Addicted to Making

Addicted to Making - student project

Hey everyone, my name is Brooke. I'm a designer and illustrator. My goal with this class is to gain more illustration work, however, I've got a pretty full plate already. I currently teach art classes and recently started working with a small agency. 

My Site

For the past three years, I've updated my site every year. While I'm not totally wild about a lot of the functionality of my current site, I'm not super eager to get a new site up. I find with my portfolio sites, I spend a lot of time trying to 'perfect' it (and everything that I put up on it) and then nowhere near enough time promoting it! I'd still love to hear any feedback on it, though!

Social Media

I've recently gotten into Instagram and Dribbble. And I plan to open up a Facebook account and well as clear out my old Behance account and update it with my new work.

Again, I'm already pretty busy and I want to be economical with my energy for promotion work. While I don't always have new illustration work, I do have plenty of art projects that I do with the kids I teach. What do you guys think: Is it better to keep an active profile posting work that may not be as relevant to my illustration or more carefully curate the content I publish?