Inky Maps! Illustrate a Beautiful Map Using Digital and Analog Media | Tom Froese | Skillshare

Inky Maps! Illustrate a Beautiful Map Using Digital and Analog Media

Tom Froese, Illustrator and Designer

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18 Lessons (2h 35m)
    • 1. Class Trailer

    • 2. The Project

    • 3. Required Skills and Equipment

    • 4. The 5 Elements of Illustrated Maps

    • 5. Brainstorming

    • 6. Gathering Visual References

    • 7. Sketching the Base Map

    • 8. Sketching the Icons

    • 9. Combining Map and Icon Sketches

    • 10. A Word on Color

    • 11. Setting Up the Illustration File

    • 12. Starting the Base Map Illustration

    • 13. Making Inky Marks and Lettering for the Base Map

    • 14. Bringing Map Ink into Photoshop

    • 15. Starting the Icon Illustrations

    • 16. Adding Inky Bits and Lettering to the Icons

    • 17. Completing the Map

    • 18. Yay! Conclusion

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About This Class

People love maps! With super precise, digital maps like Google Maps, we crave more than ever ones with a more human touch. Instead of helping us find our way, illustrated maps tell us a story. They guide us through a place emotionally rather than physically. But we can’t all be mapmakers, can we? Of course we can! No one is better poised to tell the story of your most important places than you. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to create an illustrated map, this class will be perfect for you. Illustrator Tom Froese is known for his whimsical, energetic illustrations that combine digital techniques with physical textures, linework and hand lettering. Join him as he shows you, step by step, how to illustrate a map of your hometown or favourite city building on the techniques in his popular class, Inky Illustrations. Along the way, you’ll learn how to apply his techniques to more detailed and advanced illustrations. You’ll pick up some new skills in brainstorming and researching for map illustrations, working with colour, and learn a ton of what goes into choosing what goes into a successful, charming map illustration. As always, you’ll get a very detailed account of Tom’s process, as he guides you through many decisions along the way.