Napkin

travel page
Source: instagram
A travel scrapbook page with a restaurant napkin via @jo.nalinks

Restaurants often have branded paper napkins. If you visit one you particularly like during a trip, feel free to grab a spare napkin to include in your travel scrapbook later. 

40. Tickets

travel page with tickets
Source: instagram
A travel scrapbook page with train tickets via @catvloguje

Traveling abroad involves a lot of public transport—planes, trains, buses, and ferries. Hold on to your tickets and include them in your travel scrapbook to help preserve the memories. 

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