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Your First Digital Painting In Krita (Easy)

teacher avatar Munkaa, 2D Animator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Working Space And Tools

    • 3. Picking Up A Brush

    • 4. Sketching A Pot

    • 5. Inking The Sketch

    • 6. Colour Style 1

    • 7. How To Use The Fill Tool - Troubleshooting

    • 8. Colour Style 2

    • 9. Final Thoughs And The Class Project

    • 10. Bonus video

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About This Class

In this class, we are going to draw a boiling pot. I'm going to show you different technics on how to achieve different painting effects inside Krita. This class will be based on using the main brushes inside Krita, also we are going to use the different layer blending modes as well.

What You'll Learn

  • creating New File
  • Brushes
  • Sketching
  • Move/Fill Tools
  • Painting
  • Blending modes
  • Shading
  • Colouring


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


2D Animator


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1. Introduction: Hi, my name is Mariana and I will be your teacher for this class. I'm going to show you how you can create your first digital painting. Incredible. And it's not going to be fancy. And all. The good thing about this class is that Twitter is completely free. And yes, you do need to have it installed on your computer or Mac or let me use, which is available for any platform. I believe the recently released a version for Android. And again, it's free. So why not, why not try to learn a poem that can do so much? In this class as we said, we're gonna create a painting. We are troll. I'm going to show you how to purchase. I'm going to show you different styles of painting and willing they're not all foreigners on this. I'm not saying that this is the best one. But if you're interested and you want to follow along, I will happy to show you how we're going to create a port. Yeah, I fall it will be easier. Some of you already created your ports and I'm very happy to share them here on screen every year. And it's amazing when I see people who fall class and share, they're pushing in the project folder. Now blow it beyond any questions. I'm always here to help. And if you cannot contact me here on steel shell Hellenistic RAM, you can contact me there. Don't be shy and more CO2 tremor must help. Who is this class for? Obviously, this man here beginner in digital article mind because two, if you haven't used Twitter, I believe this class is for you to get to know precursor. I have plenty of classes on crates. Her by her was there and all have the basic, basic claps for digital painting inside critter and hopefully will be helpful for you. Yes, you do need to have installed Twitter and hopefully you will have a tablet. Because page rank draw insight Twitter, if you don't have a graphic tablet, that's completely fine. If you have an Android tablet or even if you have a phone with a stylus or whoever, you can still follow along. As I say, quitter is now available for Android, so that's very nice. Other than that, hopefully, you learned something from this class and hopefully I can see port. Anyway. See you there. If you have questions, I'm here to help us. 2. Working Space And Tools: Okay, so we're in Krystyna, that's right. Um what we had to hear from here once again a campus following older You can't know Recent goal This from my website. It's completely free. As I said, parm suing If you're watching this cross, you already have opened quickly before. So it's just not been or like this You while here. Uh, I'm just gonna ask some comments. Boy, I could create dismal Kandahar size we're going to use for this. Don't worry about this right now. Nothing I'm once say is if you know what kind of testing really is on and you want your piece of work to be prince and after a new the opposition, make sure before you even start ups you change the revision through 300 peopie i or d p I in some of the problems just because once you want to print your work, you you would like to have them be on the highest quality. And the scholar through that is the PP I to be apprehended. That's Thea picks upper inch believe and mr me If you want to print nous, you also like changing the cars to be civil or printing, which is on the small up, in this case, more. The critter it says model. So this one over here. But if you're gonna put this anywhere and you just don't want to know helps here is this problem. I'm gonna use these dimensions over here, and I'm happy with the rest. I'm gonna quit. And Krista Room, bring me a black cameras. Yea, if you need to create critter well, that's Rizzi had cannabis and get to auctions. Over here, you get a layer options left hollow if you will hold a dark hair and the way they call it, I believe in Crete. I could be wrong, knows me and also here. I can't see there couple of bushes that we can pick plaster. Uh, everything that you guys know. I'm using a screen tablet. I'm assuming you may not have a strange tom. It she's not a problem at all. Um, and if you think about it, because probably your using a carpet subway, if you are complete in your tennis And he had no anyone talking about If you want to get into a digital painting, you should get either in Crawford tablet war screen tablet the streak up on the screen. Travel a story. It's a big expense here. 10. The tablet, but by Omi's call for graphics tablet, I started with profits over everyone. Whoever started the digital painting journey, Probably style were girl so But there's too brown solder on that I personally recommend. And I think there, you know, during one of them probably have before, is what we know. That I know how you want closeness. Where you browse is for the current rate and yeah, I want is who you are now. Differences through this dress is welcome. There have been here longer on the market. There are the more heavy price equipment, and who you on is the less less expensive. And I believe there isn't indeed managed to play up the quality and my dish, though my digital, my friend told amusing, though, which is the corporate shovel is by Julia. So okay, that out of the way, let's just focus on creating, um, I a blank canvas like this. I could hope space bar and I can move around my cabin I get You can use that you can scroll back and forth. He can zoom in and Zoom, huh? Him how? Consumed in. Okay, that's stuff. Let's just start drawing because I'm not gonna bore you in my nonsense or here. As I said, we get a tablet. Yeah. To option here would get a burst selection. Over here, we have our layer. Paolo, you're here and we want to draw right now for you. Coal blocks and Scott doing commercials like this. Brush your baby. Mrs. Trying that. Oh, maybe that one. No. Maybe that's why before you do that, you know, because I'm assuming you want, you know, try, try a lot vs and see which one you fiqi the best. Make sure as you can see here we have on the wall there and I want you to think off. There's as blank sheet of paper. So if he only have fun in this case, not blank sheet. It's a chic, which is white. Draw a bushel flies on top. It's no longer a black sheeps, right? It's no longer a layer that we can. Money comes easy. So always, always What are you You know, maybe you won't start sketching or where you want to do. Make sure you hit new layer from here. That's the icon. Further. But before I hit on you there, I would use a command that probably you're familiar with. That's controlling sick. That's that's that's This is like invest command. This is your best friend. Command, if you will. I'm gonna hit controls. You walk one more time. How do you 3. Picking Up A Brush: So before I go crazy, they just will make you laugh, which is completely transparent, layer that's not collected in the background. And, uh, you know, experimenting with the bushes Now, why I say it's permitting our first task, and this problem will be Do you make a sketch? Uh, and to make a sketch, I won't give you the choice off any bushy one. So you control all these and see which one will work for you. Because if you look at their names, you will see the some brushes their name. It's a passel rush. So, people, I use this for us as a as a sketch bush which works. You know, I have found a few areas that you to use whatever brushy like, But I won't curse you to Scott with the basic person. And it's funny because in Haven versus also on basic Bush and worry, brother, is this brush or here who she's also call the base bush. Right. Um, now, my purple here, for some reason, these are you had that problem. But if if, uh critic doesn't sense your pencil, which means your pressure pencil Kirk inches, he Josie and come over here on the icon on the Bush press that you can see my previous trial and hours over here. I can access my brush right now. For some reason, maybe this fame ruby off and you will have heard this and you have no pressures and still see. That's because that's the reason why you either have Chuck this by some reason. Or you have took this while other reason. But if you don't have a pen, sure you don't have pens. And security is because in your brush options, you have a selected down lower isn't part of their. Okay, let's just quick aside. Control Z. Okay. We have a blank sheet of paper, like a blank on blank layer. That's what we have. We need to make sure we always have that. Uh, let's just sketcher I got my brochure here. Over here on top. We have a size that size iss one of us, right? Uh, full sketching. I personally also prefer this much. For some reason, you may try Oliver's another of numbers. Other. Oh, my God. English. You may want to try something else. CIA by only his core head. I'm just gonna go with this tutorial with this marsh, I think decides to be media here to get fickle allies. But also very, very Finn lies. Right, You out holding shift shift. Why come, Say, issued its space holder space and you came her on the cameras. Okay, So what will a sketch, your first catch? I mean, it's not gonna be pretty. You will see mine. My idea for the first cash on. And I like in this class the first room Where we going to do with the paint? A pot of boiling pork, a witcher sparkle where you won't call that. You know, those with the the bubbles That's that doesn't apart and is not sketch just so you can because God, your sketch anywhere on the cameras, it really doesn't matter. I'm just gonna Oh, um maybe I will bring Peace corps from here. Maybe I don't want to have a black color. We want more or okay, color and actually reforming. It's got Skitch. I will work. My can't my background Teoh not be white. I want my brother to be a lot of gray color, and that's very, very important. I have a personal choice, but easier when you start painting to see if you have left some caps on your, um, administration. Because when it's white, it's not very visible. Okay, so I want this one. Bank works become this call here. So I'm gonna go here on the tools, and I'm gonna come here on lee. Filled to is the filter. I come here again. Just press political. Where you want to do that. We have ah, three ish back over. Go back on our layer here. I know about here my brush or cook for that to select the brush is be keyboard. Right? So I have my bush. I was like a docker Caro post Troy a boring port. 4. Sketching A Pot: that's how they call. It was you include, Better join a port. I is. You know, I hope this is easier for you. It doesn't need to be pretty. So don't worry if your part is not the previous thing ever, you can give it a little bit. Capture? Yes. A huge walking in twice are you Is this apart? If you want to make sure you're trying to create a symmetrical forms can actually do And why I say that because very, um is range. There's not always there's a shocker, but it's over here. If I click this if I make sure that I'm on the center of my amazing sketch and I saw going , you see, uh, where I'm Joy KUBI inexact symmetry as my other um side. So again, this is just optional thing that you can try. Well, I just press to activate Yuri's and mold, um, which you can also press the e button on your keyboard. I want to leak the extra lies I created here so I don't need them. Look, works and you looks clean enough, and he looks to start looking like a proper pot as much as we can is this raver? How four, I believe, especially who are struggling to make good symmetry off something. Uh, when you press e again on your people, you dislike the reason. Or if he don't want to remember that looks come here percent knows in a reasonable come here yet percent now. So, um, brush mold is that your sketch doesn't to be fancy. There's always a kin. Seek allies that you want to see that these guys at some point will be our Nightline's like the home when we try to, uh, caller this amazing part Ah, pressing, selected to have our brush again It's easier once you know the basic commands and your work will becomes faster. Okay, so I can be selected Abacus. I already have my perfect shape asked lives right now, as you can see, how hopes is far as you just see my point. So one side of the cameras and I say I want to move this compete in the middle. Well, I could do that as those my sketches on a separate on on layer right in this case is this man get always double click on there I vote could called the layer. Come on, hurry up and name that layer sketch. So we know which were is always Kitchener. Because once you start painting you will you getting a mess? Because more create more there. So over here. Right, So let's move all pork. Include the center of the cameras I don't need to do is we're hiss. Uh, I can always cut the cameras the way I want to, but I need you to learn how he years other tools except the brush or the folks will. And there's two tools. Actually official, your layer is selected. Well, Jersey troops want to. And the truth is this claim or here or this one Baisley. Both of them have the same. You move stuff you I'm on my part. I can move my foot with distress. Wrong through the other differences when you slept in the truck front, transform to can actually transform right press answer to this and he controls here because I want to be in this position in the same happy to be here to revisit Kelis, that you go back my favorite burst too. And I just start adding some extra lines over here there, and I think I say this will be my final skitch. Okay, let's go and start shading this 5. Inking The Sketch: okay. And we're back once We don't always kitchen. Now is time here core. Now there's 22 ways to do that. Yes, um, over them are new her and waits in your I'm going to show you over. Basically one of them. Is it really? I guess, is really the place on the style that you're looking for. The 1st 1 I will show you it some very a similar to the comic book style where you have FIC lines and you have a coloring inside. So warning to you now is we have a lost catch and we go on our sketch where I'm gonna learn your pastie safe and we will continue layer. You can name your less. I am all for not much. Just police lines, clean applies or anything. Okay, So my a prostitute on the brush waas on that Have you? We have which is no start up. Do our lots Know what I like to do when I'm thinking That's when we continue here, Ace to this rushing in. Uh oh. The size means prickly plants and what I like to use come here on the first seconds on the birth sides as you said it was like, come living. Perhaps that you can change her in contesting bushier and have shoulder this owner. What I like to do is, um, choose this, um, curve, which will allow me, um, with a press harder to get in there. You know, I realized when I release were press lighter yet pick allies war only to put much pressure again. You know, um, the same size on the bush. And I think that worry is, that's how I do. And that's how I do my a lot of work are you said when he makes you some other verse from here on? Said this one which is not the best one. Yes, was nothing. There's one that says in English with this one and yeah, yeah. Similar option Swingle here. This one's on yellow society. Get these online can lower Your you're personalizing can do because of crazy stuff. I like today when this world with a basic crush, uh, and you know if there's the same Are you? So what else? I just want to tell you before start thinking issue can rotate your cameras and you do that by with the help of your keyboard by President four On your keyboard you can rotate on the left and present six on your keyboard hooks taking only right. And you've impressed us sake it just like that. Let's say you press five gets to them base position that wants before. So not alcohol on the way. Help it like I know that maybe the shore kings are from a tree. Was he? You know them your workflow in person and you get quicker and more efficient. And what you have some be of this process when you don't want you, Teoh Waste of time. Uh, keeping my ululu you gonna use Thank you. Got the use of love control NZ and during your line work. And that's okay. Just keep keep trying to hear, uh, the line that you liked Okay, once were though we are hung. Well, that's cases where Homeless kitchen. Here. You see, my line work is so far 6. Colour Style 1: from here. This is reward for the comic book style. Sore fee. Um, I'm gonna have my steak shares and said we'll make another in there underneath my lines, making your call. We call this Phil mayor, and there's two ways you can call her your land. Work the fastest one iss where you is a filter, Teoh tape. Lighter green color. No, just come here even lighter than that. Maybe you boom. Why aqua iss eso co up and as concede online the robbery smooth on any lie the the behind the lines That makes us so it wasn't it. So I had my fill layer so we can create a clipping mask in critical. Or if we're not gonna get much changes to our car work. If we know what kind of car we're gonna use, we use the same length. What I mean by that Let's just say I pick this color. I don't not sure yet. And they go back to my burst too, and I want the color. That's right. Let majors and check the options that put here. I'm just about to this one right for me. Here. I want colors. So idea what I did. I wanted to work faster because I may fill, um, week on the same cower. Obviously, on my line of work, they Yes, when you press this button over here on your brush options, you brush will cower on Lee on the places that the X felt because here there's nothing in front trucks Draw here. He I won't see what I do curse. I have check this some options option as we're option here. That allows me to draw on Lee on the filled areas. In this case, this is my field area over here. So if I make a bigger a brush akin hole here and make this weird, um, looks any, um, it's really shape and so on and so on. Now I don't like trying on a around them here. It is important when your car, when way, learned the the office official painting a Some I want to make a couple for other crosses, actually, for causes people who you can look up one of them. It's walk. Obuchi is amazing because he talked about how to paint light because that's here. That's what we do. We paid like we paint the how the light hits objects. So in this case here, my life is coming from here. Right? So from here, these this area will be lighter on the other side because this isn't behind, there's no light. So it from the dock place. This is one of the ways you can, um, painting Kritzer Now I do. Is there that you may want to ransom their effects to this? He may want to change in different colors. It's a big heart. Like if we're working on the same letters really hearty, you play around with the car square on the shadows and metals and everything. So I'm gonna show you. I say, let's finish this. That's just poured, um, darker color like this to, you know, size. Where is this coming from? We kill. Yeah, this makes sense. Swim, brother. Yet isn't most most the doctor lice on the what? The fuel basic. What color? And you like in your increase so far removed? You know, in the last you can see this. So I'm gonna try to call her other friend with a different a different way. 7. How To Use The Fill Tool - Troubleshooting: Hello again and welcome back to this extra, extra video. Guys. Just because some of you are having trouble with the field to make change over here that, to hear that apparently, when you use that, your whole layer that you're working on is filled with the color and you don't want to do that. I mean, you don't want this effect to happen, right? So I'm gonna go a little bit back. We're having here quitter, I have the newest version of Prism, which you can get the newest version and anytime you want free. You don't have to have the newest version, by the way. But let's just go through this and see what are we doing wrong because sometimes we don't see the obvious stuff has happened to me before him many times. So I have here a canvas as no critter is just like Photoshop. So which means printer does work with layer. So I have on this side here have layers, some layers, one layer. And I usually advise people do not draw on the background layer simply because it's hard to edit your own trolling on your background layer. If you create a new layer from here, you will have a new layer. It's going to be called pink layer or layer one or whatever it is going to be called. Think of the layers. Think of them as a sheet of papers, but transparent sheet of papers, unlike the battle Ebola, which already filled with white. This new layer that we have here is a completely transparent pipe transport layer or transparent paper, if you will. And also the way the layers are arrangement. But keep pressing a button, I'm going to make more and more layers. Usually the top layer that we see here in the way that they're arranged or the top layer will be visible. Bottom layer mom be visible, and that make sense. So that's also important for you to know. I am going to hit children's into choice because only in that main colors. And we draw a ball, I am using the dispersion over here. I'm gonna brush hurt. I don't know is this surmise on it? This guy here on this new knowledge is created. I can use the Move tool for all here and I can just move my drawing. You will have more joy. On the same layer. I can use the selection tool. I can select the scope I want to be moved. And let's say, let's say, let's just draw one more. Let's just draw coast. And doess us, which strikes me as entertaining as possible. Okay, so so we have to draw the same layer if I want to move them separately. Because if I move them with, you gotta move. So I want to move this wave goes way, use the selection tool over here. And I'm gonna go back to the Move tool. These were houses. Once you press enter and go here like this and it has a shortcut, if you will. Zhuangzi is not. So we have, our line will come down in a way we can double person the layout, lines or whatever you want to call it. And why I advise people to make a separate layer and paint on that separately, especially for the colors. It's just easier later on to edit them. Now you're having trouble if I go here and like person new layer, because this line will be on the bottom. Now you think that the way I tried to explain this, that this layer will be visible on top of this. Well, just remember we have just seen we don't have any other colors in a way. So whatever we can draw behind them. Now if I come here or this letter credit, we changed our demonstrate. If I draw here you see the line where the line passes, always in the color is not miserable. That's why men by arranging your layer. So I'm going to hit Control in there. And we want to call this, I guess the core piece of pumpkin. This will be a pumping. Can. I just decided? And obviously this will be maybe yellowish color. Who knows? So I want colonies to n I, if I use the field q where r here. Now, since I have already said my, my, my settings, it will call a with no problem. And usually when you call it, just make sure you don't have any cabs. Even when you have the smallest ones, you see that it doesn't quite properly color so it held up problem. You just have to go here, your whatever Bashir using it all around and just call the low spots. And obviously, I'm assuming you probably may come better than I am. But now it's working for me and it's not working for you. And just because if I go back and fill qm and he'll touch on the field on the sorry, options. Now these are my options which brings back, so you can see maybe this one. What are we working? Now? My options here, simple access to all layers, which means in the film crew will see all these layers. So whatever is on the way of the field to filter and the filter won't color. Let's say these lies around them so that once this tempo meet all layers. Now if we move too, kernel layer, and if I try to core this, it will cover everything, right? Except the eyes because they are close to handle caps. But the whole layer, which again, we don't want to do that. We'll just call this we're Ghost cryptocurrency because we don't want this effect and yes, go to us, change our, let's make this green for some reason it will be slung from Ghostbusters. I may end indecision, and so we changed the color, but this sample mode doesn't work for us because of course, everything I just want to call inside here. And let's say I don't have any big caps happening for sure. Right. But it doesn't it there. So she just inside the lines, make sure you are all layers on your sample. And I guess he can play around with these options, right? You can, I guess, don't. Grope selection, which means if I increase that to five, it will see motion different because my lines are very thick. If I, if I increase the gross selection, it will grow well four pixels and it will go off so easily. Why I live the gross selection set? Because if I hit Control-C here, now it's at one o'clock, endosymbiont difference. Maintenance at minus1. You see that a minus and there's a gap now doesn't quite color well, so you can play around option here. I usually leave this act too. So if I hit control and core and again, I'm happy with what I'm getting here. Usually the Turners kinda hold is one for me and I lived on one layer. And also make sure your color layer is behind your alliance layer. So this one is the COP, sorry, the bottom layer, coplanar. We don't work with Backbone at all because isn't it? So that's how you color with the help of the field to let me know if you're comparing trouble, but make sure your sample is all, all layers. Make sure your gross lectures may be a two pixels. And he hears can be one or 0 pixels over here. And make sure you call her Layer. Layer is behind your line. Slayer is on the bottom. Now on top of your lines there. So if you do this right, you should be able to cover. But if you're still having troubles, please let me know so we can figure out the problem. Thank you so much for watching. 8. Colour Style 2: first pink the old shadows and highlights and then toe on the lower class Very common method that people used so well. Granular again. Come here. Words. My field too. If you come here with a failed So yeah, like maybe this kind of color And the this time I'm gonna make this man that you see feel too You and I want Teoh group this layer into a we clipping you which what happens? This books my layer with another layer on top, which will be my mass Claire. And if I just let this that letter and I was just a sim Bhullar. But if I select this again, not there becomes a master. This is very important. So now I'm gonna go back on my bush, uh, to and I mean, you can hold looks here. I'm gonna pay the payscale. Use only black and white or gray. Different operations. That and speaker a brush in the marsh. It really the place on the style that you're looking for now nothing happens because I'm losing color. That's just being a darker color. It is very important for you to start coloring or the shadows will just make sure to, Uh, no. From where Is your life coming? Okay. Where is your light coming from? Is it from here is yes, from the bottom. I'm gonna make my life coming from in front of here. From this no equal hit hell here will be the lightest that makes sense. And on the other on the sides will be docker. Plus, we have a shape. He only make sure that we're making our she properly. So I'm going to use this verse. You can always change. I'm gonna change your approach memberships during this process because I want you want old bushes can do. And it's very importantly in beginning to experiment with different versions. So don't just use one brush. Let's just sweep chapel over it. Uh, and it's important to know if you look awful specific style. It's good to watch other people how they do it. And was your hope to use the tool in this case is critic. You know how he is critical? Could you e sterile possible? You walks, But everything happens with simple slips. I speak a brochure. Sick less work for you. I don't want that much. This one. What else you can do is as a person there's options, swollen brushes. I can increase the size. I could also lower the apostate Mersch. So it's not that heart and the other for you don't need to worry that you're gonna go out of the of the pop because your there is a masculine. So it will be only risible on this layer. Enough, Al, commit in the meetings. I'm gonna take my time with books and more shadows and may be liable illustration Put a little bit right every years just could be this one. Um I want you Don't you pay? He can take the same cars from your base, if you will, from your walk by holding the control key and pick there will be a picker. This is your pick toe picker sto. You can take a shower quicker that way, if you will. So keep that in mind as well. - Okay , so I guess I'm happy with Phil. This is turning out once you're happy. Your shadows and everything wasn't done with your, um um u K scale. Um mass Claire in those terms color and we just have praying Mueller in the same hole. There right. And this layer, we can also put him as a mask. Keep it here on a Chechen call. I'm gonna only call on the layer you need. All right, let's just your tests. NC there you That's what happened. If you're there, is not. It is. Ah, here's not pick. It will be a mask clear, and it will go everywhere. Right? Just hope controlling Z Well, that the same thing goes for this Live my own check. You see how much I went outside from the pot Will keep this. We can also, um, accidents before clear. And the colors. Um, this way this month I faced better, especially for a beginner. Because this way, you can clearly see where your shadows and worry highlights. And I personally have this huge problem. I cannot. This I work on car. I want to use most of the time, and I end up going in Surf Coast to the side. What kind? Of course is used for this and that. And this way you can technically already paint incantation. Core depends on your likings. That makes us so. I have a a new court. He would you call the score Come on. The MK laconic color. They're always alerts percenter. And what would happen is, um let's just make this game, um, You can pick me a, um so perverse sh Go can be your comm better growth. Um, Okay, so I was I was green. When does suppose means that we're kind off covering our shuttles that we work on? No. You know, it makes you say that your caller, right? You know, here on the layers here and all normal, there was a drop down menu, and you should go overlay and see now this layers as a overlay function mold. We're on our shuttler from here. I can press harder, lighter, changing car. Any real? Ultimately, um, of eight on Lee changing the also the versus Well, this I was in light of core heels. Uh, I think until it's no experiment and came playing war lights on your pot on you. Yes, you will get that kind of effect now, as they were happy with it. I'm not to be. Maybe a little bit you mentioned here. Um, I'll say I want to get rid of the thick lots, but get rid of the thick lines you said, uh, didn't call her on the a place where the victim are. So now what? I can dio IHS either close my note. But as you can see, I can explain my hope. Hide it like this on top I won't granular or not layer color lines All I listen to have the same names e mail that want my at my here right here is to can't a the current brush Make sure your pasties 100 and go on top my color My administration hot Zoom in a little bit. Maybe take this mayor in, You know, go round Now you can do this in a couple way. So, yes, you can either go back to the lines right and all that. I own that letter when right you come here and activate this function of your personal. Now I can can only go on top of boys I can. To serve in this way is when what she's if you have to create new left creating your lies and water. But I say you want to use this lines for the previous tell that we already made. So that's not the best idea to That's just hit control in a couple of tries. Let's just duplicate that man with the last. You can click the right book from your mouth. It says Deprecate layer mask on. That's knowing that sneak copyright it's just heart lies. Because I'm gonna compare the two your style that we did this style and this style, right? And it's up to you which one you want to go. So I'm going along the coffee, the couple of lice there and I'm just gonna go and the little paint. So let me. So I want to group the two styles the whole about Go ahead and something that broke our help control on a control shift. So I can I select a with them. I click am group and Quick Group and now have this group here. I can move that This that here, Come back here on these can hope he's a swell holding. I'm sure this time or ship is up to you and the group. This cooking group having Hill True so that in the yeah, we have two different styles that we call her in printer uh, totally different for more another and we use only Deeb purchase we have seen here and the difference on different molds. Choose that critical rights. And this empty and all this is been a long toro across for you, my home yellow socks. 9. Final Thoughs And The Class Project: Oh, wait, you're finished. These all we can actually add some background. I'm offering you layer and here school Think leaving. Oh, no, In the yellow Straight. And we'll pay Karam the Mersch from here. Now I know that I needn't discuss on those marshes here. They have, um, special if you will function. Um, which is I say you have two cars that your spring being another car, this one a accidentally brush. So now I can mix both of colors. So that you Oh, I'm doing much. Just making a mess. Um, years, this one versus one house that just make another one. You may be real cornice. It's a OK. No, Major. Yes. No, it will mix. That's a strong on the war, Swan. Maybe this one. So, uh, yeah, I mean, there's different mood for Russian thing. Can't sprint. What? And then you can make amazing an interesting affects with your go drawing. So hold this was out for more helpful to you. Um, your project or this cross will be on his create one of the parts or no one's who Troll park troll Another object by your choosing and try to color them with a different styles. I showed you here, right? Oh, yeah. Thank you for watching. I hope this was helpful for you. If you have any questions, let me know. I'm here to help. And, uh, yeah. Oh, and I was. And you show you how to export in a short story? Um, well, once you're happy, What? What you have here, use a little trial. Is there a safe where we want to export? And let's port. You get this window, you go Senate, where you want to save this and on savers type years ago. In there you go stated s PNG or U P E g image. I like save my in PNG. No, I'm looking safe. You asked me about auctions. Go live this. As as they are. Creo que in may Bring out. Where is it? Let me just put this off anyway. Hoping like this. Let me know if you want me to do more George or some creature and how to paint Cheers. 10. Bonus video: Okay, welcome to this extra bonus view that I'm just a cloning. I'm bringing this after I put publishing it cross. So for some of you may not have seen this Polish eyes, it's an extra video. We're gonna talk about mawr, um, how to improve your workflow in critical. But what's important, the more he do it, I think the more you try to paint explore, the more he learned. So there's about how it's true. Watch. You need to stock may t use cars catching whether you feel like three. Uh, and what I mean by that, if you like drawing portrait So you like drawing characters or paintings escape paintings. We do that. That's not going to the park. Now, show you or certainly certain to this Uh uh, can I have here Just find somebody You in, Troy whether you're interested in and, you know, sad to me that, um, he already owned the basics, you know, really helpful. Your simple sketches help color. How can get your values? Um, only sure you hear him And this some in this painting. I don't know why I did that. It was a project that I don't mean a quick me. We'll have Husing hoop with the painting. So what is this? That may just hard. This is the Hearst catch off like I was on birth control and the final. When this go, I first have and he the gray scale the painting drawing with black and white Teoh, you get lies, get the values, its report and later at another earlier, which is with shows and stuff. And when you're painting you, you always can go back and forth so you can make, um, you learn can scar doing shadows and you can combine with the first because, as you can see, I will have already for some shadows, hear him some highlights already by phone wall and then the then I have another with the shallows, which means that I have went back and for you to get this, and it's OK he doing that way. There's no specific rules as long as your 80 is looking. Appeal is if you like it. Fork over here, have a layer, of course, um, overlay. And the person is that 85 Muslims. So this is my bank grown, Pacey. I think it was for came or something like that. And I remember the this from our furnace. Well, there's actual picture the way I'm don awassa picture. So it's a good when you don't be afraid to use reference because that's how you learned. That's how we live. How about the light Hicks Devine's how How that I hixon rocks and how the shadows go there . So use use our first, um, What I want to do. You know what I want from Israel to, um, To bring our part that we did and put it here with this making. He says it won't. But I can show you that you can do this. A senior working on two projects And once I see your down your parks because he didn't on a new cameras in you want to implement and e clement them hang, you're creating or here. Well, come here. Uh, in clothes that morning, you come on the part on the group player or off the land where you're having breast the right box on the mouse. I'm here. Is they there clitoral coffee Or go back to the Haiti that you want face to your other trolling. Just make sure you're not on your the impression around boxing Go coo pace there and whom you happy A poke now, huh? Since we were like, I wasn't painting this part to fit in this picture, which please, Either you can changed completely. Your which is not, You know, if you're if you're trying to pay an object in your painting already, you should do it in on the same canvas Meinel nuclear or is in the part. You should walk in in the in the same environment with you will, because right now oversee off for its where we were big. Doesn't quite is being that. Then the door, right? I never take my pictures module. He moved. Okay, Every hoped shift, Dunleavy shrinking down a little bit, uh, where we were shrinking layers like criticizing there. If you make them in close war size, it's not usually a problem because your ears are raster layers at this point. Um Ahmad, a club Albrecht. Owners don't want Teoh bring extra. That's a confusion for you. But when you shrinking that when you re sizing them, it's okay when you are making us more like in our case, right? But if 400 this big in their initial size. It's the quality is losing because the layer that we're working on is a rastra hostel there . And not that you earlier pick last in line. Hey, is this this doesn't make sense. Uh, would you make it smaller? Smaller? We can put it inside there. Um, maybe that will work that way. We can put a little bit with the shadows once you're happy with your, um I just think my center and our work will be there now it's in the group player because it lets in the car. Copied the whole Holger player right? And trying to chase a buying. I don't think we we need three King um press control e make our opener into I said, I hope a lot who was kissing who disappeared. So now it's just there. Um I can't come down there and making you laugh. Is it good to name? You'll ask its layers as you can see a do. But please do so now what I want to do is I want to make this spot to feel like a spot on the painting. I know my brushes here, my precious. Now I by the way my my work is place. It's a big change because I usually do the animation ceiling in quicksand. So, uh, I'm on this walking smiles right now, but if you you should be only the folks place, which means you have here the versions, right? So that's that, if you if you're confused, that's the reason why. Hi, Paul. Just for so grab. Ah, yeah. This nice one. This brush and I won't make a, um moving shallow, shallow shadow under need. What? So I can come this car, as you see, Not Muggle used the backing white, um, cold because I'm trying to match the colors right now and all these in the value of the value of the shadows and highlights Because because he part doesn't seal in place, Make sort of shadow there. I'm little go on my part now and will activate deception. And as because it is a shadow here that's coming like this. So I want Murray what you have. We're on the same shallots hitting here. You still not the best this oneness. How can continue fixing this in a way that show here kill? Just play around? Um no. Yes, be. You can't just size under any sort of one. Um, Bush and se Ignace bin That was that, like before. But still, the color for me is a bit off. And remember, Chris is just, like wash up. So I don't remember the sad ums how you use that? I remember the exact command. I don't remember where it was here, but he if you press if you post control and l really on this we know here which the silks and the levels and critter and there are more, more options here. Aside on oil, pushing the levels works come back And while you queue changes the saturation. The here, though, isn't one looking for if I move this Hey, hiss tragically there eso That way you can choose your core of while you're drawing and we can make this list from the situation we came pool. Oh, if this was still okay, I won't put pull these actuacion uh, at all. And there's need works. It's knocker who write to he wishes press ok, And the prize the changes were made so that's another hack, if you will. Um if you have no working for shop in fortunes. Very, very, Seymour. Ah, so you can use this faster situation cars in your paintings. More fishing? I don't course, um, short, custom screen. That is it. You think he stock knowing them startling in them because there was save your off time? Oh, yeah, That that was in that with my extra bonus review for you. Um, hope you like that one. Let me know if you have any recommendations of holic in thankless Mother. And thank you so much for taking this class.