Packed Geometric Repeat Pattern

Packed Geometric Repeat Pattern - student project

I painted this in watercolor a while ago:

Someone reached out to me asking if this design could be made into a repeat pattern. I had no idea how to do that! So I researched online and on Skillshare, tried various methods, and finally came across Ohn Mar's class. It was everything I needed! I used Smart Objects, duplicate layer offset, the stamp tool, and the layer mask to carefully remake the design into a brick repeat. I'm so proud of myself and I love the result!

I usually am afraid of photoshop, preferring to work directly with paints, brushes, ink, and paper. This was a huge confidence boost for me!

Thank you Ohn Mar for this fantastic and super useful class!

Here it is with a different colored background:

Here's another one. This is the original painting (acrylic ink):

And here's the repeat pattern:

Finally here's one I painted in advance so that it'll be a repeat:

Then I created a pattern in photoshop (less work to create the repeat because of how it was painted) - basic grid:

And here's one I made into a mirror repeat:



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