How to Look at Type: Fundamentals of Web Typography | Jason Santa Maria | Skillshare

How to Look at Type: Fundamentals of Web Typography

Jason Santa Maria, Graphic Designer & Design Director

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10 Videos (49m)
    • Introduction

    • What is Typography?

    • Practical Considerations

    • The Design of Typefaces

    • Typeface Inspiration

    • Finding the Right Typeface

    • Choosing Your Typefaces

    • Layout: Sizing & Spacing

    • Final Thoughts

    • What's Next?

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About This Class

What makes a great online typeface? How do you know when a font works? What do you need to know to design with fonts?

Join award-winning designer, author, and type expert Jason Santa Maria for a practical deep dive that will change the way you discover, select, and make the most of today’s stunning online typography landscape — a perfect class for designers, marketers, and everyone writing on the web!

In 9 clear lessons, Jason breaks down every aspect of online type, from practical design considerations to cultivating a discerning, artistic eye. Packed with examples and inspiration, this class is a rich introduction to the limitless world of typography.

Key lessons include:

  • Understanding key terms and typographic elements
  • Choosing specific typefaces for different projects
  • Pairing typefaces to create a personal webpage
  • Layout basics: sizing, spacing, and proportions

Whether you use typography in professional designs, meeting presentations, or personal projects, this class will change the way you interact with type.

By the end, you’ll have a new arsenal of skills to help you see type in a whole new way — empowering you to use type intentionally, better communicate your ideas, and bring your words to life.


To dive deeper into web typography, read Jason's book, On Web Typography, from A Book Apart. Use code SKILLSHARE15 for 15% off.





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Jason Santa Maria

Graphic Designer & Design Director

I'm a Graphic Designer living in sunny Philadelphia, PA.

I'm Design Director at Slate, author of On Web Typography, co-founder of A Book Apart, faculty at the MFA Interaction Design program at SVA, and founder of Typedia, a shared encyclopedia of typefaces online. Previously, I served as Vice President of AIGA/NY, Executive Design Director at Vox Media, and Creative Director for A List Apart, Typekit, and Happy Cog. I've worked for clients such as AIGA, The Chicago Tribune, Housing Wor...

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