Mastering Gradients in Illustrator | Evgeniya & Dominic Righini-Brand | Skillshare
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24 Lessons (1h 31m)
    • 1. Introduction & Overview

    • 2. What Makes Good Gradients

    • 3. Choosing Colours

    • 4. Setting Up Gradients Using the Gradient Panel

    • 5. Adjusting Gradients Using the Gradient Tool

    • 6. Creating Multiple Gradients within One Object

    • 7. Applying Gradients to Type

    • 8. Applying Gradients across Multiple Objects

    • 9. Applying Gradients to Strokes

    • 10. Shading Strokes with Gradients

    • 11. Stacking Multiple Strokes

    • 12. Creating Gradients Using the Gradient Mesh Tool

    • 13. Distorting Gradient Meshes to Create Experimental Designs

    • 14. Creating Gradients Using the Blend Tool

    • 15. Creating Gradient Brushes

    • 16. Creating and Saving Gradient Swatches

    • 17. Recolouring Gradients and Designs

    • 18. Texturing Gradients and Designs

    • 19. Creating Graphic Styles

    • 20. Exporting Your Work

    • 21. Final Thoughts & Conclusion

    • 22. Bonus: Making of Layered Organic Design

    • 23. Bonus: Making of Vector Illustration with Gradient Brushes

    • 24. Bonus: Making of Vector Illustration with Fill & Stroke Gradients

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About This Class

Level up your gradient skills with our special tips, tricks & techniques ranging from beginner to advanced Illustrator levels!


I'm Evgeniya Righini-Brand, and with this class I invite you to master gradients in Adobe Illustrator. Whether you’re going for a vibrant and dramatic look, or something more subtle and dreamy, something minimalistic or elaborate and experimental, gradients create a sense of depth, allowing you to change the feel of any design, object and environment!

This class is suitable for anyone who loves gradients, and I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to make awesome gradient-based designs suitable for both digital and print projects. 

In this class I’ll share:

  • how to choose the right colours and avoid murky gradients and colour banding;
  • how to make the most out of the range of the Illustrator tools for creating gradients;
  • how to combine multiple gradients within one object and work with gradients covering multiple objects;
  • how to apply gradients to editable text;
  • how to use gradients with strokes;
  • how to create and use gradient brushes;
  • how to texture gradients to make them look exciting and prepare them for print;
  • how to create gradient presets and graphic styles to improve your workflow;
  • how to export your gradient designs for print and digital use.


For the first 3 weeks of this class we’ll be running a special contest: we’ll be giving away 3 design kits containing Illustrator gradient presets, brushes and graphic styles, and one lucky winner will also get a 1 year Skillshare Premium Membership. All you need to do to enter is create a project in this class and share your gradient experiments before Monday, April 17th 2017.

I’m super excited to see your gradient experiments! Join now and let’s make something awesome!


Gradients — research & inspiration board on Pinterest

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