Oil Pastels and Mark Making | Pattie Schleicher | Skillshare
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6 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction to Oil Pastels

    • 2. Basics & Blending

    • 3. Mark Making

    • 4. Sketch Your Composition

    • 5. Application To Abstract Artwork

    • 6. Project Recap


About This Class

Learn how to use oil pastels in a streamlined learning activity! Basics are taught through a warm up using a provided pdf printable worksheet and then applied to create a unique abstract oil pastel work of art!

Apply color mixing, gradients, tone, shade, shape and line to your project to explore the medium & learn new techniques!

Techniques taught: High pressure blending, low pressure blending, scumbling, stippling, sgraffito, & paper towel blending.






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Pattie Schleicher

Illustrating, Inspiring, & Equipping Others

My name is Pattie Sue Schleicher, an Artist and Educator, I aim to inspire and push my students in their skill sets across multiple mediums. I am traditionally trained in my illustration background, and apply those principals across multiple platforms within my own art and lesson plans.

My current body of work explores the balance between geometric elements, color theory, and pictorial illustration. Artists that inspire me include, but are not limited to: Audrey Kawasaki, William Turne...

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