Gouache Illustration: Paint a Whimsical, Colorful Character | Vanessa Gillings | Skillshare

Gouache Illustration: Paint a Whimsical, Colorful Character

Vanessa Gillings, Illustrator

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10 Videos (42m)
    • Introduction

    • Working with Gouache

    • Materials and Sketching

    • Color Roughing

    • Transferring

    • Color Testing

    • Laying Down Washes

    • Adding Details

    • Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Love painting whimsical, colorful illustrations? Learn to use gouache paint to bring your imagination to life!

Step into illustrator Vanessa Gillings' studio and learn to apply her unique painting method to your own character illustrations. Through testing colors, layering paint, leaving paint to dry, and even keeping an eye on the humidity in her studio, Vanessa has perfected the art of using gouache to take her creative vision from her imagination to the page.

Blending digital and analog techniques, Vanessa reveals a unique, accessible approach to hand-painted work. Key lessons explore:

  • General tips and tricks for using gouache
  • Testing your colors before you paint
  • Layering paint to avoid unintended lines
  • Creating colors with a flat, even effect
  • Using washing to bring your vision to life

Plus, Vanessa shows you how to create one of her intricate characters from beginning to end — giving you the inspiration you need to create your own dapper animal.

Whether you're new to gouache or a seasoned painter, you'll learn a technique that opens the door to a whole new world of intricate illustration. Follow along and learn how to create the whimsical work you’ve always imagined!





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Vanessa Gillings


Vanessa Gillings is a Washington, DC based illustrator and self-proclaimed fox enthusiast who specializes in watercolor and gouache illustration. After spending part of her career as a comic book artist and graphic designer, Vanessa now focuses exclusively on her illustration work. 

Vanessa can be found illustrating children's books, knitting her own clothes, and sharing her illustrations on Instagram and tumblr. 

Inspired by childhood, woodland creatures, and lov...

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