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12 Lessons (4h 8m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Required

    • 3. Colors & Characteristics

    • 4. Techniques

    • 5. Project 1 - An Island

    • 6. Project 2 - The Ocean Foam

    • 7. Project 3 - A Beautiful Evening

    • 8. Project 4 - By the Sea

    • 9. Project 5 - Crashing Wave

    • 10. Project 6 - Roaring Waves

    • 11. Bonus Lesson Calming Waves

    • 12. Conclusion

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About This Class


Watercolor Ocean-wave 2.0 is all about painting the energy of nature which is mainly water. Water appears in nature in different forms like river, lakes, ocean & sea. This class is going to focus on only one of these forms Ocean.Painting waters has always been a challenge so this class is focused on helping every level of artist by providing all the tips & tricks to paint water with less difficulty.

Each and every section of this class is very important as well as it is organized in an increasing order of difficulty. so you start by understanding the materials, moving on to the colors & its characteristics, Techniques & then 6 different projects. To top it up I have a calming bonus lesson.

How to go about :

  • Every few days there will be a project which I will be uploading till the end of this month.
  • Difficult subject like water does demand once watching the class and then trying to attempt it so that it becomes simple while anyone tries a painting.
  • Arches 300gsm (Cold Pressed) paper is highly recommended.
  • Artist grade watercolors are highly recommended.
  • Watch the class on a bigger screen as the videos are mostly top view, so watching it on a laptop or a desktop will surely help.


  • Music is taken from a copyright free website Envato Elements.
  • I have taken reference from A complete Watercolorists Essential Notebook by Gordon Mackenzie

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dhritikana Nath

Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hello Peeps, I am Dhritikana Nath an artist instructor, teacher, content creator from Delhi (India) and from the time I have started painting landscape was the subject that I did fall in love with. Among landscape painting lights with vibrant colors is my favorite. Overtime I am smitten by the beauty of water, clouds, sea, animals, flowers and everything that is there in Nature. I keep exploring all these subjects with different mediums like watercolor, gouache, markers, soft pastels and more.

I am a strong believer of the idea that anyone can paint if you put an honest effort and for excelling in painting there are only 2 rules practice and frequency of painting. I did start my journey in 2018 and I would say it’s been calming, meditative and even helped me a lot to improv... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Smell dizzy. Feel this guy, let your soul and spirit fly of God by Van Morrison. Hey guys, I am political arena fan artist, instructor scale shared each. Our mother and our brand educator for when Saran muted. Many of you might already know me. I'm do the people who are joining me for the first time, I go by the name watercolor dot illustration. Got Lego on Instagram. You can find most of my artworks displayed over there. Today. We will be working on one of the most difficult subject, watercolor, ocean leaps. Over the years. I have realized that is not only one way to faint. Bordeaux leaves It's movements. There are many ways in which we can do it. Today's loss is going to provide you with a guideline of how you can approach this technology of nature will start by discussing all the materials required, understanding the techniques and the final six projects. I have divided the projects into three different parts, as I do not want to bombard you with all the information. But one will help you to understand the two different ways in which we can paint the ocean form. One is about an island which we would be being dead in the middle of the ocean. The second one is just painting the ocean formed with the help of a mask employed. But door involves movements in the water and beta do sunset projects. One of them will involve directly painting from a reference photo. The last part is all about the gushing under rolling waves. Finally, to top it up, I have upcoming bonus lesson. In this. You guys are joining me for the first time. Go ahead and check out Mike, do other classes. Watercolor, ocean waves and water Carlo, water escapes. Both of them will actually help you to go through this current class easily list class kids sortable for any level of artist, whether you are a beginner and intermediate level or an advanced level lattice, as we are covering a lot of concepts and techniques which can be applied on any of the other projects. So come and join me and let's bring together these enchanting ocean waves. 2. Materials Required: Let us understand all the materials required for this class. We will need two papers. One is our arches, 300 GSM called breast people, and it is going to be seven into Ganesh, which I am using. You can also go for any other size of your choice, but lizards, the one which I like in particular, and I would be using this for my three paintings. That is, one would be my ocean island, the other one would be ocean for Panda last runners or bonus lesson where we will be learning about though beads. So these all are done on this people. Whereas when we go to our final projects fall off, our projects would be done on an east four sites are just speak for. So these are the sizes which I will be using for this class. Ten, I have unmasking fluid. We will be working both with masking fluid as well as Without masking fluid. If we are working without masking fluid, it would be the white of the people that we will be using as well as the white quash that I have. You can also go for any kind of whiteboards, two colors. If you do not have this squash, then there is a needle. It is all which I have Uganda or for any other it is sort of your choice to remove the masking fluid. This is the it is that I'm using. If you do not have the citizen user hand to pick up don't Moscow glue and that's perfectly fine. I need 0.5 an inch deep as well as I need one inch tape. You can go for whatever data is available, but deal, there's no hard and fast rule of going ahead with this particular two sizes. On Lee la galleries, we will be using various colors and from different brands. Either it be semi linear, either it be once or a needle, or either it be Daniels met all of these brands are equally good and you can go for any kind of artist greed bins. We will need two jars of water, one for washing our brushes. And the second one we will need for any fresh supply wherever there is, like picking up the colors or you want to add some water onto your painting as a second layer. All those places. So and although jar is really appreciated if you have it or else you have to keep changing your water again and again. There's a set of tissue. Tissues are your lifesaver, I would say when you are building lives and because you have to pick up the colors, had lot of places, I will walk you through that. And wherever you are picking up the colors, this tissue is really handy and that guess we have a pencil I'm using on monograph pencil. You can go for any pencil of your choice. And you can even keep a Jelly Roll pen when you are painting goal, gushing, ribs. Brushes. Brushes can be a lot like you can use a lot of brushes. But I am mainly using these five brushes. Five brushes is ozone lot withstood. The first one is half. It is half an inch or three by four orange, whatever you have available, but you'll engage, you even have one-inch dads perfectly fine. I'm using are three. Beth orange has gone up brush for applying my water. There is silver black velvet size eight brush that I'm using silver black velvet size to brush as gada Galinsky, optimal brush size six. Slide our optimal again colon scheme brush size stent. So these are the other two brushes that I will be using. You can have any brush that is available with you. No need to go for these particular kinds of brushes. Yes. Sizes you can keep for eight to those will be the range that you can keep for yourself. I think that's all in terms of the materials that we need for this class. I will meet you in the next section where I will be discussing everything about the colors. 3. Colors & Characteristics: Let me guide you through all the colors that we will be using in our painting to date, the fastest French ultramarine Dennis, aqua green, compost blue. In non-tone blue, Prussian blue, Payne's gray, similar yellow. Or you can take Indian yellow, denser orange, one Sienna, CPR, black, and royal blue. While watercolors do come in many different forms today I will be discussing more about the two watercolors rather than it being a cake. Pans, liquid, or pencil watercolors. Now, there is a lot of confusion around the dominant logic of watercolors. Watercolors are basically consisting of three main agents. Status your pigments, gum arabic, glycerin, and a wetting agent. Now, this gum Arabic and glistening allows stopping meant to add her smoothly to the papal when you apply water with it. While the wetting agents will always help the paints to flow easily or evenly, when you apply water on all piece of paper. It's easy to become quite confused too, with all the DOM logic that you hear about watercolors. When you're buying water colors, it is important to understand a few things. Sometimes you hear about stealing and non-sustaining watercolors and wonder why am I even required to know all these important aspect or what should I choose? We wonder, what are transparent watercolors and y icon choose an opaque watercolor. What are unsaturated colors and what are saturated colors? All these terminology actually leads to more of confusion rather than making it more easy. So today's haul video, I would be not only taking you through the colors that I'm using, as well as telling you to the values that you see on the people right away, you would be even getting a lot of knowledge about what the colors. So there is a lot of important aspect when we talk about watercolors. But the most important out of that, I would say would be transparent, opaque and semi-transparent watercolors. What do they mean exactly by Transparent watercolors? Transparent watercolors are the colors which bounces off from the White Paper below and reflects back whenever you see it or whenever a viewer see it. It basically determines how much glue that is on that color under the surface when it is white. And how do you determinate? It is like, the more you can see the white of the paper, the more transparent the colors. That's how we determine it. The more you can not see the white of the paper, that would be more of opaque watercolors that you are using. Now, if you want to build up layers, then transparent watercolors are the best. In case you are not willing to build up layers, then you can use opaque watercolors. Now, many of you might think that we can use opaque watercolors and just add more water to work. It will give us the same effect as transparent watercolors. But you have to always keep in mind that if you use or pick watercolor with lot of water, then the intensity of that water column it decrease. Therefore, it is so very important to understand the kind of colors that you choose for a painting. The next type test IQ would be staining or non-standard watercolors. What? Staining watercolors, staining watercolors are the ones which you usually use when you are doing any kind of assault technique or you want to push back the colors and there is some amount of color that is still visible on the paper. That's when you should use a staining water column. When do we use non-sustaining watercolors? Non-sustaining watercolors are the ones you use R in case we are doing any kind of a waves technique where we are lifting up the pains quite a lot like you would be doing in the bonus lesson. That's when now you will be using more of non-sustaining colors. And you want the white of the paper to shine to. The next row, we will be looking at some saturated and unsaturated watercolors. What are saturated watercolors, saturated, they'll watercolors are the ones which you find on the color wheel. Those are majorly powerful colors and you easily find it. Whereas the unsaturated watercolors are those so which you do not find mostly on the color wheel. And those are like buoyancy and our rhombus point, indigo. But these colors are no doubt very useful and you want them well. Whereas so when we talk about saturated water colors, they are the ones which are seen in the rainbow. And the unsaturated are the ones which are not seen in the rainbow. That's how you can differentiate between those saturated and unsaturated colors. Now let's talk about one of the most important aspect of watercolor, which is permanent watercolor hand fugitive watercolors. The durability of the pigments basically determine whether it is permanent or whether it is Fugitive. Now, whenever you have painting, you do want that painting to last more than your lifespan. If that is the case with your watercolors, then you should go for pigments which are permanent, whereas fugitive are the ones so which show or shift in colors. Venue, Portrait under any kind of sun, or you put it under humidity. And those are the ones where there will be lot of shift and we really do not want our colors to be fugitive. But there are a lot of brands which are available in the market and you should be more informed about the colors that you choose, rather than relying on any of the knowledge that you gain from the manufacturer, you should always go ahead and check the colors on your own and then only purchase any artist grade watercolors. First of all, they are very expensive. And secondly, you should be well-informed before taking any decision while buying event for single tube. I haven't given you a lot of knowledge about the flow of water colors. But this time I would like to take the departure and T and let me explain you what is So basically of flow. Flow is to the degree with which you are pigment will move on to paypal. Now, flow depends on the type of pigments that you are using, what kind of minerals, what kind of how finally does grounded and whether or not your pains have some fillers. Those oil are those things which determine though flew off your pins. Now if you're using any student read watercolors, they have got lot of fillers. And now what are these pillars? These are basically the white or black that you can have in your watercolor. They will restrict the flow of your colours on the paper. When you are applying your colors on a wet paper, they will not know much. Whereas if you have very nice pigments, there is a better flow and those transparent pigments can actually help you paint him layers. Then another important aspect is this transparent watercolor or the pigments, which are good, they will explored. It would be a like a bomb that you can see on the paper. Whereas if you are adding any kind of student grade watercolor, they will not be as good as though watercolor, which are artists rates. So just keep this in mind while you're buying watercolors. According to me, you should buy one or two things at logo and then save up again by one or two panes. It's not important to always buy together. So that would be my idea how you can go about it. Finally, let's talk about the values that you usually use while you are painting. Now if you see my financial trauma in aqua green pork on post-war, any other watercolor? They are darker towards the top. While I come towards the bottom, then become lighter and value. Now what does this value, the intensity of water column will decrease because I'm using more of water and less of paints at that point in time. Whereas towards the top pie, half more of pigments and less of water. That's how you can actually decide your values. You can create n number of values with one single paint, as well as you can always go ahead and paint with one single Carlo. I have class on monochrome, so you can always go ahead and check it out. That has only one single color as its base, like the bush and glue and all the landscapes are done with that single color. Go ahead and remove your tape and have a look at the color scheme. 4. Techniques : Let me walk you through all the techniques that we would be going through in this class. Data, different ways or different techniques that we will be discussing. And the first one out of there, Mr. flat wash, where do you exactly mean by the Flat Bush? It is having same or equal intensity of pigments, as well as the same amount of pigments applied on this particular surface of people. Flat washes, a very basic wash that you always need, barred. This has a lot of application while we will be painting our lives in various exercises. Or you can say this is one of the base that you need to know before you start off with watercolors. This is the basic wash, which we will do. So I am taking some compost blue on my silver black leather size eight brush and I'm applying it from top to bottom as well as from bottom to top so that I'm left with equal amount of pavements on all the areas. Then next is my variegated wash, navigator wash. You all have learned in my other class two. But I would still walk you through this one. It is a very simple exercise. Again, go head and apply some compost glue and I'm taking some are incrementing. I will go from top to bottom first with compost blue and then apply my ultramarine. You have to maintain the same amount of intensity for ultramarine as well as work samples blue, better blending should be absolutely organic in nature. How you do the blending falls, you go from bottom to top, and then from top to bottom. That's how we will go ahead and apply our colors. Once you are happy with the variegated wash, we will move on to the next technique. But I would say validated wash is one step and advanced compared to the flat wash that we did earlier. The color of compost Lou is a bit opaque and nature that's one of the reasons you might not be actually seeing a lot of transparency or the white of the paper. Again, I'm moving to my third technique. But over your first, applying a flat wash with a lot of lighter value of capos blue compared to the earlier darker value of particles blue, which we did apply since so we will go ahead and apply and adult layer, or you can say we will just drop some colors. I'm delighted to bloom. Now whenever you apply some in non-tone blue on top of this wet sofas, you would see that the colors bloom completely and that's how it should work even on your paper. I'm using again a 300 GSM people. And this is the same people which I will be using for my painting. Along with it, you have to make sure that the colors should flow. It would automatically flow because of the water that you have applied on the surface. Still, if your colors don't move a lot, then you have to see the kind of Dan that you are using because each and every brand have quite different properties and some of the colors move more compared to the other colors. The fluid colors need to be seen before you choose your pigments. So for your painting, let us sum one to R4 technique. Now, again, now I am applying off like wash off campus blue with the help of my silver black well-fed signs a brush. You can actually use any brush that is available with you. Even A-flat brushing is very good for doing any kind of flat wash. Or you can even go for a flat brush if you are doing a validated wash, I would leave it up to you what you want to use. I have particularly taken now some in non-tone blue, and I have started applying it with the help of mass size to silver black velvet brush. Again, the paints are flowing on its own because it is a wet surface. We will be doing a lot of weight on where drama, because of which this technique section becomes really important to have a look through if you have not even painting along with me in this section, I would still request you to have a look at this section because it would give you a fair idea about what all we will be using with our brushes or what all we will be doing in terms of the brush strokes in R4, the lessons, the first two lessons would be ECO and the next lesson as we move forward book become a pitiful compared to the last lessons, you will observe that my brush strokes are becoming thinner and go to what's the top of the people? Where does my price shocks are ticker while I am towards the bottom of my paper. That's how you keep on applying the colors. And this, again, you know, as a daughter and you can try this technique with any other colour like Prussian blue or are implementing or Payne's gray, whatever is available with you. You do not need to go ahead with the same set of colors which I own one. So you are done with this part. We will move on to the next. The next bottle would actually help you to understand how you can paint your ripples that is wet and dry. I have explained this technique quite a lot in many of my other classes do. But this class over your, it is very important because we will be using it while we gain those rolling and gushing ways. So go ahead and apply some pressure on your brush to get tickled strokes and then apply some less pressure or you can just release that pressure to get those tenants strokes and keep joining enacted. Some model are the case randomly. You do not need to actually go ahead and make that particular kind of gesture. Batters, putting our brush with higher pressure at one place or lower pressure at Landow place. Keeping in mind that let it be absolutely random because the randomness is all we want and nature, nature is absolutely random and there is no specific way or there is no symmetry. Wherever you find symmetry in a porous, it is basically all manmade forest. If there is no symmetry in the forests, then it occurs naturally. So if you want to show nature naturally, then there has to be no way that you go enter symmetrical manner. While you are towards the bottom, though, waves would be ticker. Whereas while you go to western doctor waves will become thinner. So you have to apply less pressure on your brush and keeping those ripples while you go to Western plop f of half part of any area or the paper size which you are using, it would become just one or two short, short lines. That's that's all I guess. I think that's where you have to give it nothing much in this spark that you would be adding on. So we will move on to the next one and we will be learning how to high and low white with the help of your wide quash in case you do not have, by course, you can go ahead and use your postal, Carlos. The postal colors do come in jars because they are coarse, whereas the white gosh will have pigments which are very minute in nature and are very thin and they can easily be preserved in tubes. So that's how you can differentiate between poster colors as well as the wash show colors, the medium of classes, waterfall vote of them bought an application. You do see a lot of difference. According to me, if you can take my view, keep just a one y call show with you. That can actually help you to paint most drove the landscapes or most of the wash paintings. Because you can simply use your watercolor, mix it with the white Guassian and get the colors of your choice as it is more of an opaque medium and it has a lot of white in it. So Uganda use it completely in that case. Now I am going ahead and adding randomly or variegated wash. Variegated wash is not usually done only with two colors. They can be done with more than two colors. I'm using three colors and doorbell the Forster so-called post blue. Then next is my. And then as my king dawned on blue, I'm again using the full technique that we did learn, which is repulse wet on wet for a few of the areas and then I were to go head and had my whitewash on top of it, but before that I will let it dry. I have given a detailed description in my second project that how you apply your masking fluid. I'm taking a flight crash for a blind my masking fluid. But before I apply MY masking fluid, I would like to actually pick up some amount of soap on my brush. I'm using an exporter soap. I'm picking it up on my flat brush. And then I'm going ahead and applying these masking fluid on top of the surface wherever I want to preserve the white of the people. One nonstop difference that I want to show you with the help of these two exercises. One would whitewash and one with this masking Florida stat qualities. So you might not get the same result or you might not be in a position to preserve the absolute white which you get with the help of your masking fluid compared to the white that you get with your quash. But that's the kind of adjustment that You can always look forward to it's not that the results will be same, but you can get something which is closer to it. I am applying my whitewashing absolute random manner. I am sometimes making some lines and sometimes I am dropping off the paint on the paper, but the typeof my brush to show those. So if so, so I leave it up to you how you want to paint or preserve the right of theta. According to me, if you have unmasking floor that so well and good and you can seriously get better effects with the hyperfine masking flute. And it's pretty cheap, which is available in the market than many kind of mask includes like, I think there is people than it is by Apollos AFI than that is by semi leon Daniel Smith. When Sid, I knew then all of these headquarter mascot fluid I'm really unmask. Include last you very long. I have got my unmasking fluid almost about to your spot and I am stood on me, one pulled downward thick. So practically if you purchase it once, it would last you for long, long, long time, I would say. Right. Let's go ahead and apply some colors on top of the masking fluid, which we did apply. You have to always make sure that your mask implored has completely dried out before you apply any kind of pins on top of it. Because if this masking fluid sticks to the kind of brushes which I'm using, like a silver black velvet brush, then it might end up in completes buying off the brush Are there will be catastrophic impact. Your brush might not be seen or it might not give you the same tip. So be very, very appeared while you are applying the colors. Once it is completely dry, that is your mascot fluid. Then only apply the colors before that. Just wait till it is really a time taking process. And I do understand every dime we do not have a lot of time while we are working with the masking fluid. But believe me, if you give it that amount of time which it meets, you will get the absolute effects. So that is required for any kind of painting. The last part is all about creating light effect. Now this kind of a light effect is usually seen in. Water scape and what Escape, which are motor ponder see paintings. I have just added it for your knowledge, because it is a watercolor ocean waves class and I would love to add this kind of an effect. I'm going ahead with a very light value apart from any imposed myelitis appearing on the left. And I'm going from the right with the darker value, moving to the middle with the lighter value. So what we start with a darker value from the edge and then move towards the middle to get the lighter value, I take God that solo vivo be applying and terms of the techniques, these are the basic techniques so which I use a lot during all of my water escapes are under seeping things and they form the basis of any kind of painting? Yes. When you apply masking fluid, then you need to see how you being the widths, which I will be showing you in the last two projects. Those are a bit complex projects, I would not deny. So we are attempting it at the last stage of the random way in which we are the colors I've been picked up by ocean bomb. We would be doing that audio compared to those ocean waves. I would even ask you to go step-by-step. I have been repeatedly saying this in all my classes, fad, the techniques are really the base for any kind of a painting. If you can go through the techniques well, they can be applied even in your row future paintings. So always try to have a look at your techniques. Do not try to skip that part, because if you skip this part, you might not end up with the best results. So while you want to paint your waves, or while you want to paint any kind of a landscape painting or whichever class you are attempting. The techniques is the basic. One last thing before we removed the tables, how big can pick up this latex or you can say the masking fluid. There are many kind of masking food, as I've told you, is available in the market. Some of them have got a nice tip and that's how you applied some line. This needs a brush or you can even take any other instrument which you feel is easy for you to apply this liquid latex or the masking fluid. And some of them do also come in terms of UPENN that also can be applied very easily. So different kinds sand, they have each different ways of application. But while you pick up your masking through to make sure that your paper is completely tried, or else you might rebuff your paper at the end and use those rubber cement. Kind of it is that would help you to remove these masking fluid easily compared to the other, is, if you want to even use your hand, you can absolutely use your fingers to remote them. Asking cleared by. I would prefer going for it is which can lead to a better facade. Go ahead and remove the tape at an angle, and then we will just start marking. Now what are the techniques which we did long like the first one is our flag wash the second SR variegated flush. The third would be more about how is the flow of water Kahlo when we are doing our wet on wet method though for 21 will be all about ripples, which is just red on red. How you can build up layer on layer to get this kind of an effect and how your perspective walks. So when it is wet on where triples, the next will be a wet or dry kind of ripples and Bostock. We are actually comparing two different aspects. One verse with white quash, how you campaign anytime of ripples or how you can pinto waves. And the last one is all about preserving the white of the paper to get that the ripples or to get that white defect. Finally, you have light effect, which can be used in any kind of addressee painting. You can learn this over here and use it in the mu of your future projects. I have one of my class which is about Polaroid's. It has a painting which uses this kind of watercolor effect. So I think you are well equipped. Now let's move on to the next lesson. 5. Project 1 - An Island: We are going to Lord Buddha first painting today and the first fainting is all about making an island. Now this is a rocky island data I want to paint. And for painting a rocky Alan, namely to first do a rough sketch. And thus small blocks that I'm making good basically denote the rocks. And it is a document that we are taking rather than going for anytime of sideview. So painting leaves is always a very difficult subject as I have told you, but I have broken it down and simple ways, how we can pain though ocean form. There'll be frank. And the first way is we've all leave the wide spaces as well as use the whitewash to denote these ocean form. Whereas in the next text size, we will be going ahead and using the unmasking fluid for the northern ocean from EPA. Now just marking these areas which are for the rocks, always do a rough sketch. Now, rough sketch will give you an idea where exactly you want to place your island and where you want to paint your water. Sketching is very, very important aspect. Before you dry your hands-on water. Kahlo. Though, this is all very beginner friendly kind of tutorial. Or you can say this particular project is so much beginner friendly that I have kept it the minimum in the arms of sketching. And we will be working more with the watercolors. And there will be lot of techniques which we will be using from the technique section. Two or three small rocks which I am placing on the sides and that's dead, which I would be who then in DOM. So after sketching section, then I will go ahead and add the water onto the sides. Once you are adding the water onto the sides, you have to be sure that you are not going ahead and adding it towards the middle of the painting, we need to keep some whitespaces in them around the island because the ocean leaves are coming over there as it is a rocky Allen. So it is breaking somewhere in an rounded wherever the rocks you would see this defines some number of rushing. Or you can see the waves from the top view and they do appear white in color. Those are the observation I would say that you should always make while you paint. As I have told you, always, keep do Joseph water handy via side. Again, it will come to your rescue whenever you want to wash off your brushes, use one set of water and in case you want to apply freshwater, then you need to use the auto jar of water. That would only come handy in that second section when you will absorb that. I'm going ahead and doing do sunset paintings. Her right now. We will just take off some extra water from few of the places wherever I feel it is necessary. Once done, go ahead and start applying the compost blue. Now compost lu is the color that you get from Magellan mission goal. You can always go ahead and try Alcala, which is closer to this. This is slightly opaque compared to other transparent watercolors that we will be using, like the aqua green anode. And the intensity of the aqua green is way higher, as well as the intensity of compost blue is also high. You can dilute the scholar and then use it. That would be a better way to go ahead and use this watercolor because we do not want the colors to be opaque completely as we are going to go ahead and apply some amount of green on top of it. Though this is the only layer that we will be applying and domes of the compost blue and aqua green. I would go ahead and apply with the help of my size toothbrush from silver black velvet. While I did apply my compost blue, I tried to use a big brush because I had to cover a larger area. And if you are using any smaller branch for larger area, what happens is that your people might dry up very quickly. Those are the important aspects you should keep in mind while you are doing watercolors, as we are mostly doing a wet on wet drama. And further went on where drama you need to keep your people wet for a longer time. If you are in any kind of a cold place, then your paper might be wet for a longer time. Or a human place also gives you more opportunities in terms of keeping your people whet. Whereas if you are in a place which is more dry, then people might not be wet for a longer period of time. These are the aspects that you need to check before you start painting. And a, you can actually try it while you are working on their techniques section as well as if you are working on the colors and the characteristics part one. Now, another aspect of watercolors that I want to actually tell us that the Magellan Mission Gold watercolor, which is compost to, doesn't flow a lot. And whenever I'm going ahead and applying the aqua green on top of it, that would also not flow to a large extent, which is actually a great deal when we are being done watercolor ocean waves, as we do not want the, this aqua green to flow to all the places. It's only in few of the areas we want to apply. This aqua green. I'm restaurant day areas will still be compost Bloom. I'm applying most of the Alcoa going towards the shoreline, whereas I'm not applying a lot of our Coughlin while I am in the ocean area and just made smaller strokes and let it flow. Again. I want to repeat that your colors might feel differently compared to the colors that I'm using. You will need to go ahead and just use the closest followed that is available with you. You do not need to always go ahead and purchase the colors which I am using for this particular painting. It so well and good. If you have these scholars orders, you can always go ahead and use a color like royal blue. In case you do not have this compost blue, and you can use Prussian blue, orange, non-tone blue. If you do not have this aqua green, it would be more awful. Blue shade. The scene which you can paint. This is the time you have those low down a bit and absorbed that I'm making small, small lines near the shore line. Those months more lines will denote the ocean waves, and that's how we will go ahead and paint ocean waves. I will be dealing it more as we go head. Just apply some of the aqua green and few of the other areas as you observe in the painting. While you observing me applying this quad green. I will go ahead and take my blending brush. Now this blending brush, of course, has the clean water from the first supply of water, as I told you earlier. And I'm applying that water in few of the areas where I feel that I need the mind ocean water to be seen. And that's how I would be going ahead and applying it. Once it is done, just take some amount of bond Sienna and apply in some of the areas. You can even go for Ron Burt or any other color of your choice. Since I do want these areas to be lighter and values and you do not need to only use a single kind of Kahlo used mix-and-match of colors like rhombus and burnt sienna orders. You can always mix some amount of Payne's gray and your bond Sienna and use it as I am doing it right away. I'm using myself a black velvet size to brush to apply the scholar because I do not want the colors from my seat to actually come into the islet. Though, you can see that some of the colors is flowing. And that's one of the reason I always tell you to keep or tissue handy. Tissue can actually help you to dap off any extra toppings or pick up the colors from the papal whenever you want and need. It is a kind of saving our lives silver, you can say all basal while you paint wet watercolors, as there is no way we can go back, go crypto watercolors. It's ultimately go the way we keep applying the colours on the paper. And once it is done, you will not find much width. You can pick up the colors from the paper. Either you have to dab it off with the help of your brush or else you have to pick it up with the helicopter tissue. Those are though. Only two means by which you can pick up the colors and that do if your colors non-sustaining. I'm going ahead and applying some amount of clean water or do my paper. Just take some clean water onto any brush that you have and then use another brush to splatter that clean water into the watercolor, which you have already applied, or the ocean area. And you will find some beautiful allow white spots that come up. And it looks really natural. As well as it gives an extraordinary character to your painting. I would say in few of the spaces, I am again, going ahead and applying my watercolor. I have mixed the aqua green with a bit of things grey. Why I'm using this pain scream, it does help me to achieve or Kahlo, which is a bit darker than the arc where green. And I needed in the face in an around the island. And now I am going ahead and splattering some small amount of clean water onto the painting though now it is not creating much of effect if you can see as my papered is closer to trying. So go ahead and add the somewhat colors towards the top right hand corner. And it is the upload green, which we are adding Datastore darker value as well as it is really saturated and high-intensity. Water Kahlo with a green and blue effector part. Do keep in mind that I am actually painting more of a C which is greener or which has cognition approach. Whereas you can always go ahead and apply the colours which are blue in shade. So you do not need to always follow what I have given you in terms of the pattern of watercolors. Go ahead and apply whatever is available. Now I am using some amount of CPR Dove made though darker areas of the rock. Again, I'm using my size to silver black Belfort brush. This gives me more control. And if you are a big nerd in case you are using or thinner brush for painting the areas which are more detail, it would help you to actually gained a lot of control over your watercolors plan using the tip of your bigger brush. Build bigger brush would help you to complete a painting quickly. But you need to understand the initially, it might not be your best idea. Do keep painting quickly that then you can try to make it more detailed. Take your time, understand. And then you should try painting more quickly. That's how their approach should be initial visas all about learning and when you are more experienced than you can be using those techniques to pin, the faster. You will observe that I did allow my been stored dry up first on the paper and then only I am going ahead and painting this island. Painting rocks is never so simple loaded doesn't come really exist to me, I would say. So the oil do have the places where we do lack, but you have to just make it work. How do you make it workers? Trying to understand the tonal values which you need to apply for painting rocks and just go ahead and paint those rocks. We do not always need to be perfect. It should be simple, easy, and allowing some areas which are darker in value. So I'm just keeping some areas simple with lighter values. That's all you need to go ahead and keep in mind while you paint this rocky island in particular. Again, not this histo preferred way by which I paid to buy rocky island. You might not find it as the best way. Now since there are many ways to paint one single subject, you might find in other way to be more apt or you can adapt to it in a better way. So use that metadata has no particular rule book by which you need to go for watercolors. Whatever works for you, actually is the best way to go ahead and paint that particular subject. Some of the areas you will observe that I'm washing my brush, picking up some clean water. And ten, just extending the colors status near to those areas. And then again, I am picking up some of my darker values, which is a mix of my bond, Cnel plus beans Cree, oreos. You can also take some CPR directly and then added. This change of values is very important as I have also mentioned earlier. This change of values will basically determine how you are painting this rocky island, the rocks. So woe be more visible in few of the ideas and the rocks will not be sold launch visible are you can see they will be more, but gelato values can cue up the ADS. Yes. The whole of the painting is realtime mostly. I have kept it that way as I want you guys to understand exactly. It would not take you more than 30 to 40 minutes to complete this kind of a painting. If you have pains paper and everything ready with you. Real-time, I believe is always a good idea because it does help you to understand exactly how much time does it need to complete or row walked through a particular project? Because it does help you to understand even that the difficulty level of this project might not be so high and you can always go ahead and try it out on your own. There are a few of the places where I'm adding the darker values. So for the rocky areas, some of the ideas of the rocks have already dried up. And I did apply even though rocky areas with two layers, static went ahead and added some colors and but CNI and CPI did allow that color to completely dry off. And ten only I'm going ahead and adding these Dhaka values. We are draw, practically done with Bull stuff though. Adr right now. I would be working with some amount of line wash, as I have told earlier, white wash is very important when you are not using any kind of white or masking fluid Hall for a painting. Now, this is often said I'm Milton designer goulash, you can go for any other washed status available with you or else even postal Kahlo is fine. Many of you might think that why I am not using compose staccato when I'm saying that posture color is okay because the wide quash particles, we more thinner or you can say they are vey more fine and that's one of the reason they can come in, Duke. Whereas if you are using a postal Kahlo, the Roe v more ticker and their course. And that's one of the reason that I do not find it of fairy quote, door solution. In case you are using a white, you can also go for opaque white watercolor like titanium white immigrants that I Newton professional grade. These watercolors are better than the posture colors which is available with you. They give up better effect. So I would leave it up to you, which are the colours that is available with you. And accordingly you can use it. You can even no big fight. Jelly Roll pen in case you feel that you would have a better control painting these smaller rho VV kind of lines that I'm doing right now. You can go ahead and use of bent for doing that. I am using the tip off my size to brush. And you can see that the brush is being used at a perpendicular angle or else you can say at 80 degrees. Since this is a top view which you are observing right now on my Paypal. That's the reason you might not be exactly saying the angle at which I am painting, but that the pop, the brush is so very, very important as we keep painting these so white areas. Okay, now let me go ahead and just add some more details. You will always observe the last two or four or five minutes of your painting is more about detailing. It's not much about how you want to do an auto painting. You're painting has already turned out. It's about some of the ideas that you want to add, a bit more characters. Or you want to apply some more texture to grounds or some sky or something like that. You want to act. Those are the things which we do in the last four to five minutes of a painting. And once this is done, your painting is over. Just take a moment and have a look at your painting before you go ahead and act a white in all the areas, you will absolve me that I am waiting for the bit, thinking about where I want to add my colored. And then only I am going ahead and applying the white in small, small semicircular kind of first stroke. Go head down, splatter some whitewash, and there will be small, small dots that would A pure on the water area, which you will observe. You do not need to add a lot of slackers. Rate is just a few of those platters, so which should come in the white. That's it. And then I will again go ahead and add some amount of detailing on the rocks very forever I find that it is necessary. You have to always remember. It's important to know where to exactly stop in watercolors. If you do not stop in watercolors and overdo it, it might ruin the whole of the painting. I am quite happy what we come back. I have on the people right now only a few ideas. I am adding some darker values with the help of the sepia. Or as I have told you, Gan go far, even mixing up the black with your buds, CNO or Payne's gray with your buoyancy and one now you are drawn towards the shore line, or you can say towards the edge of the island, you should make it a bit more darker compared to while you are inside the island. Go hire them at these darker don't all values back dots on the really important while you are doing any kind of fainting patterns. So with your major leader rocks that we are writing for the island, some of the areas are darker in value. So in some of the areas that are due in values, that would basically help you do give a contrast to the painting. Contrasts to go eventually actually hold the viewer's eye. Because none of the people who are none of us do want Monod me completely in a painting. And that's one of the reason we do play a lot with the values to break the monotony and he changed the shape and size again to add some amount of elemental character. Do your painting. I'm pretty happy with the outcome that I have on the paper. So I will just tell out paper to dry off completely and then peel off 30. Sometimes zone you might find them difficult to peel off the tape. You can do it at an angle. And you can also try to add hot air along the sides with the help of your dryer that will help you to peel off 34 pretty quickly from the people who have will finally look at the finished painting. 6. Project 2 - The Ocean Foam: We will be starting with our Project Two, which is basically the ocean form. In this project we are going to walk with unmasking fluid. Wherever I want to apply my ocean form, I would be forced marking those areas with the help of my pencil. That's how you can go about working with this. I always say this are very important though aspect in painting and which is majorly the sketching. Sketching always provides you with a guideline wherever you want to apply your masking Florida or better for you want to actually show your subject using my monograph pencil to mark these areas. Always use a very light pencil because that could really help you to ease out any graphite marks from the paper. It is always a good idea to go for an HB pencil or you can even go like organon HB pencil. But our basic HB pencil will be highly appreciated in this case, while you are marking out these areas, you will see I'm making some kind of oval shapes in an around the overshoots. I will actually apply my masking fluid. And inside the Oval spaces there would be more of colors that we would be adding. Here. I am practically not doing anything except marking out the ADRs. Resto We will be working with the masking fluid. Next. You have already seen in my Technique section how you can apply the masking fluid and then preserved the white of the people, as well as applying the beans in and around that masking fluid to get the required results. You are well absorbed that I'm making these or Walton are diagonal manner rather than applying it in straight manners. So go ahead and do apply these. Waldstein are diagonal MyNode Rotterdam in the straight way. On the top right-hand side, you can also go ahead and mark out of few of the places where we would be applying the masking Floyd. According to me, you should always go head and forced watch this class before you start painting. Because that would really help you to understand where you have to apply the masking fluid, how you have doom, like mock out the ideas and then only start with the work. Yeah. This painting excites you would be understanding that some of the exercises can be done very easily without a masking fluid. And few of the exercises will need to have a masking fluid. Because masking fluid really helps to actually understand that how an exactly where we should keep the white of the paper and in and around that we should apply though water or you can apply the watercolors in case you are not using a masking Florida and just want to go ahead and apply the colors. It would be a bit tough. If you're still wonder, Give it a try. Please go ahead and apply the colors. Quandary areas which are not to be mapped to what the masking floored. And then you can keep some of the areas as white. But these areas need to be really fine and there are small, small lines because of virtue could become really tough and time taking for anyone to paint the ocean form if they are going without masking keyword or together. That's one of the reasons that I have introduced masking, floored and few of the paintings, whereas we are doing few of the paintings without any masking fluid. Okay. Why you are applying this masking fluid, which is also known as liquid latex, you should not use the brushes that are generally natural Bible or which are really high end that you use for your painting. You can use any old brush that you are not using any folder. And you can also go for any kind of synthetic brushes, as well as how to protect your brush from this liquid latex, or you can say from this masking fluid is one of the most important aspect that you should learn. So what I usually do. Is I apply some soap on top of my brush. And the hairs of the brush this way are protected. When I apply my liquid latex. Once I'm done, immediately, I runs with the help of a soap. And again, i runs with the slope, and again i runs with the soap. So in short, you can say that the soap will help you to protect these brushes as well as if you have a bunch of brushes which are old or which are synthetic. You can always go ahead and keep painting with the help of them, with the masking fluid on top of your people and they will last year really long. There's a basic procedure of applying the masking fluid, apply the masking fluid and let it dry. Always double-check for any kind of spots or places you might have left in this procedure. You do not want to miss out on any of these areas because if you miss out on the areas, they're Kahlo will not be the white which you want, and there would be the pigments that you will be applying on top of the paper that would cover those areas. So be very short. Roh value double-check. When our masking is dried off, again, you need to check back that there is no wet places with the masking fluid because once you apply your mean brush on top of the masking fluid, it might spoil completely because those are the natural fiber brushes are the high-end brushes which are really expensive and we want to protect them. That's one of the reasons you should always and always double-check whence, not paint is completely dry and everything is done, then only you should use rubber cement or you can say any other rubber that can easily pick up your masking fluid from the paper and then go ahead and apply some colors on top offer deflect acquired oral sleeve it though white that you wanted. I want to throw some light about multiple masking. Now, this technique is to Peter the unmasking over previously painted areas in order to preserve the shape, pattern, the colors, and the effects of that particular area. It has a very unusual and effect. Though I would recommend you in case you are going for multiple masking, the paper needs to be at least 300 GSM. Or you can also go four or six wattage ASMP, watercolor paper. This process does take a lot of time and you have to give that amount of drying time which is required for the masking fluid. Do not rush. That's very, very important. Do not try to use your hair dryer or allow the masking fluid to dry in the sun. Because you're masking fluid will completely stick to your paper in that case, and you will not be in a position to remove it at all. Transparent or semi-transparent colors are the ones that you should use while you are using a masking fluid. That would really have to work in layers and you would get some beautiful effects whenever you are going ahead as multiple masking watercolor technique for your particular project or for your particular painting. You can also use Actually Salt along with the masking fluid that also does give a very nice setback. Don't try this out on any of your personal projects which you have always saved on your phone or you would like to paint or particular landscape and go head and do it using this procedure. But always do remember that these are procedures are a bit risky and you should be very, very patient while you are going for all multiple layered off masking. I have kept the process of applying the masking fluid also very realtime because I do not want you to rush into things and just do it faster because it just takes a lot of time to apply the masking fluid. Again, it does take a lot of time to even not try it in the end. Now, I have not captured the timing which you need for this masking fluid to dry off. I'm using US Aemilia masking fluid. It is very thin inconsistency and it does take lesser time compared to any other mask influence that is available in the market part. Whatever masking fluid you have, you can go ahead with that and apply on top of your paypal. Always check the masking pleural fluid which you are applying on top of the Paypal for your painting initially because you do not want your paper to get spoiled or you're masking fluid to adhere to your paypal completely. So those are those small, small aspects which I would request you to have a look at. Okay, just forgot to tell you that I am using 0's science, but I shot this is already local brush prom and the normal market. So you can also use any kind of synthetic brush, which is not expensive at all. And then apply the sum asking fluid. Let it dry completely. Do not rush to apply your pains. I am going ahead and applying some pins on top of the water, which I did already apply. So do I add some water on the masking fluid? Once you're masking floored has completely dried up and then go ahead and pick your compost blue, I'm using my size toward ten. It's got my brush for applying this compost blue. And then I'm going ahead with some amount of Aqua agree in few of the places. The best part about this ocean formers, the longest part that you actually saw was majorly applying the masking fluid. This part would be fairly simple and easy. We have to first apply one liter of water and then go ahead and add some colors on top of it and let it flow. Flow will happen on its own so you do not need to Bonnie much while you are applying the colors. Water will do its work, gravity will do its work, and hence your colors will flow from here and there. Do make sure that you have applied and even coat of water and not left any of the spaces and deep because this is all wet on wet drama. And I would love to go head and apply some more aqua green now in few of the other places, this aqua green is from the company that is when sudden Newton professional grade paints. You can also go ahead with any other company like white nights. Or you can go with Magellan mission goal or chunky, whatever is available with you. Only one Breakfast try to go for or artist grade paints because our discrete pains would really help you to achieve the required results rather than going ahead with those student grade paints. Red pin support a lot of lawyers because of which you are colors might not last long or the might change the value once you, it has dried up. For artists, great means. It might go only one or two shade lighter. Whereas for student grade things, once your color is dried on the people, it might go three to four shades. And it might even change if you have put it under the sun or you are living in any kind of human ADL or coastal area, it might change or effect the paper a lot. So do try to just stick to the colors which are artists rate, that would be great. To start with. Rest. I am mixing some amount of Payne's gray in my app Walgreen. I have already told you that you can go for any other color that is closest to the actual green in white knight sine law that will get at the coins. You can go for plateau dacoits, insanity, or those other colors which are really close to the ones that I am using right now. To what's the top right-hand corner mix some amount of beings create if you do not have dopings gray, go ahead with some black and mix it with your aqua green intake. Now we have always been really gumming process for me, it is a very nice way to actually gain a lot of patience. And it would also help you do maintain a very peaceful kind of an approach. As you can't rush with this process, any rare one-off studies, then you have to keep your calm. You have to maintain the timing that it needs for the painting. Towards the bottom right-hand corner, I would go ahead and apply some darker values in and around the the masking areas which we did apply. You will be observing that the I am resolving some of the white with the mask influence them head on that. If you apply some darker value, so you would get a nice effect once you remove this masking floored. And that's how I also see the usual c form. So go ahead and check out some of the photos from these copyright free website, either it be Pixabay or you can also check out from on splash. It would help you to gain or understand how these ocean form APR really in nature. In case you can travel to a beach location, it would be the best you can on the standard though way better. The real life experience. Just go ahead and use any of your sites for size six brush I'm using a size six is caught up brush and using its tip, mostly if you can see. And then these darker values towards the top left-hand corner in our diagonal Mano, Of course, I have applied my ocean form in our diagonal mono, and that's one of the reason you would observe that most of my colors, which I am applying in darker values are two words though, diagonal. Of wig and do not know body. If you are not happy with the any of the colors just away, I added some things gray. I'm not happy with it. I will go ahead and take off some of the colors by washing my brushes and then apply some water on top of it, it would make the colors lighter in value. So do keep all of these small smart tips and tricks handy which can be used in any of your future paintings too. As well as it can help you to correct any of the ADRs which did not turn out the way you want. Since we do not have much or space or we do not have much of scope by which we can come back in watercolors. And that's one of the reason you should always be very sure while you are applying the colors, don't you have lifesaver that is your tissue as well as your brushes to pick up the colors. I am kind of happy with the way I have applied the colors status are not a lot that is spinning right now in terms of the phosphate layer which I am applying. So just to add a few more details or fewer more strokes here and there with the Payne's gray onto Docker value of HOPWA agree. You have to make some bit of pain screen in your ankle agreeing to get a darker value of the apple green. And they applied on the ADRs, as I'm showing you right now, do not very much because this is just a philosophy or on the ocean can go any way when you are painting the ocean form. Let go of your fears on, just go ahead and apply these scholars. Water is not a very, very difficult aspect, or it is not very tough if you have good guidance or you have someone who can help you through. So just be calm, composed Tan, I'm here to help you out that you have the point or at every step wherever it is necessary. The painting on this part of the ocean glass was really meditative For me. I did not need to think much while I'm applying the colors. I just DO went with the flow and the with a bit of understanding and with a bit of observation that I did. Since I do visit a lot of places like Goa in India, or marshes or any of the other beach locations a lot. And hence, I love to observe how you can even implement all that you also as waves into your painting. Go ahead and now pick up the masking fluid. Once your paper is completely dry, it has to be absolutely drive because we do not want to spoil any of the areas. So make sure that you do not have even a bit of humidity on top of your people. Once you have taught to take off though masking fluid, now you have to load your brush with some of the white quash and I'm using open Saran Newton whitewash. You can go ahead with any other, wash off your choice and start making these smart small lines. These lines are very important because that will really give the effect of the waves. It's a top view that we are making. And in case you are going ahead and making any kind of a top view of the ocean, makes sure that you are having these smaller lines or the smaller waves that you see from the top. Many of you might think that why I am using the size six has gotta brush which has got a tip on top of it, rather than using some of the other brushes like size through, which is very handy and available with me. But in this case, I would say I have a better control over my size six brush, which is a SCADA. And now gaining our brush control is very, very important aspect and you can do it. The first important thing for painting is that you have to gain the splash controlled by keeping your hand steady on top of your table, are on top of your a radio where you are painting. I always tried to place my hand and elbow on top of the table, which I usually use for my painting. And you can also go ahead and try some of those brush strokes to actually get hold of the brushes that you're using. Use of free hand to make a straight line. Then try to make something aligns with the help of your brushes. Try to make some broader lines with the help of your brushes. Those are though. Sizes which you can always do for getting your control author brushes because each and every brush does behave differently and you need to use your brushes to gain that amount of control. Why do paint these small, small and Tintin repulse, you can say, or the waves in the ocean. You can just listen to a few important aspect about the watercolor people. I have always told a lot around the correct paper that you should use. Again, I would like to I create the kind of papers which are available in the market and what you can use. What a lot of people basically comes in. Three, kind of you can say textures. One is your hot press to one as your cold press Tab one is your raw, rough, hard pressed paper is absolutely smooth that you get cold press people has medium kind of texture or it has medium kind of as two on top effect. Whereas if you go for rough green table, you will get highly textured people. And this people is usually very good for a few of the artists to love to paint or some kind of textural, like doors or windows or urban sketching. Whereas IE, for are frankly loved to go for a cold press Paypal in case I am doing any kind of landscape. You can also try hard press people. Hard-pressed paper allows you to have pains. So on top of the surface water longer period of time and hard press vapors majorly used for anytime of floral world. And so I worked, leave it up to you. What kind of people you want to choose. I usually love to go for full sized paper and then cut it into parts. If I am doing any kind of commission basis or in case I am going for any kind of size, so which is not available in the market, in the customer away. So you can take that A1 sized paper and then just cut it into as many parts as you want. The next important aspect of the Paypal is still weight of the paper that is available in the market, that is 185 GSM, hutches Paypal, then that is 300 GSM than there is either extreme kiosks party GSM, you can will for 100-year Sam, if you are doing more of all rough sketching and then one wash. Whereas if you are going for multiple washes, it is preferred to at least top 300 years. And in case you are going for multiple washes, multiple masking fluids and all, you can have 6400620 GSM, that's the best and it can give you fantastic results. The water will stay on top of the surface for a longer period of time. I usually use those kind of people when it is hot summer days in Delhi because those are the times where I mean, the water to stay on the Paypal for longer period of time as it evaporates immediately. And I guess law very less time to work on it. As I am a landscape artist to more moral soul, landscapes law does require a lot of work. If you say there are clouds or the mountains, anything that you paint requires a lot of time. While they kept discussing about the people and the kind of texture of the paper that you can use. I would like to even tell you that I did go ahead with a light wash off awash and some amount of compost blue over the areas which we did plus off in no white because even the ocean form that we have, we'll have some amount of colour in it as water doesn't have any color, but it reflects the color of the sky. The mostly done with the painting. And there are only a few ADLs which I will touch upon right now. I'm lead to paper dry off completely. Once it has dried off, just go head and splattered or some white wherever necessary on the top right-hand corner, as well as the bottom left-hand corner, that state o we will be doing. And then remove the day patent angle polarizer. Moving the tape at an angle is very important or else there's a chance of ripping off the paper in case you are. Ip is not coming off and just blow some hot air with the help of your dryer along the edges and you would find that your deepest coming out easily compared to if you are not a blowing off any air. Do remember that before going ahead and you're moving the tape, always test the team that you are using on the paper so that there is no chance of ripping off at all. 7. Project 3 - A Beautiful Evening: Today we are going to simplify very, very difficult subject about painting ocean based sand that do if you were trying to paint ocean waves from a real photo? Yes, guys. So do not worry, I am here to help you out and I would be guiding you through the entire process of how we go about it. For us, you need to divide the people in DOE, either do equal halves. I preferably never divide my people into two equal halves. I usually keep 40% towards the top of the papal and 60% of words though bottom. Then I'm now going ahead and applying and even go to wash with mine SCADA, flat brush. And then I will go towards the bottom of the people and make it lighter and Volume. One sign my blind my events and I knew Don Carlo, you would find that my Vincent on Newton colour is deeper towards the middle of the papal, whereas when I am going to watch the bottom, it becomes more lighter and value in this. So when sir, orange that I'm applying is really beautiful color in case you do not have the Spencer orange, you can always go ahead and apply some amount of cadmium orange. Now Cadmium Orange or gambled orange can also be, hello, died, you can use in case you do not have this kind of a windsor orange available on your palate. It is mainly the permanent yellow deep or from any other brand. Or these colors are quieter closer to each other. I have one more easier way in which you can get this oranges, go ahead and take some amount of red. And mixing though with some seemingly yellow or the yellow, which is available on your ballot. Now, they can be of two kinds, either a tag me or lemon yellow or it can be another kind of a transparent yellow. I would like you to go for transparent yellow rather than going for a lemon yellow because lemon yellow is more opaque in nature compared to the transparent yellow. I'm going ahead with mics so far in non-tone yellow. And you can even deep beam screen RL so you can go ahead and even makes your ultramarine has fall as you're in non-tone blue, entre Meninas. Warmer color compared to our in Fontainebleau. I'm mixing some amount of beans Green now with TBI and Antoine blue which I had earlier. So it dark and keeps me or darker value. And then I'm applying it towards the bottom of my people. While you observe through the painting that the bottom of the people is really dark compared to the middle of the paper. And that's how you go ahead and add the colors on top of your row paper that you have to make sure that you are actually not. We're doing this right away because we are going for. Some darker sheets initially and slowly and steadily you can further make it more dark once you are more confident, according to me, applying some lighter colors phosphate and then making it darker makes more sense. As my Paypal will remain wet for a longer period of time, I did apply one quart of water initially. You should always go for a 300 GSM people. And I really want to stress upon this subject again and again, because of the 100 GSM vapour can always help to provide more time for your walking guys. So one important aspect of why you stopped painting with watercolors is all about observation, power. Observation. Bower is very important while you are doing any kind of a painting. Here I am directly painting from a reference photo. Yes. Many of you might think, why am I? I've been painting from a reference photo. Why not be something original? Of course, you can be something original. Go head. And you can also absolve us onset by any beach and stopped painting of a dead. I leave it up to you how you want to approach it. For me, it is not a very feasible time to go ahead and just be on a beach because I have 2.5 month old baby and that's one of the reasons I have taken a photograph. Okay, let's start painting some of the areas. So while they go towards the bottom of the papal, while I go towards the bottom of the paper, you have to observe from the photograph that the base other ripples will become mass like Pete tenor. And they are not as strong as what you have as the leaves from below. So make sure that while you keep painting these areas, you'll get some waves which are more Turner and they are smaller in size compared to the ones that you paint towards the bottom of the paper. I always keep a blending brush. It can be a flat brush where it can be or round brush, whatever is available with you. Because we need to pick up the colors high. Lot of places where you want to show more of the white or the Windsor orange color, that is towards the bottom that you have available. So I leave it up to you how you want to show it. But yes, we need to do it. You have to use a brush, whether it be around rash or whether it be o flat brush. That choices of course you are. For me flat brush would be recorded in terms of removing dopings that somehow I am even gold with around brush just as I'm showing. Now. So many of you always have this thing in mind that how do you paint these kind of waves and how do you control the water? And this obeys, See, you can't control the water and water column. What Lucan controllers the humanity of the people, and how you can control the humidity of the people. Just as you progress, you would feel that the humanity of the people might be a lot factors. You might've applied a lot of water and the fuel off your colors or the pigments might be also high because of which you are pigments will flow a lot. In that one single area. What you can do is always pick up some pigments than dab it off on a tissue. Just so we, as you'll see right now. And then he applied that would actually help you to control the amount of pigments which will flow on top of your paper. I have been doing this for quite some time and this is a very interesting way in which we can get lighter. The low values even often follow. Let's try to go towards the bottom of the painting now hand, you will see that I am actually interlocking of you waves. As I see even on the photo crap data, a few interlocks here and there in the waves which we absolve. Whereas many of the ripples or waves which you absorb and not interlocked with each other. So you always go about it in a way that it will help you to show that painting in a manner which goes by the rules of perspective, not the whole of the painting is a wet on wet drama. I'm not going to go ahead and make any kind of ripple effect that would be a wet on dry. So you have to be very sure that you are going ahead with the correct Paypal as you want to have a lot of time MAF wardrobe, painting these waves. We do not want to end it. Fatty very soon or I do not want you to these traveling. Once you are Paypal is dry, then you will not be in a position to add these waves. What I can now give you as a suggestion is go ahead and let DO people dry completely. Once you help people is completely dry, then only start adding these smaller or shorter ways. Never tried to go ahead and do a project very quickly. One important aspect of watercolor is all about patients. The more you have patients that better output you will have. And that's how you sure DO always go about building Kanye subject, a knee or any subject and watercolor. And this is one of the most crucial subjects that I cannot talk about us. It is tough. But with all the guidance and help, I think you will be in a position to nail it, has been mumbling anything which is very tough kits adjust the way you apply the colors with your brush on the people and how well your papers, those are the only aspects which you need to keep in mind while you build upon this subject. Let us start painting the sky. Once we are done with the water area. They have some more, smaller ripples that I want to have towards the top and just use the tip of your brush. If you see, I am not going ahead and even putting any kind of pressure with my brush has high blood pressure. You will observe that the strokes will become ticker. If I use only the tip of the clash, the strokes will be the more tenor. That's how you control the strokes off your brush. So you need to be very sure how you approached this particular subject. I have repeated in the UK quite a lot of time that this particular subject is staff. And we need to go about it in a particular manner. Because I want you guys to Naylor, just away as you saw in the photograph. High will be even uploading this photo on the Resources section. And then you can go ahead and use it for your reference because having a photo BioCyc will surely help you more. I have also pleased my photograph just side by side and I have placed my palate towards the right of my psi because I'm right-handed person and I would go head by placing my palate towards the right rather than on my left. It would help me to pick up the colors quickly and easily. Just some bold strokes with the darker value in fewer videos to watch the bottom. But do dab often extrapolate from the brush on the tissue and then only go ahead and add these strokes. Once you are done with the strokes, then go head and start painting or Skype. But we make sure that your water is completely dried out before you start painting this tightly via this guy's going to be a lot of drama. And I am actually waiting to paint guard seriously. Because I do love painting the skies, the water and skies. One or two subjects which I have always loved, I have to are different losses on just painting different kinds of skies. I think you can always go ahead and check them out if you are also a true lover of Skies, clouds, and how you paint from real photo and all of it. So you would get quite a lot of insights into it from those glasses. Let's just stop now painting the area of the water. I do not want to overdo it at any point in time and let it absolutely become a bone dry. Right. You can start with any yellow off your choice for the sky. Haidt here, I am going ahead with my senior year of war in India low, whichever is available with you and just apply some color. Once that is done, go with someone syringe or you can also go for a permanent you're loci start from the sides and then move towards some muddle, how you need to apply the colors. Hiv would be actually walking you exactly through the process which I usually follow for applying these colors, go head and applied them brown, yellow, brown is basically the bone C and on which I have taken. And now in picking up some of the colors of the yellow for the sun, which you are solve on the left, you can use a tissue to pick up the colors. Or you can even use any other plot to pick up the color if you are not regularly using tissue. I'm using my flat precious quarter. And this painting is done on an A4 size paper. This is CTO brush is very good because high 3.5 by four inch and it becomes really easy to apply the colors very quickly onto my people. Now, once I'm done with the bronchials, we'll go ahead and apply my hint Antoine blue. Before I apply my hint, non-tone blue, I have gone and taken some fresh water and applied it so that I can get the lighter value of the burnt sienna, which I have already applied. Whoo with some more darker value of Fontainebleau. If you are not having this particular shape, you can also go ahead with pushing glued to it might not be exactly a match, but still I guess you can mix a bit of Payne's gray in your Bush in blue and you can get something similar or total sky Kahlo, which I'm adding right now. I love to mix up better for wafting through the sky idea. So I'm going to hit and adding some amount of quatro meeting. Now this will give more darker value to this guy. Always do remember in case you are getting something which is darker than what you need. You can always pick up the colors with the help of your brush. Tissues are always a leg civil enhance. Keep one-off your kitchen towels or tissues handy with you that will really help you to actually take off any extrapolates from your brush. And they allow you to match the colors in a better way. Has I am picking up some of the colors and then applying it on the paper. You can easily see it. I am taking some amount of Windsor orange. You can also go for cadmium orange, as I've told you, and then apply it on the people. Well, I could have made this guy from the medulla pit LIDAR and value, but I would go ahead and add some more buoyancy. And now because I wanted to make it a little bit more vibrant and attractive, and HIV would leave this up to you. Absolutely. You do not need to go ahead and do it the way I am doing. It's just hopeless, no way of making it more brighter and more attractive. And that, that's what I have done in many of my other paintings because my paintings are usually vibrant time the vibrancy is, or what the colors that I feel should be applied. You can always pick and choose your colors on your own. There is no hard and fast rule. Just that you need to take something which is similar to what you see. But I have even know, worked with some of them monochrome paintings. On those monochrome paintings only have one column with different tonal values. And that's how he had been able to paint kit. Well, so it depends. It's not that you have to only work with lots of colors or with sunset Kahlo or with particular values which I am only suggesting you can go hand experiment on your own. That's how you built up your hottest stick experience. And that's all you even become an artist of. Just dabbing off with your brushes on the paper. So it's all an experience. It's all about experimenting, it's all apart understanding. It's all about some failures. So all these paintings which you also off and you'll try on your own. I have always attempted at least twice. There have been many failures. I did actually paint all of these paintings twice before I came up with this class. That's the minimum which you will always absolved nipping tank or you will always absolve me doing a practice before I come up with any class because I'm not very sure of what would be the exact colors, et cetera, which I want on the paper. Sometimes the first time is a miss on the second time, then I actually shoot the closets better. So that's all. The practice thing always works. If you practice, practice, and practice, it will come You on its own. By the way, I have been applying the colors while I have been talking to you about practice. It's very simple. I'll go ahead and use some Dhaka values while you go from the left towards the right. And left would be more Danko while you go towards the right, it would be more like that and value. Just take some sepia or else you can even go for Wen Di Kay Brown, whatever is available with you. And slowly and steadily you can go for buoyancy and not harm mix some amount of your vernacular Brown or CPL with orange that you'll have on the palette that also you can do. I am picking up some of the colors for the white clouds as you move on. For dough pan v are going to pick up those colors either with the help of round brush or either with the help of a flat brush. I think flag pressures more effective while you pick up the colors. So go ahead and pick up the colors. Throw with the help of your flat Prussia and then just try to make the white spaces, how big moral litle. Once that is done, let your paper dry. You will see that the color of the sky is at least one she'd like Toyota and what you did also folio. So whenever you are working with watercolors, makes sure that you go one sheet gcloud Dan, what you see on the photo. Actually speaking, we are almost towards the end of our painting and it is going to be very simple. Now, whatever was the most difficult tasks we have 1D done, let us start painting the ADL off, which we will need to indicate as the small hills ought upon dense, which you even observe on the photograph. I'm going ahead and using my CPM mostly Hi, I'm mixing it with a bit of pen CNI if you needed corals, whatever color that was already available on the palette, which I did use for painting the lighter values of this guy. I'm mixing it with that and then using it. And you will be getting our taco value on your left-hand. While you move towards the middle, you need to keep the lighter tonal values. I think I am quite happy with the hub gum. To be frank, I'm whole raised her pretty happy with the final outcome. That's one of the aspects of my painting because I always knew that I wanted something in what, two colors and I want to paint well with watercolors. So I keep on trying and sometimes there are tough misses which are here and there. But overall, mentally, I feel that I am more contended when I paint with watercolors, I'm more happy. Hand. Fdd is filled with more dreams and I am so much more passionate about working on something better than next state for a while I go on painting all wet my have brush. You will observe that I have picked up one of the tenants crashes status my size TO brush for painting this area because I wanted more control as the hillside faraway AMT wonder, I always are trying to do a rough sketch before I go ahead and paint over it. As Afghan, it gives a lot of control and it gets lot more confidence while you are painting. You are mountains. So according to me, you should always go ahead and make a rough sketch before you find the painted. Had then now go head and non does some more lighter values with your yellow high Waldo preferably asks you to use more of your yellow around 80 of the Sun. And for the sun v will be even using some whitewash. Whitewash will help you to show the assignment of vectorally, and hence it would be more impactful. But if you do not have whitewash should go not worrying. You can go for any other opaque white watercolor. Ro School for any auto post two colors which is available Wet dog back, back we will be doing last. So first, complete the idea of the hill and then I'll VMO will want all those son. Okay. One idea is to add data so far to Hilts or the mountains, whatever you have painted, more hidden at the shining sun because you can see that the sunlight, which is beeping through these hills, Sam, I'm going ahead and mixing it to wet the colors of my hills so that they blend beautifully with the darker areas off the hill sand. It just shows up like the rays of the sun. Once you are done with this, Latino people dry completely and then you can always go head and removed the tape at an angle. I have gained repeatedly telling you to remove the tape at an angle because I don't want you to report the papal no. Blew off any kind of Lockhart hair. If you are unable to actually peel off your tape Ba Soul, use your dryer to dry off on the ADRs towards the right hand, towards left corner where your tail starts, then now you can now start pulling it off. I think that's a good trick always. And usually it works in Pompeii, very short to paper you are using. If it is less than 300 GSM, you need to check the tape that you are putting up on the paper because I really don't want to attack your tape, rips off PR paper any home, whatever, be the hub. Come. I want you guys to be wholeheartedly accepting it because you'll have done your best to make it work and that's what matters the most. You can always go ahead and try that next time if you want not getting it correct dataflow school. So do not ruddy and enjoy painting him, have op2 in the next lesson. 8. Project 4 - By the Sea: Here we are going to start with our fourth project and which is by the sea. I will go ahead and draw a horizon line. It is 40% for the sky again and 60% for the water. Since water is the main subject that we're going to paint, therefore, we need to keep more space for the water as well as here. It is different compared to the one that we painted last time. As we are going wet and dry, the sunset. Once we go, we're done dry for the sunset, even for the area of the sun or you can say the area of the sky and completely we will have some leaves and branches of the trees, which we are going to add. And that stat, I'm leaving some of the areas in white and then I'm going ahead with my yellow as well as the Windsor orange. Once I'm done with my answer, orange, I will start applying my buoyancy. And these are the colours which are one of my favorites while I go ahead and paint my sky. So start applying these colors on the Sunset area and then not using Knidos, Silva black velvet brush, weevil actually paint the whole of alia now again, silver black velvet brushes, SEM rush, which I'm using. You do not need to use this brush. You can go ahead but any other branch of your choice and start painting the sky ADM, no signs of the sheet that I'm using right now is if war sites, you can go for smaller sites to go to own genuinely saying that there are a few paintings which I did on a bigger area because we could always gives you a lot more space to play with your colors. Of course, it might not be the best way to go around. So I always give you the flexibility to either go with the A4 size paper. And you can even go with a3 sides of your choice. Or you can go smaller like a 5x size, or you can even go for a six size. P6 is six would be a bit more smaller compared to what I would prefer you to use. So go with anything that has available with you because our major in ten tests to understand how we paint the waters rather than being given by the size of their favorite brushes or anything else. Like think about these factors much. Watercolors are more about how you keep your people whet, how you actually work with your wrappings, how you work with your brushes. So all of those brush strokes on important. So that's how I would prefer you to see watercolors, how your brush dances, and how the colors moves in the most beautiful way across the papal. While I keep painting, I do understand anecdote. On my right, there is some space which I have left. So I will start with some amount of burnt sienna now and just to and the one that space then led this paper dry off completely. You will see that the colors are one shade lighter than what you absorb right now on the people. By the way, for the top of this file, I have gone with them mixup and non-tone blue and ultra marine. Just to give a bit, want I have added the ultramarine, do my end on Dawn blue, so I would leave it up to you. You can also go with any other shade of blue that is available with you. There is some amount of masking fluid that I'm adding right now with the help of my flag brush. Now while I had pizza masking fluid, I'm making smaller, smaller lines towards the top and a simple block. Towards the bottom hasn't moved towards what? It's not that the whole of the area, I am going to let it dry completely. Do not make the area wet or do not apply a brush on top of the masking fluid, it might spoil your brush completely as the brushes are very expensive. So keep that in mind while you apply your colors. I'm going ahead though with my Centralia yellow or you can even go for Indian yellow. And then I add some amount of insert orange on both the sides. If you do not have been surrounds, you can go for cadmium orange, Gameboy uj orange, or you can even go for any other orange that is available on your palette. That is goodness city requirement of going ahead with the same color that I have. Why I keep painting with urban CNR. You will also see that I will only add colors towards the sides. Undersides are always darker in value compared to the Meghalaya where I have applied the though yellow as well as the orange. Once I'm done with the ADR on the top, I will go ahead and use my tickled rush. You can go for either and half an inch brush, or you can even go for the size that I have, which is three by four inch or even one. And just fine, we are going with our first year of colours. And eight is omics of Antoine blue and ultramarine. So go with a lighter value first, add some water and then keeping thing the API of the water, you will see that I am going very random with my strokes. It is just to flag wash. That I'm going ahead and adding. And the now why I am going with some of my depot values of brock having it just above the blue which we already have. I think this is good enough. Now, go ahead and just add some more to Brown towards the left as well as towards the right. So that's it. And then let some of the elite towards the top, the wet with orange color, or you can say start applying the orange colour towards the top wherever it is necessary. I would say that it's important though, and the blues onto the water area. And while you add up, you want to your water idea. When we paint a bigger ripples, it should be wet enough. We might go with two layers of blue while we think are repulsive, because I do feel that the colors are becoming a bit more payload and what I did expect. So I will go with two sheets and that is okay. I mean, if you were not happy with the first shade or with the first wash. And then you can always go ahead and add a second wash. So there is nothing like we cannot go with the second Wash. It's always a good habit to work with layers. Walking in layers give you more control rather than going with only one single layer. Because if you go with one single layer, there's no way you can come back after that. You were just applying one year. Whereas if you go with multiple layers or you can say multiple transparent errors, you can work twice or thrice and have the perfect blend of colors which you want for your painting. We will go where Tom, Wait, I'm going ahead and using one of my favorite brushes, lattice from as quanta size six crushed. And I'm, I think some of the ripples now it is simply going to hand him having some lines. You will see it is a wet on wet method which we are adding right now on the paper. And simply just keep adding these ripples wound you are towards the bottom. They would be broader while you go towards the top, they would be tenor. That's it you need to keep in mind. It is a bit simpler than the one we did in our last painting. We will make it a bit more complex. So with the plants and the branches that we will be painting, rest. I think the color palette is same as the one which you have used volume here also, we will be going ahead and using the same colors. There's nothing much kingdoms of the change of the color palette or the people and the brushes. Finally, I've got delta rho by two. Keep adding these colors. There will be some of the areas which you need to add. A bit more doubtful. Or I would say, since I know that the colors book go one shade lighter than what you also have right now, I'm adding some amount of pain screening to Myeongdong tone blue and then adding some ripples to words. The dap, as well as the bottom area. It is a perfectly fine I'm going ahead and just going over the same reports that I did paint all the haters. Absolutely. Those same V These are just the straight lines that I did add audio. It's been more simpler as I did tell you. Now we'll go ahead and just somewhere. Branches, these branches are absolutely random. We're not thinking much while we go head-on ITS branches. Random strokes with your pencil. I would like you to solve this painting on a bigger screen because if the paper is really big and if you observe it on a bigger screen, it would be easier for you to follow as there are less of close-up shots overhaul. And therefore, if you see it on a bigger screen, it will make more sense. I'd done some CPI into the blue that you have added. You can also directly use CPR or read Nikkei amphora. I'm going with some more darker values are darker tones so far, my Bronchus. Once you have added some branches, it's time to add some links. I will go ahead with two or three ways to paint thieves. Either you can go with a wash, husband Sienna, and directly pain though leaves which just had some quick strokes with your brush. By Joe Stone dabbing off your brush on the paper and you will get this. Whereas there is another way you can apply for some water and then go head with some depot values. You can just add some buns CNR, and see the magic happening on the people. The colors will flow automatically. Loop since they'll paper is already wet with some clean water. Once not as Tan, start adding some more branches. Now, this area is going to be a bit tough if you haven't tried these kind of leaves or branches overview. What I would now ask you to go ahead and just simply tried on a rough people post and then aggregate the way I am doing on my sheet right now. Extend your branches so better. You need. And the top ATO of course, of the sky, a lot of branches. So it's going to be a bit more tedious. So be there, hang on. Do not worry. This is just one of the pods which we need to paint. And eight would add a lot more value as well as beauty to your painting. So go ahead and add some sepia in Dojo bonds Sienna, and then add some Dhaka values. You should always keep changing the tonal values for your lease. The change in tonal values, but actually make these branches locally more beautiful as well as the leaves will look more realistic. Okay? Keep thinking. The ideas are now equipped to blend Sienna and CPL variable. You find that the one Sienna is really like and it's not showing off on the people because of the ACLU go head. And after cpm. Now archon in Kano for CPR with deep anti Kay Brown. You can always go ahead and add the Van Dyke EEPROM better than you think it is in a city. There is no hard and fast rule in terms of using the colors. If you want, only having been CNO, go ahead and add some glue into your burnt sienna to get the Doppler value, something like sepia or NDK Brown that can also walk. There is not much in terms of the color palette that you need to use. You can go with very, very simple colors and just try to check the colors on a rough piece of paper first. And then it won't be on top of the people. This has I have told you is going to be a bit don't go. So you need to hold on along with me because this area is, of course, large and painting the lease and dusty some amount of time. It will, of course, give vein more better results. So this time home there and trying to keep patients and enjoy the process. So see I moved the endless art or the end goal is really important. But TO read You are doing watercolors, having a lot of patients, so is important. Patients will actually produce better results compared to if you do not have that amount of patients. Because watercolors does take a lot of time to dry on people like 300 years, a 100% cotton. We can't always keep working with it. We need to walk in layers. For me, the whole process always remains really exciting. The colors, the wetness of the sheet, the movement of the water. Everything just remain SAW massacre and it is saw enchanting. I would say these option B is value key painting it. Okay. I'm saying you are John done with this. So AD often branches I woulda ask you, do lego Papert lie? Because we've ago hand down on one more layer for our watered aliyah walker is still not the best stall door right. Outcome, which I do feel. And hence psi words like the waiter AD and once more and then apply some more colors. We even go ahead and check out the reflection of the sun. On the water radio, we will remove the layer of the masking fluid and then have a look at it. But first, keep painting someone loops branches here and I'm there to complete the drop-off. Sky Asia. Finally with some more loose branches towards my left, undone. And then let me add some more Zhang crosses into one small land area which appears on water. You will find these kind of smart small tree-lined ADR in any of your raw water or any of your leaks, any of your rivers, can't. They do appear and whenever they appear you will find some amount of glosses on top of it. You can even make rocks. If you are more comfortable with rocks. What I'm doing is simply making some long stroke side. I start from the bottom and move my rush towards the top. Using the tip of the brush. I am going ahead and using my tennis rational that does my signs to brush from. So they'll plaque though that you can also use any of your other brushes, like SCADA brush, which has a nice tip so everything will be fine. You can go for assigns to branch size, city brush butterfly available with you, and keep painting these small, small grasses out. Once you meet these classes, you need to keep in mind that there has to be some amount of reflection which falls on total water. I'm going to untag reflection to your being. Does some ADR off the grass, just make some lose some scraped off, simple, simple lines. And that would be in a way more like a value. You have quanto Kahlo and that's it. They are already having the reflection. This is the part which is the weight on Ryan, can you have 1D London's during their techniques part if you haven't worked out the techniques, I would seriously ask you to go ahead and check back on their techniques once more to figure out how the paint, those ripples, how we pick the water because status of nature, ADR, which we need to focus on, and some more leaves once you have added a somewhat loose leaves. So I'm not making it absolutely on top of the branches. For my branches on the tree AD I'm kind of happy and I'm not going to walk out a lot more on this. You just need to add some more legal. So detailing partners, basically the last part either you can do and kinda shut off right now, ROS, you can go ahead and keep it at the last time, finish it, then I would leave it up to you how you choose a Tango work cut out for me. I'm just finishing it off right now. Then I would go ahead and paint a one simple Hill has well, as I will just change my water area a bit more. As I will be going with one more layer. This layer is really life in value and I want or Dhaka layer formed my water as after all odium. And so those are the ideas so which I wouldn't keep on improving arrest. I think I am pretty okay with how the painting is turning out. Right now. Go with a lighter value of your brown. When you start painting your mountain or the hill, go with some bonds, CNR start painting this area and then you will need to go ahead and add some more darker values. Either you can make some blue into your BOD CNO or you can go head and new CEO, CPR or your Wen Di Kay Brown. I would leave it up to you how you want to go ahead and do it. I'm not having a lot of work, a lot on top of my brush. But the color that I am using here is more dilute. So it is not very saturated. As well as the bird Cenacolo itself is looking very beautiful. Loss at hostile raiders show dent in it. Or you can say it has got a reddish underlying colour in it. And that really makes it stand out completely. While I had two corners on top of the hill, you will observe that few of the places I will add the darker values and few of the places I will keep the same color, which is of the burnt sienna. I am not going to change a lot over there because so that is ready to King, beautiful if there are two colors and it blends really well with each other, you can only do it when you are paper is wet. So make sure that when you are applying the buds CNR, it remains where it for awhile or else you need to work quickly with darker tones. Some reflection of DOM, him that you see and the distance sign that said, Don't make sure that while you paint the branches as well as the leaves, you go a bit slow. With that. I wanted to tell you if you want, not very okay with painting these branches, you can always go ahead and check out my hole, right? Cds. It has an exercise which is more about painting branches and the overlying sky. So it would be really helpful to dry that particular polarized because if we're not take you more than ten to 15 minutes and then you can come back to this painting that way. So there would be a new learning as well as it would be really helpful for you. So I add one more branch. Now this is only the last detailing part which I keep on doing, keep on going till I'm really happy with the outcome. You may even avoid this. I don't want you to be really stressed out it all, as I say, always enjoyed the process. Enjoying the process is really, really important to you. Do not enjoy the process. You want to not be in a position to get the final outcome, even if you are happy with the final outcome, the whole of the stress that you had throughout the painting to get the final outcome will be killing. And that's what I do not want. The watercolor should be more about a happy space for you. It should be about coming back to something that you want to learn and which you want to explore. It's all about working out some thing which is really beautiful and magical. That's what I always learn from watercolors every time there is somewhere the other mistake that I come it, and some of those mistakes really are not beautiful when I applied those kinds of techniques. And my next fainting. And some of them are, of course, my favorite terms and it's ok, we will not have always the best. So that's perfectly fine. They are onto our final few minutes of the painting. First, go ahead and apply some clean water on the Papal. Once you have applied some amount, obtain what Ron, your people do, make sure that that clean water is not tripping. Rearm going ahead with our flag brush, just ten layer or very, very clean layer of water. And then just add the sum amount of indoor Anton lw with your paints three. Once that is done, you need to just add again one more layer of reports. How do you act or a pulse, either you can go with direct with your flag crash, or you can go ahead with the size for brush. That has test quanto, sorry, psi six Russia SCADA. I'm using many different sizes of brushes. I'm sometimes I do get confused or they had before and I'm going to have the six mA and this is the sixth one which I am using. Go head and again go over the layer that you handled, the painted. Sometimes you will see that if you have a lot of water on your paper, it might not turn out as white in few of the places. Since we want some of the places to be more lighter in value on some of the places to be talker. That's one of the reasons I do not want the colors to be flowing a lot. They should not be moving around, are dancing around, but a lot. There should be only that much humidity on the paper so that you get the colors that you need. But though clean areas or the light of new ideas for showing the repulsion of better we should be visible. I will now let my paper and dry completely once my paper is try go head and removed the tape at a mango. Always removing the tape at an angle is important. If you are not actually removing the tape at an angle, it would be a bad idea. It might rip off your faithful. So do keep that trick in your mind. I have linked reminding this over and over again. I think throughout all my of watercolor practice session or two out all my projects. Have a look at your final painting and hopefully you will be equally happy though we, I am to see this one. See you in the next lesson. We will be painting something very exciting. It would be all about caching and the roaring waves, this type. So project 500, projects six will be more about that Pam, then there would be a bonus lesson where it would be a calming of ocean wave. So see you next. 9. Project 5 - Crashing Wave: Hey guys, we are wrong onto our fifth project for today. And it's going to be not a very simple line. So do not worry again, I'm here to guide you through the entire process. First, what you need is to divide your paper into the horizon line, which is basically about 20 to 30% of the people and rest of the area would be the C. I am marking some of the areas where I need doping to my Vi's. That's how I would be going about the will be basically three types of waves that we'll be cautioned towards you. And you do not need to think much while you paint this. What I would ask you to do is observe this painting first, obeys law. Manner on your laptop are bad. Or if you are watching Ethan on your small screen like a phone foster absorber, you can go with any speed of your choice. Like it can be 2x or it can be 1.5 x whatever speed you want. And dense dark painting. This is not a very simple project and I do not want you guys to go wrong anywhere. If you go about it has spurred the instructions. And as per the guidelines, you can actually mean that it will not be difficult at all for you. Although having at once will, of course made it make it more easier compared to what you can do in just foster attempt, go ahead and apply some masking fluid. Yes. I am a great fan of masking fluid. There are a few projects which we have done without masking fluid, but mostly ocean waves very, there is a rushing or gushing wave coming towards you. It needs some amount of masking fluid to be applied. Auras, it could become really tough for you to show the water as well as to show that kind of an ocean form. Since water doesn't have any color of its own, it just reflects the color of the sky. So whenever you are showing any kind of a color in the ocean, do make sure that it is the reflection of the sky. We are not going to. And anything like your orange, yellow, if the sky is not of that color, making sure that the sky is exactly reflected in the water. What would be the one major intent of our painting? Rest, go head and apply this masking fluid in a very, very random manner. You can observe it closely. Watching this class on a bigger screen will make it easier for you since it is top-down away that I'm showing how you can apply the masking fluid. So having a closer look or having a bigger look on a bigger screen will be helpful. Next would be once you are going ahead and applying this masking fluid makes sure that your brush has some amount of soap in it. So apply some soap, then. Pick up though masking fluid on your brush, go with a synthetic brush as I'm showing you right now. Don't go with any high-end brushes, which has got a natural fiber that would really lead to a lot of difficulty while you actually did God this masking fluid do make sure that you take off the masking floored with the help of your soap into the dot and then again, rinse it with the soap. You have to do a two to three times. Once you want to take off the mask and fluid from your brush, that way you can maintain your brushes, synthetic brushes for longer period of time. Rest, get these pressures which are cheaper in value compared to using any kind of a silver Blackbird as called R. So these kinds of brushes are really expensive and I do not want you to spoil these kind of Russia's Hall of the spotters are recorded in real time. And you can actually see how I am applying the pains or how I am applying even a simple thing, like a mask included slowly because I do not want you guys to rush through a watercolor painting. Watercolor painting is something where you really want to go ahead and give it the amount of time and give it the amount of patients it needs. Heat is not chameleon which can be rushed through. You have to always partner with this medium. Whether it be while you are applying your masking fluid, whether it be via You are working to any of the areas in 30 BCE guy or intended believes. We have to be really calm composed stands for watercolors is actually teaching me how to maintain a lot of patients, even my real life. It helps me do loosen up a lot as well as it is really helping me in terms of these stressing myself. I don't take any kind of stress while I walk with my pains because it's all about the flow. Just go about how you want to make it flow. I love how the water spread along. I love how I apply my pains on my paper. So I have written what I do. I just love it completely. And when you also find that the laugh in the process, I think you will be in a position to make it happen for yourself. Yes. It might not be the best one while you paid your ocean waves, I would ask you in case you had a big nerd to grow about the class from the starting rather than just going ahead with this crashing vapor. So first one, because this is a bit of a complex project compared to the Waldo forced for projects which we did attempt. And the next two projects, of course, would be one more layer, you can say. Higher compared to what we are doing right now, would be all God shouldn't be. Fernando would being adult calming waves that we put beeping tick. I will now go head and splatter some amount of my masking Floyd in total leaves ADR do make sure that you splatter it, not onto the sky area. Therefore, only a few sliders here and there is fine. You can even do this process with the white quash later. So I leave it up to you how you want to go head and daughters, make sure once you have splattered called masking fluid in dodo water area, dark. Damascus include is completely dry. Before you apply the colors on top of it, I am allowing my masking fluid door dry off completely before I walk on the water area. In the meanwhile, I will start attempting my sky. How do I go about? And faith mice, tias based simple, just have clean wash of this beautiful color, which is basically your Whit said orange and some amount of white quash. I didn't mix it. So when Sarah orange would be around 20% and whitewash would be announced 80%. You will get some color which is similar to this one. Then start adding some royal blue on the behavior of this guy. I have already swash this royal blue while we were working on the galleries and its characteristics. You can also use cilium blue light if you do not have this royal blue, this royal blue, as well as this orange, which is the light based book kind of a gala is really light or it is even OP, while you add it to the. Your paper, therefore, do make sure that you keep the intensity or you can say the amount of water higher while you apply it on the paper, tiger now makes some amount of a non-tone blue with my robe, I guess. And that's what you spell in Danton Google, right? If you do not have this blue with you, I will ask you to go ahead and check out the other colors like promotion law are you can even go ahead with the Indigo. Indigo would be way more darker compared to Duke Carlo that ideally what? So another option could be or cobalt blue, but the cobalt blue is one shared or Bushehr lighter than this end onto Pluto. Prussian blue will be the real good color if you want to replace or if you do not have discolored and your pilot harassed or you can always mix and match your colors and then add it onto dope paper. I would leave it up to you how you want to go about this. Like I am right now mixing my royal blue wet my tone blue, and then adding it. You can even go for add NGO cilium blue with your in Guantanamo or saying them in blue with your pushing bool and then added on your people. This is going to be very simple and lighter strokes. Just go ahead and add taco values towards the top of the sky idea. And few of the route clouds need to be a bit darker than the are those. So few of them would be lighter and value and few of them the pink dark and then value. That's how you will be finishing it off. But do make sure that you are not going to go overboard it. Because we do not want do only pain clouds throughout the entire sky. There will be few clouds and desktop the AVI in the orange will remain like that. It is up. Sky which looks really beautiful. You could have even left it without adding any clouds. But I really wanted to add some amount of drama onto the painting that so one of the reason I had to type these clouds, I have gone ahead and added some things clay into my bone scanner. And once I've added that, pain's going into the burnt sienna, I see the colors have become a bit darker in value. And it's one of the reason I start from the lower side of high painting, which is basically the bottom area. And then I move up. When I apply more of the blues, blues will be basically a combination of my ultramarine and some amount of indent whom will, we will also go ahead and apply the other blues like to compose blue and some amount of a non-tone Lu and aqua green while we being the waves. So darker values, I will show you how you apply, but you might go head and have more of water in and around the waves. Wherever it is necessary, we will add some more darker values. So whenever, wherever it is necessary it is told the places you can add the though like dope sheets. While you pin these waves, you might feel a bit overwhelmed because it might look really tough. But believe me, when you start painting and it would become easy, you do not need to think much while going ahead. Just keep applying the colors while you are towards the top of the wave, apply the lighter values. And while we will come towards the bottom of some of the areas for the wave. So we will apply their darker values. We have already mastered area which we want to keep and white, so we are kind of covered in that way. And there is a lot of ocean form towards the bottom of the paper and hence so we will keep it though CMV, since it has already covered though with latex or you can say with DOM asking fluid. Hence, we are not having any issues that place. Just add some more darker values of the blue in few of the areas of your for that as the ocean for right. It's time to add some are Drummond in Ghana along the horizon line. I am just taking some amount of French art remedying on my flat brush, which is three by four orange and then applying it along the horizon line. Do not worry, it might not be absolutely straight. That's perfectly fine. While you go towards the waves, you need TO blend it with some water. I am picking up some water on my brush and then blending it with the color that I've already applied along my horizon line. That's how I go about it. And that's how I will keep applying my colors. Now I am adding some amount of indoor Anton blew into my ultra marine and then adding it along my horizon line. While I go, you will always see that I sometimes call we're done lighter values usually and then only add my Docker values because lighter values gives me more confidence meant I'm going with my first year, I can always go ahead and add more layers in total painting. That's the great idea about watercolors. You can walk with their transparency of the water column and keep on adding layer on layer. That way you can build up your painting as well as be more confident about what you really want to see in your painting rather than going with one single wash and actually trying to figure out that we have to paint it with this single Wash itself. So there itself I want you guys to focus on that. Do not go with the Docker washes initially over the lighter tonal values and slowly, steadily built on it. Now it's time to add some more darker values into the painting and how I am the Stokoe values. I start with my app while green, and then I go ahead and add some screen toward. Once I have added that Payne's gray, I will pick up that mixture with the help of my smallest brush, which is size two. And then I start applying it below my waves where you solve my latex or wherever I have added that mosque and fluid just below that, I start adding it. While we add them, make sure of their Spain's Cray and our quadrant. You will observe that the colors will spread on its own since we are going wet on wet. So we're done wet is the technique which would actually make your colors are blue on the Papal. Whereas if you go wait on dry, you have to see more of hard edges. Whereas here we will get the soft tonal values. They look really nice. I love the colors bleeding on the paper. And that's one of the most beautiful aspects of four watercolor painting. Go ahead and add some more loose strokes, just the way I am doing with my size to brush. I'm going with my smallest brush right now because I wanted a lot more control. That's one of the reason I am going ahead with this brush. I wonder the bird that keep things as simple, easy. Whereas I do not want to commit any mistake, that's how I win the bet over here. And you can also go with your smallest brush right now. Then you can make it a bit more darker. Or once you gain a lot more control, you can go with your larger brush and rather than going initially with it. So whatever I am doing right now is as bar, what you can now go ahead and work out. Because when I am doing a painting and just think like oh being NOR and try to understand what would be the brush shops that you can walk up to. What would be though? Color pant on how you can actually gain more control of your brushes, how you should go about a subject. Those are the things which I always keep in mind. And I just think like when I started, how it would have been more helpful to me if I go ahead in this particular way. It makes more sense to me rather than going around in any other particular way, because they can be many ways in which you can paint waves. And this is not the best approach or this might not be the only approach that you can go about it. Dr. gotta show you as many as five to six approaches. So for painting simple waves, and those are the ones which I find pretty easy for myself. You might have your own soul slowly and steadily as you keep painting, you yourself understand what does the best possible way I knew you wanted to paint a particular subject. So the start applying some of those. And now a few of the ideas for our 800 around our masking fluid and then now legal led to paper dry off completely. Yes. You know, I love completely is very, very important before you start working with your brushes. And you take off your mask and keyword because I do not want you at any point in time to rip off your paypal that. So one of the very, very important aspects of watercolor, never ever go ahead and rip off your paper in any of the areas. So just go with the flow and start adding some of the white DOT urine there. Once that is done or how you anticipate white lines. So use either your postal colors or your war shows. So many of you always ask me what is the difference between a postal color, ML, Gosh. What are the particles of the post-doc fellow or the big min? So which is in the Postal Kahlo are more cores, they are more ticker and hence they come in jars. Whereas whenever you are using wash, they do come in the door cubes as they are more Fleischner inequality and the colors that you get out of the GWAS showed, which are, which comes in tubes are way better than what you get with boasted filers. Now if you do not want to explore this expensive option, go head though with the colors of the that come in. Basically your small, small jars. So for your white to white things, resto, I think this is a choice that you need to make either you buy one tube of your wash. And then keeping all your paintings with that particular color itself, you do not need to keep purchasing again and again. Whereas if the postal colors, you might not get the exact outcome. Hence out their hand might end up being unhappy with the final outcome. Still, I would say that you need to enjoy the process, whether it be pulsed to violence, whether it be quash, whatever is available with you, give this a try because I'm pretty sure about it. It takes a while to cater hanging off of painting waters are all waves like these, hence, so whatever is available with you start with that. And once you feel that you are more mature than you want to purchase something more expensive, go head and do it. Don't go by a particular artist or what they suggest always experimented on your own. So there are many colors which you might like to buy. So always go for a dot card. So the dot card are ones where you get smart, smart dots for all the colors that you would like to purchase and you can now purchase. Why not do tubes each month? You do not need to go ahead and purchase all the tubes together. And that's one of the aspect which I have always told each and every person who has come for my workshop, who has taken any of my classes, never go ahead and purchase everything together because all of these supplies are very expensive and they do not want to blow off together all the money that we have. First try to get into habit of painting and don't be stopped purchasing all these expenses, supplies, splatter, Samatha, whitewash, just the way I am doing. Cover your spine area. We do not want those plateaus to enter this kind here because though these are moving downwards and hence the gushing or the roaring waves or the crashing waves need to show that energy while they come down rather than, than they are to words tip-top. Next TO One thing that I want to tell you what basis I'm might give you a lot of information which is repetitive because those are the areas which I do stress upon in many of my pain. Thanks. And I want you guys to also get a hang of it. So do not get tired of me telling it again and again and again. You will actually pick it up as one of the best practices later on. So go ahead and use it for your own benefit. I am applying some amount of green. Now if you see the green that I'm applying is basically a Kahlo, which I have got by adding some amount of white wash into my app Walgreen. This aqua green again is from the Sudan Newton, you can go for something like dacoits or plateau green, whatever is available with you. I do not want you to go ahead with anything that is not available with you. You can also woeful shades of blue, that's absolutely fine and try it out. I know it has been quite long. You have been fainting and whatever I may say, it will not take away their long process that you have gone through y, you have tried to paint this particle or a wave. I do make sure that you blend the colors as I'm doing it right now and keep enjoying the process, guys I have when I'm creating it again and again and again, that processes really important. You have to enjoy the process. In case you do not enjoy the process, you will not be in a position to have all the beauty and the magic that is there. And watercolors enjoy it completely. You will find that so much of understanding, and you will find so much that is yet to discover. And watercolors gets an unending medium. It's an unending discovery. There is so much that alone each and every day I have been painting for a few years and still I feel that I don't know much about this medium. I discover each and every day something or the other. That is new to me. Just like running some more raw, white Guassian few of the areas and I feel towards sir, right? I have added a lot more red dots than I need. And hence, you will find me even rectifying it. So whenever it is like you are batter, DO panes which is not required on your paper, use your tissue and take off those extra pins or arrows. You can even take blending brush. Some clean water, dab it off on your tissue and then take off those extra pains and apply some amount of altro, meaning just the lee i would do right now. And frankly kind of happy with whatever I have right now. That's one of the important aspects which I have learned from this watercolor painting. You can't have a toy. The painting might not turn out exactly the way you might have imagined, and that's perfectly fine. Whatever you have, you need to be happy with that. And then again, go ahead and try it once more if you want. So that is an important learning which I do have in these years of watercolor and seriously, you will also feel the same once you are in toward, for quite some time that there is some amount of unexpected randomness as well as the endings might not be as you always also your instructor doing it, or as you always observe a teacher doing it perfectly fine. No need to worry at all. Just go with the flow, with the flow with the blue is the idea. Nothing, nothing more and nothing extra. Right now, I am adding some more dawns to my ocean for Mark. You can add it to if you want or lose the vet as it is. I am adding dosing colors which I did use for my ocean, even into my ocean for media. And then I will let the paper dry off completely. Always like your paper die off completely before you take out your tape or you just fall off your tape. If your area is non dried out completely, you might rip off your paper yesterday for a lot of activation and are moving on your paper. I had done it seriously and I have even shown it to you. And one of my paintings, which I did earlier in the class, Polaroid's painting. You can see you. So go ahead and see how I do get this kind of problem. And I do my paper and and that temp, I have to really fix it. And every time fixing it is not possible seriously. So there will be times where i will not be in a position to fix it. Hence, I always tell you that blow some hot air if you are unable to take off your tape or else just slowly go head and take it off at an angle. There are so many things that I keep saying it again and again. And I know you guys have been listening to me. So yes, that's done. Have a final look at your painting now. You are done. It's an amazing job that you guys have done seriously, I want to appreciate you for holding on to this complex painting. And I will meet you in the next lesson where we will be painting some gushing and roaring waves. 10. Project 6 - Roaring Waves: Hello guys. I'm back with my last project for this waves 2. And I know you all have been holding on for quite some long time. Yes. It's not a subject which is very easy and I took small and simple steps to start explaining you the subject. And slowly, steadily we have built up to space so where you can go and paint some roaring and gushing base. I am right now actually doing an outline for my roaring and gushing ways. As I always say, watch it on a bigger screen. It would be easier for you since my cameras please stop down. Hence, watching it known as smallest thing might make it a bit difficult. Therefore go for an iPad or a laptop, whatever is available with you, and start making these small outlines. Once you have made this small outline, now we have to start masking it. But before you go ahead and even being this outline always draw horizon line. Horizon line is basically about 1 third from the top of the paper, or a bit lower than that. You can say 25 to 30% of the paper you need to have for your sky, Asia that's sick. And then now let's go ahead and start painting. See again, he would say as far as my oil old experience that this is a class which is a bit tough. I am heard, do not worry. I look ideal to whatever process and whatever way possible. But with that, you need to keep in mind that it's not going to be very simple. But seriously, if you follow the steps, as I keep on telling you, you will be in a position to at least understand this movements that you have in the ocean based this energy. You have the process of how we can paint these rushing and gushing waves. So all of this put together will make you more confident as a porous and when you want to paint water, water is one of the areas so which is mostly dreaded by each and every person. And that's where I want to make you more equipped to tackle such a subject. Rest. I have started applying the mosque included now while I'm applying the masking fluid, this is at 2x speeds. So make sure that if you want to adjust the speed, go to the bottom left-hand corner in case you are observing it on a bigger screen. And the top right-hand corner to adjust the speed to 1X. I think I'm gonna go with the way I am currently applying my masking fluid. Just make sure that you are leaving a few areas and white. Let us splattered some. You can say latex or are masking fluid. Yes, it might not look as the best option. C, you can do the step even with the help of whitewash, unbarred ASP or me. Whatever you can use for just keeping the whitespace of the people would be very good. Because if you do not have any kind of a white gosh available with you, then it might be a bit tough to apply it. Or if you do not have latex with you, then this kind of a painting might be a bit tough, but you can, of course, go ahead and attendance are the waves that was for and I think only accept the ocean form that I've painted. You would be able to add them though. First project, then the Tor Project, and the fourth project, because they are mostly without any kind of masking fluid being applied. But for these kind of waves, as per me, it's always good for a new person or for someone who was learning new, these ocean needs to apply this and then started off. Yes, when you become more experienced, it's easy to actually have these spaces. Even when you are not applying any masking fluid, you can preserve the whitespaces. He went with dark, dark. So I would write down, go ahead with this approach only to add these small, small lines which gives a direction to our waves. These are the white thin lines. I am applying the whole of this masking fluid with the help of a synthetic brush. I think it is a very thin synthetic brush. I'm using either you can use 01 or two kind of synthetic brush, which can really help you to preserve the spaces. So let's move on. Let the area dry off completely. Once the area's completely dry high, would the ask you to apply water on the sky ATO, once you have applied water on the sky area with the help of your row is called a rational. I am using an escort our Florida Crash, three by four inch, as I have told you, you can go ahead with any kind of flat brush that is available with you. Wherever there is a wave for which you want to paint, just leave that space. Do not apply water onto that area. And as I say family, there are many ways in which you can paint whatever. This is, just one of them. Let's just go ahead and apply some colors. I will pick up some ultramarine on my round brush. It is the size it brush from. My silver black velvet series. Now this, this rush, of course, if you don't have no problem, go head with some other brush off your choice and then start applying what your colors in a sound waves or the places which you have mast. And now you are not going to directly apply the one top of the masking fluid. We are painting in an around it that would give it a soft look. So this particular wave is to give a soft loop, and that's how you keep adding your colors. Once you have added your colors, go head and just apply some more darker values. How you apply some more darker values? Or you can mix your in non-tone blue in your ultramarine and ten start applying it for this guy, we are going to have a darker sky compared to the lighter ones. Therefore, start from the top right hand corner and then move from a right towards the left and from your left towards the right in a very simple manner so that we can blend the colors very easily. We have to keep in mind than the blending is very organic and we do not commit any mistake over there. I have always tried to keep the blending part really organic in nature. If it is not organic, then you might not be in a position to get the best outcome. Therefore, keep adding the colors from wherever you want to just apply. And I would actually ask you to keep applying the colors in and around debates again, because that is the area which is kind of making the painting stand out. My waters, I would keep the colors as my aqua green and compost blue. So you can go ahead with any other color of your choice. But these other two colors, which I really like and I would love to apply it on the paper or on waves which people be painting. They will be darker and values compared to the sky area which we have added door. We want more of software. Look for the waves. Therefore, I'm going ahead and applying water just below the area of my masking floored that I did apply early earth. For keeping though rushing and gushing waves part as white and preserve the white of the papal. Keep applying the water till you are not happy. And once you have applied the water and there is a clear sheen of water, do I make sure that you are not actually having a lot of water on your people. I lot of water on your people might lead to lot of bleeding of the colors. And you will get so much of soft blend that your colors might not stand out. So we are going to apply some darker values and few of the areas and some lighter values and some other areas. You should be in a position to get those two different colors. I start with the darker values, which is more of Aqua agree towards the top and wildlife go towards the bottom. You will also how I keep adding my compost blue. Let us sample closer look at how painting to understand how we apply our colors, I am now picking up some colors on my SCADA size six brush and I am adding or mixture of my compost flu and royal blue onto the people. Once I apply these colors onto my paper, I will go ahead and let it bleed with the water. It would give it a soft look. I will even leave a few spacers and white completely when then only go head and apply the adult colors. So make sure that you do even deep or few spaces and real lighter values. We do not want to cover the entire row ATO off the ocean waves with the darker values itself. Now I am going ahead and adding some indoor tone blue. Now this Kingdon tone blue of course, is a bit darker as you see now. And then I will go ahead and apply it even towards the bottom of the waves, some of the strokes and the bottom of the wave. So we'll be straight. And while I come from the top, you will see that I will make a Garvey kind of strokes. So you can always so fostered, try to check it on a piece of people, how you apply the stroke. Then go ahead and use it on your final painting. That way, it would always help you to have the right kind of stroke for the water. I would like to actually throw a bit of flight into why these strokes so which are straight and which are curvy are important. Because that only half actually helps to distinguish between the energy of the nature and how the waves are moving from the top towards the bottom, how they are rising. And to keep applying these kind of strokes continuously with the help of some darker values. Either with Hindu Antoine, blue, orange, you can even take a mixture of the aqua green as well as pains Curry paints clay Israeli darker in value. And that would help you to get. Correct. Kind of the color which you need to make sure that we do not want to actually make the entire painting completely dark. That's the reason keeps some whitespaces and slowly add the colors. Slowly add the colors actually will help you to step back and rethink that. Do you really want to add the colors on all the areas or you will be applying the colors on a few areas. I particularly follow this kind of approach always throughout my paintings. It really helps me to think and then go about it. Take your time. And you can only take your time when you are using a 100% cotton Paypal, like an archer's Paypal. Or you can even go for Fabriano paper. You can go for Ba Hong paper, you can go for any other handmade paper for, for TGS. And because all of these paper would provide you with a lot of time to work on on them. Once you have water on it, of course, is a wet on wet technique which we are applying since this time. We're not going there, don't dry. The last one when we did think, I do remember in my last waves, ocean waves, which was our first class, we did a lot of weight on dry. And that actually gives a lot of factor. If you want to have hard edges, but if you do not want to have those hard edges and you want radius softer look, I would say this ocean waves will actually help you to attain that. This similar way. I'm going ahead and applying the colors along the horizon. Again, it's some mix off my Walgreen as well as my Payne's gray. I will have a blending brush and I will blend it just above the ADL, red. I did apply my masking fluid. You will see how these colors woke blender so nicely giving it a soft look. Every time I'm repeating it again and again that I would love to have this soft globe because so v3 may want dot gushing, gushing gave to be seen. I'm going ahead and applying the colors and you can on the left of my horizon line and in the similar way that I applied on, right. So practically the process remains the same. The are not going to change the process at all. It's just a bit of work with your blending brush and then you are done. Once. You are done with the area on the top to vivo, go ahead and apply some clean water for painting are roaring waves. And this area of course, will be Organa wet on wet technique that I will go ahead and apply. Before I do that, I will make sure that I am adding some amount of loyal glue between the a, which is your ways and the masking fluid. You need to get that area on bit lighter and value compared to the one that you have for your waves Arles, how will you distinguish that your base is gushing and roaring and it's coming towards you and it's boiling card on the surface of the water. So do make sure that you are applying some are traumas along with the Royal blues till the colors need to be really, really light in value. We are not going to make it dark it. So if you weren't even applying some colors which are darker and values to make sure it is a long term masking fluid. It is not actually touching your row VFS, which is towards the left. Or why you were applying derived whoo. I forgot to tell you that royal blue does have some amount of capacity in, at time. If your colors lot opaque, n value, you might have to use it with a lot of water in it. But then again, it would lose its intensity to be frank. But you have to either be with less intensity and with more water or else you might not be in a position to use this kind of a color for painting your waist now. And if you do not have this kind of alkaloids perfectly fine go with a lighter value of R chromatin that put even work or civilian blue light. He apply some water and a man something's grey. Once you are done with Doc, you'll have Wilco go ahead and add some more nipple values off your app while going to watch Star top ADL tool for showing your row waves that hit this calming down. Throughout, once on the electorate is going up and on the right that's coming down. The movement of the leaves needs to be absolutely clear from your painting. That's one of the reasons I allow it to move forward towards the up side on the left, I will make sure that it comes down on the right so that the movement though shows that it's going up and then it's coming down. Because it, though waters goes up, it will come down as it's gravity pull. Hence, the gravitational pull needs to be shown as per the rule of your signs than us further all of gravity and hence so let's do that. Negative area dry completely and then leave and go with some stroke. So read your book or with some strokes that would help us to again define the rule of the waves which is going up. And hence I will start from the top and move towards tomato. That's how I will make these curvy lines. Let us keep adding these colors and pi ham using practically to mixtures. One is my indoor Anton blue itself. The other one is a mix of my quad screen as well as my paint screen wherever I have darker values towards the top, and I am just going ahead and adding the darker values over dead. Whereas better bird, I am coming to the bottom. I will go ahead and apply some of mine Don told blue, you can even use pollution though if you do not have the scholar in particular, we are not going to discuss a lot about the colors. I just want you to enjoy the process and understand how you can think. You can even replace your aqua green with any other turquoise color of your choice, or else you contain the whole painting with blue sheets, whatever is available with you. We are not here to exilic go with the all the colors are in goal with the colors of my choice. It's always about the practice and enjoying the process. Once you are done with these strokes, I would ask you to lead to paper dry off completely. I do not want you to actually go ahead and apply any further colors or just go overboard. But all the strokes we are here to keep the stroke simple. See one or two here and there, so that we can recognize the movements. I'm sometimes it doesn't even possible that you do not want this so wet on dry or to get all high would again leave that decision up to you if you're Newmark mandu are nice folks, that's perfectly fine. Remove them asking fluid only when you are paper is completely dry. I do not want you to report your paper at all. I have, of course, increase the speed of removing my masking fluid because anyways, it's just removing and picking up with the cement rubber that I have. And you can use your hands to pick it up. Or if you do not have this kind of a rapper, just use your normal eraser to pick it up. Whatever is available with you is always the idea to go with this. Nothing like in particular, you need to use for getting a painting? None. I I do feel it with my heart and I do preach it in all my classes, whatever. And the importance of only one important factor. Which piece or make or break for your painting is your people. If you can use 300 GSM paper, a 100% cotton, that's it. You are practically done. That's your foundation for any kind of a painting. Whereas if you are using artist grade paint, well and good, that would actually add on to that 300 GSM people which you have in case you have artists TO grade brushes, that's even better. But at least I would ask you to go ahead with 300 GSM people. We are doing a lot of wet on wet wash and it cannot be accommodated. If you do not have this 300 GSM, 100% content. Asset prepaid asset repayable is also very important if your paper is not Asset three, what happens is that after a few years, it would turn yellow in color and after so much of difficulty when you pick something, no, not want that particular painting to get spoiled completely. So always try to use these kind of specification while you purchase a paper. Now I am frankly pretty excited to complete this painting because we are onto our last few minutes of the painting and it is only final details which we will be working on. Just the way you observe right now I am picking up by tennis crash, which is my size to silver black velvet brush. And I'm going ahead and just applying some colors and on the waves CALEA, so that it can be distinctly seen from the royal blue collar, which we did apply. Let us go head and splatter some white Guassian few of the areas where we do require it. And it would be just below the way for a year which is in white. Has you also right now on my sheet or as you see my painting. And then again, it would be on the top area. What I am doing is I'm going ahead and picking up white clause should with the help of my size to brush and I'm tapping it with one of my pen. There's a wide general open. You can even do it with another brush. It's up to you how you want to go ahead and do our time trying to not actually go to this guy because this guy needs to be in the blue color and I do not want to touch that area. Hence, I'm keeping it just like that. Either go head, hand even. And some of those platters in most of the areas of my white form for though gushing and alluring various. Yes, I know I have so happy the way this painting can Stone Dao Dan the icon, tell you that it's really less effort. It's only the initial part where you need to paint with your latex or you can say the Boston fluid if you get mascot, well, I'm pretty sure about the EU would be a burden meal. This painting, there is nothing much that you need to do in this painting, frankly speaking. And you have to just be patient enough, just be brave enough to attempt it. That's all I would say and rest. Everything else will fall in line. You don't need to worry at all how you go about this. Go with the flow. Just add those strokes as I go head and do it. Do not worry. Just think that OK, I can't do it. And this is an easy subject. It's just that this subject, I do feel a bit get over your fear and I can predict your about it. There is nothing which can stop. You're adding some water colors on top though we've spot. And then nine, pretty happy with the total outcome, how it has turned out. I will not touch it a lot now is just a few detailed urine there. As you know, when you are approaching the end of the painting, all you have to understand that this is the end and I don't want to walk a lot after this. If I keep working on it, it's more of Overwatch and the whole beauty of the painting gets lost. So you need to exactly know where to stop. Stopping yourself is very, very important. If you can stop at the correct point, most of your paintings were torn off really well. And that's what I want to always show you that you should just stop yourself, rethink about it, then it okay, fine. This looks so perfectly okay to me. Step back and go out, take a break, get a coffee, or get a glass of water for yourself. And then again, have a look at your painting. Let it dry off completely if you want to add some more detail, Dan added, but it's very important to pick up break or during the last few minutes of your painting. Understand that, does it really need any further work or it is perfectly fine to go ahead and finish it off and let it dry. Once this has dried out, I would ask you to just remove the tape. Of course, removing their tape and angle is very important and that's way you will not the ripping off your paper. I have always told this that do not revolve your people. Take off the tape at an angle and then you're done. I am so happy to see you guys attempting this wave. I have one last bonus lesson which is left out for you. Those are the more calming ways which you can say you will be enjoying it to the core makers. That's like one of the beautiful pieces which you can try out at any point in time. So hold on. And I think legal have some beautiful, majestic and magical paintings, which is more about the energy of nature. Yes, weekend capture done. I'm very happy that you all have shown that kind of energy to do it. I will meet you in the next lesson where we will be painting those calming lives. Now go ahead and have a look at your final painting. 11. Bonus Lesson Calming Waves: Hello guys, sell. We are on to our last lesson and it is all about painting that calming waves. We even do a rough sketch about where we want to paying these waves. And that's it. It's not going to be on very tough exercise only you might have to play a lot with water and things. That's why I have kept it as the last. Because we need to get the best blend and balance in this case, as well as have a lot of control or whether water as and make your brush dance. I hope you guys are ready to start off this last text size, and it's more about the bonus lesson. If you really want to paint these kind of ripples as well as the calming waves, then I think you should go ahead and try to attempt this project. He did take me twice before I came up with this one. So I practically had two attempts myself before I did paint this final project. But that's how it goes, right? That's, that's the amount of practice we do need. Yb, want to like, work on such a difficult subject like water. Therefore, do please be motivated by your paint, this one, because you will really need to be motivated when you go over this kind of a subject and just keep on enjoying the process. Do not please think about the final outcome. Just think about the learning that you are going to have throughout the painting. And I'm pretty sure about it. You will really enjoy the journey. I am mainly using three colors. One is my french ultramarine, and the other one is my end on tone blue. And the last one is my Payne's gray. Those are the colors that I will be using and I'm starting with the lightest value initially. I'm going with mics off my ultramarine and in non-tone blue as well as this very, very light value of the same. Keep our name. The colors on dodo ripples or the waves which are towards the top area. And they will be smaller compared to the ones at the bottom area. Has that as the rule of perspective. And hence we will go ahead and paint our waves accordingly. Your smallest brush, and I'm using my size two brush for painting these waves because I just feel that that gives me more control or war while I paint these waves. But I leave it up to you how you want to go about it and what's the size of the people altogether that you were choosing? If you're going for an A4 size paper, you can also go for size three brush Bardo for me, size two brush seems to be more appropriate. Now it's time to add some darker values and enjoyed the randomness of watercolors, as I always say, that you need to enjoy though, and randomness in though watercolors, or else, you will not actually understand how beautiful the colors bloom on the paper. When you have already applied some water and you are doing a wet on wet process, you did absorb that I did earlier. Try to add the waves such. But then I did go ahead and just had the colors on the whole of the paper. It's perfectly fine. You're still going to add gray triples. We are still going to have the beautiful calming waves. So do not worry if these kind of things to happen or you want to add some colors this way, it is absolute random, it is absolute natural. We want to keep it natural because we are painting waves and that is again, a part of nature. Major has got its own randomness and we are going to actually hold that for us. Now, let's go ahead and take some of the colors. How do you pick up the colors? Go with your blending brush. I have three by four-inch brush. It's kind of very simple to actually pick up the colors. Go ahead, pick up some of the colors, just dab off the extra paint on your tissue. And then again, go ahead and pick up the colors. This way you can actually go ahead and pick up as much as you want from your paper. But do understand the fill colors have a lot of staining quality, then you might not be in a position to get these exact whitespaces which you observe right now on my Paypal. So, well, just to be very sure about the colors that you are using. If the staining Nessus fine, then there is no problem at all. You can always try as much as you want. And another aspect of painting I would say is the light fastness whenever you are going for such a kind of painting where you are putting a lot of effort and you get a nice outcome. I would ask you to always go for an artist grade paints. Why I prefer artist grade paints as they have got a light fastness, which means that even though the sun, the colors will remain the same. And we all want, our paintings do sustain more than a lifetime. And if that's the case, I would ask you to go for every 100 percent cotton paper, 300 GSM, as well as an artist grade paints. A few can have it because we are only using really less number of pins. If you see it's an ultramarine and onto, on blue and Payne's gray, which we are using R0. So you can even change the end on tone blue with Prussian blue, whichever or whatever is available with you. I am going with a very, very limited palette. In this case, I'm limited palette actually not only gives us the opportunity to work, go easily on anything, it also provides us the ability to not spend much. I have always so well with a limited palette and. It has been working like wonders for me. I do understand the pigments better. I do understand the colors better. I do understand a lot more aspects like how much I can explore within that particular two or three sheets that I have available with myself. That's that's how you should always go about it. And that's again, a part of the process. If you can enjoy these kind of a process. So where you have a limited number of paint's still, you have to create an outcome which is pleasing to the eyes. I would say that you need to explore more and more important aspect of painting. Or exploring more with a limited palette or with your colors, with your sheets or anything that is available with you is to keep a sketchbook? I always keep a lot of sketchbooks with myself. Yes, while I even think any of these waves, et cetera, I usually go for a sketchbook exercise, understand everything and if it's even a failure, it's for yourself. You're not going to go ahead and show the world once you are happy with the outcome, you can again being entered on a piece of people and I'm pretty sure about that. You will be very happy to get a better outcome the next time. I have personally seen that happening for myself, I did pick this one or you're on a sketchbook and it did not turn out the way I wanted it. Then again, I went ahead and tried it on another Paypal. Once I was happy with that, I did shoot this one because I was pretty sure about that one side that the sketchbook, it says that I'm not going to make the mistakes which I did comment over there. Hence, when I'm trying to attempt it on a Paypal, it was perfectly fine. Sketchbooks are always all means do not own the practice, but it's also to understand how much you have progress in your watercolor journey Every time you might not be getting the best outcome, but I'm pretty sure about it that once you have finished your sketchbook, you will be very happy with the last painting compared to where you started off. I do have beginner friendly schedule kicks size in case Kenny off, you do think about exploring sketchbook. And it's absolutely pretty easy to just start off with very, very simple projects. And then once you are more happy with how you are progressing, you can move on to though difficult subjects, as well as their cadmium mix and match. So sometimes we do not want to paint all the difficult subjects together and we want to relax a bit where you want to relax the edges. Go ahead with the easiest subjects in between. And then again, think they're difficult subjects. As or the way you want to go ahead, it's absolutely up to you. No one is that all part all you are. You do not have the pressure of constantly producing results far no day-to-day basis. You have to just keep painting and deep walking on his skill set. Your will and solve that I am dying more often. Don't turn blue. Mixture of my R trauma any. It is because I want to get some darker values while I am painting my bottom leaves even I would be adding some amount of Payne's gray while I keep painting the waves towards the bottom, do make sure that you are also adding these darker values while you are towards the bottom area. As again, that goes with the law of perspective. According to perspective, when you see any object which is closer to you, it would be darker in value as well as you will see a lot more detail, whereas when it is away from you, it would be smaller in size. It might be lighter in value as well as you will see it a lot lesser number of detail. Hence, that's the only rule which I keep applying to my subjects while I keep painting them. That tried to tell you a lot more about how you can actually work with layers and this kind of painting. And there would be a lot of audio that I'm going to add because it's more of a repetitive process. If you see right now the ADL, which is there on the top. It is not wet any further. That's one of the reason I did apply some amount of my water into it and it is the clean water from the another chart. Then I'm going to head I'm picking some of the colors because I did not like the colors which I did add earlier. You will see me doing these kind of things when I am working with the waves because waves itself is such a difficult subject that I do not sometimes like what I do paint and I love to pick up the colors and that case and then again paint over it. That's one of the beauty of using of people like arches or you can say, or 300 GSM acid free people. It would give you a lot more opportunity to play with the colors, to play with your brushes, to pray with your pains. It is just the foundation of your painting. If you can have a great paper, irrespective of what kind of paints you are using, what kind of brushes you are using, you can still get a beautiful outcome. When I was starting out in particular, I do not have an idea about these papers and seriously started out with 25 percent cotton people. The outcome that you get on a 25 percent cotton paper versus what you get in a 300 years and asset tree. Cotton paper is absolutely the front. It's a studio people which is 25 percent cotton, whereas an artist grade paper, or you can say if you really want to enjoy the process of painting, I would suggest more and more, please get a good paper. People will help you to paint a lot better. When I lose stress. A lot about papal, I do want to sound that we all can't have the best. Hence, you can also use the handmade people that is available. Handmade papers are cheaper compared to the ones that you have available in the market like Fabriano, arches, Hanbali, and any other brand. So whatever is in your affordable range, go ahead with that and start painting on it. Again. This is a particular requirement for painting like waves or any other heavy washes. Her he washes means that we will be doing a washes for at least two to three times. And we will work a lot with the transparency of the colors. Hence, you might need to look forward to using some better paper. Okay, I think I'm good with it and I will let the paper dry off once it is dry, go head and a, again, use a very, very clean water. This is from the other jar, as I always say that keep two jars of water handy, but you one for washing your brushes and another for using the clean water whenever you need it. Just take it from that particular. Jar and use it. But in the second layer, when you are adding these kind of water on your paper, do make sure that you are not going overboard and you are going fairly low in terms of applying the pressure. You are not going to apply a lot of pressure while you and your water onto the surface of the paper because we have our panes below it and it had though it has dried off, but it can come off at any point in time and you need to be aware of that factor. Once done, start adding some more colors of the same plant, indigo plus payne's gray. And then even pick up in a few areas wherever you think it is necessary. I always keep two brushes handy with myself. One is my blending brush, and another one to pick up my colors. You can have three if you can handle, and one for adding the colors are together. But I would ask you to go for two brushes. One you can use for adding the colors, and either you can use for picking up the colors. You can usually go for a size, six brush size. So a brush to pick up the colors and you can go for it in our brush links I stole brush size two, brush for adding the colors. That's all law. You can work it out. While I do paint these waves. Hall of my paintings are real-time. I do love to keep it real time because I want to show you how much time it really needs to paint these kind of beautiful of these. And you will see that I did commit a mistake right away. And I'm not picking up the colors so from that particular place, but getting back to why does realtime the only thing that you'll do not see with your eyes, you are drying time. You can always go ahead and use your dryer or a let it dry naturally. Naturally if you let anything try, of course it's better compared to using our dry. But if you are in any kind of a humid climate or cold climate where it is difficult for people to get dried off, then I can always suggest you to use your dryer. And that's perfectly aligned, but use it from a distance. Do not just go over it and have a one and char or two inch distance and start blowing it off completely. Four to five inch distance at least on minimum basis. If you aren't drying off your pains, that would really help you do not add lot of hot air even on the edges. So for the tape or rows, so you will not get 0 gain edge. Again, I am going ahead and adding another layer of water. While you keep these layers off, though, you will observe that I will go really slow. And I'm handling the brush just like a feather. That's all that you need to keep in mind while you think. These days. Once you have again added the colors, the process will remain the same. Donate to add two colors onto your paper in the similar manner. As well as you have to make sure that you go with the darker values from the water towards the light oh, value on the top. One important aspect of painting with watercolors is on Mockito, get frustrated or let your anxiety takeover because it is a time taking process and you might not get the best outcome. Odd, the first goal, though, foster important aspect of watercolors is or desire to learn. Second is that accepting that randomness started offers, you will have you happy accidents. And it has happened to all of us seriously speaking, this class or a particular project is again a guideline for you. It would provide you with all the concepts which you can use in your future for any of your other paintings. This will only help you to understand a few concepts. And I tell you about the techniques, tell you about how much, show what then you need to apply on your paper. But if you do not walk it out on your own, it would not come to the final end. Designed to learn is your goal. And if you have the desire, the important aspect is how you go about doing it. The only way you can do it is practice. Just guys, you pick up any form of art. You can pick up any form of hobby. You can pick up anything like you want to learn guitar. You will not get better at it till you start practicing it. And that's how you have to go about even in your painting. You practice more and more. You will get a better outcome and you will get better at whatever you are doing while you keep painting the waves and due, remember we are on to the last part of the painting. You can see we are not going to work more on this. Yes, knowing exactly where to stop is really, really important of for any artist, if you get overboard with a painting, it might get spoiled at any point in time and you will not be in a position though, handle it later. Hence, I always say that exactly know where you want to stop. Stopping is very, very important aspect of your watercolors. Do not get overboard with what you are doing. Just step back half a cup of coffee or so. Just take a small break and get back to your painting and understand rainy. You want to add more layers. Are you just want to add their dead itself and fueled the places you might've feel that there is more want, or you can say, I have added more of ultramarine because of which the blue becomes more beautiful. Yes, it's more one color compared to the Payne's gray or else the in non-tone blue that we are using, you will always need on mics off cool and warm colors while you paint. But when you are going for a monochrome painting, you can even go for cool colors and pick up the color of your choice and then go ahead and painted. I do have a class even on painting monochrome mass. So if you want to go ahead and check out that how you can paint only with one single color that is Prussian blue. Go ahead and try it out. I'm pretty sure that you would be able to nail the paintings. It's more for big nurse and its base simple Flask, easy, breezy, you can say small and quick one, there are four different projects which you can paint and I am pretty sure about that you would be happy. Lastly, lead this painting dry off completely. Once this painting has dried off, just pull off the tape, take out the tip at an angle, as I always say, peeling off the tape at an angle is very, very important. Or else you might rip off the paper. I have said this so many times and I know you might be thinking that, okay, we do not want to visit dirt again. Still, I will go on repeating as this is a best practice. You have done a lot to come over your eye and you really don't want this last step to go wrong. The whole of the painting took so much of time, if you include the trying time. Hence, just go ahead and peel off the tape or with a lot of patients. So we need vicious CFO VP off the tape. It's really not simple. You see me also struggling while I peel off the day from my paper, though I have so much of their experience, I put tape very often still. Yes, that is somewhat the other thing which can remain that it might be above. I hope you did enjoy and that's it. 12. Conclusion: Thanks a lot for holding onto this long class. I know you all might have learned a lot, are picked up some other thing in terms of a concept or technique or Tips and Tricks throughout this class. If you have liked anything about this class, go ahead and leave me your feedback. Asset does not only a great source of motivation, but it also gives me a lot of understanding what all your debt like and where all I do need to improve. I hope that I would be seeing you in the next class very soon before you leave. Do not forget to upload your class projects in the project gallery. As I do, love to go through all your projects in case you are on social media like Instagram to Tanguy as watercolor, illustration dot Lego. I would love to share back all your projects on my stories. Happy painting.