Summer Lifestyle Photography: Shoot, Edit, and Sell Your Images Online | Learn with Snapwire | Blake Bronstad | Skillshare

Summer Lifestyle Photography: Shoot, Edit, and Sell Your Images Online | Learn with Snapwire skillshare originals badge

Blake Bronstad, Photographer

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12 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Lifestyle Photography?

    • 3. Gear and Props

    • 4. Shooting: Top Down Food Shots

    • 5. Shooting: People and Food

    • 6. Shooting: People and Products

    • 7. The Legal Stuff: Know Your Rights

    • 8. Editing: Food Shots

    • 9. Editing: People Shots

    • 10. Selling Your Images

    • 11. Wrap Up

    • 12. Explore Photo Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

What makes lifestyle photography so attractive? How can you tap into its booming popularity to make money on the side? 

This fun and interactive 50-minute class with photographer Blake Bronstad and Snapwire will show you how you can take the photos you already love Instagramming and sell them online.

Blake begins by showing you his creative process for shooting lifestyle photos, including:

  • Top down food shots and tablescapes 
  • People interacting with food 
  • People interacting with products and other people 

He then shares pro tips on the business side of photography – from knowing your rights and maximizing your revenue, to when you should use a model release.

You'll even learn Blake's editing process in Lightroom for evoking a warm, aspirational vibe. 

By the end, you'll master the techniques to capture your very own lifestyle shots, and turn them into a viable source of revenue.


Snapwire is a photographer-driven community founded on the principles of cooperative equality, respect, and fair distribution of profits. Their contributing photographers receive 50% of a photo purchased in the Snapwire Marketplace and 70% of a photo purchased off an assignment.