TropiClau patterns

TropiClau patterns - student project

Hi talented people,

I recently finished a 365 day drawing project and was thinking what I could do with all the drawings I made during my journey. Ohn Mar class motivated and taught me some very helpful tools to make patterns with some of them.

For the first pattern I chose these three drawings to work with.


The pattern after Ohn Mar's toolkit magic


Stationery mock up just because I'm crazy about stationery :o)

I made a little coordinate to go with it.


For the second pattern I worked with only one drawing.


The pattern after Ohn Mar's toolkit magic


Wrapping paper mock up


This class was very informative and encouraged me to put my ideas out there instead of just thinking of them.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge Ohn Mar.

See you around in the cyber world we all live in now!


Illustrator and Surface pattern designer