KMW Portfolio Site

KMW Portfolio Site  - student project

I'm using this class to help me develop my first portfolio site. I want something well-organized and beautiful.

Since this process is not habit for me, I wonder if I'm being descriptive enough.

Wireframes/Paper Prototypes (10-15-14)

Just beginning my wireframing process. I'm making UI elements in Illustrator. Will have to invest in Balsamiq or a similar program later.

Desktop Wireframes 

User Stories (10-1-14)

Brand Guidelines (9-25-14)

Are there any references to help explain the idea of Tactics more? Would love to know. I did find one interesting site: It's a short but informative read.

Site Map (9-23-14)


Stakeholders: I'm not sure who this should be. Where can I find more information on this?


  • Easy to navigate.
  • Easy to find my contact information,
  • Easy to purchase an item from Shop
  • Quick loading and adaptablitbility to their devices.


  • People signing up for my mailing list.
  • Getting contacted by clients for work (design/lettering, murals, websites).
  • Selling my 1 product (coaster, poster or sticker).
  • Increasing visits and pageviews each month.

Content Outline

Available Now:

  • Images
  • Resume
  • Contact Info

To Create:

  • Case Studie(s) (1-3)
  • Initial Blog Post Content
  • Biography, updated
  • 1 Product: Coasters or Screen-printed Poster or Stickers
  • Simple Questionnaire for design Inquiries


1. Commission design work (lettering piece, mural, identity design or web design)
2. Sign up for Newsletter
3. Contact me via phone, online form or e-mail
4. Share my work with others or social media like Pinterest.
5. Read case studies and my design process
6. Read blog and comment on articles


1. My Instagram and Pinterest followers, daily
2. Potential clients directed to my site from word of mouth or my social media profiles, weekly
3. Art Directors looking for lettering, murals, etc., monthly
4. Public Art Committees, monthly


1. Home
2. About

  • Bio

3. Work

  • Print
  • Web
  • Lettering
  • Murals
  • Design Process
  • Case Studies

4. Contact

  • Questionnaire Form

5. Blog

6. Shop

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