What's New in Knitting: Make Your Own Clutch | Learn with Wool and the Gang | Charlotte Hintzen | Skillshare

What's New in Knitting: Make Your Own Clutch | Learn with Wool and the Gang

Charlotte Hintzen, Wool and the Gang

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4 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Getting Started & Tools

    • 2. All the Stitches You Need

    • 3. Making the Clutch

    • 4. More Creative Classes on Skillshare


About This Class

Learn the basics of knitting with Wool and the Gang's Charlotte Hintzen in this fun 30-minute beginner class. You'll start by making a simple clutch, mastering all of the basic stitches to get you started in the creative world of knitting.

This essentials class will give you a foundational understanding of the knitting process. You'll learn techniques for casting on, the double moss stitch, and casting off— along the way mastering an approach that looks advanced but is actually very simple. You'll use large needles and a thick jersey yarn that is easy to work with and holds its shape.

Whether you're a crafter, an artist, or someone simply looking for a fun new hobby, this class will inspire you to work knitting into your life in a fresh, modern way. Once you master the clutch, the possibilities are endless!





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Charlotte Hintzen

Wool and the Gang

Wool and the Gang is a do-it-yourself and ready-to-wear fashion brand for women, men, kids and babies.

They sell do-it-yourself knitting kits and tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced knitters. Buy Wool, Patterns, Yarn, Needles and many more knitting supplies.

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