Ella Blue's Amazing "Production Sandwich"

Ella Blue's Amazing "Production Sandwich" - student project

My video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RS0Ofx9hSE&feature=youtu.be

If by any chance you have trouble clicking on the link, simply copy and paste the URL into Google.


About me:

I'm Ella, and I have always had a passion for recording videos, skits, and performing in general. This project was right up my alley. I live in a small, one-stoplight town in the U.S., on a three-acre homestead, complete with chickens and a garden. After the economic crash of 2008, my family and I moved here and lived in a 168 square foot house for four years, while building a bigger house, board by board, mortgage free. We were living in this house during the peak of all the hype about tiny houses, and the tiny house revolution. My mother ran a blog about our house, called Tiny House Family, and we were actually on many media sites, shows, and magazines,

Such as:

Women's Magazine, The Huffington Post, Time Kids Magazine, many newspapers, Anderson Cooper, A Nikon Commercial, the front page of Yahoo!, and more. 

Throughout all this, I was able to experience production and media behind the scenes, and it really intrigued me. Although I am anything but famous, these small stories and working with camera crews was very interesting to me. I am active in my local theatre and recently played Peter Pan in Peter Pan and Wendy. I play the ukelele and sing as well, and I am constantly trying to improve my art. I am an avid drawer, which is why I follow Jazza.

The autofocus on the camera was a bit overactive, which is a problem I will have to look into in the future, additionally, I would have liked to add music to my video, something I will also do next time. I could and would have liked to do more takes, but I had no more bagels, and my family needed me to go outside and work. Consequently, I felt as If I could have done better if I was less rushed.


I'm so glad I got in early, hi Jazza! I worked really hard on this, but I had fun in the process. I hope that you enjoy it! Any feedback is appreciated. 

Thank you, everyone! 


My equipment:

~ I used a Spire, (really nifty sound recording device), for my sound

~ A Nikon D750 for the video, (I deleted the camera's audio and synced up the Spire's audio to the video)

~ It was a struggle, but I managed to put up a white backdrop, in order to look more professional

~ Apple iMovie was my editing software

~ Big thanks to the nice sturdy bagel and spreads for being in my sandwich


Once again, I'd like to say thank you to Jazza for creating this course, and for all that he does.