The Art of Setting Goals: Create Your Roadmap to Success

Anouk Rose, Productivity / Wellness / Growth

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8 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction to The Art of Setting Goals

    • 2. Living a Life of Purpose

    • 3. Identifying Your Values

    • 4. Understanding Goals

    • 5. Visualizing with the 12-Week Planner

    • 6. Devising an Action Plan

    • 7. Montoring Progress with the Habit Tracker

    • 8. Refining the Process & Celebrating Wins

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About This Class


You might have heard the saying that a goal without a plan is no more than a wish.

If we dream about something but never take time to develop a process to get the desired result, nothing will move or change, and most probably this big and beautiful dream will remain unfulfilled. 

But if you are ready to take action and are just wondering how to reach your next milestone without sacrificing more time and effort, you have come to the right place!

I have developed a simple system to ensure that you actually achieve your goals and get visible results.

After working through this class you will not only be able to regain clarity and live a life of purpose, but also

  • have a set of core values to help you make decisions on a daily basis
  • create a 12-week plan dedicated to the goal of your choice
  • develop a detailed actionable day-to-day plan to focus your energy & achieve that goal
  • make a list of habits to support you on the way to success

Enrol now, so I can share my best goal setting tools and practices with you!

Class Outline:

Introduction: Why Take Time to Set Goals


  1. Living a Life of Purpose
  2. Identifying Your Values
  3. Understanding Goals:
  4. Tool #1: 12 Week Planner for Visualizing
  5. Tool #2: Goal Planner for Reverse Engineering
  6. Tool #3: Habit Tracker for Monitoring Progress
  7. Refining the Process & Celebrating Your Wins