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How to Make Coloring Sheets in Procreate! (Print and Digital versions)

teacher avatar Kathy Austin, Owner of Bits of Joy

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Class Project


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      Let's Draw


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      Lettering & Accents


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      Converting Files


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      Let's Get Digital!


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About This Class

In this class, you’ll learn how to make a coloring sheet in Procreate! I’ll show you my favorite brushes to use and my favorite techniques for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students!

You do not need to have any drawing experience to create one, but it does help if you know how the basics of Procreate.

I’ll show you how you can turn your coloring sheet into a paper and digital product, and even into your own coloring book!

I’ll also show you ways you can market your coloring sheets! If you aren’t interested in selling these, I”ll share how you can use them as gifts!

Meet Your Teacher

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Kathy Austin

Owner of Bits of Joy


Hi! I'm Kathy and the owner of Bits of Joy!

Bits of Joy was founded in 2011 and is a small business featuring handmade polymer clay products! My favorite things to make are miniatures, food & dessert charms, and kawaii characters! 

Connect with me on any social media platform, shop supplies, and find out more here:

I was recently featured on H&R Block's Female Founders series. Read my article here!

                                                                       Photo by Holly Beasley.

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1. Introduction: Hi there. My name is Kathy, and I'm the owner of bits of joy. I make and sell Q creative and custom polymer clay products to people all over the world. In 2021, I began digitizing my 3D products into digital art using Procreate and amazing design app you can download on the iPad. I've also been an online ESL teacher since 2017. So my experience in teaching online will ensure that you'll have a fun and engaging class. In today's class, you'll learn how to make a coloring sheet and procreate. Coloring isn't just for kids anymore with my class, you'll have the ability to create coloring sheets for adults and kids so you can use them for any audience. You can think of why coloring sheets? Well, they are really fun to make. I find the process very soothing. You can make them for holidays events, or even as birthday presents. They are also a great product to add to your small business. I offer them as free Printables on my website and as a lead magnet to promote email sign-ups and to bring new customers into my brand. However, if you create a lot of them, you can even publish your own coloring book or make digital downloads. The possibilities are really endless. I'll share tips on how you can do this. As a bonus, I'll show you how you can turn your paper coloring design into digital one. That way you can even sell or color digitally. You don't have to be an artist to create a coloring sheet. I'll share how this process can be adapted for everyone of any skill set. It does help to have a working knowledge or a beginners knowledge of how to use Procreate. So you can follow along with me. Are you ready? Let's get to coloring. See you soon. 2. Class Project: In today's class, we are going to create food PAN themed coloring sheets. It will include a primary focal point, some lettering, and some accents. If you need help coming up with a theme, don't put too much pressure on yourself. Just think about things that you like and start from there. If you're a small business owner, think about things that are relevant to your style or your brand, or even your products. So for instance, if you own a bakery, maybe you can draw some cookies. And I'll show you three ways that you can start drawing from my beginner students. I'll show you how you can use a reference image to help you draw your focal point. For my intermediate and advanced students, I'll show you how you can use your own artwork as a basis for your coloring sheet. This will allow you to work smarter, not harder with artwork you've already created in the past. And of course, for my most advanced students, you can draw it freehand. I'll show you how you can set up your canvas in this class, create your art, prepare it for printing. And then we'll cover how to convert it to a digital coloring page. I'll go more in depth with what you can do with your coloring sheets. After we finish our project. I chose this project because it's something I really enjoy making. I love that I can spread the joy of coloring with others and help promote quality time together. All you need is your iPad and Apple Pencil, an idea in your procreate app. Let's get started. 3. Setup: Let's dive in, power up your iPad and your procreate app. We're going to begin by opening an 8.5 by 11 inch canvas and you can set it at 300 dpi. Okay, I like to create a border around my coloring sheets because it gives it a very clean look. I also like to bend my website and my business name into my art so that people know where the coloring she came from. Now these steps are completely optional. So if you want a blank canvas, just skip along to the next video. Otherwise follow along to help set up a template with me. I like to use the monoline brush because it creates even brushstrokes. Just test the width of how thick you want your lines. And we're going to begin by drawing a straight line. If you hold your pencil is still for a few seconds, it will create a perfectly straight line, adjusted if needed, along your dotted grid. And then duplicate the layer. That way you have the same line on the top and the bottom. And go ahead and just move it down. You can turn on snapping and magnetics to make sure that everything lines up nicely. And just move your line down to the bottom of the page. Just a little bit further here. Alright, there we go. That looks good. All right, Next up we are going to merge the two layers together by pinching the two layers together with your fingers. And then we are going to create our vertical lines. So connect the two ends of their lines. And then go ahead and duplicate that like we did with the horizontal lines. Drag everything over, and take a look at your rectangle, make sure it looks good. If any of the edges aren't clean, you can erase or adjust as needed. And once you're happy with your shape, go ahead and merge all the layers together by pinching. And once you have everything on one layer, you can adjust it as needed. Try not to go too far over on the borders because it could get cut off by your printer. And I'm going to turn magnetics and snapping off. Now that we are done with our box, that way we can be a little bit more free handed with our drawing. You can also turn off your drawing guide at this time if you'd like. And I'm going to create a new layer. And this will allow me to add my logo or text. So I'm going to type bits of joy, which is my small business name. Then I'm going to make a few changes to the text size and the text font. You can also embed your website if you wish. And I like to keep this consistent, and I usually put it in the bottom right-hand corner. But you can. 4. Let's Draw: Okay, Now that you have your Canvas setup, we are going to draw a waffle with the phrase, I love you a waffle lot. If you're a beginner or don't have a lot of drawing experience. Don't worry, go to Google Images, search for a waffle, find one you like, and then add it to your photos. And this will serve as a reference image for you to base your drawing off of. Okay, so go back to Procreate. Make sure you are on a new layer. And go ahead and import your file. So click on Insert a Photo, find your waffle, size it to where you'd like it, and then move it out of the way. Create a new layer. And this will be the layer that we begin drawing our waffle on. So go ahead and select your brush. We are using monoline from the calligraphy brush set today, but feel free to use whatever you'd like. And double-check your brush size to make sure that you're happy with the width that you're using. So we're going to start with some basic shapes, like a square. Remember you can hold down on your iPad for just a few seconds when creating lines, to create straighter lines. Another tip is to make sure that your streamline is turned all the way up to max under your brush settings. Now we're going to create another layer. And this will be for all the little individual grooves that we see on a waffle. So instead of drawing these little squares a 100 times, we can destroy it once. That's the great thing about digital art, you can save yourself a lot of time. So what I'm doing now is duplicating the square, turning on magnetics and snapping to make sure it lines up properly. And then I'm going to pinch the two layers together to combine them and duplicate them. That way we can start duplicating two or four or six at a time rather than individually. We're going to repeat this process once more. And now we have six across. Now instead of copying two at a time, we're going to copy six at a time. So go ahead and duplicate and repeat the process as many times as you need. And now that I look at it, waffle is a little off center. You can see the, it doesn't really line up. So I'm going to turn on magnetics and snapping off. Now that we're done copying and pasting. And I'm going to try to adjust the angle manually from my waffle. Alright, that looks a little bit better. Now go ahead and pinch all of your waffle layers together. That way it's just one image. And I'm going to turn the opacity down on the squares. That way we can put a face on top of it. So I'm going to make sure that I'm on a new layer and I'm going to draw circle. Now, same thing with the lines. If you hold down, you will create a quick shape and you can change it to a circle or an ellipse. And I like to add little white dots to make my picture's a little bit more collide. Adjust the sizing as needed. And instead of drawing the circle twice, so we are going to duplicate it to save some time and to create some consistency. And then all we need is a little smile. So have fun with this. Add eyelashes, create a mustache. You can add a little bow to your waffle, whatever you'd like to do. And once you're done with your drawing, you can delete the reference layer. Go ahead and move your waffle anywhere you'd like on the screen and size it however you'd like. You can even duplicate it if you want multiples. Now let's talk about the second method. This is for more intermediate students. Now, I've already created a waffle drawing in the past. So I am going to use my own drawing. As an inspiration for my next piece. Once you find your drawing, go ahead and copy it by swiping down with three fingers. Make sure you hit Copy all so that it gets all of your layers. Go back to your coloring sheet, swipe down with three fingers and hit Paste and adjust it as needed. Now in order to trace this, we need to lower the opacity and create a new layer on top of this. That way it acts more like a tracing sheet. So click on the little n and lower the opacity. You wanna make sure that you can still see it, but it doesn't interfere with your layer on top. So when you're ready to draw, make sure that you are working above your image and start drawing. It doesn't have to be exact. Just use your artwork as a basis. Feel free to erase any little mistakes you might make. Now we also have lines here on the waffle. So what I'm going to do is create a new layer because I want to show those as more opaque again, like we did with the waffle squares. So I'm going to manually draw in my straight lines. Going to try with a thinner brush size this time. Okay, that looks good. Now we are going to hit the little n and decrease the opacity. I'm going to delete the layer underneath because all I need to do now is to add a face. Now I like to create templates of faces. That way I can keep my artwork consistent. So I'm simply just copying and pasting something that I drew previously and then putting it on top of my artwork and sizing it appropriately. Okay, this little waffle looks good. And what I'm going to do now is use my monoline outline brush to create the little strokes for shadowing. And to create a little glossy look. Give it a little bit more dimension. You do want to test sizing. So at any point, if you want to print out your artwork to make sure that you can still cover it with a colored pencil or crayon or marker. Go ahead and do that as a test print. That way, you know, if you need to make your brush sizes bigger or smaller. And let's go ahead and talk about Method 3, which is the most advanced method for drawing. And this is simply for those that would like to free hand everything. I like to use the procreate pencil, but you're welcome to use any brush that you'd like. So once you're on a new layer, go ahead and just start sketching. It doesn't have to be perfect. So for today's purposes, I'm just going to create an example of this process, but I'm not going to actually use this image. So once you're happy with your sketch, create a new layer, and then go back with your monoline brush and trace on top of it. The image that you create with the monoline brush will be your third image if you prefer to use it. And then all you have to do after that is just delete your sketch layer. 5. Lettering & Accents: Alright, now that we are done with our drawing, Let's get to lettering. So I'm not a professional letterer by any means. I just enjoy it. There are a wealth of videos on hand lettering, if that's a skill that you'd like to learn. But for now, let's just have fun with it. For now we're going to do a mix of lettering so that people can actually color in some of our letters. So let's break down our phrase, I love you a waffle lot. I want to accentuate love and waffles so that people can color those words in. There's two ways to do that. Let me show you. Alright, so the first method, we are going to grab our monoline outline brush and this is the easiest one. Adjust the sizing. And this person is really neat because it allows you to essentially create, outline the letters. All right, let's begin by drawing in an L, O, V, and E. So one thing to keep in mind with this particular brush, I'm not sure if all of them are like this. However, the one that I purchased is, if you pick up your brush and then draw another brushstroke, it will not be fluid. For example, this E here, you'll have to erase some of your strokes. So just keep that in mind as you're lettering for today's class, I'm just going to use a lowercase E because it looks cuter. Now, met the number two. If you don't want to purchase a brush or if you don't have the ability to create your own brush, you can use a thicker brush on a larger setting, any brush you want. And basically just draw your word in and then trace it with another brush. I like using monoline just because it creates even steady brushstrokes. So I'm going to turn it all the way up. Make sure you're working on a new layer. When in doubt, use new layers. And the reason I'm doing all the different words, entrepreneur layers is because I want to be able to move them around the page. So let's go ahead and write in our word waffle. And we are going to turn the opacity down because this is going to be our tracing layer. Create a new layer on top of your waffle layer, and then simply trace what you drew. So this is a great technique to use when you want to get creative and not use a particular font. And again, it doesn't have to be perfect. Okay, this looks good. So now that we're finished, go ahead and delete the tracing layer and size the word and place it where you want it on your screen. Now this is a free method because it's a great way to incorporate your style into your art. And you're tracing your own lettering. I really like doing this. For today's class. I'm going to just keep it consistent and use the monoline brush that way both my lettering styles look the same. So here I am. Lettering the word waffle again. And remember, if you lift up your brush, you'll have to do some erasing. Dan, go ahead and resize your word and then place it where you'd like on your canvas. And then I'm going to create a new layer for my other words. And I don't want people to be able to color these other smaller words in. So I'm just going to letter them with monoline. However, if you want your customers or your clients where recipients to be able to color them in, go ahead and use your outlining process again. So I'm going to write, I love you a waffle lot. Now, the reason we work in layers is because you're able to move things around anytime you need. So you can see here that I didn't really play in that well. And I forgot that I need to put an a somewhere. So I am rearranging things. This is one of the things I love about digital art. Can never make a mistake. Now let's talk about accents. Now the sheet we have is pretty plain, but we want to spruce it up a little bit. So what we can do is fill in some of the negative space with fillers. So you can use the same monoline outline brush to make little circle dots or even sprinkles if that fits your theme. You can also draw and little stars or use stamps. I personally love using stamps because it creates consistent images. So I'll share where I got my stamp sets in the resources. But you can also Google free procreate stamp sets, and you'll see a variety of options available. I also like to play around with sizing here to help with the composition. And I also like to turn down the opacity and then turn it up with different shapes. So think about whether you want fillers or accents that people can fill in. You can also hand draw your own shapes and then duplicate them if you prefer a more personal touch. All right, once you're happy with the place and then everything, I will show you in the next part of this process how we can convert our files for print and convert our file into a digital file that people can color directly on the iPad. 6. Converting Files: In this next part of the video, we are going to talk about how to properly export your file. So it's always important to save your work as a Procreate file in case your iPad just shuts down or the battery dies, you want to have it as a file that you can access in case of emergencies. And what I like to do is export it as a PDF file and also as a PNG file. Now when exporting as a PNG file, it's important to protect yourself and your work. So try to watermark it with your logo or sample, or write it on top of your artwork. And this prevents people from downloading it if you're charging for it. Okay, so I like to adjust the opacity and I also like to use a light gray. Once you go into your Google drive or wherever you exported your file, you can view your files in a larger format. Typically, I will upload PDF files onto my website for people to download directly. Depending on the website that you use, Etsy Shopify, you may need an additional app for this. I have a Shopify website and I use the app digital downloads, it's free. So just make sure to uncheck this has a physical product, so it doesn't charge your customers shipping. After you save your product listing, you'll then go to Add a digital attachment and upload your file when your customers purchase it, there'll be able to download it automatically and also have a copy in their email. So regardless of where you sell this, just make sure that you write out your terms of use in your product description so people know how they can use your file properly. 7. Let's Get Digital!: All right, so let's say you want to sell or share your art as a coloring sheet that people can color in Procreate. So let me show you how. First, duplicate your file and rename it. That way you don't confuse it with the other one. And the first thing you'll wanna do is make sure that all your shapes that you're using are closed shapes. Otherwise, when people use color drop it may color in the whole page and one color. Take out anything that you don't need, and go ahead and pinch everything into one layer. And then go ahead and duplicate that layer. Now the top layer will be the layer that you color on. The bottom layer will be the reference layer. Go ahead and rename it as reference, and then also tag it as reference on the left. And then swipe over and lock the layer. And this prevents people from messing with it. For the top layer, go ahead and name it something like color here. And that way people know when they open your file, that this is the layer they need to color on. So the great thing about digital coloring is that people can color freehand or they can use color drop. They can also use whatever brushes they want, and they can even use the paint brushes. So you have a lot more creativity and flexibility going to use a marker brush today because it actually mimics a real marker. So this is some freehand coloring. If you want things a little more precise, you can use color drop. By dragging the color you want into your shape. 8. Bonus: All right guys, you guys have done such an amazing job following along today. I hope you really enjoyed this class. So let me show you a few additional ways to share your coloring sheets. So if you're selling them, you can create coloring contest among your customers. You can also offer them as a lead magnet on your website in exchange for email subscribers to build your brand, you can also offer them as a freebie with purchase. If you've made enough of these sheets, I want to put them together into a coloring book. You could do a digital version or a print edition. So with a digital version, all you have to do is combine a couple of PDFs together into one file. If you want to publish your own coloring book, you could use something like ADP, which is Kindle Direct Publishing. Basically Amazon will print and fulfill your coloring book and you'll have an actual physical copy, but you don't have to physically make anything. So all you have to do is just make sure you have all of your PDF files together. So when people order one, Amazon takes care of the printing and fulfillment, oftentimes with Prime shipping, and then you get a portion of the profits. So it's a great way to make an actual coloring book if you don't want to have a lot of inventory, you can also try to outsource this process to a local printer in your community. The coloring sheets are also great for holiday promotion. So try to think of fun, quirky holidays outside of your normal Christmas, halloween. For example, for American Pharmacists month, I created this cute little pill bottle coloring sheet. For Valentine's Day. I created a Valentine's punchy. So basically what we did with the little waffles today, I combine a whole bunch of different categories and put them all into one sheet. And I also did a miniature version where I started with smaller canvas sizes. And I created individual prints and then put them on an eight by 8.5 by 11 sheet. You can also try to help highlight your small businesses in your community. So here's a local restaurant in my area. I created a coloring sheet that she can give to customers to color while they wait for their food. And all of the images are based off her actual customer favorite foods. And lastly, if you wanted to bring joy to someone, these make wonderful birthday gifts. So this is a little coloring packet that I made for my nephew who loves Bobo and loves cats. If you have a young child at home, you can even create educational coloring feeds with shapes and letters for them to practice and then curate them towards your child's individual needs and interests. You can also use your designs to create greeting cards or color your own postcards that people can color. If you really enjoyed this class with me today, I want to thank you for taking the time to learn with me. Please share your projects with me, whether they're in-process or completed for some feedback. And if you can tag me on Instagram at bits of joy crafts, thank you for watching this class. I can't wait to see what you create and color.