<3 Book Binding

<3 Book Binding  - student project

[7/31/2016] I have a fascination for making journals. I've tried a few tutorials on the Japanese Simple Stich and this is by far the most simpler one of them all. Olga breaks it down step by step and makes it look so easy. I learned a few tips and tricks by taking her class as well. Olga, please make more book binding classes!!!

Below is my covers. The size of my journal was 5.5X8.5. This size was pretty easy since I just had to cut an 8.5X11 paper in half. I covered the inside of each with a cream card stock.

This is the inside of the book once it was bond.

This is by FAR my favorite part of the journal. The binding is so pretty. I used a regular awl to make my holes but I think next time I'll use a drill or a small round hole punch. It was hard getting the needles thru the holes I made especially the first hole since you end up threading thru it like 4 times.