Making of the Jazzwhich!

Making of the Jazzwhich! - student project


My name is Samuel, or Sammy's Corner Comics. (Yeah this is my Mom's account sue me) I have a goal of making a living doing art. I'm currently trying several different ways of doing this like, Making Comics, making youtube videos and making and selling different pieces of merchandise. I hope to start a series on my youtube channel interviewing different artists and what they want to achieve what they've achieved and how they've made a living if they have already. Thank you for taking an interest in my videos. Of course I have to thank Josiah Brooks for the amazing classes he has made and uploaded for all of us to enjoy. I hope to someday make it to the level you are at.
Camera: Logitech c920
Audio: Adobe Audition
Video: OBS
Mic: Neewer Mic
Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro
Thumbnails: Photoshop
If there is any tech I've missed make sure to ask me and I'll let you know.


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