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VFX for Beginners using After Effects

M Jake, Lets make some fun VFX

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4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tracking

    • 3. Adding Effects

    • 4. Color Grading

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About This Class

In this After Effects class we are going to learn visual effects by re-creating Doctor Strange Shield. This tutorial is great for Beginner level. This is a great way to introduce yourself to After Effects, or learn few skills if you already familiar with this software.

We also going to learn:

- basics

- motion tracking

- parenting

- transfer modes

- timing and transforming

- color grading

- light 3D introduction


1. Introduction: I am Jake. I work in after effects for a living. I create video templates so customers could use them to make fast, dynamic problems. Also, some event Provos or even some TV show Provos for upcoming racing show or simply having their logo revealed in Nice Way. Also, I used after effects to create a bunch of effects from famous movies or simply for fun. I want to introduce you to after effects in a way in which I've started basically making something for fun. You could ask yourself, Why should I learn after effects? First of all, because it's fun to be able to make visual effects at home. But also you can keep in mind that most studios, TV channels, YouTube channels, pro most intros, log animation and other kinds of animation are made using after effects. This is why I invite you to learn after effects with me while having fun, recreating cool effects and in same time getting familiar with this software. This is why it's not a problem. If you're a beginner and don't know anything about after effects, I still can teach you how to make this effect with zero skills will go through basics, and we'll work our way through it. I'll read your comments and we'll improve my future classes. I'll be happy to get your feedback with after effects. You can do lots of things you can even become next is a king or create your own projects. Great promise logos and more possibilities are endless. Follow me here on skill share requests editorial, and I'll be happy to see you in my class. 2. Tracking: in this part of the video, we will learn how to track movement in our video to be ableto attach effects to it. Let's not waste any time and jump into it. First of all, I use standard layout, so my interface off after effects should look similar to yours. If you don't see some of the panels, which you see on my scream, you can click on window and enabled by the name of that panel. Let's import our footage. Goto file Import file. All this footage is available to download in this class now let most lick and drag video for this year or on this icon to create new composition. So now we see our video on timeline. You can press zero on NAM pad for play by. It can take a bit of time to prevent her before play. It's normal. It will take more time to play back when you'll add more effects and layers on timeline. Let's start creating our effect. First. We need to stick our shield effects toe hand. For this, we will track our hand. In other words, we need to tell the software location off our hands in each frame Luckily after effects is easy to use. Tool for this desk Goto animation track motion. It opened a tracker panel as well as created track point. You can use scrolling the mouse to zoom in and see tripling better. You can also select this Cantel just like most lick and track to move your foolish around or press space bar on keyboard to do the same. Wild Holding it. Now let's move our track going toe our hand at the place off. Contrast between dark and light part of your hand. Little Square is telling to software what we are tracking and Big Square is the area where software is looking for it. If you'll make them too big, it will take a lot more time to analyze. Just make sure to keep it small, then click here to start analyzing. At this point, you just need to keep an eye on it and click start button if Checkpoint will lose your hand . I know that I have rapid movement at the end, so I'll click stop to analyse frame by frame. Click here to analyze. Next frame is you can see we have lost our hand and in this case. We just need to move tracker manually, then continue to analyze by frame in hard situation like this and move it manually if you need. Also here in preview panel, we can move around frame by frame, forward and backward to make sure that tracker is at right place. Keep in mind that this preview panel doesn't track position. It's just for navigation through video. We can also stroll through our timeline, using this time coarser. I'll move it to a point where we started our tracking and now using tracker Bad Oakley here to analyze backward, we can also click again on same button to stop and shake frame by frame if tracker is in place, then click on analyzed one frame backward button and in just manually the trekker if you need. In these moments, when footage is too blurry, you can set trekker at the middle. Now this is enough. Now we need to create a layer to assign all the trekking data. Go to layer on you null object, then click on 80 target and shoes. No one here and click OK, then click apply and also okay, great job. You've checked your hand and As you can see, we have our tracking data applied to this little known object. In next video, we will add shield and sparse effects and attached to our hand movement. 3. Adding Effects: In previous video, we tracked our hand and saved the data to no object. Now let's take a look which effects I created to include to this project for us to use If you want. You can request a tutorial for how to create this parts from nothing. Just by using external Blufgan cold, structured particular. Or if you don't have this external Brian, you can regress how to create this shield. It doesn't require any Plagens. Luckily, this is beginner level tutorial. So we have all these effects already made and now we can use it. Let's left mostly and drag shield off video onto our timeline them over over to left top corner off our null object by left most licking and dragon the video. Now we can attach our shield effect Don't know object years in this speak whip Just let mostly hold and directional object and then release it. Now it's connected and we need to change transfer moto add to get rid off black background . If you can't see these modes, you need to click on this toggle switch here. Then we can open here and also open transform to see all the properties now we need to make scale smaller. I'll said my value to 48 but you can set your own just so it would look good on your footage. Close it here. We can hide no object, so it would not distract us. And here at the beginning off our movement, we can open, transform property once again and said, a key frame toe opacity just by left, most looking, not this stop. Wish we will any made appearance off our field? So basically key for him is a point in time, which remembers the value off certain setting. In our case, it is a posse. Let's set it to zero because we want it to be invisible at the start. Then move time coarser, forward to the end off hand movement. Here we will said the value to 100. It will automatically create a key frame to remember a new value. So now, as you can see, we've animated appearance off our shield. An animation off shutting down is made by me already in this effect itself. Now let's make it more exciting for this will drag and drop left right sparks onto our timeline. Move it over so it was start later in the video change Moto ad and left mostly and move it to the shell position. Now we need to time it well, So find the moment when hand movement starts and then move over sparks video. Make sure the timing and position measures. We can also drag and drop off particles video onto our timeline to have sparks day out over time. Also change Moto air. You may notice that these parts are not attached to our hand, and if you are attached to our and also it was, stick to our shield. You'll see that movement off our sparks doesn't look natural. This is why it's better not to attach sparse to our hand. It will be much better toe open, transform settings and make scale little bigger. Also, we can put sparks a bit lower. Great job in next video, we will call Great are 40 so effect will blend better with our video 4. Color Grading: Finally, let's calibrate our footage. First, select our footage and go toe effect Color Gregson curves Don't mind all these external plug ins. We will not use them today, so shoes are curse effect. This effect has a bunch of channels. We will start with the red one are effect is orangish reddish, so we need to add a bit off. Read into our video by left, most lichen and dragon this curve not too much. Just give it a bit off red. You can disable enable effect to see before and after them. Let's select blue. Cheryl is responsible for cool and warm colors, so let's decrease it a bit by bringing down now. Are foolish is a lot warmer, but as a result we've got a bit of green. So let's go to Green Channel and also degrees a little bit. And finally, let's go to RGB Channel toe. A bit off contrast, we can draw a little Askar of like this, or you can just crash the shadows like this to make it really contrast E. Now, as you can see, it blends nicely. Just keep in mind while shooting your video. It will be better if you shoot in dark environment, it will make effects, and out we can make it look even better. Let's say that in your own footage irritated your hand a bit too far to the side, and now you need to rotate shield in three D For this, we can click here to solar only your footage, and she'll defect by clicking here to see Bella. Frankly, here on toggle switch to see this three D icon and nice to our shield layer, weaken it. Now this layer is a three D layer. We can open first form, an animate rotation in three D space. So in my case, it would be better to rotate this shield to 22 degrees. Just don't overdo it. So here it start off hand motion. I'll set, keep ring and said It's toe minus 22 degrees and later in the end, off the hand motion outside it to 22 degrees. So now it makes his perspective better. These little details makes effect look good, and finally, I'll repeat all these steps which we've learned in disc less to make effect. On other hand, it is exactly the same steps. This is why I will not explain second time hope to do it. I'll just give a bit of commentary off what I'm doing. As you can see, I've dropped shield video into our composition, then tracked other hands using track motion as we did before, and send it to N una logic connected shield to this Yunel object and also animated capacity and scale from small to big, then enabled all the layers. And finally, I've added stay sparks. To finish this effect, I have made the scale and position as well as timing. This kind is even more fun because you can add thesis parts which flies towards the camera and makes effect even more impressive. And this pretty much ripple effect. Follow me here on skill share and request editorial from popular movies or music, video or anything else, and I'll be happy to see you in my next class. Thank you for washing