Logo Design: Adventurous Illustrative Badges | Jeremy Mura | Skillshare

Logo Design: Adventurous Illustrative Badges

Jeremy Mura, Designer x Illustrator from Sydney

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11 Videos (55m)
    • Class Trailer

    • Badge Inspiration

    • Finding Color Palettes

    • Creating Mountains and Hills

    • Color Guide, Clipping Masks and Experimenting

    • Class Project: National Park Research

    • Building Badge Structure

    • Illustration

    • Adding Typography

    • Adding Color

    • Learn More

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About This Class


A logo does not have to be a geometric shape or a symbol it can be in the form of a badge like we see those ones from the police force. You can have different styles of badges, flat, monoline, illustrative or even a sports badge. I'll show you an adventurous style using bold fonts, colors, and illustrative elements to improve your logo design skills

I'll show you tips and design principles when designing a badge and what works to make it function in it’s nested form. We will go through each step of the design process of creating a badge based on one of my favourite national parks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Logo Badge Tips & Tricks
  • Step-by-Step Design Process
  • Inspiration & idea generation
  • Shape, Colour and Typography Techniques
  • Adobe Illustrator Workflow

You'll need adobe illustrator to complete this class, you can get a free trial here.





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Jeremy Mura

Designer x Illustrator from Sydney

About Jeremy

Jeremy Mura is a graphic designer, illustrator and content creator from Sydney, Australia. After graduating with a degree in graphic design, he worked with local design studios on corporate branding and design for big brands such as Kellogg's, Aldi, Yahoo 7 and AMEX. 

He teaches what he's learnt on his journey of being a designer freelancing as well as working in-house as a designer for over 4 years. He helps younger designers learn the f...

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