Logotype Design: Create Brand Marks with Typography

Mackey Saturday, Graphic Designer

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11 Videos (1h 20m)
    • Introduction

    • Your Assignment

    • Research and Ideation

    • Sketching 1

    • Sketching 2

    • Sketching 3

    • Digital Refinement 1

    • Digital Refinement 2

    • Fine Tooth Comb 1

    • Fine Tooth Comb 2

    • Conclusion

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About This Class

Debunk logotype design! A logotype is a single piece of type that prints a word or group of separate letters— the perfect base for showcasing your brand or company name in logos, brand assets, media kits, and more.

This 60-minute class features Mackey Saturday — best known for designing the “scripted” Instagram logo — creating a logotype for his friend’s skate shop. Bite-sized lessons cover:

  • understanding your market
  • crafting balanced letterforms
  • developing advanced ligatures
  • working with symmetry

By the end of the class, you’ll develop your own unique logotype for a company, project, or even yourself. This class is perfect for beginning designers looking to master basic building blocks, experienced professionals looking for new tricks, and brand strategists eager to go behind the scenes.

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AWESOME class, I loved Mackey's enthusiasm! The tip and methods were great! I'd definantly recommend his class to my friends:)
Carla S.

You never stop learning

Very useful and the teacher is very didactic!
This class was exactly what I needed at this very moment.! I love that Mackey gives us a very thorough look at the entire logo design process. This might be my favorite logo design class on Skillshare I've encountered so far and actually ups the value of other logo design classes I've taken.





Mackey Saturday

Graphic Designer

Mackey Saturday is an independent graphic designer. Through strategy, inquest, and design implementations he creates and advances steadfast identities.

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