Prototyping for Web I: Information, UX, and Paper Prototypes | Erica Heinz | Skillshare

Prototyping for Web I: Information, UX, and Paper Prototypes

Erica Heinz, Designer/Developer

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8 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Project Outlines

    • 4. Site Maps

    • 5. Brand Guidelines

    • 6. User Stories

    • 7. Wireframes/Paper Prototypes

    • 8. User Testing

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About This Class

Create the 6 fundamental elements of rapid prototyping to start any web design project quickly, efficiently, and smartly: a project outline, a site map, a set of brand guidelines, several user stories, quick paper wireframes, and a usability test. Taking time with these simple steps speeds up every project.

Demystify the first steps of any web design project in this 52-minute class for designers, beginning front-end developers, and anyone curious to design a site from scratch. Erica Heinz provides practical instruction in information architecture, user experience, and paper prototypes so you can develop content outlines, sitemaps, brand guidelines, user stories, wireframes, and usability tests—all the elements you need to start a web project right. Whether you hand them off to a developer or build the site yourself, you’ll love having everything organized from the start.

Want to build the site yourself? Check out the next two classes from Erica Heinz: Web Design II: Visuals for UX and Branding and Web Design III: Responsive Design with HTML and CSS.





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Erica Heinz


Erica Heinz is a Brooklyn-based designer, developer, and creative consultant. With over a decade of experience in web design and development, she's worked with both large corporations and lean start-ups. She manages projects from strategy and IA all the way through to development and support.

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