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Create a Photo Mini Album with Scrapbooking Paper

teacher avatar Monja Wessel, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. 00 Start

    • 2. 01 Materials Scrapbooking Paper

    • 3. 02 Instruction Scrapbooking Paper

    • 4. 03 Material own Paper

    • 5. 04 Instruction own Paper

    • 6. 05 Project

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About This Class

Preserving your Memories is definitely worth your time and effort. Time goes by so quickly. How beautiful is it to look back at holidays or vacations you've spend with your loved ones, your wedding or the birth of your first child?

That is what this Scrapbooking Mini-Album is for. It's something you hopefully cherish for a lifetime and moreover after those you created it for are long gone. Until that day you hopefully take it out of the cupboard numerous times and let memories revive - together. A photo album is not just about the pictures but also about the stories around them.

And once you look at the pictures the memories come up again and together you reminisce about the time. There is not much which is more full-filling and not many ways you can spend your day in a better way.

It is not only a fantastic gift for someone who matters most to you but also something which has been created by yourself.

In this Course we create this beautiful Mini-Album in two ways.

First, we will use 12x12 inch Scrapbooking Paper and add beautiful scrapbooking layouts to the album as its pictures.


In the second part of the course we will grab digital scrapbooking paper, print it on our home printer and use that to create a beautiful Mini-Album - without much hassle and most probably with lots of the material you already have at home!


In any case - at the end you'll have created something extra-special, something you'll always look back at and most probably you had a wonderful day creating this album with your loved one. Yes, kids, friends, family members - they all can help creating this beautiful Mini-Photo-Album!

Meet Your Teacher

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Monja Wessel

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



As a Graphic Designer, Artist and Illustrator I enjoy all things creative. I love designing and modern memory keeping (aka scrapbooking) as well as video creation, editing and taking photos. I'm also a teacher so it felt natural to me to create online courses and combine all my passions.

In my classes I focus on creating courses you can follow easily. You will have a finished project once you have completed the class.

To me, learning starts when I can pick you up where you are right now and help you discover why you mostly want to conquer the topic I'm teaching you.

I create my courses carefully so you can easily follow through but if you are stuck at any time you are welcome to write me so I can help you overcome the obstacle.

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1. 00 Start: in this course, we're going to create too many albums. So 1st 1 which I'm showing you here, is created with papers we have previously created in affinity. Designer. You can check out our YouTube shell if you're interested in that. So under this, the mini album with two magnets where you can when you can click them together and want to do that, you can't just turn it around. And actually you can put up to 24 photos into your album. Then you can look at them, of course, and turn it around Onda. So you have mawr areas where you can add your beautiful pictures. I've also created a second mini album, which is a little bit bigger because I have used riel scrapbooking paper. This is not made by ourselves, but it's made out off scrapbooking paper. I have bought a bottle set on. Then I turned into this mini album. I'm going to show you how to do that as well. There are different spices for Bro's albums, but basically they look the same so you can choose what paper you use, whether one you have bought or you've created yourself or printed from your digital scrapbooking kit. Lastly, I want to introduce myself. My name is Mona and I'm own off. Did you design resort? And there we sell beautiful ditches scrapbooking kids, you can create thes products from and you can also use them to preserve your memories. Personally, I have the site. No, since to seldom ate and relief me, it was a roller coaster. We have had very good times. We have had bad times where we get hacked and so on. And along the way I have learned tons off things which I can teach you. Now that is what I do in the academia. Owns aside. We have beautiful creative projects there. But I also show you how to become a great digital designer. But you can figure that out on your own, have a look at the side and enjoy all the free material we have there for you. 2. 01 Materials Scrapbooking Paper: So, first of all, let's check what material we're going to need for this mini album. As you can see here, I haven't used the paper. We created this. So one for later, I used this paper which I bought in a pretty cool set off 48 sheets. This is 12 by 12. Of course s usual digital scrapbooking paper. Usual scrapbooking paper, actually on. Do you need four designs and two pieces off each? The cool thing off thes papers is that it has different designs on each side. So when I turned it around, you can see that it has a different design. So that looks pretty cool. Later in the hour when you need a paper Qatar and folder on off course, you need a schism as set square A T's of tape at south, which evasive magnets 3. 02 Instruction Scrapbooking Paper: first we need to get the foundation right. I know it looks complicated that I promised. It is actually not so. First rep your piece of paper, your scrapbooking paper in 12 by 12 end Andi Now we need to fold it or cut it into pieces off seven centimeters. We start by fooling the whole thing and then later cattle it into slices. Don't worry. I have put that everywhere in the video. So you know what you need to do. You see me now? Adding seven centimeter fold here on the another, sent seven centimeter fold and then another. So that is what you need to do first. On the last piece, the last fooled actually has to be split into 3.5 and 3.5, which is seven centimeter once again, is what confused me most when I tried to get that right first. So here is the point. We need a 3.5 fold first on, then a mother of 3.5 on. Um, that is because we want to create trying here. When you look at the little image on the left, a little video, you see why that is really essential on the last one centimeter we have here is to later full it right on. Put self adhesive tape on it on and that's it. Basically, I'm near. We have 8.5 centimeters left when you really need toe just cut off. So you see me catting that office, the first thing I cut off. Now I just have the fools and turned the whole paper thing about 90 decrease. You see? Um, now I just need to cut it into the seven centimeters pieces on. Doing that will allow me to just in a little bit get of the pieces where he put later the photos. So that is the 1st 1 And I show you in just a few minutes how to fold that. But I've promised. Now you have a lot to do because you need to get all the papers cap into that. The second scrapbooking paper. It's just for two of them. We just need to because you need six from each design. Sure, you could use eight, but I'm pretty sure it won't work out when we put them all together later. So better you stick to 66 from each design And what is here left from the paper is something we can use later for the bend rope. So don't try to wait right now. So now you have a lot to do because you need six drives from each design. So once you're done with that, we start with the folding. I show. You know how I do that with this one stripe on? Um, you know, you see me folding it into four parts. The one on the on the right is about 3.5 unser 0.5 centimeters, which are seven. Sending me just once again. And then we put them all together. And you see, now I have my triangle with the INLA. Trying a swell on the little one centimeter piece is to glue it all together. So I go ahead and do that with all the stripes I have from all the designs. So once you get the trying, all right, we need to glue the whole thing together. Here is myself adhesive tape I have on. It's very small, and this is pretty cool because now I can just put the stripe on the one centimeter we have left exactly for that and I can just count it often. You know, it's easier to do it like that. I'm not with the skin. And make sure you really breath that on because otherwise you have a hard time to get right off the papers right here, just like me. So you really have to press it on your paper on your stripe, and then you can easily peel it off. - So , yes, it's the first piece off the puzzle. And now you have to do it with all the 24 triangles you have actually on. Then wits are to put it all together. - So once you have all your papers folded and all the triangles together in all the resigns, So you see me here. I have four areas, one for each design. Because now I need to put them all together on into the album. Actually, so just sought them. You make one area for each design, and then we can start. So now I pick one triangle from each design, and I just wanted to show you how I'm going to do that. But you can make some match them as you wish. Just to your liking. Whatever looks best to your scrapbooking paper on them. We have to start putting the adhesive on the triangles on the squares, actually on the backside. And you see me? I'm just doing it all around. And then one stripe, I even put one in the middle because it really has to be. Yeah, really good to hold them and to have it all together. That's why. Now peel all the stripes off from your square on the try. A little. Yeah. So, um, we have actually two forms, don't we? Triangle with the geometric square. Here we open the part with a 3.5 folding, and then I choose a new design. And, um now I have the folding on top, so turn it about 90 degrees and then glued on it. So the left side is open on the second design on top. This open looks open on the top. It will take you sometime now. Each of the pieces gets five stripes off the adhesive tape, and you need to peel it off on. Then you put the new design on it on. Uh, once you have them that you turn it 90 degree and you go ahead and do it with the next piece. And that is what you do with all 24 triangles here at toe. Have them together correctly. You might already have figured that the most important thing is to turn your trying with always about 90 degree to have it open the left on the top and turn it again and have it open in the top ones again and so on. You always have to turn it. If you don't do that, it won't work. In just a second. I show you how it all comes together. - So here you can see now how it all comes together because you can turn it about 90 degree and then you have all the colors off the one paper in one of the other paper. Let us white essential that you always turn it about 90 degree before you glued together. So not only to make it all stick together. And that is what the magnets. Before we put it on the one side and on the other side. And we need self adhesive magnets and they really need to be flat. As you can see, it works with others, but I promise It's better if they're round really fled and self a taste if it's much easier than so, yes, it works, but it can be better. So make sure you really buy flat ones, everyone to give you many album as a gift. It's a good idea to put a band a roll around it, and I show you how to do that. Now, from the rest we have here from our stripes we created at the beginning to give it some contrast. They use the dark side from one off the paper designs and put on the stripe with a heart. You can choose a completely difference that it doesn't matter, and then I pull it around here, my little squares and make sure I have a little bit of folding everywhere and before I use my paper folding machine on and go over it once again, I get rid of what I don't need any more, and then I fold it here again. So I have a much easier to fold it around my album. So once again, I grips the self adhesive tape. You see, it's super essential for this project, and then I put it here on the, uh, Monroe on, uh, would all together so you can get it out, Of course. But you can also get it in again, so make sure it's not that strong around it. So last but not least, Morse important part. Grab your images. You can have them print for you, or you can print them from your computer on six by six on. Put it on self adhesive paper. That is what I done here on. I'm using scrapbooking layouts here and just put them on. Each area was created was one kid, at least for that one row on dumb. Yeah, I have them just on my squares here, and they are six by six. And then I have a little bit left on top on the right and wherever and just put it in the middle. So you see a little bit off the paper around you can make them seven by seven. It's also possible, Of course. Then you don't have anything around, but I like that. That's why I did it like that. And I go over each row on Do you can add more pictures later? Of course. Yeah. So now you see, I have one row on, then I can turn it around and go ahead with the other world Onda at up to 24 different images on these many. When you're done, put the Ben roll around it on, and you can give it as a wonderful present, don't you? So that's perfect for Valentine's Day. It's a great gift for birthday. You can also quit with your kids. It's not that hard if you know what you are doing. So basically, just a start where you really need to. I keep thinking what you are doing, but once you are done with that, it's super easy to make. And it's great fun because you can at all the pictures you. 4. 03 Material own Paper: So here is a second variation off the kid. And here's the material I used 12. So this time I have used digital scrapbooking paper from a kid from our store which is called a fresh start. And I printed in on a four paper which we all have at home on here is why I show you this. You can print it from both sides, just as about one eso you have the design the same or a different design. Just that's up to you, Onda. And I'm going to show you how you get that onto your paper and then how on which sizes you choose to get the same mini album on. Then we use self adhesive paper. Here s so you can put your pictures on a paper. Andi glue it onto a cure, many out. So this this version is really easy to create because you must probably have all of this stuff at hope. You sick watercolor paper for this project because you need a little bit off strong paper to really make it look nice. So you, of course, need the paper cata and folder. Once again, bang scares er you see the materials basically the same, uh, set square adhesive tape and the Selva taste of magnets 5. 04 Instruction own Paper: So now we want to create the mini album with our own paper. We create from dishes scrapbooking paper on its Not that hard as it sounds. So I want to show you know how you create the paper and how you make the mini l'm out often a four paper which you most probably already have at home. Sorry, first Donald Indigenous crippling Quick. It here it is a fresh start because I really like the paper from this kid. They have pretty neutral, but they look really awesome. So my one of my favorites is this blue paper and now I drag and drop it onto the A four I have created Onda. Um Now I close it, of course. And now I show you can basically pull it from left to right and choose what area you want to use as your paper. So you see here is very light. And when I pull it more to the right, it gets darker on the top. So you choose the area you want because it's bigger than the A four paper on them. We are going to print it. Andi, please print it on watercolor paper. You need a literal sick paper on. That is why. And also you need to print in high quality. So whatever your printer is, make sure you are telling your printer what kind of paper you're using. And then also, um, yeah, tell it that it needs to be high quality. Here, it's called Hole on. You choose high quality, and then you start printing your paper. You can print it from left and right, so it looks really nice and maybe much nicer than just pointed from one side. You can also use different paper from the one or other sectors totally up to you on. Once you're done, you get rid off the white stripes around the paper. That's the additional step you need to take so you don't have to buy paper and you have more. You can use more individual paper, actually, because then you can really make sure it fits to your project into your photos, so make sure you have your paper in the right direction. You do not need it vertically, but you need to treat horizontally so you have the full with off the paper to start folding . Since we now have a smaller paper. We can't fold it at seven centimeters, but we need to choose six centimeter here, so it gets a little bit smaller. But it's not such a big deal. So we start folding right now. Ah, three parts off six centimeter each and the last one. We need to cut once again into three Ansari to house six again. - Don't forget the one centimeters we need to add to glue it all together in just a bit, Andi added, at the very end off your sheet, and then you can cut that part off. In one last step, I divide the last six centimeter stripe into three centimeters, so I needed for the triangle in a bit. You already know it from the last video on. Then we're ready to start now. We're cutting it into slices off six centimeters and we get three from this, a four paper. So we have to do it again with a second paper, the hosting. So we have six slices from each design on land. It's important, as you already know on we go ahead and do that with all four designs. Now it's are very similar to what you already did we start folding our mini album on putting the whole thing together. The only different is that it's a little bit smaller right now than it was before. But besides that, it's all the same. We folded into our triangles and gluing together with the adhesive tape way Make it stick all together. So pick one design Andi, make sure it opens to the left on foot it down and then pick the second design on drum turned on top. But make sure it now opens here to the top and then use adhesive tape. Andi Um, yeah, Going together. Use design 12 years, three and four and then start to again on start was designed one again on Put that on top and you do that for four rows. So you have all the 24 dry angles put together. - Once you have all 24 together, you already must've the main part. Now we need to add the images. And this time we had doing that with our printer once again. So what we need now is some adhesive paper, Onda. We put all the images, we want two years on it and print it out. So what I did already. I make one paper already, but I show you know how to make your paper smaller on how to create one on your own. So, first of all, create on a four paper and then we pick one off the images. I used this one here on day. They will make it smaller. Click image image size on Do we know when it needs to have a with off six centimeters? So I put six centimeter in the with area, but that's fun. You need to put into the height because, ah, the waist can be more because we are going to cut that right now. Uses selection tour, and she's a fixed size in six by six. So when you know, click into the image, it will have six by six and you choose the area you want to copy. Once you have chosen the area, press coman sea or go to added and copy and then click on the A four paper and paste it with edit and pays for co Mont V on them. Put it on the top left on, keep moving and pick another picture and just do all that again someone we used paper cutter to get rid of all the white areas around our images. Doing it real like in there is no special way you can do that. You need to be a little patient because you really need to pick the middle where it will cut on and then you can at the images to your health. So not much left to do for mini album. We now have to add the magnets here, and I have to round sliced magnets. Now Andi have toe at them inside the album to make sure they pull to each other. So they are self a t sieve. So it's not a big deal. Just add them into this side, and then we have it all put together. So now you see how it all comes together and you can turned around and you have different areas with your photos on. As I said, you can at 24 I just at 1/12 now. So maybe I add more later, but you need to have a lot of pictures, actually. And now we have to at the bend robe on. And for that, I use the rest Piece off paper I have from what we cut off earlier and just pull it around . Andi, try to, um, to put it around the mini album and slightly fold it already. So I know actually where I need to fold it. And then I grabbed the paper cutter, um, jum unfolded correctly. Decide on stripe you want to add. I use the blue one once again and again. It's an oppmann, so you just need to add the self adhesive tape on top on pulled around. And, yeah, basically, that's it. Just make sure, really press on it so you can easily peel it off and then you turn it around for the out. You see, it's a little bit tricky to get it strong enough around the whole thing, but you can do it if you just pull around it and don't put all the edges over each other, just like I did here and makes my life much easier, especially when I want the mini album out in again. So it works just fine. So now you can get it out on in again that you don't need to worry that you're Ben Roque gets off 6. 05 Project: okay, we're done. I know have showing in two ways to create many album one was your own digital scrapbooking paper on a four and one was those paper you can buy everywhere in 12 by 12. So both are very wells who create on it. It really doesn't matter because they look the same. Besides, the fact that the self made is slightly smaller, but you know it does matter. As you can see when you have both together. It doesn't really matter if it's six or seven centimetres thick. The good thing about using your own ditches scrapbooking paper on, created on your own is that you decide which paper you want to use, and you can adapted to your mood or the mood of your pictures actually on. Um, you don't need to worry about the colors because you decide up front what you want to have . As you can see, the colors off the fabric scrapbooking paper are a bit stronger. They glow a bit more, but you have the desert wanted that they might have a lot off patterns on one from the one side and one from the other side. It's really getting pretty colorful, but it can also be an advantage. Depends off what you really want. So this is not about choosing the one or other wording. It just about letting you know that you can do it on your own on your own printer on your computer onto completely was ditched to a material, but also by everything for it. Do it like that. So now it's time. Decide which one do you want to create? Pick one off them. I'm start creating grip, maybe a digit script. Wicked or grip scrapbooking, paper form. Historically choice and started creating your own mini album. The main point is here to preserve your memories, and that is what the whole album saying is for You can create as many, many albums as you want you because you can store them really easily on Show them when you're was. Just come around. It's always a fun way to show your memories. I really hope you enjoyed this class, Onda. You're going to create a lot of many albums on day. You will enjoy it, actually, and look at them very often because it just grappling. It's all about preserving your memories