Powerful Social Media Marketing for Beginners | Maggie Stara | Skillshare

Powerful Social Media Marketing for Beginners

Maggie Stara, Digital Marketer & Top Teacher

Powerful Social Media Marketing for Beginners

Maggie Stara, Digital Marketer & Top Teacher

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82 Lessons (9h 51m)
    • 1. Planning for Success

    • 2. Introduction and Expectations for the Course

    • 3. Course Workbook (Free Download)

    • 4. Finding Your Purpose

    • 5. Uncovering Your Why

    • 6. Become a Productivity Master

    • 7. Rewards and Taking Care of Yourself

    • 8. Useful Tools

    • 9. Guarantee Your Success

    • 10. Social Media Back to Basics

    • 11. Organic vs Paid Social Media

    • 12. Twitter Overview

    • 13. Twitter Walkthrough

    • 14. LinkedIn Overview

    • 15. LinkedIn Walkthrough

    • 16. Facebook Overview

    • 17. Facebook Walkthrough

    • 18. Instagram Overview

    • 19. Instagram Walkthrough

    • 20. Pinterest Overview

    • 21. Pinterest Walkthrough

    • 22. YouTube Overview

    • 23. YouTube Walkthrough

    • 24. Snapchat and TikTok

    • 25. Summary of Social Networks

    • 26. Powerful Branding

    • 27. The Psychology of Colours

    • 28. Hex Codes and Colour Palettes

    • 29. Content Creation Overview

    • 30. Understanding Licenses

    • 31. How to Find Free Images and Videos

    • 32. Graphic Design for Social Media

    • 33. Create an Instagram Story

    • 34. Create a Multi Purpose Post

    • 35. Create an Epic Facebook Page Cover

    • 36. Kickass Copywriting Tips

    • 37. How to Create Animated GIFs

    • 38. Crafting Consistency

    • 39. Using Hashtags for Growth

    • 40. Scheduling for Instagram and Pinterest

    • 41. Scheduling Posts for Facebook and Twitter

    • 42. Project Management and Communication Tools

    • 43. Facebook Ads intro

    • 44. Boosting vs Facebook Ads Manager

    • 45. Business Manager vs Ads Manager

    • 46. Using the Facebook Pixel

    • 47. Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads

    • 48. Creating a Facebook Ads Audience

    • 49. Choosing Objectives

    • 50. Audience, Placements and Budget

    • 51. Placing Copy and Creative

    • 52. Promoting an existing post

    • 53. Creating a Strategy

    • 54. Starting Your Strategy With an Audit

    • 55. Who Are You Talking To?

    • 56. How to Create a Content Calendar

    • 57. Creating an Impact with Your Presentation

    • 58. Measuring Success and Reporting

    • 59. Analytics on Each Platform

    • 60. Understanding Digital Marketing as a Whole

    • 61. Building Your Online Business

    • 62. Where to Begin?

    • 63. Creating a Powerful Online Presence

    • 64. Freelancing Platforms Overview

    • 65. Facebook Client Outreach

    • 66. Instagram Client Outreach

    • 67. Twitter Client Outreach

    • 68. LinkedIn Client Outreach

    • 69. Make Your Dream List

    • 70. Rates Introduction

    • 71. How to Structure Your Rates

    • 72. Build a One Page Portfolio Site

    • 73. Maggie's Site Example

    • 74. Pitching Your Services

    • 75. Preparing for a Video Call

    • 76. During Your Video Call

    • 77. Proposals and Contracts Overview

    • 78. Create Your Proposal and Contract

    • 79. Invoicing

    • 80. Prepare for The Future

    • 81. Lifestyle Hacks

    • 82. What's Next?

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About This Class

Social Media Marketing is a key aspect of succeeding online for any business. Whether you're looking to learn this skill for your own business or to become a social media manager and work remotely like I do - this course is for you!

“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” - Anne Sweeney 

With this quote in mind, I created this course to provide you with the tools and techniques you need to become an awesome social media manager, and help you design your own freedom lifestyle, whatever that may look like to you. 

Whether you want to travel the world while working from your laptop as a digital nomad like myself, or just want to work from home so you can spend more time with your loved ones - either way, you're in the right place. 


What can you expect? 

Unlike a lot of other courses out there, I'm not promising you a multi-million dollar income with minimal effort. 

What I can promise you is that if you follow the steps I teach you and you keep a hard-working, positive attitude throughout the course - you will have the best chance at guaranteeing your own success. 

All of the content you will find here, is based on the exact tips and techniques I wish I knew about when I first began working online - combined with the latest knowledge of the rapid-moving social media world.


Why is this course special?

I know you probably already know how to post a status on Facebook, and how to like a comment on Instagram...so in the hopes of cutting all the fluff and filler out, I've only included the most in-depth tutorials, featuring skills that every business out there with an online presence desperately needs.

Most importantly, I've found that too many courses out there take the classic ‘textbook approach’. As in, they provide you with a whole lot of information and often leave you feeling completely directionless at the end. 

Instead, this course is designed in a way that provides you with an exact blueprint, or checklist, to follow when you finish. 

By the end of the course you'll have the skills you need to get started in your career as a social media manager or grow your business online if you're a business owner looking to learn social media to improve your own presence.

Remember - Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


Some course highlights:

  • Finding your purpose -  Narrow down your purpose, discover your "why" and find the care factor which will make you an irreplaceable asset to any business

  • Guarantee your success -  Take charge of your own success and learn all the best tips on how to achieve it

  • Social media platforms - Get a behind-the-scenes look into Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn

  • Content creation -  Learn the techniques that have made me stand out from my competition by thinking outside of the box. Discover how to create graphics, gifs, and videos - all using free resources, no prior design skills necessary

  • Creating a social media strategy -  Learn the tricks I have used to land my dream clients from the very beginning. Tricks that you can copy and use in your own online work

I hope to see you in this class and once you're done also make sure to check out my Social Media Graphic Design for Beginners course which is designed to perfectly complement what you learn here!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Maggie Stara

Digital Marketer & Top Teacher

Top Teacher

Hey you, I’m Maggie. I'm a digital marketer and your creative instructor! 

Back in 2016 I was first introduced into the world of social media marketing. I was SO excited about the possibility of working online and being my own boss but I was really struggling with the lack of honest, authentic and high-quality information out there for beginners. So after learning the ropes the hard way and becoming a successful freelancer, I set out to help make things easier for creative overachievers like myself.

So, I went ahead and created everything with you in mind.

My classes are made by someone who knows exactly how intimidating it can be to be trying to master 20 tools at once and stay on top of constant updates with each of them. And my hope is to tak... See full profile

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1. Planning for Success: Hey guys, I'm so excited that you're here checking out my course. And I'm really excited to be able to help you gain the skills within this exciting world of social media, and hopefully help change your life as well. My name is Maggie Stara, and when I first started working online, I actually started out as a social media manager. And I've also since learn some new skills to help me move more into digital marketing strategy roles. I've had my content published on amazing online publications such as Leadpages, Lonely Planet, Go Daddy, and Upwork among others. And as a digital marketing strategist, I have worked with small to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world. And I've also co-created Living To Roam, my one stop shop for tips for business owners, freelancers and anyone in between who wants to create a big impact online, even on a small marketing budget. Because of my ability to work online, I've been able to travel the world while working from my laptop and it has absolutely changed my life. So, now I'm on a mission to bring more freedom to the lives of others. Thousands of students from over 140 countries around the world have now been through my online courses of ages anywhere from 16 to 60. And much like this course specifically, are designed for complete beginners while still offering advanced strategies. Within this course, I will begin by helping you to get into forming productive habits, get into a success driven mindset, and get really aligned with your overall purpose and passion, because that is what's going to take you from being good, to being freaking fantastic because you'll be over the top passionate about the work that you're doing. You will then also learn the basics of all the social media platforms and how to create beautiful graphic, video, and written content for social media. You will also get my best tips on how to create an impactful social media strategy for any business. And we will also dive into the world of Facebook advertising to help you really stand out from the competition with this amazing skill. And I've also dedicated a portion of the course to helping you build your freelance business, where you will learn how to pitch your services, how to find clients, how to set up your contracts, proposals, and invoices, and even how to build a free and easy one-page website for your social media portfolio. This section is great for both aspiring freelancers and business owners who want more advice on how to work with their outsourcing freelance teams remotely. So, whether you're looking to learn social media to grow your own business, or you would like to move into working online as a social media manager, this course will teach you all of the necessary skills and tools you need to get started. And as I'm always working on new projects, make sure to follow me so you get updates when I create new content, and feel free to reach out if you'll ever have any questions that I can help you with. The skills I've learned within the world of social media and online marketing have presented me with opportunities that really exceeded my expectations. And now I want to do the same for you as well. I am going to be available to answer questions throughout the course and provide you with some additional resources as well. For now, I'm just really excited for you to get started, so I'll see you on the inside. 2. Introduction and Expectations for the Course: Hey guys. Before we get into the next lesson, I just wanted to really briefly go over some expectations for how the course is going to be structured and run. As you know, it is a course for complete beginners, so please do keep that in mind that I have structured the lessons in a way that is suited to this learning level. But if you're going through the course and some things are a little bit too advanced or you have some questions or maybe they are actually a little bit too simple for you if you are an advanced learner, then do not hesitate to let me know because I would be happy to provide some additional resources or maybe even create new content for the course to help to aid with your learning experience, but also really contribute to the learning experience of future students. I have honestly gotten so much value out of all the incredible students who have taken this course throughout the years, who have taken the time to leave amazing reviews and ask really valuable questions and even provide a really great suggestions for how to improve the course content that has helped them and also helped other students as well. Please, it is so important to me that at the end of the course, you are so happy with the time that you have invested into learning new skills. Don't hesitate to reach out and let me know if there is something that I can help you with. As you will learn throughout the next few lessons, the reason I actually got into teaching online courses was to help improve the lives of others, so I am hoping that I can do that for you in some small way throughout this course. At the end, if you did enjoy the course and you would be so kind as to leave me a review so that I can hopefully help more people out there in the world, then that would be amazing and I will be eternally grateful. Now, let us talk about how the course is actually structured. It is primarily aimed at people who want to learn social media marketing because they want to become a social media manager and work in this area as a freelancer or for freelancers who are already working online in other areas and they just want to improve their social media marketing knowledge so they can add this to their existing skill set. That is also why you will find a lot of lessons on passion and purpose and productivity because these are really key areas for a lot of freelancers to master. But if you are a business owner looking to learn social media marketing to improve your own present, then there is still so much value in this course for you, including the parts of the course that are focused on building a freelance business. Because as a business owner, eventually you are probably going to get a little bit too busy to manage your own social media accounts and you are going to need to learn how to actually work with other freelancers online, how to kind of structure your remote working relationships, what kind of questions to ask during a video interview? All of that good stuff that is in that part of the course that is really going to help you out. I'm really confident that there is something in this course for absolutely everyone. As I have said, I'm always happy to add more value to the course and help improve the learning for future students and for you. If you think that there is something that other people could benefit from, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you guys so much for being here. I literally could not do this without you. I am really grateful that you're here. Now let us get going into the next lesson. 3. Course Workbook (Free Download): Before jumping into the rest of the course, please start by downloading the workbook for the course. It's going to have all of the handy tools that we talked about throughout and some additional race verses in there for you as well. So do I encourage you to take notes throughout, but this workbook is just going to help to take a little bit of effort out of it by giving you a one-stop shop for all of the links and resources as well. To download your workbook for this course, make sure you're on the desktop version and you head over to the Projects & Resources tab, you'll be able to access your workbook right here, you'll be able to access on any of the clickable resources within it here, and you will also have the social media resources for the templates I've created for you. You can just follow the instructions here by clicking to the Google Drive folder and select download all to download it straight onto your computer or upload to your own Google Drive. 4. Finding Your Purpose: I'm going to take you through an exercise that I do every couple of years to make sure that I'm still living a life that's aligned with my purpose, because to me, living a purpose free life is incredibly dangerous because really being driven by passion and purpose is kind of what makes us human and without it, we're not really living, we're just existing, and that's really no fun. The things that drive you specifically may not actually be tied to work, they might be tied to your love or passion for healthy living or maybe your mission to be a kick-ass parent or live freely and travel the world, but for this exercise, we're going to try and find the spot where all of your passions and drivers overlap. We're going to be taking you through the Japanese concept of Ikigai, which roughly translates to your reason for being and if you can alig