Jeremy Hamman

Jeremy Hamman - student project

Hi everyone. Just got finished watching the first few videos from Brad and thought I'd include my website here. Like many others I struggled for a long time finding a good idea for a site, the right theme, etc. before deciding to do something totally custom and conforming to what I wanted to get across from a voice and brand standpoint. It's only been up a bit, but I've been so slow to add content that it's not the best experience at the moment, but some of the elements and tone have coalesced enough for judgment. I have intentionally moved away from the cargo collective style grid presentation, opting instead for a grid that allows for proportional slicing and halving, with div classes I can tune a bit more finely as I add work. I am also not super interested in lightboxing work and doing a bunch of caption-y things because, with such a limited amount of work to show, it's more important to me to describe my process and motivations than to give a wee caption. Also, lightboxes suck on mobile, and the site was designed mobile first to be viewable in any setting on any device. I'd be super happy to get some thoughts and feedback. It can be found at Thanks!

Designer, Illustrator, Deceptively Capable Dancer