Math & Art Camp website

Math & Art Camp website - student project

Hello! I am working on a website for a summer day camp I am co-creating at my unversity that teaches math and art together. I am very excited to begin working on the website, plan to have two different versions, one before and one after. The before will have a goal of recruitment and information, while the second will be about the events that occured, resources for other educators to use, and research findings culminated from the case study. Here is my information layout:

Math is Art Website Goals

Goals? What does sucess look like?


  • Website explains project goals
  • introduces camp
  • recruit students


  • Explains the purpose of the camp
  • introduces time and date information
  • introduces location
  • contact information
  • application information
  • applicable students
  • camp benefits
  • schedule
  • safety information


  • Site is visually appealing
  • Site recruits members
  • Site is easily navigated

2. Content Outline

List the text, images, videos, etc that you currently have. List others that need creating.

Already created:

  • Logo
  • description
  • teachers
  • location
  • time and date
  • stock photos for art
  • VECA logos

Need to create:

  • Background
  • UX elements
  • Photos of teachers
  • Location Photos

3. Priorities

What do you want (or need) visitors to do on this site, to make it sustainable?

1.0 Visitors should explore camp information and be able to find contact information, applicability and application.

2.0 Users should be able to look up lesson plans, material lists, photos & videos, and research findings. Articles written on the topic should be available and contact information and funding information should be visable.

4. Users

Who will visit this site? List and describe in order of importance and frequency.

  1. Interested participant’s parents
  2. VECA Community members
  3. University Members
  4. Educators

5. Navigation

How would you group your content to serve both business and users? Rough outline.

Version 1.0 (before)

About the camp:

  • Goal
  • Schedule
  • Mural & mural unveiling

About Participating:

  • Applicability
  • Date, Time, Location
  • Cost

About us:

  • Funding by honors program
  • University information
  • Bio of myself & educators

Version 2.0 (the after)


  • The camp specifics
  • Place, participants, time & date
  • teachers (bios of educators)


  • Gallery of in-progress student work
  • Gallery of finished projects
  • Mural Gallery


  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Findings
  • Any publication information 


  • Lesson plans
  • Material lists
  • Helpful videos & articles
  • links to similar program

Site map:

The Brand:

Best Features

  • Educational
  • Fresh
  • Unique
  • Innovative
  • Friendly
  • Community-oriented

Personality Scale  

professional ----------------------------x-------------------- casual

well-established -------------------------------------x----------- cutting-edge

aspirational ---------------------------------------x--------- accessible

luxury -----------------------------------------------x- affordable

A-list -----------------------------------------------x- alternative

large -----------------------------------------x------- small

serious ----------------------------------------x-------- fun

quiet ----------------------------------------x-------- talkative

verbal ------------------------------------------x------ visual

reliable ---------------------------------------x--------- surprising

practical -------------------x----------------------------- fashionable

natural ----x-------------------------------------------- technological

sophisticated -------------------------------------x----------- innocent

The most fitting celebrity I could think of is Ellen Degeneres. I know that the first think that comes to mind with Ellen is LGBTQ, but she is the most down-to-earth and accessable celebrity I could think of. She is also fresh, fun-loving, and charitable, all things our organization thrives to be.

Interaction Methods

Humor- humoring the user will bring them closer into the experience, and closer with the organization.

Invitations- By inviting users to interact with us and communicate, we will open up discussion panels and modes of communication. This will bring the user and the organization and community closer together.

Questions- By asking the user questions, we can target users that need exactly what our organization has to offer, and help them to realize what they can gain from us.

Visual Language


Contextualized stories & requirements