How to Talk and Present to Camera like a Pro! | Josiah (Jazza) Brooks | Skillshare

How to Talk and Present to Camera like a Pro!

Josiah (Jazza) Brooks, Artist, YouTuber and Entrepreneur

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10 Lessons (3h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Command Attention!

    • 3. Face the Camera

    • 4. Get the Production Out of your Head

    • 5. Get to the Point

    • 6. Editing is Half the Equation

    • 7. Final Thoughts and Recap

    • 8. Class Project

    • 9. RAW Footage - Part 1

    • 10. RAW Footage - Part 2

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About This Class

Presenting to camera is something most people find difficult, but in a social media driven world where personality and storytelling are king, learning to face the camera head-on can be an important skill, and aside from improving your content, learning this skill will also build your confidence with real-life applications – interactions with others, and presentations for work or school, etc.

My name is Josiah Brooks – online I go by Jazza – I’m a professional full time YouTuber, so I’m pretty used-to being on camera. In addition to that, I host a kids TV show in Australia, and have spoken at live events both domestic and international. Presenting myself is a huge part of what I do, and I love doing it, but I wasn’t always good at it, nor was it as comfortable for me in the past as it is now.

In this course I hope to share as much of my own methods as possible, to help you become more comfortable presenting to camera. I’ll will teach both filming/editing tricks to help make your presentations more dynamic, as well as give performance tips and tricks to help you overcome shyness, and increase your charisma!

I’ll also assign you a class project you can participate with, to get some practical experience yourself, as well as valuable feedback from fellow students.

As a bonus, the final video of this course contains the full, unedited footage of me, presenting this course to camera. You’ll get to see the mistakes I made, you’ll see that it’s not as glamorous behind the scenes as you might feel it should be, and hopefully, you’ll learn a thing or two from seeing how I roll with the punches and improvise around my own mistakes and elements around me that are out of my control.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to my course and join me for a lot of enlightening fun!