Double moss stitch Tender Loving Clutch

 Double moss stitch Tender Loving Clutch - student project

I really enjoyed making this clutch, I got it finished in a few hours with Netflix playing in the background. I wrote the repeating rows on a slip of paper so I could quickly refer back to it and kept the written instruction open just in case I needed them.

About halfway through the project I somehow added an extra stitch. I took all the stitches off the needle and pulled the yarn unraveling the row until I was back on the previous row with the correct number of stitches. I then placed all the stitches back on the needle counting each one to make sure I still had twenty stitches.

Stitching the sides together was the easiest part, I wish I had a contrasting color because I would add a shoulder strap (instruction for how to do this are in the PDF file). And I would also need the trigger rings to add a strap. 

I got the frog brooch from J.Crew a few years ago and I used Wool and the Gang's jersey be good yarn in sherpa blue.

I'm happy with the clutch. Thanks for the tutorial Charlotte!